s02e13 - Nightwing

Dick: Previously on Titans...


I'm so glad you all could make it.

Kory: Bruce Wayne arranged for us all to meet in this diner in the middle of nowhere to mansplain us into putting the Titans back together?

( electricity crackling )

Five years stuck inside this hell.

Slade: You jumped into me.

Jericho: You're a monster.

Where's Slade?

Adeline: San Francisco.

He left this morning right after he called his daughter.

He played me.

He gave me a bank account.

He asked me for more.

What the f*ck was I thinking?

The Titans need us.

f*ck them, Rose.

Okay, f*ck all of you.

All we do is bring pain with us, wherever we go.

What do you want, Blackfire?

Blackfire: We could rule together.

It's always been a dream of mine.

I'm coming for you.


Let's show Dick what Master Wayne had us put together.

You've outdone yourselves.

What happened to our friends, Conner and Gar?

They did some kind of brain salad surgery on them.

( classical music playing )

( Gar snarls )

( woman screams )

We control them now. Phase One.

Donna: What's Phase Two?

( woman screaming )

( Gar roaring )

Mercy: This is how it ends.

It ends when we let evil win.

When we accept it not as something to be defeated but as part of our daily life.

When the... horrific... becomes our new reality.

We let CADMUS know that evil exists in the world and we're uniquely positioned to stop it.

We will not sit idly by and let evil have its way.

Today, the triumph of good over evil becomes not something you must only dream of, but something you can earn.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a fully programmable super soldier... customizable for your needs.

Turn for them, Conner.

Of course, we wouldn't expect you to make a bid without seeing a demonstration.

Go ahead.

Just as you've been told.

Think of that as a preview of coming attractions.

We'll be providing you with a satellite link and a code.

Set your schedules to 9:00 p.m., Pacific time.

And witness what happens when good people put an end to evil.

( Walter laughing and clapping )

Nice touch!

Always leaving wanting more.

Walter, one more thing.



( grunts )

Good boy.

Welcome to Phase Two.

( carnival music playing )

( classical music playing )

( snarling )

( music stops )

Donna: Jericho is alive?

Don't tell me Dick actually said that.

Well, more like scrawled it on the wall of his cell.

Like caveman-style.

I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.

It's a style Neanderthals used to depict images in cave walls.

Usually battle scenes or hunting.

I meant that Jericho's alive.

Oh. Sorry.

Well, one thing's for sure. He has clearly lost his mind.

But I keep having these dreams about Dick being killed by Deathstroke.

And they're not going away. We need to do something about that.

Donna: I believe you.

But we have bigger problems right now.

Okay, what's the plan?

Well, the main CADMUS building closes at 9:00 and security drops down to ten.

It's two at each gate and six roaming inside.

Donna: Okay, what about the lab?

Dawn: Whole different story.

It's a 24-hour operation and in the last week they've doubled up the guard.

Four six-hour shifts, 20 bodies around the clock.

Sounds like that's where the party's at.

Okay. Well, let's crash it.

Oh, so we're just gonna break into CADMUS and get Conner and Gar out of there.

Just the four of us?

We don't have a choice right now, okay?

But between you and Kory, we have plenty of fire power.

At least to get us in through the front door.

About that. I've got some bad news.

My powers have vanished.


( stutters ) What do you mean?

I don't know. I don't know what happened. But they're gone and I haven't been able to get them back.

( exhales ) Well, that's f*cking great.

Um, what about you?

Fully loaded. But I can't promise that I... won't go a little bit overboard.

Um, things have been getting... dramatic.

( beeps )

Kory reading: "A disturbance at Golden Gate Park.

Units responding. People are injured.

Reports of a wild animal."

Phase Two.

It's already begun.

Look, I don't know what we're going up against but I can guarantee it won't be pretty.

We're going up against our friends.

May not be our friends anymore.

I won't hurt Gar.

I don't care what they've done to him.

I just won't.

If they're hurting innocent people, we need to be prepared.

( explosion )

Donna: Deathstroke. Get down!

I'll draw his fire. You guys hit him with all you got.

both: No.

Kory, no!

( yelps )

Dawn: What happened?

( breathes heavily )

( thud )

You should've stayed home.

( Slade grunts )

What the f*ck?


Who's hit?


You take care of her. I'll take care of him.

This is my fight.

Slade: New costume, but the same old Dick Grayson.

I told you what would happen if the Titans ever reunited.

Now, it's happening.


I know you're in there. I know you're alive.

Slade: Don't say his name!

Dick: Is that the best you got?


My son is dead because of you!

( both grunting )

Donna: I've never seen you bleed.

I didn't think you could.

( Rachel chuckles softly )

( Dick and Slade grunting )

( Slade chuckles )

Dick: Jericho.

Slade: You don't get to say his name!

You're in there, buddy.

Now's the time.

( electrical buzzing )

( Slade grunting )

Don't feel bad.

It was never gonna work.

You depend on others for your strength.

( Dick grunts )

I depend on no one.

You should've stayed away.

Now, you're gonna die with your friends.

Rose: Dad!

Slade: I see you've changed your mind.

( Slade chuckles )

She's the one who told me that you all got back together.

She's been working for me the whole time.

I heard.

Is that you?

The one and only.

You've finally accepted your true family.

I have.

Titans are my family.

Don't make me kill you.

Slade: Don't worry. You won't.

Rose: Dad!

( Slade grunts )

( Rose screams )


( groans )

( Slade gasps )


If you're in there, you know what to do.

( Slade grunts softly )

( sword clangs to ground )

You heard what he said.


I'm sorry.

Forget it. You okay?

I will be.

He wants to talk to you.

( breathing heavily )


Is that really you?

What's up?

It's good to have you back, kid.

Thank you, Dick, for finding me.

I'm sorry for everything.

I understand why you did what you did.

I know what the Titans stand for.

When you died, it broke us.

We're together again.

You were always a part of our family.

You still are... if you wanna be.

( exhales )

This is gonna take a little getting used to but...

I gotta say, I like the new digs.

( chuckles )

I get it.

Is he...



How's Kory?

Rachel patched her up.

Let's go home.

The night's not quite over yet.

police officer: Oh, sh1t! Oh, sh1t! Oh, sh1t!

( Gar growls )

I need backup.

999, City Center.

( Gar growls )

police officer: Repeat. Backup.

( Gar growls )

Emergency units. Please.


( growls )

( tires screech )

Mercy: Please remain calm.

This is CADMUS cooperation.

Help has arrived.

( sirens blaring )

( roaring )

Fall back.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the bidding begin.

( Gar roars )

( roars )

We've got a problem.

No, we have an opportunity.

Let's let everybody see what he's capable of.

Any ideas?

Hey, Conner.

That's your idea? "Hey, Conner"?

Rachel: Gar.

Gar, it's me.

( Gar growls )

Are you okay?

I know they did something to you.

But we need you, Gar.

( Gar roars )

Okay, Gar.

That was not cool.

Why is he looking at me like that?

Probably 'cause you're dressed like a giant bird.

Kory: He has no clue who we are.

I think you should go talk to him.

Why me?

I don't know, he is Kryptonian.

You're Themysciran. Maybe he'll relate.



Hi, Conner. Pleasure to meet you.

I'm Donna Troy.

We haven't officially met but you know, I've heard great things.

Okay, f*ck it.

Look, I don't know who's pulling your strings right now but you need to snap out of it, okay?

From what they say, you're at least half Superman, so can we dig down and find that half?

Conner, please ki...

Eliminate the Titans.

That was rude.

( speaking alien language )

( Kory screams )

f*ck, I regret it.

( Kory struggles )

Hank: Let my friend go!

( laughs )

( scoffs )

( grunts ) I should've seen that coming.

( Kory struggles )

( Hank grunts )

What are we up to?

man: 200 million for exclusive worldwide rights.

And rising.

Should have asked Luthor for 20%.

( Kory grunting )

Hey, Conner!

What the f*ck are you doing here?

Saving your life.

I'm doing just fine, clearly.

I couldn't let you die before I had a chance to apologize.

We'll talk about this later, Hank.

All right, guys. We might need to kill him.

Sounds great.

Let's do it.

I'm not sure we can.

( screen beeping )

man: The bidding's through the roof!

What the...

Fix it.

I can't.

Something's blocking the feed.

Bruce: Technical difficulties, Ms. Graves.

( serene music playing )

It appears bidding is closed for the day.

( cell phone ringing )

It's Mr. Luthor.

( device beeping )

Perfect timing.

Hank: Things are getting super f*ckin' ugly out here.

You're not gonna make fun of my suit?

I just did.

I've missed this.

We have a very angry Superboy. You have thoughts?

Other than yelling, "Hey, Conner."


But we need Rachel.

Gar, we don't have much time.

Do you remember...

( Gar growls softly )

...we were back in Angela's house...

Trigon was trying to turn everyone dark.

You were the only one he couldn't turn.

When you touched me, you reminded me who I really was.

So, I'm gonna touch your paw.

( low growl )

Your hand.

'Cause I know who you really are... even if you don't.

( roars )

Please come back.

( roars )

Taken without permission from https://tvshowtranscripts.ourboard.org/

( gasps )

( chuckles ) Gar!


( Conner grunts )

Rachel, now!

Mercy: Conner, they are not your family! Fight them!

( Conner struggles )

Rachel: Dick, hurry up, this guy's really strong.

( Rachel grunts )

It's all you now.

It's all us now...

Mercy: Conner. ( echoes )

Rachel: Dick!

Mercy: You must listen to my voice.

Dick: Conner?

Donna: I'm trying!

Mercy: You're mine, Conner.

Kill them, Conner.

Mercy: Conner.

Rachel: Dick!

Mercy: Fight this, Conner.

Dick: I don't know what they're doing to you.

But you're going to be okay.

You're not alone anymore.

Mercy: Fight for your soul.

Her voice.

Mercy: You are mine.

( voice breaks ) She tells me what to do.

Mercy: Kill them, Conner.

I can't make it stop.

What is she telling you to do?

Mercy: Kill them all.

Kill them.

Kill them all.

Mercy: Kill them, Conner. Conner? Fight this force.

Tell me how I can help you.

Mercy: Fight them.

Dawn: Dick!

( breathes heavily )

Mercy: You're mine, Conner.

( crying ) I can't find the light.

( breathes heavily )

Dawn: Dick! Here!

Mercy: Do not give in.

Dawn: Here!

Mercy: You belong to me, Conner.

Rachel whispering: Find the light.

Dick: Light.

( screaming )

( gasps )

Conner: I know you.

I'm Dick Grayson.

How did you find me?

You're part of our family, Conner.

We'll always find you.

Thank you.

You might wanna stand back.

Dick: Conner?

Please, let me go... so I can end this.

( Rachel grunts )

Thank you.


Concentrate all firepower on Subject 13.

Take him down!

( bullets firing )

soldier: f*ck this, I'm out of here.

soldier 2: Go, go, go, go!

soldier 3: I'm out of here!

soldier 4: Run!

It's over.

This is for Lex Luthor.

( grunts )

Damn it!

I did this.

It wasn't me, but...

But I did this.

I'm sorry.

We know. It's good to have you back.

Did anyone ever tell you you can really throw a punch?

woman: Thank you, Titans!

( all applaud )

( chuckles )

Mommy, my dolly!

woman: It's there, baby.

Is this your dolly?

She's safe now.

Thank you.

Of course.

( electricity crackling )

( woman whimpers )

Get back! Everybody get back!

( all screaming )

Everybody, get back!


( Donna screaming )

Oh, God.

( Donna screams )

Hank: Donna!

( screaming )


Dick: Donna!

Bruce: We do not enter the field of battle lightly... neither in heart, nor body, nor mind. Nor do we exit it lightly.

We leave a piece of us behind.

And sometimes the cost of defending the innocent exceeds what we could ever think to pay. There's only one word for this. Sacrifice. And whether it be recognized in the present... or in some distant time, or never at all... this is the hero's duty.

Thank you.

Rachel: Are they taking her back to Themyscira?

They have a place for warriors like Donna.

Sacred grounds.

I should go with Donna.

If anybody can help her, it's me.

Look, we all wanna bring her back, Rachel.

You don't understand.

My powers are changing.

Getting stronger and...

Like, I think I've actually been inside your head.

Like, I can take your thoughts and bring 'em to life.

I've seen you do some amazing things.

And considering what's in my head... that's pretty messed up.

( chuckles )

Look, all I'm saying is, if there is any chance...

If you wanna go, I'm not gonna stop you.

But remember, doesn't matter how strong we are, we can't always change the world.

But we can try.

We should try.

Go with Donna.

Your room will be waiting for you when you get back.

Who knows, maybe I'll stay on the island.

( chuckles ) Watch out.

Space witch skin isn't made for the tropical sun.

( chuckles ) Yeah, I'll survive.

Will you?

I'll miss you.

And the others?

Dick: I'll let 'em know.

Rachel: Thanks.

Be careful.

Yes, sir. ( chuckles )

( jet takes off )

Bruce: I'm terribly sorry.

I know how much Donna meant to you.

I'm the reason she came back.

I pulled her back into the Titans.


I wouldn't fool yourself into thinking you could have made Donna Troy do something she didn't wanna do herself.


We started this.

What's left of us without her?

Bruce: Things inevitably fall apart.

The art of life seems to be in how you put them back together.

Sounds suspiciously like advice.

I know.

I've been working on it for a while.

Not that I'm an expert in the life department.

You've done okay.

You felt otherwise at times.


I guess I, uh... don't feel the need to battle the past anymore.

I know why you did it.

Took me in as a kid.


Whether you knew it then or not, you were giving me the one thing neither of us ever had.

A family.

Well, perhaps.

If you're right, you're welcome.

This Titans family is something worth keeping together.

Uh, can you take one more nugget of wisdom?

( chuckles ) Sure.

Fight the impulse to turn inward.

To turn away from others.

Your team is in grief and needs healing.

It's a process best not done alone.

You've been sittin' on that one, too?

Oh, just pulled it out in the moment.

How did it sound?

Pretty good.

Uh, I'll keep working on it.

I'll see you at dinner.


Oh, and uh... thanks for the suit, by the way.

I'm pleased you patched it up with Stuart.

Cranky b*st*rd made me work for it.

It's a far cry from Robin.

That it is.

( knock on door )


Found this on her bed.

Is that Frida Kahlo?

That was her jam.

Yeah, I didn't really know her.


What you saw was who she was.

She cared for people. Cared for doing right.

I hurt... so many people and I...

And I don't even remember doing it.

It wasn't you.

And it wasn't your fault.

Really? Then whose fault was it?

Dick: Mine.

I left you here alone. I never should have done that.

So that's on me.

You fought like hell to keep the Titans alive.

But I let you down.

And all I can do is promise it'll never happen again.


I'm making dinner.

If you feel up to it, I could use your help.

( grunts ) When you're ready.

( door closes )

( sighs )



I didn't have a whole big thing planned.

I just, uh... wanted to see how you're doing.

How do you think?

She died saving my life.

I was never good at comforting you.

That's not true.

I mean, at first, maybe.

Then after, it was... more me fallin' apart and you puttin' me back together.

Until there wasn't much left to put back together.

Sounds about right.

I get it.

I thought you said all we did was bring pain into the world.

I did.

I was an asshole.

Nothin' I can say can make up for that.

While I was away, I had a chance to think about some of the good that we did, too.

Let me ask you somethin'.

What if we give it another shot?

( voice breaks ) I don't think so.

I think Hank and Dawn are over.

What about Hawk and Dove?

What was her deal with tomatoes?

She called it, "The Devil's Fruit."

Hold on.

Tomato is a fruit?

( Kory chuckles )

I just wanted to say thank you for bringing us all to that diner in Elko and meeting us there.


Of course.

I don't know how you did it. But I'm so glad you did.

I'm not sure we'd all be here if you hadn't.

I'm not quite sure what you're referring to.


Kory: Yes. Nevada.

I'm sorry. I've never been to Elko.

Perhaps you've confused me with someone else?

Yeah, perhaps.

Kory whispering: That wasn't...

No way.


You think Rachel got in our heads and sent us a Bruce Wayne?


No way. He was there. I saw him.

I know. I saw him, too. But the man's saying he wasn't there.

You wanna take it up with Batman?


( scoffs )

My powers go away, and hers get...

Get weirder.

Yeah. The f*ck is going on?

I don't know.

( Dick clears throat )

Donna Troy and I were a couple of strays.

Nothing linking us other than parents that liked to dress up at night and fight crime.

She saw us as family.

But I wasn't much interested in family then.

Families can be f*cked up.

I mean, look around.

We've all spent our lives recovering from the damage done by our families.

Donna knew something I didn't.

If you throw enough strays together, you get the best kind of family.

One bound not by DNA... but by a collective sense of duty and devotion to another.

And when you lose someone you love... you need this.

What we have right here.

What's next for us all?

I don't know.

It's a million-dollar question.


( chuckles )

...to Donna Troy.

Thanks for giving me a second chance at family.

And thanks to you guys for taking me back in.

To the Titans.

all: Titans.

To Donna Troy.

all: Donna Troy.

Ugh, that's what she's been drinking this whole time?

I think it's great.

Kory: I like it.


Me too.

Of course you would say that.

Dick: It's a great soda.

( all laugh )

Yeah, right.

Hank: Barf.

Dick: Not bad.

So picky.

( cell phone beeping )

Gar: Guys.

There's cops and the bomb squad responding to a disturbance in the Mission District.

Sounds bad.

What are we waiting for?

There's your answer.

( Gar growls )

( dog barks )

Paris: Good job cleaning the store, guys.

You did such a good job.

All right. Here we go.


Paris: Here we go.

All right, here we go, big girl. ( grunts )

Let's get you in there.

( girl talks indistinctly )

Watch your head.

All right. Now you, princess.

All in? Okay.

Right. Seatbelt.

( grunts ) All right.

Hey, lady, your cart. ( grunts )

( man groans )