03x80 - The Marvelous Music of Maisel

Welcome back, cool cats and kittens, to "Miami After Dark". I refreshed mine during the break. I hope you did the same. Shy Baldwin. Hitmaker. Heartbreaker. Rumoured to be starring in Billy Wilder's next picture. Well, we've just obtained some footage from his freshly kicked-off world tour with some backstage surprises too. Believe you me, a lot of surprising things can happen backstage. Especially when the stage is your penthouse apartment. Let's roll the clip.

♪ The stars shine your eyes catch mine ♪
♪ Then your light is all I can see ♪
♪ Could there be one less angel in heaven ♪
♪ Count them, one less angel in heaven ♪
♪ Must be one less angel in heaven ♪
♪ Cause you're here smiling at me ♪
♪ The strings play you move my way ♪
♪ I'm soaring now, I guarantee ♪
♪ There must be ♪
♪ One less angel in heaven ♪
♪ Don't tell, one less angel in heaven ♪
♪ Must be one less angel in heaven ♪
♪ Cause look who's dancing with me ♪

Welcome to the Fontainebleau. We have you in a...

Standard room. Twin beds.

Facing the ocean, not the pool.

Away from the elevator.

And the ice machine.

But near the cigarette machine.



It's laundry day. Up, up!

Get up there!

I am not a prostitute. I'm a comic.

Is there a difference?

Yes. Prostitutes get paid more.

Government cheese!

♪ Oh, and now I'm scared ♪

So... 1960, change is coming.

If I am gonna do this, then I have to do this!

Off to the races.

Yes ma'am, off to the races.


You! You put this in my head. You made me passionate and independent and broke!

You're welcome.

♪ My baby, my angel, now please won't you stay ♪
♪ My heart stops the music drops ♪
♪ The world falls away suddenly ♪
♪ Oh, one less angel in heaven ♪
♪ There was one less angel in heaven ♪
♪ My baby said yes, I'm in heaven ♪
♪ My Angel loves me she said she loves me ♪
♪ Oh, that's heaven to me ♪

I love you, Shy Baldwin!

I love Vegas!

♪ Heaven to me ♪

Sensational. A master of the pop beat. But he'll break your heart with a ballad too. Sounds like a storm's brewing. If you're venturing out, stay dry. Me? I never venture out. I haven't left this room since 1954. Why would I?

♪ No one has to know ♪
♪ I think you're wonderful ♪
♪ No one has to know ♪
♪ You're my dream come true ♪
♪ Let the world go spinning in space ♪
♪ We'll find a place for two ♪
♪ So no one has to know I want you ♪
♪ No one but you ♪
♪ No one else can tell ♪
♪ I think you're beautiful ♪

Are you actually a Mrs. Maisel?

Yes, and no. And yes, again.

I've had a lot of champagne. Translate, please.

You like a man who has a lease.

Depends on the man. Depends on the lease.

I'm paid up through Friday.

I was a Mrs. Maisel and then we broke up. And then we un-broke up. Not sure what's confusing you.

Tonight, I can talk about s*x and men and s*x with men.

You still love him?

You never ask a girl, "How old are you?" or, "How much do you weigh?" or, "Do you love your ex-husband?"

Why are you here?

Just moral support for my wife.

While she divorces you?

That's right.

For adultery?

That's right.

That's very modern.

It's just a stamp on a piece of paper.

It's more than that.

You didn't even give me a chance. You left me out of the equation altogether.

I would have been on the road. We would have been separated a lot.

And the coming back together would have been sensational.

If you're going to have a voice you'd better be careful what that voice says.

♪ No one has to know ♪
♪ We could have everything ♪

It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Maisel. Welcome to The Apollo.

How come men fail and people say, "You gave it the old college try". But women fail and they say, "You gave it the old college try but you shouldn't be in college".

She's got guts! That is the difference between Midge Maisel and the great Sophie Lennon.

It's a good piece! It might get published.

So, you agree with it?

I never said I didn't!

It's probably not gonna happen.

It might!

Shy, are you here?

Don't talk to strangers. Isn't that what your momma tells you?

♪ No one has to know ♪
♪ We could have everything ♪

I don't understand. Your face is a mess. What kind of girl could have done this to you?

Oh, honey.


♪ Let the world do what it does ♪
♪ You're safe with me because ♪
♪ I love you ♪

My name is Dwayne.

You're going to be just fine, Dwayne.

♪ No one but you ♪

What's the matter? I'm not that bad.

I just can't think of anything funny to say.

Yeah. Me either.

♪ No one but you ♪
♪ There's no one but you ♪

That's Diz Rippington on drums, as if I had to tell you. Listen, no one has to know, but I hear Shy had a disagreement with his opening act and his leggy comic got the boot. Left her standing right there on the tarmac. Ouch! Sounds like we'll never hear from her again. Look for Shy Baldwin, coming to your town soon. But for now, let's salute a favourite relative of mine. Uncle Sam. Enjoy.

Hiya, boys!

This is the first of a million flights and a million tours.

You boys stay safe out there, 'cause you're just too cute to lose!

I don't want to get tied up in something illegal.

Nobody's gonna tie you up.

There were periods of time when you were talking and there was no laughter.

That's called setting up a joke.

Well, you might want to lose that because nobody laughs.

So many wonderful melodies and they just keep running through my head.


Swing arms, and twist.

Can you move? I can't see.

I had a baby four weeks ago!

And your husband drinks!

You're on the marquee!

For the whole world to see!

Well, that's last call, everyone. I'd invite you to stay, but people might talk. I'm Brye Adler, live from Miami, where we're known for our sunshine. But I like it... After Dark.

♪ We'd gotten cozy at the corner shop ♪
♪ We finished ev'ry drop ♪
♪ But then the boy says one more ♪
♪ Gives me a look that makes my stomach flop ♪
♪ Somebody call a cop 'cause I can see I'm done for ♪


Game on!

♪ Oh, shake it up and watch it bubble ♪
♪ He's gonna go and get us both in trouble ♪
♪ My baby's sweet from bottom to the top ♪
♪ So I don't want to stop ♪
♪ Don't want to stop ♪
♪ Like a bottle of pop ♪
♪ Lemon cola ♪
♪ Lemon cola ♪
♪ Cherry creme ♪
♪ Cherry creme ♪
♪ He's my cocoa cotton candy ♪
♪ He's my liquid ginger dream ♪
♪ Red rock, sugar shock ♪
♪ Sweet vanilla foam ♪
♪ Root beer, round the clock ♪
♪ Grab it, bring it home ♪
♪ Come on baby time to swap ♪
♪ And give me your bottle of pop ♪
♪ Your bottle of pop ♪
♪ He's my bottle of pop ♪

Once again, The Silver Belles! Now, I hope that you're ready to laugh because next up is a very funny lady. She's gonna be opening up for Shy Baldwin on his upcoming tour that kicks off next month. So give a nice army welcome for Mrs. Maisel!