02x05 - Meters

( Man ) One.


( Grunts ) Three.

( Buzzing )




Man: Oh, my God...

( Grunts ) Seven.



( Grunts ) Ten.

( Man grunting, muttering )

Bro, you like comic books?

Uh, not really, no.

You got any Adderall?

Officer: Cruz, Walter! Got a visitor.

Who is it?

Some lady.

Lady. Is it my mom?

Wouldn't be my first guess.

( Gentle music )

♪ ♪

Are those necessary?


So it says here that you assaulted a computer?

I'm sorry. Who are you?

I'm Jackie.

Hi, Walter. I am with Vets4Vets.

What is this, the VA?

No, we're independent, all volunteer-based, but they did notify us about your situation.

Look, I apologize, okay?

I lost my temper, got out of control.

Hey, you don't need to apologize to me.

I don't care what you did. I'm just here to get you out.


Yeah, that's we do.

Bail relief, short-term housing, stuff like that.


Let's talk.

Come on, let's have a seat. Let's talk.

What's the catch?

I bail you out, you agree to an evaluation.

Answer a few questions.

And then I see if we offer any services that we can refer you to so this does not happen again.

Yeah, this definitely will not happen again, I promise you.

Hey, you are not the first guy to go into an office and forget his manners.

I have done way worse.

What kind of evaluation?

A conversation.

Easy stuff. We could do it over a beer.

( Sighs )

Look, whatever you decide, can I say one thing?


( Light music )

♪ ♪

When I got back, I knew something was wrong with me, but I couldn't explain it to anyone.

It was like the people around me were keeping a secret.

Like we were in a movie, and everyone knew we were in a movie except for me.

But what I learned is that this happens to almost all of us.

Those fucked-up thoughts that you're thinking right now, that you are feeling, you are not alone, and you are not crazy.

You're just having a completely sane reaction to some fucked-up circumstances.

That's it.

Circumstances are fucked-up.

And I took a bus all the way out here.

I don't even know where the f*ck we are right now.

So can you please grab a beer with me?

Yeah, sure.


♪ ♪

Leonard: How long you think?

You want us to use hand-tools?

f*ck yes, I want to use hand-tools.

All right, all right.

Got to get down to the roots.

Okay, so that will take longer.

For all this, two weeks?

Now don't f*cking gouge me here, Hector.

Fine, 14 days.

( Indistinct chatter in Spanish )

Temple: Good morning.

Leonard: Morning.

Leonard: Let's get out of the f*cking sun, huh?

What...what are they doing?

They're ripping it all up before... she can get her hands on it.

Leonard, we need to...

Women sure have taken to life in the military, huh?

Generation or two, and they're as bad as the men.

What'd she say when I left?


Yeah, ha. Bunda.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Oh, not now with the sketches or whatever.

We're dealing with a fire here.

This isn't a sketch.

What is it?

An injunction.

What the f*ck is an injunction?

Guys, you need to stop!

Hector! Stop!

( Men shouting in spanish )

Leonard: "Critical military technology"?

What are they talking about?

Temple: The berry.

Leonard: The berries? That's...they can't do this.

Temple: I talked to Legal. They can.

It's my farm. I live here.

You'll still own the company and the land, but this material, this product, it belongs to them now.

Why do you have this?

We spoke after you left.

You and Bunda?

She explained the situation.

( Chuckles )

Why you grew up quick, didn't you?

You can shove it up your ass.

Or take it to the Pentagon or wherever and shove it up her ass.

I'm gonna clear this ground.

Hector, get going!

Temple: They can't!

Temple: Leonard!

( Men talking in Spanish )

"All parties are barred from the destruction..."

I can f*cking read! I know what's in there.

"Or removal of any plants or means of production related to the IP."

I'm not afraid of their f*ckin' IP.

I'm not talking about you.

Hector, the rest of them, they'll go to jail.

Is that what you want?

And then she'll bring in her own people and do it anyway.

This is happening.

All right, fine. Guys!

Stand down! ( Hector speaking Spanish )

Thank you. Um, now let's...

Leonard, what are you doing?

So anyone who touches this gets sent to jail, right?


Okay then.

( Dramatic music )

( Sighs )

( Leonard grunting )

♪ ♪

God! ( Mutters indistinctly )

( Leonard muttering )

( Grunting )

You got use the hand-tools to get to the f*ckin' roots!

( Breathes heavily )

We get one shot.

You know that.

I'm just cleaning up your mess.

( Breathing heavily )

( Grunting )

♪ ♪

( Straining )

So these notes are just for my boss.

You ready?


All right.

In your words, what do you feel led to the incident at the VA?

Uh... unrealistic expectations, I guess.

What do you mean?

Well, I had a question about my treatment, and for some reason I thought they'd answer it.

( Chuckles ) Yes.

That was optimistic of you.


What was the treatment?

They wouldn't tell me. That was the problem.

What was your question about?

Walter: You're airborne, huh?


What was your MOS?

Are you gonna tell me what happened?

I just need to put it on my little form.

Okay, look, down at the VA, I lost control.

That's on me, okay? You can tell your boss that.

I will, but I need...

And honestly, I appreciate the bail.

And I appreciate your interest, I do.

But if we keep talking about this, I'm gonna get mad all over again.

So how about you just mark me "Evaluated" and we drink a beer instead?

Sure. That's not a problem.


Not a problem at all.

13F E4.


Artillery support?

3/187th. Iron Rakkasans.

Wow. That is hardcore.

I was the chick in the unit. They put me on comms.

And was supposed to wash out, but I got really good at it.

The Zen of intel flow, What do I know? Who needs to know it?

Then I got deployed to Syria.


We were dropping RAP rounds from 30 clicks.

We were so far away from the action, and we were basically FOBBITs.

"Mushrooms, kept in the dark..."

"And fed sh1t."

( Both chuckle )



Then I got home, and I found myself sitting in an apartment under a freeway behind a Petco.

f*cking rented furniture. Alone.

American dream, bro.


I used to spend all day, and I mean all day, cleaning up that place.

Then I'd go out and I'd get hammered, I come back and I'd pass out.

Rinse, repeat. ( Chuckles )

Rinse, repeat.

Until one day, I just...

I, um...

What happened?

I was driving to the gym, and this guy with a man bun cuts me off.

One of those samurai top knots?



So I pull up next to him to explain his mistake, and the F*ck*r wouldn't even roll down his window.

So I found myself driving 110, chasing down his Tesla.

And lucky for him, those cars are fast.

( Laughs ) You were gone, huh?

Oh, yeah, the police had to stop me with one of those nail strips.

And even then, I'm like, "I served. Dude has a man bun. What, you gonna lock me up for... driving while veteran?"

Shoot, they tried to get me for looking at a monitor.

That's it?

Not exactly.

( Country music playing )

Walter: Guard comes up, tells me to drop it.

Then his little friend sneaks up behind me and sh1t just gets crazy.

Next thing you know, I'm f*cking zip-tied.

One of them hands me a brochure for PTSD counseling for the triggering incident I just experienced.

Check it out. Look.

Oh, sh1t. ( Chuckles )

You are not making this up.

Walter: How can anybody make this sh1t up?

So what was on the screen?

I don't know.

I didn't see.

They did have me getting me treatment at this place though.



That's what they said, yeah.

What does that mean? What...what kind of treatment?

I don't know.

My unit got hit with an IED when I was over there.

Me, my buddy Shrier, this guy Lesky.

Ever since then I got this... ( Sighs ) this big hole where the war was.

So you don't remember this place?



I mean, that's kind of what I wanted to see.

I thought maybe if I could just get some information...

Everything would start to make sense?

Yeah. ( Scoffs )

Optimistic though, right?

If you knew half the sh1t I've seen, from lost records, to mismanagement, to just flat-out wrong.

They don't know what the f*ck they're doing over there.

It's a total mess.

Yeah, I know, but...

I had surgery. I mean, my mom, she...

She told me that when...

When you first came back?


Everything was a blur for me those first few weeks.

Well, me too, but she did say it though.

Yeah, but maybe she was trying to scare you.

I mean, think about it, you bump your head, you start feeling better, maybe you go back.

But if she tells you you had brain surgery and you were in some sort of coma, maybe you stay where she knows you're gonna be safe.

Does that sound like her?

( Sighs )

What, lie to me for my own good?

A little bit, yeah.

( Chuckles ) God.

I mean, what if I really did just bump my head and I'm making myself f*cking crazy for no reason?

Man, look, you're a waste of my time.


You're barely f*cked up.

You're a really great guy who just had a rough day.

That's it.

So what, you're gonna put that on your form?

Of course. With pleasure.

( Phone buzzes )

Ooh, it's my girlfriend.

High maintenance. I have to take this.

Be right back.

( Indistinct chatter )

( Uneasy music )

♪ ♪

( Line rings )

Temple: Hey.

He's a f*cking blank, Temple.

What do you mean?

Alex: The records request.

He doesn't even know the word "Homecoming."

I don't get it.

He was looking for something else.

He's totally harmless. He's such a sweetheart.

I mean, did he say anything?

It's done, Temple.

Alex: How are things there?

How did Leonard take it?

It doesn't matter. He took it.

Alex: Okay. Listen to you.

( Chuckles )

I'll tell you all about it later.

( Light music )

Shoot. Bunda's coming.

Um, I'm running late.

Okay, all right. I'll talk to you soon.

Temple: Bye.


( Sighs )

♪ ♪

( Indistinct chatter )

All right.

One more round?

My girl is pissed. I have to go.

I wish I could...

No, no, no.

You bought me one. I got to buy you one.

I don't make the rules.

Plus, the bus don't leave for another hour anyway.

One more?

( Sighs )

Come on.

Okay, one more, but that's it.

( Chuckles )

Hi, sorry, I just got stuck on a call.

Huh? Interesting.

With who?

Um, uh, my girlfriend.

All good?

Yeah, she's on a business trip.

She made a big sale.

Great. So all good?

Shall we?


The Ag Team has some ideas about increasing output so you can restart the program and...

Oh, that... we're not doing that.


So then can I ask... what are you gonna do with it?

The juice?


What do you think we should do with it?

Well, right now, we're in a box, an echo chamber.

We're thinking way too small about the product.

Such a waste.

Uh, of what?

Of you.

You should be running this place.

( Chuckles ) But so your plan is...

You know what, just stop it.

Your mind, I know, it wants to rush in and nail everything down, what are we doing, what is this product, blah, blah, blah.

It's all gonna just choke off creativity.


I mean, you'll end up with the roller or that PTSD thing down in Florida.

I mean, those are fine ideas.

But what if...

But what if what?

We open the door and let the f*cking crazy world in.

Whatever happens will be better than anything we come up with.

I'm not sure I understand.

You know, something happens at a school and the kids are all freaked out.

Or Brazil thinks that if they de-traumatize 40,000 pigs, it will make the bacon taste better.

Does Brazil think that?

I don't know. I have no idea.

That's the point.

And the DOD does this kind of thing?

When they get a taste of it, they will.

And we just sell it to whoever and...

Let the best idea win.

Doesn't that seem good?

You know what we should do?


Is throw a party here, you know?

Invite everyone, potential buyers, influencers, you know, idea people.

Just show them how clean this place is, how just like really f*ckin' leafy it is, you know?

Get drinks, have balloons.


You know, make it fun.

You could do that, couldn't you?


Like maybe... day after tomorrow.


Yeah, I know.

It's a lot, and it's different, and you've been sat in the same rut over and over again, and this is how big ideas work quickly, you know, before the next guy does it.

What's your girlfriend's name?



Yeah, invite Alex to the thing.

She'd have fun, right? She made a big sale.

You're gonna make a big sale.

Bunda: An even bigger one, I bet.

Wendy: And who's gonna be in charge of this new venture?

I am.

Oh, uh-huh.

Wow, gosh.

This must be just really overwhelming for you.

You know, I'm sure your head is just exploding.

I'm just gonna be... I'm so interested to see how this all turns out, you know, because...

Wendy, I know this is awkward.

And if you want to leave, I understand.

Um, I'm not saying that at all, I'm just...

But if you decide to stay, you have to fix your personality or at least hide it from me, okay?

Yeah. Understood, really.

I just... um, I'm ready to help.

I love how proactive you are.

You can start by getting the roller stuff off the third floor.

Well, I'm a big believer in churn, you know, mixing things up.

That can be really healthy.

So if there's anything I can do.

There is. I need you to plan a party.

Great. When?

Day after tomorrow.


For the new client.

You know, make it fun.

Absolutely. And who's this new client?

The Department of Defense?


Well, I think we should proceed... cautiously, right?

The last time we got involved with something like this, we had all kinds of problems.

This is different.



Well, I love it.

Sounds fun, yeah.

Should I, um...

Do you want me to go back to Aromas now?

Hector: So the berries stay?

That's right.

Is that gonna be a problem?

Well, Leonard said...

Leonard's not involved in this.

But I...

Is this gonna be a problem, Hector?

( Sighs )

Alex: Bam!

Walter: Whoo.

That is five for five.

Alex: I tried to tell you.

You are a f*cking ninja.

Yeah, my dad worked at a bar.

So this was basically my extracurricular.

He was a bartender?

No, it was kind of like...like his office.

Anyway, I got a lot of practice.

Okay, one more time. This time...

I gotta go, man. I gotta go.

I can't.


She's going to f*cking kill me.

Come on.

But look, I'll come back.

I will come back, and we can, uh, do whatever you people do around here?

What do you guys do here?

Uh, nothing. Go fishing?

Come on.

I'm serious.

Basically, I'll be waiting by my mailbox for the next 8 to 12 weeks.

For what?

Records request.

Geist, remember?

Oh, yeah.

I mean, I could just... could just drive down there.

You serious?

Why not?

I looked it up.

It's only like three hours away.

What if I just showed up like, "Hi. I'm Walter Cruz.

I got some f*cking questions."

What are they gonna do?

I don't know, call the cops?

Doesn't it ever piss you off?


They treat us like we're nothing.

I went in there for one question.

They just forget about us. We're supposed to just take it?

f*ck that.

I'm not doing that sh1t anymore.

( Dark music )

♪ ♪

Let's get one more.

I thought you said you had to go.

I want to show you something.

Alex: Come on.

This is Crosby. He was our mechanic.

And a f*ckin' pervert.

Gonzalez, he was our medic.

And Holman.

You remind me of him.


I don't know.

Kind of quiet. He was a sniper.

You know how they are.

No sh1t.


That was my original MOS, sniper.

No sh1t?

I loved that guy, man.

What, he didn't make it back?

No, he did. We all did.

And then what?

Alex: Crosby got shot by cops.

And Gonzalez is in a mental hospital.

And Holman...

Holman f*cking killed himself.

Jesus Christ. What happened?

He had questions.

Questions about why he'd been over there, what he'd been doing.

There's no good answer for sh1t like that, but he couldn't stop asking.

What, you mean like me?

This is different.

If you keep picking at this, it's gonna start bleeding.

I can promise you.

But I'm not gonna kill myself, okay? That's not an option for me.

That's exactly what Holman said.

It wasn't an option for him until one day, I guess it was.

( Sighs )


How many tours did he do?

Think like two.

Hmm. What was his record?

What do you mean?

His longest shot.

I mean, come on, he'd probably never shut up about it.

Oh, yeah, of course. Uh, 1,100 meters.

1,100 meters?

Yeah, you're right.

He couldn't stop talking about it.


Wow. That's a sad story.

So you don't want to keep obsessing about this.

Actually, maybe I do.

So you're still gonna go down there?

Yeah. I am.

Walter, listen to me...

What the f*ck is it to you?

To me? I...

Why the f*ck do you care where I'm going?

I don't care where you're going.

Somebody is lying to me, okay?

Something happened to me over there, and I don't know what the f*ck it is.

But I know Geist has information.

I told you that the records are...

I'm going down there and I'm gonna get answers.

And nothing you can say is gonna change that.

You understand me?

Walter, I am just trying to help you.

You wanna help?

Here's how you can help me. Stay the f*ck away from me.

( Tense music )

♪ ♪

( Door opens, closes )

♪ ♪

Oh, sh1t.

What'd you say to him, honey?

f*ck off.

No, you...

( Chirps )

( Chirps )

( Line trills )

Alex: Hey, babe.

Hey, are you almost back?

Alex: No, he wanted to have drinks, and I couldn't say no.

I'm gonna have to stay the night.

You're drunk?

Alex: I am. Can you tell?

Well, as long as everything is okay, yeah?

Yeah, everything's, um...

Temple: Hello?

How was your day? How are things there?

Temple: Kind of crazy.

And, you know, you took my roller.


Yeah, babe, I... I'm so sorry.

No, you were right.

Everything went really well, and I didn't need it.

That's great.

That's really great.

And I wanted to say I'm sorry about last night.

It's okay. We don't have to talk about it.

No, I want to. It's just... it's hard for me to believe that things are going to be okay.

I always feel like something awful is about to happen and something we haven't thought of and it...

It won't.

It won't.

I won't let it.

I know.

( Gentle music )

♪ ♪

Listen, I'll see you tomorrow.

I love you.

I love you too.



♪ ♪

( Light music playing )

Man over PA: Price check register two.

Price check register two.

♪ ♪

( Scanner beeping )

Hey, how you doing?

How you doing, ma'am? You find everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

( Scanner beeps )

Be all for you?


I don't need the change. Thanks.

There you go.


Have a good one.

Man over PA: Hey, Danny, you're needed up front.

Danny, you're needed up front.

( Cart rattles )

( Register beeping )

( Bag rustles )

( Rustling )

( Cart rattles )

( Register beeping )

( Scanner beeping )

( Gentle music )

♪ ♪

( Typing )