02x02 - Giant

( Car horn and alarm blaring )

( Car horn and alarm continue blaring )

( Horn honks twice )

( Alarm silences )

( Disturbing orchestral music )

♪ ♪

( Car locks click )

( Passing car rumbles )

( Gasps )

( Glove compartment clicks open )

( Rapid deep breathing )

( Tense music )

( Pop music playing faintly over speakers )

( Disturbing orchestral music growing )

♪ ♪

( Exhales )

Anything else?

Forget that.

Gimme one of those.

Ever use one of these before?


( Engine silences )

( Dissonant orchestral music )

♪ ♪

Hi. Lane?

This is Audrey Temple.

I just got your...

What do you mean Leonard wants to speak?

At...at the launch? Why?

( Sighs ) So ask him.

Just go in...

You know what? Forget it.

Tell him Audrey's coming.

He needs to...

I know what you're up to.

No. Get off of there.

( Cat meows )

( Tense string music )

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

( Rapid deep breathing )

( Unsettling piano notes )

♪ ♪

Come on, Alex!

Pick up.

( Sighs )

What the heck happened last night?

I've been up waiting.

I don't know what to...

( Exhales )

I'm going into the office now.

I need to know that things are...

( Sighs ) You can't say that things got f*cked up and then stop answering your phone.

What got f*cked up?

Just come meet me at the office.

We need to go over stuff.

( Door slams shut )

( Car door slams )

( Engine turns over )

( Music heightens )

♪ ♪

( Slow orchestral music )

♪ ♪

( Suspenseful music )

♪ ♪

Attendant: Morning.

( Attendant continues indistinctly )

♪ ♪

How are you?

Temple: Good.

♪ ♪

Employee parking only. Visitor lot's around back.

♪ ♪

( Clutch clicks )

( Engine silences )

( Impatient music )

♪ ♪

( Inhales deeply )

( Exhales )

Strength and indifference.

Strength and...

( Bell dings )


( Gasps )

Lane: Hi.

Sorry. I was just waiting.

I can see that.

♪ ♪

Lane: Yeah, sorry.

I...I didn't know what to say to Leonard.

I didn't know he was involved with the launch.

Audrey: He's not.

This was supposed to be done by now.

Lane: I know. The first balloon guy said he couldn't rig anything that high.

So we had to get another balloon guy, and he said that it was...

The DJ has all the music?


Wait, was I supposed to...

Yes, Lane, you were supposed to.

We need to set the right tone.

Lane: Not a problem.

Uh, tell me about the tone.

What is the point of delegating this if you're just gonna come back to me with questions about every little detail?

Oh. Sure.

Uh, we could do something that's fun but chill and, you know, optimistic.

Employee: Ma'am?

Temple: What does that mean?

Employee: Are you here for the testing?

Down the hall to the right.

Hi. Welcome.



Are you here for testing?


You're late.

Excuse me.

Can I use the rest...

It's already started. Come on.

( Quiet, tense music )

♪ ♪

( Lock beeps )

( Dark music )

This way.

♪ ♪

Left hand.

( Air lock hisses closed )

( Music heightens )

♪ ♪

( Mist hissing )

( Participants inhale deeply )

( Whispering ) Oh, f*ck no.

What seems to be the issue?

You have to let the aroma diffuse.

Just take it in.

We'll get everyone's feedback afterwards.

Please, have a seat.

I think I got some tangerine rind, unless I was imagining that.

Okay, well, why don't we just hold off on all the comments until everyone's had a chance to complete the experience, okay?

Thanks. Let's go again.

( Air lock hisses closed )

Where is Leonard now?

The greenhouse?

He's been in there all night, I think, because the maintenance people went in at, like, four this morning to feed the bugs.

He threw mulch at them. Said he had to write a speech.

( Lane's phone vibrating )

A speech about what?

This is the caterers.

Lemme just...here...

I'm sorry. I thought I gave you shipping.

Let me try this again.

( Phone rings )

H...hello? Hello?

Lane: Well, that's news to me.

Let me find out about that.

Did you switch the catering service?

What do you want me to do with these?


The rollers.

I'm off that project now, right?

Just find someplace for them, okay?

I'm kind of busy.

Sure thing, boss.


♪ ♪

I get canker sores from all citrus, not just oranges.

So for me...

Right. Yeah.

Uh, I think we've covered that, right?

The canker sores?

Does anyone else have any negative associations with, um, citrus?

I do.

Craig: Give me more, though.

You don't like citrus because...

Devon: It's too easy. You're, like, pandering.

Craig: "Pandering." Okay. Interesting choice of words.

How did you arrive at that specific word?

Woman: Well, what I think he means is that you're treating your customers like children.

So this is what you guys do?

You make air freshener?

Craig: No.

We make a full range of household products.

Soaps, cleaners, adhesives...

You make soap?

Craig: Yes.

And it's all plant-based.

Now, Devon, "pandering." That's a strong word.

Let's try to unpack...

I need to go to the restroom.

There's a bathroom near the sample area.

That's where we're finishing up today.

I'm not feeling well.

This is an emergency.

I need to use the restroom, please.

We're almost done.

Okay, Devon, we were talking about your associations with citrus being at odds with the core values of Geist.

( Dog whines softly )

Leonard: Nixon, get out of there.

( Exciting music playing on TV softly )

Good morning.

Leonard: What do you want?

( Explosions and gunfire playing on TV )

Why do you wanna speak at the launch?

Leonard, did you hear me?

I'm watching Airwolf.

It gets me fired up.

Well, they might not have Airwolf in jail.

You should bear that in mind before you...

Well, they might.

Guess we'll see.

You know you can't do this. We need to...

Why are you talking to me like that?

Like what?

Well, like you know me.

Like we're some kind of team.

Two weeks ago, I didn't even know your f*ckin' name.

You know it now.

( Grunts )

We can get through this, Leonard.

I know it feels like...

No, it doesn't feel...

( Stammers grumpily )

I can f*ckin' see what's going on around me, okay?

I don't need therapy about it.

What I need is a f*ckin' chain saw.

I'm trying to help you.

We need to be flexible, c...cooperate, and then things'll go back to normal.

There's no gettin' back to normal.

So stop trying to sell me this rotten bat sh1t and telling me it's cookies and cream, huh?

We have a new partner!

We don't have a choice!


Yeah, that's f*ckin' rich.

Call it whatever you want, but they're in charge here whether we like it or not.

Yeah, right. And you like it.

I accept it.

I accept reality.

Well, here's the reality: it's my f*cking company, and I'm gonna get up there and say whatever the f*ck I want.

( Tense music )

( Sighs gruffly )

♪ ♪

We're having a company event today.

So let's stay in a nice, tight group for me, okay?

Nice and tight.

Ready for some samples?


All right. Let's start a line right here.

Single file, starting right behind this woman here.


Nice and tight against the wall for me.

There we go. Single file.

♪ ♪

( Text messaging app swooshes )

Miss? Hi.

Could you return to the line for me, please?


Thank you.

Right here.



Ma'am, three items per party.

We count them on the way out.

So there's no point shoving them in...

Guys, everything's gonna move a lot faster if you remember that it's...


You need to stay with the group!

Ma'am. Ma'am!

The public bathrooms are behind us!


( Taser buzzes )

( Craig grunts )

( Groans )

♪ ♪

( Employees talking indistinctly )

( Slow music )

♪ ♪

( Tense music )

♪ ♪

( Music darkens )

( Disturbing ambient music )

♪ ♪

Leonard: What are you doing here?

How did we get here?

I know everyone's excited about our new...venture, our new direction.

You're thinking about dollar signs, new horizons... uh, sh1t like that.

( Clears throat ) But, uh...

( Exhales slowly )

( Exhales )

( Clears throat )

Who likes to go camping?


( Cheers and applause )

( Louder ) Who likes to go camping, huh?

( Louder cheers and applause )

Okay, so you're... you're f*cking camping.

And you got your yams and your pork and beans.

The fire's blazing.

You look up.

The sky. The stars.

It's beautiful.

So... what do you do?

♪ ♪

You play your flute, right?



All right. So, okay.

So you're... you're playing your flute, and, uh, the other people, the other campers, they...they hear the music.

What's not to like?

They wanna come over.

And soon enough, everyone's there, round the fire, close, listening.

It's nice.

Some days...

I felt like that... here with you guys.

( Somber piano music )

♪ ♪

But that's when the f*cking giant shows up.

( Employees murmuring )

She's always starving, the giant.

She sees fire and food and people.

She says, "I want it."

Maybe she heard the music.

Maybe she didn't.

( Employees continue murmuring )

But...she's a f*ckin' giant.

So what does it mean to her, hmm?

f*cking nothing!

And the music has stopped anyway, because she's got her f*ckin' arm so far up your goddamn ass you can't breathe and people are screaming!

There's kids there, maybe.


It's a f*cking metaphor, okay?

( Dark music )

♪ ♪

I'm trying to warn you.

This is your last chance!

Cut his mic.

Drop the balloons.

We're the campers!

What are you doing?

We heard the music!

I said, "Cut his mic."

And the giant is these f*ckin' people.

They're trying to take...

( Bright music blasting )

♪ Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow... ♪♪

( Cheers and applause )

This is important!

You gotta listen to me!


♪ It'll be ♪
♪ Better than before ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪♪

( Dramatic orchestral music )

♪ ♪

Who the f*ck are...

♪ Yesterday's gone... ♪♪

What are you...

Alex, where the hell have you been?


God. Are you okay?

What the f*ck are you talking about?

Where is Walter Cruz?

Come. Come on.

Come with me.


♪ ♪
♪ All I want ♪
♪ Is to see you smile ♪
♪ If it takes just a little while ♪
♪ ♪
♪ I know you don't ♪
♪ Believe that it's true ♪
♪ I never meant any harm to you ♪
♪ Don't stop ♪
♪ Thinkin' about tomorrow ♪
♪ Don't stop ♪
♪ It'll soon be here ♪
♪ It'll be ♪
♪ Better than before ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Why not think about times to come? ♪
♪ And not about the things that you've done ♪
♪ If your life was bad to you ♪
♪ Just think what tomorrow will do ♪
♪ Don't stop ♪
♪ Thinkin' about tomorrow ♪
♪ Don't stop ♪
♪ It'll soon be here ♪
♪ It'll be ♪
♪ Better than before ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪♪
♪ ♪

( Indistinct cheering and chattering )

♪ ♪
♪ All I want ♪
♪ Is to see you smile ♪
♪ If it takes just a little while ♪
♪ ♪
♪ I know you don't ♪
♪ Believe that it's true ♪
♪ I never meant any harm to you ♪
♪ Don't stop ♪
♪ Thinkin' about tomorrow ♪
♪ Don't stop ♪
♪ It'll soon be here ♪
♪ It'll be ♪
♪ Better than before ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪
♪ Don't stop ♪
♪ Thinkin' about tomorrow ♪
♪ Don't stop ♪
♪ It'll soon be here ♪
♪ It'll be ♪
♪ Better than before ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪
♪ Yesterday's gone ♪
♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Don't you look back ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

( Computer beeps, keys clacking )