02x18 - Mothers & Daughters

I put way too much pressure on our relationship.

And I screwed it up.

If Gary said that when we broke up, maybe we would still be together.

Eddie: When life gets tough...

You think I'm running from Gary.

I am going to Oxford.

Maybe you're trying to find a reason to stay.

... you can't just pump the brakes.

I was active duty for 18 months.

Thank you for your service.

I have something for you.


I'll be honest, I did not peg you for a Becky.

I'm not. My name's Darcy.

That's Becky.

You have to move on.

It doesn't have to mean anything.

Just have some fun.

I was thinking... what if we renewed our vows?

Rome and I... We're adopting.

She could really be our birth mother.

But what do you do...

Your Aunt Lindsay's an alcoholic.

I have the same problem.

... when the past...

Since I've been sober, I've been thinking a lot.

Do you remember the lake house?

You ever wonder why we stopped going?

... won't stay there?

I... I had a dream about Alex.

I need to know what happened the night she died.

Just tell me everything you remember.

Lindsay, please.

♪ ♪

It was our last night at the lake house.

We were out by the fire pit, partying.

Alex was flirting with you.

I was sitting with Colleen, who brought us some coke.

You and Alex were excited to try it.

You guys got pretty messed up, but I knew we had to wake up early to drive back home with Mom and Dad, so around midnight, I went back to the house.

Right, and I went with you.

Yeah, that's what I told you.

But I lied.

I left you down there with Alex, but I couldn't sleep.

So a few hours later, I went to your room to check on you, but you weren't there.

I went back down, and you were passed out and soaking wet.

I didn't want anyone to know we'd been partying, so I-I snuck you back into the house, got you into bed, but the next morning...

Eddie! Eddie, wake up!

It was horrible.

The police had pulled Alex's body from the water.

I'll never forget that look on Alex's mom's face.

( Breathing shakily )

I didn't understand why your clothes were wet, but, Eddie...

Wait, what are you saying?

You think I had something to do with Alex's death?

I don't know.

But you were the last person to see her alive.

( Clears throat )

Really, I'm... I'm glad we did this.


I mean, the... the hiking. On our first date, we...

( Chuckling ) What... We didn't get enough of a workout?

( Laughs )

I'm sorry.

No, don't be.

( Door opens )

It's just I don't usually do that.

Which part? Go to a bar, or have s*x with a stranger?

The whole combo platter.

( Chuckling ) Ah, okay.

It's nice to get to know each other out in the real world.

I like this.

Although, I also liked the combo platter.

( Both laugh )


Uh, hi, Cindi! Wow!

Hey, what... What are you doing here?

Getting coffee.

( Both chuckle )

I'm Cindi.

Delilah's and my kids go to school together.

And this is Miles. He's, um...

I'm... her trainer.

It's very nice to meet you.


So, he's your secret!

Well, if it means having arms like yours, I'll have to get his number.

( Chuckling ) Yeah.

( Laughs )

( Chuckling ) Yeah. Bye.


Oh. God. I'm so sorry.

That was, like...

What? No, no, hey.

She's a mom from your kid's school.

I get it.

Although now I have to help Cindi with her triceps.

How much do you think I should charge her?

( Laughs )

( Cellphone vibrating )


Gary: Okay. Gary Fun Fact Number 12.

In the fifth grade, I was the reigning monkey-bar champion.

Now, I'm not bragging. I'm just stating a fact.

Wow. That's super impressive.

When I was in the Marines, I...

If you're gonna rub your service to our country in my face, then just forget it.

( Laughs )

What are you doing today?

Stephen picked up Liam for the weekend, and I'm headed out to get Katherine a gift for her new office.

And have you told her that we've been hanging out?

I haven't.

Do you think she's gonna have a problem with it?

She's not gonna have a problem with it.

What if she has a problem with it?

You're right. It's better coming from you.

( Laughs )

This place looks great.


So, quick question.

As you are stepping into motherhood, would you like your guests to strap on a fake belly and then race down that hallway?

What? No. Why?

Shelly! She doesn't want to do it!

Shelly: Fine! Let's have less fun!

I won that battle, but I had to cave on her "punny" cocktails.

Mom-osas and mama-ritas.

Thank you for taking this bullet for me.

Anything for you.

Oh, and Maggie texted. She's gonna be a little late.

She's, um... She's packing for Oxford.

I can't believe she's still going.

I know.

I thought when I told her Gary loved her, she'd...

I don't know.

Hey, you don't have to worry about that.

It is your baby shower today, and it's gonna be great!

Here come the diapers!

Mostly great.

Mom, what's happening?

Well, sweetheart, we're not doing the Big Belly Race.

We have to do the Poopy Diaper Guessing Game.

( Gasps )

It's a baby shower.


Who did this?

Oh, um, Rome's dad dropped it off.


Yes, over here.

Rome and I are gonna open it when he gets back from picking up his new car.

Oh, that's right!

Trading in the sports car for a minivan.

Don't say "minivan" around Rome, Mom. It's SUV.


Not a minivan. SUV.

( Laughs )

That was my morning.

Oh! Is this the guest list?

You invited Eve?

I mean, Eve Eve?

What? Yeah, Gina invited her, but she decided not to come.


( Sighs )

What, Mom?


I'm just surprised you invited her. That's all.

I-I know it's an open adoption, but I'm just... surprised.

We've become very close.

I know it's not a typical open adoption, but it works for us, and I wasn't gonna hide this from her.

But why would she want to celebrate a baby she's giving up?

It's really depressing.

Which is why I think she decided not to come.

Can we stop talking about this, please?

You asked me!

I only asked you because you were...

How about a drink, right? Like a-a "Cos-mom-politan"?

Oh, yes.

Oh! Pour me one.

( Laughing ) Okay.


( Whispering ) Yikes!

( Sewing machine whirring )

Lindsay: Eddie, just drop it.

Everything okay out there?

( Door closes )

Eddie: Yeah.

Uh, yeah.

Eddie was just helping me make up the couch.

Those fitted sheets can be tricky.

Super tricky.

I hate making my bed.

Which is why he rarely does it.

Wow. Look at you.

Doing your own alterations on your wedding dress?

Ugh. You're so competent.

I don't know. As it turns out, starting your own law firm and planning a vow renewal in the same week... Not the best idea.

So, I thought I'd also be a seamstress.

Well, you make it look easy.

Thanks. That's sweet, but not as easy as it looks.

( Sewing machine buzzes )

Oh, no.

Let's hope this isn't an omen.

( Chuckles )

( Exhales sharply )

( Exhales sharply )

Are you okay, sweetie?

Yeah. I'm fine.

I'm gonna go take a shower.

Gary's picking me up soon.

Patricia: So, what are you packing now? Doesn't sound like plates.

Uh, no.

I have moved on from plates, and I am on records now.

Okay, well, I would really separate those into smaller boxes. Records are heavy.

Mom, are you really telling me how to pack over the phone?

Well, I just feel bad that Dad and I couldn't be there to help you.

It's fine. I can handle it. ( Exhales sharply )

I've moved four times in the last seven years.

So, how'd your friends take the news about Oxford?

Oh. They were excited for me.

Well, that's nice. Gary, too?


Mom, yeah, he's a friend.

So, he was excited for me, too.

Oh, okay. Fine. Great.

( Scoffs ) And yet, your tone suggests otherwise.

Honey, I can't help but feel bad about what happened with Eric and your brother's heart. I hope that that's not the reason you and Gary broke up.

Mom, that is not why we broke up.

Well, then, why did you?

I cannot do this right now.

( Sighs )

See? I told you not to pack those boxes too heavy.

( Chuckles )

You gotta be kidding me.

Oh, this'll be so great in my office.

Which still needs furniture and decorating and clients, but has an espresso machine.

Katherine, it's gonna be fine.


Hmm. It will be. It's just... a lot.

( Vehicle approaching, beeping )

Eddie, Gary's pulling up!

Gary's here?

Oh, that's right.

Uh, you met him when he took Theo to laser tag.


So, you were chaperoning three people that day.

( Vehicle door closes )

I'm kidding. Gary's sweet.

Yeah. He seems really sweet.

And really funny.


And he was really great with the kids.

We had a really good time.

Wait a minute.

You're not thinking of...

( Door opens )

Oh, boy.

You already are.

( Chuckling ) Darcy.

( Knock on door )

Yo. Gary.


Uh, Eddie's in the shower, but come on in.

Hello. Uh...

It's Marcy, right? We met at Planet Lazer.

I was...

She knows.



Well, in that case, this espresso machine is from me, too.

( Chuckles )

Ed! That's enough manscaping!

Colleen: It's been 20 years. Why are you calling?

Colleen, I wanted to talk to you about that summer at the lake.

And your sister.

Eddie, please...

I have been thinking about it a lot lately, and I had this dream...

My dad is sick. Don't bring this up now.

I-I'm sorry. I understand that.

No, you don't understand.

Please, Colleen. Please.

Don't call here again.

( Dial tone )

( Cellphone beeps )

And there was this client, Cheryl Higgins, who I thought I could woo from my old firm, but she hasn't returned my calls, which is probably a good thing because what would she even be coming to?

Oh, come on. It's gonna be great.

I'm really proud of you.

Thank you.


Hey, about Gary.

We make a lot of fun of him because he deserves it.

( Laughs )

But he's pretty amazing.

There's a reason why Eddie and I chose him to be Theo's guardian.

I really like him.

Which is surprising because I'm usually not into beards.

What would a beard have...


( Chuckles )

Well, I'm gonna need a double shot of caffeine before we finish this conversation.

( Electricity buzzes )

You've got to be kidding me.

Okay. Don't worry. I can fix it.

Rome: Okay, imagine you're coming out of the supermarket with your baby in one arm and your groceries in the other.

Just check this out.

I just do that.

( Car beeps )

Yeah. That just happened.



... is true luxury.

Cool, right?


Now, as I was saying, you're gonna redo your wedding, you're gonna need a best man.

The natural choice is...

I'll take it from here... is me.

You? Please.

( Breathes sharply )

Ed, remember when Rome cheated at arm wrestling?

Trust me.

You don't want cheating associated with this wedding.

See? I-I don't say mean things like that.

Teenage boy: You gotta be kidding me, Dad.

You're not even listening to me.

I'm supposed to be at Blake's house right now.

Do you even care what I want?

What I care about is you being in a safe car.

That's why we're here.

Look, when you're a father, you can do things differently.


That's gonna be you in a couple months, Dad.

See? He doesn't have time to be a best man.

You're gonna be a new dad. He's...


His hands are gonna be full.

Rome: Vow renewals are tomorrow, okay?

Eve's not due for another month.

My hands will be fine.

Mr. Howard.

Yeah, your vehicle's washed, prepped, and ready to go.

We just need a couple John Hancocks.

( Clears throat )


You know can Gary can be a little persuasive...

It's that insurance background.

Please, don't make any decisions while I'm gone, okay?


I'm right here. I'm right here.

Would you relax? We're... We're gonna put a pin in this until you get back, okay?

Alright. Okay. That's fair.

( Sniffles )

Now, you listen to me...

I took your kid to play laser tag last week. ( Chuckles )

I'm just saying.

She's awesome, by the way.


Darcy. Liam's mom. She's, uh...

( Exhales sharply ) She's the real deal.

Did you know that, after college, she played Nemo in "Disney on Ice"?

How do you know that? Oh, no.

Please tell me that you two haven't... tried to find Nemo.


I haven't slept with her.

That's how much I like her.


Maggie: Okay. Here are the paintings.

You know, I would so much rather you have these when I go to England.

You're... not Katherine.

No. I'm her friend, Darcy.

And, apparently, her electrician.

( Chuckles ) Yes. Not certified.

( Chuckles ) Well, your secret is safe with me.

I'm Maggie.


So, how do you know Katherine?

My son's in Theo's class.

They're frenemies.

( Chuckles ) Aww.

This is cool. Very artsy.

Reminds me of that movie where, uh, the sea creature falls in love with that cute cleaning lady.

What was that called? Something... like, water for...

"Ocean's 11"?


Well, now all I can think about is...


George Clooney.

Chocolate George Clooney.

Well, that's nice.

( Chuckles )

It's too bad I'm moving across the world.

It would have been fun to forget more movie titles with you.

( Chuckles ) Yeah.

Well, it was nice to meet you.

Yeah, you, too.



So, this "No Cooling Off Period"...

W-what does that mean, exactly?

It's standard in all dealerships in the state.

It just means that once you drive the car off the lot, it's yours for keeps.

Which, in the case of the RX 350, is a dream come true.

Man: If you want me to start treating you like an adult, start acting like one.

Don't walk away from me.

I hate you!

Okay, okay, okay, okay. Ladies!

Time for poopy diapers.

( Chuckles )

Did she just say "poopy"?

Okay. I hid them under the coats.

I cannot believe she found them.

We are guessing which chocolate bar is in each diaper.

And I think we all know who should go first.

The reason we're all here.

( Laughter )

The glowing mom-to-be.

( Laughter )

( Applause )

( Gasps ) Eve. Hi.



Wait. I thought you said she wasn't coming.

Shelly. Shh.

But here you are.

That's my mom. ( Chuckles )


Shelly: Last guess.

What's it gonna be?

I think I need to confer with my partner.

You sure?

I'm sure.

You sure?

I'm sure.

We're gonna guess... Snickers.

Yes! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Regina wins.

( Gasps ) Yay!

With a big assist from Eve.


It's not supposed to be a team competition, but okay.

Eve, I'm impressed. You really know your candy bars.

Oh, I've got a major sweet tooth.

And don't forget to enter the Due Date pool, everyone.

Five bucks a pop.

And, remember, we're guessing gender and due date with the birth weight as a tie-breaker.


Mm. Yeah. Okay.

( Clears throat )

( Indistinct conversations )


I got your money.

It's for Eve.

She doesn't know the gender, Mom, and it's not like she can give birth on command.

No. That's not it.

It's just...

I just wish I understood this relationship.

You don't have to. We do.

Hey, Shelly.

I get that this is a little weird.

But I just wanted you to know that I'm just here for Gina.

And FYI, I've been having Braxton-Hicks for the last few days, so if I were you, I'd pick on the early side.

Come here. Sit down.

Sorry I'm late.

Hi. Ah.

There was a problem at my office.


The only thing you missed was Shelly's dirty diaper game.

So, I'm right on time.

( Chuckles )

Hey, are you excited for your big day tomorrow?

Eddie gave me a sneak preview of his vows.

Tell me he's not singing them.

They're actually really sweet and poetic.

They made me cry actual tears. ( Chuckles )

Mine aren't gonna make anybody cry.

Why would I suggest to a songwriter that we do our own vows?

Hey, anything you say is gonna be great.

Just think about how far you guys have come.

( Breathes sharply ) Yeah. We really have.

I think it's really incredible that you did it.

Well, to be honest, for a while there, I didn't think I could.

I was... so angry.

But then with time, I started thinking back on all our memories and... all the things that we'd done together, and I realized that we were meant to be.

And the only thing keeping us apart was our pride.

( Cellphone vibrates )

Excuse me.

( Gasps )

Cheryl Higgins is calling me!

I don't know who that is!

Excuse me.

( Chuckles )

( Cellphone beeps )

Cheryl. Hi.

Yeah, I started my own firm.

Should be ready to open in no time.

( Chuckling ) Yeah. True.

Hey. I got takeout.

It's from downstairs, so technically... it's take-up.

Aww. Thank you.

You know, I'm also pretty handy.

So, if you need any help up there...


Can you see if there's a conduit scoring tool in that bucket?



Conduit scoring tool.


( Grunts ) How about instead, I give you that and 56 other tools, and this?

Hey, do you know the name of that weird sci-fi flick where the sea creature falls in love with, uh, the cleaning lady?

"The Shape of Water."

Yes! That was it.

It was driving us crazy.


Me and this friend of Katherine's.

She dropped off those paintings.


Oh, you know her?


Yeah, she... she's a friend of Katherine's.

She's a friend to all of us.

She's a friend of the people.

( Chuckles )

It is so cute!

( Chuckles )

And that one's from Maggie.



And another ribbon for the hat.

Thank you.

( Chuckles )

Oh, and it's extra curly. This is gonna go here.

I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Mm. Yeah.

( Breathes sharply )



Oh, my...

Oh, my God.

That is adorable.


( Sniffles, crying )

I'm... I'm sorry.

I just can't believe that this is really happening.

( Sniffles )



But I'm so glad it is.

Okay. Here. Yeah.

What's next?

( Chuckles )

From Joe.

The lake house is only an hour away.

If we leave now, we can be back by dinner.

Even if for some crazy reason we do drive up there, what do you think we're gonna find out?

I don't know. Something.


11 years ago, I promised Katherine I'd be faithful. I broke that promise.

Now, tomorrow, I'm supposed to swear that nothing will ever come between us.

I'm not gonna break another promise.

I have to know what happened that night.

So, I got your text. How is Mr. EMT?

I saw him this morning.

Eh, yeah, you did.

Not like that.

( Chuckles )

We went for a hike.

You can't just not sweat with this guy.

Stop it.

( Chuckles ) You really like him.

What? No, I... Well, I don't...

You do.

I don't not like...

You like him.

Is there a new man in your life, Delilah?

Oh, I want to hear the "hot gossip."



Sophie, I...



I like watching you work.



That's right.

Step into my office.

You know, you're only the second electrician I've done this with.

( Lock clicks )

Okay, that wasn't me.

( Chuckles )


( Doorknob rattles )

I think we might have some time to kill.

Don't worry. I've got ideas.

( Breathing quickly )


Are you okay?



Open the door.

Open the d... Try the door again, please.

( Inhales sharply ) Please, please, open the door.

We're gonna be fine.

Don't! Open the door!

Okay. Okay. Okay. Alright.

( Breathing shakily )

It's okay.


I think I'm baby-showered out.

I think I'm baby-showered out.

His name's Miles.

Okay, well, you know, telling me about it now doesn't make it okay.

I know. I'm... I'm sorry.

I don't want things to go back to the way they were before, alright?

I just don't want you to hide your life from me anymore.

I-I didn't... I didn't keep him from you because you're my kid.

I kept him from you because... it's so new, I don't even know what it is.

I mean, this... this morning, I ran into Nick's mom, and I told her he was my trainer.

The truth is I don't know what any of it is, and it's weird and-and kind of scary.


Tell me about him.


I met him when I was out at a bar with Maggie.

At first, we thought he was making eyes at her because he's...

10 years younger than me.


And he's got the cutest little...

Oh. ( Laughs ) Ew.

Dog. He's got the cutest little dog.

Spare me.

He showed us pictures of his dog.

Alright. ( Chuckling ) Okay.

( Indistinct conversations )

( Exhales sharply )

Oh. There he is. The daddy-to-be!

Regina: Ooh, I know.

How's the new car?

Oh, i-it's great. It's great.

Actually, n-now that you mention it, I-I-I didn't... I didn't get the car.

The new car. No.

Just give me a second.

Didn't get it.

Okay, hey. What's going on, babe?

Well, I-I-I couldn't do it.

I... You know, I was standing right there.

I was ready to sign on the dotted line. I just...

Gina, what we are doing... it's forever.

A baby is forever.

Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait.

Are you having second thoughts?

Not about the baby.

It's about me.

What... What if I'm not good at being a father? Hmm?

W-W-What if... What... What if I can't handle it?

Baby, of course you can.

You don't know that.

( Voice breaking ) In our adoption video...

I said that I would be there for our child in good times and in bad, but what if I sold Eve on a version of me that I can't live up to?

You and I both know that sometimes, I can hardly take care of myself.

What if... What if... What if Eve chose wrong, babe?

Eve: I didn't.

I know today's been all fun and games, but you're right... It's starting to feel real.

And it's a lot.

But the one comfort I've taken in all of this is knowing that you're gonna be this baby's dad.

I just...

I-I worry.

( Chuckling ) Thank God.

Being terrified...

I'm pretty sure that's part of being a parent.

Which is why you're gonna be a great one.

( Sighs )

You know, I'm a grown adult, and I have no idea how they make glass.

( Dustpan thumps )

I mean, they say it comes from sand, but do we really believe that?

Whoa. Whoa. Look at that.

Look what we did.

Mostly you, but a little bit me.

About earlier.


It happens sometimes.

Is it because of, uh...?



I can go months at a time, and... and, um, then it'll just happen.

( Breathes sharply )

It's not a part of me I like people to see.

( Chuckles lightly )

Once, I took Liam to San Francisco after Steven and I split, and, um... we were walking through this street parade, and they set off these firecrackers, and I...

Just the look that Liam gave me.


I'll never forget that face.

I'm supposed to be taking care of him.

( Broom thumps )

I don't know what to say...

... but I know I'd kinda like to hold you.

I'm not sure we actually...

Oh, yes, we do.

Oh, Regina. You look beautiful.

I doubt that, but thank you.

Oh, and by the way...


You were right about Eve. I'm sorry.

The relationship the three of you have...

It is different. She fits right in.

Thank you, Mom.


I love you.

I love you.

No, Mom, listen to me. Mom.

Are the delivery people still there?

Are they still there?

Ne-ga jee-bu-lo oh-kay-oh. Gen-chan-nay-yo.

Katherine: Thank you so much for having me, but we're redoing our vows tomorrow, and I have an emergency flower situation at home and a mother who's freaking out.

Oh. Go, go, go, go. I'll tell Gina.

Okay. What? No. Mom, no.

I said "freaking out" because, w...

Sure. That part you understood.

Well, look, it's not a... it's not a hardware store, per se, but, you know, it's a place that sells light bulbs and beef jerky and hopefully, custom-made glass.

( Laughs )

We're gonna give them the measurements, and I'm gonna hand it to you, and you're gonna stick it in.

We are quite the team.

And while we're there, we can pick up some picture hooks and hang up the art Maggie brought by.

Right. ( Sighs )

But I can hang it. Don't worry about it.

Yeah, no. It's... it's not that. It's just, uh...

Maggie and I dated.


Actually, we... we lived together.


If I'm being... completely truthful...

... she kinda broke my heart.

And I want to be honest with you... because I really like you.

And earlier, you were... you were so honest with me.

I kinda wanna hold you right now.

( Cellphone vibrates )

( Beeps )


Theo: Hey, Dad. Guess what I just realized. We're both hanging out with our sisters. ( Chuckling )

Oh, hey. That's true, bud.

Hi, Theo.

Hi, Charlie.

Say hi, Charlie! Say hi.

( Chuckles ) She drooled. That's all you're gonna get.

( Laughs )

When are you coming home, Dad?

Pretty soon. I just gotta take care of some stuff.

For the vows?

Yeah. Kind of.

But I can't wait to get home to you guys.

Okay. Bye.

Bye, bud.

( Beeps )

You got a great family.

Yeah, I do.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means we were doing great.

Katherine, me, the kids.

We were in a good place finally.

And then you showed up.

You asked me to come back into town for your vow renewal.

But you're the one who brought this up.

I hadn't thought about Alex and the lake in years.

You can't just dump your conscience on me without thinking about how it's gonna affect my family.

Yeah. You haven't had to think about it in years.

But guess what... it's all I've thought about.

But you know what?

Fine. Let's turn around.

We can let this go.


Lies lead to drinking, and we need to know the truth.

Thanks again for fixing the lights, Darce.

If tomorrow is anything like today, I might need your help again.

I still have to finish my dress and fix my vows, move the flowers in from the garage.

Yeah. I-I know. Um, I just...

Yeah, I'm usually pretty good at juggling things.

Just lately, I feel like I'm underwater.

Uh, I gotta go. Okay.

( Cellphone beeps )

Hey, bud. Want something to eat?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

( Exhales sharply )

Well, uh... yeah.

I just have a lot going on right now.

Um... But...

I promise it's nothing you need to worry about.

Do you wanna try some breathing exercises Susan taught me in therapy?

They really work.

You know what?

I'd like that.

Come sit.


Okay. Close your eyes.


( Exhales sharply )

.. slowly count to four as you inhale.

Theo: ( Echoing ) It's all going to be okay.

( Birds chirping )

It all looks the same.

20 years older.

But, yeah.

♪ I seen the demons ♪
♪ But they didn't make a sound ♪
♪ I saw miles and miles of squares ♪
♪ Where's the feeling there?

♪ Still nobody cares ♪
♪ For miles and miles of squares ♪
♪ Daydream ♪
♪ I fell asleep beneath the flowers ♪
♪ Daydream ♪
♪ I fell asleep beneath the flowers ♪

( Bird squawks )

We got a whole bunch of cheese here, just waiting to be... brie-purposed.

( Chuckles )

You get it? 'Cause brie?

Y... I got it.


You're ready to be a dad.

( Both laugh )



I just wanted to give you my present before I go.

You didn't have to get us anything.

I had the technician print it off at my last ultrasound.

I don't want to know the gender, but I know you two do.

Are you sure?


Open it.

( Envelope rustling )



I can't believe it. ( Sniffles )

I mean, talk about real.

( Both chuckle )

Hey, Eve, where you going?

I'm just gonna head out.

You guys should enjoy this.

( Chuckling ) We want to enjoy it with you.

The thing is... I don't think I can.

I didn't know whether I should come today, and I'm glad I did. It was so beautiful.

But it made me realize that I have to put an end to this.

No, Gina.

I know our relationship ( Voice breaking ) has been different... and you guys have done so much for me.

But it's just gonna be too hard.

I can't be in your lives anymore.

Not after the baby's born.

I love you guys.

I just... I can't.

( Door creaks lightly )

( Door closes )

( Breathes deeply )

( Door creaks )

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

( Cat Stevens' "Don't Be Shy" plays )

♪ ♪
Don't be shy
♪ Just let your feelings roll on by ♪
♪ Don't wear fear ♪
♪ Or nobody will know you're there ♪
♪ Just lift your head... ♪



What's going on over there?

( Exhales sharply )

♪ And don't be shy ♪
♪ Just let your feelings roll on by ♪

( Scoffs )

I packed my entire life into these boxes so that someone else wouldn't have to.

♪ On by, on by, on by ♪
♪ On by, on by, on by ♪

I just never thought I'd be the one to unpack them.

( Breathes deeply )

Well, you are.

I love you, Gary Mendez.

♪ Love is where all of us belong ♪

You ready for this?

Not too late to back out?

Says the person who wants to back out.

Not a chance. It's loser pays for dinner?

Great. I'll be having the surf and turf.

Extra turf.

♪ You're there, you're there ♪

( Breathing rhythmically )

Alright. On three.

( Exhales sharply )

One, two, three, go!


( Both grunting )

Yes! Yes! Hoo-ah!

Still the reigning monkey-bar champion...

Just half a lap, big guy?

Oh, I thought we were just...

Giving up halfway? ( Exhales sharply )

( Chuckling ) Huh?


The cold bars hurt my soft hands.

( Chuckles )

♪ Don't be shy ♪
♪ Just let your feelings roll on by ♪

( Cellphone vibrating )

♪ And don't wear fear ♪
♪ Or nobody will know you're there ♪

( Cellphone beeps )

Hey, Mom?


It's your trainer.

( Chuckles )


Miles: Hey.

Oh. Wait. Your dad's.


( Chuckles )


This should be good.

It's gonna be great.

( Clears throat )

"To my son and daughter.

Renee saved this hoping one day you could bring your first baby home from the hospital in it like we did.

Love, Dad."

♪ Don't be shy ♪

( Chuckles ) Oh, my God.

You really came home in this?


( Gasps )

Stop it.

A little sailor, Rome.

What is it?

Mom knew we were gonna be parents, even before we did.

You ready, Theo?

I'm all ears.

( Pen clicks )

"Eddie, my love, we have traveled so far in the last year, carried by the support of our friends and family, but also by each other."

Strong opening.

♪ So don't be shy ♪
♪ Just let your feelings roll on by ♪

( Insects chirping )

♪ Don't wear fear ♪

I don't know if I can't remember what happened, or if I just don't want to.

♪ You're there ♪


What are you doing here?!


Reverend Stewart, it's me... Eddie Saville.

This is Lindsay, my sister...

Yeah, I know who you are.

Colleen said you called and harassed her.

No, sir. I-I...

How dare you come back here after everything you've done?

After everything I've done?

You need to leave. Now!

Okay. Alright.

Can I just ask you something?

You need to go!


Eddie, let's go.

Okay, we're going. We're going.

♪ And don't wear fear ♪

Where would you like to go to dinner?

You won fair and square.

Even if the rules were... super confusing, and I'm not even really sure that I lost.

( Chuckles )

Actually, I thought maybe we could order in at your place tonight.

Oh, really?


♪ On by, on by, on by ♪
♪ On by, on by ♪
♪ On by, on by ♪

A-Actually, can you take me back home?