s01e04 - Code of Honor

Frank: Most folks outside of Texas don't give a rat's ass about the Alamo.

No one cares about 180 Texans who defended a mud brick garrison against 5,000.

Even though they knew it meant their death, not a single man fled.

That's honor.

Here in L.A., honor's just a name they give girl babies in Westwood.


Frank: Oh, yeah.

Say good night, Irene.

Son of a... damn pedestrian.


Rebecca: Looks like you could use some backup.

Maybe I'm getting a little rusty.



Man: Player 2.

God, this reminds me of that bowling alley you used to take me to... that one in Hollywood.

Hollywood Star Lanes.

It was a crime when they tore down that place.



Those were some fun Saturdays.

Never seen a kid drink so many grape sodas.

Remember what you told me the first day I came to work for you?

Never shoot a large-caliber man with a small-caliber weapon.

That if I ever needed to hit the pause button, all I had to do was ask.



I'm asking.

What's the deal with you and Kyle?

You remember Billy?

Of course.

Kyle's his son.


I promised Billy I'd do what I could to help him.

I don't trust him, Frank.

Neither should you.

You got some facts to back that up?

Something's not right about him.

Don't tell me you haven't noticed.

He's okay.


Don't worry about it.


♪ I just wanna hear you say the words ♪
♪ Say the words ♪
♪ Oh, no, no ♪

Kyle: Dad hid something. He buried a key.

What's it go to?

He buried a key.

Someone went to a lot of trouble.

Find the right lab, and you might be able to raise those numbers from the grave.



Not happening.

No, back up.

I know you well enough to know when your mind is on your father's case.

[Sighs] Not a turn-on?


Not with me working graveyards.

Mornings are supposed to be our time.

We talk, we run... fool around.

You leave for work, I go to sleep.

Everybody's happy.

You're right.


Come again?

You're right. No need to gloat.

Uh-huh. [Laughs]

It's just, my dad left a whole stack of open cases when he died.

I... thought maybe I can go back over them.

Sure. You could do that.

Or... you could do this.

["Say the Words" plays]

♪ ...without me ♪
♪ Feed my ego, then I'll be the man ♪

Windowski: It all started after two dozen kids overdosed at one of those, uh, electric dance things.


Now, four of them died.

They've been taking a new, very potent form of MDMA.

Now, on the streets, they're calling it sphynx.

Now, it seems to have hit the West Coast first.

We're thinking it might be coming out of Burma.

Then it's not cartel dope.

So who's bringing it in?

That's what we're gonna find out.

We got a tip.

A large shipment is supposed to be coming into the Port of Los Angeles tonight.

And we're all gonna be there when it arrives.

Now, the plan is to record the exchange, gaffle buyer and seller, confiscate the dope.

Any questions?

Frank: Two.

How does this involve me?

Why are there no pastries here?

Well, Windowski can't take the gluten.

It's just the acid reflux.

I mean, mostly, I miss the pizza.

You know...


Why am I here?

Tip came in from a C.I. working security down at the port.

Son of a bitch hit pay dirt.

Only catch is that the C.I. refused to go through with the operation.

He won't even show up.

Unless you're there when it goes down, backing him up, Frank.

He asked for you specifically.

Who's the C.I.?

Carlos Cortez.

Who's Carlos Cortez?

An old C.I. of mine.

Your dad and I found him.

Hell, we created him.

iAyúdeme! iAyúdeme!

Police brutality!

Police brutality!

Pipe down! Nobody's touched you yet!

But you're gonna!

You're gonna do some police brutality on me!

[Dogs barking]

[Coughing] Someone call an ambulance!

I think I'm gonna be having a heart attack!

It's called a cramp, gordo.

We should arrest his gym teacher.

He's the real criminal here.

I'd like to see you try.

The two of you together couldn't take Mrs. Needham.

You're probably right.

Hold still, now.

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

Hey. What's this?

[Siren wailing in distance]

Time in the 40 must be, like, what, an hour and a half?

How the hell'd you survive out here this long?

I'm smart.

How smart?

Okay, hit it.


[Laughs] That was good.

That was good.

You want to play on that one? Get one.

Aah! [Laughs]

Thought you were gonna kill me.


iCarnal! Where you been?

Kicking ass. And I'm seriously thinking about kicking yours.

You're pissed. Okay, that... that's okay.

Damn straight I'm pissed.

[Both laugh]

I haven't heard from you in how long?

Oh, probably Eva's birthday, right?

I'm gonna kick your ass.

Come to find out you're freelancing for those slaps in Narcotics.

Thought you were out of the game.

I keep a toe in, you know?

And I swear, Frank, this one just dropped in my lap, like a dog in a shelter just [whining] "Oh, please, Carlos, take me home."

I'm working security down there, right?

Dude comes up to me, tells me I can make a lot more money if the port is a little less secure this evening.

Big shipment of this sphynx coming in from Macau.

All I got to do is not see it.

So I fed the lead to Windowski down in Narcotics division, they make the bust, I make a nice commission.

Who fed you the tip?

Hang on. Who's Lando?

Carlos Cortez, Kyle Craig.

[Chuckling] Yeah, he's Billy's son.

Hey, that practically makes us brothers, man.


Hey, your old man, he was...

Yeah. He was.


Hace mucho tiempo.

Frank: [Laughs] Too long, Paula. Too long.

You gonna stay for dinner?

I wish we could.

Give a kiss to your padrino.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, you're beautiful!

Good, huh?

Gotten so big.

Give us a minute, baby, okay?

I'll see you soon, okay?

Looking forward to it.


Bye, Eva.

My old lady got laid off.

Money's tight.

I need this one, Frank.

And I want mi angel de la guarda there watching my back.



[Laughs] Yeah, boy!

Oh, with you and Billy 2.0 over here on the case, it's gonna be like old times, man.

Old times.

♪ Check the stroll, see a real boss walk ♪
♪ Chain sick, see the cold that my cross caught ♪
♪ And I'm still in the streets like a crosswalk ♪


Pissed at Kyle or that Frank brought him into the unit?

It's not like he's replacing you, Becca.

I'm worried about the team.

Why aren't you?

Frank's like the Cat in the Hat.

Shows up on a rainy day, trashes the house, leaves you thinking you're completely screwed, and he always cleans it all up.

How the hell did you ever pass the psych eval?

Had a friend take it for me. We kind of look alike.

Look, Frank's smart, but he has got a big-ass blind spot named Billy Craig, and Kyle is standing in it.

Frank can't see what's coming, but I can.

Kyle's gonna tear this unit apart.

I don't think so.

Why not?

The day we met Kyle, I felt the pull of the Red Thread.

It's a Zen thing.

The day of your birth, the gods tie an invisible thread around you, connecting you to all those you're fated to meet in this life.

It's called the Red Thread of Fate.

Sometimes, if you're very still, you can feel it tugging on you.


Well, if the thread's invisible, how do you know it's red?

Look, I didn't believe in it, either... till the day I met you.

[Gate opens]

Tommy: Hey.

Frank: Go ahead and brief them, Corporal Craig.

Standard drug exchange.

Narco has a C.I., Carlos Cortez, working security on the gate at the end of Pier 4.

Your Carlos?

Drug buyers drive up... probably in a van... to haul away the sphynx.

Carlos I.D.s the buyer, then they move into the port to the sellers, and we...

We let Narco make the bust.

We do?

It's their rodeo. I don't care about the dope.

We're just there to watch Carlos' back.

[Foghorn blows]

Kyle: You've never done that before.

Check your ammo, I mean.

Now you've done it three times.

You okay, Frank?

Got eyes on Windowski or Baker?

No. But isn't that the idea?

Circle around to Rebecca.

Just talk to her.

I want you to go so I can have a little me time.

Is that okay with you, trainee?

I don't care if Rebecca has to stand on your head.

You find her some high ground so she's got a clear shot at that gate.

[Nelly's "Hot In Herre" plays]

They're slinging out of that yellow house down on 104th.

Bounty Hunters?

Crenshaw Mafia.

How many inside?

Four that I saw.

Big Burgundy runs the show, keeps a gauge propped up behind the door.

Big-ass pit bull in the bedroom guarding the dope.

Son of a bitch!


You're not afraid to walk into a house full of Bloods, right?


So don't be afraid of the damn ball.


Frank: Carlos, good, but this time, don't chase after it.

Once you load up on that back leg, hold that flex in that back knee as you step into it.

Squash the bug.


Whoo! [Laughs]

Ye-ah, boyy!

That one just left the yard, kiddo!

It better.

[Whispering] Only way he's getting around bases is walking.

♪ ...what's the use? I said... ♪

Rebecca, Frank wants...

There's no clear shot at the gate...

Not without me breaking cover.

How'd you know what he wanted?

She knows Frank.

Thought I did.

I miss something?

[Tires screeching, engines revving]

[Tires screech]

[Car doors close]

Who the hell are these guys?

They buying or selling?

Neither. It's a setup!

Carlos! Get out of there!


[Engine revs, tires squeal]

Oh, you dumb, fat son of a bitch.

Why couldn't you ever run faster?

[Exhales sharply]

[Sirens wailing, police radio chatter]

[Siren chirping]

Windowski: I don't know what the hell went wrong, Frank.

I thought we had this locked down.

Just... bad intel on the buy, I guess.

It's a shame about your C.I.

He seemed like a good kid, but he knew the risk.

Frank! Frank! Easy!


You idiots!

There is no transport.

No buyer!

This whole damn thing was a snipe hunt!


Somebody suspected there was a snitch, so they fed a bogus tip into the pipeline to flush him out.

Hey! Hold on.

Man: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

You're really not supposed to do that!

Oh! I mean, that is a serious biohazard.

Now's when all the... whatever comes leaking out, and you don't know where that dude's been, you know?

Keep them. I'm immune.

Blood's eight part whiskey, and I date a hooker.

I'm good.

Whatever, man.

Is this some kind of religious thing?

Nah, man.

I just don't dig riding around in the dark with dead dudes.

This guy's Yakuza, Frank.


I hadn't noticed the Yakuza tattoos that cover his entire body.

What is it?

You ever peel the label off a beer bottle?

Just something to do with your hands while you're drinking?

Yeah, but I never kept the label.

You might if it was 1,000 bucks a bottle.

Stuff's illegal in the States.

Only one place in town you can get it.

Also happens to be a Yak hangout.

Gokana Pachinko Club.

Isn't that a private club? We can't just walk in there.


Oh, ye of little faith.


♪ Purple lights in the canyon ♪
♪ That's where I long to be ♪

[Dog barking]

Nice neighborhood.

♪ With my three good companions ♪

[Knock on door]


No way we get in.

Three, two...

Who the hell are you fools?

The welcome wagon.

[Chuckling] Yeah, baby.


Waste not.


♪ In the canyon ♪
♪ That's where I long to be ♪
♪ With my three good companions ♪

[Up-tempo pop music plays]

[Woman singing in Japanese]

[Bell dinging]


You guys look familiar.

And I don't mean that in a racist way.


Who sent you to kill Carlos Cortez?

[People screaming]

Hey! You know, this is kind of like that Pokémon game.

'Cause, see, I already caught red and green.

Now, you better start talking English and making all kinds of sense, or I swear to God, I'm gonna add blue to my set right now.

[Speaks Japanese]

Hey, trainee.

How's a Yakuza like a cue ball?

Harder you hit them...


b*st*rd cop.

...better their English gets.

Man: FBI!

Man #2: Drop your weapons!

[Indistinct shouting]

[Guns cocking]

♪ ♪


Light foam, sir.



[Groans softly]

You know, there are agents who live for this.

Having locals over a barrel.

Not me.

I don't relish the role of vice principal, giving the cool kids detention for smoking in the boys' room.

It's a waste of my time.

I'm Noah Boudreau, special agent in charge of the Bureau's L.A. office.

Where's the little blue guy?

He's a Japanese national, so we're transferring him into the care of Immigration and Customs Enforcement...

For now.

Taken without permission from https://tvshowtranscripts.ourboard.org/

That Japanese national's good for a murder.

I don't doubt it, but I have more pressing problems at the moment.

We know the Yakuza are seeking to control the ports from San Diego to Seattle, which are vital in our battle against terrorism.

The drug smuggling's their first successful inroad.

We've made a few arrests, but as of now, we don't know who's calling the shots.

When we find him, we cut the head off the serpent, Homeland can regain security to the ports, and we all sleep safer.

I sleep just fine.

You two compromised an ongoing federal investigation.

We had that club under surveillance for months.

We were up on a wire.

Your actions burned us.

We had no choice but to come in and contain the damage.

You knew.

You knew they were gonna kill Carlos, and you let it happen.

Excuse me?

You said you were up on a wire, so you would've heard all the chatter.

Yakuza feeding their people bogus intel trying to root out the snitch.

It wasn't Carlos they were after, was it?

They were onto you.

So you fed them Carlos to protect your investigation.

He was a good kid, and you bastards just served him up.

Informants have a faster expiration date than most, Detective.

I don't get to be sentimental. That's a luxury I don't have.

Some Islamic radical smuggles a fissile weapon into San Pedro, that's on me.

That awesome responsibility is mine to bear, and I take that home with me every night.

I have to protect our national security.

National security, my ass. More like job security.

You're not a lawman... You're a politician with a decorative shoulder holster.

You wouldn't even be here if you didn't think there was a press conference at the end of this rainbow, a promotion, maybe a private bathroom in Washington.

Take a look out there.

That's Carlos Cortez's newly minted widow and his 3-year-old daughter.

She had to bring the kid 'cause there's no one else home to watch her, and there's never gonna be.

Kid won't even remember him.

So why don't you tell them how you have this awesome responsibility and her husband had an expiration date?

I'm sure they'll understand.

We're done here.

No, you're done!

I'm just getting started.

Come on.


[Voice breaking] He loved you, Frank.

He loved you.


[Christmas music playing]

What the hell is this?

Come on, man. Just open it.

This isn't...?

It's my bat.

You got the rest of these guys fooled, Frank, but I know your gooey center.

Look, all that time you and Billy teaching me how to hit, those are, like, my fondest memories, man.

For real.

No matter what other crazy stuff was going down with me, the time I spent with you guys, you made me feel... normal, like I had a family.

Thanks... for everything.

I can't take this. You should keep it.

No, man.

There's a piece of Billy in that bat.

But look, I didn't just come by to bring you the bat.

I came by 'cause I got to ask you something, man.

Paula and me just had a baby... Eva Maria Cortez.


Man, she's beautiful.

Paula and I, we talked it over, and we want you to be Eva's padrino.

I want you to be godfather to my little girl.

I'd be honored, Carlos.



Come on. Let me get you out of here.


Detective Craig.

This is Takashi Koh, CEO of the shipping company where Carlos worked.


Oh, please, call me Takashi.

It's, uh, terrible what happened.

I didn't know Carlos personally, but he was a good employee.

Anyone supposed to be working with him out there?

Maybe called in sick?

I don't know. I can find out.

That'd be a great help.

Thank you.

They were Yakuza, weren't they?

The men who killed him.

What do you know about them?


Dude, I'm from Danville, California.

I inherited this company from my old man.

I didn't know anything about the Yakuza except for what I'd seen in the movies... until I started hearing rumors about them moving on the ports.

Good morning. I'm Andy Garcia.

A-Agent, uh, Garcia.

I'm with, uh, Immigrations and Custom Enforcements.


Tommy: 20 bucks Moreno ends up in the cell with that Japanese guy.

You're on.

Moreno: I'm here to pick up a Japanese national.

He's got this.

I'm on a bit of a time clock, too, so let's, uh...

Yeah, well, aren't we all, sir.

I'm gonna have to verify that.

Go ahead, homey.

[Scoffs] "Homey."

[Telephone beeps]

Get me Lockhart.

Capture that call.

[Keyboard clacking]

The FBI set my informant up to die.

Doesn't that mean anything to you?

National security trumps any local operation.

It's their show now.

[Telephone ringing]

Let's say unicorns stampede down the 405, Texas finally secedes, and I wake up sandwiched between 1979 Catherine Bach and Adrienne Barbeau.

What do they say to each other? Huh?

Have you been drinking?


Almost got it. Almost got it.


[Ringing continues]

My point is, those feds are wasting your time with that guy in custody.

No way they're gonna convince that Yak to yak.

That's not your problem anymore.

Hell it isn't.

Rebecca: Deputy Chief Lockhart.

Ma'am, this is Bruner down in Detention.

We have an ICE agent down here to pick up a Japanese national from the Pachinko Club.

Is it that jackass Garcia?

Give him what he wants and get him out of here.

You have my full authorization.

Roger that, ma'am.

He's all yours.

[Receiver clicks]

[Laughs] Great. Cool.

[Pulsating tone]

I'm ordering you to stay out of this one, Frank!

Find yourself another windmill to tilt your lance at.

As of now, this one is off-limits.

And if I find out otherwise, you or anyone helping you will lose their job and be brought up on charges of obstruction.


Agent Boudreau, FBI.

We're here to transfer that Japanese national to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


We just gave him to Andy Garcia.


And the Oscar goes to...

I know, right?

That's some "Mission: Impossible" right there.

You catch all that, Spicoli?

Yeah, aces, buddy.

[Chuckles] All day long.

You just stay right there and don't move.

Yo, so does this count as my community service or what?



[Men grunting]



When I said I wanted this thing handled, did I not make myself clear?

"Handled" means traitor dead, witnesses dead, my exposure zero.

"Handled" does not mean an army of cops and feds at the club.

That is what I would call mishandled.

Ours is a culture of results, and this result is just... way beyond pathetic.

I want to make amends...

[Speaks Japanese]

The old way.

[Chuckling] What? No. No. No, no, no, no.

We're way beyond fingers, my man.

If you really want to make it up to me... shove that blade into your belly.

Spill your entrails before me.

That's the old way.

It's the way of the samurai.

Which I really dig.

Oh, geez. Where are my manners?

Here, dude. Let me help.



When you're done cleaning this crap off my mat, find those cops that broke into Gokana.

Start taking limbs until you persuade one of them to tell us how much they know about our plans.

And then, if it's not too much trouble, kill them all.

Kyle! Come on. We got to get out of here.


You son of a bitch! Where is he?

Where's who?

You know who... My detainee.

Well, how the hell would I know?

I've been up in Lockhart's office.


Are you telling me you lost your detainee?

Boy, you really screwed up.

You know, I'd say you better find him, but I know you guys couldn't track an elephant through 10 feet of fresh snow.

[Elevator bell dings]


This guy was a big attraction.

But, as you can see, he is on a timeout.

Yeah, he doesn't really play well with others.

Yeah, he ate two of his roommates, so they dumped him in quarantine.

See, I love sharks.

Before I was a cop, I was a pro surfer... which did not suck, brother.

Endorsements, groupies.

But one day, I'm surfing in Australia... Byron Bay... and this great white decides to swing on by and say hello.


So, I'm clinging to my board, because what the hell else am I gonna do, right?

The man in the gray suit just keeps circling.


Hell, maybe it was the blood loss, but this feeling came over me, man.

Blissful, almost.

I never felt more alive than at that moment right there when I could literally reach out and caress death gliding by.

It's a gift to be able to live in that moment, taste the sweet air in your lungs.

That's why I'm a cop.

What, are you trying to bore him to death?


I thought we were just gonna scare him.

Doesn't he look scared?




Help me!

Who ordered the hit on Carlos?!

Hey, try not to struggle too much, too.

You're getting him all excited.

It was Takashi!

He's the boss!

Please! Get me out!

That was a bogus tip about the sphynx shipment, so where's the real one?

In a shipping container in the port!

It was in front of you all the time.

The whole time!

Please! Help me!

He hated the word "informant."

So your dad and I called him our private investigator.

He wanted to be a cop.

Just couldn't pass the physical.

This wasn't your fault, Frank.

[Cellphone rings]

[Cellphone beeps]

Talk to me.

The dope was there the whole time, right next to us...

in a shipping container in Takashi's warehouse.

It's Takashi, Frank.

He's the shot caller.

Takashi ordered the hit.

[Engine revs]

Kyle: Pretty quiet.

Frank: Yeah.

Nobody to see us disobeying Lockhart's direct orders.

Then again, nobody but us in danger of going to prison for obstruction.

There's enough dope here to supply the whole western United States.

Try the whole damn country.


Look what I found.

He was watching us.

I got his phone.



We're gonna have company.

How much company?

An army.

You guys are screwed.


Told ya.

This dope's got to be worth millions.

Takashi's not gonna just let it go.

We can't call for backup.


So we're on our own.

Carlos died for this, and I'm not about to let those bastards get their hands on it.

Not without a fight.

You guys don't have to stay.

Stop talking, Frank.

You were looking a little rusty yesterday, Frank.

You need all the help you can get.

None of us are going anywhere.

[Tires squealing, engines revving]

Konnichiwa, ass clowns.

Man: You guys can still live through this.

All we want is the product.

Toss your guns on the deck, and I'll let you walk away with your lives.

What's your answer?

Answer him.

♪ And the 180 were challenged by Travis to die ♪
♪ By the line that he drew with his sword ♪
♪ When the battle was nigh ♪
♪ Any man that would fight to the death crossed over ♪
♪ But him that would live, better fly ♪
♪ And over the line went 179 ♪
♪ Hey, Santa Anna, we're killing your soldiers below ♪
♪ That men, wherever they go ♪
♪ Will remember the Alamo ♪

I'm out!

I got you.

Go. Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Kyle: I'm out!

Tommy: Me too!

We're out of ammo!

[Machine-gun fire]

I'll tell you this.

I'd rather be with you guys than Landry's '77 Cowboys.

And they crushed the Broncos at the Super Bowl.

[Gun clicks]

[Machine-gun fire continues]

[Shotguns firing]

[Gunfire stops]

Sorry we're late.


Had to pick up some doughnuts.

Baker wanted to make sure they were hot.

Bring the car around.

And make sure they've got the plane all gassed up by the time I get there.




What? You leave your gun at home?

A bullet's quick.

Carlos deserves better.

Oh, this is the part where I ask you to come along quietly.

Please don't.



This sword has been in my family for five generations, Detective.

You should feel honored that I'm gonna kill you with it.

This bat belonged to Carlos Cortez...

A good kid from a bad neighborhood, a man of honor in a world running real short on it.

He gave it to me when he asked me to be godfather to his little girl.

And you should feel honored I'm gonna beat your ass to death with it, you son of a bitch.


Out of your league.

Should've hung up your spurs a long time ago, cowboy.


[Bat clatters]


Sign of a great warrior is knowing when to quit.

You a great warrior?

Probably not.

[Grunts loudly]

But this isn't about me.

[Gun cocks]



Get out of here, Kyle.

Carlos, my dad...

This isn't what either of them would've wanted.

They both stood for something, died for something, but this isn't it.

[Breathing heavily]

Man: LAPD!

[Guns cocking]

Rebecca: You okay, Frank?

Should've killed me when you had the chance.

[Handcuffs click]

Pack up the podium, 'cause I screwed your press conference.

Hardly, Frank.

The press will love hearing about the joint task force I led.

I just made America safer.

Yeah? Keep telling yourself that.

Maybe one day, it'll come true.

I need a drink.

I'm gonna grab some more ice. You up for another round?



Why not?

With Alyse on graveyards, day drinking's the new normal.


Are we cool?

Because, you know, with this team...

[Chuckles] No, no, no.

There's no you in what me and Tommy have with Frank.

We're family.

Family, huh?


You sailed in here on your dead daddy's rep.

Frank told me.


He promised Billy he'd look after you, and that's why you're here.

I'm here because Frank promised to help me get to the bottom of my dad's murder.

He gave me his word.

Until today, I would've said that was a piecrust promise.

Easily made, easily broken.

But not anymore.

I know Frank will do whatever it takes to solve my dad's murder.

And so will I.

So, where do me and Tommy fit into all of this?

'Cause, like it or not, our fates are tied to you and Frank.

You tell me.

Well... till Frank puts Billy's murder to bed, that shadow hangs over all of us.

Maybe you are here to bring him back to the light.

Maybe so.

Hey, partner.

Long time.

They got Carlos.

Sons of bitches killed our boy.

Here's to our private investigator.


52 stitches, man.


Don't bounce back like I used to.

Good thing your kid's riding shotgun.

I swear, when he laughs... which is seldom... might as well be you in the car.

Couldn't have been easy for Kyle, losing me so young.

Well, he's hell-bent on tracking down who put you here.

Kyle found the key.

Figured out those numbers on your arm were a damn Bible verse.

I got another verse just for you, Frank.

Isaiah 27:1.

Leviathan, the gliding serpent.

It's a monster big enough to take on God himself.

Walk soft, brother.

Pray he don't see you coming.

Walking softly was never my specialty.

Hey, Frank.


What are you gonna do when Kyle finds out?

Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.