s01e06 - Baptism

Previously on Pure...

I know your father's pastor.


I guess that means you'll be baptized soon.

Yeah. I hope so.

Ezekiel has an uncle in Mexico. He wants his nephew back and according to the law, we gotta give him back.

It's working. It's now 98.5% pure.

You come and I will show you how to do this new process.

Nee. You come show me here.

There's a listening device and GPS glued on the cover.

When we have what we need, we will hit Eli so hard there'll be nothing left but his smoking boots.

Yes, my name's Bronco Novak.

I'm working with Agent O'Reilly. I need to get her an urgent message. She's heading into an ambush.




♪ ♪


(phone ringing)

Hey, hey, hey! Yeah, yeah, yeah.


(word in Low German)

(phone ringing)




(indistinct chatter)


(door closing)

Oh, God.

Excuse me.

What happened?

Been suspended.


Pending an investigation.


I'm off the case.

This-this can't happen.

OK, what-what about Noah and-and the boy?

Voss still has 'em.

(phone ringing)

Voss knew we were coming. He planned on it.

Do you seriously think that they're still alive?

I don't know. Neither do you.

What about Ezekiel?

I mean, you took him from Abel and handed him to Voss!

Are you OK with that? Because I'm not!

We can't walk away from them.

These guys are part of our team.

What do you expect us to do?

The GPS is still working. We know exactly where they are.

It's almost like he's begging us to go after him.

Because he's in Mexico!

Well, he's not a terrorist. He's not cartel.

He's just an average farmer that's flown under everybody's radar.

And that pisses you off.

There's something about Eli Voss that gets under your skin because he's a man of God, hiding behind his religion.

I will not be psychoanalyzed by a broken-down ex-jock hoping get his job back.

You don't know anything about me!


My late husband, all-American third baseman.

Full ride to Louisiana State. Blew his ACL.

Ended up in a patrol car and then on Vice.

Had to be the hero in every situation.

But no matter how many commendations or barmaids came his way, he could never get that special feeling back.

You know that one.

(Novak clearing his throat)

Keeps you up at night, huh? What are you?

40? 42?


37 years old.

You are so afraid that your best days are behind you.

Wow! Really?

Now that you're on suspension, you should probably just soften up your edges just a little bit.

(annoyed sigh)

You are the most irritating man I have ever met.

Thank you.

So what's our next move?

(birds singing)

(crow cawing)

Onkel has a job for us.

The pastor's family.

No. Why?


Because Onkel says so.

There'll be a fire at the Funk house tonight.

And you, who are so good with a hammer, will nail the doors and windows shut.

That's all.

I won't do that!

I've had enough of your mouth, Eefelt.

You wanted that big truck with the fog lights, and the easy money, yeah?

Then, this is how you pay for it.

Nee. Ne.

Not like that. You'll pull it apart.

Like this. Domkopp.

Yeah, well, I'd rather be a Domkopp than a Oaschloch.

(cows mooing)

I'm just trying to help.

She should never have been in town.

That's your influence.

What we are doing here, it's none your business.

We'll take care of it ourselves.

I thought Mennonites weren't proud.

You buy black clothes, you learn a few words, and you pretend to be something you can never be.

Is your own family so ferjchtalijch? Hm?

Jo, look that up on the Google.


(clatter of cutlery)

We are very grateful to you, Ben, all of us, but I cannot accept the responsibility if something should happen to you while you are with us.

Like Gerry Epp?

Isaac won't fight him.

I will.

Having others do violence on our behalf is the same as doing it ourselves.

After supper, you should go home.

Thank you.

(birds singing)

(cows mooing)

You should leave. Your whole family should get out of here.

I know.

I know that your brother hates that I'm here, but honestly, I'm worried about you.

You can't be involved in what happens next, whatever it is.

It's OK.

I know my place now.

And that's here, with my family.

I'm an Edentale.

I always will be.

(engine noise)


Do you have news about Noah?


Onkel called.

Gerry has his orders.

You have to run.

Come inside.


I've been baking.

Come inside.


I think that letting Gerry back into our business, letting him take over, this is dangerous.

Do we even know if this is what your Onkel want?

Is this what you want?

To go back to the way things were?

It hurts me to see the way that he treats you, Joey.

You deserve better.

I pray that Noah comes home, but... if it is God's will that he does not, I will not spend the rest of my days under your brother's thumb, with my children at his mercy.

They don't need a prison. They... they need a father.

A strong man, someone who will raise them as good, God-fearing Edentaler.

There is only one man who is stopping that from happening.

Try it.

...we have a source on the inside.

Hola. Pleased to meet you.

Our source is a Mennonite pastor from a colony in Canada. Noah Funk.

There's a boy too, Ezekiel Janzen. Voss took him.

He's already killed his whole family and, uh...

Hey, don't make me beg here, Karla, OK?

I just need your help.

With what went down today, I'm sure you do. Did you think I wouldn't hear about it?

O'Reilly: I'm sure you did.

Noah Funk is my asset, I recruited him. And his cover's been blown, and we need to go and get him.

His cover's blown, he's dead.

We don't know that. Are you a cop or not?

All the evidence you need is right there.

It's a goddamn slam dunk I just need your muscle, guns, warrants, the whole nine yards.

Oh yeah?

And a pony for Christmas too?

Novak: Ah, Jesus.

We're serious, Karla.

The bust is all yours, OK? We just want our asset back.


Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey!

This is our one chance.

If it goes down wrong, the blame is on us; if it goes right, then the collar's all yours, alright?

We were never there.

Hey, how are the twins, Karla?

What are your boys? What are they? 11 or 12?

No. They're 11, right?

This Mennonite boy, he's only 10 years old.

We won't leave him there.

(sinister music)


Set another place at my table.

(crickets chirping)

There you are, Kjinjabrooda.

It's time.



(Gerry scoffs.)

You want to be the big man or a big baby?

Because right now, all I see is a baby.

Watch and learn, Brooda.

You have my blood, but you don't have the stomach.

Hey, big baby?

Got the big truck, but not the big balls. Eh?

Got the big mouth, but you didn't get the little woman, did you?

Because women like Anna Funk, they don't like a baby.

(Joey grunting)

(Gerry grunting)



(Gerry panting)

(both grunting)



(cracking noise)

(Joey panting)

(Joey grunting with effort)

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No, Tinky. No, no.

(Tina sobbing)

(cell phone ringing)





Not Noah. Joey.

Joey, what is the matter?

It's Gerry.

I couldn't let him do it.

Do what?

I wouldn't let him hurt you.


No, of course not. Uh, so what...?

So I... I had no choice.

God, save me.

God, save me. What have I done?

(Joey sniffling) OK.

Uh, we have to go.

I made it look like a suicide, but no one that knows him would ever believe that.

Joey. Calm down.


Onkel will come.

For you, for me, for the children. We are next!

Jo. So pack some things and we'll go.

We'll go now.



We talked.

We talked, and you said that you needed a new husband.

I have a husband.

Your husband is dead!


Don't you see?

The Lord has protected us.

He will protect Noah too. Our place is here, on the farm.

I protected you! I protected you!

What am I gonna do?

I can't live among the Auslanders alone!

I... What am I going to do?

You will have to pray for forgiveness.

And the rest is up to the Lord.



(crickets chirping)


My wife sat where you're sitting right now.

My daughters on this side, my sons on that side.

Ten of us.

Ten of us. (Voss sniffling)

Every meal, I'd lead the prayer, say "Amen" as you do.

Sunday morning, on our way to the church house, some drunken cabrones drive their truck into our cart, leaving my family in pieces on the highway.

And all I can hear over the screams of the horses, the screams of my dying children, my wife... is the song on the radio as they drive away.

A happy song.

A song for dancing.

You think I don't believe in God, but you're wrong.

My God is terror.

My God is death.

Taking my family from me like He did.

Taking yours too.

He strikes us down, like weeds under a scythe, and yet still, you kneel and thank Him.

I can't pretend to know His mind.

I can only know Him as He makes Himself known to me.

And how does He do that, Pradja?

When I was a boy, I had a fever.

So my father, my mother, my brother Abel, they all went to Sunday service without me.

It was the first time in my life I was ever completely alone.

And, somehow, I got it into my head that the end of the world had arrived, that the silence in our house was the silence in heaven before the final judgment.

And I was scared that I had been forgotten, that I was being left to die alone in sin.

So I panicked.

I jumped out of bed, I ran out into the yard.

And that's when I saw Him coming down the driveway in the faces of my mother, my brother, my father.

And I knew then God is real, God is kind, God lives inside all of us.

And salvation is for everyone.

Even me?


If you truly repent, even you.


(vehicle approaching)


Where's your mother? She in the house?

Nee. She's not here.

Where is she?

I don't know.

She said she had work to do. Pastoral duties.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

So she's the new pastor now too, huh?

Is there anything that woman can't do?

I'll tell her you were here.


Nee, Ne.


How about I take you for a drive? Huh?

I can't ride in that. It's...

Ja, ja, ja. Fe'boden.

Fe'boden. Fe'boden.

Nee. Nee, Joey.

Going to take you for a drive!



...and tie you my chain around your neck like I did your father!

(truck door closing)


(indistinct chatter)

Drugs come in, money goes out, and one person is in charge of it all.

(woman talking indistinctly)

Woman: What? I understand...

(woman speaking in Low German)

Yes, but I'm begging you. You have family in Cuauhtémoc.

Your brother lives there.




(door opening)

(door closing)

An abandoned meat-packing plant.

The GPS is in Noah's bible, along with the wire.

Still transmitting.

Doesn't mean he's still alive. Only that the bible hasn't been destroyed.

(O'Reilly sighing)

That's all the muscle you could muster?

These are the men I trust.

As long as Voss is in Mexico, he has nothing to fear.

It's not like he's expecting company.

(guns clanking)

One approach: a gate, north end.

Alright. My team leads, you follow.

Safe bet is your guy looks like every other Mennonite male in the compound, so your job to identify him and secure him while we engage Voss and his crew.

Self-defence only.

You're observers, nothing more.

Any questions?



(Karla praying in Spanish)

Novak: You believe in God?

I do.

But He can't do everything.

That's why He created the police.

(men speaking in Low German)

(Voss sighs.)

Your brother is dead.

The evidence against Gerry Epp has disappeared, so he's now a free man, which means your family is dead too.

And now it's your turn.

That is your God, Noah.

That is His answer to your prayers, your faith rewarded.


I think you want this, Jo?

You want to be a martyr, like the heroes in your book.

Hendrik Eemkins.

Dirk Willems. Noah Funk.


Do you really believe that you will see God in the faces of those that gathered to watch you die?


Let's find out.

(sinister music)

(birds singing)

Whoa! Whoa!

Where were you?

Where's Isaac?

He saw...

Joey took him to where Gerry... where we do our business.

Tina, the look on his face!

I've been up and down the road 20 times.

Do you know where he would go?

Isn't today his baptism class?

Oh, Mein Zeit!

It's alright. You go inside. I will talk to him.

And what will you tell him?

The truth.

♪ ♪

(horse whinnying)

Class is over; where were you?

I need to talk to the bishop.

Are you alright? Isaac?

Are you alright?

(Isaac breathing hard)

With all the evil in the world, it is important we stay true to our ways, to be good in heart and in deed...

...and to raise a family according to God's word.


♪ ♪

(Voss speaking in Low German)

So, do you see God in the eyes of your people, Noah Funk?

(Noah grunting)

(stirring music)

(tires screeching)


(indistinct shouting)

(gunshots and people shouting)

No! Stay down! Novak, stay down!


Cover me!



(screaming in pain)

Novak: OK. Oh, my God! (Novak grunting)

Take my gun!


Listen! You know what he's gonna do. Take this! Go! Now!



Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Just go cover him!



(distant, muffled gunshots)

(suspenseful music)

(gun cocking)



(Noah speaking Low German)


Accept God into your heart.

Repent and pray for His mercy.


You're alright, OK?

You did good, alright?

I'm gonna take care of you, I promise.

My family...

They're safe.

They're waiting for their father to come home.

(Noah sobbing)

It's alright.

You stay with me, OK?


(birds singing)

(chickens clucking)

(cow mooing)

You are certain this is God's will?

All that I know for certain is that... your father and I want you to accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your earthly guide and eternal Saviour.

But, Isaac, only you can make that choice.

Will Voda be there?

Your father has told me that he is... he is on his way.

You spoke to him?


No, he sent me a text message.

What did he say?

"I am on my way."

Your father will do everything in his power to be there.

Now, it is up to you.

(distant siren)

Figured you'd want a front-row seat.

Got a tip that she'd booked a ticket to Dominican Republic.

No extradition.

Listen to you, world traveller.

Erica Kingsley!

You are under arrest for breach of public trust, a conspiracy to traffic narcotics and a conspiracy to commit murder.

You have a right to speak to a lawyer.

If you can't afford one, legal aid will provide you with counseling. Do you have any questions?

Turn around please.

(handcuffs clanking)

(thunder rumbling)

(horse whinnying)

(indistinct chatter)

(thunder rumbling)

(horse whinnying)

I'm so sorry for your loss.

You know that if there's any way we can help, all you need to do is ask.

Dank scheen.

(thunder rumbling)

People: Mm-hmm.

People: Mm-hmm.

(thunder rumbling)

(Noah speaking Low German)

(sound of rain falling)

(soft thunderclap)

♪ ♪ ♪

(soft thunderclap)

(sound of rain falling)

(thunder rumbling)