03x05 - When We Collide

What are you doing?

You know exactly what I'm doing.

Option A, we co-parent, or option B, you walk away, no strings.

It's option B.


We have to stop having s*x.


I don't think I could be with somebody who would abandon their own child.

Ah! What's that?


Penny, I'm so sorry. You're a GIF.

Hugh asked me to do this.

( Grunts )

Well your husband lost his mind and broke his wrist.

How are you going to look after Jimmy with one arm?

Welcome to Whyhope's newest matchmaking agency, Betty.

Country Connections.

Are you drinking to forget your mum?

She was never on the Gold Coast, she's been in Bali this whole time.

Did she say how long for?

I'll give you two weeks and then I want you to take Ivy and you go and find her mother.

You're absolutely right.

It's time to go.

And I want a baby too.

Did I mention that, 'cause you never responded.

I look at Hayley and nothing in me wants it.

Actually I told Harriet I would do the co-parenting thing after all.

Good for you.

( Gentle acoustic music )


You're buggering off?

Just listen to me for a sec...

No, no, no, she said two weeks.

So you're going to stay the two weeks and then you're going to take Ivy with you.

I always said you were very emotional, Matt, just like this scene right now.

Stop talking.

And your emotion will make you a wonderful father.

I was not born like that.

I made too many mistakes.

Oh, and what's this, hey?

Excellent decision?

You can keep me here now, but I will only leave later on.


They will be better off without me.

Tell Charlie I'm sorry...

( Groans )

... and I love her, please.

( Gentle music )

( Car engine revs )

( Gentle music continues )

Well this isn't the reaction I was expecting.

Enough with the breakfast!

Throw a chair, or a plate, or me.

And what do you want me to say, Matt?

This is what he does.

Things get overcomplicated and he runs.

You should call him.


I think he might have forgotten something, Charlie.

Matt, stop it.

He is not manipulating us into this.

What are we going to do with a teenager?

Well, she's staying here.

There's not really another option.

Yes, there is.

Tell him that you're not going to clean up his mess anymore.


Why don't you take a seat for a second, 'cause we want to have a talk to you.

So you can tell me Carlito has gone?

Did he tell you that he was leaving?

Nup, but I kind of assumed when I saw him at 5 am this morning.

Well have some breakfast...

Enough with the breakfast.

What is it with you people?

... and you're going to come to school with me.



Because I said so.

( Upbeat theme music )

( Gentle music )

I want you to imagine the next exhalation coating your body in a second skin.

Betty, I have a couple of patients to call and a coffee on my desk.

Shh, a second skin.

You know, this really isn't necessary.

I'm fine.

I know.

And you're doing a terrific job coming to terms with the breakup.

I am just gifting you some extra spiritual armour.

A shield, if you will, to cope with future negative energy.

Negative energy?

No negative energy.

Harriet on phone: This is just a courtesy call to let you know that our baby may come out covered in cobwebs.

Morning, Harriet.

Nice to hear from you.

Geriatric mother, that's what those nurses at the hospital called me this morning.

Well none of them have seen my arse.

Well give them time.

I'm going to Fratelli to pretend drink and eat a tub of cheese.

Now Harriet, we've spoken about cheese, it's bad for the baby.

But research doesn't say anything about chocolate, so I'll have some sent over, OK?

Hang in there.


I'm fine.

He said he was co-parenting.

This is co-parenting.

Lovely, intimate co-parenting.

I've taken the liberty of compiling some information on today's special stent recipient.

He's an old mate, Ken.

I know too much about him already.

Oh, wow, nice of you two to join us.

Sorry for the delay, we were just talking at an appropriate volume.

Betty, if I could just get you standing at the desk.

Penny and Hugh, I'm going to stagger us through the entranceway for a more efficient reading.

Ken, relax.

I will, it's just important to remember Doctor Fine's position on the board.

He will no doubt be assessing my processes today.

He's already told me he's going to endorse a stent, as soon as it's ready for circulation, isn't that right, Penny?

You'll be fine, Ken.

( Telephone rings distantly )

Ah, Charlie, you've had a call from Mr. Johnson next door about the cricket bat that went over the fence.

Put his British shorthair in a bad mood.

British shorthair?

His cat.

He says he's going to put in a complaint.

Deb, can I have five minutes?

The kids are occupied.

Are you OK?

Fine, just bathroom.

( Gentle music )

( Telephone rings )

( Answering machine beeps )

This is Carlito, leave a message.

( Answering machine beeps )

( Chuckles ) Knighty.

Get over here.

Nice wheels, mate.

Hey, thanks for coming.

Are you kidding?

I wasn't going to let anyone else touch this heart.

Welcome to Whyhope, Doctor Fine.

We're looking forward to showing you some good old-fashioned country hospitality.

This is Ken, he's out admin guy.

Thank you for having me, Ken.

What a handsome admin guy.


Thank you, Doctor Fine.

Lucas, this is Betty and my business partner, Penny.

Oh, what?

No wombat?

( Light chuckles )

I'm disappointed.

Bunker said I was ruining his image, I had to cut the dead weight.

Wait, you guys don't know each other, do you?

Well, not strictly speaking.

I've been following Doctor Cartwright's online trajectory from afar.

Lucas shared our investor video after the leak.

He's got quite the following, Hugh, at Doctor Fine on Facebook and Instagram.

Seriously, you called it that?

That's my name.

A-and we've gone over time on introductions.

Sorry about that, Lucas.

Sorry, I just called you Lucas.

It's alright, Ken.

Lucas is fine.

Cardio clinic is this way, for your assessment.

Catch you later, Ken.

( Nervous laugh )



Where's Ivy?

Oh, she needed the bathroom.

Didn't you see her on your way back?


( Car engine revs )

( Tyres screech )

( Tyres screech to a halt )

( Car tyres screech )

Welcome home, little man.

Don't forget to support the head, Hayley.

It's not a football.

Where's your pump, Hayley, he's going to need another feed.

Mum, we were kind of thinking about taking care of Jimmy.

Oh, don't worry about that, Ajax.

I am a fountain of knowledge in this department.

You're welcome to drink from it anytime.

But that seems quite wasteful, Meryl, when we feel kind of quenched at the moment.

Ah, we were thinking maybe you could do your own thing today.

My own thing?

We'll bring you in if we need some help.

Well, the fountain is around.

You do what is best for you.

Both softly: Phew.


Oh... ( Excited chuckle )

Oh, bubby.

Oh, look at his tiny little feet.

He's got chubby cheeks.

And that...

... oh.

Ajax, do you...

Yeah, yeah, I see it.

Come on, Jimmy.

What's the matter?

He looks kind of uncomfortable.

See, I was going to go disappointed.

He never looked like this at the hospital.

( Telephone rings )




Speak up, I can't hear you...

Ivy, it's Charlie.

... probably because I'm busy right now.

So leave a message.

( Answering machine beeps )

Right, I know what you're doing, you're doing that teenage thing where you're hurt, so you push people away, see if they give up on you.

Believe me, I get it.

But I'm not going to do that, OK?

Why don't we try being mature about this, just bring the car back, right now and then we can definitely...

( Answering machine beeps )

Oh, sh1t.

It's beautiful, you guys.

You can see why he doesn't want to come back to Sydney.

Your exercise stress tests show exertional angina and your last angiogram showed restricted blood flow in the right coronary artery.

Man, I miss your sexy heart speak.

Isn't he a dreamboat, Penny?

Less of a dreamboat I'd say, when he's telling a 30 something he's prematurely clogged his own arteries.

Yes, but he's still a dreamboat, a huge dreamboat.

I've left your admit paperwork at reception, Lucas.

Did I say the wrong thing?

No, there's just a bit of history there.


Harriet is pregnant, so it didn't work out.


As in Harriet who spiked my drink with dental sedatives and spent all my money on novelty hats?

That's the one.

Look at you.

You are really torn up about this.

What? No.

You really like her. Tell Doctor Fine.

Stop calling yourself that.

You're like a fish flopping around on the deck.

A highly qualified cagey fish.

Scouts honour.

I will not make a move on this one.

Ah, that's what you said about Mikayla Chandler and my mother.

I mean it this time.

Yes, she's gorgeous.

You are more gorgeous.

I think you might be right about the meditation stuff.


Let's say we scrap the spiritual shield thing and try out a different kind, a human one.

A human shield?

I had to wipe Lucas's drool off the reception counter.

I didn't mind, it was pretty drool.

Lucas is the human shield?

Sometimes a little attention from someone else is a nice distraction.

To throw in the way of negative energy.

I couldn't do that to Hugh.

No, you're right.

It would be inappropriate to showcase your relationship with someone else around the hospital.

The reason why she might have left?

Well her dad took off this morning.

Stepdad, guardian.

Carlito's gone?

You OK?


So he just left you here to deal with his kid?

Have you been talking to Matt or something?


Have you?

I will once we find her.

It's easier as a team, you know?

This might be good practice for when you two get one of your own.

( Phone chimes )



That little sh1t.

Take a right here.

( Knocks on window )


Get out here right now.

I know you can hear me.

No, I can't.

( Groans ) Oh, crap!

Come on.

How did you find me?

The bank likes to tell you when your account has been drained.

Well I'm going to Sydney to fly to Bali.

Now that Carlito is gone, it makes sense.

I texted mum and she said it's all good.

Oh, it's all good to fly overseas with my credit card and just some stuff from the car floor?

Yeah. Oh, you can take back your teacher cardigan.

I'll keep the mints, though.

Well you're 15, you can't just leave.

Yeah and you're not my mum.

This isn't your decision.

OK, well why don't we call Sunshine and if she gives me the all clear, then I'll let you go.


( Pressing buttons )

( Telephone rings )

( Answering machine beeps )

Hi, Sunshine, it's Charlie here.

I'm sure Ivy has told you about our situation.

I just wanted to check with you that you're ready for her over there.

She misses you.

Probably more than she's letting on.

Anyway, call me.

I left a message.

As soon as she calls back, I'll take you to the airport myself.

I promise.

Trust me, I've seen this look with calves.

They're always uncomfortable when they come on the land at first.

Once we welcome him to the farm, he'll feel heaps better.

Oh, um...

Try the button at the back.

It's not a button, it's a handle.

It's definitely a button.


I saw your flyer at the hospital for Country Connections.

Thanks for seeing me, Meryl.

I understand you're looking for a man?

Oh, a baby more than a man.

Hold that thought.

Ajax, do you need a hand?

Both: No!

If you want to go outside, pram's a bit tricky.


The button looks like a handle, darling.

No drinking from the fountain, Ajax.

We're fine, Mum. We're staying inside.

( Jimmy cries )

April, where were we?

I was saying I want a baby.


Right, your cooking dinner.

That's your punishment.

For what?

Car doughnuts, ring any bells?

Carlito would have been cool with them, he taught me.

Yeah, did he also teach you how to steal credit cards?

Hey, big day?

Kind of.

( Tap runs )

Pales in comparison to yours though, really.

Appreciate the cooking after that long commute, how far was it?

Six hours?

Stayed away from the braids, I see, that's a good choice.

Ivy, the pasta needs basil.

We don't have any basil.

Well we live on a farm, I'm sure you can find some.

I got a text from the bank today...

Matt, it's OK.

... and you didn't think to call me?

Look, I'm getting her to make pasta, it's her punishment.

So it all worked out in the end.

I need to know why you're pushing this, Charlie.

Have you called Carlito yet?

No, but I called Sunshine and I left a message and as soon as she gets back to me, I'm going to put her on that plane to Bali.

( Machines beep )

Right, so what we have here is an occluded right coronary artery.


How are you feeling, Lucas, are you nice and relaxed?

Can confirm...

... drugs are good.

Moral support.

I'm now deploying the stent.

In a few moments, I will remove the balloon.

You have really soft hands.

Do you get that a lot?


You know what they say about a man with soft hands?

I'm not sure actually.

I should look into that.

Right, the balloon has been removed, the stent has been expanded, the artery is wide open and the blood flow is excellent.

Oh, look at me, costing an anaesthetised man.

I'm so sorry, Doctor Fine.

Ah, Lucas, mate, your heart attack has been avoided, congratulations.

( Chuckles )

Knighty, thank you.

Both of you.

Right, well you're on bed rest.

I'll get a nurse to come and take you through to recovery.

I'll do it.


Well I'm right here and my afternoon is quiet.

Well thank you, Doctor Cartwright.

You're welcome, Doctor Knight.

How did it go?

Oh, it was excellent.

Lucas is in recovery now with Penny.

Has she said something to you?

Oh, she's said lots of things to me.

Can you be more specific?

Ah, about Lucas?

She thinks he's delightful.


Can you be more specific?

Well I could, but not really our business to care so much anymore, is it?


Why is it not your business?

Oh, it is.

I was just lumping us together to soften the blow for you.


( Soft acoustic music )

Hey, you.

Did you get the chocolate?

I did.

IT took away the pain for a little bit, until the internet told me that second hand sugar is the new second hand smoke.

Is there anything I can do?

No, unless you want to put me in a padded cell with a bag of mung beans or something.

Actually, they're out too.


You're kidding me?

Haven't you got some doctoring to do?

I do, just checking in.

Call me before your next meal.

( Thunder claps )

Doctor Knight?

What are you doing?

A little rain dance.

What are you doing?

I was taking a call.

You're meant to be checking on Lucas in recovery.

What are you wearing?


It looks a lot like the outfit Lucas had on today.

I spilled my drink and I had to change.

What, into Lucas?

You haven't got a little man-crush going on there have you, Ken?

No. Walking.


He's been sleeping for ages.

Do you reckon he's breathing?

Now, I'd like you to tell the fair people of Whyhope, in intimate detail, about your Country Connections perfect match.

How intimate are we talking?

I abhor censorship, Viv.

( Jimmy cries )

Ajax, is everything alright?

That sounds like a distressed cry.

It's fine.

Yeah, thanks, Meryl.

( Jimmy creis )


It looks worse, Hayles.

I know.

Should we check on them?

We'll just let it pass.

( Jimmy continues crying )

Oh, so basically people get excited about doctors that aren't completely hideous.

It's a novelty.

Well, it's about bloody time.

What kind and establishment are you running here?

Sorry, Doctor Fine. I know my schedule said Hugh would be here earlier.

It's Lucas.

Oh, sweet suit, Ken.

Oh, no.

Thank you, Lucas.

( Chuckles )

You wants to have a look, Hugh, at Doctor Fine being gorgeous?

No, I'm good, I've seen him being gorgeous quite a bit.

Just thought I'd check on how you were doing.

Oh, he's doing great.



Good, well I'll leave you to it then.

You two have fun.

Yeah, all right.

( Gentle music )

( Clears throat )

Pasta OK?

Pasta was delicious, Ivy.

Wasn't it, Matt?


I'm not sure I'd spent $800 on it, but it was still pretty good.

I don't get it?

Ivy, plates.

Cost of a plane fare.

Oh, right. That's funny, Matt.

I didn't pick you as funny.

Carlito always said you were the emotional brother.

No, can confirm, does do jokes.

Wow, what is that?

I thought I might need to say thank you for being so cool about today.



That's it for me.

Well that's a very small slice.

We can't eat the rest by ourselves.

Yeah, you can.

I believe in you.

You'll probably be hungry later.

Night, guys.

OK, it's bedtime.

( Laughter )

You OK?

( Laughing )

Yeah, I feel great.

What's wrong, why are you laughing?

We're still fighting.

I don't know.

But that cake was good, wasn't it?

It's like really good.

She's put something in it.

( Laughter )

Why is that funny?

( Laughter )

( Distant laughter )


( Laughter )

( Buzzing )

What is that?


( Buzzing continues )

Matt, are you OK?

I'm fine.





( Laughs ) It's a text from Sunshine.

Hi, Charlie.

Thanks for your call.

( Laughter ) Please save us your pleasantries.

This trip has been a revelation for my creative energy centres.

Now, more than ever, I'm needing some time to refuel in Bali.

Thank you for looking after Ivy while I'm away.

OK, we have to reply.

( Laughs ) No.


Yes, I'll video message her, it's more personal.



( Laughs ) Greetings, Sunshine.

Matt and Charlie say hello.

Unfortunately we are running out of creative energy centres to keep looking after your daughter.

( Laughter )

Oh, sh1t! Don't send that!

OK, we've got to send one to Carlito.

Come on, it's time.


Come on.

I said no.


Why would I want to call him when I know exactly what he's going to say?

I know that speech off by heart and it never gets any easier.




I'm sorry.

Thank you.

That makes sense.

( Laughter )



I've got to ask...


Why this kid?

Why can you take on this kid and not take on ours?

Because I'm that girl, Matt.

I'm the one who gets left behind.

( Jimmmy cries )

Oh, God. What's happened?

Where's so sorry, Meryl.

There's something wrong with Jimmy's face.

We've tried everything.

Walking him, feeding him, wrapping him up.

Unwrapping him.

We can't work out what he wants.

Please let us drink from the fountain, Meryl.


Let me have a look, darling.

Oh, hello.

( Jimmy stops crying )

Well he looks fine to me.

It's just a job that takes a little bit of getting used to.

No, something is wrong.

Looks like a happy, healthy baby to me.

Take a look.

That's OK.

He looks better with you.

That left eyebrow has definitely gone down a bit.

Yeah, a lot, you're right.

( Gentle music )

We can make you a page if you'd like?

For you and the wombat.

I don't know, I think I'm sort of a one GIF wonder.

( Snorts )

Are you alright?

You haven't complimented me in a little while.

I have a confession to make.

I may have been using you today as a human shield.

Oh, I know.



Hang on, do you know what a human shield is?

Well, I think the visuals are pretty self-explanatory.

You thought you would chuck a not hideous looking man in your direct eyeline, so you could suppress the Doctor Knight butterflies that you can't quite seem to smoosh.

Wow, am I that transparent?

You are.

( Sighs )

Not as transparent as Doctor Knight, mind you.

He told me about the baby.

Sorry, that sucks.

It really does, yeah.

But it's not going to suck for ever.

And hey, until you get back on your feet, here is your human shield, ready and willing.

Thank you, Lucas.

( Chuckles )

Seriously? ( Chuckles )

Seriously, this is what's happening right now?

No, Knighty, listen. Let me explain.

I told you and I thought I wouldn't have to tell you.

What do you think this is, some kind of singles mixer?

Hugh, he's post op. Are you alright, Lucas?

sh1t, the insertion point's opened, get the TR Band in here.

Oh, sh1t.

So sorry, Lucas. So sorry.

We are sorry.

Tell him you're sorry.

I'm sorry.

Doctor Knight.

Can't it wait?

No, I don't think it can.


( Indistinct shouting )

You did this, you arsehole!

Shut up, it wasn't my fault!

It's all your fault!

What's going on!

The dog went berserk.

Attacked this bloke and turned on its owner.

Bit half his ear off.

What's it doing in my clinic?

Different dog. The other one was put down.

They fight them. Place bets.

Found their pit 10 minutes from here.

( Grunts )

( Dog barks )

Alright, bring them here. Bring them here.

Alright, alright, let's just take a look at this ear.

He didn't mean to. She's just got trust issues, man. That's all.


What's this?

I had time to get the missing piece.

I saw it in a movie once, the ice thing.

Lucky you.


Right, Mia, you clean that leg wound.

Betty, get that dog outside.

Oh, really, he seems lovely.

( Dog barks savagely )

( Squeals )

OK, will do, alright.

Come on, buddy, come on.

Come on.

He had trust issues, you know?

Yeah, we know, you said.

And this guy, standing by the side of the ring screaming at him, he was psyching him out and now my dog's dead.

Alright, alright.

Can we reattach it?

Well, it's a plastic's job.

Not really my specialty.

It's a tear, not a clean cut.

There's bits missing.

Probably still in the dog's teeth.


His name was Henry.


Um, if we don't reattach the blood vessels right, well lose the tissue and then there's a dog factor.

Their mouths are filthy.

If we don't clean the wound right...

We'd be suturing bacteria into a warm, wet breeding ground.

He could lose the whole ear.

Look, I'm sorry, mate.

I can't reattach this.

We'll fly you to Sydney and we'll keep this on ice.

Sydney, no, no, I'm not going to Sydney.

I want to stay here.

If you stay here, it could mean your hearing is affected.

We'd need to cauterise.

What does that mean?

Burn the edges a little, to seal off the wound.

It's not going to look very pretty.

Who cares? It doesn't need to.

There'll be a piece missing, like there is a piece missing in my heart right now.


Just do it, please.

Right, Mia, I'll need some IV antibiotics, stat.

Help me finish cleaning this ear and then we'll go ahead.

Boys and their fighting, hey?


I really don't see the appeal.

( Gentle music )

Oh, was our house always this bright? Why do we live here?

No talk, coffee first.

So I re-read Sunshine's text.

Yeah, I know, she's palming Ivy off, in her own confusing, Zen way.

Yeah, I get it, Charlie, but we can't keep her.

She's a nightmare, she is going to continue to be a nightmare.

She doesn't want to stay.

I've got to go to work.

We'll talk to her tonight OK, I just... I need to think.

Morning, you two.

Good sleep?

Terrific. It's non-eventful.

What are you listening to?

Bob Marley.

Well, I'm running late, but since you're up early, Matt's going to show you his work on the farm.

How good is that?

What are you doing?

Letting you be part of this.

( Gentle music )

( Whispers ) Oh, yes.

Oh, you're a good boy.

( Gentle music continues )

( Sighs )

( Gentle music continues )

Alright, when you're finished with that, you can get started on the weeding down the side of the house.

Aye-aye, Captain.

( Cow moos )

You're good with her.


We used to have a dog actually, but then Mum said his aura was off.

We had to sell him on Gumtree after that.

Your mum is really into all that free spirit stuff, isn't she?

That's why she's in Bali.

They love her there.

I can't wait to go over.

She says we can drink margaritas and get matching tattoos.

Ivy, Charlie got a text from your mum last night.

I-I think she might be after a little bit more time to...


Yeah, I know, it's her thing.

By herself.

( Gentle music )

Are you alright?


Are you sure?


I just should have seen it coming.

Well you know, no matter how long your mum takes, I think you should stay with us until she regroups.

( Gentle music continues )

( Knock on door )

We had about Country Connections.

We're after a lady.

Not just one lady, that'd be a bit weird.

We'd like a lady for each of us.

Are you working today?

Hayley: Meryl, where are you?

Oh, you can't go, Mum.

We need you to fix Jimmy.

Look, I feel for you, my darlings, I really do.

This look that you keep talking about, your baby is going to wear that look for the rest of its life and it's nothing personal.

All children are ungrateful, judgemental beasts and as the sooner you learn to love Jimmy for that, the better.

Gentlemen, I'm having appointments in the tearooms today...

Well... But...

... and I'm on mobile.

You'll be fine, my darlings.

Come on, gentlemen.

( Sighs )

So I did two loops here...

... and then the car skidded a sh1t tonne, see?

Wow, you really did a number on the asphalt.

I'm impressed.


You're not meant to be impressed, Matt.

You're meant to be horrified.

What are you two doing here?

We brought you a snack.

Ivy's idea.

Chocolate cake.

Not the chocolate cake, you guys ate all that.

( Chuckles )

Ivy's going to stay with us until Sunshine gets back from Bali.

I told her that was OK.

That's definitely OK.

( Phone rings )

Oh, do you need to get that?

Yeah, I do.

One sec.


Carlito: Charlie, are you OK?

No, I'm fine.

Oh good.

Is Ivy still... Is she OK?

She's fine.

I'm sorry.

That's OK.

This has nothing to do with you, you know that, yeah?

( Gentle music )


You know what, it's not fine, actually.

Neither of us are fine.


I can't do this anymore, Papa.

This is the last time I let you leave like this.

Listen, Charlie...

No, you listen.

Don't call, don't visit.

Charlie, please.



( Gentle music )

( Gentle music )

Oh, I think I may have experienced the real meaning of country hospitality.


Lucas, mate...

I've never seen you like this.

( Laughs )

Oh, whether it's back to country, Hugh's a bit of a hot mess.


And for the record, she still likes you.

So you crazy kids better sort something out before somebody gets hurt.

Somebody else.

Doctor Fine, I've come to apologise.

I understand you'll have to report this to the board.


My process has failed you.

Your cardiologist went MIA, then you were assaulted by said cardiologist, there were also those dogs...

OK, Ken, that's probably enough.

Are you kidding, mate?

Last night was a hoot.

And look at me, I'm fine.

Are you?


We're all hospitals, you know.

Understaffed, under resourced, plus you've got to put up with his lip.

( Chuckles )

All about your processes, Ken.

And I think I might have a bit of a man crush on you.

Oh, no.

Thank you, Lucas.

Bring it in, buddy.

( Laughs )

Send me that paperwork when the stent's approved.

There you are.

Here I am.


Lend me your ear for a bit?



Ah, listen.

Sorry about earlier.

With Lucas.

( Groans )

I'm sorry. ( Chuckles )

I heard you speaking to Harriet yesterday and it completely threw me.

The sound of you moving on.

( Exhales shortly )



... this baby is going to change things, you were right.

Didn't you want to be with me anyway?

Yes, I thought I could do both, but...

... maybe I can't.

It's not really fair on anyone, is it?

Oh, come on, stay...

What, so we can flirt a little more and then you can check in with your ex-wife?

( Scoffs )

Like you said, Hugh, you can't do both.

( Gentle sombre music )

( Exhales )

( Breathes shakily )

( Sombre gentle music continues )

( Knock on door )

( Door opens )

I thought we could give the medication stuff another try?

No shield analogies, I promise.

( Sombre gentle music continues )

Tomorrow then.

( Door squeaks closed )

( Gentle music )

( Pours wine into cup )

( Gentle music continues )