03x03 - Shock Rock

I'm Harriet.

Hugh: My wife.

Las Vegas wife.

As you may recall, I... did... that.

( Fires shot )

I just don't like who I am when I'm with you.

I'm saying goodbye.

I don't want that.

I don't care.

I remember you.

( Both gasp and laugh )

Still room 17?

You'd have to knock and find out.

What if I designed a stent shaped like a helix?


They want to buy the stent.

$4.8 million!

And royalties! ( Laughs )

Dr Knight, I bring exciting news.

It's all here. The eagle has landed.

( Meryl pants )

No-one could have saved him.

( Gasps )

I could've been standing right there and I couldn't have saved him.

Is something wrong?

Definitely pre-eclampsia. Some signs of foetal distress.

Ajax: Hugh!

We're gonna have to perform an emergency C-section.

I can't lose her too.

I know.

Congratulations, Grandad.

He's adorable.

( Gurgles )


You can just call me Hugh.

Mum, do you know where Ajax left the tractor keys?


( Exhales )

The smell of sawdust, earth.

Something just a little bit spicy.

He's still here.

( Sniffs )


Take something.

No, I couldn't.

Take the shirt. Refresh your look.

What's wrong with my look?

Your father was very stylish. It's hard to compete.

No, if I take this, I'll just feel bad about washing him away.

The keys are on the back wall behind the toaster.

( Sniffs )


( Exclaims )

( Both laugh )




Oh, where have you been?

I called you ages ago.

Oh, my phone, it's been playing up.

I needed you. There were so many of Matt's family there.

Any singing?

What do you think?

Oh... ( Kisses )

( Both exclaim )

Come on. Come on.

Papa is here.




Hey, I'm sorry to hear about your father's passing, eh?

He was a good man.


It's been a while now.

I know.

Everybody's there for the funeral, then all of a sudden, one by one, they start to drop off...

You're still grieving and then there's no more support.

Oh, yeah, so you're like the reserve support?

Oh, come here, come here.

( Groans )

Come here. Come here.

Papa, who's that pissing on our lawn?

Oh, it's Ivy, Sunshine's girl.

Vanessa, my girlfriend.

I don't know any Vanessa or Sunshine.

It's the same person. She just changed her name.

Ivy's mum...



...uh, she's, uh, doing meditation...



For, uh, ten days on the Gold Coast.

It's all in silence. Can you believe it?

( Both laugh )

So that's your kid?

This is Charlie and Matt.

Ah, Matt, there you go. For you.


Uh, no streamers.

( Exhales )

( Gasps )

I knew that handwriting had a vibe.

It's the ex-wife.

No-one mails anything these days, unless it's important.

It's a USB.

And for all you know, it's a series of lovely photos of Boston.

Harry doesn't do lovely.

I'd like to see some photos of Boston.

It's not Boston.

Load her up.

We'll see.

What if it's a virus?

We have the most secure system in the state hospital system.

I have a certificate to prove it.

That was a very fun night.

Proud moment.

I'll look at it in my office.

Uh, it's actually not your office anymore, Hugh.

Penny found a new GP already, has she?

Well, no, we need to set parameters, determine what space belongs to the Knight Cartwright Cardiac Clinic and what belongs to Whyhope Hospital.

So I can't use my office?

Not your office.

The office.

We can make an exception today.

I'd love to see Harriet's new home.

What if it's p0rn?

Better still.

( Sighs )

( Exhales )

Woman: Heartbeat's 150 beats per minute.

That's perfect for 12 weeks.

Congratulations, Hugh.

Look at what we made.

♪ I'm going up the country Babe, don't you want to go? ♪
♪ I'm going up the country Babe, don't you want to go? ♪
♪ I'm going some place where I've never been before ♪
♪ I'll leave this city I've got to get away ♪
♪ I'm gonna leave this city I've got to get away ♪
♪ All this fussing and fighting Man, you know I sure can't stay. ♪

Press release?

Went out this morning.

'Whyhope Gazette's coming and Ken is live-tweeting the event.

I'm expecting a big audience.

I'm more nervous today than before my wedding.

So you should be.

This is the start of the most important development in this hospital's history.

OK. You're freaking me out.

Hugh, will you listen to my speech, give me some tips?

Uh... sure.

( Sighs )

Hey, just...

Mm-hm... Mmm...





I thought you were nervous.

Look what we made, Hugh.

Of course I'm not nervous.

It's a beautiful thing.

Why stop here?

We could build a whole new clinic, get that MRI you've been banging on about.

Standard medical equipment. Hardly banging on.

( Sighs )

Are you OK?

I thought you'd be more excited about today.

Um, I'm just...

Worried about my speech.

Topic cards, that's my tip.

And keep it brief.

( Laughter nearby )

Oh, it's good to see you.


It really is.

You know we've got plenty of spare rooms.

You didn't have to bring your accommodation.

Querida Meryl! Oh!


I'm sorry for your loss.


Jim was a real man amongst men.

Thank you.

And we missed you at the funeral.

He's the reserve support.


I'm glad you're here, Papa.

And of course you are. We never stop being parents.

Oh! This is my girlfriend's daughter, Ivy.

Ivy, this is Meryl.

Are you going out?

Uh, yes. Hugh's opening the new clinic today.

You must be so proud.

Are you coming?

Farm. No-one running it.

I have to go to school.

What, you can't take a day off?

Well, it's not usual for the principal to wag.

Oh, my daughter's the boss!

Yeah, and a published author.


I turn my back for two minutes, two minutes...

Two years.

But you're a free spirit. I know. I'm happy you're here, Papa.

Wow, this is all really fun but I'd rather go and plough a field.

I assume you'll still be here tonight, mate?

I'll cook, Meryl.

I wouldn't miss it.

One, two, two...

Well, Dr. Knight. This is flash.

Uh... ( Half-laughs )

Does this mean you're staying now?

For the moment.


Lucky Whyhope.

I... ( Half-laughs )

I just, um... ( Clears throat )


Welcome, everyone, to the grand opening of the Knight Cartwright Heart Clinic.

( Cheering and applause )

Hugh and I couldn't be more proud of our baby or of the fact that the stent developed right here in Whyhope will have its debut this very morning, when we all get to have a little glimpse under the covers of Dr. Knight's technique.

( Laughter )

( Feedback )

Um, surgery technique, that is.

Expansion agrees with her.

She looks quite pretty today, don't you think?

Just... Listening to her words.

The wonderful staff who helped make this day happen...

Do you want some of your dad's shirts?

But you haven't come here...


... to listen to me talk...

Um, no.

...the marvellous, talented, very generous and what the hell, devastatingly handsome...

( Laughs )

... Dr. Hugh Knight.

( Laughs )

( Cheering and applause )

Thank you, Penny.

Well, if you'd all like to make your way through to the viewing room, we will, um, prepare to insert the inaugural Knight Cartwright stent.

( Cheering and applause )

Come on, everybody. Come on.

What? You said keep it brief.

( Machinery beeps steadily )

So, we have inserted the balloon tipped catheter into Francois' blocked blood vessels.

A little too hard on the soft cheese and bacon, I'd say, Francois.

( Laughter )

Right, now, as you can see, we've reached the blockage and I'm about to inflate the balloon in preparation for the placement of the inaugural Knight Cartwright stent.

Francois, my friend, I'm about to give you ten more years of fine dining.

( Applause )

( Water runs )

The press ate that up.

Yes, I was good, wasn't I?

Come to dinner tonight.

Let's tell Floyd.

About you and me?

He likes you. It won't be that much of a shock.

Um, OK.

( Horn blares )

Man: Make up your bloody mind, mate!

Hello, daddy.

Isn't that video amazing?

( Sighs )

Come here.

What are you doing here?

You said that you...

Oh, I said.

I also said I would never drink again.

But when I was unceremoniously rejected by my husband, I may have slipped off the wagon and missed my flight.

They do go every day.

And then I realised that Sydney is a really good place to do rehab.

You should try it, Hugh.

You might learn something about yourself.

Can we just focus on your problems?

Our problem.

Don't you dare. This baby is yours.

But we were so careful.

Matching Mustangs.

Oh... that day.

Yeah. Don't look so worried.

I learned something about myself in rehab.

I don't need or want anything from you.

I've come to present you with two options and honestly, whichever you choose is good for me.


Option A, I have the baby in Sydney, we're not in a relationship but we acknowledge this child is ours and we coparent.

Or option B, you walk away, no strings.

Goodbye, Hugh, and the baby's told his daddy was a sperm donor.

And you'd do that?

I only want you to be part of this if you choose to be.

You know how loaded my mom is.

And with this little bean, she'll forgive everything.

Ah... It's all a bit new.


I'm flying out tomorrow, so you tell me if I'm going to Sydney or catching a connecter to the US.

( Sighs )

Here you are.

It seems none of my children want their father's clothes.

Clothes... are tough.

For me, it's the smell.

When my Bob passed, we boxed everything up and put them at the back of the shed.

That's a plan...


They went mouldy.

You're doing the right thing, Meryl.

( Door opens and closes, bell chimes )

On those sticky tabs, they monitor his heart and oxygen levels.

Oh, man, he's like a little Iron Man, you know, 'cause technology makes him stronger.

And his teeny-tiny toes.

How are you feeling today, Hayley?

Not great.

Oh, but she looks better, don't you think?

She does.

Your latest blood tests look good and your platelet count's improved.

The C-section's probably the biggest factor for your immobility at this stage.

I'm still pretty sore.

Well, you had the double whammy.

But it's really important you don't increase the risk of complications by staying in bed.

We need you up and moving a lot more than you are.

Must be killing you not being able to get in and see him, though.

Um, I show her videos.

Let's leave it for today but try a few steps tomorrow, OK?


He's a beautiful little boy.

Eh, Pa!


Hey, Matt! Hey, Matty!

They're back. The workers are back. Wine?

No, I'll get a beer.

I'll have some wine.

Uh, shower first and then water or soft drink.

Jim was right to let you do what you do best, Matt.

How do you mean?

Oh, you have the hands of a worker.

You know, a farm worker.

Unlike Hugh?

He has different qualities. He has... He has the brains.

So, Ivy's mum just, uh, left her with you?

No, no, she'll be back. She'll be back, for sure.

Hugh: Cataplana de marisco I can smell?

Hugh! Ah!


( Laughs ) Mwah! Mwah!

Oh, look at you!

Your father was a great man, uh?

And he's left you in charge of the family.

Hey, you're wearing it well.

But you look different. You look different.

You don't have that hunger in your eyes anymore.

Uh? Uh? You look, um...


( Laughs )

No. Like a tamed lion.

( Half-laughs ) What?

No. I'm not tamed.

No, no, Hugh, tamed is good.

And you're a father now. You're a grandfather.

You have the lab. You're building something.

That's good. Yeah?

Hey, hey, hey, you must stay for dinner. You stay for dinner, yes?

Well, I'm just going home to get changed and then I'm...

I'm going out.

To meet a woman?

Uh? ( Laughs ) I know that look.

No, you're not tamed yet! You're not tamed yet! No!

( Sighs )

( Bottles clink )

How would you feel if we took some of these photos of your dad and put them somewhere safe, like maybe in a special book or an album?

I'd still get to keep them?


But maybe it'd be nice to clear a bit of space so we can put up some new photos for the new people in our lives.


Can I get a dog?

What? No.

Worth a try.

( Sighs )

I am really getting my signals wrong with you today.

You don't want me here?

Since when did you need permission?

( Door closes )


Um... Do you want a drink?

Um, I think I need a drink.

( Sighs )

You seem different.

( Pours drink )

Do I?

Mmm. A little bit.

Busy day, that's all.

( Pours drink, sets bottle down )



I was, um...

Wondering, just... if I could... um, ask you a... a quick hypothetical.

Needy Hugh. Weird. But OK.

OK... Right.

Say there was this person and they got this woman...

Financially independent woman, uh, pregnant, accidentally and she gave him two options.

Option A, they coparent but do not have a romantic relationship.

Or option B, she raises the child on her own overseas and the other person doesn't have anything to do with either one of them.

Which one should he choose?

It's you, right?

( Half-laughs )

Option B. Definitely.

You think?

Can you really imagine yourself pushing a pram, doing storytime, wearing a rashie down at the beach?

Well, they make a lot of sense with skin cancer and all...

Oh, you're right.

( Half-laughs )

I mean, I am option B, aren't I?

For the kid's sake.

I think it's for the best.


( Exhales )

I was ten years sober...

And all it took was one cocky P-Plater...

One cocky P-plater, to make me fall off.

But I'm back on now.

I'm coming back to meetings, taking it one day at a time.

( Door closes )

Thank you, Brian. That was really moving.

Uh, does anyone else want to share?

I've, uh, come here tonight because I want to be anonymous.

I can never talk about this stuff with anyone that I know.

I'm pregnant.

It's my ex-husband's.

And we've got some decisions to make around that but that'll work itself out.

The thing is, I really want this baby.

But I'm scared I'm gonna be a bad mom.

And I'm terrified that I'm gonna drink again.

( Laughter )

( Laughs )


( Both sing Portuguese-language song )

Eh, Pa!

That was good.

That was beautiful.

Singing is good for the soul, huh?

Well, maybe... maybe I should try it, or this meditation thing that Ivy's mother's doing.

Uh... I wish she was meditating.

I didn't want to say it in front of Ivy but, uh, her mother took off.

She took off last week and I don't know where she's gone.

I made up that thing about Vipassana just to, uh, buy some time.

Hmm. A smart move.

And I'm one account down.

Don't know where she's gone, when she'll be back.

Well, poor you.

It's Ivy who I'm feeling for.

( Laughs ) Well, lucky Ivy.

I'm going to bed.

Yeah, I might do that too.

( Sighs )

I think I'm in trouble.


From the moment they're born, we start to fail.



( Sighs )

( Birdsong )

Feel better?


I'm certainly feeling something.

It's a manifestation of my sympathy in your crap father.


I think it's best we keep my dad out of this.

( Giggles )

( Speaks portuguese )

( Gasps )


What? What? What?

( Laughs )

You're expressing your love. It's beautiful!

That's good!

But today is father-daughter, OK? Just you and me.

I have a job.

OK. You ring the boss and take a sickie.

Oh, wait, you are the boss!

Yeah, and she sets an example, really well, by the way.

Thanks, babe.

You're welcome.

OK. I'm in. What do we do?


I want to show my dad the sights.

Yes, yes, the sights of Whyhope.

What about school?

Oh, it's one day and my dad's here.


And Ivy?

Oh, alright. Fine.


( Laughs )

What's the Portuguese for "give us some privacy"?


Have fun.


We are having a very positive response to yesterday's story.

Bookings right through the next month.

Ah. Music to my ears.

We really will need to work on some protocols, though.

As thrilled as I am for your success, I don't actually work for the heart clinic.

It's pretty speccy, though, isn't it?

It's like a super-shiny, high-tech cockpit.

Not everyone could fly it.

Thanks, Ken.

But it's dangerous to fly two planes at the same time.



Look, last night I got home and Charlie's dad was there and time just got away from me...

Hugh, stop.

I've thought a lot about this and I think I freaked you out about wanting to tell Floyd.



I would've preferred it if you'd come over and talked to me but that's not who you are.

Uh, no.


I have to accept you for being you, warts and all.

Well, not... so many warts.

Oh, there are warts but they're gorgeous warts and...

I don't want to change them.

So we're... good?

We're great.



( Laughs )

Um, I was just about to go and get a coffee.

Do you want a... Do you want a coffee?

What do you think?

Decaf piccolo coming up.


You know, I love your warts too.

Don't push it, Hugh.


( Laughs )


Are you right?

I want those clothes back.

No, don't walk away from me...

I just bought them. I like them.

Well, you can't have them!

Do you know her? Is she OK?

She certainly is not OK and I want you to take that shirt off immediately.

Crazy lady! Just get out of here, alright, mate?


( Sighs )

I cannot have your dad's clothes walking around town on the backs of strange men.

That's not him.

It is him, Hugh.

( Sighs )

What do you want me to do about it?

Well, if you're not going to go chasing after him, I want $100 so I can go and buy them all back.

They're quality.

( Gentle music )

( Door closes )

So, this is, uh... this is your day off?

Well, Matt's practically running the farm by himself.

Hey, Charlie, when can I get a copy of that book?

Oh, it's online.


I'll send you a free copy.

Oh, I don't have a computer.

OK, well, I'll print one out for you at work.

Boss lady. I think that should be the first place we go, huh?

Thank you.

On this tour.



I can't ring in sick and then rock up for show and tell.

When did my wild daughter become so...

Conventional, huh?

When? When? Come on, let's go.


I shouldn't be here.

I know. Now we're finally having some fun.

( Laughs )

Come on. Come on.


( Low-level conversation )




Go. Go, go.


Right, kids, who's up first for the cane?

Shh. Papa!


We don't use the cane anymore.

The amount of times you were in trouble, I thought you might have liked a bit of revenge.

Well, times have changed.

( Knock at door )

Can I help you?


I was called up by the department.

Uh... seems to... be that you have some IT problems here at the computer.

I'm just...

( Types )

I don't think that's true.

You're a very perceptive woman.

( Laughs )

I'm just having a bit of fun.

I'm Carlito. I'm Charlie's dad.


( Laughs )

What's your name?

Um, Sophie.

Hi, Sophie.

She never said that her dad was in town.

She's very sick. She's home very sick and, um, she asked me to come in and get some work for her, bring it back, you know...


It's very kind of you.

Hey, we never stop being parents, you know.

So, how long are you here for?

Long enough to want a beautiful woman to maybe show me the sights.

I don't suppose you're doing any tours?

( Laughs ) I might know a few good places.

Well, you can't keep them all to yourself.

( Laughs ) Not at all. ( Laughs )

But first I've gotta get back and make sure that Charlie's OK, uh, 'cause she's sick.

You take your time.

And I'll be right outside, planning our itinerary.

I look forward to it.



Do you want a hand out the window? I can give you a lift.

I've gotta go through the door.

She saw me and now I've gotta go... past... her.


( Birdsong )

( Low-level conversation )

( Exhales )

Whichever you choose is fine.

It's option B.



You're disappointed.

You normally make a self-justifying speech before you tell me what you've decided, was all.

Harry, we are bad for one another.

If we were to share a kid, we'd either end up killing one another or in permanent rehab, neither of which is good for that baby.

You're right.

I am?


This way, we get to live our own lives.

And I can finally make my mom happy.

It's a good thing.

( Mobile phone rings )


( Sighs )

I knew you'd pick option B.

You did? Why?

( Mobile phone rings )

Aren't doctors supposed to answer their phones?


( Sighs )


Hugh, I need you for an emergency.

I can't. I have a full afternoon at the cockpit.

No-one calls it that.

Ask Ken. We all call it that.

Anyway, I've rescheduled all your patients.

None of them were urgent.

You... You can't do that.

I can. Good Samaritan rules.

I've made you aware of the emergency.

You can't refuse my help.

That's not a rule.

The things you don't know about being a doctor never cease to amaze me.

( Sighs )

Um, I have to...

Oh. Of course. Sure.

So, why did you know I'd choose option B?

Because you're Hugh Knight.


Why would you change?

You're gonna make a great mum.

Thank you.

I mean, it's bullshit. ( Laughs )

This kid is lucky to have its grandmother, that's all I can say.

But thank you.

( Sighs )


Go. Go.

( Birdsong )

Man: One, two, three.

( Man yelps )

No, stop, stop, stop, stop! Back up, back up, back up!

Oh... You're right, mate.

Try not to move. We've got this.

( Groans )

Gonna have to pack this wound.

Right, one of you blokes must have an angle-grinder.

We need to cut him off without removing this picket.

Also, we need to secure this fence.

OK. Go.

Am I gonna lose my arm?

That is not the plan.

Ambos are on their way.

Hmm. Hmm.

Gonna give you something for the pain.

I'll get you down off this fence.

So, how did this happen?

Oh, bloody horse threw me.

( Exhales )

You really didn't need me for this.

I know, but you're having fun, aren't you?

You took your time.


You took your time.

( Exhales ) I'm much more relaxed now.

You're disgusting.

Why are you worried about her?

It's not like you're gonna work at this little school forever.

I'm proud of my school.

I want you to gather your brothers, back paddock, tonight.

You're not gonna make us sing again, are you?

Just bring them, OK?

You must be missing your friends all the way out here, Ivy.

Oh, Mum's pretty much my best friend.

You heard from her?

They're not allowed to make phone calls.

Ivy, can you go grab me the pickaxe?

It's the pointy one.

I know.

That's complicated.

It always is with Carlito.

I'm glad he brought her.

I'm not.

He's family. You're stuck with it.

Sooner you accept that, better.

( Sighs )

Hey. You are here.

She's here!

We have been looking everywhere.

This is all our fault, Ajax.

God knows our baby was the fruit of our sin.

But we're married.

And that...

That poor soul was with us on our wedding day.

Hayles, God's not punishing us.

Clearly he is.

You're alive and the baby's alive.

For now.

Don't say that.

Mia: You're here.

I don't know whether to congratulate you for getting out of bed or tell you off for scaring us all half to death.

Come on.

Dr. Knight, I know we just saved that man's life but do you really think this is the place to celebrate?

Mmm... I just have to tell you something.

Tell me later.

It's about Harriet.

Less OK.

She's pregnant.

From when she... was here.

With me.


But it's OK 'cause she's going back to the US and we've agreed that she'll just tell it that I was a sperm donor.

But not me. It'll never know who I was.

It'll just be her baby.

And you're happy with this?


( Sighs )

Did she even give you an option to be a parent to this baby?

Of course she did.

And you chose not to be?

( Scoffs )

We have to stop having s*x.

No. Why?

I can't be with somebody who would make that choice.

What happened to accepting me for who I am?

I tried.

I really tried to be that person.

But I'm not.


I don't think I could be with somebody who would abandon their own child.

What if I chose coparenting?

We still couldn't be together.

A baby, Hugh, you don't even know how you'd feel about that or about Harriet once she had it.

I do. I feel that we would kill each other, OK?

How's that good for a baby?

I don't know.

It's not my baby.

( Car door closes )

( Sighs )

I know something I can't say but what I can say is I don't think Hugh's the right person for you.

Because he and Harriet are having a baby?

You know?

And he's decided not to acknowledge it, so I think we should give them the same degree of privacy.

Did you...

Broke up.

( Car door closes )


( Sighs )

What's wrong?


Well, this all looks good.

So, how is the incision?

It hurts.

Yeah, I know.

But you should really get up and try and walk around a bit.

Is that what you did last time you had a C-section, Hugh?

Look, I'm no expert but, um, if God was so mad at you, why did he let you both live?

Now, you have a perfect little baby that just needs a little bit of extra help before you can take him home.

What if I'm a bad mum?

Well, you just hand him to Ajax for a bit.

He'll get the hang of it.

( Laughs )

You really don't know anything about looking after a baby, do you?

Not a thing.

You could do so much better than me.

You know why I think my dad's actually here?

Because he didn't wanna be left alone with Ivy?


Classic Carlito.

( Sighs )

He can't stay.


I mean, I agree, but are you sure?

I'll tell him.

So, what really took you so long to get here?

I was in the middle of a full-blown drama with Sunshine... and I didn't want to bring that here, so she left me with Ivy.

Oh. And you brought her to me?

You always help me with these things.

Why can't you just be my dad for once?

You're like your mum.

You're clever, capable.

Every time I see you, I...

I see her more. ( Half-laughs )

We were good family once.

We're still a good family.


We're just a different kind of family.

It's really nice having you here.

Come here.

( Laughs )


( Hayley gasps )

( Gentle music )

He's perfect.

I told you.

♪ I know you're sleeping by now ♪
♪ I'm still up walking around ♪
♪ The walls of my skull bend backwards ♪
♪ And in like a labyrinth... ♪

Yes. Yes.

♪ I knew I was wasting my time ♪
♪ Keep myself awake at night... ♪

( Coos ) There we go.

♪ Whenever I close my eyes ♪
♪ I'm chasing your tail-lights... ♪

Oh, yes.

Ajax: Yeah, he's the best.

Now, you tell me...

Oh. Hayley looks happy.

Yeah, well, Hugh told her to just, you know, stop praying and just be with the baby.

Not in those words.

It was good words, whatever they were.

And I've got news, OK?

( Gasps )

We've decided on a name.


He's called Jimmy Stark Knight.

( Gasps )

Little Jim.



Yeah, Tony Stark, 'Iron Man'.

Yes, we'll talk about that.

My sons...

I want each of you to take something of your dad's and I want you to think of him as you throw it into the fire.


( Sighs )

Let it be a bright light that reflects his spirit and our loss...

And the thought that renewal is possible.

♪ Now that I can see another part of me ♪
♪ Hittin' back, slap in the face Yeah, you were the key ♪
♪ And you know, you know that you were right ♪
♪ You know, you know I hate to fight ♪
♪ You know, you know I can't believe ♪
♪ You're right there ♪
♪ And I'm right here thinking about, ♪
♪ here thinking about you ♪
♪ About you... ♪

( Speaks inaudibly )

♪ See, you're right there ♪
♪ And I'm right here thinking about, ♪
♪ here thinking about you ♪
♪ About you, yeah, thinking about you... ♪

( Sighs )

( Ringing tone )


Um, what would it mean if I wanted to revisit option A?

♪ You're right there ♪
♪ And I'm right here thinking about, ♪
♪ here thinking about you... ♪