03x02 - Isn't She Lovely

You have an early pregnancy but the embryo is stuck in one of your fallopian tubes and it's ruptured.

Four is what I agreed with Ajax, but I bet they're so cute we have seven.

Maybe I don't even want kids, Matt.

You're scared to go back in. So am I.

They want to schedule a final hearing the day after tomorrow.


Meaning you could leave?


Welcome back.

Thank you.

That puts us under incredible pressure and may break us, not to mention the new heart clinic, which launches in a month, now without a heart specialist.

I feel like we didn't say goodbye.

We could say it now.

( Meryl pants )

Mum, no-one could have saved him.

I could have been standing right there and I couldn't have saved him.

The Arcadia property will pass on to Hugh Knight, as the eldest son.

I don't know anything about farming.

I hopefully won't even be here.

I can do what I want with it?

Ajax! What are you doing? Stop!

You didn't love him.

Turns out neither did Matt...

Stop saying that. What are you, a baby?

Is that how Dad raised you?

I quit.


I'll just run the brewery.

Isn't it my brewery?


It's on my land I leased it off Dad. 20 years.

Oh, hello, Dr.McCain? About starting Monday...

I might have to stay a few more weeks.

( Water runs )

( Sighs )


( Clunk )

( Squeaking )

( Yelps )

( Tool clinks )

You're driving through the picnic space! Do you mind?

Hey, there's a pump up near the dam that won't stop.

Should it just be pouring out like that?

No, Hugh, it should not.

Look at those farming instincts kicking in.

So, what should I do?

Fix it, Farmer Joe.


Well, you're a genius, Hugh.

How hard can it be? It's just dumb farm stuff.

( Sighs ) Can you just come and help me?

I can't. I've got a full house tonight. I've got to focus.

Alright, Matt, you've made your point.

I'm not making a point.

I'm making an empire.

It's eight tents.

Steve Jobs started with eight computers.

Yeah, that's not even close to being true.

It's fun to wake up and be free, you know.

Just build your life as you wish.

Sounds a bit selfish. You better watch that.

You know, the farm could have been the only thing holding you back from being a dick.

I'll take the risk. I know that's what happened to you, so I appreciate the warning.

Are you gonna help me with the pump or not?



It's petty of me, I know, but you've always been rude and kind of contemptuous of farm stuff.

I might just let you figure it out.

It'll be character-building.

Now, get off the picnic space.


♪ I'm going up the country, babe, don't you want to go? ♪
♪ I'm going up the country, babe, don't you want to go? ♪
♪ I'm going some place where I've never been before ♪
♪ I'll leave this city, I've got to get away ♪
♪ I'm gonna leave this city, I've got to get away ♪
♪ All this fussing and fighting, man, you know I sure can't stay. ♪

( Gunfire and shouting on video game )

Oh, I love it, but I have to stop.

My shoulder's killing me.

It's nice the baby is shooting.

I don't think that's the current scientific thinking, Ajax.

He's gonna be a crack shot like Dad.

Charlie: Morning.

Do you have juice?

Oh, Charlie, I had a dream last night.

Our children were playing on the veranda and yours were so mean.

Oh, that's a good dream.

I'm just gonna go get that juice.

I loved having cousins.

One of them taught me how to French kiss.

Wow. ( Laughs )

Did not know that.

Are you trying, Charlie?

I know I shouldn't bring it up.

I just want you to have a baby so bad.

Hayley, I...

You know what, this is your time to... shine.

But are you clucky?


Not a cluck.


That's so weird.

Hugh. Great. How are you? Distract us with farmer talk.

Ignoring you. Ajax, I called you.

I saw that. I was busy.

I need to fix the pump near the dam. How do I do that?

( Gunfire and grunting continue on video game )


You're my son. Will just obey me and tell me how?

Oh, maybe it needs a new head gasket.


Do we have... one of those?

In town. Store.

OK. Come with me.

I hate this, in case anyone cares.

( Gunfire and grunting continue on video game )

I need Matt and Ajax to come back to the farm.

And I need to scream, but Hayley might rush out here and check my uterus for a baby if I do.


Are you trying?

Shut up.

( Yelps )

( Sighs )

Hello, darling.

Mum, what are you doing?

( Door opens )

Sometimes I just like to sit in here and... smell him.

( Closes door )




It does smell like him, doesn't it?


Are you OK?

Mmm, I'm just a bit confused.

So unlike me, and that's confusing in itself.

( Half-laughs )


Your father had all these magazine subscriptions 'Australian Sheep', 'Australian Boat' and 'Australian Stock and Stations'.

The list goes on.


I should cancel them.

There's no point having them cluttering up the house but I'm just finding it a bit of a...

Um, wrench.

I can do it.

Would you?



( Sighs )

I need help with the farm.

Matt and Ajax...

( Laughs )

Well... Family dinner. Clear the air.

Start a fresh page.

I'll get onto it.

It's good to have a task.

Is it weird he won't be around anymore?

He'll be back...

For the Knight Cartwright Cardiac Clinic opening.

And... you slept with him?

How did you know that?

A slight shift in you on some cellular level.

Imperceptible to most, but to me it's like seeing someone on fire and trying not to say anything.

I... I don't need to know details.


We'll keep it broad strokes.

One for anticlimactic, five for very, very climactic.

I'm not gonna do that.

Oh, it's a one. I knew it.

He's not in touch with himself enough to be...


I knew it.

Don't pretend you know everything.

And don't tell anyone.

So, what are you gonna do?


It's perfect.

He's gone.

We got it out of our system.

It worked out perfectly.



I could watch this all day.

I thought you'd gone. It's Monday.

Yes. Um, slight wrinkle.

Family in chaos post father's death.

Have to stick around, tidy up a few things.

I, um, cut my finger.

Probably needs a stitch.

Oh... ( Laughs )

I'm sorry.

This way, Dr.Knight.



You and me...

There's no such thing.

Oh, I have scratches up my back that say the opposite.

( Knock at door )

Ah, Dr. Knight. You're not back?

I'm a patient.

I will continue my search for a doctor to replace you, a team player with a courteous manner and a respect for flow charts and processes is what we seek.

So, just like me, then?


( Door closes )


We said goodbye.

I may be here for a few more weeks, so I thought...

Perhaps we could keep saying goodbye.

( Laughs ) It was great...




Well, just checking.

Good. Um, I need to go and buy a...

Gasket head or... something.


I'll bulk-bill you.


Hayley wants to get me pregnant.

Well, isn't that my job?

She's driving me crazy.

We haven't talked about it in a while.

Yeah, and I've enjoyed that.

So you're not bringing it up?


I'm bringing up the fact that I want to punch Hayley and she's pregnant, so I should not do that and, at dinner, stop me from doing that.

Don't punch the pregnant woman.

I'm on it.

( Cutlery scrapes )

To Dad.


To Dad.

To Dad.


You know, I set a place for him earlier and then I took it away. That's silly, isn't it?

Seems quite normal to me.

To Dad.

Others: To Dad.


I wish he was here to see this baby.

I know.

All our babies.

Charlie, we're thinking of naming ours Finn if it's a boy and Fiona if it's a girl.

But I don't want to step on your toes, though, if either of these are things you're thinking of.

No, you're good. Go ahead.

Um, can we talk about the farm?

Did you fix the pump?

He didn't. I saw it.

And you just walked by, did you?

Look, I need your help. Both of you.

Can we all just pull together?

You know, 'no I in team', 'it takes a village' and all that?

Hugh's right.

No, he is right about there not being an I in 'team'.

But other than that, the farm's his and I'm happy at the bar and the glamping, which is full tonight.

And I'm happy taking care of Hayley.

Aw, that's sweet.

Matt, take notes from your brother for when it's your time. ( Giggles )

Hey, Charlie, I saw the cutest shoes online today.

Hugh wants to talk about the farm, so let's focus up, people.

Yeah. Uh, Ajax, seriously...

I said everything I had to say, so I moved on.

Come on, I apologise for what I said, whatever that was.

You don't even know?

Because I didn't say anything.

Oh, you're unbelievable.

So selfish, just like Dad always said...

( Scoffs ) I've just sunk $1 million into this farm and put my job on hold and spoken to a man about a gauge gasket intermission flow pump for half an hour.

That's not selfish.

Ajax, you have to start helping.

There are no freeloaders here.

But I don't want to work on the farm without Dad.

Alright? Every time I go out there, it's too sad.


He's so the sweetest. It breaks my heart.

Poor kid.

( Door closes )

Maybe it was too soon for dinner.

I might go and sit in the ute for a bit.



( Sighs )

( Mobile phone rings )

This isn't ignoring each other.

Well, you answered.

I guess.

What would happen if I came by and knocked on your door right now?

I would not answer that door.

Well, maybe once you heard the knock, you'd change your mind.

Or are you telling me not to come?

I'm hanging up now.

( Pop music plays through headphones )

( Phone bleeps )

( Knock at door )

( Rock music plays )

( Cow moos )

Charlie: Up you get. Come on.

That's it. Party's over.

Thank you.

( Turns music off )

Matt: Come on, guys.

Let's wind this up. It's not funny.

Off you go. No more dancing.

Woman: Why?

Not part of the agreement.

Come on.

( Siren wails )


Pack up your stuff. Come on.

( Bottles clink )


Hey, Darren.

Quite the night here, apparently.

Yeah, it's fine. They're all going.

Had a lot of noise complaints.

Do you have a permit for all this?

All this?

Running a campsite.

Well, it's pretty small. Do we need one?

Oh, you need a permit for everything these days.

Having a dog, having a barbecue, putting a plant on your balcony.

Is that last one true?

Well, do you?


And you have a nosy neighbour who said beer was served?

Yeah, we can do that. We're licensed.

Within 20 yards of the brewery.

I'd say that's 20.

Should we, uh, pace it out together?

Probably not. Just take our word for it, maybe.

We're kind of the victims here.

( Engine starts )

We didn't know this was gonna happen.

( Sighs )

I'd like to turn a blind eye...

That'd be great.

I don't wanna see you lose your licence.


I'll weigh it up.


I know this is worth a lot of money to you.

I'll ponder it.

You can't use it until I decide.

What's he mean by that?

( Water runs )

Clamp the aorta, stem the blood flow...

Ah. Yes.


( Water cascades )

( Yelps )


( Groans )

( Water runs )

It is time to fight back.

( Mobile phone rings )

( Exhales )


Dr. Knight, I bring exciting news.

It's all here.

No way.

Yes way. The eagle has landed.


I've just got something to do and then I will be there.

( Bang )

I'm proud of you.

I'm proud of myself.

( Laughs )

In control.

I know there's a wild part of you that just wanted to let go.

So, good for you.

Yeah, it was hard.

( Whispers ) It was so good.

Oh, well, now you've had that experience and you can do what so many women don't do and control the circumstances.

Dr. Knight is on his way, excited about the bling being installed in the new centre.

You told him? Ken, what is wrong with you?

He doesn't work here anymore! Do you get that?

Nothing's making sense right now.

Got a time frame on the viewing, Ken?

No. Not exact.

Sloppy, Ken. Sloppy processes.

Penny, avoidance is not control.

Yelling is not control.

I can fire you.

I know, threatening is not control.

And I'm in control, so...

Thank you, Ken.

Let me know when Dr. Knight is in the house and I shall tour the facility with him.

I know. I know.

We're in a lot of trouble if he charges us.

We could lose the licence.

Yeah, I know.

He seemed on the fence but it's like he wanted something to push him off.

You know, for a second there, I thought he was angling for a bribe.

I thought that too.

Well, he was busted down in Sydney.

No-one knows why. Maybe he's dodgy.

If that were true, then maybe we could dob him in and they'd let us off.

Look at you, you deal-maker.

Oh, I'm savvy, Charlie Pereira. Savvy.

I can't lose my empire and have to run back to Hugh for a job.

Oh, well, as long as it's all coming from a higher place.

I know how to work out whether or not he's asking us for a bribe.


OK, so lay the statements out word for word.

"I'll ponder it."

"I'd hate to see you lose your licence."

Oh, no, that could be nothing.

Just regret for pain caused.

"I know this is worth a lot of money to you."

Hmm... It's getting hotter.

"I'd like to turn a blind eye."

There it is.

It is?

The righteous bribe.

You're good people. He knows that.

He wants to make you feel right about doing it.


( Sighs )

God, that's subtle, isn't it?

So, what do we do?

Make an offer.

Throw a figure in the air, see if he bites.

No, we're not doing it, Meryl.

If he's asking us for a bribe, we'll report him.

And risk losing the brewery in the process?

You're the victims here.

Think of it that he's unofficially fining you for your transgressions.

Oooh, yeah. That makes sense.

Matt! We are not bribing a cop.

Welcome to the real world, my darlings.

Thank you for your not-help, Meryl.

( Mobile phone rings )

Look, apparently we're selling 200 head today.

There's a truck here to get them and...

I don't know where they are.

Oh, unless they're the ones that I lost yesterday.

What do you mean, lost?

Well, you know how when I was a kid, I hated shutting the gate?

Are you kidding me?

I wish I was.

They were in paddock seven.

What, the paddocks have numbers?

They're our special breeding stock.

They're Rolls-Royce cattle.

Right, so it's bad that I lost them, then?

So, what do I tell this guy with the truck?

Did you learn nothing, growing up on a farm?

Well, I tried not to. Just tell me what to do.

Look, it's quiet here.

I'll find them. Send Baz home.

Who's Baz?

The guy with the truck!

OK. Why are you yelling?

Well, I've got a lot going on here.

You know your life seemed in far better balance when you ran the farm as well?

It's just an observation.

( Hangs up )

It's very beautiful for such cold, mechanical objects.

Makes you think, maybe robots in the future will actually be quite lovable.


Look at you. Look how happy you are.

I heard it was here.

Look what we did.

( Door closes )

We built a state-of-the-art regional cardiac unit.

I'm now broke, but once you see it...

It's beautiful.


I mean, just look at the C-Scanner.

It's a great C-Scanner.

You just have to touch it.

What are you doing?

You know exactly what I'm doing.

So, uh, that just happened.

I think we were overcome by the shiny objects.

We just need to avoid each other until you go.


It's only gonna be a week or two.

Matt will be back running it, trust me.

So, we could...

Take a week?


Why not?

Like a fling, where we both know the rules and it finishes when you leave.

Yeah. Great idea.

No. I don't want to do that.

Well, it doesn't have to end when I leave.

You don't want that.

You don't know what I want.

Sadly, I do.


( Sighs )

Goodbye... again.

Please, cross the road if you see me.


I'm deadly serious. Please, cross the road if you see me.


How are you getting Matt to take the farm back?

He's my brother. I know his weaknesses.

( Exhales )

( Matt exhorts cattle )

( Mooing and neighing )

So you found them?

All yours.

Close the gates.

Got a bit of legal trouble, I hear?

Who said that?


I've got my business under control, thank you.

Matt, how about I pay you a big fat wage to run all of this?


Come on, I need to go back to my job.

You've made your point.

Convince Ajax. It's his farm.


So, where do I keep the cows so they don't... run away again?

Heifers. They're heifers. And I know you let them out.

You can't just trap me into this by letting your incompetence get under my skin.

What? Me? Come on.

( Horse snorts )

Come on.

( Neighing )

Hey, I'll take you.

No, I'll go by myself.


Hey, it's not an ultrasound.

It's just a routine check-up.

And I love you but you never give me any space anymore.

Well, I want to take care of you.

( Sighs )

You want to take care of me, go fix the pump.

Fix things with Hugh.


Look, I know you're upset about Jim.

But I imagine that he is too.

No. He's not. That's the point.

Everybody grieves their own way.

You miss your dad and now you miss the farm too and I know it makes you sad. I know.

But you're going to be sad, Ajax.

Probably for a long time.

I don't like it.

But this will be easier if you pull together, you stop following me everywhere and sort through this.

Maybe you're right.

There's no 'maybe', Ajax.

I'll see you when I get home.



( Rock music plays faintly )

( Clears throat )

Maybe we should try.

A baby.


God, you make me mad.

By agreeing with you?

By not having a strong opinion.

I've giving you space and understanding.

I've read that helps a marriage.

Oh, well, clearly it doesn't, as now we're yelling.

I want a baby, Charlie. Today, if possible.

There it is.

And you?

( Gasps )




Pale ale was calling my name.


Here is the answer.

( Matt pours beer )

I haven't decided on your issue yet, so relax.

It's weird, you're a big-city cop in a small town.

Seems like different rules might apply.

Different rules?

I... I don't see how.

I do see what you mean.

This is a cool place.

Built it myself.

How much wood is in it?

500 palings.

Looks like more.

Maybe it is more.

Maybe it's, like, 700 palings.


Well, I dig it.

It's awesome to be out of my apartment and have somewhere else to go other than being surrounded by FIFOs I just arrested.

So, uh, where are you living?

A flat, by myself. Lewis Street.

I need to go check the lines.

Might need your help, Charlie.

( Whispers ) What are you doing?

( Whispers ) 700 palings. I get it.

700 bucks in the bag. He takes it, we keep the licence.

Are you kidding me? I told you not to.

It's a fine and it fits the crime.

Making it rhyme does not make it fine.

And him taking our licence for a party we didn't want here is not our fault!

sh1t, he's taking it.

( Clears throat )

Oh, my God. You just bribed a cop.

sh1t. Oh, sh1t.

Go get it back.

I can't take it back.


Hey, guys.

I've gotta go.

But I think we can forget about the drama over the licence.

Just get one.

Next time I won't be so nice.

The bag...

What bag?

Hayley: I just feel... swollen.

Yeah, your blood pressure's crazy.

I'm just gonna repeat it manually.

Oh, look at my feet.

They're like a blimp.

How long has that been like that?

Well, this morning I woke up and they had just got big.

Is something wrong?

I'm just gonna get Penny.

Are you still mad?

That you bribed a cop?

Yeah. That's what I'm referring to.

Look, I did it for us. We can't get shut down.

Well, it doesn't make me think you're great father material at the moment.

That's mean.

It's true, Matt!

I just don't know the Matt that would do that.

I made a mistake.

If I didn't think it was a mistake, would you think it was a mistake?

That seems like a trick question...

Well, it seems like I know my answer.

Well, we're not all perfect, Charlie.

My apologies.

Oh, and I want a baby too.

Did I mention that? 'Cause you never responded.

Yeah, I think we should go back to space and understanding for me.


I look at Hayley and nothing in me wants it.

( Weeps )

Well, you're scared about what happened.

What if I'm not?

What if I just don't want one?


No, I dreamt it when we first slept together.

A boy and a girl running down the street and you and I...


Yeah, what if they weren't ours and we were happy about that, so were laughing?


Well, it doesn't feel funny.

Yeah, well, you're mad, so it's dumb to talk about this.

I know you told me to stay away...

I think something might be wrong.

OK, Mia, let's do a urine dipstick, full blood count, U&Es, LFTs and cross-match.

What's wrong?

Your BP is high.

Have you had any backaches, flu-like symptoms, headache, nausea?

Oh, I've been a bit fluey and my back hurts, but, hey, I thought that was normal.

You might have pre-eclampsia.

We need to monitor you.

Mia, we need a foetal heart monitor in here as well.

Is it all OK?

A lot of women get it.

We'll check that's what it is and then we'll monitor it.

It might mean you stay here with us for a while, is all.

( Mobile phone rings )

Ajax, my son.

What would you like to call me now?

Um, it's Hayley. She's got eclampsia.

Is that it?

Where is she?

She's at the hospital with Penny.

Can... Can you come?

Already am.

How is the baby?

Yeah, it sounds fast.

Is it fast?

It's actually a bit slow.

I'll be back in a second. I have to see if your bloods are back.

Hey. What is it?

Definitely pre-eclampsia.

Some signs of foetal distress but I have to check bloods.


Mia: Got it.

I also performed a dipstick on her urine and it's high in protein.

Thrombocytopenia. Platelets are below 17,000.


HELLP syndrome.

Ajax: Hugh!

( Hayley gasps )

Alright, let's stabilise her.

Mia, draw up a loading dose of magnesium sulphate.

I'll get some IV access.

We're gonna have to perform an emergency C-section.

We need her platelets up to Got it.

40,000 to do that safely.



Mia, get onto the Blood Bank.

We're gonna need plasma and platelets.

What's happening?

Mia: BP 178 over 84.

Penny, I need to...

We've got this.

Yep. OK.

You're alright.

Hey, why don't we let them work, OK?

What? I can't leave her.

No, you can. You have to.

Alright? You can come back. But now we need to talk.

Let's go.

What's happening?

Just... one second.

Ken. Ken. Are you busy?

Always. Efficiency doesn't create itself.

Hey, Ajax. Are you OK?


I was just gonna explain to Ajax what's going on with Hayley.

Something's going on with Hayley?

And then, when I go and operate, you're gonna stay with him until my mum gets here.

Of course.

It's bad, isn't it?

Haley has something called HELLP syndrome.

It's a variant of pre-eclampsia.

What do we do?

Well, we have to get the baby out as soon as possible. That's the only way to turn it around.

Could she die?

Every operation...

What's the statistics?


I think that's what he's asking.

It is. And I can google it if you won't tell me.

It's one in four.

Oh, God.

I need to see her before you do it.

It's gonna be OK.

I promise.


Hugh's going to go and he'll come back when she's ready to be seen before they do it, OK?

We're going to walk, get a cup of tea and sit. OK?


( Medical equipment beeps and hisses steadily )

Hugh: Mia, where are we at currently?

Mia: Platelets are at 36,000.


I want you to call the lab and tell them to prioritise Hayley's bloods.

Come here.

We're nearly ready.

I love you.

Crib's ready.


Platelets are at 40,000.

Alright, let's move.

OK. I'm making the first incision.

( Beeping from machine )





142 over 80.

Way better.

OK. Let's close her up, get her into recovery.




Congratulations, Grandad.

You're fired.

You don't even work here anymore.

( Sighs )

Well done.

Yeah... Well done.

I know we said we're avoiding each other.

I apologise for turning up and saving lives.

Did you just give yourself a compliment while apologising?

I just stated a fact.

It just turned out to be how great I am.

I saw how worried you were.

I was, um, terrified.

I know.

( Exhales )

You got this?


Better go and see the kid.



( Gurgles )

Ajax, you're a dad.

He's beautiful.

Ajax: Yeah.

Hayley's gonna be OK. It's a happy day.

Yeah. It's just pretty full-on.


How do you feel?


You're now responsible for that human for the rest of your life.

It's pretty intense.

Well, you'll be great.

Sorry, I don't know why I said that.

He's adorable.

( Gasps ) Oooh...

That little skinned rabbit is my grandchild.

He beat you to it.

Oh... Got enough on my plate.

I don't need a baby right now, Mum.

Uh, how'd you go with that situation?

I did it.

How do you feel?


Well, the first time is always the hardest.

A bit like killing a man, I imagine.

Charlie's pissed off.

You told Charlie?

She was there.

Oh, that's not good for a long marriage.

Sharing your less-than-savoury parts with your spouse makes it very difficult and puts a lot of pressure on them to love you.

Too late.

Hugh: Hey.


Oh, is she OK? Can I see her?

Yeah, she should be fine.

We're just waiting for her to wake up at the moment.

But, um, yeah, go and sit with her.

Yeah? Great.

Well, hello.


You can just call me Hugh.

( Gurgles )

Matt: Charlie?

Charlie: Yeah?

I'm sorry about the bribe.

I should've cleared it with you.

I just... ( Sighs )

We have to be honest, Matt.

I know.

Wait, do we?


How did you feel when you saw the baby?

Or is the honesty rule just for me?

I didn't feel anything.


Except for terrified by how small it was.

Sometimes I wish we'd lie to each other more.

Me too.

( Stirs ) Hey.

Hey. Are you OK?

How are we feeling?

I feel fine. Where's the baby?


Can't touch him for a while.


I've gotta go.


Hey, thanks.

( Half-laughs )

No problem.

He's beautiful.

( Exhales )

Thanks for nearly dying for our baby.

( Laughs )

My pleasure.

Did you break in?

Door was unlocked.

You country people are very trusting.


I lay on your bed.

Really, Goldilocks?


And was it just right?

It was pretty good.

( Exhales )

It's just right.

( Birdsong )

I was just coming to fix that.

Fix it or stare at it helplessly?

Uh, 'how to fix a pump' video on the internet.

Uh, that's a 500.

This is an S-700.

It's a different gauge.

So, uh, how come you're fixing the pump?

I thought you'd abandoned me.

Well, it's hard to abandon the farm to certain ruin.

And I miss it. Simple.

So, uh, you'll help, then?

You'll come back?


While Ajax is out of action.

( Exhales )

What about you? Are you still leaving?

Oh, I can't leave them like this.

( Exhales )

( Ducks quack )

So boring.

So beautiful.

I so remember sitting here watching Dad work, you reading your dumb books.

Yeah, and he'd make it rain on me, remember?