03x01 - Tell Her, It's Over!

Hugh: I am a great surgeon. Just ask the 1,017 people walking around out there because of me.

We'd like you to serve your year of atonement as a general practitioner in the town of Whyhope.

You're a genius and you're wasted in a one-horse town. It's a waste.

So, Dad, must be happy about the brewery.

I mean, Matt said it basically saved the farm.

( Slams table )

If we create our own hops, we'd be more likely to get a distinctive flavour for the beer.

We'd be creating our own terroir.

I don't think it's for us.


It's your own fault.

Acting like...

I'm his father?

I'm his father, not you. Me.


( Engine starts )


I'm not calling you Dad. I'll call you... other dad.

We are gathered here today to...

( Laughter, cheering and applause )

I went off the pill a couple of weeks ago.

Bet I'm pregnant in a month.

Here's hoping.

What if I designed a stent shaped like a helix?

If she gave him the wrong blood, what happens?

Organs start shutting down, starting with the kidneys.

There's only one donor match left.


See you on the... other...


When could I see them?

Are you OK?

It's all been a bit much.

Thank you.

( Birdsong )

( Solemn music )

Well, there goes my kidney.



I liked it. He would've laughed.

( Half-laughs )

( Sighs )

And so, a final few words for our dear friend...

( Bird crows )

sh1t, that was close.

Farewell, Jim.

I think we should run to the house.

Colin Hunt lost an eye last week.

( Bird squawks )

A husband, a father, a farmer, a lover.

Haven't done it in the back of a Ute for a while. ( Laughs )

( Sighs )

And under the stars.

What could be better?

( Sighs )

Are you OK?

Just... a bit old.

You're young in the pants, Jim Knight.

Jim would not want this to be a sad day.

Uh, in fact, Matt...

Matt, where are you?

When Jim had the kidney operation, he was worried that, uh, it might be the end.

Little did we know that his kidney would be fine and a simple run-of-the-mill heart attack would take him out.



I love the sky.

Mmm. I know.

I married a romantic.

Opposites attract, I believe.

Where was I...

Where was I?

It's fine.

Uh, when Dad thought the end was near, he said at his wake he wanted everyone to drink a goodbye shot in his honour.

( Laughs ) And then another.

( Laughter )

Then one more and we'll say goodbye, while, strangely enough, 'Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?' by the Angels played.

( Laughter )

♪ Am I ever gonna see your face... ♪

To Jim.

Others: To Jim.

To Jim.

To Jim.

♪ Am I ever gonna see your face again... ♪

Oh... ( Coughs )


( Theme music )

( Pop music plays faintly )

( Mobile phone rings )


Go, Penny.

What? Funerals have a strange effect on me.

But it's not a year for... another month.

No, no...

No, I... I want to.


I... I'll be there.

I know. I thought so as well.

Is that him?

Who was that?

( Mobile phone rings )

You look weird.

Hello? Yes.


OK. Yes.

I can.

It's not a year yet.

I'll do it.

They want a final report from me on you.

The medical board. Tomorrow.

Yeah, they just called me.

They want to schedule a final hearing the day after tomorrow.


Meaning you could leave?


I'll be needing one of them.


Me too.

I think you're done.

♪ Don't know myself, don't know myself ♪
♪ Better off hiding... ♪



How you doing?

Good. Great. It's a good night.

People are having fun.

I put on some of my new IPA. People are raving.

Matt, are you alright?

Charlie, I'm fine. You?

I'm gonna miss him.

Yeah, of course.

Do you want to dance?

Are people that drunk?

Certainly are.

Ah-ha. Master of the house.

Matt, we haven't even read the will yet.

Yeah, can we not talk about it?

I agree.

Whatever happens, nothing changes.

We're dancing.

( Reggae music plays )

Hey, people are dancing. Do you believe that?

Look, it's a wake.

People get a moment when they realise they're gonna die and they get all 'live in the moment'.

They'll be having s*x too.

They better not. I'll beat the hell out of them.

Are you alright?

I know.

Bring it in.

Hugh, too many people have touched my bump.

I'm worried they've bruised the baby.

Can that happen?

It absolutely cannot.

Ah. Oh, my God. ( Laughs )

( Sighs ) So nice people are having fun.

It's not.


He's with God now.

Oh, come here.

♪ Welcome, strangers, to the show ♪
♪ I'm the one who should be lying low ♪
♪ Saw the knives out, turned my back ♪
♪ Heard the train coming ♪
♪ Stayed out on the track... ♪

( Bleating )

♪ In the middle, in the middle ♪
♪ In the middle of a dream... ♪

Just wanted to say, Meryl, grief becomes you.

On this tragic day, you have never looked more beautiful.

I agree.

Absolutely in bloom.

Thanks, gents. ( Clears throat )

How's Sharon?

Trial separation.

She said she felt the desire to stab me, so we thought a little space would be good.



Meryl, are you OK?

Gentlemen, take a walk. We need a moment.

( Half-laughs )

It's been four days.

Still a bit unbelievable, isn't it?

It really is.

It's surreal.

Still, gotta keep going.


I think it's a really good wake.

Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves.

I'm absolutely exhausted.

Well, you can go to bed. I'll throw them all out.

No! Let them stay.

I'll go.

♪ In the middle, in the middle In the middle of a dream ♪
♪ I lost my shirt, I pawned my rings ♪
♪ I've done all the dumb things ♪
♪ I melted wax to fix my wings ♪
♪ I've done all the dumb things ♪
♪ Yeah, I threw my hat into the ring ♪
♪ I've done all the dumb things ♪
♪ Well, I thought that I just had to sing ♪
♪ I've done all the dumb things. ♪

( Exhales )



( Gasps )

( Coughs )


Your shirt's all clingy.

Yours too.

♪ Bury me deep in love ♪
♪ Take me in under your wing ♪
♪ Bury me deep in love ♪
♪ There's a chapel deep in a valley... ♪



I was looking for you.

Well, you found me.

( Half-laughs )

Uh... Dr. Cartwright...

Dr. Knight...

♪ Bury me deep in love... ♪

( Gasps )

♪ Bury me deep in love... ♪

Can't believe you.

♪ Under your wing, bury me deep in love... ♪

And now I better go.

Or I could take you up to my room and...

Get you out of those wet clothes.

That's a bad idea.

Seems good to me right now, in the way that tequila has been known to do that logic inversion thing to people, so I am leaving.


( Exhales )

♪ Bury me deep in love... ♪

( Sighs )

♪ And the little congregation gathers ♪
♪ Praise for guidance from above ♪
♪ They sing, "Hear our meditation ♪
♪ Lead us not into temptation..." ♪
♪ Bury me deep in love, ♪
♪ bury me deep in your love... ♪

( Birdsong )

Here's your glowing report.

I tried to tell the truth. I just couldn't do it.

Ah. Thank you.

Got your speech ready?

What speech?

For tomorrow.

It's your final hearing. Don't you watch prison films?

It's like parole.

You have to be humble and own up to your previous idiocy.

Oh, I thought I'd just go with, you know, did the crime, did... most of the time and...

Oh, by the way, I invented a world conquering stent while I was away.

"What have you mediocrities been up to?"

That's another way to go if you want to stay here.

Well, I don't want to stay here.

I think you do.

I don't care what you think.

I think you do.

Well, I don't.



Getting quite worked up about something you don't care about.

I find that interesting.

I'm ignoring you now.

Good luck.

Although I'm not a superstitious person, I have this good luck stone my father gave me.

You have to give it back but you may take it.

Tried it for years.

Never actually been out of my pocket until now.

Well, thanks, Ken.

See you.

That was lovely, Ken.

And unexpected of you to believe in the power of objects.

That stone is cursed by my grandmother and has contributed to many failures and disasters.

I keep it in a glass jar in a box. But we need him here.

We'll never get a doctor of his calibre.

He doesn't want to go.

Yes, he does.

Mrs. Riley?

Before I start, may I just reiterate my condolences.

And Meryl, you look wonderful...

Is... is he flirting with her?


And carry your fragrance that delights.

Oh, yes. No, no, he is.

Uh, Glen, do you want to...

Get this moving?

Of course.

This is the last will and testament of Jim Knight.

It's such a horrible sentence.

I'm so sorry.

Can we just get to the farm? We know what this is.

I just want to hear the words.

Matt, could...

Where's Ajax?

He wasn't feeling up to it.

The farm. Here it is.

The Arcadia property, all fixtures, fittings, dwelling, debts and assets will pass on to Hugh Knight as the eldest son.

In brackets, in pen, Jim has written, "Why else would he get it?"

OK. Not pertinent.

Oh, nice.

OK. Later.

( Sighs )

( Door opens )

Matt? Matthew?



I hit you and told you not to call me that when I was seven.

You really think this is a good time to revisit that name now?

Hey, I know this is sh1t. It's your farm.

Our farm. But you and Ajax know how to run it.

I don't know anything about farming.

I hopefully won't even be here.

I can do what I want with it?

Of course you can.

What am I gonna do, tell you where to... plant the turnips?

We don't farm turnips.

Exactly. Will you come back in?

No, I'm gonna go.

I'm getting copies of the will printed.

Glen wanted to give me a shiatsu massage.

I thought it was best.

What? Are you OK?

We will forge on, my sons, as your father would have wanted.

Hugh, Glen wants to see you, though.

Don't let him massage you.

I promise I won't.


Later, arse face.

That was never my nickname.

One summer, OK?

Don't even... It's not even funny unless you're nine.

Ah, Hugh.

Uh, let... me...


Uh, you do know they invented computers?

Ah, and I had one with all the information on there and then I realised one day some Nigerian hacker's gonna bring the banking system down.

Yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen...

Your interest payments will need to be seen to.

( Sighs ) OK.

47,000 a month.


Well, is there money in there for the 47?

About half. Your brother's brewery haven't put their money in yet.

It'll be fine. It'll be fine.

I'm about to go back to being a highly paid surgeon and the farm's worth a lot, right?

Eight million.

Well, that's good.

And is mortgaged for 11.


$11 million.

I had a feeling that's what you meant.

So, effectively, I've inherited a $3 million debt?

Indeed. But here's your most pressing problem.

There is a $1 million loan that unfortunately is due on death.


Your dad's.


Due in seven days.


You could sell some of the farm.

No. No, we can't do that.

Well, if I regard the farm as insolvent...

Just... just... don't do anything.


I'll take care of the interest and you and... the other thing.

Seven days.

It's a long time.


A lot can happen in seven days.

Seven days ago, my dad wasn't dead.


Has your mother ever talked about me?

( Half-laughs )

( Sighs )

( Mobile phone rings )


Meryl, where are you?

You're just the person I wanted to talk to.

I've had a great idea.

Are you OK? Did you get some sleep?

Of course. I want to make a film about nuclear fuel rods.


An educational film.

I was watching 'Dracula' this morning.

This morning?

I thought that if people are convinced there are vampires, then we can convince this town that we have the future in our grasp.


How about we just have a restful day, clearing up and reflecting?

No time for that, Hayley.

Hey. How was it?

All fine. Beautiful day.

Perfect, in fact.



Hey, beautiful.

You're acting weird.

Because I'm excited about the day?

Because your dad just died.

I just don't feel like you're facing it.

You seem happy.

Like weirdly happy.

I'm just making sure you're OK because that's what loved ones do.

Well, thank you for your concern.

I'm sad that he's gone, but I'm excited about the day.

Might go get Ajax.

Well, that's a good idea.

I don't think he's doing so great.

No, he's gonna miss him something terrible. Poor kid.

( Sighs )

( Clunk )


In here.

What are you doing?

I'm just pulling skeet.

Right. Are you OK?

Yeah, I don't really feel like working today, sorry.

No, that's OK. You don't have to. Just come with me.

I wanna show you something.


What's going on?

Hops. Our own hops.


See the system?

How clever are they? They climb the ropes.

Hops. Amazing hops.

Yeah, Dad said he didn't want you to do that.

Dad... Well... We have to move on.

And this is a great crop and a great idea.

This paddock is for cattle.

It was for cattle.

Now it's for hops.

He's only been dead five days.

When did you plan this?

I planned this years ago.

And now I can do it. And they have to planted this month or I have to wait another year.

I can't believe you. What's wrong with you?

Well, I have to run the farm, Ajax. I can't just wallow...

It's been five days, Matt!

OK, it's too soon for you and the hops. My mistake.

I thought you'd like it.

No, you have to stop!

He didn't want this!

I'm not stopping, OK?

This was a bad idea. I'm sorry. Go home.

I'm gonna tell Hugh.

I run the farm, not Hugh.

It's Hugh's, not yours.

( Siren wails in the distance )

( Phone bleeps )

( Sighs )


Oooh, bugger...

( Mobile phone rings )

( Sighs )



What's wrong?

Matt's putting hops into the Riley Pass paddock.

Riley Pass.

You know, I made a pass at a girl called Riley once.

No, Hugh, the... the paddock is for cattle.

But never cattle.

( Clears throat ) Never.

Hugh? Hugh? Hugh?!

( Sighs )

( Laughs )


Dear people of Whyhope, I'm about to walk you through the various elements of nuclear fuel rods and show you the golden opportunity that is shimmering before us.

Great. Good.

Cut. Think we got it.


I think we need some landscape shots with me driving off into the future, leaving the past behind.

Metaphoric Whyhope. We must leave the past behind.

I'm exhausted, Meryl.

For the good of this baby, I need sleep.

Oh, of course... of course.

You... you go.

Are you OK?

I am.

But we must look after you.

Are you thinking about Jim a lot?

Of course.

He's always here.

But we can't stop.

Go to bed, Meryl.


You too.

( Sighs )

( Pants rapidly )

Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on...

Go to bed.

Are you OK?

I might make them a quick sponge before I turn in.

The school's got its cake sale tomorrow.

Matt, I'm late for work.

I just want to show you the glory that is my hops.

OK. ( Laughs )

I think I worked out where you're at with your dad.

You did?

You feel free.

Yeah. Is that bad?

Well, you spent your whole life under his wing, him holding you up, but also holding you back.

Now he's not.

I never had a moment where I didn't take what he wanted into account, give into it.

Now I get up, I want to plant my field with hops, I plant my field with...


Matt, be calm...

Ajax! What are you doing? Stop!

Ajax! Ajax, stop!

( Ringing tone )

Hugh: ( On phone ) Mum, what's going on?

Oh, everything's fine.

Just finishing baking a cake.

No, what's going on with Matt and Ajax?

Before I have to delve into it, I thought I'd get the inside word.

Oh, it's just a little bit of push and shove, that's all.

Don't you worry about it.

You focus on getting back to who you are.

I will. I'm gonna be humble.

( Laughs, snorts ) Oh, you're so funny.

Um, what about you? You're OK?

I'm just baking a cake.

Cake sale. Got to raise more than last year.

Well, it's good to keep busy, I guess.

Dr. Knight, we're ready for you now.

Gotta go, Mum. Uh, wish me luck.

Luck? Luck's for ordinary people.

Good point.

( Sighs )

I've learnt a lot about myself, about community, the importance of patients and my responsibility to them.

And what about drugs?

Uh, why, what do you need? ( Laughs )

Joke. Joke.

My new drug is patients' welfare, my career and the smell of fresh air as I run 30 k's each morning.

I'm a better person.

And I hope you will let me repay you and the medical profession for your faith in me.

( Clears throat )

Well, um, I think were all good, hmm?

Welcome back.

( Laughs ) Uh, thank you.

Thank you.


Your stent is amazing, by the way. ( Giggles )

We got some drinks in, if you don't mind.

No, no, uh, I love drinks.

In moderation, of course. Not... not overly.

Well, the hospital's looking forward to having you back.

Uh, Monday's good?

Uh, yes.

Uh, it's more than OK.

So, what, you thought this would go well, then?

Oh, talent like you, wasted in the bush.

We'd love to do some press on the stent.

You, the hospital, the stent.


The stent.


Welcome back, Doctor.

Oh, we forgot.

A quick drug test, one last one.

Only joking. ( Laughs )

I think you've pissed in enough jars.

( All laugh )

Waste of time. Totally agree.




( Mobile phone rings )


Oh, sorry, my... father died recently.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Yes, um, family are...


Uh, I was gonna say 'annoying' but that too.


( Clears throat )

Matt: ( On phone ) Hi. It's me.

I think you need to come back here.

Uh, no.

No, I don't.

You need to tell Ajax who's in charge.

He ploughed my hops under.

Oh, God, this is boring. You know, this is always boring.

You need to tell him how it now works.

His dad just died.

Yeah, so did mine.

You know what I mean. He's a kid...

Hugh, you need to sort this out if you want this farm to work.

( Sighs )

( Clinking )

Alright. Alright.

I'll come back and talk to him.

( Sighs, hangs up )

( Sighs ) God.

Ajax: Pull!

( Fires shot )

( Shell falls )

( Cocks rifle )


( Fires shot )

They're smaller than I remember.

Yeah, I imagine Matt's head and I never miss.

Uh, yeah.

I heard things got a little heated.

Yeah, I ploughed his field under.

Why? He's... He's just trying to plant crops.

Crops is money.

Money is what I... what we need.

Dad said no.

Ajax, he's got a farm to run.

Yeah, we need to run it like Dad wanted.

You can just tell him that.

He works for you.

He knows better than me.

Dad knows better!

And I know what Dad wanted!

OK. OK. A lot of yelling.

It's not...

You know what, the farm is a basket case.

I need to sink $1 million into this place and I'm not gonna do it if it's not gonna work.

( Cocks rifle )

Dad kind of ran this place into the ground.

( Fires shot )


You didn't love him.

I always knew that.

Oh, that is bullshit.

And so did he. He knew it.

Turns out neither did Matt...

Stop saying that.

What are you, a baby?

Is that how Dad raised you?

Just get away from me.

Alright, sorry.

Look, we're are all a little raw...


( Sighs )

You can't keep losing your prescription drugs, Gordon.

And yet I do.

I know you do. I'm saying don't.

He's here.


Is he...

He's pacing out the front.


Is that bad?



One minute.

( Door closes )

( Whispers ) sh1t. f*ck.

sh1t. f*ck. sh1t.

Oh, no. ( Sighs )


You're leaving. I can tell.

Congratulations... she says, sadly.

Oh, Penny will be crushed.

Congratulations! I heard!


That's amazing.

( Sighs ) What a great day.

You promise this is my last shot?

My back's killing me.

Meryl? Meryl!

Yes. OK.

So I drive away...

I think I just weed myself.


And so, do we drive off into the future or do we stay mired in the past and let someone else's town reinvent themselves?

You decide, Whyhope.

I know which way I'm heading.

Oh... Definitely weed myself.



Oh... Oh...

Relax, OK? Here we go.

You need a lie down.

I will, but I've got a couple of things to do first.


Hayley, leave me alone!

Just leave me alone!

( Sighs )

Do we have champagne, Betty?

Uh, no. We have Gatorade or shots of morphine.

I have a flask.

Why is that weird?

I need my rock back.

Oh. Yes. Um, thanks, Ken.

Obviously did the trick.


( Clears throat )

So, when do you leave?

Uh, they want me there Monday.



Yeah, they're short surgeons.

You know, lists are backed up.

Part of the reason for the early parole, I guess.

I see. Well, that puts us under incredible pressure and may break us.

But bully for you. Not to mention the new heart clinic which launches in a month now without a heart specialist.


Yes. I... I know you're under enormous pressure, so I thought maybe...

Ken, we'll be fine.

We were fine before Hugh got here and we'll be fine again.

Cheers. To Hugh.


♪ I was holding my breath ♪
♪ When the tightrope walker slipped into the moonglow ♪
♪ Saying "All my children, follow me, ♪
♪ maybe it's time to go" ♪
♪ You can be chrome when you're wise ♪
♪ Can be wise when you're blue... ♪

( Mobile phone rings )

♪ And, baby, if I have ♪
♪ Then I have for you... ♪

( Beep )


Are you following me?

I might just be driving behind you.


I feel like we didn't say goodbye.

We could...

We could say it now.


Follow me.

♪ Kind woman that my passion wore ♪
♪ Like the shoreline wears the tides ♪
♪ Maybe the water went dry Keeping an eye on you ♪
♪ And with an eye on you it could drown me too ♪
♪ And the light in the window to pass the night through ♪
♪ Maybe so uncertain but what can I do? ♪
♪ Keepin' it on, keepin' it on ♪
♪ And I know I like it but what does that prove? ♪
♪ Sometimes I worry, I don't know how to love you... ♪

That was, um... Wow.

( Laughs )

I have wanted you for such a...

Don't. Don't. Don't get all sentimental on me.

Kiss me goodbye. Now.

( Laughs )

Are you serious?




( Door closes, engine revs )

( Music plays faintly )



How'd it go? You back on the knives?

I'm back doing precision surgery with high-grade titanium instruments. Yes.

I'm not a butcher.


Just stop your brothers from killing each other before you go, will you?

Yes, yes, I will.

Hey, um, you do the accounts.

You know it's a disaster, this place?

I know. Isn't it? It's terrifying.

Jim used to take out loans without telling me.

Thank god that's over.

Ah, the Godfather.

The Don. Il Capo. The Patriarch.

Oh, just get me a beer, will you? We need to talk.

You want me to back off on the hops for Ajax?

Yeah. Just for a while.

Give him time to settle.

OK. Fine.

Well, that was way too easy.

What's going on?

He'll need a drink.

It occurred to me I work for you.

Can we not think of it like that?

I'll just run it how you want.

I want to grow hops yesterday.

( Sighs ) Ajax is... fragile.

It also occurred to me that you'll die and have to give it to Ajax, as family rules apply, as well as me working for you.

I'm not dying. In fact, I'm about to begin my new old life again.

I quit.


I'll just run the brewery.


My brewery.

Isn't it my brewery?


It's on my land.

I leased it off Dad. 20 years.

Matt, it's not my fault that he left it to me.

We were also kind enough to pour whatever profits into paying off the farm's interest bill.

That stops too.

I don't want the farm. I never did.

OK? I... I'll sell it to you for $1.

( Laughs ) You'd still be left with all the debts.

Fine. I'll get Ajax to run it.

What, like Dad did?

I'll sell it. I'll just sell it.

OK, explain that to Ajax.

Wait, what's that? Was that...

Was that Dad laughing from up there?

( Sighs )

( Gunfire and screaming on video game )

Meryl: ( Gasps ) Quick...

Oh... Oh... Oh, quick.

( Door closes, engine starts )

( Laughs )

There they are.

( Laughs )


What's wrong?

( Car door closes )


Where's Dad?



( Gunfire continues on video game )

Hello. Have you ever played this...

( Clears throat ) Call of Duty?

Jim and Ajax play it all the time.

It's really quite exhilarating.

But those head shots...


Do you think maybe you should go to bed?

Oh, can't sleep.


Too much energy.

( Gunfire continues on video game )

Oh... oh, dear, enough about me.

You got your licence back.

Oh, I'm so excited and I'm so proud of you.

Uh, thanks.

Um, I'm gonna make tea.


( Gunfire and screaming continues on video game )

( Cries )

There we go.


We're gonna miss you.

( Half-laughs )

And I'm so excited about you being back where you belong.


Have you slept at all since the funeral?

I don't seem to want to.

Mum, we lie to others, not each other.


Looks like you've been eating them like Tic Tacs.

Sleep deprivation is dangerous.

I know about Guantanamo Bay. I've seen '60 Minutes'.

Don't lecture me.


One can become irrational, snappy, run their car off the road.

Yes, well, give me something with no side effects.

Eight hours sleep would be good.

( Exhales )

What's going on?

( Gasps )

It's strange. ( Sniffs )

The first couple of nights, I had these very upsetting dreams, where I... I just... I couldn't... save him.

And then... just... sleeping in the bed alone...

I'd rather not, thank you.

Mum, no-one could've saved him.

( Cries )

He had a massive myocardial infarction.

I could've been standing right there and I couldn't have saved him.

I'm so sorry.

He loved you very much, you know that.

I know.

In his way.

( Both half-laugh )

( Sighs )


Um, at this point, I should probably tell you you've just drunk a cup of sedative.

( Sniffs )



I'm, um...

I'm gonna miss you.

With him gone and then you...


( Sighs ) I'll be fine.


It's just, um...

It's a lot in a week, isn't it?

It is.


( Sets cup down )

I can't sleep in our bed.

( Exhales )

( Moans softly )

( Door squeaks )

It's my room, Mum. Don't worry.

( Exhales )


I'll stay with you, sit right next to the bed.

You promise?

Well, you did the same for me once.

But you were nine years old.

That was just after that bull tried to...

Mount you.

( Sighs )

( Birdsong )

Bet you you think this is funny.

( Laughs )


( Exhales )

( Sighs )

Oh, hello, Dr. McCain.

Hugh Knight.

Look, about starting Monday...

I might have to stay a few more weeks.