02x09 - Forgive and Forget

What happened between you and Charlie, Hugh?

I stole her away from my brother.

I had met someone else.

In Las Vegas, right?

Why does everyone think she was a stripper?

She was the dentist with...

Some prescription drug issues.

The girl in Vegas, do you love her?

We met and just clicked, like I never have with anyone else.

I'm going to lie down and you're going to shift me.

You want Millie?

And you.

How long is this freezing-out going to go on for?

You know, he didn't do anything.

But he wanted to.

You've sustained severe kidney damage.

I can't eat, I can't sleep,

I'm tired, I'm nauseous.

Problem is, Dad, you've got a very rare blood type.

You're a hard match for a transplant.

What are you doing here?

You're getting a new kidney.


It's a new shot at life.

Love you, Dad.

( Mobile phone rings )

No, we're just about to get...

No, you tell them to wait.

Oh, we're too late.

What's that mean?

There's only one donor match left.


Let me scrub in. I've never seen one.

You want to watch my transplant?

They've got them on YouTube. Watch that.

Have you ever seen Adele live?

It's so much better than YouTube.

Okay. Okay, fine.

But if it starts to go wrong and there's a 'Sophie's Choice' situation you know which one to tell them to save, right?

See you back there.

( Scoffs )

You are kidding.

You know I don't kid.

I said I might deliver them in person.

Well, give me the papers and go.

Well, I left them at the motel.

Can we chat?

I've come a long way.

Me too.

I need to talk to you.

No, Harri. No talking.

Go and get the papers, I will sign them and you go. That's how this is gonna work.

What happened to an Aussie country welcome?

Tourist information centre just down the road.

They'd be thrilled to see you.

I've got patients.

Ten minutes. That's all I ask.

( Kisses )

( Sighs )

Okay, Betty, who's up?

Oh, um, Mrs Eagle.

I think I have herpes.

Always better to start when we're in the office.


Can I make an appointment with Dr. Knight?

Oh, um, he's kind of busy today, but...

And you are?


I'm Harriet.

But everybody calls me Harri.

Can you castrate my husband?

Probably unethical, but a stern talking-to for sure.

( Low-level conversation )

( Half-laughs ) Excuse me.

Don't talk to... people...

He's so controlling. Our whole marriage was like this.

Your what?


You were married?

Technically are.

All right, come.

Oh, so handsome when he's commanding.

So nice to meet you, Betty.

( Slams door )

Don't get mad.

I came all this way to apologise, to make amends.

I don't need it. I don't want it.

I'm not your victim.

What do you want?

Not what you're thinking.

What am I thinking?

( Moans )

♪ I'm going up the country, ♪
♪ babe, don't you want to go? ♪
♪ I'm going up the country, ♪
♪ babe, don't you want to go? ♪
♪ I'm going some place where ♪
♪ I've never been before ♪
♪ I'll leave this city, ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ I'm gonna leave this city, ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ All this fussing and fighting, ♪
♪ man, you know I sure can't stay. ♪

The brew guy's here.


What's so funny?


You'll see.

He's hot.

Oh, yeah.

You realise you're talking to your husband?

Seriously, you're gonna love him.


Matt and Charlie: Hey.

I'm Dan.

Hey, Dan, I'm Matt.

Oh, I know who you are.

You're the man, the dude, the brew crew.

My friends and I are big beer enthusiasts.

We do blind tastings, get to the end, look at each other and say, "Matt."



Oh, yeah. You're royalty, mate.

Keep it up.

( Laughs ) I love that guy.

He's got something.

Are you okay?

Dad's gonna be fine, Ajax.

Hugh said it's got a 97% success rate.

I think we're gonna have to put up with him for decades to come.

It's Hayley, am I right?

I can't just give up, right?

No. You need to apologise.

I did that.

Okay, well, then, you haven't thought about it well enough.

Who is Hayley and what apology would go to her heart?

Ken, I think we're gonna be in a serious argument tonight.

Uh, why would we be?

Book club.

I can't imagine that the romanticism of 'The Lovers' by Marguerite Duras appealed to you.

Oh, book club.

Did you get the cheese we like?

I got those gluten-free crackers.



The second Monday night of the month.

Let the intellectual swords be drawn.

In a gentle, fun way, of course.

I told Mia I'd go for Thai food and then Thai massage.

We're calling it Thai night. ( Laughs )

But it's book club night.

I apologise profusely.

It's just... There's only us in book club, Ken.

If you don't come, it'll just be me sitting alone with a book.

What are you talking about?

Hugh's wife is in the building.

Who told you that?


Ken, I told you that in confidence.

His wife?

Uh, American. Las Vegas. Lovely.

And they're on heat.

I was down by his doors earlier and, holy cow, I mean, Ken and I are, like, crazy and everything...

Oh, okay, enough.

Private details of private lives are not for my reception.

Whoa. Valium for Betty.

Come on, Ken. You ready to rice-paper-roll on out of here?

You get it? ( Laughs )

His wife?


( Hugh exhales )

Well, here we are again.

( Pager beeps )

( Sighs )

( Exhales )

Oh, sh1t.

An emergency?

( Sighs )

Can I come, watch you in action?

You know, I loved watching you work.

It was like watching Mozart or something.

I felt the same way watching you drink.

I don't anymore.

That's why I'm here.

I'm happy for you.

I have to go home.

What, home home?

To Arcadia?

Your family?

Meryl and Ajax. I have to meet your son.


I have to come.

You have to let me come. I have to meet them.

That's not happening. You're going back to the motel.

I'll be there later on tonight.

We sign divorce papers and then you go.

Hugh, I'm begging. And I have no top on.

No, we sign the papers and then you go.


Just got a lot on my plate.

I didn't come here to make you unhappy.

( Sighs )

I'll see you at the motel.

It's room 69.

( Sighs )

( Laughs )

You couldn't make it up.

( Laughs )


We need to talk.

We absolutely do not.

Now, in ten minutes, my...

Harriet is gonna come up here and ask you how to get to Arcadia.

You're gonna draw her a map leading her to...

Somewhere not Arcadia?


Problems are better faced head on.

Not this one.

Thanks, Betty.

( Types )

Meryl, can I have some space, please?

Absolutely not.

I'm spending every last moment I can with you in case you die on that operating table, which I order you not to do, by the way.

I've sent those emails, Meryl.

Stay for dinner?

The Last Supper?

Can we not call it that?

Uh, I promised Mum I'd be home.

Hayley, can I talk to you?

Of course. We're friends.

I want you back.

I love you.

Okay, I made a mistake.

I didn't even make a mistake.

I thought about making a mistake.

You wanted someone else, Ajax.

Okay, but let me say this, if your brother or sister sins against you, uh, rebuke them, and if they repent, forgive them.

Luke, 17:3-4.


You read the Bible?

I'd do anything for you.

Or did you just google 'biblical quotes about forgiveness'?

Well, it's still from the Bible.

Hayley, please...

But I do forgive you, Ajax.

You do?

Of course.

Doesn't mean I'll marry you.

( Switches engine off )

Ah! You're just in time.

Made a stout in Dad's honour.

What, does everyone think I'm gonna die?

It was to cheer you up.

How's that working?

Oh, they've pretty much got me buried.

Is there something you're not telling me?

No, you'll be fine.

Yeah, I better be.

I'm holding you responsible.

Uh, but you can't drink.

Well, neither can you, then.

I'm getting your kidney and I expect it in pristine condition.

That train has left the station.

You'll take it and you'll be grateful.

I'll just take it.

You got your will sorted, your plot picked out in case I skip town?

What, you want me to be grateful?

Oh, that you're taking an organ from my body?

No, why would I want that?

Ah. We have a guest.

( Sighs )

Harriet: I'm here.

( Laughs )

I'm actually here.

Who's that?

I'm gonna need something stronger.



Oh, my God.


And Matt, right?

And Jim?

Oh, my God!

I'm Harriet.

My wife.

Las Vegas wife.

You may recall I...

Did that.

( Gasps )



( Laughs )

You brought her here?

I expressly did not.

It's exactly as I imagined it.

Jim, I'm coming for you.

( Both laugh )

Yeah, goodo.

How did you find it?

Betty's not such a good liar.

There you go.

Who's that?

Um, Hugh's wife.

Funny. Who is it?

Las Vegas wife.

( Drops plates )

You okay?



Such a beautiful town. I love it.

Bourbon. Matt, got any bourbon?

Hi, I'm Charlie.


I owe you a huge apology.

You really don't.

I never even knew he had a girlfriend until after we got hitched and when he told me at the breakfast buffet at Caesars Palace, I hit him so hard in the mouth.

You remember that?

Oh, like a... Vietnam flashback.

I love that story.

I've got a ton like that.

Do tell.

Uh, we're married.

I know. He told me.

And won't your babies be the master race?

You're staying for dinner.


Well, if you're insisting.

She's not.

No, she is. This is awesome.

The missing year's about to be filled in.

Hugh, are you okay?

Can we talk privately?

( Gasps ) She really can't.

Uh, well...

So, how was your trip?

Oh, it's a long story. I was sitting next to this guy...

Hey, will the transplant be as painful as this for you?

Not even close.

It's so great to finally meet you.

I've heard so much about you all.

And yet we've heard so little.

I'm a private kind of person.

We have been intrigued, though.

Sure have.

Well, I'm not offended.

We had a complicated, slightly volatile relationship.

Yes, kind of like World War II but...

Both: With cocktails.

So, why are you here?

Uh, forgive Ajax his manners.

A kid. You have a kid.

He was always trying to knock me up.

Double diaphragming to keep those swimmers at bay.


Can you please stop enjoying this?

Absolutely not. So, do you always eat fancy like this?

Matt: It's the Last Supper.

Oh, will you stop saying that?

Jim's having a kidney transplant tomorrow and...

Hugh's donating his kidney.


I'm a selfless type.

Don't you remember?

Not really.

Look, I'm happy not to do it.

But you're doing it.

Yeah, all right, Meryl. Don't get teary.

Look, I promised myself we'd go together.

I couldn't do a day without you.

Wow. Did we just witness a murder-suicide pact?

I think so.

That is so sweet.

Jim, you are not the made-of-stone pain-in-the-ass that he described.

I said other things too.

All right, we're going, okay?

Let's go, Harriet.


We're getting a divorce.

You're not divorced?

30 minutes more.

Say bye-bye now.


Harriet, we would love to have you over for dinner.


To eat or to feed?

We're going.


( Door opens and closes )

I like her.

( Others laugh )

You just put Ajax behind you and move forward.

The wise bury their dead.

Oh, he's not dead.

Metaphorically, and he may as well be.

God put a lot of fish in the sea, Hayley.

Yes, Mum.

His temptation revealed a dark side that would have enveloped you.

Choked your soul.

And cast you out into the cold.

Okay. Okay, I get it. I'll move on.

You loved him, so it's hard.

The good thing is that you escaped intact, untouched and still pure for your future husband.

Harriet: You can come in.

Uh, you can come out.

I've got a pen.


So, should we take a moment to, I don't know, honour the good...

Okay. Great. Done.

So, no?

Sign here.

( Sighs )

I'll mail them.

I need to make amends to you.

I've been clean for a year.

Good for you.


Safe trip back.


I love you.

f*ck off. ( Laughs )

I will.


( Birdsong )

Look at that.

Married man.


( Laughs )


So, she's a trip.

Can we please not talk about her?

Well, that's not gonna happen.

You need to get her out of town.

I am. She's going.

Sending divorce papers today.

Then I'm looking forward to some anaesthetic, getting rid of a pesky kidney.

When was the last time you saw her?

Hawaii, last year.

Just before the incident in Sydney that sent me up here.

We met up for a couple of days of debauchery.

Do you still like her?

I'm trying not to think about it.

It wasn't just some drunken, drug-fuelled whatever thing, was it?

No, it was, but, uh...

It was also a fair bit more.

You think I'd leave you for anything less?

You really loved her?

Well, she's trouble.

You need to make her go.

She's stopped drinking.

What does that mean?

It's just... information.

Hi, I'm Betty and I'm an alcoholic.

Um, I know I usually lead the group and I don't share much but I have this friend and I think maybe he's with someone who's wrong for him.

And he can't see it and it's making me feel a bit...


( Low-level conversation )

We meet again.

Oh, hey.

( Laughs )

I liked your story.


So he's with someone else, your friend?

Yeah. I worry about him.

How long have you been sober?

12 years.

Whoa. Okay. I'm just the one.

Did you do the whole amends thing?

Yep. Super painful.

But you need it.

You've gotta clear the past, clean your soul.

He won't let me.

Well, you hurt people.

So, before you do amends, generally, you have to let them hurt you back a little bit.

Don't take no for an answer, huh?

Thanks, Betty.

And good luck with your friend.

Oh, it's... fine.

I'm not even really that worried about it.

I'm just watchful for others' well-being.

Well, good for you. Bye.

How do I ever thank him?

Just say it.

"Thank you."

It's never that easy.

It's two words.

Try it.


Come to see you off.

Maybe I should come to Sydney.

I told you before, I want that bottom paddock cleared.

Okay. Don't have a heart attack as well, then.

Come here.

Listen, three days.

Paddock's not clear, you'll need an arse transplant because I will have kicked you so hard in it.

Okay. Yeah.

You'll be fine.

See you, love.

See you soon.

See you, mate.


You don't hug your father?

Uh, not since I was six, actually.

( Both laugh )

Okay, so take two twice a day and don't forget the cream.


( Knock at door )

Two things.

We leave in an hour to cut you open and rip a kidney from your body...

Must you?

All opportunities must be taken.

And second thing, you're married?


Technically is actually.

Yes, well, we just never... did it.

But now...

Hmm. I might go post them.

Can I meet her?


She's gone.

Why didn't you get divorced till now?

Well, she's a hard woman to track down.

Florida cops never managed it.

Neither did I.

She came all the way for that?

( Paper rustles )

Hi. Is he...

Your Hugh's wife.


Oh, everyone seems so excited to see me.

Except you.

I'm Penny.

Oh. Your relationship to hubby?

Uh, boss.


You hesitated.


Have I walked into a workplace thing?


Trust me, he's a keeper.

You should put a pin in him.

He left you, didn't he? You're very charitable.

I left him.

Nice to meet you.

You too.

Police are on their way. They're up the street.

Yeah, one of the advantages of being in a small town.

I said there was a trespasser, possibly with a weapon.

They're bringing tasers.

Goddamn you, why can't you just let me do this?

Because then you get everything.

You get to screw me over and walk away scrubbed clean.


So this is how you're gonna hurt me?

( Half-laughs ) You're a narcissistic sociopath.

I doubt I could hurt you.

You always get it your own way, Harri.

Not this time.



( Handbrake cranks )





We'll get back together and get married.

( Yelps ) Yes!

I had s*x with you. I have to marry you.

I am wrong in the eyes of God and damaged goods to anyone else.


Anyway, let's set a preparation meeting for 4:00.

Charlie, I can see you spying on us.

But I was just checking... for...

Will you help us plan?

Yeah, of course.

I'd love to.


I love you.

You too. I'll see you at 4:00.

( Exclaims )

Oh, happy ending!

Um, okay.

( Laughs )


Matt, Hayley took me back.

Oh, that's great.

( Engine starts )

Did you go home and shower?

New delivery guy's coming.

Wanted to look my best.

I hear that.

I'm gonna be in the bathroom fixing myself pretty.

Betty, did you leave a coffee cup on my brand-new roster page?

My apologies.

We need to talk.

I'm always open to dialogue.

You're annoyed at me about book club.

There is no book club, just me reading a book.

I'm happy for you.



And I'll be there to pick up the pieces when she takes your heart and smashes it unfeelingly into a million tiny pieces like it's nothing.

That's not going to happen.

I hope I'm wrong.

You are wrong.

Well, I haven't been wrong for years but maybe I will be.

And don't bother to cancel our netball one-on-one.

I just did it for you.

Is our taxi here?

Penny, you need to slap me.

I really don't wanna do that.

I'm a terrible person.


I just tried to manipulate Ken into not trusting Mia.

You what?

You're reconsidering the slap. Do it.

Why would you do that?

I don't know. It just happened.

He's just so... with her.



Do you have feelings for Ken?


He's one of my best friends. We disagree about everything. Of course not.

Once someone's with someone, you often realise how you really feel.

You think I have feelings for Ken?


Do you?



( Half-laughs )

Although, I was so het up yesterday, I wanted a drink.

That hasn't happened in years.

What are you gonna do?


Meditate. Just... let it go.

Be the bigger person.

He is handsome and very organised.

You warm enough?

Would you stop fussing over me?

That's not going to happen.



( Exhales )

He's good, this guy, right? We checked.

You rang everyone you know, as did I. He's the best.

Oh, my God.

You told me to go.

This is how one goes.

( Exhales )

Do you two want to...


Thanks anyway.

Meryl. Jim.

Meryl: Harriet.

So, she wants to say sorry, is that such a crime?

I don't need it.


What did she do to you?

Penny, I'm not her victim. I don't need an apology.

I used to say that about Mark.

"I'm not your victim."

But it just meant that I was.

He would screw with me and hurt me and I kept pretending that he didn't.

But he did.

Not the same.

Then just be a good guy and let her apologise, if it's really not a big deal.

( Beeping )

It's really not.

( Half-laughs )

( Sighs, unbuckles seatbelt )

Come on.

( Seatbelt unbuckles )


Do it.


Well, once we get off this plane, we'll never see each other again, so if you're so keen to do it, does it matter where?

Isn't humiliation part of the whole thing?

Well, humiliation is a part of it, so why not?


Uh, here goes.

What's she apologising to him for?


( Whispers ) We're about to find out.

I apologise for when I said I was going shopping and I would meet you for dinner at 6:00 at that little place in Brooklyn.

Well, you did, it was just three days later, when you'd run out of money and drugs.

But you met me.

Yeah, that was weird. What were you doing there three days later?

You always remembered the last thing you said before you went on a binge, so I knew eventually you'd be there.


And, boy, was I hungry by then.

Yes, I remember. And then you slept for two days.

And lost my job.

Are we done?

Oh, and...

And the time we went to that doctor awards night and I took an E and made out with that ophthalmologist in front of all of your friends.

Ah. Yeah, well, you could have at least shared her. We were married.

And I know that you loved that dog.

And if I could remember who I sold him to, I would get him back.

I did love Jasper.

I'm sorry I left you.

You loved me and I loved you.

But I treated you like I didn't because I loved booze and pills more.

And it hurts sober me so much that I caused pain to someone I truly, deeply loved, more than I've loved anyone in my mostly stupid but sort of fun life.

( Beeping )

It makes me want to drink, it hurts that much.


I won't.

No, we were bad for each other.

I was no angel.

( Laughs ) I know. But you tried.

You tried really hard.

So, thank you.

And I apologise.

( Whispers ) That was really quite moving.

Had a dog?

I didn't think he liked dogs.

Remember the Mustang?

With the dodgy sunroof?


Racing to get that flight in Seattle.

How much rain was there?

And you remember you said "I'll stop when it covers..."

Both: "The brake pedal."

( Sighs )

Man: ( Over PA ) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sydney.

( Beeping )



Go on, f*ck off.

You too.

( Beeping )

Okay, Dad.

Let's go get cut open.

( Birdsong )

What about lemon merengue?


And you want peach and cream as the colour theme?

I guess.

It's in your book.

Then, okay.

Can we have a moment, Ajax?

What are you doing, Hayley?

Mmm, planning a wedding?

I've seen happier root canals.

( Laughs awkwardly ) I'm fine.

You don't have to do this.

I do.

Do you love him?

Of course, Charlie!

That's the tragedy of my situation.

Well, you haven't forgiven him.

I guess not.

He thought about someone else.

I've never thought about anyone else, ever.

Well, you're too young. You haven't had time.

I wouldn't.

( Laughs )

Jim: How long is this gonna take?

Meryl: Two hours. You know that already.


You sure you want to go through this?

Not really, so stop asking me.

Well, of course he doesn't mind going through with it.

He's spent his whole life healing others.

Tomorrow and donating a lung to a minke whale.

I mean, it is very nerve-racking, all this waiting around.

I brought some whiskey.

For me.

Clearly, you can't have any.

Ready to go?

Just don't let them take anything extra out.

I've already sold your liver to a guy in Nigeria, Jim.

( Laughs )

I'm not enjoying all the light-heartedness around this life-and-death situation.

Relax, Mum.

Your name?

Knight. Hugh Knight.

And what are you getting done today?

Oh, I thought I'd donate my brain to science and my pen1s to the Smithsonian.

Hugh, he's trying to do his job.

I'm having a kidney yanked.

Let's rock and roll.


You know.

You're welcome.

Charlie: Come on. Just come.

What are we doing?

Dan the man!

The brew king!

Up here! All right!



Dan the man, this is Hayley.


Hi yourself.

Hi your-self.

What's this?

Wedding prep. I'm getting married.

Well, of course you are.

All the incredibly beautiful women with amazing smiles are taken.

First Charlie, now you.

No wonder I seek solace in the stunning ales made by the brew king here.


Hugh. Hughie.


Ray, how are you?

I'm drunk, but I think we'll be fine.

How much did I put in that line?

Yes, hilarious.

You know the drill.

I'm not counting backwards.

( Drowsily ) See you on the...



He's out. I'll intubate.

All right.

Ken, I need to apologise.

I behaved badly, impugning Mia's love for you.

It did seem unlike you.

Penny thinks I might have feelings.


I mean, we are close.

At first, I thought it was ridiculous and then I thought, "Maybe the universe has pushed Mia into your life as a wake-up call for me."

I see.

So, forgive me for what I'm about to do.

( Exhales )

No. Nothing.

Nothing here either.

I'm happy for you!

I guess I'm just sad.

I miss my friend.

I think the thrill of my relationship with Mia blinded me and led me to act with great disregard to our valued friendship.

She looks like Jennifer Lawrence's twin sister. Why wouldn't you?

I'm sorry.

Ray: Nice and gentle.

She's a-comin'.

And you make sure of the blood vessels, right?

You've done your reading, huh?

Here it comes.

Just eyeball it. Looks good.

Penny, you want to travel it over?

Love to.

( Machinery beeps steadily )

Okay. It's over.


It went well.

They are both in recovery, both still unconscious.

Oh... When can I see them?

I'll come back when they're awake.

Are you okay?

I might be a little bit drunk.

I'll send for some sandwiches.


I might need a hug.

The relief, the Dewar's...

It's all been a bit much.

Thank you.

( Matt and charlie cackle )

Well, fun afternoon, but, uh, I've got to roll.


Brew king.

Dan the man.



Hayley, if he backs out on you, you let me know.

( Laughs )

So funny.

( Sighs )

Am I still blushing?

A little bit.

Hear what he said about my pale ale?

Hayley, I can't let you marry me.

You hate me now. I don't want that.

Ajax, I just saw a boy and I had lust.

What? What boy?

Thing is, I get it. I can forgive you.

I am a sinner, just like you.


I didn't step.

I... motioned a little without lifting my foot.

Just take your shot.

( Exhales )

( Strains )



Hey. Sorry, Mia.

Betty and I have this regular game.

I know. She invited me.

I figured more would be merrier.

Us against you? It seems unfair.


Darren. Are we ready or what?

Fair warning, I'm a dangerous goal attack with a mean streak.

Let's do this.

They'll take you back to your room now.

But it went well.

I'll wait for Hugh.

He seems to be having a sleep-in.


( Steady beeping )

Code blue.

There's a T-wave inversion on the heart monitor.

He's not waking. I've got a bad feeling.


Pain meds can mask heart attack symptoms, right?


I think he's having an MI. Can we run an ECG?

Run an ECG. Let's start him on nitroglycerine.

Check his troponin levels in case.

I think you're right. His BP is dropping.

Let's increase his oxygen too.

Good idea.

( Steady beeping )

Floor it.

( Accelerates )


I never thought you'd come back.

( Clicking )

What is wrong with this radio?

No, it only plays the one song.

Eyes on the road!

( Horn blares )

♪ About leaving, ♪
♪ leaving me behind ♪
♪ Oh... ♪

( Burps )

♪ Bring it to me, bring your sweet loving... ♪

Were you just loving me?

♪ Bring it on home to me... ♪

I was.

Please ignore the burp and continue.

♪ I know I laughed... ♪

( Insects chirp )


( Mobile phone rings )

Mum, what's happening?

Oh, Jim's great.

It went very well.

He's on pain meds at the moment, so he's sleeping.

Oh, that's so great.



Both: Harriet?

I... I rang the hospital to check on Hugh, make sure he was okay.

They wouldn't tell me.

And then I got this weird feeling.

Have you heard?

Hi. Something's happened.

He's had a heart attack.

Oh, my God.

Is he going to be okay, though?

We picked it up.

That's the big advantage.

We're hoping there's not too much cardiac muscle death.

We're running anticoagulants, nitro.

We just need to wait a bit.

Look, I'm sure...

He's really strong.

I better get back.

Charlie: ( On phone ) What's happening?

Hugh's had a heart attack.

We're coming.

He'll be okay.

I know that heart, Meryl, and it's strong as a buffalo.

Come here.

Bloods are back.

He's had a myocardial infarction.

You were right.

How does he seem to you?

He seems lucky you were there.

I'm gonna add Clexane and Metoprolol.

You probably saved his life.

Thank God.


( Sighs )

( Mobile phone rings )

Betty, he's gonna be okay.

He's still unconscious but he's out of the woods.

Thank you for this.

I just need to sit with my husband.



What are you doing, scaring everyone?


( Clears throat )

You're here.

I know I shouldn't be.

"f*ck off, Harri," right?

I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.


I'm a narcissistic sociopath but occasionally my heart beats.

I'll go.


I don't want you to go.

I never did.