02x08 - Step in Time

You've sustained severe kidney damage.

You're gonna need dialysis. For the rest of your life.

Yes, I know dialysis is important.

I'll see you there.

Can you not be so stubborn? You need to let me examine you.

You wanna look at something?

Take a good look in the mirror.

You old prick.

You wrote a book.

Yeah. Stupid.

I made it into an e-book and a website for it.

All you have to do is push that button and it goes live.

You're beautiful.

Are you coming onto me?


I'm going to lie down and you're going to shimmer me.

It's glitter in this tub.

Matt: You like her, Ajax?

You want Millie?

And you.

We should break up?

No, that's not what I meant.

Yes, it is.

Penny: Drug test. Lick this.

Hopefully not the last time I hear those words this evening.

( Laughs )

In that moment, you had to decide whether to believe me or not.

You didn't.

I should have trusted you.

I'm sorry.



( Gentle music )

Man on radio: We've got Geoff on the line, playing the Whyhope FM's Quiz Hour. The question is in which town would you find the Big Merino?

It's Goulburn.

Go ahead, caller.

Second man on radio: Merino. Is that a fruit?

Oh, come on, you drongo.

Clock is ticking, Geoff.

( Clock on radio ticks )

( Tense music )

Coffs Harbour?

That's incorrect. ( Laughs )

I think you're thinking of the Big Banana.

Better luck next time.

And now let's kick on the next hour of commercial-free easy listening with a classic track.

You're on Whyhope FM.

( Rock song plays on radio )


I think someone just walked over my grave.

Ajax: Mum? Have you seen my rifle?

It's in the shed where you left it.

Not something you should be losing, Ajax.


How are you this...


Hayley: Fine, thank you.

Uh, do you want to help?

Extra hands welcome.

I can't. I've gotta help Matt with the back burn.

Right. Don't start a fire you can't put out.


So, how long's this freezing out going to go on for?

You know, he didn't do anything.

But he wanted to.

If I'd been held to all my thought crimes, I would have been in trouble a long time ago.

♪ I'm going up the country Babe, don't you wanna go? ♪
♪ I'm going up the country Babe, don't you wanna go? ♪
♪ I'm going someplace where I've never been before ♪
♪ I'll leave this city I've got to get away ♪
♪ I'm gonna leave this city ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ All this fussin' and fightin', man, you know I sure can't stay. ♪

Penny: Will you keep us posted from Melbourne, Max?

Max: Yeah. Dad's already had the PlayStation set up in his recovery room.

Sweet, I'll get online too.

You don't have a PlayStation.

You have a credit card?

Ken: Floyd's really gonna miss Max.

Endings. New beginnings.

Some endings to beginnings that never really got to begin in the first place.

( Phone rings )

Whyhope Clinic and Hospital, Betty speaking.

Unconscious. Male.

How far off are you?


Sorry, it's who?

( Tense music )

( Siren blares )


( Siren continues to blare )

Well, call me when you get back from town, all right?


Passing motorist found him slumped in the car.

Mia! Get onto the renal unit in Orange.

Ask for Dr Chang. Get Jim's latest records sent across.

( Tense music )

Heart rate's reverted to sinus rhythm.

Respiratory rate is 22.

He's still hypertensive.

His potassium levels are dangerously high.

Let's treat his K and stabilise him.

Acute renal failure.

We need to get him dialysed.

( Sighs ) Which will be interesting seeing we don't have a dialysis machine.

Let's stabilise him first. Fly him on to Orange if we have to.

Mmm, okay.

Mia: I spoke to doctor Chang.

Jim hasn't been in for five days.

She said they've been trying to call him.

( Gentle music )

What are you trying to do? Stubborn yourself to death?

( Machine beeps steadily )

( Gentle music )

Matt: Charlie's eating this carrot.

Right next to me.

Like, right in my ear, just crunching, and I ask her to stop and she gets offended.

Then we have this massive barney and so I want an objective opinion.

I put this poll on Facebook, just asking my mates, you know, "is it annoying to chew a carrot right in your husband's ear?"

And everyone's like, "sh1t, yeah, it's really annoying."

Because it is.

And then I show her the poll and now I'm the bad guy.

Seriously, mate. ( Grunts )

Don't ever get married.

Oh, sorry.

Don't worry about it.

You and Hayley speaking yet?


That's good.

Bit of space, time to think.

I guess.

What happened to the Christmas trees?

( Gentle music )

What the hell?

And there's another one gone from here.

And there.

Some of these trees are worth over 100 bucks.

Took us years to grow.

When were you gonna start selling them?

Not for another month, the thieving pricks.

Come on, we're going to town.

( Gentle music )

Hugh: How's our patient?

Little sore but I'm okay.

Look, you're both...

Probably angry at me.

No, not angry.

Meryl: Just worried.

I just couldn't do it anymore.

I can't eat, I can't sleep. I'm tired. I'm nauseous.

And the whole relentlessness of the thing.

The problem is, Dad, you've got a very rare blood type.

And with your particular antibodies, you're a hard match for a transplant.

That's encouraging.

Look, you haven't even been on the wait list that long so, you know, it's time to dig deep and try and make peace with dialysis.


Or I'll die.

I know.

We'll do it together, won't we?

Ken: Miss Wilson?

Woman: Thank you.

Take care.


You're a woman.

Last time I checked.

How do they like to be, you know...


For... directions?

Advice? A fight?

A date.

Oh. Um, well, sometimes I think spontaneity is nice.

You know, just to take the pressure off.

A casual meeting up is a nice way to start, I think.

Oh, yes. I like that.

I'll send you my invoice.

( Gentle music )


'Love at Light Speed' sucks.

"Charlie Pereira is a hack writer. Her book was sh1t."

"Totally agree."

Oh, my God.

( Knock at door )

Hi, Debbie.

Now, school hall for the fifth?

Ah, already booked for parent/teacher night.

Perfect. And the budget?

( Computer pings )


Will do.



Now, the committee's morning tea, fruitcake or cream buns?

Are scones perhaps less risky?

Yeah, let's go with scones.

You'll approve the purchase order?

( Computer pings )

Yep. Will do.

You won't tell Gretel I've gone behind her back, will you?

She always wants to make that wretched gluten-free fig loaf.

I was like, "Ugh!"

Honestly, everyone knows she's faking being a coeliac.

No wonder Gerald left her.

I don't think that's why her husband left her, but...

You always insist on seeing the best in people, Charlie.

That's... ooh.

Anyway, good luck for your reading tonight.

You must be looking forward to it.


( Computer pings )


Hugh: No. Thank you, Dr Chang.

Yes, Jim's being prepped now.

His wife Meryl will travel with him on the plane.

That's right.


Talk again.


Did you know that he was skipping dialysis?

If I'd known, I would have hauled him there myself by his larynx.

You can't blame him, really.

Having to drive three hours to Orange, hooked up for four, repeat every other day.

It's brutal.

You're a blood match, aren't you?

I can't be his donor.

Why not?

You know how risky surgery can be.

There's a one in 3,000 chance I'll die.

About the same as a car accident.

It's a pretty safe and quick procedure these days.

I'd be out of action for weeks.

How'd you go being down a doctor?

And there's the risk of anaesthetic.

The chance I could pick up a secondary infection whilst in hospital, not to mention the fact that his body might reject the organ.

But organ donation is so important.

People are afraid of it when they needn't be.

You could lead by example.

Completely agree.

You do it.

I'm not a blood match.

Right. Well... they haven't even done the donor matching test yet so it's all hypothetical.

We'll just keep forcing him to do dialysis.

Because Jim responds so well to force.

( Sighs ) Yes.

Just need to find an altruistic donor.

Who's not me.


( Gentle music )

( Gentle music )

Man: Hey, Ken.

Matt: Well, it is illegal under state law. I looked it up.

Look, I wish I could help, mate, but I'm on my way to a violate a restraining order and then to a break and enter.

This is my livelihood, Darren.

Charlie and I were banking on the extra money.

Look, just try and relax. Okay?

I'm sure the whole town isn't out nicking your Christmas trees.

( Car horn beeps )

I'll look into it, mate.

That was Mum.

They're still in Orange for Dad's dialysis.

( Sighs )

Everything okay?

I can't believe it.

Someone's eaten my sandwich.

Oh, no. That is shocking.

Who would do that? It's got my name on it.


Great. Guess I'll have crackers.

H-h-here's a thought.

That I'm having at this exact moment.

I was just about to go to the cafe and grab something, if you want to join me. My shout.

If I have enough money. It's not like I've checked.

Or not. Or, like, whatevs.

Sure. That sounds great.


Matt: Motion sensors.

Infrared cameras. Hydrated lime.

And we need to get some red food colouring.

Are we baking?

You'll see.

No one steals from Matt Knight and gets away with it.

Watch and learn, young one.

( Gentle music )

This is lovely.

It's nice to do things spontaneously sometimes.

Ooh, God.

Do you want to kiss me, Ken?


I don't want to not kiss you.

Go on, then.

What, now?

Be spontaneous.


( Gentle music )

I like you.

I like you too.

( Gentle music continues )


Charlie: "But Banzina knew they didn't have much time. If they didn't get back to the tempus pod before the end of the lunar cycle, they'd never make it back in time to stop...

All: The Plygon invasion.

"Banzina reached up to Lord Skulkin and cried, 'in the name of Uquandria and her seven sides..."

All: Die, alien beast!

"And smoked off his pustuled head."

( Applause )

Thank you all for coming.

You've inspired me to write again.

Book two coming your way.

( Cheering and applause )

I can't believe Matt never showed.

Men. Mmm?


You're amazing.

I do my best.

I would never have thought of an eight-headed octo-slayer.

You will.

Start writing.

Thank you.

Are you really going to write a sequel?


( Gentle music )

I'm a real writer.

With fans.

Come here. Hi.


Follow your dreams, Dora.

Follow your dreams.



He's still in trouble.

( Gentle music )

Wonderful. It's here.

Scribble here and here.

Something else?

Just curious.

Killed the cat.

Maybe so, but a certain cat I know had several delicious bowls of cream at her disposal and now appears to be left with nothing but fur balls.

Are you talking about Toke and Hugh?

I'm merely ruminating on cream.

But if you wanted to tell me what happened, I'd be happy to listen.

I honestly don't know.

( Sighs ) What a pity.

Please don't feel sorry for me.

I don't feel sorry for you.

I just find you and Hugh utterly infuriating when you're this polite to each other.

We're not polite to each other.


So, I have been very busy performing miracles.

A home dialysis machine?

For Jim.


Strings. Pulled. Many.

Oh, this is great.

Now we can monitor him and Meryl will be all over it.

Problem solved. Your kidneys intact.

This is usually a word I reserve for myself, but genius.


You're welcome.

( Gentle music )

So, Mia did a long renal prac in the city.

She's, uh, trained right up and can show you both how to use it.

That's all the liquid you can have today, okay, Jim?

Anything else, you're over your limit.

Matt: Poor bugger can't even have a beer.

So, Mum, you've gotta stay on him with this, okay? We all do.

If he starts skipping this, he's gonna keep collapsing and end up dead.

Yes, I understand.

Okay. So, most patients complete four bag exchanges a day.


The old fluid drains out first.

We flush the line and fill with the new fluid.


Oh, exciting.

Now, um, avoid touching the connector with your hands.

You don't want to get an infection.

Give it a try.



Can I help? He's struggling.

It's important Jim learns.

So... how many trees were stolen?

Don't worry, Dad. We're onto it. We're gonna get those guys.

Yeah, good man.

Jim. You right?

Bit of practice and he'll be a pro.

And I'll be back every day for the first week to help.

Yeah, no rush.

( Gentle music )

Matt: About the reading...

No, it's fine.

There's a lot going on.

Well, I'll make it up to you.

Tomorrow, a surprise gift coming your way.

No more gifts.

Between the flowers and the typewriter, it's bordering on overkill.


That wasn't you?



Then who was it?

Secret admirer?

It came to the house.

That's really creepy.

Well, I'll have a look around.

Better keep the doors closed for now, yeah?

Brave farmer.

Takes sexy principal.

Being principal is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be.

It's lonely at the top.


Is your top lonely?

Hello, top.

Can you breathe?

It's a really good way to die.

( Laughs )

( Gentle music )

( Snores )

( Gentle music )

( Continues snoring )

You deserve better, Jim Knight.

( Gentle music, snoring continues )

( Charlie types ) It was dark.

( Computer pings )

"Hashtag LALSUCKS. How can aliens visit Dargania when it doesn't have hydrogen?"


It was dangerous.


( Computer pings )

"How can Banzina fly an Orbita when she's scared of flying? Hashtag holes everywhere."

Because she's brave, idiot.

( Sighs )


I just had no idea that dialysis was so onerous.

Your father's a man from the bush. I mean, he's miserable.

He's tied up to this robot.

Well, let's talk palliative care, then, because that's where he's headed if he stops.

But can't we bump him up on the organ recipient list?

It doesn't work like that, Mum. It's very tightly regulated.

Darling, it's me and I know you can be convincing when called upon.

We're cast from the same mould, remember?

Isn't there someone that you could, I don't know, persuade?

I see.

I will give him my kidney.

How do we start?

All right.

His blood type is O.

Yours is... A.

That's it? How utterly disappointing.

I'll do it.

Sorry, mate, you're under 18.

What about Matt?

I can't divulge his patient details.

What's your blood type?

Don't get carried away.

Hugh's a renowned surgeon.

We can't have him risking his life when so many depend on him.

We'll find someone else.

Hey, what's your blood type?

Mum already called. I'm not a match.

Do you think Dad's gonna die if he doesn't get a kidney?

Not if he does what he's told.


Squeeze all of this into the lime.

I'm making a non-toxic paint for the trees.

The pines will glow pink for about a month and then they'll fade. It's a good deterrent, huh?

Do you think you spent more than the trees are actually worth?

It's the principle, smart-arse.

( Chainsaw roars )

Go! Go!

It's over there!


( Laughs ) Oh, yeah!

( Upbeat music )

Damn it!

( Chainsaw roars )

( Upbeat music continues )

( Gentle music )

( Exhales )

( Door closes )

Hi. Sorry. Meryl's at Bridge.

She forgot her card-holder.

I'll just get it.

How you feeling?

Like a pincushion.

You look a little less yellow and bloated.


Amazing that such a small thing is giving you a new life.

Oh, I don't know.


Did you sort things out with that boy of mine yet?

He's getting around here like a sad fish.

Better get back to Meryl.

( Gentle music )

( Door closes )

( Machine beeps steadily )

( Gentle music continues )

Penny: Ken's out. What about Betty?

Nope. Wrong blood count. Has hypertension.

What about these?

Meryl's recruited half the CWA by the look of it.

B. AB. AB. B.


Jim's an impossible match.

We are running out of options.

( Clicks tongue )

Can I crossmatch you now?

Tomorrow. I'm tired.

You forgot me.

I want to help Jim.

What blood type are you?

O negative.

( Gentle music )

( Ajax sobs )

( Gentle music continues )

Are you okay?

Do you think it's over?

For good?

Ah... I don't know.

Hayley's pretty black and white.

I thought Christians were supposed to be forgiving.

I think it might be a bit past that point, mate.

You're really not good at this.

Well, I just think that marriage is all about forgiveness and flexibility.

You guys are tripping at the first hurdle.

She wants to give Dad her kidney.


But it's gonna be dangerous, though, right?

What if something happened?

I could lose my dad or the woman I love.

It sucks.

I just want everything to go back to normal.

I just wish I'd never glittered Millie.

Yeah, you definitely shouldn't have glittered Millie.

( Gentle music )

Hey, sexpot.


As much as I find your smooth skin and cinnamon-smelling hair extremely compelling and enjoy our witty banter, I'm not the sort of person who can pull off a secret workplace romance.


I have an empire here that I have built over many years at great personal cost.

Do you understand?



I don't accept that as a reason to not be together.

Then I have no choice but to insist our fledgling romance is over.

As of now.

We're seeing each other, Ken.

End of story.

( Gentle music )

Charlie: Banzina needs to enlist Empress Hargene to recapture the crystal moon.

How would she do it?

A letter?

A mind message.


She's direct.

She'd just request a meeting.

Your worship, I, Banzina of Epsilon, have travelled across the galaxy to request your assistance.


To beg for your help.





( Whimsical music )

Mia: This is stage two of the testing.

We'll be checking blood supply to the kidneys, number of arteries, veins, that sort of thing.

And if you pass this, we'll refer you to the transplant unit.

Okay, Hayley, here we go.

( Gentle music )

Is that?

( Sighs )

Don't tell me.

It is.

Hayley, we're going to stop the scan.

I'm very sorry.

You have what's called renal agenesis.

Well, what does that mean?

Am I gonna die?

No. No.

Look, it just means that you were born with only one kidney.

Highly unusual but quite clever of you, really.

There are worse organs to be missing and, up until now, you didn't even notice.

That's good to know.

What now?

All right. You can crossmatch me.


It's not enough that he's giving me weird gifts?

This is our land.

How would a troll know where you live?

No, you're getting confused.

This is my secret admirer, not my troll.

Well, why are you being trolled?

About my book.

That I'm not getting the sci-fi genre, that my aliens are unbelievable, blah, blah, blah.

You better step back.

Hello, Frank is it?

Whyhope Police. Come out, please.

What if he has a gun?

I have a gun.

Have you ever used it?

Well, no, but I know how to.

Well, training and real life are very different.

Can you stop undermining me?

I'm gonna count to three.

Tell him you have a taser.

Can you go and stand over there?


I'm actually trained for this.




Two and a half.

Three. I'm coming in.

( Whimsical music )

( Indistinct chatter )

This is Francesca Macaulay. Frank.

I can't believe it's you.

You know each other?

Uh, only from the book signing.

What are you doing here? Did you leave me all those gifts?


I'm a pastry chef's assistant from Bowral.

I bussed it here.

I love sci-fi and I really loved your book.


I didn't know how else to tell you.

Thank you?

I made you something.

( Sighs )

Charlie, did you want to press charges?

Nah. I can take it from here. Thank you.

It's Malbaria. From your book.

( Whimsical music )

Well, you two have a good day.

I really gotta read this book.

You should come up to the house for a cup of tea.

Get to see your house.

You get to see my porch.

( Gentle music )

Meryl: What are you doing here?

Jim had some more energy this morning.

I actually think it's working.


I came to tell you that I passed the donor matching.

Oh! Hugh.

Let's go and tell him, huh?


( Gentle music )

What's this?

Where is he?

I... I don't know.

( Sighs )

Hey. What's up?

It's like all of Whyhope's taking the piss.

They're obviously telling each other Knight's giving away free Christmas trees.

Come and get yours.

( Phone beeps )

Oh, there's another one.

That's it. I'm calling the cops.

( Chainsaw roars )

Forget that.

Boys, hop in.

( Laughs )

Hey. You sure you're up to this?

Never felt more alive.

( Engine starts )

( Upbeat music )

Charlie: I can drive you to the bus stop if you like.

Frank: That'd be great. Thanks.

I ran away once. When I was six.

I made it all the way to the front gate.


This is your second book, isn't it?

Yeah, but it's not for public consumption.

It's really good.


Gosh, this is so exciting.

Well, I'm glad someone thinks so.

I mean, obviously you'll redo the council stuff.

Well, why? What's wrong with it?

Well, now that Banzina is a council member, she has a conflict of interest being Zalanda's half-sister.

There's, like, no way she can endorse her for VP.

No, but that's the point. She can't see how unethical it is.

She's flawed. All the best characters are.

But she's your heroine.

You'll lose your audience if they think she's corrupt.

Plus, if the Project find out, she'll be, like, totally executed on the spot.

Yeah, exactly.

Peril and danger for our protagonist to overcome.

I think you can do better, Charlie.

( Gentle music )

Where's Hugh? The renal unit just called.

There's a kidney for Jim.

( Phone rings )

( Sighs )


Deceased donor?

Are you sure it's a match?

I'm positive.

Hugh on phone: Unbelievable.

I'm off the hook.

You mean, "I'm relieved my dad's going to live?"

That too.

Listen, the organ's being flown from Far North Queensland to the transplant centre in Brisbane.

You've only got two hours to get Jim onto the connecting flight.

All right, get our plane on standby. Tell them he's on his way.

Okay, we've gotta find him. Now.

Meryl: Oh.

( Phone rings )

Come on, come on, come on. Pick up.

You sure he's with Matt and Ajax?

No, but it's my best guess.

( Phone continues to ring )

Maybe he just doesn't want to answer.

Oh. No, they're there.


I'm just gonna run these down to the post-box.

Honesty is the foundation of any relationship and, although I don't yet know what this, you should know that I threw your sandwich out so I could take you to lunch.

I'm not proud of my deception or of my behaviour since then.

I pushed away because...

I was afraid.

My name is Ken Liu and I work here.

This is Mia Holston and she also works here.

We're falling for each other and...

That is okay.

( Applause )

I'd kiss you right now but I feel like that might be a bit much.

( Applause )

( Gentle music )

Oi! Dad! I see it! That way!



These things flip, you know.


Jim! Matt!

Well, this is Ajax's. They can't be far.

( Sighs ) sh1t.

( Upbeat music )


( Toots horn )

Pull over!

( Toots horn )

Pull over!

Ajax: Woo!



Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We've got it!

( Laughs )

Come on!

Matt: Knighties are coming for ya!



Up there. Try up there.

( Instrumental version of 'Friday On My Mind' by The Easybeats )

Matt: Reckon you can shoot his tyre?

No, I'm not that good a shot.

( Instrumental version of 'Friday On My Mind' by The Easybeats )


Don't throw the torch, you idiot!

( Laughs )

( Instrumental version of 'Friday On My Mind' by The Easybeats )


( Instrumental version of 'Friday On My Mind' by The Easybeats )

Take it, Dad!

( Instrumental version of 'Friday On My Mind' by The Easybeats )

Let me take you on the left, sunshine.

Matt: We're gonna die!


Yeah! Go, Dad!

That's how it's done.

You've stolen a tree from the wrong family, son.

That's true. I have.

So, how do you want to proceed here?

Well, that's the question, really, isn't it?

( Ajax cocks gun )

( Gentle music )

So Banzina only pretends to endorse Zalanda.

In order to fool the Jardinians into thinking she's corrupt.


But really she's working behind the scenes on Commander Skyborn's campaign in order to secure...

The Katsik alive.



( Computer pings )

Oh, have you blocked them?

You can use the 'ignore' command.

( Gentle music )

This is a citizen's arrest.

They're just trees.

( Laughs )

My kids have never had a real one.

Shoot him. Yeah.




( Laughs )

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

What are you doing here?

What's going on?

Put that down, Ajax.

Dad, you're getting a new kidney.


Not mine?



There's a deceased donor.

You've been bumped up the list because you're the next best match.

But we've gotta get you to Brisbane. A plane's waiting.

They're putting it in him today?

Yeah. Donor's in ICU. The transplant team's waiting.

I'll travel with you but, as soon as we get there, you're going straight into theatre.


I'll get a commercial flight.

I'll meet you at the hospital.


No more dialysis.

It's a new shot at life.

It's your only shot seeing you trashed the machine.

I'll be there, love.

Love you, Dad.

( Phone rings )

Matt: Take care, old man.

Hugh Knight.

Come on, let's go.

No, we're just about to get on... No.


No, you tell them to wait.


No, no.

Oh, I understand.

Thank you.

( Sighs ) We're too late.

They've given it to someone else.

Well, what's that mean?

What it means, Jim, there's only one donor match left.



You'd do that?

Apparently so.

( Gentle music )