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02x03 - Talent Showdown
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I'm Doctor Cartwright's replacement, do I need an appointment, Lanky?

You can't put this whole hospital at risk because of this woman.

Meryl: Hayley, go and burn those boxes.

It's illegal to handle them if you are not an AEC official.

I know it might cost you the election, but we need to hand these in.

I'm in Whyhope.

Floyd ran away. He'll be fine, he just needs one friend and everything'll click.

I'd like you two to adopt me and to raise me here in Whyhope.


I love you.

What happened?


Workers comp?

You are better off in Bali.

Your breath stinks of garlic.



This is the past.

Yep, yep, yep...

Right, Charlie and I are gonna go home.

I don't want any of this talked about ever again.


How was it?

A sin, Charlie. A sin!

( Light music )

( Phone rings )


You're following me again.

No, I'm just driving this way.

Two hours early for work?

Fine, you got me.

What are you going to do when I start driving to school?

I'll be sitting next to you.

On my motorbike?

You are not getting a motorbike.

Okay, bye, Mum.


( Knocks on wall )


Hey. What's in the box?

I'm moving my stuff to the bachelor pad.

Going through my room and I found some of your things.

You don't have to move out, Craig Brady.

No, I need my privacy.

I can't exactly entertain as I would have wished with old Jimbo wandering the halls at night.

3 AM the other morning he knocks on my door asking for Tic Tacs.

Do you have Tic Tacs?

No. But I do have a Easter egg I stole from you when you were 13.

I knew you stole that.

Please don't eat that.

Too late.

Oh, my God.

( Gasps )

Your book.


What book?

I wrote a book, just for fun.

You wrote a book? Wow, you never said. Give us a look.

Is there no privacy in this family?

Well, our bathtub is on the verandah, so no, not really.

Just eat your egg.

( Theme music )

♪ I'm going up the country, babe, don't you wanna go ♪
♪ I'm going up the country, ♪
♪ Babe, don't you wanna go ♪
♪ I'm going some place where I've never been before ♪
♪ I'll leave this city ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ I'm gonna leave this city, ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ Always fussing and fighting ♪
♪ Man, you know, I sure can't stay ♪

( Light music )

( Phone rings )


Are you enjoying home sweet home?

Oh, sort of.

Oh, is that where you work?

Is the fish all right?

It's fine.

Just a little rearranging to do.

If you say so. I still think we should try long distance.

It never works.

Could work. We're doing it now.

Nice try.

But, I better get going.

All right, well, I just wanted to wish you a good first day and I guess I'll see you around.

Yeah, see you round.

( Light music )

Meryl: Yes, is this good?

And head up.

More here?

That's perfect, just a bit further...

Look up.

And that's great, fantastic.



Hail, Madam Mayor.


Hello, David.

Minnie, oh you dear things.

Welcome home. I'm having my portrait painted for the Hall of Mayors.

Which pose do you think is best?

Or this one...

This one.

The first one.

What about these two?

A happy day indeed.

Two adopted children brought together by God to bring forth a multitude.

We'll have kids very quickly.

Not a multitude, right? Just three.

Hey, relax.

Well here's to Ajax and Hayley.

We're just so proud of our Hayley.

Such a good girl, so many girls are not whole when they arrive at the altar.


Mum, please.

Maybe we should...



You mean a virgin.

Clear up.

And God can see straight through them, into that sin on a day that should be pure.

But when he looks down on you two, he will sign his love into your hearts.

Well, God loves all and he's forgiving of the stained, I'm sure.

It's perfect. All right, one more time.

Now, Penny is gonna walk in through those doors and when she does, altogether...

All: Welcome back, Penny!

What do we think?

Too late to get confetti?

I brought some just in case.

Always one step ahead.

And you've got the present for her, right?

Yes, I haven't lost it.


Welcome back, Penny.

You're here?

Sorry to ruin the surprise, I thought I'd come in early.


( Excited squealing )

Thanks, Ken.

It's good to be back.

So, what did I miss?

I've done a sweep of the hospital and I should let you know that we are currently breaking 16 hospital code violations.

Nora I can't have left things that badly.

The CT is out of order, the ECG is MIA and we're still waiting on the CPM, the UPS and the PCA.

Eight light bulbs are broken, the corridor fire extinguisher is missing and I've yet to find a clock that reads the correct time.

Well, that last one can't be true.

It's 09:30 and there's another thing, I did a stock take of oxycodone and we're missing half our supply.

What? That's over 100 tablets.

Count them again, we need to make sure.

Oh and one other thing.

I found this in my desk. Was Nora supposed to send it off for testing? Who's Jack Howley?

( Light music )

Think of how we laboured over this book.

Oh, I know.

So many days cutting out dresses and shoes together and now...

It's here!

( Both laugh )

I get so excited when I think about it, I have to count backwards from 100 just to calm down.

( Both laugh )

Oh, no.

They've eaten it.

Our plague of moths.

And the plague shall cover the surface of the world if you abandon me.

Oh, it's just moths.

You haven't abandoned God and he didn't put moths in your book.

I'm just little tense.

Don't worry.

It'll be perfect.

You're perfect.

I'm not, Mum.

To me you are.

Stop saying that, I'm not.

Hayley! I know you're not, none of us are.

I don't always do the right thing, Mum.

The older I get, the harder it gets to know what that is.

I've done things.

Then you ask God to forgive what you can't change and you repent and you make amends for what you can.


( Chuckles )

Oh, how sweet.

The moths have left the desert section alone.

How odd.

The things you've done, not s*x is it?

( Awkward laughter )

( Light music )

You wrote a book.

Yeah, stupid.

Can I read it?

No, you can't.

All right.

Actually, you can read it.


I wrote it in four weeks.


Yeah, just fun, just report back what you think. No pressure.

What pressure?

No, there is no pressure, it's just stupid, just fun, just read it.

Yeah, I will.

Well, you can read it now if you like.


Yeah, nothing is going on, I've got the bar. Come on.

All right.

( Chuckles )

( Light music )


( Clears throat )

( Shivers )

Jack Howley?


I'm Doctor Cartwright, I'm afraid we've run into a slight problem with your tests, but we should have the results later today.


I want to talk to the person in charge.

That would be me.


You know who I mean, the blonde woman. Yeah, the one who...


It's all right.

I've got it.

It could be sun stroke.

That's not sunburn.

A package for Hugh Knight..

We need to control the inflammation and give him something to stop the seizures.

Ken, help Mia get him into bed four, until we get his bloods is back.

I know you're busy and all, but can somebody...

Three, two, one...

What am I signing for?

Oh, it's just the remote, I'll get the rest.

Build it yourself sauna.

You're frowning, what does that mean?


I didn't... Was I?


What's going on?

First impressions?

It's cool.


It's like Star Wars, but...


Than Star Wars, it's different.

It's like a family in space, right?

Keep going.

I have to go finish fencing with Ajax.

Well, make him drive and you can read it in the truck on the way.

What's going on?


Ajax: Hey.


You ready?



You're driving.

What? No, he never lets me drive.

Am I driving?

So, we've got this new version of hexatrophamine and they've adjusted the dosage of Evanol, so it doesn't have any of those weird side-effects anymore.


So do you want to buy anything?

Not really.

'Cause technically, when I'm here I'm on business.

Kimberly! Can we just...

You know?


Okay. Okay.



How much for the earrings?

( Knock on door )




Hi, Penny.

Welcome back.


Well, I guess I'll see you next time.


( Softly ) Bye.

Oh, finally!

You bought a sauna?

Oh. Very nice.

Are you living here?

Yes. Come on in.

My house is your house.

No, your house is my hospital.

You can't stay here.

I think you'll find my lease is in order.

This can't be legally binding.

Oh, I had my lawyer look over it.

Signed on behalf of the hospital by our good friend Nora and valid for the length of my probation. Which, by the way is 135 days, nine hours and four minutes.

We've got work to do.

We need to talk about Nora.

What's to talk about?

It's all sorted.

The insurance claim.

You can't honestly expect to go through with that.

Where are you going?


( Light music )

Claims already been lodged.

Nora was attending an accident on the golf course when she was struck by lightning. End of story.

It's fraud and I'm not covering for you this time.

You need to tell Nora to drop the claim.

Okay, I mean, she's nothing if not reasonable, right?

I'm sure if I explain the situation, she'd happily give up her million dollar trip to Barbados.

But I hear Tasmania is just as nice.

I'm not having this hospital caught up in insurance fraud.

Okay, sure.

I'll leave you to tell her, shall I?

Oh, Penny. Welcome back.

Now, let's talk room service.

This is unintelligible.

Zyrgon meets the hologram in the quirzon antechamber.

I mean, come on.

What are you going to say?

I don't know. Something.


All right, we're out of wiring. I'll go down and get some more.

You keep tightening up.


( Car engine revs )

You have to drop the insurance claim, otherwise you'll get caught for fraud and bring this hospital down with you.

I'm not getting caught.

Your story is full of holes.

Who were you treating? How old were they?

Janet Goldman, 82 years old, dislocated her shoulder on hole 16, attempting to tee off with a five iron, any more questions?

You owe us. We saved your life.

Yeah, cheers for that.

Also, I want my own room. I'm sick of comatose over there, hogging the window.

Are you shagging her yet?

She's been back for hours.


No. We're not...

She's not... You know...

I have a radar for sexual tension, the radar is never wrong.

We had one, almost date.


Yeah, that was different, we were both in Sydney, she wasn't my boss anymore.

I'm not your boss anymore.

You may need to get that radar looked at.

( Light music )

What's wrong, you're fidgeting.


Nothing. I'm fine.


I did a reckoning.

A reckoning?

With Mum and Dad.

You sit and pray and examine all your sins.

How fun.

I thought about the S-E-X and the ballot boxes.

Thought about?

You don't reckoning out aloud, do you?



Let's walk.

The boxes are gone, Hayley.

As, not to be too delicate about it, is your virginity.

I know, I just...

We did sort of steal the election.

But we don't know that, we might have won.

True, but...

Hayley, you made a choice.

I want you to go and sit in the audience and know why we made that choice.

Your parents are wonderful.

But people are not perfect.

Life is not perfect.

Yes, Meryl.

And I'm an insomniac, so most of the time, I am preoccupied with the question 'Why don't I look good in fuchsia?'

( Laughter )

But when I put that to rest, another question rattles around in my mind.

How do we control our destiny?

So, one night, I googled 'Save small town.'

And there it was, a Finnish company is looking for a site to store its nuclear fuel rods from their plants.

( Indistinct chatter )

We can be that site.

Look, I know the words 'Nuclear waste' are not pretty, but I believe that's based on ignorance and I don't believe we're ignorant, I believe we're smart.

Smart enough to see an opportunity good enough, and I'm not saying that Whyhope's going to be Saudi Arabia Ridge and we're all gonna be driving around in BMWs, but we probably will.

( Laughter ) Yes.

I've researched this for two years.

I'm convinced that we can be the visionaries and we can secure our future in one stroke of genius.

This is a moment for us to seize our destiny.

( Applause )


I think they came around in the end.

A little bit.

Well, it's going to take a little bit of time.

This is my legacy, Hayley.

What about you?

Did you come round?

It is a visionary idea, Meryl. I know that.

And we can do it, Hayley.

Unlike Rod, who wants to open a bar called 'The Pretty Titty.'

So did we do the right thing?

I guess so.

Yes, Meryl.


( Online phone rings )

I'm a genius.


Forget about the heart, that ship has failed.

This is better.

And what does that look like?

An earring.

We're going to start making jewellery.

What? No, look at the shape of it.

It's a helix, right?


So, think about blood flow in the aorta.

That is not straight, is it? It flows like a whirlpool, but the stents we put in are straight.

What if I designed a stent shaped like a helix?

Might work, but who's going to fund it, Hugh?

We're all washed up, no one will invest in us anymore.


That does seem like a problem Solve that, will you?

( Cafe music )

Mr. Howley, your results are back.

I'm afraid you have Lupus. It is an autoimmune disease.

Is that why I'm cold all the time?

Yes, it's one of the side-effects. We're going to put you on some steroids for a few days, to reduce that inflammation.

All right, fine, whatever. How many pills?

None. Tablets won't work fast enough, you'll need an injection.

Hey, whoa, needle?


Nup. I'm fine.

Don't worry, it's only tiny.

No, don't come anywhere near me with that. No.


Ah, wait, wait, wait...

Maybe you could do it if I had a drink first.

( Sighs )

Ken, I need you to fill this for me.

This is for beer.


Ah, Gus.

It's me.

Sorry, I've got to fix my name on the door. Take a seat.

Actually, I wanted to see Nora.

Nora's no longer practising.

But I can help you.

Oh, right.

I have, um, chickenpox...

Gus, I don't think you have chickenpox.

Yep, I don't.

Never mind, I'll go.


What are you here for?


You want a narcotic?

Nora owes it to me.

I already paid her for it.

Nora's been dealing you oxycodone?

I didn't expect to have to use it on you, Penny.


No, enough.

Give it to me.




Get out.


( Exhales deeply )

This isn't the beer I asked for.

No, it's the beer I asked for.



I can explain the um...


Rough day?

Did you know anything about Nora dealing Oxycodone out of the hospital?

( Scoffs ) Ah, no, but nothing that woman does surprises me anymore.

Well, Gus came in looking for it.

I'd call the police, but we don't have any evidence that it was Nora.

And Gus would never testify.


( Sighs )

I don't buy it, just so you know.


This whole act you've got going on there.

That you're happy to be back.

There was no way your content being stuck back here.

Well, I am.

And I'm going to turn this place into the finest rural medical facility in the country.

Besides, what do you care?

You've only got 100 days or whatever left.

Ah, 135 days, four hours, five minutes and half a beer.


( Light upbeat music )

Hey, I was looking for you, what are you doing?

Turn your torch off.

I couldn't see them in Sydney, too many lights.

That's Orion over there.


Up there, see?

You mean the Saucepan?

It's Orion.

He's a fearless hunter.

I think he's a Saucepan.

How was your first day back?

It was great.

Timmy took my seat when I was away, so they had to move me and now I'm finally on the cool table.

Oh, I'm so thrilled for you.

I'm going to miss this.

Show me another.

Well, that's half of Centauri over there.

He's really cool.

He's like, my third favourite or something.

So, what do you think?

Oi, the book.

Unvarnished truth, right between the eyes.

It's awesome.

( Gasps )

I knew it.

Okay, let's talk about the ending, 'cause it worries me.

Does it feel like Zyrgon does the right thing, or does it feel unsatisfying?

I haven't quite finished it.


Fencing, tired...

Oh, of course.



Of course.

I'll get you a coffee and you can finish it right now.

sh1t, where is it?

Jim: Have you read this yet?


Is that Charlie's thing that Ajax was reading?

Yeah, It's just this character called Mij.


His farm is going under.

I thought it was set in space.

Yeah, it's an asteroid farm.

There's this character, Mij, he runs it with his sons.

Doesn't it all sound a bit familiar?

Does an asteroid farm sound familiar?

No, I can't say it does.

( Snoring )

This is terrible.


Sorry, ah...

Yeah, I'm just a bit tired from fencing.

Where are you going?

I can't stay the night, now my parents are back.

Oh, yeah.

( Sneaky music )

Charlie: You lost it?

Matt: Absolutely not.

Ajax took it, he technically stole it.

I can't believe you.

I'll get it back.

You didn't like it, did you?

Yeah, I did.

But not enough to finish it and not enough to hang onto it.

When you like a book, you can't wait to get back to it.

It was awesome.

Are you about to lie to me?

I... Look, it was just a little bit hard to follow, Zyrgon and...

Hard to follow, what are you talking about?

Vanzina's craft crashes in an asteroid belt and he's rescued by Zyrgon and taken to Lystad to recuperate while the project circle...

That's what I'm talking about though, what's the project?

The space warlords ruling the galaxy with an iron fist like but gas and telepathic voices demanding firstborns and loyalty Oh, my God.

You hated it.

You said it was just stupid fun, wrote it in a month. No big deal, ha, ha.

I do not laugh like that.

Well, clearly it was a big deal, which you lied about.

That four weeks I thought this is it.

I found my thing, I loved writing it and then I sent it out and got rejected, so I felt humiliated and I stopped.

Well, you never told me this.

No, I never told anyone, that's how humiliated I was.

But then I read a few pages and I felt it again, electrified, like maybe it is great after all.

So I needed an objective view.


And I got that.

Thank you for your honesty.


( Exhales )

Ajax: So, it's amazing.

It's like the world is this dark oppressive regime and evil and stuff and then there's this family who run this asteroid belt and they fight off invaders and the girl crash lands there.

That's why I hate these kind of books.

It's not reality. Crash lands into an asteroid belt?

It's a metaphor.

It's like the power of a tight unit, fighting against a larger force.

Escaping a society, but Zyrgon rescues her and at first you think that she likes him, but then there's this like, whole undercurrent thing that she wants Bedjue.

He's quiet and he runs the asteroid plantation.

Asteroid plantation? Really?

Really, how do they harvest them?

Shut up about the sci-fi thing, dude. It's you.

All right, it's about how she came here and she was falling for you, even though she was with Hugh.


Look, she probably didn't even know, but you can see it when you read it.


Yes, just read it, dude.

Excuse me.

It's very good.


It's very good.

It's a sort of meshing of Philip K. Dick and the Blade Runner is there...


Exactly, you got that, Meryl.

I used to read a lot of sci-fi when I was in boarding school.

They used to take the romance novels from us, got us riled up and we'd break into the boys school.


It's us, isn't it?


Yeah, it's clearly the family farm.

It's an asteroid belt, what are you talking about?

Run by a taciturn man with three sons.

And he's scheming politician wife.

Oh, no, that's where it didn't make sense.

I didn't think she was scheming.

She is an octopus like creature with one eye.

Well, it rang a few bells.

Plus, Mij is Jim spelt backwards.

Oh, that's not...

We're leaving that aside, you liked it?

It's a cracker.

I'm only halfway through it, but I think it's really very, very good.

( Whispers ) Oh, thanks.

( Light cafe music )

( Telephone rings )

Penny Cartwright.

Oh, no. I'm afraid you've got the wrong person.

I'm no longer working at St. Vincent's.

You'll have to speak to my replacement.

Thank you.

There's been a car accident on Freeman Road.


Is that it?

It just looks like a bad park.

Is it terrible that I'm kind of disappointed?

It's the first big accident I've been called to.

Some days get to save lives, other days you get nine cases of eczema.

Don't worry. Your time will come.

( Dog barks )


You called in a car accident?


I didn't know what else to call it.

Woman: He just rolled to a stop.

How weird.

Mia, get around here.


Can you hear me, mate? Can you hear me?

What happened to him?

I have no idea.

His potassium levels are really high, up his fluids and administer sodium bicarbonate.

Pupils equal and reactive, no sign of neurological damage.

Hey, Penny...

I don't think this is just a minor head wound. We're missing something.

His kidneys are shutting down.

Traumatic rhabdomyolysis?

Has crush syndrome?

How is that even possible, that car wasn't crushed, it was barely even scratched.

I don't know, but it explains everything.

We need to find the crushed limb.

There it is.

There's splinters in his fingertips.

Yeah, he had logs of wood in the back of his van.

So what if he was cutting down a tree when it fell on him?

He must have dragged himself back to his car.

I've got a pulse here, is he crashing?

No, I've got a pulse here.

It's the leg. No blood flow.

The pressure is building up and we need to release it.

Somebody page Hugh!

Hold on, mate.

Ken: This is fabulous.

I'm never getting out.

Now, as a doctor, I can't recommend that.

It's like it's evaporating all my worries away.

The missing oxycodone, the insurance fraud, the asbestos in the ceiling.



Maybe I should convince Penny to put her grant into a Whyhope Rehab Centre and Spa.

Penny has a grant?

Yeah, it's from Sydney.

I've got a whole list of projects to pitch her.

Penny wants to do a beginners hypnosis program, but I think we should build an ear, nose and throat centre.

Not exactly ground-breaking stuff though, is it?

Ear, nose, throat and teeth.

Is that your pager?

( Pager beeps )

Oh, sh1t. I've got to go.

All right, no more than 20 minutes, Ken.

People have died in those things.


( Exhales )

( Thunder cracks )

( Telephone rings )

Woman: Whyhope Police Station, how may I help you?


I have some information on the Whyhope local election.

What kind of information?

There were some boxes of votes that weren't counted.

I've seen them.

Where did you see them?

They're in the Town Hall.

( Thunder cracks )


( Gentle music )

( Thunder crackles )

( Indistinct chatter )

( Thunder cracks )

27-year-old male, crush injury, leading to compartment syndrome in the right leg.

No pedal pulses.

I'll be in the fasciotomy.

( Machines beeping )

Blood Pressure?


Not good!

( Gasps )



( Breathes heavily )

( Telephone rings )


I need help.

What is it?

I never destroyed the ballot boxes.


I couldn't do it, I was going to, but it's fraud, Meryl.

Let's just take a deep breath, shall we?

( Takes a deep breath )

( Thunder crackles )


Where are they?

In my car.

Where's your car?

Outside the Town Hall.

I was going to put them back, but the scouts are trapped in there because of the storm.

There's something else.

Oh, really? There seems more than enough so far.

I called the police.

I told them that they were uncounted votes.

I thought that I could just put them back in the hall and everything would be fine.

And they'd never know that we took them and then maybe we'd win and we'd do nuclear fuel rods with pure hearts and minds because that had always been God's plan.

Oh, but it's all gone wrong.

I'll just drive them back to you.


Stay there, I'll come to you.

Don't bring them back here.

( Softly ) Okay.


Penny: Why hasn't the backup generator come on?

The ventilator's gone out. Mia, start bagging him.

Hugh, close him up.

I've only just started.

We have no power, close him up, Hugh.

If I stop now, he loses the leg.

Come on, you're not in Sydney anymore.

I've got torches.

Okay, then.

Betty, try and find out what happened to the generator.

Mm-hmm, okay.

Go on, admit it.

You love this, breaking the rules.

This, this is medieval.

Maybe, I bet you didn't save any lives in Sydney.

I swerved to avoid a pigeon once, that counts.


So, I've designed a new stent.

It's shaped like a helix.

It sounds interesting.

It's revolutionary.

'The inventor of the helix stent' will be written on my tombstone.

So, what's wrong?

No one will invest in us anymore.

We're a laughing stock.

If only we had some sort of...

Funding or grant.

Oh, cut the crap, Hugh.

You know I have a research grant?

Fine. I may have heard something about it.

Then ask me the question.

Penny Cartwright, will you find my stent?

Ah, sorry, can't.

I've already decided to find a research program into foot fungus.


Could make some real breakthroughs.

Come on.

This is a really good idea.

I don't know, I'm just not hearing enough begging.

You missed a bit.

( Door creaks open )

( Gasps )



Nothing to worry about.

Unless you count the fact that we might all be heading to jail for insurance fraud.

Should've just let Nora die, hey?

I was joking, of course.

I know.

But I've got an idea.

( Light buzzes )

( Sighs )

You've got a new plan?

Got no plan.

We take the boxes out of town and we burn them.

Only this time, the job gets done.

( Sighs )

I'm sorry.

No, no, no, it's my fault, I should never have asked you to do it.

You've got too much guilt in you.

I should have done it myself.

Or we should have just come clean to begin with.

Well, we politely disagree.

Is that Tugger?

Just relax, everything's fine.

( Panicking ) What do we do?

What we always do, remain impeccably calm.


Open the window, Hayley.



Didn't expect to pull you two over.

What can we do for you tonight, Chantelle?

In this, ooh, this miserable night.

Random breath testing, won't take a moment.

We get a lot of people coming along here, avoiding the main road.

Not us. We're not avoiding anything.

Why you have ballot boxes in your car?

( Cows moo )



I'm sorry that I didn't read your book and I lost it.

It's okay.

You know the family all love it?

Yeah, so that worked out for you.

You wanted the truth and I lied to you.

Well, I don't think I really wanted the truth, I just want you to tell me that you loved it.

I wanted to, but...

Well, it's not your thing.

There were bits that I liked.


Like you and Bedjue.

You think that's you, don't you?

It's not based on anyone, your family are mad.

You should publish it.

Even though you don't like it?

People do, others will.

I don't know.

I do love it.

I made it into an e-book and a website for it.

( Gasps )

All you have to do is push that button and it goes live.

If you want.



That's it.

You're a published author.

( Laughs )

Hope you don't mind your new neighbour?

The cold room is being cleaned. He won't be here long.

Not the first dead body I've woken up next to.

What did he die of, anything contagious?

Oxycodone overdose.

Apparently there has been a surge of oxycodone use in Whyhope in the last month.

It's tragic.


Now there's been a death, the police will be crawling all over the place.

But don't worry, we'll be back for him soon.

sh1t, Gus.

Sorry it's late.


Welcome back.

Oh, thanks, Betty.

So, tell me everything about Sydney and by everything, I mean Toke.

Tell me about Toke.

Oh, he's lovely.

He was lovely.

We're not going to try long distance, it's too hard.

Not true.

I had a relationship with a man in Bulgaria once.

He was a nice guy.

( Laughs )

Sorry, back to you.

It's over.

I'm here now.

I need to keep my head here.

I bet you wish you were there.


I guess I just...

I really felt like I was making progress there, you know?

Like I was doing something important.

And my job there was wonderful, they even gave me a research grant.

Betty, I think I made a mistake...

Coming back.

I mean, I know it was the right decision for Floyd...


Do you think it's possible for it to be the right decision and still be a mistake?

( Voice breaking ) Sorry...

I don't even know why I'm crying.


I'm discharging myself.

Oh, what happened?

Change of plans?

I can't stay in this cesspool of a hospital any longer.

I can already feel a staph infection coming on.

Where are you gonna go?

None of your business.

Although, when you think of me, picture me in Hawaii, in a grass skirt with a Mai Tai.

I will do that.

Or picture me naked.

Probably the first one.

Get that open, would you?

Taxi driver: Hello, Madam, how are you?

Don't bang the golf clubs.

I'll put the bags in the back.

I nearly forgot.

Good news, the generator's not broken.

The fuel was just drained.

What on earth could drain all the fuel like that?

Well, it seems it was some kind of self-built Chinese manufactured sauna device.

You did this.

You and that bloody sauna.

How was I supposed to know?

Look, can we just focus on the fact that we are finally free of Nora.

Thanks to me.

Well, it was a team effort.

We're partners now, remember?

Like, Bonnie and Clyde or Bert and Ernie.

Hey, Bert?

You told Gus he could stop playing dead, right?


( Inhales deeply )

Meryl: You can keep that.


Still cold?


( Chuckles )

( Both exhale blissfully )

Light plane crash, 200 clicks east of the highway.

We're going up at a light plain, to a light plane crash sight.

Am I the only one who sees the irony here?


What are you doing here?

He's much more handsome in real life, don't you think?

You drives me crazy.


My advice?

Don't let him out of your sight tonight.

Let's end it, Grandpa.

You're down for electoral fraud, theft, corruption.

You have to get a lawyer, this guy is serious.

Eldest son inherits the farm.


He's leaving the farm to Hugh.

In all the things that have been not right about this family, this one's the worst.

Okay, there's no pulse, I'm gonna start CPR.

C'mon mate, stay with me.

C'mon, mate!

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