02x02 - Your Game

Aoife: ( Phone ) How's Penny?

Happy. In the city.


There is no 'and'.

There's an 'and', my friend.


Uh, who's that?

Oh, hey, man.


Hey, your front door was ajar.

You can't do that in the city, country girl.

I just wanna go to sleep and not wake up.

It could end my career.

No one has to know.

Doctors do it all the time.

What's this?

For you to look at. When you're in prison remembering whose fault this is.

Snake bite.

How he got 11 of them to bite him, we'll never know, and one puncture mark that seemed like it was made by a stapler.

I bet you're efficient in the sack, Ken.


You've got my address on file.

Key's under the mat, and bring some energy drinks, because I don't stop.

'O' neg running through. He'll be up and about in no time.

Bit of a silver fox, this one.

She gave him the wrong blood? What happens?

Organs start shutting down, starting with the kidneys.

We need to turn that around before we can't.

Oh, well, can't notice everything.

We're gonna get Nora.

There's absolutely nothing there. You're my ex!

You kissed her!

The second time, she kissed me.

Second time?

You didn't know the numbers?


You're dead to me! You're dead!

Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear!


( Sewing machine roars )


Morning! How'd you sleep?


No doubt.

The cat's amongst the pigeons and eaten a few of them now, hasn't it?

Meryl, Hugh and I had a kiss.

It was a goodbye kiss.

I just had to do it and then leave it all behind.

And how did that work out?

( Sighs )

I'm making eggs.

Hi, Charlie.

I know you've had a rough day or so, and are technically an adulterer...

Oh, it was a kiss! It was just a stupid kiss.

Well, I heard there were two.

Oh, why am I casting the first stone, considering...?

Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

What's wrong?

I think Ajax and I had s*x.

You think?

I'll whisper the events to you. You tell me.

I can't say them out loud.

Oh, okay! Yep, that's s*x all right.

How was it?

How was it?


A sin, Charlie!

A sin, that's how it was.




I thought you were gonna ring and get her replaced.

I could lodge a peer complaint.

There'd be a review. It'd take months.

We need to take her out in one go.

Great! How do we do that?

I don't know, but in the meantime, we need to keep as many patients away from her as we can.


That's your job.

I'm doing the big conceptual take-her-out-in-one-go thing.

I'll stall her.


♪ I'm going up the country, babe, don't you wanna go? ♪
♪ I'm going up the country ♪
♪ Babe, don't you wanna go ♪
♪ I'm going someplace where ♪
♪ I've never been before ♪
♪ I'll leave this city ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ I'm gonna leave this city ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ All this fussin' and fightin' ♪
♪ Man, you know, I sure can't stay ♪

I maintain that if we set up R&D units in small hospitals, it would lower costs, make our regional centres more attractive to practitioners, and give this country a cutting-edge rural health system.

Thank you.

Did it go well? I was scared to look at them.

I focused on a receding hairline at the back of the room.

You were amazing.

I was pretty sure I was.

Nice to have it confirmed, though.

Oh, I can confirm.

Drink later?

Got a party.

Can I come?

Not this one.

But I'll call you later.

Then I chipped into the hole, 40 yards, with a sand wedge.

What a great story, Dr. Gumbleton.

Uh, Nora?

Phone call in your office.

I'm working.

Oh, I got this. You know, might be important.

( Sighs ) Probably the tax office.

You'll get your money, parasites!

She prescribed him 5mg of morphine every four hours.

Just don't administer anything without letting me know first, okay?

Hey, um... I know I'm new and not really part of the plan, but I know about it.


I heard Ken and Betty talking.

I was spying on Ken a little bit. He's just so handsome.

Anyway, um, we're gonna get her, right?


Formulating a plan.


Do you want a hand?


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I'm sorry about Hugh and Charlie.

I don't wanna talk about it.

I need some advice.

I wanna propose to Hayley.


I love her.

I want to spend my life with her.

I should, right?

Well, what's the rush?

I mean, you're married a long time, sometimes. Sometimes you're not.

You're betrayed and you're destroyed.


( Crash! )

Maybe now's not the best time.

No, no, it's the perfect time, because you know, no rose-coloured glasses.

Look hard, my friend. Look hard is all I'm trying to say.

You don't think I should?

Nobody should.


How you feeling?

Fine. When can I go?

Uh, you can rest.

I need to fix the tractor so Ajax can do that bottom paddock.

Uh, Dad, the doctor gave you the wrong blood.

Well, I feel fine.

You've sustained severe kidney damage.

Well, what's that mean?

You're gonna need dialysis every week.

How long for?

For the rest of your life.

I'm still going.


I'll get Mia to help you.

There was no call.

Oh! ( Huffs ) Bureaucrats.

Uh, so, uh, another day at the mines, huh?


Do you ever think about just giving it away and lying on a beach somewhere?

I would love to.

Well, you should.

You know, you only live once, I always say.

You should quit, live it up.

You know, seize the day, like...

Today, for instance.

Trust me, if my ex-husband hadn't lost our whole super fund in some copper mine in Zambia, I'd be in Bali, in a pool of Negronis, right now.


I'll be working till I'm 90!


Where is everyone, lanky?


Uh, no one, not yet.

It seems our program of mindfulness and exercise has taken hold in the community.

Wellness has descended.

Aren't we lucky?

May as well go and put some balls.

Where are they?

David Copperfield, eat your heart out.


What is this place?

It's part of the hospital the health department decided we didn't need when they cut our funding.

They put it up for lease.

No one, surprisingly, has ever leased it.

It's cute, really.

So, I'll bring everyone here when they arrive.


We can't do that all day, though. She'll get suspicious.

Look, why don't I triage people and send back the cold and flu patients, things she can't screw up?

We hope. How's the plan coming along?

It's forming.

I can feel it.

Can I help you?

Is Hugh in?

I don't want to see Hugh. You shouldn't either.

What does that mean?

Should I come back?

I want to see a woman doctor.

Sounds ominous.

Come on, then, teen pregnancy. This way.

Can she tell just by looking at me?

She needs to be on the pill.

But I'm not going to do it again.

You will.

I can control myself, Charlie. We're not all like you.

Hayley, please!

That was mean. I'm sorry.

I'm sure there is a fascinating backstory to whatever this is.

I'll give you a script for the pill.

I just got overwhelmed.

Did he force it on you?

No, I just... got overwhelmed and really wanted it.

Oh, we've all been there, sugar.

Vow you're not gonna sleep with him and then an hour later, your dress is up over your head and you're bent over the car bonnet, holding on for dear life!

Should you be doing this?

Doing what? The work, I should.

Big things are going on.

Yeah, Meryl told me.

Don't worry about it. It'll settle down.

I mean, Matt and Charlie, they're rusted on, and Hugh, he's just a pain in the arse.

I meant me.

Big things for me.

I wanna propose to Hayley.

What do you think?

I'd think I have three sons, but one smart one.

I mean, she's for you and you are for her. Why wouldn't you?

One vote each.


Well, I figure you guys know me better than anyone, and you know Hayley and you know about women, so I should listen to you about it.

Just talk to other dad and see what he reckons.

I take back the smart thing.

So, 13 flu patients in a row.

That's weird!

Maybe it's an epidemic.

I was commenting to myself. No need for you to flap your gums, minion.

It's actually normal to talk.

It's how we understand each other as human beings and it's part of life's rich tapestry.

( Sighs ) I will break a chair on your head...

And I will... find compassion in my heart for you.

Where's Hugh?

What is it?

There's been an accident at the racetrack.

Group of riders down. The ambulance is 30 minutes away on a call. We're ten.

Let's go, princess.

Betty, we might need back-up.

Betty: ( Phone ) I think they've probably got five minutes on you.

Just get there before she kills someone.

Man: They all just came together on the turn.

The filly at the back clipped another's heels.

One tumbled and they all went down.

What are you doing here?

Didn't wanna miss out on all the fun. Thanks, mate.

Leg broken here.

This guy's unconscious, but pupils are equal and reactive to light.

I've got this one!

Keep an eye on her when I can't.

All right, Mia, we need to get a line in here.

How you going, Nora?

Difficulty breathing. Collapsed lung, I'd say.

Depression on one side. I think it's a pneumothorax.

You need help?

Nah, just gonna punch the needle.

Stop, stop, stop! Her tits.

What are you?

Left is flat, right's not. Not a collapsed lung.

Breast implants. She's punctured one on the fall.

Breathing's not too bad.


I think she may have a few broken ribs, though.

Ambulance is here!

Right, let's stabilise her.

Thanks for picking that up.

No problem.

It doesn't make you a good doctor.

It makes you a tit man, which I could tell from the day I met you.


Look at that!

I am gonna tap that one night!

You should.


He's a little coy, though, so you may need to be pushy.

I can do that.

Pin him like an insect and rag doll him all night.

I'm not sure what that means.



We have a plan.

We do?

Here he is.

What are we talking about?

Honey trap.

What is that?

You are, Ken.

You are.

The Whyhope Under-11s lost. They miss my defensive skills.

No one lays on the ball like me.

Shall we do board games?

Like, maybe a big game of Monopoly.

No one's coming, Mum.

It's a natural anxiety.

Everyone has that before they have a party.

No one has their own 'welcome to the neighbourhood' party.

Well, we do.

Thunderstorm's coming tomorrow, at home.

We are home, Floyd.

No one's coming, Mum.

( Doorbell rings )

Floyd, is that the doorbell I hear?

I think it might be.


It's from Hugh!

It's Whyhope! It's the main street!

Well, be sure to call him and thank him.

Oh, Kent! Nice to meet you.

Floyd, Kent, from school.

Hi, Kent.




( Whispers ) I hate you.


I need to get to the fridge.

I'm sorry.

You want to punish me? Go ahead.

I can take it.

Well, you're both here. Great.

I drank all the milk.

Marriage is opening your heart to someone, knowing that at any moment, they could come in with a gun or a knife.

We all learn that.

Right, well, I don't want to...

Want to talk about it.

Well, lucky for you, I do.

Meryl, maybe you can just leave us to sort it out.

No. This is too important. We have to deal with this.

I did, I kicked her out and then you took her back in.

So, thanks for your loyalty!

All marriages have challenges, Matt.

You think Jim and I haven't been through the wringer?

That one of us wasn't in some... drunken skirmish at a town ball?

And we get through it.


You suck it up. You face it.

You cut Alice Templeman out of your lives and you find all the love you have.


People are complicated, messy individuals, especially the interesting ones.

Allowances have to be made for mistakes and mishaps.

Right. I'm gonna go.

I'm sorry I drank all the milk.

Meryl's right. We need to face this head on.

Maybe we could talk in a day or two, or go to a counsellor.

Go to hell, Charlie.



You, uh, waiting for me?


You shouldn't have kissed Charlie.

Yeah, I know.

Is Matt all right?

Yeah. He's pretty angry right now.

I wouldn't go near him.

Well, it's not Charlie's fault, all right?

I've kind of got some of my own problems, to be honest.



Um, I had s*x with Hayley.

I want to marry her.


I love her.

Are you out of your mind?

You're not even 17 yet!

She's upset about the s*x thing. It's against her beliefs.

You can't marry her just because she's upset!

I'm not.

I just think the s*x thing is a sign that we should.

Your brain isn't even fully developed yet.


Oh, Dad! I need to check you out.

Yes, well said.

Do I need to say it?

Look, this is a 17-year-old brain, the amygdala, and this is what it's like at 25.

You see the difference?

Not really.

Look, this is a massive decision, one you can't make while your brain, who you are, is still forming.

Now, I love Hayley, but you can wait.

So, I might turn out a lot smarter than I am now?

Anything's possible.

You are smart, because you're asking your elder tribesman for advice.

Floyd: Can we order?

Well, we're waiting for...




Hey, Floyd.

Hi, Toke.

He's hungry.

So, let's order!

Did your mum tell you her news?

Did she get fired? Is that why we're celebrating?

In which case, I'll have a lime spider.

No, after my speech, I've been offered a grant.

Is that a new job you can do anywhere, like in Whyhope?

No, it's as well as my job, in Sydney.

Maybe I'll just have some water, then.

Did you know Toke has been on a hospital ship in Africa?



What's that?

It was pretty interesting.

It's a massive ship and it's moored in international waters.

People are ferried out from dangerous countries...

( Mobile phone buzzes )

Hold on a second.

Oh, all right.

That's funny.

What is it?

It's a meme from Hugh.

Private joke. You wouldn't get it.

( Knocking at door )

Charlie: One second!

( Shower hisses )

Harder. Might knock some sense into you.


What were you thinking, apart from the overly obvious?

Is there anything I could possibly...


Why don't you use that giant brain of yours in life sometimes?


Is Matt all right?

It'll be handled and everything will be fine.

Just don't get, "Oh, I sleepwalk in the night," all right?

And end up in that living room.

What?! There is nothing going on!



I need you to go.

You can't stay here.


I live here.

She's right. You need to go.

Good for you, Charlie.

( Mobile phone rings )

Ahh! Hello, stranger.

I need your advice.

Well, I am feeling very wise today, so hit me.

You seem to know Floyd and what makes him tick.

What do I do to make him like it here?

Show him what's fun about it.

I'm trying to infect him with my enthusiasm.

I got a grant today for a research project on cutting-edge rural health practices.

Yes, well, kids certainly do love research projects focused on cutting-edge rural health practices.

So, okay...

Tell me.

Show him what's great about it.

The beach. Ice-cream for breakfast...

At the beach.

That's it?

That's it.

How's Toke?


Am so not talking about it with you.

Well, I was just trying to be polite.

Oh, manners being your thing?


Are you lying down in your office?

Uh... Bye.

( Call disconnects )



( Dramatic music builds )

What are you doing?! Where did you go?!

I got bitten by a stinger.


It's like they know where I am.

Show me.

I asked the man to pee on me.

Stop doing that! You just need a hot shower.

Can I stay home today? Mental health stinger day?

Okay. ( Laughs ) Okay.

Do you want ice-cream for breakfast?


Would I joke about something so wrong?

Thanks, Mum.

So, Betty has set up her phone recording in Nora's office.

I'm stealthy.

All you gotta do is go in there and let it happen.

How far do I let it go?

Well, she's gotta hang herself.

We need clear evidence of sexual harassment on camera.

Put it online, alert the health department, the media, and, bang, she is suspended.


Relax, Ken. She'll do all the work, trust me.

You're very handsome.


But put a little honey out there.


( Spits )

Did you just put saliva in my hair?

Well, you look great!

She'll be all up on your body in minutes.

This is making me nervous.

If it gets out of hand, just remember the safe word is 'Copernicus'.

I need a simpler safe word.

( Coughs )

Ken, come in.

Um, just wanted to get you to sign these.

Bring it over.

You want something else?


Get lanky to get me a coffee, will you?

And tell her not to put it into one of those handmade floral mugs or I'll break it on her head.

Of course.

And sugar.


Two sugars.

In the coffee?

Yeah, got it.

I failed.

No, no. You just need to...

Open the door a bit.

Well, just focus on freeing your primal energies into the room and just let her pick up on the pheromones.

Entice, don't seduce.

Interesting. Feel free to demonstrate.

I feel so wild today.

Do you ever have days like that, where you're just like, "f*ck it, whatever goes today"?

I just want something crazy to happen.

I... do have days like that...

Uh, okay, thanks, Mia.

You're operating on a whole 'nother level.

We need to keep things simple for Ken.

This all seems like a lot of bad advice.

I might have to use my body.

Boom! Now we're talking! Fist bump!


One coffee, plain ceramic mug.

My preference also.

Two sugars.

Thanks, Ken.

It's strong.

Might keep you up all night.

Should I call you if it does?


I mean, what do you mean?

You know what I mean.

( Yawns ) Oh! Ouch!

At the gym, I think I tore a muscle.

Give me a look at that.

For a professional medical opinion?

I would value that.

What do you think?

( Gasps ) Dr. Gumbleton!

Nora, call me Nora.

Ow! Ow! You're biting me!

Bite back.

Help! Help!

Copernicus! Copernicus!


Interrupting anything?

( Sighs ) Yes.

Let's watch the replay, shall we?

Ken, get Mia to give you a rabies shot and some Mercurochrome.

Let's talk.

( Both breathe heavily )

Oh! Ajax!

I know. It happened again.

We've gotta stop.

Oh, why are we so weak?

Because we love each other.

Why are you so calm?

Because I see everything clearly.

There's a dinner tonight.

What? Oh, Meryl didn't say.

It just happened.


All right, I need to go and pray, and reassemble the shreds of my morality.

7:00 o'clock?

Oh, dear.

So, resign, or put this online.

I get suspended immediately, a furore, I see.

I can't really afford to retire, Hugh.

I have to put patients first.

I just wish I had something on you.

Say, a toxicology report on your mate Joey, showing a whole lot of snake venom.

Oh, look, here's one.

It was in her file to be filed.

I had a bit of a read, and guess what, euthanasia, I reckon.


Checkmate, I think, is the word you're looking for.

I have to protect patients. You can't...

Well, then, we go down together.

So be it.

Are you bluffing?

Are you?

Your little friend Penny goes down with us.

You realise she signed off on it?

Oh, there it is!

I thought there was a bit of rip-my-shirt, bite-my-buttons about you two.

That's not her fault.

And I'm so about justice.

Nora, you can't keep treating patients You make mistakes.

I had an off week.

Nobody's perfect every day.

We all have our off moments. I'm like Tiger Woods.

He's never been good again.


I don't think you'll do anything.

So, let's just call it a draw, shall we?

( Door slams )

Can I upload, or did she go quietly?

Uh, just, um...

Sit on it for a minute.

What does that mean?

I have teeth marks in my bicep!

Trust me, we've got her, all right?

Just need to protect some innocent people in the process.

All I ask for is...

Blind trust.


See you tomorrow, everyone.

Actually, Nora, take tomorrow off.


I'll do your shift, and I'll get you 18 holes and lunch.

Call it a peace offering, you know? Think Tiger Woods.

Fine with me, sucker.

And, Ken, watch that video back.

I think you'll find your mouth saying no but your eyes saying yes.



Matt, I...

You're sorry, I know.

I just...

I don't know how to...

Find our way back.


Do you want to?


Yes, probably.

Well, let's just keep talking.

I hate you.

See? That's good.

That's good?

Yes. Look, I can take it.

Just talk to me, keep talking to me, and we'll find our way back.

I promise.

Sorry, I didn't know you were...

I thought you got kicked out.

Ajax texted, a dinner.

Hey, great. You're all here. Uh, phew, exciting, isn't it?

Get over yourselves. This is about me.



You can't do this.

This will be a good test of your other dad support skills.

What are you gonna do?

So, maybe before dessert, we could all go for a walk?

A walk?


Walks are great.

That new doctor at the clinic has a very strange manner, Hugh.

What were you doing at the clinic?

No reason!

Charlie just had to, um...


You went to the doctor? What's wrong?



Well, you should come to me.

Oh, should she?

You all should. Nora's not a great doctor. Look what she did to Dad.

Rather operate on myself with a rusty knife.

( Laughs )

Oh, encourage the rancour, Jim. Bravo.

You should focus on keeping well yourself.

I said I'd go, all right? It's on the calendar, so I'll go!

A toast to family, and to happiness, and to love.

'Cause what else is there?

Oh, Ajax, that's so sweet!

To family, and the forgiveness of stupidity.

And loyalty.

I'm sorry, Matt!

Everyone, I'm sorry!

I too am sorry.

I was a dick. It wasn't Charlie's fault.

I thought you were kicked out.

I'm here for Ajax.

Ajax! What's wrong?


You're all idiots!

What's going on?

I'll go.

I'll go.

I'll go.

( Music plays faintly )

What's that?



Hey. I thought that would get you all out there.

Hayley, can I talk to you for a sec?

Oh, what's going on?

Who did all of this?


Hayley, I saw you play goal attack, and I haven't been the same since.

You were fast and you were smart and you were tough, but you were kind, and you smiled, and something in me ignited...

... and I love you, Hayley.

And I know, from what I can see, that marriage is hard sometimes, but I don't care. I'll do anything with you, you know?

Like, anything hard, anything...

Fun or easy, or just play PlayStation.

I spoke to your dad. He approves.

Mum said the key to marriage is knowing you have to forgive each other a lot.

I reckon we can do that, yeah?


( Laughs ) Okay, so...

Hayley, will you marry me?

If I can just stop crying, I'll say yes. Yes.

Oh! Oh, ho!

Well done, mate.

Thanks, Dad.

Well done.


Okay. Okay.


All right, um, Hugh, get over here.


Okay, all right, um, look, I don't wanna...

I don't deserve to lose everyone that's important to me, so I have to be the bigger person, yeah?

We're drawing a line.

This is the past.

If we can all...

I can! I desperately can.

Yes, I would love to.

Okay, good.

Yep, yep.

Oh, step, yep.

Great! Okay!

Charlie and I are gonna go home.

I don't want any of this talked about ever again, agreed?

Yeah. Yes.


♪ Now that we've found love... ♪

Thank you.

Okay, let's go.


♪ Now that we've found love what are we gonna do ♪
♪ With it? ♪
♪ Now that you found it what you gonna do with it? ♪
♪ Now that you found it what you gonna do with it? ♪
♪ Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh... ♪

Floyd: Gone to school early. Some friends called.

Floyd! What are you doing here? Is your mum here?

No, and I'd appreciate some discretion on my whereabouts.

You ran away?

I'm getting the feeling you're gonna rat me out.

Good instinct.

I have a proposition for you both, so hear me out first.

How'd you get here?

Online credit card purchase of a plane ticket.

And they just let you on the plane?

No, I told some woman in the lounge I was scared, and would she hold me hand as we got on?

They assumed I was with her.


I'd like you two to adopt me and to raise me here in Whyhope.

Absolutely not.


I thought we could get a house together.

I could Skype Mum. She likes you two, so she'd be happy to just be happy alone in Sydney.

It would break her heart.

That seems an overstatement.

It's not.

Is this going as badly as I think it is?

Both: Absolutely.

( Thunder rumbles )

( Thunder rumbles )

( Electricity crackles )

Penny: ( Phone ) Hi! It's me.

I'm in Whyhope. - Hey... What?

Floyd ran away, well, flew away.

Oh, God, Penny!

Are you okay?

I don't know what to do.

I'm fine.

He'll be fine. He just needs one friend and everything will click.

Like it did when you met me. I see what you're saying.


I'm sorry about tonight. I'll call you when we get back.

No, it's all good. All good.

Hey, listen, I love you.

( Toke laughs )

Okay! All right, that freaked you out.

Okay, uh, I was just kidding.

Yep, however, I don't rule it out as a possibility, in the future, just so you know.

Call me whenever you need. Bye.

Well, the veins seem to be recovering nicely.

I'm just writing you a script here for some cream.

Hi! Sorry, I didn't realise you were seeing someone.

Oh, hi, Mr. Jessop!


Corns giving you trouble again?

Oh, yeah.

Did you give Gavroyne?

I did.

Thanks for asking.

How are the veins?

Oh, much better, thank you. Thank you.




Where is he?

Oh, he's getting a milkshake with Betty.

Don't worry, he'll get used to it.

I mean, look at me. I hated it here and now I...

Still more or less do.

Helpful. Thank you.

I love it there.

People love me.

Any people in particular?

Just generally.

It's inexplicable.

But there you go.

Dr. Knight, ambulance on its way.


Oh! ( Laughs )


You can let go now, Ken.

I actually can't. ( Laughs )

Ken? Ambulance.

Lightning strike.


Have you done one before?

Never have.

You wanna slum it and show me how?

Lightning strike, unconscious.

Maintaining own airway. Currently in SVT.


She's still in SVT.

We need to cardiovert and get her back to sinus rhythm.


We need the resus trolley and the defibrillator.


Draw up midaz and fentanyl.

We got IV access and painkillers running.

O2 via non-rebreather, 15 litres.

One, two, three.

We are trying to save her, right?

We are, Mia, yes.

Just checking! I was pretty sure.

Hugh, ready?

( Defibrillator beeps )



( Defibrillator thuds )





( Defibrillator thuds )

She's reverting back to sinus rhythm.

Look at you go. Just like riding a tricycle, eh?

Heart rate is stable.

What happened?

Lightning. Your heart went into severe arrhythmia.

You'll be fine. Just rest.

Your breath stinks of garlic.


How long is she gonna be out of action for?

A week, maybe longer.

A week?

A week is... great.



That was fun.

I haven't touched a patient in a month.

Or is it you just missed me?

I think it was a patient thing.

I need to discuss the roster.

Not a good time, Ken.

It's important. You see, Dr. Gumbleton was rostered on today.

I gotta go. I'll call you.

You took her shift. The paperwork wasn't updated.



So, Nora was rostered on, technically.

Oh, seriously, are you still talking?

It's not important, Ken!

It is, actually!

So, if only you were rostered on, we hadn't agreed to the day off, I mean, think of the workers comp.

Workers comp?

Exactly. Years of it.

Bali, Negronis.

Unfortunately, I told Ken to update the roster.


Or did I?

It's hard to say. I have to check my records.

I see.

And you will most likely have memory problems, and that's not gonna help, is it, Tiger Woods?

You are better off in Bali.

And I destroy the tox report.

It's a win-win.

You got a deal, mister.

You did it?

As promised.


Oh! ( Sighs )

I never doubted you.

Should you call Penny and tell her an opening's come up?

Uh, no, and neither should you.

We don't want her back?

I, um...

She's happy.

Penny: Hey.


I keep thinking, if Dad looks for us, like, down on us, he won't know where we live now.

He won't know where we are.

Is that dumb?


I can't just come and see him anymore.

I know.

I'm gonna try harder in Sydney.

Floyd, you don't have to...

I do.

Betty said you could be happy anywhere because there are joys in beautiful things everywhere.

Well, it's true, you just gotta look.

Even here, right?

Did you just trick me?


Should we go?