02x01 - What Difference the Day Makes

Man: We'd like you to serve your year of atonement as a general practitioner in the town of Whyhope.

( Magpie squawks )

Our golden boy Hugh is back!

He's one of the top heart surgeons in the country.

Also he was 'Cleo's Bachelor of the Year in 2012.

( Whistling and cheering )

You have really lovely eyes.

All the better to see through your bullshit.

Woman: Matt's a jealous guy who's gonna think stuff.

Like what, you're gonna get naked and let me make sweet love to you?

We're happy, Hugh.

Is there much that would keep you in Whyhope?

No. Nothing.

Well, how about Penny leaving?

Oh, sh1t! What, you like her?


Are you jealous?

Oh, my God. No!

I'm gonna clear my head for a bit.

You could clear yours while I'm gone, that'd...

You know what? You can't. That's the whole thing.

I'll call you.

Do you have an appointment?

I'm Dr. Cartwright's replacement.

Do I need an appointment, lanky?

You can't put this whole hospital at risk because of this woman!

What's wrong?

My hand works.

Oh, that's great!

I had to tell you.

About your hand?

( Bell chimes )

Hugh: Every genius has his day.

Today is mine.

All hail on me.

What's wrong?

Stinger got me.

I asked some people to pee on me, but no one would.

All the good traditions are being lost.


Doesn't matter.

Let's go. Hot shower.

It's amazing you made a heart to go in a real person.

It is amazing.

Could you win the Nobel Prize?

Oh, it's highly unlikely, but, um...

Not entirely impossible.

Hope the couch was okay.

Aren't you the thoughtful house guest?

I drank all your milk and I broke a plate.

Sort of thoughtful, then.

Big day!

Big day.

Are you nervous?

Nerves are for the unprepared.

I just wish I was putting it in.


You wanna get dinner with me tonight?

Sure. I'd love to.

8:00. On me.

Do I have to go to school?

This is a severe injury and a doctor's note shouldn't be a problem, right?

Lady Mayor of Whyhope.

This won't do.

Well, it's the traditional mayoral robe.

It smells like moths have been fornicating in it.

I had it dry-cleaned.

Well, it's drab and it's old-fashioned.

That's not the message we want to send, Hayley.

This inauguration needs to put a stamp on my administration as dynamic and colourful.

Well, why not purple, Mum?

Better! Purple's dynamic.


And a local floral motif, maybe a hood.

That's dramatic!

Like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Well, let's sketch something and get Jennifer to knock something up. It's my crowning achievement.

Do you want a crown, Meryl?

That's too much.

When you look at me, imagine I'm wearing one.

Always do.

Lady Mayor, by 11 votes.

11 blessed souls who had a vision for the future.

( Mobile phone rings )

Matt? This is the last time I'm calling.

I know I've said that a few dozen times so it may be losing its power, but you need to answer me.

You've had four weeks to clear your head.

We need to talk!

You've made your point.

I love you. Just come home.

I'm not even angry!

I know I'm yelling, but imagine all this without the yelling.

♪ I'm going up the country, babe, don't you wanna go? ♪
♪ I'm going up the country ♪
♪ Baby, don't you wanna go ♪
♪ Going someplace where ♪
♪ I've never been before ♪
♪ I'll leave this city ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ I'm gonna leave this city ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ All this fussin' and fightin' ♪
♪ You know, I sure can't stay. ♪

( Heart monitor beeps )

How's that arterial pressure?

We're live-streaming to universities.

Don't distract her.

I know.

Okay, let's introduce his own blood flow.

Taking him off bypass.

Woman: Restoring profusion.

Obs look good.

It's pumping. Let's join the pulmonary arteries.

Bypass removed.

Heart looks good.

The blood flow, arterial pressure's a bit low.

Uh, you're leaking blood.


You've got a bleed. I can see it!

BP dropping. 92 over 46.

Sutures have burst on the aortic anastomoses.


All right, get him on bypass!

BP, 87 over 43.


Hey! Hey!

( Alarms beep )

Get the bypass back on fast!

41 over 20.

You, gown and gloves!

Here you are.

Just doing you up.

Don't worry about that! Gloves, gloves!

No recordable BP.


He's gone.

( Heart monitor flatlines )

Hi. It's me.

I guess you're drunk somewhere, living it up, and forgot about dinner.

I forgot too.

So, I stood you up, just so you know.

Any word?

Hugh said these transplant operations can take up to 12 hours.

She means Matt.

Not a peep. Matt's fine.

Well, how do you know if there's not a peep?

Today not a peep.

He texted yesterday and said he was fine.


Men may fall out with their wives, but a mother's bond is always sacred.

( Sighs )

What do I do, Meryl?

Well, firstly, are you really trying to get him back, Charlotte?

I text him every day, "I love you. Come back."

I ring leaving begging messages.

Well, I know a nice little Indian man from Optus that does that for me every day trying to get me to change phone plans.

Still haven't.

Your point?

Women were given wiles for a reason.

I mean, you think I just walked up to Jim and I said, "I love you"?

No. I was underhanded and devious.

You what?

When you're good, they don't even know it happens.

They think it was their choice. Keeps them feeling virile.

Don't wanna castrate the bull while you're trying to corral him.

So, I should...?

Up your game.


Love has no limits, Charlie.

If it does, it's not love.

Hugh: Hi.

Clearly I'm late for dinner.

Sorry, um...

Something... happened.

( Sighs ) So, I'm sorry.



You ringing your girlfriend?

How nice that you screwed up my life and now you're playing footsies with Penny.

I should warn her, there destruction lies.

Good morning to you.

Didn't think you'd be down here. It's too early for you.

I don't sleep well without Matt there.

Still not back?

He will be. I have a plan, and you can't be here. Go!

Well, good for you. Bye.

sh1t! Sorry. How'd it go?

The transplant.


What's 'great'?

Yeah, it's a process, but, um...

I'll leave you to it.

Have you been up to the house?


They're all on tenterhooks about how it went.

Okay. Thanks.

See you.

Hi, darling. I thought I'd show you what you were missing.

Morning, sweetheart. How are you?

I got your video.

Oh, did you see the starlings? How pretty were they?

Who filmed this?

No one! I put it up on a stand!

It was supposed to show you what you were missing.

How's your jealousy going, other than ridiculously?

A stand?

Just come home, Matt!

Talk to me! We have to sort this out.


No... No, I'm still a bit confused.

I haven't finished reading all the 'Harry Potter's yet.

Well, let me come to you, then. Where are you?

I'll call you.

Just tell me where you... are.

( Call disconnects )


Hugh! How did it go?

What... Oh, uh...


Uh, you know, it's a process.

Ups and downs. Nothing's certain.

It's so exciting!

Yeah, well, no time to rest on...

I can't believe I was a small part in saving millions of lives.

Yes, you were.

Good. Well, send patients if you must, but...

No talking. I'm hungover.

Celebrating. As you should. Okay, but just one thing.

( Sighs ) No.

There's a ram in your office.

( Ram bleats )

Was in your office.

Betty: We need to talk about Nora.

I don't need to do anything, except do my rostered hours and go home.

She's a nightmare.

The staff hate her. She's erratic.

And I don't feel she's a true healer.

Well, no one said you had to like her, but more importantly, she does have to like me so that I can leave in...

What's that?

It's a countdown clock. Got it at the airport.

Yes, Nora just has to love me for 149 days, 7 hours, and 12 minutes.

I can do that.

And then I can go to Sydney.

Oh, I see. For Penny!

No. For my life. My career.

( Ram bleats )

What's left of it.

There is a sheep in...

It's a ram, which isn't a sheep.

Dr. Knight, Penny and I had a five-star hygiene rating, the best in the state. If I look now, we are, at best, 4.5.

Dr. Gumbleton has this place in disarray and her disorder is like a cancer, infecting others, spreading.

( Ram bleats )

Okay, Ken, well, why don't you leave a memo on my desk that I won't read?

I miss Penny!

Dr. Knight?

Oh, Hugh, this is Mia, Aoife's replacement.

Mia Holsten.

What, that visa thing was real?

Nora missed the deadline to sign her papers.

Aoife may well be on Manus Island.

She's not. She just had to go back to Dublin.

Sorry, Dr. Gumbleton needs Dr. Knight.

( Sighs ) What does she want?

She's not really one for giving insights into her thinking, and I'm not really one for asking.


Don't push till I say!

Oh, finish this, will you?

I can't bear childbirth. All that whining!

( Woman groans )

Sure, um...

You look like sh1t.


I said don't push!

No genius, this one. I fear for the kid, frankly.

Okay, ah, Harriet, I'm Hugh, and you are gonna be fine.

Just going to examine you to see how far along you are.

This may be a touch cold.

And I would say that you are 10cm dilated.

You are gonna have a baby.

She's crowning.


All right. Here we go.

Argh! Argh!

All right, can you give one big push for me?


That's it. Mia, you wanna catch?


Come on!

Of course. No problem.

That's it.


Just supporting the head there. Good.

First baby?

First job?


You'll be fine.

One more big push. There we go!


And a little boy!

( Baby cries )

Well done!

Caught a baby. It's not that hard.


What's wrong?

Crowning again. Twins.


What, you haven't been scanned?

It's hard to get into town! Argh!

All right, Ken! Another crib, quick!


Uh... Another boy!

Let's clamp and cut. Here we go.

Well done. There we go.

Just gonna take bubba for a second.

There we go.

Mia, meconium in his mouth.

Just suction that out, clear his airways.

Ken! Ken!

There's another one. She's crowning again.

sh1t! Okay! Triplets.


All right. Here we go.

Keep that bottom down for me. That's it, that's it.


Here we go! Here we go!


Oh, it's a little girl! Ahh!

I can't hear crying, Mia. What's going on over there?

( Baby cries )

Are you crying?

No, I'm not. I'm a professional.

It's a very messy thing, isn't it? ( Chuckles )

All right, all done.

All okay.

Thank you.

Now, I'm just gonna give you an injection to help you deliver the placenta, okay?

Can you get your ram out of the wards, please?

It's not my ram.

Did it sound like I was starting a conversation?

We need streamers in our colours.

And should the chairs be in a heart shape?

That seems weird.

No, well, we're trying to be different.

Well, what if Mum was in the centre and everyone was sort of around her, like Akela at Cubs?

Hmm. Very town hall, like Obama did.

Although she might not like being at the same level as everyone else.

Uh... we need more chairs. I'll get them. You start.

Oh, dear.

I guess they forgot to count them.

We should call the Electoral Commission, shouldn't we?

That's one way to go, yes.

I know you only won by 11 votes, but...

Do we know what booth they came from?

Uh... don't know.


Whyhope Men's Club. That's Rod's cronies.


Well, what if we just leave them here and let God's will take place?

Maybe no one ever finds them.

God's will is not always kind to the just, Hayley.

I know, but his plan is always good in the end, Meryl.

Yeah, long-term, of course, but in the short-term, this town needs me.

It's illegal to touch them.

Do we know that?

Man: Hello?

sh1t! It's Rod.

Oh, Rod!

Why are these chairs in a circle?

Is this an inauguration or Scouts?

Oh, and I left some condoms in the mayoral robe.

Oh, and how responsible of you not to spread your genetics into the world, Rod.

Your big day, eh?


A new page turns for our town.

11 votes.

I'm going back to the office. Let's walk.

I need a favour!

I need you to support my titty bar plan.

Your what?

It's gonna bring a lot of money into the town.

We're gonna call it the Pretty Titty.

What do you think?

Needs to go back in storage.

Ajax: Dad, you look a little tired.

No, I'm fine.

Let me drive.


You're too careful. It's annoying!

You know what you drive like? ( Groans )

How is the fact that I don't put your...

Oh! Hey, Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!

( Horn blares )

Can someone help?!

Okay, your file says...

He has these transfusions...

Uh, Hugh Knight, he's my brother.

He... well, he's my dad, but he's my real dad, just, uh...

Anyway, we should call Hugh.

Okay, motormouth, relax. I've hooked him up. He will be fine.

Right. Okay.

Okay, yeah.

You're Hugh's son?


Didn't get the handsome gene, did you?

'O' Neg running through.

He'll be up and about in no time.

Bit of a silver fox, this one.


G'day, tiger.



No one should know about this, all right?


Oh, no, no, no.

Hi, Hayley.

Tugger, hi!

Big roo! Dead? Looks dead! Oh, of course it's dead!

Are you well? You look well.

Are you okay?


The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I should want.

The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I should want.

( Hayley gulps )

The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I should want.

The Lord is my shepherd...

Nice work getting them out of there.

You're praying.

For guidance.

It's not really working, though.

I think I may be having a panic attack instead.

It'll be fine. Just take a deep breath.

I shouldn't have moved them.

It's illegal to handle them if you're not an AEC official.

I googled it on the way. Meryl, I know it might cost you the election, but we need to hand these in.

It's too late for that today. Come on, let's sleep on it.

Can we talk about Nora?

No, we can't.

You can all handle your own problems.

I remember you.

Mmm, you look vaguely familiar too.

Still Room 17?

You'd have to knock and find out.



See you tomorrow.

My concern is standards of paperwork are not being filed or filled in properly or punctually.

Who's the main culprit?

Well, mostly you.

I bet you're efficient in the sack, Ken.


I bet you know all the right moves and you execute them with detail and precision.

I don't think this is appropriate.

Don't play games with me, Ken.

You bring up s*x and then you retreat...

I didn't bring... you're getting me all riled up, toying with me. I have had yellow fever before.

Worked in Singapore and was entertaining the locals most nights of the week, if you get my drift.

I'm not...

I just need signatures.





And right there.

You've got my address on file.

Key's under the mat, and bring some energy drinks, because I don't stop.

( Hand slaps )

Penny: ( Phone ) I heard what happened. Are you okay?

Four years of my life.

My one shot at immortality up in smoke.

And worse, a man lost the last three months of his life, so...

Couldn't be better, really.

He knew the risks.

You know, I actually can't even talk about it.

Which means you need to.

I thought maybe you could've talked to me.

Yes, so did I.

It's just that I was already drunk on a plane.



Uh... who's that?

Oh, hey, man.


Hey, your front door was ajar.

You can't do that in the city, country girl.

No, it's supposed to just close behind me. Are you early?

Always. It's a bad habit from my army days.

You should know that about me.

Uh, still here!

Hey, I know you! You're Dr. Knight.

Hey, I'm sorry about your op.

I was watching, I was one of the residents, and that was harsh, my friend.

Oh, you actually came to talk to us in med school.

Pretty sure you were drunk.

Yes, well, that's probably a safe bet.


Okay! Well, introductions done!

And we're... we're late. I'll meet you down the front.


I've got to go.

Okay. I gotta go!

So, is it a fling or is it a thing?

You don't know. Penny, you know which...

I have to go.

Nora sexually harassed Ken.

Well, he's a handsome man.

She's only human.

He's shaken!

Betty, there are proper channels. I am not one of them.

I'm sure he has a form.

Well, he's too scared to.

( Sighs ) This obviously means a lot to you.

It does! Thank you!

So, best you handle it by yourself.

Dr. Knight!

It's the mother of the triplets!

( Sighs )

She rang. She's been experiencing bleeding and cramps, so I told her to come in.

I started getting incredible cramps and bleeding, and I thought maybe it was normal because of so many...

No. It's not.

I've got AB blood and I'm running a line.

Okay, thank you. I'm just gonna press down on your abdomen here.

( Grunts )

And here?

Okay, Harriet, look, the symptoms suggest that you have retained placenta, I.E., some of it is still stuck to the wall, even though the rest has come away.

But I thought that mean doctor checked it.

She did.

Well, unfortunately doctors are human and sometimes make mistakes.

Her bloods are in.

You're gonna be fine, Harriet, all right? We got this. Fist-bump me.

Uh, she doesn't... Mm-hm.

We got this, all right?


You bet we have.

What happened to the old hand there?

Some lawn bowlers tried to take my park and I had to get physical with them.


Um, the triplets' mother came back in.

Retained placenta.

Ahh, well. Can't notice everything.

Drained it!

Good shot!

Anyway, just thought you'd wanna know.

( Chuckles ) About what?

The retained placenta that you missed.

If I were to trawl through all your cases from the last month, I'd probably find something to put in this month's report about you, wouldn't I?

It's an imperfect world.

Stones, glass houses, if you get my drift.

Oh, crystal clear drift.

Check the beer levels?


No, you got about a third left, probably a week's worth.

Do you know how to make it?


Make it?

I'm sure Matt would rather I shut it down than serve anything but his perfection in a glass.

Yeah, he's pretty obsessive about it, huh?

Indeed he is.


( Mobile phone buttons beep )

Hi, darling. I just wanted to tell you I miss you. I'll wait forever.

Oh, and we're nearly out of beer, if you care anymore, but don't worry, I'm gonna brew some up myself.

No, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no!

( Sniffs )

♪ Darling, you're with me, always around me ♪
♪ Only love, only love ♪
♪ Darling, I feel you under my body ♪
♪ Only love, only love ♪
♪ Give me shelter or show me heart ♪
♪ Come on, love, come on, love ♪
♪ Watch me fall apart, watch me fall apart ♪
♪ And I'll be yours to keep ♪
♪ A wind in the shadow, a whale song in the deep ♪
♪ A wind in the shadow, a whale song in the deep ♪
♪ Darling, you're with me, always around me ♪
♪ Only love, only love ♪
♪ Darling, I feel you under my body... ♪


No, no, no, no, no!

♪ Darling, you're with me forever and always... ♪

( Woman moans )

Ahh! Yeah!

That was amazing.

Ahh! I'd forgotten how good it is.


Having s*x with someone you don't care about.

Oh, that's really sweet. Thank you.


Oh, sorry, I mean... I like you...

I'm joking. It's fine.

I completely agree.

So, does that mean you've just come out of a relationship?



Just come out of thinking about a relationship...

Sort of.

( Knocking at door )


Ahh, you know I love those little trays.

You know, the tiny boxes of Rice Bubbles. True.

Oh, God, it's been years.

Jim: Hayley.

Hayley: Yes, Jim?

Something terrible is coming.

What do you mean?

I just woke up knowing something bad is gonna happen.

I just know it!

Is it hot in here? Is it hot?!

Do you think God is angry?

I think I have to find my sons.

So, what, you've been here the whole time?

No, first two weeks I was camping up north.

It was great. No farm, no family.

And then I was on my way back home and didn't quite make it.

The owner, Kev's, a mate, and kept me in pizzas, hid the truck.

No locals come here.

So, what happened?

I thought I'd cleared my head, but then the closer I got to home, I got a bit paranoid.

I mean, what if I walked in and you were with her?


I know.

Plus it's been fun to drive her crazy.

It's like we're flirting again.

It's crazy.

Build your whole life around someone saying they love you.

That is madness.

It's all I wanna do.

That's all she wants.

So, go home. I can't have any more failure and catastrophe on my head.

What other failure?

My hand, career.

Artificial heart. It's over.

Four years of my life. My legacy.

That failed?

Well, that makes me feel a little bit better.

I'm glad I could help.

I gotta roll.

Uh, well, I'll...

I'll call you.

Oh, please don't.

I'll just see you next time.

See, I like her attitude.

I was once like that, happy.



Dad, how'd you know I was here?

I saw your Ute a week ago, but I don't rat out my own.


We have to stop... It happening...

Come here, come here.

What happening? What?

Something's coming, and I don't know what it is.

Something terrible!

We should... we should get Ajax.

Is he okay?

He's running a fever. Come here.

I'm fine. I'm just really, really sad and I don't know why!

I mean, it's a nice day!

( Groans )

What's going on?

What's wrong with him?

Quick! Get him in the Ute!


Mia! Low BP, fever, breathing difficulty.

Give him oxygen. I'll get a line in.

Mia: On it.

Is he having a stroke?

Something bad!

Right, grab his chart for me. He had myelodysplasia.

He what?

It's a blood disorder.

Since when?

Got it.

Okay, when was his last transfusion?

I know he's missed his appointment, but he said he'd come back in.

Yesterday with Nora.

Something bad is coming!

Help us! Hugh!

Why does he keep saying that?

Oh, sh1t. Sense of foreboding.

No. Do you think?

Okay, go and get the blood charts from yesterday.

Cross-check against the other patients.

What does that mean?

I think he may have been given the wrong blood type.

The body reacts by clotting, breathing difficulties, fever.

Patients get a sense of foreboding psychologically. No one knows why.

She gave him 'O'.

Oh, sh1t!

Go and get a bag of 'O' negative now. I'll get fluids in.

What, she gave him the wrong blood?! What happens?

Organs start shutting down, starting with the kidneys.

We need to turn that around before we can't.

'O' negative. Thank you.

So, what's happening?

He looks terrible.

He is.

Out! Everyone out! Now!

Just for a bit!

Out, out! Everyone out!

Obviously you didn't mean me.

( Sighs ) All right, fine.

Is he going to be all right?

You bet he is.

Charlie's here.

Is he all right?

Uh... He's with Hugh. It's pretty serious.

Is Meryl all right?

She's inside.

Ajax, let's move over here.



Guess you found me.

You know I was never gonna stop looking.

Seemed like that.

It is like that.

I missed you.


I even missed 'ditto'.

His BP's getting better.


Everything's normal.

I think we're winning.

So, Mum, the new blood is doing its job.

It's turning around. We'll keep monitoring him.

Hopefully there's no kidney damage, but he should be fine.

Thank you.

I heard you tell a nurse he's got some condition.

How long's that been going?

Uh, a while.

It's called myelodysplasia. It's a blood disorder.

Affects normal blood cell production.

He's been getting transfusions.

A quiet word would've been nice.

Well, doctor-patient confidentiality.

Oh, and you're known for playing by the rules.

Doesn't matter. At least he's gonna be all right.

How long will he sleep?

Oh, 12 hours, probably. His body will work to repair itself.

I guess we can make the inauguration, then.

Well, you wouldn't want to miss that.

He would want me to go.

Of course.

I mean, he'd be upset if you didn't.



Woman: Good, isn't it?

Meryl: I know. Thank you so much.

Oh, and you, look at all that work that you did for me!


Thank you so much! Thank you.

So, are you finally ready to concede, Rod?

Something's been bothering me about those recounts, Meryl.

Is it that you lost?

Then it occurred to me, what about the boxes?


Well, we didn't count them.


So, I looked into it.

78 boxes were counted, but they issued 80.

Nobody thought of it, but I did.

So, I've asked the Electoral Commission to look into it.

Don't be a sore loser, Rod.

This is a time for us to come together.

Hayley, go and burn those boxes.


Right now.


Hayley! He knows.

Yes, Meryl.

You wouldn't help me with Ken, so I'm giving you the silent treatment, just so you know.

I wasn't gonna tell you, but then I thought you're so self-centred, you might not realise. So, it begins now!

Betty, I'm gonna need you.


We're gonna get Nora.

Do you wanna carry me across the threshold?

All right, just one thing. One thing.

Just... This is a really dumb question, but it's been rattling around in my... in my head.

Just this and then clean slate, yeah?

Sure, yes! What is it?

Okay, all right, that night we had the B&S, and I got back from dropping off those drunks, um, and I... ahh, I don't know.

I felt something weird between you and Hugh, and just...

You haven't ever kissed him, have you?

You know, when I decided to be mayor, I was nine years old.

I'd won a state spelling award and I had to go and get it from the mayor in his office.

He was a big guy, fancy robes.

It was very exciting.

Then he exposed himself to me.

I walked out of there thinking, "I can do more for this town than Flasher Mackay."

Huge guy.

Tiny pen1s, strangely enough.

Good story, Mum.

Cheers for the successful operation.


Look, the operation in Sydney went pear-shaped. The guy died.

The project's dead, just so you know.

Oh, sweetheart.

"Oh, sweetheart," indeed.


Is it?

Yeah. Yeah, it is.

But where would you be if the operation was a success?

Monitoring it in Sydney.

Out drunk celebrating it somewhere.

And your father?

What would've happened to him if you weren't here?

Good point.

I know which one you can live with easier.

Abject failure?


Hayley. Everything okay?

( Tyres screech )

Yes, Meryl.

You kissed her.


You kissed her!

Oh, dear!

Only the once. I was drunk!

Look, the second time, she kissed me.

Second time?

sh1t. You didn't know the numbers?

Look, this is not how it looks, okay?

She was actually saying goodbye to me.

You know, the funny thing, it's all about context... Oh! ( Coughs )

You're dead to me! You're dead!

( Ringing tone )


It's me. I...

Just thought I'd ring and tell you that I'm drunk.

I thought you should know.

Uh... no, uh...

Watch the rip off North Bondi.

It can drag you under.


So, um, must go. Uh...

I just saw a shark.


( Mobile phone rings )


Woman: ( Phone ) It's me.

You, you left without even a goodbye!

Yeah, Immigration came and got me. It's crazy.

I mean, doesn't the Australian Government know what an asset I am?

Oh, I will write to my MP.

Oh, it's too late. I'm on my way to India.

I'm gonna miss you, Hugh.

Yeah, right back at you.

How's Penny?


In the city.


What? There is no 'and'.

There's an 'and', my friend.

Hey, call me if you're ever in Dublin.

I will.

Oh, how did your heart go?

Ahh. It broke.

Oh, that sucks.

They do mend, you know, in my experience.