01x10 - Mash

Hugh: I am a great surgeon.

Just ask the 1,017 people walking around it there because of me.

Can't you go somewhere else?

Worried you're going to fall for me again?

There's absolutely nothing there.

Oh, come on, Matt. I wanted to wear my dress.

It has got nothing to do with him.

I want you to stop hanging around with Hugh.


You are a sad, one-handed, emotionally-stunted little rat man!


You just need to trust me.

You scratch the surface of Meryl Knight and you find a festering swamp of dishonesty.

You are a real philanthropist, Big Nathan.

Not getting chemo. Seen what it done to Mum, remember?

They have a new trial starting this month.

We need to get Joey onto it.

Did it work?

50 grand donation and Joey is on the trial.




It's your own fault, acting like his...

What, his father? I'm his father, not you, me!



You're pouring blood, mate.

I need orthopaedic surgery as soon as possible otherwise I can't operate again.

Joey's lung cancer has metastasised to his brain.

I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.

You wouldn't break my heart like that.

sh1t, I'm scared.

In a good way, but. It feels good.

I have a chance at a job I used to dream about.

Like, literally I had dreams about doing it.

A job?

And then in the shower...

Destiny called.

I think so.

If successful, is there much that would keep you in Whyhope?

No. Nothing.



I don't get it.


My brain has a reflex that tells my hand to close.

A ball is thrown at it and my brain tries to catch it.

We do this, it tries and eventually, my hand and connect.

Maybe you should do it with your dick too.

Just throw.


Thank you.

Look, talk to me, distract me.

It's better if it is pure instinct and I'm not trying.

Okay. How about Penny leaving?

Oh, something! You made a face.

What are you talking about?

She's leaving. I didn't think it was still a secret.

I just sent Floyd's transcripts to his new school in Sydney.


Oh, sh1t. What, you like her?


You like her! Holy sh1t!

Oh, don't be ridiculous. Let me put my splint back on.

You do! Oh, my gosh. She really doesn't seem your type.

Why not? I mean, of course she's not but...

And I don't.

♪ I'm going up the country Babe, don't you wanna go? ♪
♪ I'm going up the country Babe, don't you wanna go? ♪
♪ I'm going someplace where I've never been before ♪
♪ I'll leave this city, I've got to get away ♪
♪ I'm gonna leave this city ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ All this fussin' and fightin' Man, you know I sure can't stay. ♪

Penny: So you've really got another sleepover tonight?

I'm very popular now I'm leaving.

I should have told them weeks ago but you wouldn't let me.

It's our own private business.

Have you told work yet?

So, are you excited?

We'll live at the beach, right?

We will.

If I swim to school, how will you follow me?

I'll manage.

No doubt.

You need to tell everyone.

I know. I just... haven't got around to it.



I just heard it really makes you sharp and focused.

I'm not prescribing you testosterone, Meryl.

I don't think we want you sharper and more focused.

(LAUGHS) Aren't you sweet?

It's just the election is days away, Penny.

I need an edge.

The answer is no.


You know, Penny, you're such a well-respected person for a newcomer.

I've been here five years.

Exactly, and the respect that you've garnered.

A public endorsement by you would be wonderful and it would really mark you as a force in this town.

I don't think that would be appropriate, Meryl.

If we spend our lives doing what is appropriate, Penny, we're bored and ineffective.

Probably true. But the answer is no.

Let's just say you will think about it, shall we?

Dr Cartwright, you haven't signed off on the next week's roster.

Haven't I? Leave it on my desk.

I did. Twice.

Third time's a charm, Ken.

I regard the third time as an expression of inefficiency and disrespect.


When are you telling everyone?

I'm having a little trouble finding the appropriate moment.

Take a deep breath... and let those terrible words come out.

That's not helpful.

I'd suggest, "I'm abandoning you all despite your love for me "and the great hospital we've built together."

I'm taking my work to lunch.

There's a window into your future.



St Vincent's?


I have decided that...

I've been lucky enough to gain a position I'd enjoy.

Sounds sexual.

I thought I'd join you.

Oh. Hi.


Do I need to be worried about the impending toxicology report on Joey?

Uh, no.


Not at all.

Heart failure. He loved that mountain.

So, you're at your halfway mark.

No. Halfway through your probation.

Wow! Will there be gifts? Are you hiding a cake?

I had to write a six-month review. You have to co-sign it.


"Dr Knight has acclimatised to GP work like a duck to crude oil slick. Without the internet, most of his patients would die. Despite being banned from surgery, he operated on men, women and pigs. He has alienated staff members, had s*x on his desk..."

That's true.

"..given old women cocaine..."

A little bit.

"..and stolen a child's urine. He has generally whinged and whined like a five-year-old with a cold. I have foolishly covered for him as I felt I had no choice to keep a doctor here. I recommend I be fired and he be sent to trade school to learn welding."

Fair enough. Where do I sign?

Right here.

And on this one. That is more palatable for them and us.

You see, funny AND sensible.

So, congratulations on the new job.


Sydney, St Vincent's, right?


How did you know that?

I have my sources.

It's... just... such a great opportunity.

I mean, I've been fixing regional hospitals for a decade and I've always wanted that fellowship, and to work at St Vincent's, of course. Of course!

It's a great place... as I recall.

It'll be great for Floyd with more... beaches.


And opportunities and...

So... good for you.

Right. Thanks.

Well, I'd better get back to it, then.


How are you holding up?

I'm fine, thank you.

I've been looking for you.

You need to come with me.


I will put you in cuffs if I have to.

Well, what for?

You heard me.

Official interview with Hugh Knight.

Is that necessary?

Where were you on the day of Joey's death.

(SIGHS) I worked, I went home, I went round to Joey's place.

He wasn't there, I went looking for him and I found him on the mountain.

Did you administer any drugs to help him die?

Tugger, what are you doing?

You can't turn that off, only I can.

I'm investigating the death of Joey Higgins.

He had a terminal illness.

He climbed a mountain and probably died of heart failure.

You know this. Why...

Did you kill him?

I did not.

I know what you did, Hugh.

You helped him die. I know you did and you are going to pay for it.

You're going to sit in a cell until that toxicology report arrives tomorrow morning.

Tugger... I know you're sad.

Me too.

Interview terminated 1:15.

You can go.

Aoife: Not exactly been very nice.


You're leaving.


The right moment came.

You weren't here so I took it.

It sounds amazing.

We have a six-year plan.

It's only year five.

I know, but this opportunity came up and I'm... taking it.

It's a big step up from here.

If you're all about status.

If you're about life...

So who is replacing you?

(TEARFULLY) This is very...

You can cry, Ken.

It's completely appropriate.

I'm not crying!

I'm sorry.

So, when do you go?


This completely sucks.


Penny is leaving.

I know. I just wished her well.

You didn't!

I did.

It's a great job.

You really want her to leave?

She's leaving.

What can I do about it?




And are you more likely to vote for Meryl Knight or Rod Eagle?

You should rethink that.

No, I'm just...

Three days to go and we're behind.

And I think this glue is making me dizzy.

I can't sleep at night.

I've got everyone praying.

Worry not, pray not, Hayley.

This is where two years' planning comes to fruition.

Friday night, the bar is open, the drinks are free at the brewery.

That should bring the crowds.


Then I make it rain money over every community organisation that squeaks by on passion and the smell of an oily rag. You do?

Tip a pork barrel over everyone, watch them eat happily, smile, wipe their mouths and say... "Where do I vote?"

You are a genius, Meryl Knight.


Oh, honestly, I think if my life was on a different path, that Gillard filly wouldn't have been the first.

Tulip bulbs. Night time is the best.

Hugh stole it.


Oh, I've got a really bad hook going on. Really?

Should it be working yet?

No, it's slower than it should be.

So, did you pash her?


Penny. Did you pash her?

Uh, funny, it didn't come up while we were healing the sick.


Penny. Can you believe that?

She's nice.

I'm not interested. She's leaving.

Well, that's your best time, isn't it?

No commitment, just see your target and move in for the kill.

She's different.


So, what? You love her or something?

Charlie, leave him alone!

I'm just asking! I'm trying to help.

She's leaving for a great job.

So, what?

You're just going to let her go?

I am. I will.

Good. 'Cause honestly, I don't see it, Hugh.

She's serious and earnest.

She's a helicopter mum.

I mean, she's lovely too, don't get me wrong.

So you don't think I'm good enough for her, or that I'm too good for her?

I just don't see it.

You need someone fun.

What do you care?

I don't want him to die a spinster!

And she has a kid so, hypothetically, you'd not just be taking on her, but Floyd.

Well, he has a kid too.

I love Floyd. He's great.

Oh, well, there you go, Mr Brady.

Although that's a lot of pressure.

And what are you going to say?

"Don't take this amazing job for me"?

Then you get together and we all know what happens next.

We do?


The hot, fun girl who giggles and makes eyes at you at the brewery one night happens next.

You don't know that.

I not only know it, I lived it.

Okay. Good.


Will I cook?


You stole my money.

How do you know it was me?

Ajax dobbed you in.

Welcome to parenthood. Children are a constant disappointment.

I needed it for Joey's treatment.

Got an answer for everything lately, haven't you?

It's becoming an annoying trait, darling.

So what am I going to do?

My entire campaign strategy was in that hole.

Well, you know what they say, Mum Look for the man with the biggest pants.

He has big pockets.

Holy sh1t.

Snake venom?

Traces of Highlands copperhead venom.

He died of a snake bite, causing heart failure.

Lucinda. I noticed she was gone.


Maybe he was letting her go.

I guess so.

Thank you, Penny.

Should I run?

Snake bite.

No way.

Crazy, huh?

Yeah. How he got 11 of them to bite him, we'll never know.

And one puncture mark that seemed like it was made by a stapler.


I told Tugger snake bite.

She didn't ask how much venom, so I didn't tell her.

He went the way he wanted, I swear.

I believe you. You loved him.

I saw that.


So, what am I going to do without you?

It's amazing how happy you are that I'm leaving considering how often I save your arse.

I'm not happy that you're leaving!



You seemed... excited for me.

I was being mature.



Well, I was... I was trying it out to see if it works.

Right. (LAUGHS)


Well, I'll see you in there 'cause I have to...

Me too.




Go away, Hugh. You're off the hook.

And I'm sorry I was mad.

You okay?

(SNIFFS) I hate those snakes.


And I hate you.

How dare you.


You set me up with someone you knew was dying!

I didn't know that you would...

Would what?

..love him.

Well, I did! I... I do! And now what do I do?

You f*cked with my life!

Touch me and I will break your arm!

I know it hurts, but he was ready.

We weren't.

But he was.

I'm in... agony.

Me too.

(SNIFFS) Okay.

Hug me now.


You're leaving me, I hear.

I wanted to say goodbye.

You can call me if you need to.

I will.


It's the city so I might get busy so don't worry if it takes me a while to call back.

I know how it goes.

I might swim to school.

Oh. Watch out for stingers.

What are stingers?

Like little jellyfish. If one gets you, get someone to pee on you.

Maybe I won't swim to school then.

Anything else I should know?

Traffic's murder, it's expensive.

Always carry 50 bucks around in your shoe.


You'll know when the time comes.


Sleep over. Got to go.


It'll be great. I promise.

I'll call you.

She's just not his type.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Course I'm right, Matt.

I mean, she's over 30, she has a job.

I can see your point.

She's pretty, I suppose, but she just gets so earnest and aggro whenever something happens, and with him, something always happens.

I mean, what can he see in her?

Are you jealous?


Oh, my God. No.

Well, you keep talking about it.

Yeah, well, it's a small town.

There's not a lot to talk about and it's funny.

I just find it funny.

She's leaving anyway.

God, you're such an idiot.


Maybe I am.

Where are you going?

I have to go into town.

I'll run Penny over if I see her.

Who's jealous, Matt?

And ridiculous.


Ho-ho! Nice shot!


So... you've dobbed me in for stealing Mum's cash.

I'm not proud of it.

Well, why? Are you pissed off at me?

On and off.

I had a dad and everything was fine.

I know your other dad.

Trust me, improvements can be made, second opinions got.

He's fine.





Come on!

I don't know what to do with this.

This dad thing.

Well, we, um... we can be just...

I don't know.

Oh, I'm glad you had a plan.

Why'd you want to tell me?

I don't really get that.

I wanted you to know.

Wanted to... be your dad, sort of.

Hayley reckons it's better to live in truth.

Well, she's a wise woman.

I might not call you Dad.

I'll call you Other Dad.

I like it.

I guess I can play you and Dad off one another.

That's the spirit.

I'll probably be mean to you around Dad, though.

Don't want to hurt his feelings.

Fair enough.

Mrs K.

Oh, Big Nathan.

Oh, you're so handsome.

Such a loss to the ladies of the town when she stepped out of the closet.

Nice of you to say.

Good for you. Happiness is all.

What can I...?

Things are in the balance, Big Nathan.

This election, I need one last splash, and nothing...

Says 'splash' like cash.

Exactly. And I know with our cooperation when I'm mayor, it will be so good for the town.

We will thrive.

Well, thing is, Mrs K...

He doesn't need you.



Dad and I have patched up our differences, Meryl.

Society's changed. It's okay to have homosexuals for sons.

We'll be sort of cooperating from now on.

You're a beautiful woman, Meryl, even when you look like a stunned mullet.

Did I ever tell you that Meryl and I went out once?

Yeah. Got to first base, I did.

Little bit of tit.

I don't need to know things like that, Dad.

You're done, Meryl, and we both know it.


What are you doing?


And drinking.

They seem to go together oddly well.

Do you need a hand?

You do have one, I guess.


Yeah, almost funny.


So, do you?

You want to come over and help me?

Well, if you want me to.

Floyd's not here. Sleepover.

Yeah. I know.



I have been drinking, so my decision-making faculties may be impaired.

Keep drinking.




You change your mind?

Aoife: Here's the thing.

There's seven stages to grieving a relationship.

Stage six is post-breakup s*x.

That's, unfortunately, where I'm at.

You what?

Don't make me spell it out.

It's a compulsory stage, we both know it.

So come over and we'll get it over with, and then tomorrow we'll be in stage seven - grossed out by our behaviour and on the road to acceptance.


The door's open.

I'm in bed naked to save all the smalltalk and bullshit.

Old beige bra, you will not do.

What are you doing, Penny?

What are you doing?

Don't think, just... don't think.


sh1t. (SIGHS)

I couldn't sleep. I got worried about people being on me.


Maybe we need to rethink Sydney.

I'm popular now.

It'll be better here.


You look... fluffy.

(SCOFFS) You are such a child.

Did you tell Floyd that he'd get stung by jellyfish and that people would have to piss on him?

Uh... Sort of.

It's kind of factual.

He was at a sleepover and had to come home because he couldn't sleep because he was worried about it.

Ah. I'm going to talk to him.

No, you cannot talk to him.

That's when the problems start, when you talk.

I cannot wait to get away from you and get my child away from you.

He asked me about Sydney, I told him the truth.

And then you come over here and you want to have s*x with me.

You're disgusting.

YOU asked ME over.

I'm drunk. What's your excuse?

I got confused for a minute, but now my head is clear.

You want help packing? Let me know.

You realise it's just because I'm going away that you... you know.

Oh! Right back at ya.

Wasn't Charlie just in the bath?

I think so.

Well, did you change the water?

What? It was full, it was warm, I got in.

Aren't we trying to save water?

Are you kidding me?

Charlie was in the bath!

That's... that's my wife's water you're in.

Okay, you're ranting and you have a shotgun.

You need to dial it down.

That's my wife's soup you're in.

Your wife's...?

Is that loaded?

You're waving it around a bit.

No, it's not loaded anymore.

Do you feel safer?

Not really, no.

I'm getting out of the bath now.

And when you do, you can go back inside, gather up your stuff one-handed and go back to Mum and Dad's.


You can't stay here anymore.

"Feet to mimic bird call."

What do you reckon, mate?



Hey, what do you want?

Get the hell off our land!

Give him a hand, Ajax.

Well, if you're sure.

I'm almost sure.

Oh. Prodigal son, there you are.



Oh, curious. Must dash.

Other Dad.

Secret son.

Can I help you?

What is that smell?

Jasmine oil. It's good for anxiety.

Well, it is making me dry wretch.

Get rid of it.

Um, do you have an appointment?

I'm Dr Cartwright's replacement.

Do I need an appointment, lanky?


I apologise for my ridiculous show of emotions.

I was a bit surprised by your news.

I congratulate you. Bravo.

I'm sorry, Ken.

I should have told you sooner.

I think we've been a very good team.

I couldn't have made this place work without you.


But a bird must spread its wings.

Well, I'm driving, but I get the metaphor.

Thank you.

You will, I imagine, have an assistant in the city.

I would welcome the opportunity to continue our working relationship, keep the band together, so to speak.

You want to come with me?



I don't get an assistant.

It's a research team.

We have one between four of us.

I see.

It's like that.

It's not like anything.


(GLOOMILY) The future's here.

Nora Gumbleton.


Does lanky get tea?

Betty. It's Betty.

And, yes, Betty gets tea.


Thanks for coming.



So, what is it, Rod?

Do you want to talk some deal?

(MUNCHES) - Oyster or champagne?


Is this about the next vote when I'll be mayor?

You really want this election, don't you?

I'll win.

What if I stood aside due to health reasons?

Oh, I'd be very supportive of that.

Our health is our wealth.


I might lie down, actually.

Of course.


I do hope it's not serious, Rod.

So, you'd stand aside?


What ARE you doing?

When a man gets to first base, he wants to finish the job at some point in his life.

Shh, shh, shh.

Our little secret, Mrs would-be mayor.


Oh, it is such a great offer, Rod.

And if I wasn't throwing up a little in my own mouth, maybe I would.

But I'm going to pass.

I'm going to win, Meryl.

You've got nothing.

We both know that.




So, you have six months left on your probation.

Five months and 22 days, to be exact.

Which I try to be, when I think about it.

That's a lovely cardi.

You remind me of my husband.

Oh. He sounds charming.

He was a prick.


I mean, I'm over it.

10 years of your life force just sucked from your body, leaving you an unrecognisable husk.

I'm probably not like him when you get to know me.

I think we'll get on fine.

What are you...?

I take notes on everything.

If I'd done that earlier, a couple of court cases would have gone my way.


Anyway, Penny says you're doing well and you're a good doctor.

I am.

Ah. The old monthly humiliation.

Face me.


You might have one of those hidden tubes, like Lance Armstrong.

I don't have a hidden tube.

Then you have nothing to fear.

Yep, just like my husband.


Dinner and a show.

You can't leave.

Met Nora, did we?

I'm begging you.


Begging usually involves your knees.

Please. This woman...

Will be a tough nut for you to crack. I'm sorry.

I'm on my knees.

Still no.

You can put this whole hospital at risk because of this woman!

I'm being selfish, just trying it out.

You like it, thought I might.

This is not about us.

I mean...

Both: There is no us.


Think about all you've achieved here.

I need to move on with my life.

Guys, a minibus rolled on its way out of town.

Are the ambos there?

No, that's what's crazy.

The driver is on the phone now.

They rolled, landed upright.

She's driving in herself.

But in her words, there's loads of blood and screaming.

Thanks for not coming over last night.

You saved me some self-loathing today.

Took all my willpower.

I bet it did.

I bet you regret it for the rest of your life.

No doubt.

There it is.


Oh, sh1t.

Calm down, calm down.

You're not listening to me.

It's all right, it's all right.

No, no, no...


Kevin, isn't it?


I've seen you at yoga.

Downward dog guy.

What? I don't do yoga.

Maybe you should.

There we go.

Can you get him into bed three?


Where are the ambos?

12 minutes.

Timing it.

Danny, suck on that whistle as hard as you can.

It's your best friend, believe me.


Open fracture of the leg.

This protruding bone is going to cut an artery if he can't be stilled.

I don't blame him.

All right, get round here, sit on his thigh so I can splint it.


That's it.

All right, go.


f*ck! Bugger it.

Swap. (GROANS)



Don't stop, Danny. Keep going.

That's it.



Man: Don't know, it just... we knocked down the hill.

Aoife! Get him an X-ray.

He may have broken ribs.

Just look up for me.

You have a detached retina from the impact.


Am I blind?

No. You're going to Brisbane where they're going to reattach it.

When you wake up, you're going to see the Great Barrier Reef.

You say hi for me, okay?


Okay, Evac, Royal Brisbane.

Detached retina, Dr Sloan.

Sloan, got it.

Printout of a guy in the chairs.

Trouble breathing, ribs maybe.

sh1t. Where is he?

Through there.

It's not his ribs.

14 gauge needle.

The big needle?

Yes! The big one.


Girl: Are you okay?

Tension pneumothorax.

First intercostal, second intercostal... There.

Hold that.


Let me see, let me see.



Penny, I need you!

Yes, one second.

Haven't got a second.

I'll swap.

Put pressure on the wound, stitch it fast and bandage it.

Okay. Betty, can you get...

Tension pneumothorax.

You need to do it.

I've done a hundred but never one-handed. Too dangerous.

We nip the heart, he's dead.

We done one?

I've done exactly one.

Well, it should be a snap.

Clavicle, second intercostal space, just there. It's bloody dangerous.

So is dying from a collapsed lung.

Now, remember, not too deep or we'll pierce the heart. Yep.


Doctor, I've got a cardiac arrest.



Oh! sh1t!



Move, move, move!

Midline scar.

He's had a bypass. Paddles?


sh1t. all right, you're doing it.

Here and here. On your call.


Nothing. Again.


Nothing. Again, again.

Hit him again.


He's back!


Take that.

Yep, they just got here. Thanks.


I'm not going deep enough.

It should hiss, right?

Yeah. all right, we're going to do this together.


You control speed and angle and I control the depth.


On three.

One, two, three.


(LAUGHS) I love that sound.

It's beautiful.

Plane's ready, ambulance is at the door.

Three on the plane to Sydney, ambulance to regional centres.

Like clockwork, Ken.

Well done, everyone.

You were all incredible.

I'd say we were a cracking unit.

It was beautiful. And sad.

And so energising!

Penny, you really want to leave all this blood and fun?

I'm afraid so.

It's been an honour to work with you all.

I'm going to miss you.

I'm crying a little bit.

And unashamedly so.

Me too.

Nora: Tea break, is it?

How lovely.

Back to work, slackers.

I apologise.

I'm going to say something that I thought I'd never say.

Please don't.

You're a great doctor.

We finally agree on something.

I knew it would happen eventually.

Bon voyage.



How are you this fine evening?


You seem happier.

I am.

Can you take care of the brewery for a while?


Orders are done, rosters are set.

I just need you to keep an eye on it, thanks.

And what are you doing?

I'm going to clear my head for a bit.

You could clear yours while I'm gone.

You know what?

You can't, that's the whole thing.

Well, that's ridiculous and untrue.

I'll call you.

You can't just leave.

You have to talk about this.

I love you.

You're being a dick.


Matt around?

He left.

He took his swag, handed me the brewery and left.

What? Where'd he go?

I don't know. He's acting crazy.

Right, I'll call him, He won't answer.

I mean, it's not like I drank his wife's soup, I was just in it.


The bath.

Oh, God. He called it 'wife soup'?


He thinks I'm jealous of Penny.


I know! Right? I just want you to be happy with the right person.

That's nice of you.

Aw, sh1t.

Ever hear yourself say something and know you were lying?


What, you don't want me to be happy?

I think I actually want you to suffer for what you did to me.

sh1t. And never find anyone who was better.

Big of you.

Oh, God!

I think I actually want you to regret it forever.


Maybe I will.


I think I might be crazy.

You probably dodged a bullet.

I know what I did to you.

I don't want to do that to anyone else.

We really messed each other up.


You got what you wanted.

Yeah, I know.

I did.

What are you going to do?

Thought I'd try nothing.

See how that works out.



Are you okay? You're distracted.

Supposed to be distracted.

That's the point.


Do you think I'm too young to be married?

I think I'M too young to be married, so you certainly are.

You're too old to be married.


Isn't it sort of over for you?

I figured.

Uh, no, it's not.

I talked to Other Dad about it.

Yeah? What did he have to say?

He said when you find what you want, just be smart enough to stop looking.

Hey, sh1t, Hugh!


You f*cking caught it!

Sorry I was a bit unevolved about you leaving.

It's a grand adventure for a courageous woman on her own path.

Don't go.

I mean, good luck.

I'm going to miss you.

♪ I was holding my breath when the tightrope walker ♪
♪ Slipped into the moon glow... ♪

Floyd, are you ready?


♪ Maybe it's time to go You can be cruel when you're wise ♪
♪ You be wise when you're blue Bye. ♪
♪ And, baby, if I have then I have for you ♪
♪ Bribing the jury to keep me in jail ♪
♪ Singing "Tea for the tiller man" ♪
♪ And although I lie fantastically I swore an oath on my history ♪
♪ It's a miracle I can see ♪
♪ You can be wrong when you're right Even when you're right on cue... ♪

Matt, it's me.

I'm an idiot.

You already know that, I know.

But just so you know, I know.

You're always quicker on these things than me.

Call me.

I love you.

♪ I bring to you with reverent hands All the books that my love abides ♪
♪ Kind woman that my passion wore Like the shoreline wears the tides ♪
♪ Maybe the water went dry keeping an eye on you ♪
♪ And with an eye on you it could drown me too... ♪

10-minute start. Go!

Thank you, universe.

♪ People will raise a whole lotta hell ♪
♪ About the water and the windmill ♪
♪ And although I stab chaotically I swore an oath on my history ♪
♪ It's a miracle I can see ♪
♪ Even the darkness has arms But they ain't got you ♪
♪ Baby, I have it And I have you too. ♪

What's wrong?

My hand works.

Oh, my God!

Oh, that's great!

I had to tell you.


Yes, of course. That's so good.

I... had to tell you.

About your hand.

I've got to go.

I know you do.




Exactly like my husband.

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