01x08 - The Truth is Out There

You will be placed on the Impaired Registrants list. You're banned from surgical practice.

No way!

Oh, sorry. Simone, this is Hugh.

Hugh looks like my pa.

Your dad?

My granddad.

It doesn't make sense.

Write a letter to your dad. What is nonsensical about that?

He can't read it. He's dead.

I've actually got a kid. I just found out.

He doesn't know who I am and I don't know how to tell him.

Happy birthday, Ajax. Catch.

So you don't love me?

Everyone loves you.

Hugh. Not the way you deserve to be loved, no.

I think you're a prick.

Stop, stop, stop!

How fast was that?

Eight Ks. In a week, we could be in Brisbane.

You want to try 15?


Okay. Let's go.


Whoa! Whoa, whoa. You all right?

Yeah. Got a bit nervous.

That's good.

Is it?

Yeah. Immersion therapy.

You overcome your fears by exposing yourself to low levels of them.

So I'm supposed to be scared?


(SIGHS) I guess I'm doing it properly, then.


♪ I'm going up the country Babe, don't you wanna go? ♪

♪ I'm going up the country Babe, don't you wanna go? ♪

♪ I'm going someplace where I've never been before. ♪

♪ I'll leave this city, I've got to get away. ♪

♪ I'm gonna leave this city. ♪

♪ I've got to get away. ♪

♪ All this fussin' and fightin' Man, you know I sure can't stay. ♪


Dr Knight.

What have I done?

It is what have I done, and the answer is something that is going to make you happy.

But I want to assure you that that is very much secondary.

I did it for our hospital.

You're kidding?

I applied for a variation in your terms.

You can do minor surgery. It will help us enormously!

What's going on?

I can cut people. I can cut people!



You're kidding? How did that happen?

Everything all right? He wants what?

How did you get up there?

Window and jumped across.

Oh, my God. Are you going up?

I get vertigo. Colin is on his way from a property near Wanda.

Did you call?

Yeah, I called.

I don't know why he'd want you. Have you been saying things to him?

Kids love me.


Please, just get him to come down.

Floyd, just stay where you are.

How did he even get up there?

He was in class, we were doing a task, then he was gone.

I went looking for him. I looked up and there he was.

Got upset when I said we might go up.

I've got a loudhailer here for you to talk.

I think he wants a private conversation.


Don't move.

Thanks for coming.

We could have done this in my office.

Are they all freaking out?

Little bit.

Hey, you can see the town hall from here.

Footy ground too.


So... what brings us up here?

We were writing something about your best memories.


I know I'd gone to the rodeo with Dad and I wanted to write about that and I remember being in his car, but... I couldn't see his face.

But... at all.

Faded away?

That sucks.

I sort of got angry and went for a walk and ended up here.

That makes sense.

It does?



So, how is your day?

Great. I get to cut people open again.

That's cool.


You could come watch.



It's awesome. All that blood and tissue. You'd love it.

So, shall we get down?


Hey. What were you doing up there?

It's private.

I'm your mother. There is no private.

I have art class now. Can I go back in?

I guess so. Are you sure you're all right?

I'm fine. Don't make a scene.

Me?! You've got the cops here! You're yelling.




Hugh, don't let this go to your head.

Sure, but maybe I'm better at this than I think.

Though I am good at most things.

Oh, my God. Don't you have your own secret son?

Maybe you should go and help him.

Sorry. I'm being a bitch.

It scares me when he does stuff I don't get.

Doesn't anyone need an operation?


You could always put a beating heart in yourself.

Aoife, I'm sorry.

Oh, I'm not the forgiving type. I'm the Irish grudge-bearing type.

You ever heard of the Troubles?

Well, that's what you just bought yourself.

Leave her alone, w*nk*r.

Okay, this is a ward. It's visiting hours. She's visiting me.

He has no empathy.

I've been reading a book about sociopaths and it is chilling how he fits.

You are not involved, Ken.

Uh, he's my friend.

Okay, fine. Just go and be the Witches of Macbeth outside.

That's sexist.

You could lodge a complaint.

Absolutely. I have the forms.

Well, why don't I ponder on that?

The young are so emotional.

It is kind of beautiful.

Sorry, one last one.

Glen thinks he might have pulled a muscle at footy last night.

Okay, Glen. Let's take a look.

Sit up for me there.


So, where?

There. I ate a pie and I don't think that helped.

Hmm. You have a fever.

I do feel hot.

Has it been getting worse?


Lie down for me.

How is this?


And this?


And this?

(SCREAMS) Argh! Ow.

You have appendicitis.



We'll admit you tonight and tomorrow, we'll prep you for surgery.

I don't understand why you're so happy.


Here we go.

Uh, all.

Uh, mm -

I have an announcement to make.

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman.

Oh, thank you, Hayley.

I am going to run for mayor.


Which is awesome!

Jim: Do you really want to do that?

After last time?

It's annoying, Mum.

Oh, thank you, all, for your overwhelming support.

It's important that we present ourselves as the united, strong family that we are.

Hayley is going to hand out information packs containing itineraries about local events and suggested clothing options and bullet points that are going to be sprinkled casually in conversation with the local people.

What if I oppose the policies, Mum?

You don't have to vote for me, just be there for me.

"She is just the lifeblood of the town."

"We feel blessed by God to have her as head of our family."

I'm head of the family.

It says here you will be referred to as the First Lady, Dad.

Hayley, have to drop the God bit.

Yes, Meryl.

Matt: Do you really expect us to say all this stuff?

If it feels natural and if the moment presents itself.

Charlie: "I see Meryl as all our mothers. She suckles this community as a mother and a foal, nurturing and guiding."

I mean, that just rolls off the tongue. (LAUGHS)

Yes, all right, all right.

In your own words.

Gee, a little bit of enthusiasm would be welcome.

I announce at the flower show Friday night.


Good on you, Meryl.

Jim: Well done. To Meryl.


Hey, um...

Can I ask you something embarrassing and weird?

Embarrassing for you or for me?

Probably both.

I just can't really talk to Dad, and Matt will laugh.

Last man standing. Yeah, I get it.

So, I haven't had s*x and I want to, but then I don't want to 'cause she doesn't want to and I want to make her happy so I don't push it, but I want to push it.

But I stop myself.

And then I just feel like, "Argh!"

You know?

Like you're going mad.

A little bit.


So, what would you do?

Oh, you shouldn't do what I'd do.

I was going to do the opposite.

I just wanted to know.


Look, I would like to think that I knew what was precious to me and that I valued that over the momentary... you know.


The truth is, I would probably find someone I didn't care about to have s*x with, lie about it, get caught, try and jar my way out of it, blow the whole thing up and then regret it.

And then do it all over again.

Ha. That's dumb.


Thanks for the advice.


Partly cloudy, says here.

Oh, Hugh.


Can't just walk in here.

We might have been in flagrante.

That's good to have in my head.

What is it?

I know Ajax is my son.

I think we should tell him.

(LAUGHS) That's ridiculous.

I mean, what sort of crazy...?

Go to bed now.

Cally Cross is his mum.

I slept with Cally Cross.

Well, you could throw a stone in the main street and you could hit one of your children, if that is the theory you're going to use.

I've seen the medical file, Mum.

You asked for a DNA test.

That is a breach of confidentiality.

It matches me.

And Matt and your dad.

Dad, ever slept with Cally Cross?

I will strangle you with my bare hands.

I think we can take that as a no.

We're not telling him.

So you admit it's true?

Your father didn't know.

Yes, I did.

I never told you.

I knew.

Oh! You never even discussed it?

You two are unbelievable.

A solid couple has their ways of non-verbal communication.

I want us to tell him together.

I've read up on it.

I think it'll be better.

He's not your son. He's our son.

Nothing needs to change.

But secrets come out.

And I know.

I found out.

One day, he is going to find out.

I just... I just want him to know.

Sleep on it.

I know it's big.


Hey, what are you doing today?


Well, I am going to be operating.

Come and have a look if you like.

I know how you love blood.

Yeah, cool!


Hey, Dad.

I'm going to see an operation today.

I need you to come with me to the saleyards.

Aw. Right.

I'm looking at some steers. Can I do both?

What time is the operation?


Oh, that's a shame. That's the time I said we'd be at the yards.

Some other time, Hugh.


Hey, Marmaduke's funny today.

Yeah, Marmaduke's always funny.


Morning, darling.

(SIGHS) Mum, what are you doing?

So, you know, and your response is to tell him.

The truth is going to come out...

The truth is overrated by this generation.

You think it is an answer to everything, but in fact it will lead to more questions and unintended consequences that can only be guessed at.

You didn't have the right to keep it from me, or him.

What? So I should have pulled you from Boston so you could take care of him, so you could end up in this one-horse town?

I have ended up in this one-horse town.

I love you, darling, but you are a father like a butterfly is a carnivore.

Look, you never even gave me a chance.

Because I know you.

You are a selfish genius and that makes you a great surgeon, but a terrible parent and partner - no judgment.

A lot of that sounded like judgment.

So, you're not going to tell him?

No. We'll go on as before and Ajax will go on blissfully unaware and happy with it.

And you are going to promise me that this stays between us.

You are not going off to tell him.

I said I wanted us all to agree and be there together and I meant it, for him.

But promise me you'll think about it some more.

Of course.

Of course.

And good morning to you.


You off to save lives?

I do get to cut people open today.

Well, good for you, freak.

Hey, you got a sec?

When we were together, what I liked P besides the incredible s*x and seeing you naked...

Okay, it's too early!

..was your advice.

You seemed to know how to live my life better than what I did.

Well, I am wise.

Exactly. Mm-hm.

I'm thinking of maybe doing something big.

I need to know if I'm right.

Well, the doctor is in. Hit me.

Ajax is my son.


I slept with his mum in the back of a Ute.

She had a kid - that kid was Ajax.

She died, Meryl took in Ajax.

I never knew, but... now I do.

What? Are you sure?

DNA match.

Uh...! Hugh, this is huge.

It is.

Are you... are you going to tell him?

Look... I told Mum and Dad we need to tell him together.

They're thinking about it.

Wow. Wow.

I just think he should know.

Yeah, of course he should.

You're his father.

He has a right to know.



He is going to find out either way, and it is better coming from us.

That is strangely mature of you.

You are sworn to secrecy, though.

You can't tell Matt.

Yeah, will do.

Oh, wow!


God, I feel dizzy.




Remember, don't mention it to Matt.



You didn't swim?

No, I didn't sw...

It's too cold.

What'd you do?

I saw... some frogspawn.

That's cool.

Yeah. Yeah.

Hugh is Ajax's dad.

Hugh is Ajax's dad! Oh, my God!


You al right?! You screamed.

It's a yoga thing.

Stupid yoga!


Are you doing it or not?

Just taking the moment, Aoife.

Move on.

I will if you will.


Oh, it's good to be home!

What do you reckon, Floyd?


Wouldn't it disintegrate after a while, though?

I think you're good for a couple of years, at least.


Hi, Mum.

We just took an appendix out.

Hang on.

I thought you told your mother.


Floyd, go to my office.

Should I scrub out first?


What are you doing?

Inspiring and educating.

I promised him on the roof.

That's how I got him down.


What's so bad? He's a curious kid.

You are irresponsible and unreliable. He doesn't need that.

Well, he doesn't need to be wrapped in cotton will either so he suffocates but, you know, your kid, your rules.

Get the last word?


Being a parent isn't about being a hero, it is about listening to boring stories, worrying yourself nauseous and holding them until you can't feel your arms anymore.

Thank you.


For the operating thing.

You're welcome.

Are you trying to get the last word?

I want you to stop hanging around with Hugh.


He's not...

You just need to trust me.

Is he a paedophile?

No! He's not a paedophile. My God!

Floyd, just do as I say.

So it's like North Korea.

It's a dictatorship.

No, it is not like North Korea.

Is the freedom of movement?


Then I'm going.

Floyd, please!

All I know is that he doesn't treat me like a baby.



I'm close, baby.

Ahhh. Uh!

Mmm. Mwah.


You're staring at me.

No, I'm not.

Yes, you are. What is it?

Oh, I just have to tell you!

I have to tell you.

Or I'll cut your heart out if you let on you knew.

Okay! It's a lot of build-up.

You do this and you tell me something like Marcia is going on long service leave.

Is it really going to be worth it?

(LAUGHS) Okay, go!



It's Mrs Daley.

Daley, Daley.

Mrs Daley.

We saw her last year, remember?

That's right, that's right.

And she made all those lovely jams and things.


So good, I know.


I want to talk to you.

You are supposed to be Charlie, Matt.

If you look at your itinerary, you're doing the bingo tonight.

What's wrong, darling?


Oh! Mrs Daley. Hello!

This is my boy, Matt P farmer and entrepreneur.

I've made some scones.

I could hug you.


Hayley, can you put some flyers across the street, prepare the ground?

Of course, Meryl.

He's Hugh's son.

Are you kidding me?

(SIGHS ANGRILY) I could kill him!

He promised not to say anything.

He told Charlie, Charlie told me.

Why? Why?! Why would you do that?

(WHISPERS) It was very difficult at that time.

I knew about Ajax from the start.

The mother came to me originally and I said I would take care of him financially.

Then she died.

Your brother was on his way to be an intern in Boston.

I knew it!

I knew you were protecting him.

It wasn't even about Ajax, it was just about the great Hugh!

I love Ajax! How dare you!

Would you have done the same for me?

I wouldn't have had to.

You are a man.

You would have taken it in your stride and kept going.

You can't flatter me out of being pissed off, Mum.

You and I hold this family together.

You and me.

Without us, it's chaos and right now, we are on the brink, Matt.

Two types of scones P date and pumpkin.

Got a bit of sherry in the dates.

You wicked woman.

Date it is.


How was surgery?

Oh, like going home.

If home was a good place to be.


No one waiting?

It's quiet.

Anyone I can operate on?


There is the elective list - people on waiting lists for bigger hospitals.

But you'd have to ask Ken.





Green tea. With Ice Magic in it.

Uh, yes. Thank you.

I want to make peace, Ken.

I have a great respect for you.

I do not believe this is true.

Would you like to improve the statistics of elective surgeries being sent to other hospitals?

Of course.

Well, just point me to the list.

I will review the files, contact the patients and they can get cut.

For the good of the hospital, not you.

Of course.


So, how come you're involved in the hate-fest with Aoife?

I mean, it really is none of your business.

She is my valued friend.

I believe in loyalty.

Oh, you little sh1t. You are trying to catch her on the rebound!

I... No!

You are after Aoife.

I'm not after her.

I'm not a predator, like some men.

Oh, you are a dark horse, Ken.

I wish you well.

It will surprise you, as I seem so easy of confidence, but... I am slightly awkward around women.



They regard me as a friend and I have trouble shifting this perception.

You seem to naturally do so, but obviously you have some dark strategies.

Just be yourself and let nature take its course.

Nature's course tends to lead to me alone in bed staring at the ceiling.

Hmm, that's a sad story.

The list.

For one piece of advice.

You're not dangerous enough, Ken.

Surprise them.


Who's next?

Is he all right?

Oh, just some business. All sons need their mothers to save them.

Pray you have girls.

I will, Meryl.

Mr Nelson. I had him put his red setter out the back.

Tried to mount you last time.

Unsavoury business, that was.





You told Charlie.

I...asked her advice.

And Charlie told Matt about Ajax.

Hugh, I know what you are doing.

You are trying to create chaos so I have no choice but to control it.

How very Machiavellian of me.

I wonder where I learned that.

Well, Matt's on side and he will bring Charlie into line.

People know. Some people in town probably suspect.

When he finds out and it's not from us, who's he going to hate?

Not me P the person who lied to all of us all of these years.

You don't deserve that. Do you?

Everything okay?


Let's go gather some votes.

What's going on, Meryl?

Were you talking about Ajax?

"Send a fax," that's what I said.

Why was Matt here?

Hayley, it's time we focus on our job here.

Mm. Yes, Meryl.

This is your destiny.

We cannot fail, we must prevail.


It will be a sin if we do not win.


I wrote quite a few down.


What do you want?

Aoife says you're a great doctor.

Yes, well, she'd be right.

I think I have a lump in my breast.

Oh, right. Well... lay down for me.

I'm fine here.

Just arms above your head.


No, I can't feel anything.

I can.

You're Aoife's friend.

I can be your friend too.

While I'm flattered I'm a gap year mountain to climb, I'm going to have to ask you to put your top back on.

I like it rough.


I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

And I'm going to stare at that sheep until you do.

You know, I'll probably be the last 25-year-old who wants to.

You only live once.

Still staring at the sheep.

Your loss.





So... who dies today?


Clay pigeons.

Dad's supposed to pull for me, but he's on the phone to the bank.

Going to lose the light.

I could pull for you... however you do that.



Hey, Dad. Don't worry.

Hugh's doing it.


One second!


No, I wasn't ready.

You've got to pull when I say 'pull'.

Yeah, will do.


Did a possum piss in here?

Yeah. Come on. Get ready.


All right. Pull!

Did you get that one?

Hugh. Don't talk, just pull.

Okay. Okay.



Matt, he deserves to know!

How is it going to help him?

Explain it to me.

Hugh is his father. I need you to be with me on this, not Hugh.

Can you do that?

I think I want to be on Ajax's side.

Well, that is with me.

What? Do you have your own thoughts on this or are yours just Meryl's?

Ajax is happy. It's not broke, don't fix it. That's my motto.

(LAUGHS SARCASTICALLY) Well, the truth is out there. That's my motto.

I mean, the poor kid must wonder about it and that's only going to get worse as he gets older, Matt.

I'm speaking on behalf of Ajax and ignoring Hugh's wants entirely.

Hugh knew that you would tell me.

You understand that?

He is playing you.

Hugh asked for my advice.

Knowing that you've got a big mouth!

I don't have a big mouth!




It's me. I told Matt.

Yeah, I know.

You wanted me to, didn't you?

Sorry, sometimes you have to be Meryl to beat Meryl.

Ajax: Pull!



Told you.

I hate you both!


(COUGHS) How long do we do this for?

Another hour.

I want to make the state team.

I might need to come out and throw up for a minute.

Yeah, okay. Quickly.

I don't want to lose my rhythm.


So, Dad just sits in there... for hours?

Yeah, two afternoons a week.

I don't know how he does it.

Neither do I.


Do you ever wonder who your real dad was?



Sort of remember Mum saying he was a guy who didn't want to be a dad.

Okay, time's up.

Get back in your hole, Guantanamo.


We've got a problem.

Charlie knows and Matt knows.

I'll kill him with my bare hands.

You've got to stop saying that or do it, sweetheart.

It's losing its power.

Maybe this is a tide we can't hold back.

You can hold it back.

Maybe he should know.

Meryl, I'll say this once -

Hugh can't have him.

I know it's hard, sweetheart.

That's my answer.

We need to discuss it.

We just did.

How do I get Floyd to see what Hugh really is?

What is he?

A person not to be drawn to.

He is unreliable and not someone you put your faith in.

Floyd will misplace his heart often in life, as we all do.

Don't be Zen. It's annoying.

He's had enough men abandoning him.

I don't want his heart broken.


Yes, Betty.

That's who we are talking about.

Is it?

I don't know what you're driving at, but you can turn that car around.

I think you P and you'll be alarmed by what I'm about to say P have feelings.

Oh, my God!

Can you not be so high school?

Thanks for your non-help.

Let me just say this P

♪ Hugh and Penny sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S... ♪

Oh, come on!

You're allowed to like him, Penny.


Your father may throw himself in the dam, but the family is leaking like a sieve and I have no choice.

We'll tell Ajax.

Only we'll do it my way.

I'll tell the whole story.

He will just shut up and listen and then when it's over, he'll understand it was an act of love.

Great. Thank you.

But we do it my way.

Of course.

We'll do it after the flower show.

We'll sit down as a family, I'll tell the story and he'll understand he's the most loved of children.

We'll all be there for him when... when... whatever happens, happens.

I did it for you, right or wrong.

I know you did.

You're who you are because of that choice.

We all have a destiny, Hugh.

Well, not all of us.

Some of us sell shoes for a living.

But you and I, people like us, sometimes make hard decisions that are not pretty.

That sometimes hurt.

He's a great kid.

Thank you for taking care of him.

There's the list and your notes.

A goitre, knee arthroscopy, biopsy and lymph drainage.

It's a Las Vegas buffet of healing.

Let's do it.

Goitre, be gone.

♪ In between... ♪

Not often you get to circumcise.

I feel like Moses.


♪ Love is so confusing, there's no peace of mind... ♪

Oh, that is one messed-up knee.

Sort of reminds me of your psyche.

♪ It's just no good, you teasing like you do. ♪


It pains me to see you so happy.

Your friend Simone came in for an appointment yesterday.

She tried to jump you, didn't she?

I knew she was a little over-invested in my hate for you.

You didn't, did you?

Well, obviously I can't reveal what happens in an appointment.

Well, you're pond scum and she's a supermodel, so you probably did, you pig.

I didn't.

Look, Aoife, I'm sorry about us.

I messed up.

Well, okay. Fine.


Oh. You got something in your eye.

Oh, really?


Ow! Jesus!

I just meant to let you into my pants and you slithered into my heart.

I'm as mad at you as I am me, but I intend to forgive myself and make you pay.

How very Oprah of you.

Green tea and a cream bun.

A surprise, Aoife.

Very dangerous.

Oh, Ken, you are an angel.

I am.

But more than that too.

Oh, yes. He's a diamond.

The more you turn him, the more and more facets he reveals.

Indeed I am. Not that I care for his opinions. (CHUCKLES)

Thanks, love.

You do realise what's going on there?

He has ambitions.

He's my friend.

Well, I guess when your heart's as dark as yours, that's all you see in people.


You must be exhausted. 13 ops!

Oh, it is just a shame we ran out of people, really.

I was just warming up.

That goitre came off like a barnacle from a sea wall.

Should have seen her face when I showed her. So relieved.

You are very, very happy.

I am. It's an exciting day.

It's weird.

Hugh Knight, surgeon.

Pleased to meet you.


Until tomorrow.

Plenty more fish in the sea.

(SIGHS) Let's go fishing.


See you guys.

See you tomorrow.

I've got a bottle of bourbon with our names on it.

You're not trying to bed me, are you, Ken?

I don't know, sweet thing. Am I?

No. You're not.

No, absolutely.

Do you want this?

I don't really drink.



Bloody hell!

Look at you.

Yeah. Secretly practised.

So brave, Ajax!

How'd this happen?

Well, Hugh's been doing...

Immersion therapy.

Are we ready to go?

Flower show waits for no one.

Come on, young man. Off the bike.

It's time to go.

Ajax, you're on the bike!

Let the guns out.

Yeah, will do! 20?



Hey, something's wrong.

Give me a look.

No, I got it.

Oh, there's a stick stuck here.

It's probably the chain.

I got it, Dad, all right?

What if I let out the...?




Give me a look.

Piss off!


It's your own fault.

Acting like he's...

What, his father?

I'm his father. Not you, me!

I'm his dad!


Oh, sh1t.

You bloody idiot, Hugh.

What did he...?




Jim: Ajax!

Hugh, you're pouring blood, mate.


Man: Hey, mate. Carl, it's Hugh.

I've cut my hand.

I think I've cut through the flexor tendons.

sh1t. I know.

Make a fist. okay.

Make a fist!

Grrr! My brain says, "Do it," but my hand says, "f*ck you."

Flexor tendons - you need to get to Sydney. Can you do it?

I'm in Noosa on holiday.

I'll try and get someone.

All right.


I need orthopaedic surgery as soon as possible, otherwise I can't operate again.


Oh, f*ck.

(GROANS) Ajax, I can't believe I...

Mate, it's done.

Just worry about your hand.

We'll pick up the pieces.

Hugh. I'm Travis.

I'll be doing the surgery.

No, you're not.


You're 12, Doogie Howser.

I'm a surgeon. This is my hand.

I know. I spoke to Carl. I'm his registrar. I trained with him.

I've watched lots of flexor tendon repairs.

Watched?! Whoa, whoa!

Have you done any yourself?



All successful.

I want someone else.

The wound's been losing blood for four hours.

It'll take an hour, maybe two, for us to get someone else.

The more time we waste, the less chance of recovering full use.

And you're on the bubble for full recovery already.

f*ck, what are you still talking for? Come on, let's go.


Can give you a general.

You can do it with a local, right?

Sure. I'll scrub in.


Rod Eagle: And so, as mayor, I declare the flower show open.

And invite to the mic, as president and patron, Meryl Knight.


Oh, what peonies, Gina Hall.

And what a fragrance!

There will be a line of FIFOs thinking they've just arrived at a classy brothel.


I'm here tonight to announce that I'm going to run for mayor.


And we're going to make this town strong and united and great!

Yes! Yes!




Are you double gloved?


Nurse, double glove him.

Infection in the wound is not going to help it, is it?

Okay, fine.

My music.


This is what you work to?

How on earth can you concentrate?

This is appalling.

You need to be quiet.



Hang on, hang on.

Shouldn't you start at the other end?

I googled some papers on the plane.

New England Journal Of Medicine suggested...

Okay, that's it. Bag him.

..there was a much higher success rate in cases that start...

Just be careful, okay?

Just... just be... care...