01x02 - Home Sweet Home

Hugh Knight: I am a great surgeon.

Just ask the 1,017 people walking around out there because of me.

Should I save this guy or not? Seriously.

He's a fat, sexist shock jock who adds nothing to the world.

Champagne, champagne, champagne!

Woman: You know, Hugh, you used to be George Clooney, but now you're more like Charlie Sheen.

Oh, sh1t. sh1t, sh1t, sh1t, sh1t. Need some help here!

Man: You'll be placed on the Impaired Registrants List.

You're banned from surgical practice.

Man 2: We'd like you to serve your year of atonement as a general practitioner in the town of Whyhope.

That's not funny.

Penny: Where you are is sitting in front of me about to piss into a jar for a drug test.

This is just humiliating.


Oh, oh!


Meryl: Our golden boy Hugh is back.

He was 'Cleo's bachelor of the year in 2012.



Can't you go somewhere else?

Gonna fall for me again?

How are you and Charlie?


I love her, she loves me, we love it here.

We're building something really great.

Joey! You have a mass on your chest.

At Hillbilly Hospital, we don't know for sure what that is.

You need to go to Sydney.

I'm not gonna die, am I?

How short is the flower show, Mrs K?

75 for this year. You're a real philanthropist, Big Nathan.

And the road?

Look what he had in his pocket. For home?

A man can change. Tomorrow I'll be that man.


Blondie: ♪ Adorable illusion and I cannot hide ♪
♪ I'm the one you're using ♪
♪ Please don't push me aside ♪
♪ We could've make it cruising, yeah ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ahh ♪
♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ahh... ♪





(SIGHS) It's not a dream.


Aoife, are you alright?


What the feck are you doing?


You weirdo.



Oh, Hugh, Hugh, Hugh, Hugh, Hugh...


Song: ♪ I'm going up the country ♪
♪ Babe, don't you wanna go? ♪
♪ I'm going up the country ♪
♪ Babe, don't you wanna go? ♪
♪ I'm going someplace where I've never been before ♪
♪ I'll leave this city ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ I'm gonna leave this city ♪
♪ I've got to get away ♪
♪ All this fussin' and fightin' ♪
♪ Man, you know I sure can't stay. ♪











I'm writing a bucket list.

That's the spirit.

You checking up on me?

I was just... passing by.

I'm here, but I don't think it's gonna help.

Are you a doctor or a council worker?



Hang on.

You can go. I'm here.



Jill: Hey, mate, you busy?

Just enjoying the country life.

It's the quiet that's so nice, Jill.

April Tavaleri - your patient. You remember her?

52, Kellyville, factory worker, triple bypass surgery.

That's today, isn't it?

Yeah, I'm doing her.

Well, she might survive. Shakes any better?

Funny. I mean, like, right now. Jenny's holding the phone.

We've got a small problem here.

What's up?

And we raised $312.50 for the MRI machine.



Lovely. Thank you all so very much. We're well on our way...

If you're having trouble with the pump flow, I'd suggest...


Boy: Ow!

Who puts a bag there?!

Penny: Doctor.


So I will raise the barometer.


Woman: Ooh!

Jill: Still not getting flow.

I'd like the flow to level out, actually.

Can we get some suction here?

Your paperwork on... Whoa!

She had a calcified aorta so check the arterial line's in a good position.

Maybe reposition it till you have good pump flow.

You have patients. Can I...

Also, when you get to it, take the vein from the right leg.

There was some sign of varicosity in the left.

Jill: OK, good to know.


Jill: Alright, we've reset the art' line.

Flu. Go home and have a whisky and a sleep.

Jill: OK, pump flow is good. Thank you.

Pleasure is all mine.

The least you can do, landing me with her like this.

You wanna, um, set the phone down somewhere and I can watch?

Jill: He misses it. Poor Hugh.

Did you just do an 11-second consult?

I'm very good.

You look like sh1t.

And you look pretty.

But let's not judge each other on appearance, shall we?

We're bigger people than that.

Big night?

Not really, hit the books till about 3:00, watched some ads for the NutriBullet...

I really do have a lot of patients.

You fractured that kid's hand when you stood on it.

sh1t. Really?


Penny, he threw a stapler at me.

I was actually redecorating and you came in as I moved it.

You threw a stapler at him?

Betty saw it.

Betty is neutral territory, cool and pretty like Switzerland.

You look like sh1t. Were you with him last night?

'Him'? I'm in the room.

You didn't let him shag you, did you?

He's as old as my dad. That'd be sick.

But very good. Very, very good!

No, we just got old-fashioned drunk. That's all.

Uh, small thought - this is a public area.

Patients are watching.

I'm gonna need your urine.

You tested me two days ago.

It's weekly testing.

It's what I decide it is.

You just got drunk, though, right? What are you afraid of?

Nothing at all. I'll just see to my patients and... no problem.




Woman on recording: Yes, you may feed my dog.

Oui, vous pouvez nourrir mon chien.

"Oui, vous pouvez nourrir... mon chien."

"Oui, vous pouvez nourrir mon chien."

Just don't let it sh1t in the cafe.


Hey, Meryl. Feel free to knock.


Learning French while figuring out how to pay these bills.

Are we alright?

Skin of our teeth.

Good girl. Come to dinner tonight.

Special announcement.

Uh, I don't think we can.

Six o'clock. Those jeans don't agree with your behind.

Maybe we should go shopping. Bonjour.

So... Aaron Moore...

..what's up?

I had a sore stomach and Mum said I could stay home, but I had to come to the doctor.

Hmm, called your bluff, hey?

Maths test?



Here's what we're gonna do.

I am going to write you a sick note for today and tomorrow.

You have gastro.

I do?

You're right to avoid tests of intelligence.

Fill her up.

You want the sick note or not?

Still warm. Enjoy. I'm off to get some lunch.

On the radio, Tanner property, kid trapped under a tractor.

Can we drive?


So we really didn't sleep together?

Oh, you did try, actually, but I think it's just habit with you.

Your heart didn't really seem in it, to be honest.

I'm off my game.

Once upon a time...

Oh, is that right?

Yeah, back in the '80s you had some moves, did you?


They're coming, James.



Right, get the winch!

Hugh: No, stop, stop, stop! Let me have a look at him first.

What's his name?

Man: James.

It just rolled on him.

Aoife: Hi. You're a handsome boy, then.

What are you doing under there?

Ketamine. Three units of blood.

You, when I say "now", we lift this tractor off.

It's the dad.

Gonna need a tourniquet.

Need to get pressure on this bleed.

I think this tractor's the only thing holding it all together.


Alright, talk to him.

Hi, handsome. My name's Aoife. It's alright.

Alright, he's out.

OK, there you are.



Get ready to move him.

On my call. Ready?


And go.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

sh1t. Leg's broken through.

Artery's crushed and severed.

Don't know if this tourniquet's gonna hold. Scissors.

You ready to sterilise my hands?

Alright, gotta try and tie off the vessel if I can find the end.

He's already lost this leg.

Is... is he gonna be alright?

Can you piss off for a minute?!

Let us do our job, OK?

Go and get that ute ready.

Oh, come on. Where are you?

Come on, come on.

There. Got it!

Aoife, gauze.

You've done it.

Holy sh1t! You've done it!

Hugh: Let's cut.

Wrap it. Let's get him to hospital.

Then you can start some of your Irish Catholic praying.

Hugh: Alright, gently does it.

Here we go. That's it. Alright, let's go.


Stop! Stop!

The tourniquet's not holding. The vessel's come undone.

Jesus. This is the last of the blood.

Let's try again.

His pulse is faint.

No doubt. Clamp.

He's arresting. Start CPR. I'll do this.

Oh, slippery as hell. Jeez.

You need help?

Just get back in the car!

Be ready to go, Mr Tanner.

There's no pulse.


No, I got it, I got it.

Oh, it slipped again. Jesus!

He's gone.

Keep pumping.




Mr Tanner: Is he OK?

Shall I go?

Woman: James!



Aoife: It's so sad, huh?

The mum's face, I'll never...

You OK?

I hate failing.


If I'd just pulled it a touch tighter, maybe...

He was never going to make it.

We could both see that from the start.

Severed artery, the ambulance, to the clinic, to Sydney...

Stupid place to live.

Betty, go buy me some clothes, will you?

Yeah. Are you OK? Aoife?

I'm OK.

Poor kid.

I need a shower.




And, uh, your friend Joey never got on the plane to Sydney.

He missed his appointment.

Funny, Betty!

Really funny.

Jill: You missed the fun stuff.

Go out to get some scones, did you?

Something like that.

I'm off to Bronte for a surf with the kids.

Oh, ow!

I'll have a beer for you after.

Thanks again. And, um, nice shirt.


I heard about the Tanner kid.


The tractor accident.

James Tanner. Aoife said you tried everything.

Yes, well, I'm sure that'll be a great relief to all those at his funeral.

You alright?

Of course.

What do you want?

I tested your pee. Marijuana.

Oh, that little sh1t!

It's not yours? Oh, my God.

A 14-year-old lying to a doctor. Millennials. No ethics.

You took it from a 14-year-old patient?

I have no further comment.

You're giving me fresh pee right now.


Here's me. Here is your career.

(PUFFS) Bye-bye-bye!

I won't have a junkie doctor here.

I have a responsibility to patients.

Give me a sample immediately.

Why did you lie about being gay?

I just didn't want you hitting on me, being weird.

(SCOFFS) So arrogant!

I have a feeling you can't help yourself.

I have a feeling you've been single a long time.

Three years.

I knew it.



Fill this.

Joey, it's Hugh. Where the hell are you?

I arranged for you to go to Sydney so you could get those tests done so we could work out what we do next.

Call me back!

Jane, of course you're still here.

Hugh, I heard you were back.

Hmm. It's like a dream I'm trying to wake up from.

Have you seen your brother?

He's probably gone to climb Mount Woring.

You're kidding.


He was writing a bucket list last night, getting all excited, live his life to the fullest, blah, blah, blah.

He has been sick. Is he alright to climb?

Yeah, yeah, he's fine. Uh, cheers.

Oh, Hugh! Hmph.


Hey, you save any lives today?

Uh, no, not today.

I was coming to see you, then I ran into Fat Nathan and we got waylaid talking about town gossip.

Big Nathan. It's Big.

Nice threads, jillaroo. You're starting to blend in already.

I just sold a mine lease out Crowbore way.

Party at the pub to celebrate tomorrow.

You are required, as my oldest friend and a person who protected me from numerous head-flushings.


Well, I tried.

(INHALES) They all envy me now.

Anyway, come, meet Eddie, drink, dance, get laid.

Oh, apologies, Mrs K.

Oh, I had assumed Hugh was celibate.

I try and cover my shock.


That pink doesn't suit you. It's not your colour.

It makes you look piggie. How are you?


Well, you're a doctor.

Surely there's something you can take for that.

I'm so proud of you for coming back to town.

Your father often refers to you as a selfish, conceited prick.

He what?

But he's a passionate man.

It's why I love him.

Are we still talking about Dad?

And here you are doing selfless work for the community.

Wow. You really do learn your lines, don't you?

Must dash.

Dinner at our place, six o'clock.



Penny: Where are you?

House call.

OK, I'll make this simple.

You give me a sample by end of shift tomorrow or I report that you refused a drug test.

Got it?

Got it.

Penny: Good.



These are $1,200 shoes, Joey. What are you doing?

What kind of w*nk*r spends $1,200 on a pair of shoes?

Mmm, hmm?


You're supposed to be on a plane.

I got you a very hard to get appointment.

I'm dying. I could see it on your face.

What? I could've had indigestion for all you know.

My face? Jesus!

We do tests, scans, a treatment plan.

I'm a heart doctor. I know nothing about cancer.

It is cancer! I knew it.

I can... I can feel it. I knew it.

I don't know anything until you go to Sydney.

I can't do anything for you in this dump.

I'm not getting chemo. I seen what it done to Mum. Remember?

Yeah, of course.

Of course I remember.

All it did was just make her last year...

Horrible. I know.

(SIGHS) I can't do that. I won't.

You don't know anything yet, you dumb prick. Could be fine.

I know I'm going out the way I choose.

I just wanted to see the top of the hill.

I haven't done anything yet in my life that I want...

Alright, alright. None of that.


If I get you to the top, you get on a plane tomorrow, alright?


Ohh... But I've twisted me ankle.

You're probably gonna have to carry me.

Joey: Come on!


Joey: That's it. A bit further.

That's it.


No, no, no! The summit!

Oh, pfft.

Come on. There.

That's it. Yeah, easy, easy, easy.

Oh, there you go.

Both: Ohh!

Hugh: We did it. Hooray!

A life well lived. Drink it in. Ohh.

Joey: Do you have to be a prick?

I don't have to be. It just seems to come naturally.

Oh, I remember. Now take my photo.




I've never been up here.

Hugh: It's beautiful.



You look... Bloody hell.

'Bloody hell's good, right?



And all that needs is beer and rosemary and salt and pepper.

Aww. Bless you, little rabbits, and thank you.

Ajax: You've got a soft heart, Hayles.

Charlie! You look so beautiful.

Oh, God. I didn't know we should dress up.

No, I... No, we're not.

I just bought it in Sydney last year, thought I should wear it.

Someone get me a G&T before my bunions explode all over you.

Oh, Charlie, now THAT'S a dress. Jim, look at her bum!

No! I'm not doing that.

Jesus, Mum!

Hugh home yet?



Do you need a drink?

Oh, you're an angel.

(CHUCKLES) Well, you know angels are real, right?

I did not. Thanks, Hayley.

I slept in here sometimes.

I used to stare at the photos - like, ancient times.

We called it the '90s, but sure.

Hmm, I found it intriguing.

(CHUCKLES) How is it out there?


I doubt that, but let's go.

(MERYL LAUGHS) I don't remember!

I don't! Oh, my goodness.

Wow, Charlie, I didn't realise we were dressing for dinner now.

Oh, my tails are in the car.

It's just a dress.

It's just a goddamn dress.

Jesus, OK.

Can you please not say 'Goddamn'?

God gave us tongues to speak freely, Hayley.

Do I smell rabbit?

Yeah, I got a couple on the way home.

Oh, so happy when he kills.

(FAUX WHISPERS) He could be a psychopath. The jury's out.

I just like shooting.

Just leave him be, Hugh.

How was your day, love?

A kid bled to death in my arms.

Joey wants to die. My urine's waiting to destroy me.

James Tanner? The kid?


Did you know him?

He was in the under-16s with Ajax.

God has him now.


There are two reasons I brought you here.


Oh, yes.

No-one swear. We're, um...

We're streaming.



Despite Mayor Eagle's cancellation of the flower show, I have managed, with a combination of re-budgeting council priorities and cost-savings, to save it.

Surrounded by my family and with you watching, I am thrilled to announce that the flower show will have its 75th year.

This is Councillor Meryl Knight and the Knight family wishing you well.



Are we just here to applaud?

Just a sense of family and continuity.

Now the second item on the agenda is Hugh.

Jim, shall we raise a toast to the return of our prodigal genius here?



Meryl: Hugh!

All: Hugh.

Thanks, Dad.

I'd like to say grace.

And you may, Hayley, privately and silently.

Thank you for the food, Lord, and for Hugh and his return to his family.

May he find the peace that he seeks...

Hang on. I'm not seeking any...

Don't interrupt her.


So, Dad...

..must be happy about the brewery.

I mean, Matt said it basically saved the farm.


I never said that.


What happened between you and Charlie here?

Hayley, take a very large mouthful of food and chew it very slowly.

Sorry. Should I not... It's just that I don't know why...

No, no, it's fine, Hayles. It's true.

I stole her away from my brother.

I had met someone else.

In Las Vegas, right?

Is that right?

"The past is another country." Let's move on.

What happened to her?

Um, she... We broke up after a year.

Jim: Four months.

Who knew you took an interest?

And then what? Charlie?

Well, Meryl invited me up and Matt and I hung out and we just clicked...

..like I never had with anyone before.

Matt was smart enough to grab her.

Here's to... Well, you two.

Two favourite people in the world together forever.

Meryl: Forever.

Hayley and I are in love too.


Aww! Isn't he the sweetest?

Meryl: Oh, darling.

So how did you and Hugh meet?

Hayley, we forgot the peas. Can you help me?

Jim's found a new podcast on a grisly new murder in Tennessee.

Tell them, Jim. Hayley?

Oh, yes, Meryl.



Don't do that.


Talk about me saving the farm to Dad.


'Cause he needs his dignity.

Maybe he needs a reality check.

I walked in on him with a gun in his mouth at the time.


Convinced him I could save it.

If he'd let me.

I did.

So, you know, he needs his dignity.


For you, though, not for him.

That'll do.

And no sh1t about Ajax, the adopted thing. He's our brother.

Are you laying down the law, Matt?

Just helpful advice to aid your re-entry.

Wow. You got all the good person, didn't you?

Sorry. I'm just in a mood.

Dad, the kid, my career, imminent doom...

You thought it was gonna be boring here.


You gonna try our pale ale?

Alright, twist my arm.



Hayley has a good sense of the social niceties.

Oh, she's really sweet.

I didn't see you at the dam this morning.

Which means you looked.


Can I ask you something?

Sure. I'm an open book.

The girl in Vegas.

Jenny. Her name was Jenny.

Yep. I know.

Did you love her?


I just want to know.

Yeah, I loved her.

We met and just clicked...

..like I never had with anyone else.


You're quiet.

Why did you ask him that?


Hugh - did he love her.

I just wondered about it.

All this time later, you still wonder about it?

I never asked him. That's all.

I thought you buried it.

I'm a girl! We don't bury sh1t.

Or if we do, we dig it up now and again and rake over it.

You dressed up.

Oh, come on, Matt. I wanted to wear my dress.

It's got nothing to do with him. I'm always sweaty and dusty.

I thought it'd be nice for my husband.


You can't let him make you crazy.

It's not me I'm worried about!

There's nothing there.

Matt, I love you. I married you!

I'm sorry, I just couldn't believe he dumped me like that for someone he didn't even care about.

But he did.


Not that I care. It just bugs me. But not!

(SOFTLY) Oh, idiot.





What are you doing?

Is that cash?

Time for bed.

We've all had a very long night.

You were a bit cheeky, by the way.

You gotta learn to play on the same court as everyone else.

Why are you burying money?

Don't trust the banks.

So I see you saved the day, the flower show.

Communities pull together for the important things that matter.

Did the community pull together or did you get a bribe off Nathan for the road to his lease... which you buried in our yard?


I know you're fake crying, Mum.

People are ridiculously sensitive about impropriety these days.

Best to leave these things quiet.

Hmm, in case the cops get wind of it.

I fight for this town, its institutions and communities and the mines, with their tidal waves of money and their city trash, will consume us in time and then it will be all titty bars and meth labs.

And what if you get caught?

Then I get caught, but I'm not the kind of person to stand by and watch my town be consumed.

I will fight, I will use their money, to sustain the things that matter to us.

And things matter beyond ourselves, Hugh.

It's an imperfect world and we do our best.

How much did you get?






Still alive.




I would... like it if you left town.


Because your brother and you have got this crazy competitive thing going on.

Matt's a jealous guy. He's gonna think stuff.

Like what, you're gonna get naked and let me make sweet love to you?

We're happy, Hugh.


Yeah, I knew this was stupid.



Are you thinking about it a lot?


The Tanner kid.

Oh, yeah. It's weird.

I've seen plenty of people die, but...

Some don't leave you. You just have to live with it.

That was a comforting talk. Thank you.

Aoife, it's a sad part of the job.

But I know one thing.

The last face he saw was your smiling Irish face.

That would've been a nice sight for a teenage boy.

I am pretty stunning. That's for sure.

You're right. He was probably totally distracted by me legs.


Is it weird if I go to the funeral?

No, you should.

Thank you.

What's that?

A candle.


For the Tanner boy.

Can we not advertise our failures?

(SCOFFS) Or you could see it as not about you, but about commemorating a life.

Get rid of it.


Tick-tock. Got something for me?

I've still got hours yet.

Whatever it is will still be in your system now or then.

Maybe it's better to deny a test.

Could say you were harassing me in an attempt to see my pen1s.

Oh, my God! Did you really just say that?

Three years is a long time without any action.

Her husband died. Give her a break.

Although, I agree.

Healing starts with a new path, not sitting on the old path wondering why it stopped.

Thanks, Betty.

You're welcome.

I was being sarcastic.

Betty: Not deep down.

You recognised the truth of it.

Sorry. I, um...

Tick-tock! Psss!

(SIGHS) Hi. It's Hugh.

As my very expensive lawyer, I need you to ring me back and tell me what the hell to do about this urine test.

Joey, you little sh1t.

Nathan: We finally made it.

Pit 36A is now open!


To the mine!


The bar is on me... until 6:00.

After that, you're on your own.


Joey. Excuse us.

We had a deal. You're supposed to be on a plane in two hours.

What are you doing?

I know, I know.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

You promised.

Best friends don't do that.

Yeah, but Nathan had his party on and I thought I might get laid for the last time.

And what's this "best friends" sh1t?

I've seen you four times in 20 years.

Leave me alone, Hugh. I'm living life like I never have before.


Piss off! I'm fine.



Good party.

Great party.

So, um... you and Mum have got a cosy thing happening.

What do you... Oh, we try to find synergistic cooperations.

Oh, and when that doesn't work, you bribe her.

Pig in a blankie?

17 grand, though, compared to what you're making.

What... what are you doing, mate? We're trying to have fun.

I'm thinking they're not bribes, they're donations.

Big Nathan, the big philanthropist.

Big Nathan can give the clinic 40 grand for an MRI machine.

Hah! Or what are you gonna do? Dob on your mum?

You're taking a fortune out of this town.

Give a bit back. Big Nathan with a big heart.

You do know that everyone hates you.

No, they don't... do they?

Yeah, they take your money and they drink your booze, but they whisper behind your back.

You wanna change that?

An MRI machine?


Well, everyone would have to know I did it.

Oh, I will drive it through town on the back of a ute with a huge banner saying, "Thank you, Nathan!" while Guns N' Roses blares through loudspeakers.

Can I be in the ute too? And is it a tax deduction?

Yes and yes.

Well, let's do it!



What are you doing here?

I really don't know.

Nathan asked me. I wasn't gonna come, but...

You right?

Yeah, yeah.

I had a blue with Charlie. All your fault, of course.

Look, there are only two people I actually like in this world.

I'm not about to screw with either of you.

Don't worry. I may not be here much longer.

Look, I gotta find Joey. I gotta get him on a plane.

He's not exactly being cooperative.

I got some horse tranquilliser in the car.

I'm joking.

Yeah, no, she said she thought you were fascinating.

Anyway, she asked me to bring you outside.

The blonde girl?



Yeah, she's just around here.

Are you sure she meant me?


Oh, what are you doing? What's going on?

Hugh?! Arggh, arggh!

Hey, you're a... Ohh.


Matt: I'm pretty sure he was about to say, "You're a prick."

Hugh: No doubt. Let's go.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey, It's all good.

That's where you go tomorrow.

This is where you stay tonight.

This is for a taxi.

Lucky for you seeing the Harbour Bridge is on my list.





You have seven patients waiting.


Are you alright?


Sally Peacock.

Woman: Are you OK?

Not at all, but we're here to talk about you.

Well, I'm just very stressed out. Agitated.

I have a big flight coming up and I'm very scared to fly.

Where are you going?

New York.

Oh, half your luck.

Sorry. I just can't... seem to get your history to load.


Oh, have you had this before?

On and off.

Usually I take a valium and just chill out, you know?

Sure do.

(EXHALES) Thank you.

I'd like a word.

Listen. Here's the thing...

What did Sally Peacock want?

Who's that?

The patient you just saw.

Fear of flying. Gave her some valium.

She's an addict, been clean for a year.

Didn't you look at her history?

My computer...

What are you doing?




Bad patient.

Her valium.

You got it back?

I chased her down, yes, because that's what doctors do here - chase people down the middle of the street because the computers don't work or up a mountain to get them on a plane 'cause you don't have an MRI machine or they just bleed out in the middle of nowhere.

But with 452 more fetes and scone sales, you just might get a machine.

Penny: What's that?

An MRI machine courtesy of Big Nathan.

How did you...

My parting gift to you.

Oh, and of course my urine.

Oh, don't bother testing it 'cause we both know what it's gonna be.

I'm only good at one thing. I only care about one thing.

That's being a great doctor and saving lives.

You know, I wrote everything down I could've done better with the Tanner kid and it still wouldn't be enough.

He wouldn't have survived.

I can't be a great doctor here and it makes me sick to my heart every time I have to do it badly.

I actually wouldn't survive here 'cause it's gonna take more drugs, s*x and alcohol than Caligula did to distract me from it.

So you know what?

I'm done.

I need a good doctor.

I'm starting to think you could be one.


I see promise.

Hugh: Oh, you arrogant...

And my other option for a doctor is a 457 Bangladeshi man who speaks 11 words of English, has one hand and turned out to be a vet.

You wanna walk, I can't stop you.

You want a second chance, here it is.

I kind of wish you'd tested it.

I know you do.

I did the big speech...

Out in a blaze of self-righteous glory?


You've got patients.

I hate you.

I know you do.