03x28 - Coronation Day

( laughter )

( playing calypso music )

♪ Long, long ago when Elena was just a young princess ♪
♪ She lost her dear parents To a most terrible sorceress ♪

all: No!

♪ Secretly helped ♪
♪ By Elena's lying cousin Esteban ♪
♪ Shuriki ruled for 41 years ♪
♪ And would surely Have kept on ♪
♪ Had it not been for Elena's Escape from the jewel ♪
♪ She beat that old witch ♪
♪ And delivered our kingdom's Renewal ♪

( all cheer )

♪ Four years have gone by ♪
♪ While Elena's been learning ♪
♪ So many lessons ♪
♪ Each day she's been earning ♪
♪ The honor to lead us ♪
♪ She's been more than worthy ♪
♪ To be our new queen And begin a new journey ♪
♪ When Elena discovered ♪
♪ Her cousin Esteban Betrayed her ♪
♪ He betrayed her ♪
♪ She tried to arrest him ♪
♪ But he found a way To evade her ♪
♪ To evade her ♪
♪ Joining with Ash ♪
♪ A quick-witted and wicked Magic Malvago ♪
♪ Who turned on her family Poor Victor and Carla Delgado ♪
♪ Now Ash and Esteban Have gathered a team ♪
♪ To invade us ♪
♪ As Princess Elena Is gathering forces to aid us ♪

both: ♪ Four years have gone by ♪
♪ Four years have gone by ♪
♪ While Elena's been learning ♪
♪ While Elena's Been learning ♪
♪ Lessons in ruling ♪
♪ Lessons in ruling ♪

all: ♪ Each day she's been learning ♪
♪ The honor to lead us ♪
♪ She's been more than worthy ♪
♪ To be our new queen And begin a new journey ♪
♪ Four years We've been waiting ♪
♪ To start celebrating ♪
♪ Though troubles remain ♪
♪ Long may she reign ♪

all: ♪ Long may she reign ♪
♪ Long may she reign ♪


( whimpers )

( firecracker pops )

( sighs )

( excited shouting )

boy: I love puppet shows.

( sighs )

Morning, princess.

Aah! Zuzo.

Ah, it seems like only yesterday I was startling you for the first time.

And look at you now, hours away from being queen.

I am one proud spirit guide.

That reminds me, I've been meaning to ask you about Quita Moz's prophecy.

What about it?

Well, the flames told him I had to pass some big test or I wouldn't become queen.

But it never came.

Maybe it did and you didn't realize it.

You have been through a lot.


You can't believe everything a whispering campfire tells you.

So I say you stop worrying and go get yourself some new headwear.

I have waited four years.

Then go get that crown.

Go on.

Elena. Elena.

What's wrong, Abuelo?


I'm just a little tired.

Then sit down. Rest.

No, no. There is no time.

You're needed right away for an emergency Grand Council meeting.


all: Happy birthday!

( gasps )

Feliz cumpleaños, mi nieta.

You didn't have to do all this.

We needed some excuse to hold the last Grand Council meeting.

And we just heard they were serving breakfast.

all: Mm-hmm.

Well, even though I won't need a Grand Council when I'm queen, I still intend to ask each and every one of you for advice.

Or you could save yourself time and simply name someone Chancellor.

And by someone, I mean me.

All in due time, Doña.

Elena has much to do before she gets to that.

I do? I thought I just had to show up and become queen.

( all laugh )

That's, like, the third-to-last thing.

Third to last? What else do I have to...?


( plays flamenco )

♪ There's no time to rest ♪
♪ Before you receive the crown ♪
♪ Tick-tock goes the clock This is your final countdown ♪
♪ Make sure your gown fits ♪
♪ Now we have to keep up The pace ♪
♪ Strike a regal pose ♪
♪ To show off your poise And your grace ♪
♪ You've come so far You've come such a long way ♪
♪ Think about all You have seen ♪
♪ But there are still Quite a few things left to do ♪
♪ Before you are fit To be queen ♪
♪ You must greet the royals From every kingdom in the land ♪
♪ But fear not, for I am here To ensure all goes as planned ♪
♪ Then when you are crowned ♪
♪ Which new chancellor Will you choose? ♪

I'm still available!

♪ When you dance Your first dance ♪
♪ Which first dancer Will you use? ♪
♪ I've come so far I've come such a long way ♪
♪ Ruling since I was 16 ♪
♪ But now I'm wondering If I've done enough ♪
♪ Am I really fit To be queen? ♪

♪ Mi neita, you're finally Ready to rule ♪
♪ You've overcome All your growing pains ♪
♪ I hope I can rule As well as my papá ♪
♪ Now that it's my time ♪
♪ To take up the reins ♪
♪ Greetings, my friends ♪
♪ You've come Such a long way ♪
♪ Can't tell you How much you mean ♪
♪ But let me just say after all That we've been through ♪
♪ I hope I'm fit to be queen ♪
♪ You've come so far ♪
♪ Though not as far as us ♪


♪ Can't wait to try Your fine cuisine ♪
♪ But let us just say After all that we have seen ♪
♪ We know you're fit To be queen ♪
♪ And to you we all give A tip of our wing ♪
♪ 'Cause you got the grit to be All the wit to be ♪
♪ Fully equipped to be ♪
♪ Finally fit to be queen ♪
♪ Yes, you are fit To be queen ♪

May I formally present Princess Chloe of Norberg, Princess Rebecca of Galonia, Prince Alonso of Cordoba, and Princess Valentina of...

( deep, gasping breath )


That's so sweet, but there's no need to announce us.

We're all friends.

And let's be honest, everyone already knows who I am.

Happy Queen Day, Elena!

Is there anything we can do to help?

Yes, actually, we're about to do a run-through...

Elena, there's something you got to see.

Oh, okay. I'll find you guys later.

Okay, see you at the queening.

Elena: What's going on?

We are standing around waiting for you.

Is it not obvious?

I finally discovered a Master Level spell that can get past Ash's cloaking charm.

So we'll be able to see where they are?




So these are the enemies of which you have spoken.

I'm not impressed.

Well, Ash is a Master Malvago.

And when Esteban fell into the Well of Crystals, he gained untold magical powers.

Now Chatana is a sorceress who can create new creatures out of thin air.

Like her pal, Pili, who shoots fireballs from his mouth.

Naomi: Then there's Tziloco, a bat with magical shape-shifting wings.

Hm, now I can clearly see why I am not impressed.

That's Nueva Vista. The city could be in danger.

And the sirena kingdom too. We have to warn Marisa.

Warning isn't enough.

Quita Moz told me that I had to pass a big test before I could become queen.

This must be it.

We have to go stop them.

Which means I have to ask the Grand Council for permission one last time.

Paloma: You need to leave now?

But what about the coronation?

Or the selection of a new chancellor?

This is much more important.

All in favor of Elena leaving at once?

Oh, before you vote, please keep in mind how important this...

Oh. That was much easier than I thought it would be.

We all know you would go whether we agreed or not.


So you might as well go with our blessing.

( sigh ) I just wish things had been different with Esteban.

Maybe we should have forgiven him when we had the chance.

How could we forgive him for helping Shuriki invade our kingdom?

Because he helped us take it back.

Only to join up with new enemies.

We've been through this.

I know. But he's our nieto.

And your primo.

Not anymore.

( sigh )

It's just a shame.



I'm fine.

I just need a little rest.

Be careful, mi nietecita.

And come back to us soon.

I will, abuelo.

Chatana: What are we looking for exactly?

Hidden in the palace wall is a clue that will reveal the location of the Shadow Gateway.

The what now?

The barrier that keeps the Shadows of the Night out of our world.

Is it really necessary to release the Shadows of the Night?

The Shadows are more powerful than all of us put together.

And far more powerful than Elena.

Yes, but the last time they came here, the Shadows almost destroyed all of ancient Maru.

Yes, I am a big fan of their work.

But how do we even know they will help us?

The Shadows will be so grateful that we freed them, they will happily join forces with us.

Tziloco: Maybe here.


I got a good feeling about... Ow.

Hey, buddy, try searching with your wings instead of your head.


I found something.

( groaning )


Well? What is it?

Ah, that's it.

The gateway is in the ocean?

The gateway is under the ocean.

Come on, we're almost there.

( gasps )

I'm ready to go.

Oh, Isa. What's that?

I invented arrows that can hold a potion, so we could shoot spells from a distance.

Ooh, that could really come in handy.

all: Your Majesty.

Good, everyone's here.

Let's go.

Victor: Ahem.

You weren't going to leave without us, were you?

Victor? Carla.

Are you sure you want to go?

Your mother will be there.

We said we would help you and we meant it.

Wait for me!

You can't go on a death-defying adventure without an adorable sidekick.

There are rules about these things.

Hey, I thought I was the adorable sidekick.


I just want you to know, it's my honor to defend the kingdom alongside all of you.

My friends.

Today will be the day the greatest team ever assembled saves Avalor from the darkest threat we've ever faced.

Now, let's fly.



Brace yourselves, everyone.




Chatana: The gateway.

Well, that's nice, but how do we get down there?

Allow me.

Soon you will be free.


( explosion )

( all gasp and cough )

Chatana: What's happening?

Is it opening?

Oh, it's just you.

Elena, no, you must leave at once.

It is not safe.

As if you care about my safety.

Do you really think you can defeat all of us on your own?


Mateo: Vetzi!


Ha! In your face, wizard.

Antonia: Conglari!



Hey, you got my name right.


Pitzini. Coyoni. Cehualli...



You are very fast.

But I am faster.

( gasps )

( grunts )

I have never felt such joy.


Jellyfish, grow kraken size with mighty wings and opal eyes.

( both gasp )

( electricity crackles )

( grunts and screams )

Come on, Jaquins, dive.

( electricity crackles )

Look what she did to my baby.

I'll get her.


( electricity crackles )


( blows and gasps )


You will regret that.

Tiburón teeth and dragon fire...

Marisa, what are you doing here?

You looked like you needed a helping fin.

Migs: Gotcha.

Migs, over here!

Let me go!

Well, this one's in the bag.

Elena: Marisa?


( grunts )

( gasps )

Carla: Hello, Mamá.

I suggest you lower your tamborita.

Carla? How can you point that at me?

Your own mamá.

How could you turn Papá to stone?

You never loved us.

That's not true.

I loved you more than anything or anyone.

Except yourself.

All I wanted was for us to rule the world together, Carla.

But if this is what you want... take your best shot.

( whimpers )

I'm sorry, Papá.

I'm not. Vetzilli!


( gasps )




Lock the prisoners up in the palace.

What about this one?

I'm sure there's room in the cell for him too.

Pitzini. Coyoni. Cehualli. Yohalli.

Where'd he go? Are you okay?

I think so.

Pitzini. Coyoni. Cehualli. Yohalli.

You're not getting away, Esteban.

Not this time.

Pitzini. Coyoni...

Forget about Esteban.

Ash is up to something. We need to stop her.


Help me!

Yes. Yes.

( both grunt )

( yelps )

( screams )

I'll save you!

( both ) Whoa!

( both grunt )

( explosion )

Are you the Shadows of the Night?

Do we look like shadows to you?

Yeah, that's what they called us.

It's so unfair!

I say we rename ourselves right here and now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. How about Forces of Nature?


Four Amigos.

Love it!

Despise it.

Hm. I got it.

The Four Shades of Awesome!

Nailed it.


Were you the one who set us free?

Well, yes. Yes, I did.

And they are trying to capture me.

Esteban is an enemy of Avalor.

But any enemy of his is an enemy of ours.

Hey-o! That's our cue.

Hit it, Weather Shade. That means you, Hetz.

( thunder crashes )

( electricity crackles )

( explosions )



They are making it too easy.

( yells )

Now these enemies are impressive.

Oh, okay, my turn, my turn.

He made us peabunnies?

He made us peabunnies?

All right, who wants some chaos?

Oh, oh, how about you two fight each other instead of us?

( giggling )




Everyone, retreat! Now!

( grunts )

What do we do now?

I say we go in for round two.

No. We need to go back to Avalor City, tell the Grand Council what happened, and find out a way to beat these shades.

The prisoners are all locked up in the tower.

Did you get the other two?

Not exactly.

And where's Elena?

I wish I knew.

( both screaming )

( whimpering )

( gasps )

Where are we?

( sighs )

Wherever the Shadows of the Night came from, I presume.

You released the Shadows of the Night?


And by now, they should be well on their way to destroying your kingdom.

( growls )

Uh, Elena?

( screams )



We need to find a way to get loose.

Don't worry, I know exactly what to do.


( seagulls squawking )

( yelps )

( cackles )

Now that's what I call a welcome party.

What is your name?


Thank you for freeing us, Master Esteban.


Not just any old master.

The best master in the whole wide ever-realm.

I used to be in a dark, dark place, but because of you, I am free, free, free.

You are my personal hero. Can I just get your autograph?

You can sign anywhere you want. Even my face.

Especially my face!

Cahu: Vuli.

( gasps ) Right.

So as a small little token of our appreciation, we are at your service.

Anything you need, we will make it happen.

Because we are the Four Shades of Awesome.

♪ My name is Vuli ♪
♪ And I'm a bit unruly ♪
♪ I like creating chaos ♪
♪ My touch will make you act All wild ♪
♪ And oh-so-cruelly danger ♪
♪ I get a little stranger ♪
♪ My moods are always shifting ♪
♪ I am the Chaos Shade The groovy rearranger ♪
♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪
♪ They call me Yolo ♪
♪ My power's kind of loco ♪
♪ Transforming any creature ♪
♪ Which critter will be next I guess you never know ♪
♪ Boo-yeah ♪
♪ Now it's a cow Oh, moo-yeah ♪
♪ I may look cute and cuddly ♪
♪ But if you mess with The Animal Shade ♪
♪ I'll go right through you ♪
♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

( braying )

♪ We're the Four Shades Of Awesome ♪
♪ Your world's About to blossom ♪
♪ We're here to serve you Because you deserve a posse ♪
♪ To call you boss, man ♪
♪ If you got foes We'll beat them ♪
♪ If you got goals We'll meet them ♪
♪ Every demand we'll be sure To handle ♪
♪ Because you gave us freedom ♪


♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

( groans )

Master Esteban.

What is your most cherished desire?

Mine? Well...

Yes, our most splendiferous master, tell us your deepest wish and we make it come true.

Tell us, tell us, tell us!

Well, I've...

I've always thought I should be King of Avalor.

Then king you will be, my glorious master.

♪ My name is Hetz Um, I'm nasty as it gets ♪
♪ Um, bringing the rain And thunder ♪
♪ I am the Weather Shade A storm that never lets up ♪
♪ I am Cahu ♪
♪ My hourglass will slow you ♪
♪ Then with a single Sand grain ♪
♪ Your fate's forever sealed In stone ♪
♪ Here, let me show you ♪

( blows )

( lows )

Just be glad the Time Shade is on your side.

♪ We're the Four Shades Of Awesome ♪
♪ Awesome ♪
♪ Your world's About to blossom ♪
♪ Blossom ♪
♪ We're here to serve you ♪
♪ Because you deserve a posse To call you boss, man ♪
♪ If you got foes ♪
♪ We'll beat them ♪
♪ If you got goals ♪
♪ We'll meet them ♪
♪ Every demand we'll be sure To handle ♪
♪ Because you gave us freedom ♪
♪ So, listen Here's the thing ♪
♪ It's time to make you king ♪
♪ So you can rule Your subjects ♪
♪ Like they're puppets On a string ♪
♪ We'll dress you head to toe ♪
♪ You'll have A golden glow ♪
♪ And we will finish What we started long ago ♪
♪ We're the Four Shades Of Awesome ♪

I love this song.



Help us, somebody!


The Shadows were imprisoned here for centuries.

( sighs )

Do you really think anyone is going to come to our aid?

( voices laughing )

Who's there?

Show yourself.

Unless you're creepy, then stay hidden, please.

Hola, I'm Chavo.


And that's Chico.







How you doing?

And Steve.


We're the Zanies.

And this is our most exalted high superior top banana hero king.

( all cheer )

The one and only.

Bobo, what are you doing here?

Uh, this is the Spirit World, so, what are you doing here?

I'm in the Spirit World?

The dark side of it, but yeah.

We fell through a magic gateway that released the Shadows of the Night.

Her fault!

Can you take me back to the real world?

Not without spirit stripes. You know that.

Then you are just as useless as you look.

Oh, even more so.

If a living creature enters the Spirit World the way you did, only the Grand Macaw has the power to send you back.

Who's the Grand Macaw?

He's in charge of the dark side of the Spirit World.

And now that you're here, he'll never let you leave.

( sigh )

Well, it can't hurt to ask him, right?

Actually, knowing him, it could.

all: Mm-hm.

Can you take us to see him anyway...

Your Top-Banana Majesty?

( rattles )

( Flo exclaims )

Hey, where'd Ash go?


It doesn't matter.

Getting back to Avalor is more important than Ash.

To the Grand Macaw.

( all cheer )

Francisco: I don't understand.

Where did Elena go?

We don't know yet.

We have to find out.

We have to save her.

It sounds like we have an even bigger problem on our hands.

Yes, these Four Shades do not sound so "awesome" to me.

We need to put together a battle plan now.

Naomi: But what about Elena?

Luisa: Isabel?

( gasps )

Oh, sorry.

No, mijita.

You should be sitting there.

You are the Crown Princess now.

( gasp )

Quita Moz said the flames saw me sitting on the throne.

This is what he meant.

I'm Crown Princess.

Uh... in that case, I think we need to...

I'm pretty sure... Um, let's see...

( sighs )


Spirit guides know where their humans are, so conjure up Zuzo and see if he can find Elena.

You got it.


What is it, Chief Migs?

A few of my scouts spotted Esteban and the Four Shades.

They're flying across the kingdom, and they seem to be headed here.

Gabe, Ixlan, draw up a defense plan.

We're on it.

What do we tell the coronation guests?

I think we should tell Valentina and some of the others what's going on.

Maybe they can help.

Great idea, Naomi.

And we can tell the guests there has been a slight delay, so they have more time to enjoy our beautiful city.

And shop at my emporium.

Yeah, yeah, that too.

( sigh )

How'd I do?

It's like you're all grown up.

Illuminara Elena Wayohel!

Oh, hey, Mateo. I was just trying to figure out which hat to wear to the coronation.

I don't have time for hats.


We'll circle back to the hats later.

Ash released the Shadows of the Night.

( gasps )

They call themselves something else now.

But Elena fell through their gateway.

Do you know where she might have gone?

I know exactly where Elena went.

The dark side of the Spirit World.

Oh, well, that's okay, because you can bring her back.

I wish I could.

But only one spirit has the power to do that.

( techno music blaring )

all: Whoa!

The Grand Macaw's nest is right up there.

What was that?

It's better if you don't know.

Where'd she come from?

( grumbles )

I say Grand, you say Macaw.


all: Macaw!



Oh! Marvelous.

Much better crowd today, Troyo.

Their call-and-response is on point.

Anything for you, G.M.

Elena: Troyo?

You know these spirits?

We are not spirits. We were sent here by accident.

Oh, boo-hoo for you.

I got here the old-fashioned way, uh-huh.

You turned me into a snurtle that was too slow to outrun a tiger-hawk.

You were a snurtle?

( laughs ) How humiliating.

I love it.

Greetings, Your Grandness.

I'm Princess Elena.

I was told you could send me back to the real world.

Sure, I could send you back. But why would you want to go?

This is the hottest spot in the universe.

Am I right, Party Spirits?

( all cheer )

( cheering stops )

( cheering resumes, then stops )

Wow, they are really on their game, Troyo.

Gold star for you.


It is impressive.

But I really need to get back to save my kingdom.

As do I. To conquer her kingdom.

Oh, drama. I can work with this.

Uh, I got it. This is going to be fun.

You're going to dig it.

Listen up, party spirits.

These two swashbucklers desperately want to return to the real world for some strange reason.

But I am only going send one of them back.

( both gasp )

Ooh! Which one? Which one?

And here's the best part.

They're going to face each other in a round of Ultimate Olaball to see who gets to go.

( all cheer )

Ooh, fun!

What? This isn't a game.

And I cannot stand olaball.

Even better. Now, you can choose your team from any part of the Spirit World, light or dark.

You, spirit monkey. Do me a favor, will you?

Escort the princess to gather her team.

And, Troyo, you can take the conqueror to round up hers.

You got your first teammate right here.

You shouldn't have turned me into a snurtle.

Ugh. Come on, Bobo.

The quicker we get this over with, the quicker I can get back to Avalor.

I can't even imagine what they're going through back home.


This hair just will not stay down.

I know. Thank you for noticing.

Who do you think will look away first?

Us, probably.

Naomi: Hey!

Is everything okay?

Not even close. Elena's in trouble.

The whole kingdom is.

We could really use your help.

Whatever you need.

Right, Alonso?

Yeah, yeah. Whatever you need.

Uh, what's going on?



Elena! Wait, are you...?

No. Not yet, anyway.

But I need you to help me win an olaball match to earn my way back home.

An olaball match?

For the Grand Macaw.

Oh, yes.

Yup, that sounds like him.

Zuzo? Zuzo?


There you are.

I was just at the Grand Macaw's looking for you.

He sure loves to play games.

( laughs ) Yeah.

Speaking of games, will you be on my team?

Of course... Oh, Mateo's summoning me again.

They're really worried about you.

Go, go. It's better that you tell them what's going on.

Just remember, the Grand Macaw doesn't always say what he means or mean what he says.

Come again?

We still need one more player.

No, you don't. I've got mad olaball skills.


( loud crash )

( cat mewls )

Just what I was aiming for.

( crowd cheering )

Who's ready for some ultimate olaball?

( crowd cheers )

On this side, we have Team Elena.

And on this side, Team Ash.


( laughs )

I told you it wasn't over.


How did you get here?

I was eaten by a tiger-hawk, thanks to you.

Hey, me too. Elena victims club, up high.

Yeah, no.

We are playing this match to see who will return to the land of the living.

The winner will reach the highest of heights.

And the loser will be sent to the lowest realm.

( gasps )


Okay, no pressure, but the future of Avalor is in our hands.

No, it's not.

We can't use our hands in olaball.

You know what I mean, Bobo.

We have to win, so I can get back and save the kingdom.

Oh, I almost forgot the rules.

There aren't any.

( cackles )

Play ball.

( crowd cheering )

Esteban: Ah, here we are. Avalor City.


You know what? I love what they did with the place.


All right, let's make it ours.

Oh, I mean, yours, Master Esteban.

All yours.

( thunder rumbles )

Nice shot, Toshi.

Who are they?

( thunder crashing )

Hey, is that you, Mustache?

That's King Mustache to you.

( croaks ) Aah! What'd he do to me?

( croaks )


Leave them alone.

They are our allies.

Let them have a little fun, Master.

It is time to crown you king.

( giggles )

And a little chaos for you.

And you.


And especially for you.

Think fast, Joaquin.

Think faster, Abigail.

Take that!

This is fun.

( croaking )


( gasps )

They're in the park.

And the port.

And the mercado.

The mercado?

Yeah, no. That's what I said.

Where are you going?

We need to figure out a battle strategy.

I'm a businesswoman, not a general.

I must save my emporium!

Well, I have some ideas.

Good, because it's up to us to save the kingdom.

( thunder crashes )

Run, little mortals.

( all scream )

I hope you have a plan, princesa.


I've got an idea.

Mateo, I'll need you to distract him.

I'll do my best.

And then what?

If I told you, you wouldn't let me do it.

What? Isabel!


Ha-ha! Now this I got to see.

Your forecast looks bleak.



( lightning crashes )



You did it, Isa! You got him!

One down, three to go.


( crowd cheering )

Oh, well.

Hail, King Bobo!

Go, King Bobo!


( grunts )

( panting )

Brika-braka, firecracker, sis-boom-bah!

Team Elena, Team Elena, rah, rah, rah!

That's for my wings.


Zany: You're the best, Bobo!

Bobo can do anything!

( cackles )


( grunts )

Ha-ha! Three to two.

( laughs )

Are you okay?

I'm fine, Elenita.

I won't let it happen again.




( grunts )


( grunts )

( crowd cheers )

Ha! Four to two, deary.

Ugh! That's it.

I think we need a time-out.


Is that even a thing?


All right, sure, talk amongst yourselves.

Elenita, what's the matter? Why are you so upset?

Why am I so upset?

Our kingdom is being invaded, and I can't do anything about it because I'm stuck here, probably forever the way this game is going.

Elena, we've watched over you for years.

You're usually cool under pressure.

But now? Something else is bothering you.

I couldn't save you from Shuriki.

But I made sure she was brought to justice.

Esteban helped her, and he's still out there.

And I have to make him pay for what he did to you.

Mija, I know it hurt to lose us.

But your job is to protect the kingdom, not get revenge for what happened.

It won't bring us back.

And it will lead to bad decisions.

You're right.

I could have stopped Ash from releasing the Shadows.

But I went after Esteban.

I've been trying so hard, but I'm making so many mistakes.


I'll never be as good a leader as you, Papá.

I was not a perfect ruler.

I always meant well, but sometimes I didn't consider the consequences of my actions.

Like the time I prevented Shuriki from invading our allies.

Your father didn't consider that she would then turn her sights on Avalor.

( sighs )

Esteban tried to warn me.

He did?

But I didn't believe him, so he sided with Shuriki and I lost the kingdom.

We all make mistakes.

The best thing we can do is to learn from them and stop making the same mistake over and over.

( Grand Macaw groans )

Okay, enough time-outing.

The Party Spirits want to see who will reach the highest of heights and who will be sent to the lowest realm.

( crowd cheers )

He really loves saying that.

( all screaming )

♪ My name is Vuli ♪
♪ And I'm a bit unruly ♪

What's the plan?

I send him back to the Spirit World.

You tell the tale of my victory.

( chuckles )

( yells and grunts )

That tickles.

You done?

Can I do my thing now?

Go forth in chaos, my dear.

( cackles )

Come on, Alonso. It's our turn. Vetzi!


Nice try.

Valentina, we're here.

Oh, you take care of Ixlan, I'll take care of the chaos shade.

Vuli, Vuli, they took out Hetz.

No, not Hetz.

( shrieks and sobs )

Why Hetz? Why?


( yelps )

( strains )



Run, Valentina.

( braying )

That takes care of her.

Wait, where's the third shade?

Mateo: Look!


Gabe: To the palace!

( door opens )

The intruders have entered...

( loud crash )

We have come for your throne.


Esteban: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Let me talk to them.


Don't "abuelos" us.

Why are you doing this, Esteban?

( sighs )

How to explain?

Years ago, when I told my parents not to go on that voyage, they did not listen.

And they never came back.

When I warned King Raul about Shuriki, he did not listen.

And when I told Elena I had changed, she did not listen.

I have been ignored my whole life.

But if I were king, I'd finally have the power I deserve.

Everyone would finally have to listen.

Yes, they will listen.

But after all you've done, they will never respect you or love you.

You will forever be the villain who stole the crown.

No, but...

But I am not a villain.

Time to say goodbye.

What do you mean?

( blows )

( gasps )

No! Cahu, what have you done?

I'm just giving you the power you have always craved.

You are king.

Then bring them back to life.

That's a royal order.

You seem to keep making the same mistake.

Trusting whomever pretends to listen.

Like when we told you that we would obey your commands.

You may be King of Avalor, but this world is ours.

And if you do not like it, we can always find another king.

( door opens )

( Isabel gasps )

Mateo: Run!

Where do we go now?

We need somewhere to hide and figure out our next move.


I know a place.

Oh! Mateo, you came to pick up your mamá for the coronation.

Not exactly.

You guys saw what they did to everyone.

How can we stop them? What else can we do?

( sighs )

I'm going to ask Zuzo how Elena's doing.

( crowd cheering )

( grunting )

Not now.

The game's almost over.

( grunts )

( all cheer )


It's all tied up! Whoo!

You know that's my head, right?

Uh-huh. Aah!

Time's running out.

Who will be clever enough to win their way to the highest of heights?

We get it already.

Highest heights. Lowest realm. Blah.

It doesn't even make sense.

Why would he call this place the lowest realm when he loves it so much?

( laughing )

Grand Macaw: Oh, yes!

( gasps )


Hey, you can't use your hands.

That's cheating.

No rules, remember?

That's right. No rules.

( Ash cackles )


( gasps )

( yells )

( crowd cheers )

( Ash cackles )

( gasps )



( fireworks exploding )

( crowd cheering )

Game over.

Ash wins.

Why'd you do that? I had the block.

Zuzo said the Grand Macaw doesn't always say what he means.

Well, as I said before, the winner will reach the highest of heights.

So, congratulations, Ash.

You get to party with me in the Spirit Tree forever!


You're welcome.

And you, Elena, will return to the lowest realm.

The real world.

Ugh, so boring.

And while you're at it, take your annoying pet with you.

So that's why you lost on purpose.

Yup. The Grand Macaw loves this place way too much to consider it the lowest realm.

I can escort them back, Your Grandness.

Sure, whatever. Have fun in Yawnsville.

Troyo, fetch Ash, will you.

She's the guest of honor.

You got it, G.M.

( gasps ) No.

I won.

I deserve to go.

I have to get back!

There she goes, my greatest disappointment.

Grand Macaw: Now, Ash, when I say Grand, you say...

Wish me luck.

You don't need it.

We know you'll make us proud, Elenita.

Te queremos, mija.

( all gasp )

Elena, you're back!


Why are you all in Mateo's basement?

The Four Shades have taken over the city.

They teamed up with Esteban.

They did?

They're in the palace.

Our abuelos, they...

( sobs softly )


So I'm too late?

( cries )

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

It's mine, for not stopping Ash when I had the chance.

Okay, now that we've all had a good, nice, sulk, up and at 'em.

The kingdom isn't going to save itself.

And what exactly are we supposed to do, Zuzo?

Hey, that's your job, not mine.

It's spirit guide, not spirit fixer.

Come quick. Outside.

Elena: Quita Moz!

The flames told me you could use a little help.

Princess Elena, for all you have done for Vallestrella, my kings' guard are at your service.

Just tell us what you need, dear.

Your wish is our...

( snoring )

Thank you. All of you...


It means so much that you're here.

Better late than never.

( sighs )

It's true.

I thought I came back too late... but I have to give it one more try.

♪ I always thought I had to have The answer ♪
♪ Be on my best behavior ♪
♪ I had to play The perfect ruler ♪
♪ Or I would be A total failure ♪
♪ But now I've gone And let my anger ♪
♪ Put everyone in danger ♪
♪ Once again ♪
♪ I always thought that if I had More power ♪
♪ Life wouldn't feel so sour ♪
♪ Now I have lost My whole familia
♪ And all along I've been a coward ♪
♪ I only wanted them To hear me ♪
♪ But they will only fear me ♪
♪ Once again ♪
♪ But it is never too late ♪
♪ To say you made a mistake ♪
♪ Find the will to try again ♪
♪ 'Cause even though you ache ♪
♪ If you find What went wrong ♪
♪ And sing a new song ♪
♪ You can change Your fate ♪
♪ It's never too late ♪
♪ But it is truly too late ♪
♪ To make up For my mistake ♪
♪ Pride had put My heart to sleep ♪
♪ But now I'm wide awake ♪
♪ I have hurt everyone ♪
♪ The damage is done ♪
♪ I cannot change my fate ♪
♪ It's simply too late ♪
♪ We must look within ♪
♪ To see where We failed before ♪
♪ How can we change our ways ♪
♪ To even up the score? ♪

Well, we couldn't beat them in a straight-on fight.

Except when Isa tricked that Shade into striking himself with lightning.

Maybe we can trick the others into defeating themselves too.

That sounds like a good start.

And I have a few ideas of how to send them back to the Spirit World.

But you'll need this.

♪ We won't be down and out ♪
♪ If we set aside Our doubt ♪
♪ Because it is Never too late ♪
♪ I made a huge mistake ♪
♪ Find the will to try again ♪
♪ My heart's about To break ♪
♪ If you find What went wrong ♪
♪ And sing a new song ♪
♪ We can change your fate It's never too late ♪
♪ Never too late ♪
♪ But for me it's too late ♪
♪ To make up for my mistake ♪
♪ It's simply too late ♪

Donkeys, bunnies and goats, oh my.

Hool: Look out!



Lama: Coming through.

You don't belong in this realm.

Neither do you, sunbirds.

Who are you calling fun worms?

Although I must say we are pretty fun.

Oh, fun worms. I like that idea.

( grunts )


( laughter )

You'll regret that.

You'll have to catch us first.

( all laugh )

( grunting )

What's gotten into all of you?

A little touch of chaos is all.

( grunts )

That's the spirit.

( cackles )


You don't want to mess with Vuli.


( screams )

Hey, Luna, catch.




Think fast.


Sorry, Vuli.

I didn't see you there.

When I get my hands on you...

They took the bait. Now let's reel them in.

Mateo, light it up.



Get ready for some chaos...


Oh, I can't see!



I can't move.

( grunts )

( laughs )

Missed me. Whoa!

( cackles )


What did you do to me?

All right, they're all yours, Mateo.

Stand back.

This spell will send them back to the Spirit World.

Or it'll send us.

Wait, you didn't mention that...

Hui tlalli yot!

( sobbing )

We were so close this time!

Yolo: Hey, at least we'll be with Hetz.

We're coming, buddy!

We did it! Up top, Mateo!




Naomi, get Isabel out of here.

Let's go, Skylar.

You got it, princesa.



She can slow down time?

We're going to need a new plan.

I vote for escape.

I think we lost her.

( gasps )

( blows )

( grunts )


( blows )

( panting )

( air growling )

So you were the ruler of this land.

I still am.


King Esteban is.


Pretty toy.

Your time has come.

But I will slow it down so that we can both savor the moment.

( blows )

( grunts )

( gasps ) Esteban!

I am sorry.

( sniffling )

I... forgive you.

( gasps )


My emotion magic.

What emotion?


It's more powerful than anything I've felt.

What is done cannot be undone.

We may not be able to change the past.

But if we can change ourselves, we have the power to change our future.

You are only delaying your fate.

Elena, your scepter.


That means you can use it.


( grunts )

You cannot defeat me.

( grunting )

Then I'll teleport you back to the spirit world myself.

No, the staff is not powerful enough to go that far.

Maybe if we put our magic together.

( laughs and gasps )

Your time is up.

( both gasp )

What's going on?

Elena and Esteban saved us.


But where are they?

Um... the Spirit World?

( all gasp )

( sighs )

Are you okay, mijita?

What happened?

The kingdom's safe.

( sighs )

I passed my test.

You did, but saving the kingdom was not your test.

Then what was?

He was.


It was a test of whether I could learn from my past mistakes.

Whether I could learn to forgive.

You forgave him?

He was willing to sacrifice his own life in order to save mine.

And I will spend the rest of mine making up for what I have done.

If you allow me, Your Highness.

Oh, Primo.

Isabel: Elena!


You guys, you're all right.

Paloma: What are you all waiting for?

We have a queen to crown.

( claps )

Crown Princess Elena Castillo-Flores, please come forward.

( fanfare playing )

( applause )

It is with tremendous pride that I crown you...

( fanfare playing )

You came.

How could we miss it.

We queens have to stick together.

You're not queen yet, Amber.


Join us.

So, where were we?

It is my honor to crown you Elena, Queen of Avalor.

( cheers and applause )

All hail the queen!

And now it is time for our new queen to dance the first dance.

( sighs )

Naomi, there's something I need to know right now.

Will you be my chancellor?


But I'm just a girl from the port.

With the best instincts in the kingdom.

Yes. Of course I will.

That's our Naomi.

That's my Naomi.

Gabe... you've been by my side since my first day of rule.

And you have proven yourself a worthy captain of the guard.

Which is why I am promoting you to general, effective immediately.

It would be my honor.

Mateo, we've been through so much together, you and I.

And now look at you.

A true master wizard.

Which will be your official title from this day forward.

Master Wizard Mateo.

I'm so proud!

Thanks, Elena.

So, about that dance...

Isa, today you showed great ingenuity and even greater courage.

So how would you like to be the royal inventor?

( gasps )

I won't let you down.

Now I believe I have a decision to make.


( gasps )

No one has helped me learn how to rule more than you.

Would you honor me with the first dance?

( grunts )


We don't have to dance if you're not up to it.

I told you, I'm just tired.

Because I was up all night writing a song for everyone to play for you.

What do you mean, everyone?

all: Guitar.

( all play )

♪ You have always Been the bravest ♪
♪ Risking everything To save us ♪
♪ But your heart Was the beacon of hope ♪
♪ The ultimate gift That you gave us ♪
♪ I look at everyone around me ♪
♪ Every day you all Astound me ♪
♪ And whenever I felt That I was lost ♪
♪ Somehow one of you Always found me ♪
♪ And now you've crowned me ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ You're my guiding light ♪
♪ The star that leads me Through the night ♪
♪ All together, till forever ♪
♪ I know we're going To be all right ♪
♪ You're my guiding light ♪
♪ You pick me up Until I get it right ♪
Con mi gente, para siempre
♪ Our love will always shine So bright ♪
♪ To the guardians I'm grateful ♪
♪ I know I always kept Your plate full ♪
♪ To my friends from all over The realm ♪
♪ You taught me so much About being faithful ♪
♪ And for that I'm thankful ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ You're my guiding light ♪
♪ The star that leads me Through the night ♪

all: All together, till forever ♪
♪ I know we're going To be all right ♪

all: ♪ You're our guiding light ♪
♪ Your courage showed us How to fight ♪
Viva la reina, our Elena ♪
♪ Our love will always Shine so bright ♪
♪ You're our guiding light ♪
♪ The star that leads us Through the night ♪
♪ All together, till forever ♪
♪ We will always be all right ♪

Hey, queen, I'd say day one went pretty well.

But are you ready for day two?

Viva la reina, our Elena ♪
♪ Our love will always Shine so bright ♪

I am.

Viva la reina
♪ Our Elena ♪
♪ Our love will always ♪
♪ Shine so bright ♪
♪ Shine so bright ♪
♪ Elena, Elena ♪
♪ Our love will always Shine so bright ♪

( crowd cheers )