03x24 - Día de las Madres

( theme song playing )

♪ In a kingdom old and grand ♪
♪ Elena ♪
♪ A princess bravely rules the land ♪
♪ Elena ♪
♪ With her family by her side ♪
♪ Elena ♪
♪ It's a wild and daring ride ♪
♪ Elena ♪
♪ Elena of Avalor ♪
♪ Myth and mystery everywhere ♪
♪ Myth and mystery everywhere ♪
♪ Loyal friends are always there ♪
♪ Loyal friends always there ♪
♪ Magic shines from deep within ♪
♪ Magic shines from within ♪
♪ Let her royal reign begin ♪
♪ Elena, Elena ♪
♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

Elena: Previously, on Elena of Avalor.

Chancellor Esteban.

You have been brought before this council to answer for the terrible crimes you have committed against Avalor.

After I lost my parents, I felt like I no longer had a place in the palace.

I felt like an outcast.

You are no longer familia.

My abuelos were the finest chocolate-makers in Avalor.

La Vida Dulce is open for business!

Elena: "Día de las Madres."

( door latch clanks )

( gasp ) She's coming! She's coming!


Uno, dos, tres...

♪ On this day we get the chance to sing your many praises ♪

Oh, thank you!

I'm so touched.

We thought you were abuela.

Right. I knew that.

We wrote her a special song for Día de las Madres.

( gasp ) Today is Mother's Day?!

I didn't forget you, Mamá!

He forgot.

( woman humming tune )

( gasp ) That sounds like abuela.

It's coming from behind this door.

( woman humming )

Uno... dos... tres!

♪ On this day we get the chance to sing your many praises ♪
♪ It seems there's nothing you can't do ♪
♪ Your mothering skill amazes ♪


( gasp )

Thank you for noticing!

Oh! Feliz Día de las Madres!

Yeah! Happy Mother's Day, Señora Torres!

Oh, aren't you sweet!

( sniffles )

Let's make sure it's abuela before we start singing next time.



Yup, yup. Oh, yeah.

( happy humming )

( mariachi music )

♪ On this day we get the chance to sing your many praises ♪
♪ It seems there's nothing you can't do ♪
♪ Your mothering skill amazes ♪
♪ You can cook a meal fit for a king ♪
♪ And plan the world's best birthdays ♪
♪ So today we honor you ♪
♪ For it's
Día de las Madres
♪ On
Día de las Madres
♪ We give our thanks for all you do ♪
♪ For
sus hijas
♪ Y los padres ♪
♪ We sing this song to say how much we love you ♪
♪ Although in truth you're our
♪ You've been like our own
mamita ♪
♪ You're a mom to me as well'a
♪ Much less furry but oh so sweetahhhh ♪
♪ On
Día de las Madres
♪ We give our thanks for all you do ♪
♪ For
sus hijas
♪ Y los padres ♪
♪ We sing this song to say how much we love you ♪
♪ On this and every day we always love you ♪
♪ On
Día de las Madres
♪ How we love ♪
♪ You! ♪

That was lovely.

We wanted to surprise you.

Actually, Armando and Señora Torres told me you were coming.

But the song was still beautiful.

As are you, mi amor.

And that is why we each got you a gift for Día de las Madres.

( gasp ) We did?

( whispering ) I thought the song was the gift.

( whispering ) Me too.

( whispering ) It's all right, don't worry about it.

Everything okay?

Uh, of course, abuela.

I'll just be right back.

With my gift. ( chuckles )

That I definitely already have. Heh heh.

Yeah, I'll help her find one.

I mean, go get it.

A lovely gift for my lovely wife.

( gasp )

Gracias, mi amor!

And for my Día de las Madres present, I give you the gift of memories.

I'm gonna use Truesight to show you a sweet memory from the past.

Show us my abuela's favorite Día de las Madres.

It's your chocolate shop!

( happy humming )

( babbling )

Ay no, Isabel. Hands out of the chocolate.

And off of your abuelita.

( giggling )

Did she get any on me?

Just a little something right here.

There, you got it.

( laughing )

Ay, cariño!

I'll get it, Mamá.

Elena: Aww, look at Mami and Papi.

They're just like I remember them.

Your papá was always a joker.

Young Esteban: Tag, you're it!

Luisa: There you are.

Elena: And is that... Esteban?!

Why was he there?

Luisa: Don't you remember?

This was the year Esteban's parents were lost at sea.

That's right. He had just moved in with us.

You two did everything together.

You looked up to him like a big brother.

Oh, yeah.

Young Esteban: Peek-a-boo!

( giggling )


( giggling )


( giggling )

I forgot Isa was ever that little.

Speaking of Isabel, what's taking her so long?

Gotta make a gift!

( panting ) I'm coming, Mamá!



You coulda asked for one of his gifts.

It has to be from me, Flo.

It woulda been when you handed it to her, but whatever.


Mm, come on! Ugh...

Oh! Oh! Wait a minute!

Aah! Yikes!

Oh, what can I make for abuela?

( frustrated groan )

I know!

I'll invent something to help abuela with her gardening!

Yes, gardening! Perfect.

Isabel: Come on, Flo!

Uh, right behind you!

( groans )

( door closes )


Is Papi trying to help in the kitchen?

That never ends well.

I added the sugar for you.

That was salt.

Oh. Then I believe we need to make a fresh batch.

( chuckles )

We just made the yummiest batch ever.

I saved you a spoonful.


You are welcome.

Blech! This is awful!

This is true. ( laughing )





( gasp ) Ha! Missed me.


Got you!


( laughing ) Got you back!

( gasp )



I'm so sorry.

So am I. For what Elena just did.

We'll clean everything up.

The whole chocolate shop.





( both laughing )

Got you both! ( laughs )

( babbling )

Chiquitita, what are you doing?

( babbling )

( all groan )

( giggling )

( all laughing )

Was that Isabel's first invention?

Yes, but certainly not her last.

I just don't understand.

When we found out Esteban betrayed us, he said he never felt like a part of the family.

But just look at these memories!

We treated him like our own son.

I know, mi amor.

Well, why don't you show us another happy memory, Elena.

Good idea, abuelo.

Show us my favorite part of that day.

Children! It's time.

( gasp )

What's happening?

It's our family tradition.

Every Día de las Madres, we hand out chocolates to other children so they can give them to their moms.

Here you go, Marcus!

There's plenty for everyone!

Thanks, Princess Elena!

Mamá! Mamá! I got you something!

Now that you're living with us, it's your tradition, too.

H-here you go. For your mamá!

I mean, could we be any more welcoming?

I made this special for your mother, Manuel, because she likes milk chocolate.

And remember, Trudy, that's for your mamá.

Don't eat it all before...

Oh, just take another box.

For you, Mamá. I love you so much.

And I love you, mi niño lindo.

( somber music )

( sniffles )

Are you all right, mijo?

I... I'm not crying.

I just got some chocolate in my eye, is all.

Let the others give out the rest.

I have something special to show you.

He went through so much at such a young age.

I never knew how tough it was for Esteban back then, losing both his parents.

Now I get it.

( sigh )

I wish he would've told me how he felt.

He did not like to talk about it.

He needed a friend, and you were there for him.

( loud ) What are you doing with those plants?

( whispering ) Shh! Not so loud.

( loud ) What's that?

I can't hear you.

( whispering ) It's for abuela's gift, but we can't let her see it yet.

( loud ) Then what are we doing out here talking?

( frustrated groan )

All right, now will you tell me what this thing is?

Abuela's present.

I call it the Snip-Snap.

Yes, yes. Go on.

We'll bring it out to abuela's garden, where it'll cut the prettiest flowers and wrap them up in this nice paper to make a bouquet.

Ooh, I'd like to see that.

To the garden!

Wait, I have to test it out first.

That's why I brought the plants.

Oh, all right.

Then crank that baby up!

( gears clicking )

( snipping )

Isabel: No.

No! Wait! Stop!



Ohh, I get it.

Abuela hates flowers, so she'll love watching 'em get cut to pieces!

Great gift!

No, she loves flowers.

Oh. Then I don't think she's going to like it very much.

I just have to make one or two adjustments.

I think you're gonna have to make more than two.

( under breath ) But good luck.

Abuela, you said you were going to show Esteban something special that day.

Where did you take him?

You're the one with a magic scepter.

See for yourself.

Oh, right.

Where did abuela take Cousin Esteban?

These are the family's cacao trees.

This is where you get the beans to make chocolate for the shop?

That's right.

And I'll let you in on a little secret.

I planted each one of these trees myself, to mark a special occasion in our family.

I planted these two trees when my daughters were born.

This one was for your mamá, Margarita.

And this one for Elena's mother, your tía Lucia.

That one was planted when your parents got married, and that one when Elena's did.

They're so tall.

They are now.

But every tree in this grove began as one of these tiny seeds.

And I was hoping that today, you and I could plant a tree to mark a new special occasion.

What special occasion?

You coming to live with us in the palace.

Now can you give me a hand?

Sure! What do I do?

Dig here.

Together, we will give this young seed so much love, that one day it will grow to be a strong, magnificent tree.

Just like you will grow into a strong, magnificent man.

He was so lucky to have you.

We all were.

We still are.

Especially since you started making chocolate again.

Because all these memories...

( chuckles )

Si, Francisco.

I have some chocolate in the kitchen.

Ah, mi amor.

( whispering ) Here we go!

The new-and-improved Snip-Snap!

( whispering ) 2.0!

( snipping )

You're supposed to snip, not chop!

Oh! Aah!

No! No! Stop!

There'll be nothing left to make bouquets with!

Now I get it!

Abuela loves the flowers so much, you're trying to clear out all the old ones so she can have fun growing new ones!

Great gift!

No, Flo, that's not it.

( wheels screech )


By the way, you don't need to get me a birthday gift this year.


I'm good.

Wait! Stop! Come back here!

( cat yowls )

What's that noise?

Whatever it was, it's gone now.



Let's watch another memory.

I'm really enjoying Luisa's present.

Now you know what to get him for Día del Padre.


Let's see what we did when we got back to the palace that day.

( sigh ) What a day!

( Isabel cooing )

( Lucia laughs )

Perhaps we should all wash up for the royal Día de las Madres portrait?

Mami. This year let's pose like this.

In your cooking aprons? With chocolate all over you?

Please, can we?

Why not? This way, we will always remember how much fun we had today.

Today is certainly a day I hope to remember.

Then a chocolate-covered portrait it is.


( Isabel laughs )

How charming.

Gather 'round everyone.

Show off your most chocolatey smile.

( laughing )

This is gonna be my favorite family portrait ever.

( babbling )

Now it will be mine, too.

( all laughing )

Wait. Esteban wasn't there.

Oh, that can't be right.

He was in the portrait with us.

Wasn't he?

Ooh, now that you mention it...

I'm gonna check.

Elena: Nope. No Esteban.

He must have felt awful that I forgot him.

And felt even worse every time he walked past this painting, year after year.

Luisa: Maybe Esteban was right about how we treated him.

I did not do my job.

I was not a good enough mother to him.


That is not true.

But here is the proof!

One painting does not erase years of looking out for him.

Maybe it wasn't just one portrait.

Maybe it was more than that.

I'm sorry, abuela.

I guess I shouldn't have looked into the past.

Well, perhaps it is time we look to the future, hmm?

We have to hand out chocolate to the children of Avalor soo.

( gasp ) But we haven't made any chocolate!

Exactly my point.

You're right. We better get to the shop.

( heavy sigh )

( horse whinnies )

We'll have to hurry.

I always thought we got our cacao beans from those trees.

No, no. From the family grove.

So why did you plant them?

I didn't.

Then who did?

I don't know.

But we have to start making the chocolate.

This will just take a second.

Okay, who planted those trees?

Young Master Esteban.

It is time to return to the palace.

I just need a few more minutes, please.

But if we don't leave right away, you will miss the family portrait.

Your grandmother told me to make sure you were there.

There will be other portraits.

But today, right now, all I want to do is plant these trees to honor my mamá... and my abuela.

( kiss )

Feliz Día de las Madres.

I didn't forget him after all.

And he didn't forget you.

Now let's make that chocolate.

( knock on door )

Are you open?

I'm sorry. We haven't finished making the chocolate yet.

That's okay. We're here to give you something.

I-I don't understand.

For everything you gave us when we were kids.

Most of which made it to our moms.

Trudy? Is that you?

All grown up.




Ay, you're all so big now.

Hi, abuela.

There you are, mijita. Where have you been all day?

( sigh ) I tried to invent a bouquet-making machine for you, but instead it cut down your entire garden.

This was the only flower left.

The entire garden?

Oh, yeah, it's all gone.

The roses, azaleas, zinnias, marigolds, those little cute purple ones... what are they called?

Uh, we get the idea, Flo.

I am so sorry, abuela.

Don't be, mijita.

You tried your best, and that is enough.

And maybe we can plant a new garden together.


I can invent machines to help us dig up soil and water seeds and...

( Flo clears throat )

Or we can just use our hands. That's fine.

Uh, Luisa. You should see this.

( gasp )

Thank you, Señora Flores, for being like a mother to us over the years.

All of us.

Even to Cousin Esteban.

Well, I'm still going to make you all chocolate.

Whether you want it or not.

Oh, we want it!

Yes, we do!

Then let's get to it.

( heartwarming music )

( lively conversations and laughter )

Isabel: Abuela! Come on!

( theme music playing )