03x08 - Season 3, Episode 8

( breathing heavily )

( whimpering )

( gasps )

( crying ) No.

No, no, no!

( screaming )

( sobbing )

( whimpers )

( muttering )

( crying softly ) I need help!

I need help.

Keira: No, you don't.

I'm here if you need me.

I'll always be here for you, Marcella.

Let's do this together.

( whispers ) I'm so sorry, Matthew.

( theme song playing )

This is DS Marcella Backland.

Calling in an IC1 male for immediate recovery.

What the hell have you done to yourself?


Where's the body, Keira?

( shouting ) Where is it?

I dumped it.

You did what?

You left his body... in the boot of a car.

( shouting ) And where is it?

Why did you do that?

Because he was sniffing around you. I wasn't having that.

I had Jack sort it out.

He was a good man.

( dialling )

( shower running )

Keira echoing: I'll always be here for you, Marcella.

Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer.

I'm going to f*cking kill you for this!

My DNA is all over that body, and it leads straight back to the family!

She set me up, and you're letting it happen.

When did you become so weak?

It's... at a reservoir, near some woods.

Moorland reservoir?

Don't know its name.


What the hell were you thinking?

Jack, you need to find the body before anybody else does.

She's f*cking with you.

When I get back...


Both of you know your f*cking place!

( door opens )

( car engine starts )

How is she?

No change. I don't expect there will be.

I'll call the board together.

Just a formality, but we need to activate the succession plan.

Bury the hatchet, for Mum's sake.

We don't need a meeting.

Mum signed over power of attorney to me yesterday.

With her shares and mine, I now have controlling interest in the business.

Calm yourself, Ma.

I'll take good care of him.

( breath trembling ) You little sh1t.

When... When...

When was this signed? That's not even her signature.

Oh, I think you'll find it is. Isn't that right, Ma?

Rory: She signed this under duress. It's not legal.

If she signed this when not fully compos mentis, it's not legal.

If she signed this after her stroke, then it's not legal.

Finn: I offered you a deal, brother, and you said no.

So you get nothing.

That's the way it goes.

Rav: Matthew Gaskill.

We just found him dead in a ditch.

You clearly know him, Eddie.

Who was he?

( sighing ) All right.

You're snookered, my friend.

'Cause you get sent down, and then what?

The Maguires won't even let you get to court.

But I can make this all go away.

And you and I can finally catch some criminals.

Make me an offer... then I'll talk.


'Cause you don't get to call the shots.

You don't get to call anything.

Matthew Gaskill.

Ex-shag of Finn's girl, apparently.

Which girl?

Keira Devlin.

Go on.

Eddie: Don't know any more than that.

She's the one you should target.

Finn Maguire is obsessed with her, but nobody knows who the hell she is.

And all that mad sh1t they're doing now, it's all her.

Guess who cleaned up for Bobby after Isambard Grey?

Want to take them down, turn the screws on her.

For the record, are you confirming that Bobby Barrett murdered Isambard Grey?

Not till I get a deal.

Then you can have it all.

Finn, you're being ridiculous.

Who would I speak to? What the hell would I say?

We both know the real problem is you don't know what you're doing now that Mum's incapacitated.

You're going to sign over your share of the business and your inheritance to me, or I'll put a bullet in your head and that f*cking baby's!

I am your sister, Finn.

You are a Barrett!


Finn: Don't you start telling me how to run things either!

You're gonna jeopardise everything.

( breathing heavily )

Right. You've got one final chance.

But you have to sign everything over to me.

I'm not signing sh1t.

f*cking lock her up! And the baby!

Oh, and Jack got to the body and the cops were already there!

So give me one good reason why you shouldn't be next.

It's gonna be fine.

Don't you dare.

Stacey, it's okay.

( knock on door )

Marcella: What do you want?

What's that?

Iris security technology.

I'm safeguarding the family assets against my brother.

And why are you telling me that?

( laptop beeps )

Because, in four hours' time, Finn will be dead. And Jack, too.

What? No, not if I go downstairs and warn them.

That's your choice.

I've run out of patience, Keira.

What about me?

I don't want you to die.

I think you know that if you stay with him, then you will, sooner or later.

So... let's make a pact... to stay alive, me and you.

Consider this a proposal... of sorts.

( chuckles softly )

Are you serious?

Do you always get what you want?

Oh, usually.

In the end.

( line ringing )

( whirring )

woman over recording: I'm sorry. The person you are calling is unavailable.

Please leave a message after the beep.

( line beeps )

Frank, it's me. I need you. Code word: bonfire.

( grunts )

( mobile ringing )

( ringing stops )

I mean, it was always a gamble. She's... an unstable character.

But I've never seen anyone lose themselves the way she has.

I've lost control of her.

Maybe I never had it.

( breathes deeply )

I did it for you, Sally.

I wanted justice.

( sighs ) I failed.

She needs to eat.

This is no place for a baby.

How is she?

Get out.

I'm here... I'm here to help you...

That's right.

You promised you'd protect me, and look where that's got me.

Just tell him I'll sign. I just want out.

It doesn't matter whether you sign or not.

It's not gonna make any difference. I don't think... he has any intention of letting you out of here alive.

Is this some kind of sick game?


I'm very serious.

( crying ) This f*cking family.

I didn't do anything wrong.


The only thing you did wrong was to marry Bobby.

Did you really think you know me?

I don't.

( coos )

Marcella: But you can trust me.

Why the hell would I do that?

Because I'm an undercover police officer, Stacey.

And I'll not let this baby die.


Surprised they let you speak to me without a custody officer.

We go back a long way.

I wanna see how you are.

You reckon Sangha will give me a way out?

Do you think there's ever a way out?

I'm not sure, Eddie.

( groans )

( whispering ) You should've kept your mouth shut.

( alarm blaring )

Call an ambulance! Hurry up! We need help in here!

( imperceptible )

I kept thinking... Bobby's dead, so why's this f*cking cop still here?

So I had a root around his hotel room.

Three kids, a fake death, and a false identity. She's a f*cking cop, Finn!


Jack: Why do I always have to bail you out, and get nothing in return?

( footsteps approaching )

She always preferred our Rory.

And look at her now.

Come with me. I need a word.

( door opens )

I've got something you want to see. About the girl.

Did Finn send you?

He's not gonna do the right thing.

( chuckling )

We've always known she was a cop.

And that she knew Sangha?

Or that she had a family?

All right, leave it with me.

Finn wouldn't listen.

I didn't think you were his type of fool.

( door slams )

( breathes deeply )

( trilling )

( typing )

( trilling )

Finn: My da bought this place when I was about ten.

Said we'd never fight for air again.

The Maguires were gonna be somebody.

There was always someone after what we had.

That's why he taught us to be tough.

"Never drop your guard, son. Never lose your edge."

It's a good motto.

You let your heart rule your head. It's a weakness, not a strength.

( chuckles ) And what are you ruled by?

Survival instinct, most of the time.

Well, it's got you this far.

I suppose.

( Finn sighs )

If I said I'd have kids with you, would you be loyal to me?

Where's that come from?

Think you'd make a good mother?

I reckon you wouldn't hack it.

I used to think I'd be a good mother. I'm not so sure now.

I reckon you'd walk out on them.

It's a nice name.

Unusual, but nice.

Italian, is it?



And you're still a cop?

I changed my name because they think I'm dead.

So you're not working undercover to bring down this family?

Come on! You think you'd still be around if I was?

Maybe you're biding your time.

I could have brought you down ten times over.

You love me because I understand you better than anyone else.

Do you love me?

You'll never have someone like me again.

You'd be a fool to let that go.

Path runs out soon.

Then I'd best head back.

( line ringing )

( whispers ) Rav.

( over mobile ) DCI Sangha.

It's Marcella.

I wanted to say goodbye.


Marcella, what's happened?

Have they blown your cover?

Yeah, they know.

But I've done my job. There's enough evidence to convict them.

On top of the four-poster bed.

I've got you. I'm coming for you now.


They're at each other's throats. The Maguires are finished.

I can't, erm...

I can't go back... to my old life. I think you... you know that.

But I got another year out of it, didn't I?

It was a... strange one, but it, erm... it had its moments, and I'm...

I'm grateful for that.

Marcella... Marcella, look. Wait.

( crying )

It all makes sense, Mum.

She's a cop.

And he let her into his bed.

Oh, he's not fit for this family. Never has been.

I should've acted sooner.

Well, better late than never.

( clicks tongue )

( voice breaking ) I won't let you down.

( sobbing )

Conor, do you know, er, where the...

Hey! What're you doing with that?

( thuds )

Now you know.

Stacey, help me.

Grab his leg.

( Stacey grunts )

Marcella: You're gonna... take my car.

I'm gonna distract them.

Drive to the closest police station, tell them who you are and that you need immediate police protection.

Do you understand me?

Yeah. And what about you?

And you don't leave this room until I shout you.

( gun cocks )

Jack: Drop it.

( gun clatters )

( gunshot in distance )


( shallow breathing )

Marcella: Drop it.

Drop it!

( Stacey breathing heavily )

Marcella: Go.

Stacey, move, now!

You won't get far!

( engine starts )

I know who you are, you lying bitch.

Good, now I don't have to pretend anymore.

Oh! Oh, why exactly is she still alive?

I knew it. I f*cking knew it!

"Never drop your guard, never lose your edge", isn't that what he said?

What are you doing?

You... you ruined this f*cking family.

( gunshot )

Stacey: That's for Bobby.


( Stacey groans )

( gun cocks )

( gunshot in distance )

Rav: Stop!

( gunshot )

( Rav grunts )

( Finn grunts )

I told you to walk away.

( groans )

( softly ) It's okay.

It's okay.

( voice breaking ) It's okay.


Come on.

There. It's all right.


It's okay, isn't it? Eh?

( crying )

Everything's okay. ( sniffles )

( Katie cooing )

I know.

Oh, there's a big, brave girl. ( sobbing )

( imperceptible )

They're all dead, Katherine.

You're the only one left.

Except for you. Hmm?

And I'm taking her with me.

That's what Stacey would have wanted.

What did you think was gonna happen?


( Marcella mumbles )

( Katie coos )

I want to... show you something.

I want you to... see this.

Rory's eye.

( trilling )

I'm taking everything.

It's for Katie.

She at least... deserves a second chance, don't you think?

A chance.

This is DS Marcella Backland. Requesting immediate backup.

One officer with gunshot injuries, multiple fatalities. All weapons disarmed.

No immediate threat.

( Katie fussing )

( telephone ringing )


( woman speaking indistinctly over telephone )

One moment, please.

A call for you, Miss Howard. And your plane is ready for boarding.

Thank you.


man over telephone: Hello? Marcella Backland?

Marcella Backland.

( beeps )


( imperceptible )

( telephone ringing )

( theme song playing )