s02e08 - Season 2, Episode 8

You all right, boss?


Are the kids all right?

Yeah, everyone's fine. Thank you.

Well, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at home?

I'm waiting for someone.

(Scoffs) Flipping carbon monoxide, eh?

I went to this flat last year. Three dead students with some rip-off landlord who wouldn't mend the boiler.

Mine's a blocked flue. Apparently.

Nah, they wouldn't, boss.

I'm afraid, I think...


You wouldn't hit a man wearing two cups of coffee, would you?

I'll do more than that. You attacked my family.

No, I didn't.

You're listening to me!


When you want to know the truth, come and see me in the office.

♪ Venez dans mes bras ♪
♪ Closer to me, dear ♪
♪ Donnez-vous a moi ♪
♪ Set aside all fear ♪
♪ Restons enlaces ♪
♪ Pour l'eternite ♪
♪ Yes, you shall be mine ♪
♪ Till the end of time ♪



(Clicks pen rapidly)

(Door opens)

It wasn't us.

Who was it, then?

You ever considered the idea you didn't have your boiler properly serviced?

Yeah, that's the problem.

Always a perfectly reasonable explanation.

It must be frustrating.

But just because the explanation is reasonable doesn't mean it isn't true.

Who are you, anyway? I mean, do you have an alias or something?

I have several.

I also have a name. It's Neil Gray.

Your stunt with Vanessa Hamilton cost us a potential asset.

And contrary to popular myth, we don't go round knocking people off. Especially kids.

You didn't have scruples about the young girls murdered at the hands of Vanessa Hamilton.

I'll show you a photo of what happens when a bomb goes off in a crowded tube carriage.

Oh, please.

You might not rush to judgment so quickly.

The Baturins paid Defence to bring down that plane.

I'll be arresting Artem Baturin for that crime.

Our little friend has a get-out-of-jail-free card.

The Chemist?

If Edgar Branco is alive, he is a walking weapon of mass destruction.

So we find him, we remove the leverage.

We don't just give in.

Or have you already done the deal?

There's a bigger picture here.

Don't tell me: It involves tough choices.

That's the problem with clichés.

I told Bowden, I'll tell you.

I know what you're gonna say.

And don't think of removing me from my job, because I will go public on Stefan Czyrko.

Football! Aha!

Toi et moi, match.

Moi, er... champion. Tskhinvali.

Nobody beat Gregor. (Chuckles)

That France. Russia.

When my boy comes back, we beat your French police asses. He best f*cking lawyer.

(Door buzzer)

Eryka: Hi, it's me. Can I come up?


(Knock on door)


You came back early.

I took the night train. I really wanted to see you.

Look, I bought you some real books.

Hope you like Pablo Neruda.

(Tosses bag down) I don't read poetry.

What's wrong?

Who's the man in the "8" cap?


The man who followed Bresson into the toilets at the airport.

I don't know what you're talking about.

My colleague, Karl, he remained suspicious of you.

I know that.

And I defended you.


I wanted to clear your name.

I wanted so much to clear your name, but I can't.

I don't understand.

The man who follows Bresson in the airport is the same one who buys his phone in Hamburg.

No. I bought his phone. You can check my credit card...

I have.

And the CCTV footage of the store where the phone was purchased.

The same man stole your passport from Bresson so you couldn't board the flight.

Was it a lie about your... twin brother as well?


Listen to me.

Sit down, please, I want to explain.

You're a murderer.

All those people died because of you.

We are on different sides, Elise, but...

And I don't understand why you chose yours.

It was true about Colonia Dignidad.

My brother did vanish into the hands of Nazis and paedophiles.

I was repeatedly raped by visitors to that place.

Underneath the colony there were cables.

Do you know where they went?

Langley, Virginia.

The CIA knew everything about that place.

They were watching the tapes of the rapes and the torture.

You don't know that.

Colonia Dignidad was at the heart of covert operations in Latin America.

The CIA were heavily involved.

That's not an opinion or a conspiracy theory.


Bresson was opposed to all of it.


Then why?

Being right about one thing didn't make him right about everything.

Both sides do bad things in wars.

I just chose the side I thought was the least hypocritical.

You think this is a war?

It's a series of engagements.

The art is knowing when to stop.

Well, this stops with you in prison.

Move away, Elise.

You'd really shoot me?

Then none of it was true.

I let somebody put a camera in your flat, and I watched you.

I watched you argue with your... idiot boyfriend and I judged it a good time to come over and get you into bed.

You mean nothing to me, Elise.

But believe me now, I will not hesitate to shoot you if you do not move away from that door.

(Retreating footsteps)

Miss Klein?


(Door closes)

You OK?

Ah, it's nothing.

Graze from a nine mil Makarov.

She only wanted to knock me over, and she knew exactly what she was doing.

Who's she working for?

I think it's obvious.

The Russians.

So Gregor Baturin has powerful friends in Moscow.

None of whom would be sad to see the back of Paul Bresson.

He has been a thorn in their side over human rights.

It explains the extravagance issue, right?

Baturin kills a few enemies by hacking a plane.

They give the West a warning.

"Look what we can do."


Think we'll see her again?

They'll get her out if they have any sense.

The answer is The Chemist.

We need to find Edgar Branco.

Without him, Koba has nothing. We can arrest him.

I agree with that.

Then go and find him. But hurry.

Because it won't be long before the Baturins are in Ossetia and out of your reach for good.

Aah! Goal!

Oh, you f*cking French pussies.

You... I am king of... Tskhinvali.

You... suck my...

(Mobile ringtone)



Gregor Baturin's had a heart attack. He's dead.

All bets are off, then.

(Mobile rings)

(Man speaks Russian)

...and if he has Branco and he can move him in time, there's gonna be payback.

So... he'll be certain it was us.

First thing on his mind will be revenge.

We have to neutralise Koba before he finds out.

He's at Calais, at the Eurotunnel terminus.

I'll alert the French.

Shall we hold back, sir?

No, we must detain him immediately.

Artem: Niedermayer was a great player.

He could always turn a defensive position into an offensive rush.

(Mobile rings)



He's in the Calais tunnel maintenance area, so we have him cornered.

(Indistinct reply)

Look, there's nowhere for him to go.

(Mobile rings)

(Eryka speaking Russian)

Sir, we have a report that a helicopter is inbound.

OK. Right, tell them...

Oh, shoot the F*ck*r down!

Sir, safety...

No, I don't care about safety!

Do not let him get away!

Oh... f*ck!

(Key turns in lock)

(Door opens)

What happened here?

She said she was watching me.

I was looking for devices.

You were very thorough.

Did you find anything?


(Mobile rings)

What do you want?

Gregor Baturin's dead.

Oh, sh1t.

Yeah, that's the consensus view.

So he'll think that...

We did it.

Well, it's the only reasonable thing to think.

Not that the fat, chain-smoking F*ck*r had arteries like a Victorian sewer.

Where is Artem now?

He took a short helicopter ride out of Sangatte, then proceeded in a car to f*ck knows where.

So that's your grubby little deal up the swanee, is it?

Get back to the UK now.

We've got to find The Chemist before Koba moves him.

Come on. We've been summonsed by the dark side.

(Speaking Russian)

They murdered him.

We're still not sure about that, but we'll find out.

I'm gonna give The Chemist to Isis as a present.

They gonna have bubonic plague for this.

Don't do anything for now.

Leave The Chemist until we know what to do next.

Moving him can be very dangerous now.

We are making arrangements to get you out of France.

I'm not leaving without making sure they pay.

Don't do anything. Lie low, wait for orders.


(Inhales deeply)

I don't take orders from anybody now.

Go to this hotel and wait for us to arrange your exit.

I'll leave with you.

I'm very sorry about your father.

(Song on car radio)

(Turns radio off)

Vanessa Hamilton is still the solution.

As in the dead Vanessa Hamilton?

Remember what she said about The Chemist?

He likes the boys from back home in Brazil.

She supplied him with boys.

So maybe there's still one out there.

We need to go back through her files.

And the Czyrko ones as well.

One of those boys knows where he is.

OK, we need to go through absolutely every detail on Vanessa Hamilton's record.

What are we looking for?

Brazilian rent boys.


Yeah. Check out all the girls on Vanessa's books as well.

Find out if they can help us.

Oh, yes.

We'll take care of that part, right?

Be good, BB. Come on.

We'll check out the Czyrko file.

(Gulls cry)

Does Louise ever, er... say anything about me?

(Chuckles) You really wanna know that?

I like her a lot. Just something happens whenever she's around.

I can't help pushing the gobby arsehole button.

Hey, take your mind off it.

She's got... I dunno. She's got style.

The way she stands all... cool and French in that mac.

Yeah, yeah. You got to just be yourself, man.

That's all.

I know. I actually think that's a big part of the problem.

Thiago? That's a Brazilian name, right?

Stefan Czyrko mentions three Brazilians in his reports.

Thiago. Takes part in videos of gang rape and torture of twinks.

Of what, sorry?


Young men that look like boys.

Very popular with English ruling class.

I don't know about "look", boss.

Them establishment nonces usually go for the real deal.

Start tracing the number and go find him.

(Speaks French)

Does it work any better for you in French, cupcake?

I'm going home.

Won't you stay at our place, Elise? Your place is a tip.

No. Thanks.


I didn't care what Gael was feeling.

I don't see why it would be any different for me now.

Laura: Brian! No, you knocked our tower over.

He broke it!

He broke the tower, didn't he, naughty Brian?

Shall we make it really big?


I'll get it.

Are you getting the ball?

Got it.

Brian's ball.

Well, they're all right, aren't they?



Sorry, darling. Can I just...

You know that time when the hot water went and the guys came to fix it and they said to check the flues?

And you said?

I'd look into it.



You know the secret of a really good intelligence operation?

The fact that you don't know is actually the objective.

It's too random.

If... if they wanted to kill us, they would have made the leak more lethal.

If they just wanted to warn us, it wasn't controllable enough.

They couldn't have known Brian would save the day.

Good old Brian.

Call me naive...

You're naive.

But I think it was a faulty boiler and a blocked flue.

And we're alive.

And I'm gonna go online and get a carbon monoxide alarm.

Gonna get dinner started.


Taken without permission from https://tvshowtranscripts.ourboard.org/

(Muffled cry)


Ssh. I removed it.

A gun really isn't what you want.

I want to die.


No, no, no, no. We're the survivors, remember?

It wasn't true.

That I have no feelings for you.

It wasn't true.

You're a spy.

Do you know the phrase, maskirovka?

It means guile and deception.

Soldiers in uniforms without insignia.

Many battles are won that way.

You're not a soldier, you're a liar and coward.

I've had better s*x as well.

Now look who's the liar here.

This isn't maskirovka, it's just me.

You taste like gin.


One more night?


One more night?



One more night.

(Gulls cry)

(Engine off)

(Car door closes)

Don't f*cking run.

Don't run. I was the fastest kid in my class, so I'll catch you.

For f*ck's sake!

So I imagine work's dried up a bit since Vanessa Hamilton went to the humidor in the sky, Thiago?

Edgar Branco. Where can we find him?

I know a man. Let's call him Mr Gray because that's his name.

He can fix stuff.

He can certainly organise a trip back to your favela with a couple of those nice men from G4 sitting next to you.

f*ck you. I'm legal.

I don't think that detail would bother Mr Gray too much.

Where did you meet him?

She took me to his place in a car, and when I left, she had to give me six Bennies to bring my heart rate down.

He gave you drugs?

Oh, man.

He shot me up with stuff you would not believe.

Oh, I might.

What do you remember?

In the corridor outside his flat there was a... a plant. Spiky.


I promise you, blondie, I don't remember.

A block of flats. Ugly.

The flat was on the fourth floor. It's my lucky number.

What else do you remember?

About the area.

There was, erm...

...a tattoo shop... on the corner of the street.

I remember seeing it but I don't remember its name.


It had, erm...

...it had pictures of birds on it.

Small ones, like, er...


I saw Eryka Klein last night.

She came to my flat.

She stayed the night with me again.

I don't know who I am any more.

I'm gonna tell Olivier.

No, don't do that.

I betrayed my profession, my colleagues, our investigation.

Your gender.

I'm kidding.


Elise... you're in love.

You being you, there are no half measures.

Do you still trust me?

Oh, come on.


Nothing will ever change your irritating pedantry or your photographic memory, or that you're an embarrassment in a witness interview, especially with small, frightened children, but...

Come on.

Of course I still trust you.

God help us.

Thank you.

You're very welcome.

You're my best friend.




Is that ugly?

I don't know anything about architecture.

Shall we call back-up?

Let's just take a look.


Call back-up.

(Gun cocks)

Get your f*cking hands off her, you...


Pretty eyes.



I remember a prisoner once with eyes like hers.

Actually, it was the first time I successfully removed a retina from the eyeball of a conscious person.

What a great day.

You may call Koba.

Artem: The bastards killed my father, so kill them.

Kill them now.

The male cop first.

Put a bullet right up his ass, and leave the phone on so I can hear.

Don't spend too much time fooling about with the girl before you kill her either.

Wait! Me first! Take me first!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Excuse me? Hand me the phone, please, sir? Thanks.

Are you sure you want to do it this way?


♪ She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes ♪
♪ She'll be coming round... ♪

Karl? It's me. Let me know when you're getting home.

I've bought sea bass.

♪ Coming round the mountain ♪
♪ She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes ♪


You can go.

Yes, it will take you approximately...

...let's say... three days to die.

Then your bodies will start to decompose...

...releasing fluids.

Then eventually the neighbours will smell you, of course, and call the emergency services.

Who will, in their turn, become infected themselves.

You understand?

So, that's how it will go.

In fact, you will be the little fire in the baker's shop...

...that burns the whole city down.


Now, if you will excuse me.

A few minutes. A little preparation.



(Door slams)

Is the chopper here?



I've left them a goodbye present.

Two cops nearly f*cked everything up by finding The Chemist.

No worry. We've got them safe and sound.

Which cops?

The English guy and the French girl who were snooping after you at the start.

Luckily we found them before they could call reinforcements.

Are... are they still alive?


I told them not to spend too much time fooling about with her before they kill her.

I just hope they listen.

The Chemist will let them die slowly and make them into a toxic booby trap.

That's quite a leaving gift.

It's for my father. He does not go unavenged.

It wasn't an airborne virus, right?


But it will close down that shitty little island for a few years.

(Message alert)

Helicopter's on its way.

We head out in 20 minutes.

I need to go to the bathroom.


If you're having a shower, then hurry the f*ck up.

We've got a dog. Did I tell you that?


What is it called?


What is it called?

The dog?


Well, you know, er...

...you know the three-headed dog that guards the Gates of Hades? Cerberus?


Not that.





We came close to getting them.


Close but no cheroot.

Well, we found cheroots.


We found cheroots.



We found cheroots.

(He chuckles)

It's a phrase. "Close but no cigar."

(Laughs) It's when you nearly succeed, but you don't quite make it.

You say, "Close but no cigar." I said, "Close but no cheroot."

That was a joke, wasn't it?

No... (Laughs)


...it's not funny. (Laughs)

(Zips being undone)

(Karl chuckles)

Is it... not funny?

No, it's not funny.

So, why do you laugh, then?

(Laughs) I don't know.

You have to laugh, don't you? No time for weeping.


That's for all the kids you tortured in Colonia Dignidad, you f*cking inhuman Nazi.

Mr Max?




No, no, don't worry.




Sorry, can you... hold her head back?



Don't worry. Hold still.

Elise! Help!

No worries.


So, this is going to sting...

Get your f*cking hands off her! Elise!

(She screams)




(She groans) Elise!




You want to see her?

f*ck off.

She has just fainted from the shock. See?

More conventional approach for you, I presume? Or the same?

(Crashing thuds)

Armed police!

Drop your weapons!

Do not move!

Get her to the hospital! He's injected her in the f*cking eye!

Get her out of here quickly!

She's contagious, she's been injected in the eye. Move!

Stay on the floor, Mr Branco.

And don't worry.

I'm not in the habit of executing people in cold blood.


Unless it's a clause in a very tricky last-minute deal with the Russians.

Photographs and DNA.

They want full evidence that he has been decommissioned.

I gotta get to the hospital.

Come with me.

They'll do everything they can for her.

And unless you're a virologist, you'll just get in the way.

Besides, we've got an appointment with Artem Baturin.

(Muffled speech)

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Artem Baturin, I'm arresting you for offences against the Terrorism Act of 2006.

(Controller speaking Russian)

(Eryka replies in Russian)

How is it?

It's a bit strange... looking out of one eye.

I thought you'd been doing that all your life.

I got another blood transfusion today.

Yeah, I know.

You might have got some of my blood. We're the same type.

They think they might have flushed the virus out.

They got it so early.


What's happening to Artem Baturin?

They're trying to find a place to hold the trial.

Trying to keep the core of it secret.

And the plane?

Won't ever come out.

Might let the stuff about Robert Fournier and Defence into the public domain, but that's it.

Nobody will know who took the plane down?


And that doesn't bother you?

Well, he's on trial. He'll spend the rest of his life in prison.

Nothing's ever perfect, is it?

Gotta know when to stop, I guess.

That's almost exactly what she said to me once.

Have you heard from her again?


She saved your life, Elise. It was quite a leaving present.

Hey, you'll get better.

You don't need to find your long-lost twin.

You're an exceptional person in your own right.

You're you.

(BB and Louise chatter)

Good night, boss.

Good night.


(Chatter and laughter)

Answer-phone: Hello. You've reached Laura and Karl.

Please leave a message.

Hi, it's me. I'm on my way home.

Tell the kids they can stay up late, eh?

I love you all.

Eryka: A long time I have loved the sunned mother-of-pearl of your body.

Until I even believe that you own the universe.

I will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells, dark hazels and rustic baskets of kisses.

I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

Violeta Parra: Gracias A La Vida

♪ Gracias a la vida ♪
♪ Que me ha dado tanto ♪
♪ Me dio dos luceros ♪
♪ Que cuando los abro ♪
♪ Perfecto distingo ♪
♪ Lo negro del blanco ♪
♪ Y en el alto cielo su fondo estrellado ♪
♪ Y en las multitudes el hombre ♪
♪ Que yo amo ♪