s02e05 - We Are Kinnah

Previously on Outsiders...

Get down!

Nice write-up here about you arresting that Farrell.

What's this?

We got the guy.

I mean, I certainly wanna catch the person who killed my brother-in-law, but I'd like it to be the person who actually killed him.

Hasil Farrell.

I'm Butch.

Say, Hasil, you need money?

I need that money to go on a date.

I told you I ain't got it.

Get the hell outta here.

I'm pregnant.

Oh, hell.

Butch, I need your help.

I am Morgan and we are the Kinnah.

Banishment's the proper sentence for what you done.

Only the mountain already banished you.

(gun firing)

Put you through some kind of hell down there.

Stitch him up.


And then brought you back.

You go outside and you run as far as you can.

And don't you never come back.


(knock on door)


(knocking on door)



Oy! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

What the hell you think you're doin', huh?

That's my generator. That's my generator.


You get English?

My generator!

Oh. All right, go on.



(country blues music)

The dawn is up
There's fire on the mountain
They'll have to answer for their crooked claim
The hollows they'll surround them
And they'll go running back
To the wretched realm they came
Nor will the dogs of hell refrain
And the land will suffer those who came.

Video game: Round one, fight!


(video game sound effects)

I wanted to play last night.

Y'all were crashed out on my couch.

(screaming on video game)

Couldn't wait no mo'.

Need to get my game on.


Y'all said just one night, right?


It, uh, may be a little bit longer 'n that.

You know you broke his nose?

I had to hold an ice pack to it for two hours.

Yeah, right 'til the swelling went down.

Yeah, that's right.

I give you my full sorry for butting heads with you, Butch.

All right? I truly feel bad about it.

You're only sorry 'cause you need to be.

Look, please.

We're kinda stuck without a place to go.

If you just let us stay here a couple more days 'til we figure things out, we'd appreciate it.

Y'all are pregnant.

That true?



And it's a good thing you know because other than Sally-Ann, you're the closest thing I got to a friend down here, Butch.



Peace pipe.

Be in the kitchen.


Can I help?

Well, might need to fry up some more eggs now that you're eating for two.



Men are such boys.

Best pray for a little girl.


How'd you, uh... how'd you know?

Well, you didn't drink any beer last night.

You're avoiding the bong smoke like it's the plague, and you're doing a lot of this.

Plus, I'm a little bit psychic.

Gonna be a mother myself one day.

That's great.

Can you...?

Yeah, this kitchen didn't come with no oven, but there's always adoption or surrogacy, you know?

Once that boy in there decides to become a man.


(laughing) Did you see that?




Hi, Don, you're back.

I'm just picking up a couple things I left behind.

Coffee mug.

Wife made it for me.

Prison's always short on coffee cups so...

Hmm. How's Tri-County treatin' you?

Eh, uh, you know, they tell you be careful what you wish for.

Yeah. Hey, uh, Don, how's that Farrell doing?

Not too good. Tried to escape the other day.

Took about a half dozen men to bring him down, stuff him in a restraint chair and stuck him in SA.

In solitary, is he?

He's back in gen pop now.

Foster: They're lackies.

They don't wash themselves without her order.

She told 'em to take my generator.

And don't you deny it.

I shan't deny it.

I ordered my Kinnah to remove the machine.

Foster: Well, the penalty for thieving is the box.

Bren'in, how many days will you give this cutpurse?

I asked her to do it.

Okay, well, I must be hearing voices 'cause I thought I heard you just say that you asked for this.

Generators run on fry oil.


So the people below are fencing us up here.

We need to conserve our resources and not waste fuel on generators.

Chasing weak modernity puts your clan in danger.

The demons below want to possess thee.

They want you to bring their poisonous practices up here 'til all that makes the mountain pure will be put to ruin.

Oh, aren't you the cock of the walk.

You and your group of mutes, strolling in there, doing what you please, and you let her.

These are my decisions.

And I've decided that all generators, not just yours, be removed.

Ah, well, I don't know how, but somehow this is all to her benefit.

Just like her torching the smokehouse.


There's no way, no how, Hezzy would ever let it burn.

He cared for that smokehouse like it was his home.

That fire, it was set.

Sure as sh1t.

Morgan: We're of a like mind on that.

But by whose hand?

Most like by yours, don't you think, Bren'in?

Aye, she knows I didn't do it.

So you shut your yap.


Lil Foster's been gone a week now.

You wanted to look for him before.

Now's your time.

Well, there is nothing that I want more, my queen.

But them ashes, they've cooled, and we owe Hezzy a sacred obligation to fetch his remains for burial.

I am aware of our obligations, Foster, and they will be seen to.

Go fetch your son.

As you want it.

There any particular reason you're in my office?

Uh, yeah, please, have a seat.

I would, but my chair's taken.


Oh, yeah. (chuckles) Let's switch.

(clears throat)

I got a call from County Supervisor Adams.

You know what department he oversees?

Uh, yeah, Corrections.

Yeah, of course you know, you called him this morning, asked him to pull a few strings, tried to get that Farrell transferred to county jail.

See, that costs money, and I had told the supervisors that any expenditures needed my approval first.

Well, my batting average isn't so good when it comes to coming to you for help.

Tri-County's maximum security.

He's a first-time offender.

Uh, first-time murderer, remember?


We got the guy.

Yeah, see, we're playing this kind of tug-o'-war where, you know, you're convinced that you got the right guy and I'm not.

And pretty soon, one of us is gonna end up lying face-down in the mud or you could show some decency and move him over to County where he's gonna be safe.

Yeah. County's overcrowded.

Yeah, well, then you put a bed in the hall.

It's been done before.

You know, I checked up on you before I came here.

Oh, yeah?


What is it with you and your weird fascination with the Farrells?

Seems they got a raw deal around here, that's all.

Okay, but we have other pressing issues too.

Like, two fence guards gone missing.

Wade: Oh, yeah? Who's that?

Mike Miller and Luke Wainwright.

Wow. Oh, that's your fault then for hiring untrained guys.

I know those two.

They're gonna be on a bender somewhere.

You'll find 'em in two days.

They'll be sleepin' it off, pukin' it up somewhere.

Now, listen, this Farrell guy, we gotta...

Oh, forget about the goddamn Farrells!

Look, Wade.

My door is always open, okay?

We can talk about family, sports, movies, politics.

I'm well read.

But we don't discuss the Farrells.

From now on, that's off the board.

Are you okay with that, Sheriff?

Yeah, that's fine by me.

Great, great.

So, I'm gonna go now, and you get back to serving and protecting, okay?

(clears throat)

(birds chirping)

This is our table, Sasquatch.


For the privilege of using our tables, everyone pays his tribute.

Commissary, cigarettes, special favors, whatever.

Ah, well. I ain't got nothin' to give.

You don't need it.

'Cause you're our honored guest.

And why's that?

Tell me your name and I'll tell you why.

Foster Farrell VIII.

(laughing) I knew it!

A real live Farrell.

Tobias Jager.

Deeply honored.


Heard you dragged a dozen hacks a whole cell block.

I don't know about that.

I have a thought, brothers.

Strong Farrell like this could be most valuable.

So, Foster Farrell VIII...

...care to be part of our family?

I already got a family.

Lemme tell you how things work.

Any thug here will mollywhop you every single day just for your soap bar.

Worse yet, lights out, you go to bed and never wake up 'cause you caught a shiv in your sleep.

Now that don't happen if you got us watchin' your back.

Yeah, well.

Think I can take care of myself.

That's our food.

Your food tastes like sh1t.

Swear, you'd lose your head if it weren't screwed on.



Hey, y'all seen my little dub sacks?

They're like little miniature sandwich baggies.

Have you seen 'em?


Hmm, never mind.

I need prenatal vitamins, and I need to get to a doctor at least once a month for the first eight months and then once a week for the last month.

Sure, we can do that.

And it'll probably be around $10,000.

And that's a lot.

It is a lot.

And I don't have insurance, so...

What is that?

It pays for most of the doctor's bills.


Up on the mountain, all you do is you go into a tent with the midwife and you come out with the baby.

I mean...

Are you saying that you want the baby up there?

Mm-mm. It's just sometimes, up there, things... you know, things are easier, that's all.


All right, c'mon.

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon.

(kisses) C'mon.

Look at me.

How we gonna do this? Mm?

What about if I get me one of them, one of them jobs?

Well, as much as I would appreciate it, Hasil Farrell, you don't have a Social Security number.

I don't know what that is. What kind of number?

Proves who you are so you can get paid for your work.

C'mon, why do I need to prove who I am?

All I do is I walk up, I say, "Hello."


"My name is Hasil Farrell," and that should be enough.

Should be enough, but...

I don't wanna sound mean or...

What skills do you have?

Down here?


Listen, it's fine.

I'm happy to be the one that works.

As long as I have you with me, it's fine.



Past couple o' days right after I'd fill up Hank's bowl, he'd be howlin' for more.

So I put his food out this morning and I watched from my window yonder, and I saw him crawl out from under there and steal it.

(dog barks)

Yeah, okay.

Hi, there.

I'm the sheriff, and my name's Wade Houghton.

You wanna come out from the dirt?

There you go.

(dog barking)

You wanna keep coming or are you happy there?

I'm good here.

What's your name?


Samuel, okay.

Well, what's your last name?

I dunno.

Everybody got a last name.

Oh, he's... he's traumatized, Sheriff.

Probably can't remember goin'...

Annette, just go over there and you feed your goddamn dog before he chews his paws off.

Well, how about an easy one then? How old are you?

You're eight years old? That's the same age as my boy.

Hey, you wanna come see if you can show me where your parents' house is?

How about you ride up the front of the police car, you can play the siren and when we see it, you can point it out?


You'll get more answers out of Hank.

Hank! Hank!

(men chattering)


Yo, man. What the hell are you lookin' at?

I was lookin' at that. How many stone is it?

You hear this fool?

Stones. There ain't no stones here.

What you mean, stones?

I meant, it looks heavy.

Surprised you can lift it.

Oh, you callin' me weak?

No, I didn't mean any disrespect.

Sorry for interrupting you.

Mm-mm. Damn straight you're sorry.

Punk-ass bitch.


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Yeah, run and hide behind them crackers.

This ain't over.

I'm gonna shove my katana up your dumb, hillbilly, hick ass!

I'll see you soon.

You got boulders on your backs? Quit your lagging.

You said to Bren'in you wanted us to look for Lil Foster.

Yeah. What I wanna find right now is a way to get them Kinnah gone.

'Til that happens I ain't leaving.

Then I wanna find what's left of Hezzy.

So get to it.

So that fire, that burned hottest right here.

So it started right here.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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You sure you can't get any more of that shine?

We'd make a killing.

Yeah, I'm sure.

All right. She ain't gonna like this.

She gonna get me paper?


Then it doesn't matter.

This where jobs are at?

Yeah, but not here.

You gotta go way over there.

Need two guys work the parking lot.

C'mon, it'll take all day.

C'mon, let's go.

Hang on, hang on. What happened there?

Job yesterday. Some klutz dropped a brick on my foot.

I'm fine, I can work. No, no, stop, stop, fella.

I can't have a bad foot slowing me down.

You, skinny, you wanna work?


Get in the back.

Hurry, truck's moving.

On our way. Here we go.

Want me turn here?

D'you want me turn here? Maybe.

Are we at least in the right neighborhood?

(mumbles "I don't know")

Which school do you go to?

I don't go to school.

What's the name of your street?

(mumbles "I don't know")

Listen, my little boy Caleb, he ran off once.

And when I found him, he thought I was gonna be real mad at him, but I wasn't.

I was just happy to see him.

And... well, that's how your parents are gonna be.

They're just gonna be happy.

I remember Bear.

Bear? What's that there?

Like, that's the name of your street?

Like, like Bear Run Road?

I think.

Bear Run Road?

Can I play the lights?

Yeah, go ahead.

Turn that little thing up there.

(emergency siren)

I thought you were looking for Lil Foster.

I was on my way, but I stopped to get Hezzy's bones first.

Faster we got them, faster his spirit could rest.

Don't you agree?

You think this is enough to accuse a Kinnah of murder?

They were there, watching the fire, same as all of us.

Well, yeah.

You see any of them on the other side of the smokehouse?

No, neither did I.

Well, leastways, it's enough to get Morgan on in here.

Ask her some things.

I know what's happening.

She angers you, so now you're gonna spout false accusations about her.

No. That's the new way of the world.

You siding with that quail-pipe over me.

I consider myself to be your most trusted counsel.

(scoffs) Considering your history, I can't say your counsel's most trusted.

Oh, well, I trust you, even being you sought to put me in the ground.

You forgave that.

Even though I never asked for your forgiveness.

And I get it. I'm far from a perfect man.

But the day I returned, I said that I love you.

And I meant it.

And before, when you said you loved me, you spoke out of one side of your mouth and you spat poison out the other.

Loving the clan more meant I had to do what I did.

Loving the clan more?

Loving 'em more than what?

Who more than who?

Since the day you returned, nothing you say can erase the memory of your loving hand squeezing the life out of me.

Oh, goddamn it.

(glass breaking)

What the hell do you want from me?

Everything I'm doin' is to help you.

How much longer are you gonna punish me?

You say you love me, but there's a struggle inside of you.

I am not all you crave.

No, and I don't know which one's gonna win out in the end.

Those, those... are her words.

Oh, I see it now, full-on clear.

You blindly follow her like a bootlicker.

You hang on every word, lettin' her do as she pleases just so you don't have to undertake any difficult decisions yourself.

She gives sound counsel.

Okay, well, the wisdom she spouts comes from a venomous tongue.

You continue on this path and you won't be much longer Bren'in.

Now, there's your truth.

You know, a grizzly without its claws, it remains a grizzly.

Oh, that is not what I want.

I'm tryin' to guide you!

You're just too bull-headed to realize it.

I'd rather not be with those who guide with one hand while reaching for the oak with the other.

We'll see how you do without me.

(door closes)

Break time, fellas.


Nah, I'm good.

What you think?

Sorry, Wade, don't recognize him.


And I know all the kids around these parts.


Bunch of little pain in the asses, always runnin' around yelling.

Okay, thank you.

Been to almost every single house on goddamn Bear Run Road, not a single person knows you.

This ain't your street.

Brian: Sheriff?

Wade: Oh, hi, Brian. How ya doin'?

You still driving this ol' hunk o' junk?

I wouldn't have to if I wasn't unemployed goin' on two years now.

Been that long, has it, yeah?

Times are tough.

Yeah, well, been made tougher by that sister of yours and her gang of bitches.

Next time, chain 'em up, or better yet, shoot 'em.

He was mean.


You wanna see mean? You wanna see mean?

Why you doin' this to me?

This was supposed to be easy.

You were supposed to tell me where you live, I'll take you there.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Sam. I didn't mean to yell.

I just... I'm gettin' a little tired.

What do you want? Do you wanna...

(quietly) Goddamn.

Take you out and get some food, somethin' to eat?


That's the first thing you've been sure about all day.


(door opens)

(clears throat)

Thank you, Annalivia.

Morgan, thanks for coming.

Always happy to see your face.

And I yours.

I wish to thank you for siding with me today.

I know it did not come simply.

A voice that speaks loudest typically gets its desire.

The voice that speaks loudest is very angry.

I'm not surprised.

He sees the bond you and I share.

(kettle whistling)

Allow me.

Your faith heartens me for the future, that we can, as one, work to preserve this clan.

It's why I summoned you.

If we're to work together, we should confide in each other, tell all that's in our minds, hold nothing back.

Don't you agree?

Of course.

It heartens me to hear that.

I need to share something that's been gnawing at me fierce.

Consider me your confidante.

I can't control Big Foster.

As Bren'in, I shouldn't have these doubts.

I should be sure of my feelings.

By your own admission, this man hurt you.

And he hurt this clan.

He must be handled with a heavy hand.

It's a bit more complicated.

There is good in him.

It's still a...

He continues to accuse you for the smokehouse fire.

He even brought me this.

Things they found by the ashes.

It's flimsy proof, I know, but I'd just feel better if you told me it wasn't you.

The fire was by Kinnah hand.

Your game was ill-gotten, tainted and impure.

Animals that are killed by modern tools of destruction.

Y-Your game was destroyed too.

Were they not purely killed?

The impure poisons the pure.

Your game poisoned, polluted ours.

It all required purification by fire.

You killed a man.

An unfortunate accident.

It was not mine intent.

Leave. Now.

I only desire for this mountain to survive, for this clan to survive.

Same as you.

No, we are nothing of the same.

We have not the time for conflict!

Hear me.

No, get out! Now!

I yearned for us to preserve this mountain together.

Now it must be done with nothing but mine own hand.

(door opens, closes)

Eight hours, $10 an hour.

There you go, my man.

That's it?

That's it.

Why'd I get less?

You had three waters, $5 each.

You had three piss breaks, $5 each.

Hell, lunch was $10.

So the charge is $40.

$80 minus $40 equals them two twenties.

Well, why didn't you tell me that beforehand?

Well, just remember it for next time.

(rap music playing)

Whew, you smell like oily turds.

That job was sh1t.

Now even I know this ain't nothing but a pittance.

Told you you wasn't gonna like it.

You said, "It don't matter." Exact words.

Look, man, I'm selling tonight.

You don't need to help with that, but... it's a crowded place.

I could use someone to watch my back.

I'll kick you a couple bucks.

Easy money. What do you say?


All right.

But you gotta use soap first, man, please.


What you think?

You like it?

Never had "spasghetti" before.

Yeah, it's pretty good. What you eat at home?


What, just soup? Is that it?

You have anything else? Just soup?



Well, let me tell you something, Sam.

If my folks only gave me soup to eat, I'd probably wanna run away too.

That why you run away?

Why'd you run away then?

I did bad.

(door opens, closes)

Hi, Sheriff. I'm Karen with Social Services.

Hi, Karen. I'm Wade Houghton.

This is my friend Sam I told you about on the phone.

Who's that?

Sam, this is Karen.

She's a really sweet person, and she's gonna find you a place to stay tonight, okay?

No, I'm staying with you.

Uh... Yeah, um... you can't stay with me, Sam, 'cause there's rules about that in this town.

(yelling) No!

Sheriff, don't worry.


Sheriff, I'll take it from here. Okay.


Sam, she's... I promise you, she's really... she's gonna look after you, okay?

I'm here to help. Okay?

Wade: I'm really sorry.

I gotta go, Sammy, okay?

It's okay.


(crowd clamoring nearby)

Hey, Butch, what's up?

How you doing, Butch?

What up?

How you doing, man?

Hey, Christie.

Hi, Butch.

(man groaning)

What's up, my man?

Hi, bro.

How you doing?

He's cool. He's with me.

Go on in.

(crowd clamoring)

(rap music playing)

Hey! What's happening?

(crowd cheering)

(whistle blows)

Bitches, leave.


Hustle, ladies, c'mon! This ain't a health spa.

Step lively, ladies, c'mon.

Not you, mountain man.

Got something for you.

Eye for an eye.

A gift from the brotherhood.

That shitskin called you a dumb hillbilly hick.

Tried to crack your skull open.

He will try to kill you again.

Only way to prevent that, beat him to it.

Yeah, I'll take my chances.

He don't think of you as a person.

He'd gladly use this on you, given the chance.

You may be a good citizen up there on the mountain, Farrell.

But you're down here in the hole now.

Even Lucifer was an angel 'til he went to hell.

(muffled grunting)


Hey, listen to him beg.

That's a good scream.

Don't that get the juices flowin', huh?

You sure you don't want first shot at this animal?

C'mon, try it. It's easy.

You just hold up hammer.

Swing hammer.





See, told you it was easy.

Pick up hammer, swing that hammer.

Yeah. Let me get that thing there.

I knew there was that fire in ya.

Smash his skull like a watermelon.

That's it, brother.


You don't fool me, Farrell.

There's a bloodthirsty lion in you.

I'll wager my life on it.


All right.

Ho, ho, ho, ho.

All right.


(chuckles) Bring me wine.


You think maybe you might wanna make this the last one?

Thanks. I already got a wife.

And I love her.

Goddamn me.

Oh, it's like a trap.

I know it's out there and I just... I keep... fallin' in it.

I am sure she loves you, too, Foster.


What the hell you know?


What d'you know?

More I do for her, more she pushes me away.

Hell, I wanted to go and look for Lil Foster but I stayed here!

I stayed here for her.

For her.

(frustrated yell)

All right?

Oh, shove it!

I'm gonna... I'm gonna... I'm gonna go find my son.

It's okay. He's...

It's pitch black!

You're gonna kill yourself going down.

He should sleep it off.


(glass breaking)

♪ ♪

(crowd noise)

Yeah, big boy! Come here.

The winner!


Good job, boy!

Yeah, all right!

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!

Thank you all for coming out to another fantastic night of the best freelance fightin' in all of Eastern Kentucky.

Now, remember to check your texts for the date and location of our next event.

Until then... (punching noises)

Keep swinging, y'all.

Pay up, boys.

Here we go.

(rap music playing)

You ready?

I can do that.

Now you're talkin'.



Hey, Cay, Cay. You okay?

Something bad happened to Kitty.

No, no, no, no. Come here.

You just had a bad dream.

It's okay.

You wanna know a secret?

I know how to get rid of bad dreams.

You ready?

Come here.

Now, you stay very still.

(grunts softly)

There we go.


See, so it's pretty much gone, yeah?

Just close your eyes, it's okay.

It's all right.

I love you, buddy.

Hello? Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's Department.

(sniffing loudly)


Where you been?


I been looking for you all night.

I heard you weren't here so I waited...

Slow down.

I got enough pounding in my head.

What's happened?

Morgan killed Hezzy. You were right.

It took me most of the night screwing up my pride to come get you.

But she's up to something. She's gotta go.

I need you by my side.

Where I should have been all this time.

Will you help me?


Good morrow.

Go back to the shadow side, Morgan.


(Big Foster groans)

After tomorrow's moon, my Kinnah and I will be gone from this place.

No, you and your skags, you pack up now.

Where are they?

'Tis joyous that the old Bren'in will be here for what is to come.

To see how the mountain be preserved by one with true wisdom.

Yeah? Well, your Bren'in gave you a command.

Get the hell outta here!

Thou art not our Bren'in for we are not Farrell.

(shrill cry)

(gun firing)


No, no, no.

(speaking native language)

(suspenseful music)