08x07 - F*ck*r Shot Me

Saul: Previously on Homeland...

You start executing men in a stadium, you could be setting off a wave of violence that'll destabilize your whole country.

And we have an opportunity to crush them once and for all.

We must have the strength to do it.

Carrie: Any word on Max? JSOC's still looking, right?

Not on the ground.

( groaning )

( gunshot )


We're doing what we can do.

That's bullshit. I sent him in there.

I want a favor.

One of our people went missing near the crash site.

You lied about your interaction with Yevgeny Gromov.

You are vulnerable to him in ways neither of us can imagine.

Max is still out there.

Yevgeny has a lead on him. He just sent word.

In 30 minutes, you will be escorted to a plane.

You will go willingly or in handcuffs.

♪ Tense music ♪

♪ ♪

( siren wailing )

man: Get back, get back!

( indistinct shouting )

♪ Disquieting music ♪

♪ ♪

man: The World Trade Center, Tower Number One is on fire!

Carrie: I missed something once before. I won't--

I can't let that happen again!

An American prisoner of war has been turned.

You're a disgrace to your nation, Sergeant Nicholas Brody.

You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time to pay for that.

Are you accusing me of something?

Yevgeny: You really do not remember?

Carrie: Remember what?

Jim: We may be dealing with a compromised officer here.

Saul: You had a relationship complicated enough to lie about.

Carrie: Yeah, it's complicated.

I lost seven months of my life.

To my Russian handler?

man: Is our strategy working?

Saul: And you will become the focus of an investigation that will define the rest of your life.

Carrie: That not every problem in the Middle East deserves a military solution.

Because this whole country went stupid crazy after 9/11.

Jim: Carrie, you're not yourself.

Carrie: I'm still putting the pieces together.

Saul: Please, God, tell me you have it.

♪ ♪

man: Is there no f*cking line?

Saul: I believe you.

No one else will.

♪ Light music ♪

♪ ♪

So I get my wish.

To travel the streets of Kabul one more time without hiding.

It's not over.

After G'ulom releases your men and they're safely out of the city, we'll throw the spotlight on you, your trial.

G'ulom is the government now.

He'll have to behave with the whole world watching.

G'ulom doesn't care what the world thinks.

♪ ♪

( indistinct radio chatter )


I'm ready.

( quiet radio chatter )

( overlapping chatter )

Saul: You have an opportunity here.

Show the world what justice means in your country now.

We called the Taliban savages when they executed people in this stadium 20 years ago.

Show us things have changed.

What has changed?

Not the Taliban.

Not America.

Still not understanding anything about us even after all these years.

man: Khalifa! Khalifa!

( overlapping chatter )

( Speaking Pashto )

Those are his people. They control half your country.

If you don't treat him with respect, your world will explode.

Give him a fair trial.

( indistinct chatter continues )

♪ Tense music ♪

♪ ♪

( indistinct radio chatter )

( indistinct chatter )

( indistinct chatter )

One second.

( whispered ) Jenna...


I took Carrie to the airport last night for her flight to Germany as you asked.

I escorted her to the gate, watched her walk down the jetway--

Mike: To make a long story short, she never got on the plane.

Instead, she takes off with a GRU officer.

Who else? Yevgeny Gromov.

I don't know if she's been working with him since Russia, or they just ran into each other here, or she pulled a Ken Philby or what.

Where are they?

Who knows?

Twelve hour head start. They could be in Moscow by now.

I don't think so.

When I talked to her yesterday, she was concerned about her friend, Max.

As far as she could tell, no one was looking for him.

Oh, Christ.

She'd gone to Yevgeny about it.


Russians have better contacts in the tribal areas.

She thought she could take advantage of that.

And I'm just hearing about it now?

It's why I sent her home.

I'm turning this over to the FBI, which I would have done yesterday if you hadn't talked me out of it.

Do what you have to. Just get her back.

♪ Tense music ♪

woman on radio: ( speaking Russian )

He turned himself in.

Haqqani did.

"The mastermind behind the downing of the presidents' helicopter."

That's what they're calling him.

You don't believe it?

Do you?

He is capable.

Yeah, if what you mean is he doesn't mind seeing America hurt.

But how'd he get the intel?

How'd he know the presidents' helicopter would be in that exact place at that exact time?

I don't know.

See, I do.

Or at least I know what certain people in the CIA think.

An American traitor, me, passed the intel to a Russian handler, you, who in turn alerted Haqqani.

They actually believe that?

Some do.

If they weren't sure before, they will be now.

Since we're out here together.



♪ Uneasy music ♪

♪ ♪

( Speaking Pashto )

What's going on?

Stay here.

( Speaking Pashto )

( inaudible dialogue )

( Speaking Pashto ) We okay?

Yeah, they're my guys.

They have a line on Max.

♪ Uneasy music ♪

♪ ♪

( sheep bleating )

( indistinct chatter )

( Speaking Pashto )

( sighs )

♪ Light uneasy music ♪

♪ ♪

( engine sputtering )

( animal bleats )

♪ Light music ♪

♪ ♪

( indistinct chatter )

( breathes raggedly )

man: Weapons free. Ten seconds to impact.

♪ ♪

You really should stay in the car.

Quit f*cking with me.


Quit f*cking with me!

I'm not.

What, so it's just a coincidence we end up here?

Wait, you came to me for help. You don't get to complain.

About this, yeah, yeah, I do. ( scoffs )

( breathes deeply )

You want to use my contacts, right?

Where do you think they come from, huh?

It's places like this.

Every time America comes in and bombs a bunch of civilians, it's an opportunity for us.

We come in, we rebuild the mosque, we help people get their lives back together.

We make friends. That's how it works.

So is it a coincidence we're here?

No, but it doesn't mean I'm f*cking with you.


What did the imam say?

He knows where Max is.

It's not far.

It's important we get this right, or we'll be looking at a level of Taliban violence we haven't seen in a dozen years.

Haqqani's not just some leader.

He is the living, breathing avatar of his people, and I do not get the feeling G'ulom appreciates that, or more likely, he does appreciate it and he wants to snuff it out.

What are you pushing exactly?

Rule of law.

Some semblance of a fair trial.

We've spent hundreds of millions of dollars setting up a judicial system here.

Let's make it work for once.

We got word that G'ulom has already appointed the three-judge panel.

Right, which in theory means he's following the constitution.

In practice though, they're gonna do what G'ulom wants.

I don't know what could be done, if anything, but I do know the lead judge from these women's leadership events at the embassy, Haziq Qadir.

She's fair, independent.

Obviously that has limits.

If there's a way into this, it's probably her.

Will this judge be open to a meeting?

I can ask.

( clears throat ) Mr. President.

I was looking for you.

C-can we pick this up later?

Oh, no, no. No, no, please.

Carry on.

I'll just listen in.

Saul, you were saying something about contacting a judge?

Yes, sir, I was.

Well, what about?

Saul: Submitting evidence on Haqqani's behalf.

The fact is, sir, we're in possession of a signals intercept that all but proves Haqqani's innocence.

In it, he's dressing down his son, Jalal, for an attack on a government outpost in Sang-e-Masha.

He also goes on at length about the need for peace and insists that any further violence be stopped immediately, which it was.

I can testify to Haqqani's mindset based on my meetings with him, but it will have nowhere near the impact of hearing Haqqani in his own words, in his own voice foreswearing violence.

The problem is this.

Currently the intercept is highly classified.

One of the things I wanted to discuss with this room is how we undo that.

May I say something?

Because I see another problem.

And forgive me if you've already discussed this.

I was a little late to the party as you know.

Tomorrow, the body of President Ralph Warner will arrive at Dover Air Force Base.

I will be there to receive it right next to the president's grieving widow.

And here's what people will be asking: What are we doing to avenge her murdered husband?

That's what Americans everywhere will be asking, everywhere but here in this room, where for some reason the question is: How do we help the man who murdered him?

Mr. President--

Hayes: No!

You will not expose our classified materials.

You will not expose our sources and methods.

Didn't think I knew that term, did you, Saul?

Get me the goddamn action plan I asked for two days ago.

( door opens, slams )

♪ Uneasy music ♪

♪ ♪

( sighs )

( birds chirping )

♪ ♪

It was you, wasn't it?

The air strike on the village.

You were Kabul's chief of station then.

You must have signed off.

I didn't know.

I mean, I...

I didn't put it together.

I didn't.

♪ Light music ♪

♪ ♪

You know who the target was?


( sighs ) He was supposed to be there.

He wasn't.

A wedding party was.

Including a half dozen children.

It changed everything.

You left the CIA.

No, not at first.

What I did first was double down on getting Haqqani.

That's-that's how I thought I could make things right.

Then more people died.

Cracks began to appear in my resolve.

And that is when I left the CIA.

( sighs )

Did you really not know about the village, that I was the one who pulled the trigger?

I said.

Say it again.

Because to be honest, I'm not quite sure what you're doing here.

I'm trying to find your friend.

♪ ♪

( animal bleats )

♪ Tense music ♪

♪ ♪

( indistinct chatter )

( Speaking Pashto )

( Speaking Pashto )

We're here to pick up the American.

No, no, the American is not for sale.

Well, we were just with Maulawi Saib, and he said everything was arranged.

With respect, Maulawi Saib is mistaken.

You may visit the American.


Not take him.

Is he inside?

Wait, wait, wait. Business.

The imam said it's $2,000 for us to take the American with us.

Now, a visit is worth much less.

Ah, look at me, look at me. I've got more money here.

Yevgeny: Do you want the rest?


Carrie: Oh, my God.

Are you okay?

Uh, yeah, yeah. ( groaning ) I'm fine.


Let me see.

( winces )

I had it.

The black box.

He sold it to some other guy, this guy Firooz.

All my other stuff, he sold it to someone.

They took it somewhere, it was Koa or Kowa--



Yeah, we passed the cutoff on the way here.

( groans ) I don't know what's on it.

That's okay.

I just didn't want him to know how important it was.

Max, listen to me, you did good.

You did good.

But I'm worried about your back.

Yeah, that F*ck*r shot me.

I think the bullet's still in there.

What have they given you for infection?


Where-where are you going?

Back to the truck.

They must have something. Antibiotics.

No, no, you-you can't.

Carrie, we don't have much time.

What do you mean?


( engines rev )

( Speaking Pashto )

Yevgeny: This isn't right.

You hear me? This isn't right.

No. No.

What do you think you're doing?


( Max groans )

Carrie: Where are you taking him?

I'll find you, Max.

Do you hear me? I will find you.

( Max groaning softly )

Yevgeny: Where are they taking him?

Hey, look over here, where? Turn around, look.

What's the name of the man you gave the key to?

Barlas: I don't know him.

Yevgeny: What do you mean, you don't know him?

I honestly don't--

Turn around, look.

There's three cars here full of Talibs.

I don't know.

Where are they going?

Barlas: In the hills somewhere, I tell you--

Yevgeny: Hill where? Where are they going?

Barlas: Honestly, I don't know.

Tell me where they're taking him, you m*therf*cker!

( Speaking Pashto )

I will take care of this.

( breathing heavily )

♪ Tense music ♪

♪ ♪

Tell me where they are going.

Tell me and you get the rest of this.


Or otherwise, we have a problem.

( engine roaring )

Hayes: Nine months in office.

Not the shortest presidential term ever.

That would be William Henry Harrison, also responsible for his own demise.

You, on the other hand, are a survivor.

The chief of staff for a president who's nearly assassinated then resigns.

Chief of staff for her successor.

He's coming home in a body bag.

Sir, if you want my resignation--

Did I say that?

What I want is your loyalty.

That is not the vibe I get when I walk into the situation room.

You're huddled there behind my back.


Clearly, I need guidelines, which meetings you want to attend and--

Bullshit, that wasn't a meeting, it was a cabal, led by the same man who told the president it was safe to trust a terrorist.

Okay. Say it was.

Then the last thing you want is for them to be there and neither of us is in the room, because then we're outside the information flow and then you've got a problem.




We'll leave you there for now.

In the information flow. Excuse me.

( whispered conversations )


I'm so sorry.

We all are. He was a good man.


You drop a bomb on him and then fly an empty casket 7,500 miles so you can look, what, presidential?

That's why we're here.

And don't tell me how sorry you are.

♪ Somber music ♪

♪ ♪

( exhales deeply )

♪ ♪

You invited him?

He asked to come to pay his respects.

Respects. To my husband.

When that man spent the last six months attacking him.

Doris, let go of me, please.

♪ ♪

Mr. President.

Mr. President, it's good to meet you in person.


National Security Advisor.

I finally hear from you.

Good to see you again.

I hope so.

( door closes )


I was under the impression we'd have the chance to speak alone.

I have no secrets from Tasneem.

I understand.

The fact is we've been at odds lately.

So you go behind my back again.

I ask an old friend for advice.

Anything you want to say, you can say to us both.

Bunny: Please.

Haissam Haqqani is now in custody in Kabul.

General G'ulom wants a firing squad.

There will be a trial first.

Saul: Show trial at best.

Unless we intervene.


Saul: Yes.

'Cause we know the truth, the three of us.

Haissam Haqqani didn't shoot down the presidents' helicopter, quite the opposite.

He was looking forward to meeting the men on board.

He wanted to stop the fighting.

I have signals intercepts to prove it.

So make them public.

I've been told in no uncertain terms I can't.

Or maybe you don't actually have them.

Your father and I have an agreement.

Whatever we say out there, here in this room we tell the truth.

You wanna be here, then you do that too.

You know I have them.

You worked with Haqqani for decades.

You knew his mind had changed.

He wanted peace.

What do you want?

Anything that might slow the trial.

Anything that might prevent the violence that would follow his execution.


You want us to compromise our sources.


If that's what it takes.

Haqqani's outlived his usefulness to you.

You think you don't care if he dies.

I'm telling you, you should.

When those helicopters went down, two things changed in my country.

An inexperienced president came to power.

The American people were wounded, demanding action.

We know what happens next. We've been here before.

How does a weak president show he's strong?

He goes to war.

And that's what will happen again unless sensible people can put aside their differences.

You want us to work together?


Like '79, when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.

Bunny: We were friends then.

And after 9/11, when you needed us, friends again.

In between, not such good friends.

You forget us.

No, not forget.

You'd lecture, belittle, withhold aid, violate our borders, send your drones to murder our citizens.

Until you need our help, and then here you are in my living room saying we're friends again.

I thought you said in here we tell the truth.

If war starts in Afghanistan--

You'll be burned, not us.

We'll be hurt, yes.

But we're 7,000 miles away.

You live here.

The war will land on you.

( birds chirping )

( sighs )

Back to the airport.


I'll help you.


I don't want to watch the world burn.

( engine starts )

( sighs )

♪ Uneasy music ♪

♪ ♪

Carrie: Yeah, they've put guards out front.

It must be Max.

They look like teenagers.

What, are we going to surprise them?

Grab your friend, hmm?

The three of us.

Carrie: Four.

I can handle myself.

I'm not starting a war with the Taliban.

( birds chirping )

( Yevgeny sighs )

♪ Tense music ♪

♪ ♪

Who are you calling?

Saul Berenson.

You think that's a good idea?

Well, it's an idea.

He can order up an extraction team.

( sighs )

♪ ♪

( line ringing )

Saul: Saul Berenson. Leave a message.

( sighs )

( phone beeps )

( phone beeps )

( line ringing )

( phone rings )

Jenna Bragg.

It's Carrie.

I need your help.

Are you kidding?

You ditched me at the airport, made me look like an idiot.

You're right, I'm sorry.

Now can you just listen please?

( whispered ) It's Carrie Mathison.

What are you doing, Carrie?

I found Max.

( door closes )

Who are you with?

He's at an isolated farm, seven miles across the Pakistan border.

Okay, write this down, 32, 97, 00 north, 70, 27, 76 east.

He's been shot, he's critical, being held by seven Taliban, mostly teenagers, armed only with rifles.

Get a drone overhead. It'll confirm.

Tell me you got that.


Then pass it to Special Operations, get a rescue mission going.

He's close to the border, lightly guarded.

God knows for how long. Will you talk to Special Ops?

Do you have any idea the trouble you're in?

Mike, will you talk to them?


Thank you.

Mike: Your case is now with the FBI.

You're officially a fugitive.

You know what that means?


An unscheduled summit.

That's what they're calling it.

They're wondering what we'll do.

We will do what we agreed.

The Taliban declared war, we give them war.


Except we've been giving them war for 18 years.


You didn't fight for 18 years.

You fought for eight weeks.

You invaded Afghanistan with 12 men and airpower, bombed the Taliban to sh1t, and in days they were lining up to surrender.

They were making deals, shaving their beards.

You'd won.

Then you gave up and left for Iraq.

Fight like you did then, you will win again.


Once Haqqani's gone, the Taliban will be leaderless.

Now is the time to act.

When Haqqani's gone.

Which will be very, very soon.


I, uh, stumbled into a meeting, my advisors--

f*ck your advisors.

They're the same men who sent Warner into the Korengal, waving the white flag.

Believe me, I know, and now they're unhappy about this trial you've got going in Kabul.

How unhappy?


♪ Uneasy music ♪

♪ ♪

( intercom buzzes )

( door beeps, buzzes )

Saul Berenson.

Tasneem Qureishi.

We appreciate you meeting with us, Your Honor.


I told your ambassador this is highly irregular.

She insisted.

We're not trying to compromise you.

Then what do you want?

Your Honor, Haqqani is not the man you think.

He changed. He wanted peace.

He agreed to a ceasefire.

He was about to meet with my president to sign an agreement.

He didn't kill him or order his death.

Haqqani's welcome to say that.

And no one would listen.

Which is why we're here.

I have classified intelligence that proves it.

You do?

We both do.

Then offer it as evidence.

Unfortunately, that's not possible.

Then stand up in court and repeat what you just told me.

I'm sorry, we can't.

Can you tell me who did shoot down the helicopters?

We have teams in the field looking for evidence.


This is really inappropriate.

I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Your Honor, I know there's a lot of pressure on you.

What is that supposed to mean?

It's no secret, people want Haqqani dead.

Don't you dare.

Don't you dare impugn me when you're unwilling to stand up and say what you claim is the truth.

You sneak here in the middle of the night, offering no evidence.

"Just trust me."

Haissam Haqqani has changed.

He's now Mahatma Gandhi.

I should never have agreed to this.

♪ Tense music ♪

What do you think you're doing?

You want evidence? Here.

This happened eight days ago.

Haqqani was supposed to be in that car.

Tasneem: I heard he wanted to make peace.

I wanted to stop him.

So I put an RPG through his windshield.

It didn't stop him.

He was still determined to make peace.

I know he didn't kill the presidents.

♪ ♪

What do you want?


Saul: Just that.

I'll open the trial tomorrow as scheduled and then order a continuance, but I don't know how much time I can give you.

A week maybe. No more.

Fine. Thank you.

♪ Tense music ♪

♪ ♪

What's happening?

Someone's coming.

Special Ops?

Carrie: Oh, sh1t.

It's Jalal Haqqani.

( groaning softly )

They told me you were at the helicopters.

Who shot them down?

Did you see?

( breathing heavily )

What helicopters?

( groans, breathing heavily )

It's Jalal Haqqani. I'm sure of it.

G'ulom has his father, he has Max.

This is a bad situation.

Where the hell is the extraction team?

Mike, are you listening?


Did you call them even?


What's taking them so long?

What do you think?

They can't put together an operation in a matter of hours, especially if it involves crossing the Pak border.

It's seven miles across.

It's two minutes' flying time for Christ sake.

And assaulting a site they haven't scouted.

I'll scout it.

Great, yeah.

Intel from a rogue agent running around with a Russian spy, using his satellite phone to communicate.

Do you know who else is listening to this call?

Do you have the faintest f*cking idea?

It's not like that.


People will believe that when you turn yourself in.

I don't underestimate the difficulty, I really don't.

But Max is one of ours.

He went up into the Korengal because we asked him to.

He put his body on the line. We can't just abandon him.

( breathes deeply )

We're doing everything we can.

♪ Gentle music ♪

♪ ♪

( phone beeps )

♪ ♪

They're not coming.

I have to go in and get a closer look.

I told you, we can't.

I'm not asking you to come.

I just have to see if he's alive even.


I know.

You get into trouble, I'm leaving.

I know.

I need a gun.

( indistinct chatter )

( indistinct radio chatter )

( speaking Dari )

Make it fast.




Last night, I got the presiding judge to agree to a continuance, a delay.

She'll open the case, announce the charges, and postpone the actual trial.


So we can find proof that you didn't shoot down the helicopter.

You didn't do this.

You're innocent.

Forty years of war, no one is innocent.

( door opens )

man: You have to go.

See you out there.

( door closes, locks )

( indistinct chatter )

( camera shutter clicks )

( sighs ) It's supposed to be empty.

Who are all these people?

Families of people killed in Taliban suicide bombings.

G'ulom's been bussing them in since last night.

( door opens )

( angry shouting )

( shouting continues )

( shouting recedes )

( camera shutter clicks )

Where is she?


They switched judges on us.

( speaking Dari )

What's he saying?

Latifi: ( speaking Dari )


Latifi: ( speaking Dari )

"This man, the so-called amir, has plotted to overthrow the Islamic Republic."

( speaking Dari )

Ryan: "He murdered President Daoud."

Latifi: ( speaking Dari )

"He murdered the American President."

Latifi: ( speaking Dari )

"He has brought misery and pain on everyone here."

( speaking Dari )

"He deserves a thousand deaths, but this court can only give him one."

♪ tense music ♪

♪ ♪

( speaking Dari )


( chaotic shouting )

( camera shutters clicking )

♪ ♪

David, can you hear me?

Just about. What's happening?

Saul: G'ulom f*cked us.

Switched judges at the Haqqani trial.

Lasted all of 30 seconds.

Was there a verdict?

What do you think?

Death. They could shoot him in the next five minutes.

Hayes has to intervene.

( distant shouting )

Do you hear?

Hayes has to get a stay of execution.

Yeah, well, I don't think that's gonna happen.

Why the hell not?

G'ulom had a one-on-one with Hayes yesterday.

First thing this morning, Hayes demands new voices on Afghanistan.

Guess who's in the Oval Office right now.

John Zabel.

You can't be serious.

( chaotic shouting, chanting )

Get in there before Zabel gets his feet under the table.

Make the case.

Haqqani dies, Afghanistan goes up in flames.

David, you have to tell them.

David, you hear me?

I'm hanging on by my fingertips here.

The president's asking who's loyal, who's not?

Even talking to you hurts me.

All I can do right now is stay close and seem to go along.

Sorry, I gotta go.


( crowd shouting, chanting )

( clears throat )

woman: Yes, he's busy.

Mr. President.


You know John.

I do.

We just heard from Kabul.

Haqqani guilty, sentenced to death.


I was saying to the president it took, uh, ten years to get Osama Bin Laden, but he avenged Ralph Warner's murder in, what, three days?

Well, I can hardly claim credit.

I think that you can, sir.

It's what that part of the world understands.

( chuckles ) An eye for an eye, a punch in the f*cking nose.

Haqqani will be up against a wall before the end of the day, and then we can start talking about next moves.

♪ Tense music ♪

Max: Oh, no, no. No, no, no.

( grunting, groaning )

♪ ♪

( indistinct chatter )

( groaning ) No, no, no, no!

( speaking Pashto )

Max: No, no!

( Max grunting, groaning )

( Speaking Pashto )

( Max groaning )

♪ ♪

( groaning ) No--

♪ suspenseful music ♪

( Speaking Pashto )

( Max groaning, choking )

♪ ♪

( groaning )

( groaning, breathing heavily )

( muffled grunting )



( breathing heavily )

♪ Gentle music ♪

♪ ♪