01x06 - Chapter Six

Three guys, three stiffs.

According to the cops, that's it.

Perry Mason: Except we know there's a fourth.

Get a little help at the crime scene?

I got no idea what you're talking about.

♪ ( Dramatic music plays ) ♪

Heard about Perry Mason sniffing around those shootings.

Don't talk to him.

If any of this comes back to me I will deny every word.

Pete Strickland: Ennis cut the line to be first at Angel's Flight.

Then, he's at Gannon's almost before the call went out.

Mason: You think he's sitting nearby to control the crime scenes?

Strickland: It's quite the co-inky-dink.

Charlie Dodson will rise again!

Woman: If you truly believe God told you to do this, tell him, "Don't let me down."

You think I want God in my head?

No one wants this case, Emily.

You need new representation.

But he's not a lawyer.

There's a bar examination which will certify him with plenty of time.

I will prove your innocence.

So help me God.

♪ ( Music concludes ) ♪

Maynard Barnes: The defendant, Emily Dodson, was the only person who had the means, motive, and opportunity to orchestrate this despicable plan.

Now, Emily Dodson knew that her husband was the son of a very wealthy man, and therefore, someone with means to obtain that ransom money. That knowledge, gentlemen and ladies, was her means to commit this crime.

Emily Dodson also had a lustful desire to run off with her lover, George Gannon.

And that desire was her motive.

As for opportunity?

She was Charlie's mother!

The person charged with protecting him, an innocent, defenseless babe.

Now, Emily Dodson had all the opportunity in the world to put this plan into action.

Means, motive, and opportunity, and a child's life... cut short.

( Clicks tongue )

Now, the defense over there will try and confuse you with all sorts of wild theories and preposterous propositions.

Because his client is guilty, and he knows it, all too well.

But a trial is society's way of finding the truth, its way of seeking justice.

Now, at the end of this trial, I will ask each one of you, good people, to open your hearts and find that truth, seek that justice.

I will ask you to stare down this woman who chose lust and money over her child's life.

Find Emily Dodson guilty... because she is guilty.

I thank you kindly for your time and attention.

( Judge Fred Wright clears throat )

Mr. Mason, we will hear you now.

Perry Mason: Good morning. ( Clears throat ) My name is Perry Mason. I represent... Emily Dodson.

Unlike Mr. Barnes here, who spoke for a nearly two hours, I will be briefer... uh, brief.

Emily Dodson did not kill her baby.

Does anyone here really believe she did? 'Cause I sure don't.

Objection! As to counsel's personal belief.


Sorry. Um, you may have heard, I'm new to this.


Judge Wright: Sustained.

See what I mean?

What really happened in December of last year? ( Coughs )

( Voice breaks ) A good question.

And although the defense... is under no obligation... ( Coughs ) I'm sorry.

( Coughs ) Is under no obligation to prove anything, it is natural to... To want to know...

( Voice breaks ) ...the whys, the whos, the whats and the wheres. ( Coughs )

Would you like a minute, Mr. Mason?

( Coughs ) Uh, yeah, actually, just one...

( Coughing )

( Coughs )

The prosecution... ( Coughs )

Thank you.

The pro... ( Gasps )

The prosecution's case is completely and entirely circumstantial.

♪ ( Suspenseful music playing ) ♪

Mason: I rehearse it here, I'm fine. I get up in court, my body won't do what my head tells it to.

You know, same thing happens to me when I gotta whiz in public. I mostly use stalls.

( Telephone rings )

Hazel Prystock: Perry Mason, Attorney-At-Law.

Uh-huh. And is this in Oregon or Utah, ma'am?

Yes, I'm not sure if this information qualifies as pertinent, ma'am. The word means relevant.

Della Street: Did George Gannon's place have a garage?

What? No.

Well, in his opening, Barnes says he has a garage.

Well, DAs don't walk crime scenes.

I'm thinking you can hit Barnes with a little buckshot.

I mean, he got this wrong, he got that wrong, the cops barely investigated the case.

And as you can see from this, there's no garage.

All right. I'll take some pictures of a hedge where a garage never was.

No, that's your investigator's job.

You're Emily's lawyer now. He'll do it.

Yes, ma'am. Anything else?

Yeah. Something that connects Sarecki and Nowak to Ennis.

Actually, anything would be nice.

Pete Strickland: You think I ain't been looking for Sarecki and Nowak?

I run all their arrest records. Nothing.

Was Ennis ever up in Milwaukee with these f*cks?

No. He's in Baltimore, he's in Denver, then the war, then L.A.

What about George?

Pete: Nothing there, either.

It's like everybody in this thing is a complete f*cking stranger.

There's gotta be something you missed.

Pete: Well, feel free to enlighten me.

I've only been grinding on this thing for a month and a half while you've been screwing around with your career change.

Like I had a choice.

Oh, come on.

"Come on," what?

Pete: You know what I mean.

No, no, no. Enlighten me.

You know exactly what I'm saying...

Mason: No, no. I have no idea.

Della: Hey. Hey. Hey!

What does that mean...

This isn't helping.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Where are you going?

Hm. To take pictures of a garage that never was.

Catch you later, Gloves.

Hazel: Toodle-oo, Pete.

( Door closes )

First day, and I already lost a juror 'cause my throat locked up.

Della: No. It wasn't that.

Seven was looking at Emily the whole time.

All nerves and tics.

She looked guilty.

( Scoffs ) It's a hell of a start.

( Sighs )

"Someday, George, my love, our dreams will come true, and we will be together forever.

Until then, I am and will always be... yours. ( Voice breaks ) Emily."

Barnes: Eleven love letters from Emily to George Gannon in the span of four months.

That last one dated December 18th, less than two weeks before the kidnapping.

I'm sorry, Matthew. I know this is difficult, but at the time of the kidnapping, did the defendant tell you that she had anything to do with George Gannon?


Barnes: And when you were arrested, put in jail for kidnapping, did the defendant here tell you she even knew George Gannon?


Barnes: And when it became clear that George Gannon was at the root of these heinous crimes, did the defendant, your wife, tell you that she'd had an intimate affair with him?

No. She knew I was innocent, and she let them put me in jail.

You were screwing that guy for months...


Mason: Objection!

Sustained. Compose yourself, Mr. Dodson.

Barnes: I have no further questions.

Mr. Mason, your witness.

( Clears throat ) Um...

Mr. Dodson, isn't... Isn't it true you're the secret love child of Herman Baggerly?

Barnes: Objection.

Mason: No, no, now, wait.

I ca... I can ask that.

This has to do with this whole motive... argument thing.

Fair point, albeit poorly phrased.


So, secret love child? Yes or no.


And is Herman Baggerly a... a wealthy guy?

I guess.

Mason: You guess?

He's up there with Vanderbilt and Ford.

Um, when did you first learn that millionaire Herman Baggerly was your father?

About five years ago.

Mason: So you packed Emily up and took her away from her friends and family and moved her halfway across the country. Did...

Did she know that millionaire Herman Baggerly was your father before this?


Mason: Oh.

It's a long drive from Missouri.

You tell her on the way?

I can't tell you!

Matthew Dodson: No, I did not.

Why can't you tell me? I don't understand!

Mason: Well, that's life-changing news.

Why did you keep it from your wife?

She didn't need to know about it.

Like you said, she's my wife.

Oh, so you lied to her?

I didn't tell her. That's all.

Isn't it true on the night Charlie was kidnapped, you were at a dice game?


But at first, you said you were at work.

So you lied to the police?

( Clears throat )

I was embarrassed.

Mason: And because of your dice games, isn't it true, at one point, you were some $3,000 in debt?

( Gallery muttering )

Around there, yeah.

Three thousand dollars.

That's a lot of money to most folks.

How did... How did you pay it off?

( Softly ) My father.

Uh, I... I... I think he said his... his father.

That's Herman Baggerly there.

He covered your gambling debts, is that correct?

I just said he did, didn't I?

Is it also true that you were arrested for Charlie's kidnapping and murder?


Mason: And because of that, you spent, let me see, a whole day and a half in jail until the lawyer that your very wealthy father hired got you out, is that correct?

Yes, that's correct.

So, in your opinion, were the police incompetent to arrest you?

They made a mistake.

Mason: Or were they right to suspect you?

Because despite all your lying, you're sitting here with your gambling debts wiped clean, your business bailed out, and you now live in a mansion.

It sure looks like you've benefited from Charlie's death.


Judge Wright: Sustained.

Strike from the record. The jury will disregard that.

She's the one who's guilty, not me!

I asked about the kidnapping of your son, not whether she's guil...

Who says he's my son?

I'm sorry. What?

Who says he's my son?

How can you believe a word she says?

She ruined my life! I hope they hang you, you lying whore!

( Gallery murmurs, exclaims )

Judge Wright: Order! Order!

Mr. Dodson, you will control yourself, or I will hold you in contempt.

No further questions, Your Honor.

( Laughter )

( Bicycle bell ringing )

♪ ( Suspenseful music playing ) ♪

( Hammering )

( Camera clicks )


( Dog barking in distance )

( Workers whispering in Spanish )

♪ ( Suspenseful music playing ) ♪

Judge Wright: Call your next witness, Mr. Barnes.

How's she doing with the jury?

Pretty good, considering.

I think Two and Eleven almost feel sorry for her.

Barnes: ( Clears throat ) The people call Terrence Smith.

( Door opens )

Hold on. Judge, we're... We're, uh... We're not prepared for this gentleman to be called today.

Barnes: Uh, I'm sorry, Your Honor, Mr. Smith, uh, is unavailable later. Travel plans.

Beg the court's indulgence on this.

We don't have a file on him.

I'm... I'm sorry, we don't have any discovery material on this guy.

Barnes: Judge, I... I assure you we turned over the discovery material to the defendant's former counsel, Frank C. Dillon.

Well, I assure you we don't have it.

Well, you can have my copy.

It's just a one-page detective's report, Your Honor.

The length isn't the issue.

My client is fighting for her life and the DA's withholding discovery, and, I'm sorry, "travel plans"?

Is there some kind of court smell test we could do here?

Mr. Barnes, you better make sure the defense has every document in this case going forward.

I will not be granting adjournments for discovery disputes.

Very well, Your Honor. I'll... I'll make certain.

Judge Wright: Swear the witness.

Bailiff: Do you swear the testimony you're about to give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Terrence Smith: I swear.

You know this guy?

I don't think so.

Well, he seems to know you.

Barnes: Kindly state your name and occupation for the record.

My name is Terrence Smith.

I am the manager of the Star Hotel.

Hmm, and do you know the defendant, Emily Dodson?

Smith: I've seen her.

Just the one time.

Would you describe that occasion to the jury?

This past November the 12th, a man came into the hotel, asking for adjoining rooms.

That's where I saw her, the defendant, sitting outside in the car waiting for him to sign the registry here.

Oh, what name did he sign?

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kelly.

Smith: He paid me in advance, and I gave him the keys and he went back to his car.

Did you see this couple again?


I mean, no, sir.

Did anything unusual happen shortly after they checked in?

( Clears throat ) Yes, sir.

( Emily Dodson moaning )

As I was doing my rounds about an hour after they checked in, I pass by their rooms, and I hear this baby crying.

( Emily moaning )

( Charlie cooing )

Smith: I was concerned, so I knocked on the door.

( Charlie babbling )

No one answered.

( Charlie wails )

Smith: Then I continued to follow the cries around the corner to the adjoining room.

I used my room key, I went in, and I find this baby...

( Charlie crying )

...alone on the bed, bawling his little eyes out.

Hmm. What did you do?

( Indistinct chatter )

Smith: Well, through the connecting door, I heard sounds of, uh... lovemaking.

( Gallery murmuring )

Smith: I was disgusted.

I mean, who leaves a baby all alone to have s*x?

Barnes: Fair question. What did you do?

Smith: I banged on the door. I yelled at them to stop, to take care of the baby, or else I was going to call the police.

Hmm. And did you later find out the real name of the man who checked in to those rooms?

George Gannon.

( Gallery exclaims )

Barnes: And the woman?

Smith: She's right there.

Emily Dodson.

( Gallery exclaims )

Barnes: Any doubt in your mind?

No, sir. That's the woman.

Thank you. No further questions.

Judge Wright: Mr. Mason?

You may proceed.

Love letters and stolen kisses, that's what you told me!

It was George's idea, and the door wasn't closed!

I left the door open!

Oh, I'll be sure to get that on record.

"It's okay, folks, she could see Charlie the whole time George was pounding away on top of her!"

Do you have any idea what everyone in that courtroom now thinks?

That if you're okay to leave your kid alone while you have a "stolen kiss" with George as he f*cks you, then maybe you're okay to let George kidnap Charlie for a day or two.

That is why you tell me everything, so I can be f*cking prepared.

Then where is Charlie's killer?

You promised you'd find him!

( Scoffs )

♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

I want to show you something.


Every single one of these gifts is... someone's prayer for redemption, for relief from suffering.

For something bigger than themselves.

Isn't that something you ever feel?

If I say yes, can I go back to work?

Sister Alice McKeegan: You were really hard on Emily just now.

Yeah. For good reason.

She didn't tell you because she was ashamed.

Haven't you ever done something that you're ashamed of?

Of course I have.

Have you?


How is your Easter Sunday looking?

I don't honestly know.

I gotta say, Sister, you're not what I expected.

You were thinking Joan of Arc?

The Maid from Heaven with a quivering throb in her voice?

"I'd rather die than do something I know to be a sin."

Something like that. Yeah.

Why would that be any more real than what's standing in front of you?

I honestly don't know.

You were good with Matthew on the stand today.

You're better than you think you are.

Faith, huh?

Sister Alice: Something like that.

Mason: Don't come to court tomorrow.

I know you think you're helping, but you're not.

( Door closes )

And this is?

When you accused the DA of withholding, it seems he took every piece of evidence they had and maybe nine or ten unrelated cases, tossed them up in the air, and threw them back in the boxes.

The ol' dumperoo.

This is from 1909.

Cat got stuck in a drainpipe.

Della: It's not all bad.

Hazel actually got a pertinent tip from Sarecki's last landlord.

A man calling in from Milwaukee said he rented Sarecki a room in his house.

Said Sarecki gave him references from his old landlord.

And guess where that was?



Remember Denver? Ennis worked as a Pinkerton there.

Sarecki was in the same town at the same time as Ennis.

What about Nowak?

Well, the tipster didn't rent a room to Nowak.

Pete: We even got an address.

Could be the connection you're looking for.

To prove what? That Sarecki and Ennis were in Denver at the same time in 19-fucking-whatever? What does that prove?

We got killed in there today.

I have no f*cking idea what I'm gonna do tomorrow.

And now this sh1t.

( Door opens, closes )

( Crickets chirping )

( Indistinct chatter )

( Mason sniffs )

( Workers laughing )

Found something at Gannon's house.

"What is it, Pete?"

Well, Perry, it's this.

Two uncashed checks from Radiant Assembly of God, made out to something called Sunroot Services, Inc.

Seems Sunroot Services has the same address as George Gannon.

And if you look at the checks, you'll see the stamped signature of one Eric Q. Seidel.

Not sure what the "Q" is for, but the address and the hinky signature might mean that our boy George was stealing from the church.

"Say, Pete, that's pretty interesting.

What's it got to do with Emily?"

I don't know.

"What were Ennis and Sarecki up to in Denver?"

I couldn't say.

"What should I do in court tomorrow?"

You should use the teeth.

( Mason sighs )

What's this colored cop to you?

You think he's some kind of boy scout?

He's just as bad as the rest of those bulls, Perry.

Looking the other way, keeping his mouth shut, trying to save his own ass.

I got no respect for it.

I gave him my word, Pete.

Oh, yeah? What'd you give to Emily?

'Cause Barnes is dancing her to the gallows while you sit on your hands.

Use these and get me to Denver.

It's the only chance she's got.

♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

I use this, Drake is f*cked.

He's a cop.

Will they kill him?

They could.

Well, "could" is different from "will."

There's also being true to my word.

Lupe Gibbs: Looks to me like if you don't use it, that lady gets the rope.

All they've got is innuendo and circumstance.

I think I liked you better when you was a bum.

Least I could understand you.

( Sighs )

Give me the bottle.


Mason: Come on.

I'm not gonna sleep tonight.

Give me the bottle.


♪ ( Soft jazz music playing on radio ) ♪

If I make a mistake... someone dies.

Then don't make a mistake.

( Sighs )

How long to fly to Denver?

Barnes: Now, your report mentions a trail of blood.

Did you follow it?

Paul Drake: Yes, sir.

Barnes: And where did it lead?

Drake: Down the fire escape to the street.

Barnes: To where George Gannon presumably parked his car for his escape?

♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

That's, uh, what the detectives say.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, officer.

No further questions.

Judge Wright: Mr. Mason, your witness.

Mr. Mason.


Officer Drake, um...

Can I please get the photographs?

Can you tell us... what it is we're seeing here?

Drake: As I said before, this is a photograph of the dead bodies left at the crime scene.

And this one?

Drake: The gun left at the scene.

How about this one?

Drake: Shell casings that I described earlier.

Mason: Now, you just mentioned a trail of blood that led down the hallway and onto the fire escape, is that correct?

Yes, I did.

How long would you say that trail was?

Maybe 20 feet down the hallway, another 20 or so to the street?

A 40-foot trail of blood.

Wow. That... uh, that's about... ( Exhales )

( Gallery murmuring )

Wow. That's... that's about from me to you.

That's a pretty long trail... wouldn't you say?


Mason: Would you please show the members of the jury the photographs that depict this 40-foot trail of blood?

( Clears throat )

Well, I don't see any here.


Thank you.

( Drake sighs )

Officer Drake, um, who was the first responding homicide detective? Thank you.

That would be Detective Ennis.

And did he arrive with his partner, Detective Holcomb?

Drake: No, Detective Ennis arrived alone.

But other detectives and Detective Holcomb were there pretty soon after.

Does it seem odd to you that Detective Ennis was also first at Angel's Flight and among the first at George Gannon's alleged suicide?

Objection! Compound question, calls for speculation.

Judge Wright: Agree on both counts. Sustained.

Really don't want him to answer that, do you?

Your Honor...

Address your questions to the witness, Mr. Mason.

Mason: Certainly, Judge.

Officer Drake, during your investigation, did you recover any physical evidence that pertains to this case?

I'm sorry, can you repeat the question?

Did you recover any physical evidence from the crime scene?

No, I did not.

Not one piece of physical evidence?

Objection. Asked and answered.

If you're getting at something, Mr. Mason, please get there.

Your Honor, I have, um...

I have no further questions.

( Clears throat ) Just fishing.

Judge Wright: The witness is excused.

The jury is adjourned for the day.

You are reminded not to discuss the case with each other or with anyone else, and to refrain from looking at any newspaper coverage.

♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

( Inaudible )

Elder Brown: Ten days till Easter Sunday, ladies and gentlemen. Ten days to the resurrection, the apparent resurrection of Charlie the baby.

Down with McKeeganism!

( Telephone rings )

( Door opens )

Elder Seidel: Mr. Mason?

What are you doing in here? This room is not open to you.

He said he had permission.

Elder Seidel: He does not.

Put away the camera.

Relax, Deacon.

We're about to make your church look good.

We think George Gannon was stealing from you.

Do you have any idea why your former accountant was sending checks to a company with his home address as the corporate headquarters?

Clearly, we weren't aware of most of what George Gannon was doing in this room.

He's brought nothing but the worst attention upon us.

I'm sorry, what's Sunroot Services?

I... I believe it's an agricultural business that our church has some investments in.

We probably have over 30 subsidiary businesses in our endowment.

Looks more like 50 or 60.

Elder Seidel: If our church relied solely on the donations of the assembly, we'd be a much smaller ministry.

( Mason chuckles )

And here was me thinking you were just hucksters shaking down the hicks and the rubes, Mr. Seidel.

Um, Mr. Seidel, who's J.H.?

Elder Seidel: J.H.?

Mason: Yeah.

Elder Seidel: Mm-hm.

Mason: I'm not very good with numbers and such.

Down here there's "G.G." George Gannon's hand.

But up here, where the new companies were starting up, there's a "J.H."

Big "J," skinny "H."

Mr. Mason, what does this have to do with the defense of Emily Dodson, wh... which we are charitably paying you for?

Uh, well, if George Gannon was stealing from you, and trying to cover it up with the Dodson ransom, that's motive.

Della: Or he's just a professional thief.

Either way, it's good for Emily.

And, um, you might wanna stop payment on those checks.

Thank you.

( Door closes )

( Indistinct chatter )

Miss Nina said you wanted to see me, sir?

Joe Morton: I heard you spoke well in court today.

Made this whole shitcan precinct look good.

♪ ( Suspenseful music playing ) ♪

This is the time you say thank you.

Thank you, sir.

Great. Now beat it.

You were the first detective on the scene when Charlie Dodson's body was discovered, correct?

Detective Ennis: Yes, that's correct.

And how did you come to be the first detective on the scene?

I was having dinner with the Elks when the commotion kicked up outside.

Barnes: Mm-hmm. And was Detective Ray Royce first up on homicide calls on the night in question?


Barnes: Did you pay Watch Commander McGuire to jump Royce and get assigned lead on the case, Detective Ennis?

What the f*ck is this bullshit?

Maybe that's something you should've shared with your partner.

Did you pay off the Watch Commander?

You're telling me McGuire's gonna get on the stand, say he took money to move me up?

What happened to that blood trail, detective?

Who gives a f*ck?

Detective Holcomb: If you can't answer those questions, Mason's gonna rip you a new asshole up there.

f*ck Mason. I can handle him.

Barnes: Let's try this again.

You were the first detective on the scene when Charlie Dodson's body was discovered, correct?

Yes, that's correct.

Thank you.

Emily's signature, as promised.

Matthew Dodson will need to sign the release as well.

He disowned the child in court.

Under an oath to God.

I've been assured that this will suffice.

You know, she signed this just to make you happy.

You see that, right?

She doesn't actually want her baby dug up.

Emily has faith.

You're the one who doesn't want this to happen, Mother.

Nevertheless, arrangements for your service are still ongoing.

I would like to be at the cemetery before Easter Services.

I'm going to need all my strength to become His instrument.

I've also made other arrangements.


♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

These are the other arrangements that are ongoing.

No. We're not running from this.

Stop. Hey. Do you understand?

It's not just Elder Brown and his billboard.

We are surrounded by those who cannot wait for Easter Sunday. They can't wait for our ruin.

If ruin is God's...

( Grunts )

We have to run, okay?

This church is mine!


The Assembly, the Temple, every cornerstone of every church we've ever built.

Do you remember saying that?

I'm remembering a lot of things, lately, Mama.

You want to run?

Go ahead and run.

♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

( Door closes )

Della: City records?

Mason: Yes, I know you'd rather be in court, Della.

I'd rather be tracking the leads.

But someone's gotta dog this ledger, and Strick's already on his way to Denver.

( Knocking on door )

At least he should be.

I gotta go.

Who is it?

♪ ( Suspenseful music playing ) ♪

Who is it?

Officer Drake?

Perry Mason, Esquire, may I come in?

Of course.

This a social call?

Drake: Something I have to say to you.

I wanted to tell them, Mason.

I wanted to tell them everything when you asked me.

Well, I shouldn't have asked you.

I gave you my word.

Drake: But you kept your word.

Yes, I did.

Drake: I almost wanted you to... force my hand, so that I could... so that I could blame you.

Mason: Oh, you're just saying that now.

Drake: I could've helped that woman.

I could've, but...

I was afraid.

Mason: Look, the deck was stacked from the start.

Anyone would've made the same choice.

'Cause there wasn't one.

You know what it's like to be afraid?

I was in the war.

Every day, I gotta wake up with this ball of fear inside of me.

Gotta go put on that uniform, go out there and play the fool.

You know there's not one black officer assigned to work with a white officer?

Not one.

We all on foot patrol, by ourselves, keeping the coloreds in check.

Hell, they won't even let me cuff white folks.

'Cause a black man, even... a goddamn black police officer, can never stand up to a white man.


Even a goddamn white criminal.

A white f*cking murderer gets to look down on me.

You have any idea what that feels like?


Every day, I'm scared, Mason, that I'm going to let it all out.

( Drake sighs )

What they give me for being a good boy.

I do not like feeling owned.

It sits real bad on me.

So I'm gonna help you.

I'm gonna help this woman.

Maybe buy a little piece of my soul back.

What are you doing?

Well, ain't nobody ever certain what's in half these boxes to begin with.

( Sighs )

That's not exactly legal, Officer Drake.

Drake: No, Mr. Mason, it's not.

But it is something I can live with.

Are you sure?


♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

Look what I just found.

Number 38.

I'd like to see all articles of incorporation filed with the State by the Radiant Assembly of God, Inc.

For what reason?

I don't have to have a reason.

They're public record.

I have to write something down for my boss.

I don't care what you tell me.

( Sighs ) Write down... pertinent curiosity.

Make a right down the hall, door on the left.

Wait there.

( Telephone rings )

♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

How do, old timer? You live here long?

Since aught three.

What's it to you?

Pete: I was hoping you could help me out with a guy or two.

Marcin Sarecki. Stayed here back in '14.

During the Ludlow strikes.

Can't say as I do.

You sure?

I old. Not daft.

Pete: What about this one?

Stanislaw Nowak.

♪ ( Suspenseful music playing ) ♪

( Spits )

That cocksucker I remember.

I guess so.

I reckon I rightly recall the b*st*rd that gave me this.

( Mutters in Polish, spits )

♪ ( Suspenseful music playing ) ♪

Doctor, I ask you to look at what is marked as People's Exhibits 19A through H.

Can you tell us what these are?

The photographs I took before the autopsy of Charles Dodson.

Now, as a result of the autopsy, can you tell us the cause of death?

Yes. Asphyxiation.

Charles Dodson died as a result of being deprived of oxygen to his brain.

Barnes: Yeah. And your autopsy also indicated that baby Charlie's eyes were sewn open with thread.

Can you tell us if they were sewn open before or after his death?

Virgil Sheets: Yes, I can.

The sewing of the eyelids was certainly done postmortem.

Barnes: Thank you, Doctor. No further questions.

( Clears throat ) Your Honor, I would ask that the autopsy photographs be published to the jury.

Judge Wright: So ordered.

Uh, Dr. Sheets...

Barnes: Your Honor, I would ask that the jury be given the opportunity to view the photographs before cross begins.

Judge Wright: Of course. Mr. Mason, please wait till the jury has viewed the exhibits.

Right now?

Yes, Mr. Mason.


( Jury members murmuring )

Judge Wright: Very well.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

Your witness, Mr. Mason.

Mason: Dr. Sheets, would you please take a look at Defense Exhibit number one?

Barnes: Excuse me, Your Honor, I'm not exactly sure what Mr. Mason is referring to.

It's a vouchered piece of evidence that was turned over to the defense in discovery material.

Judge Wright: I'll allow it.

Let's have the witness identify the exhibit first, Mr. Barnes.

Oh boy...

Mason: Dr. Sheets, Would you mind telling us what it is you're holding in your hand?

It... It looks to be a half of a denture.

Objection! We did not turn that over!


Have you ever seen the other half of this denture before?

Um, yes, I have.

Mason: Was that during an autopsy you conducted on George Gannon?

Objection! Side bar!

Get up here.

What the hell is going on?

I can prove that George Gannon's suicide was fake.

He was murdered, Judge.

Lower your voice, we're at side bar.

That's Gannon's denture. It was recovered in the alleyway outside the apartment where...

Mr. Mason! Lower your voice!

It would prove that someone other than Emily Dodson was involved!

In my chambers. Now.

Bailiff, recess the jury!

( Gavel pounds )

( Jury members murmuring )

After Dr. Nance conducted the official autopsy, Gannon's body was stolen from the crematorium and magically turned up with a broken hip.

The hip was broken before the body was stolen, Your Honor.

You can't prove that!

That's up to the jury, not you, pal.

A second autopsy on Gannon would require a preliminary ruling to admit.

Uh, can... can... Can I get that ruling now?

Judge Wright: Mm-hm.

I'm not letting you bring wild theories before a jury based on a stolen body.

You don't have a clean chain of evidence.

Thank you, Your Honor.

This is bullshit.

Any reference to this denture or second autopsy is inadmissible.

This is f*cking rigged, I have vouchered evidence, from the DA himself.

I've ruled on this.

Mason: Well...

Someone murdered Gannon. Someone who's still out there.

Someone who... who stitched Charlie's f*cking eyes open!

And you're as hellbent as he is on covering this up!

Watch your tone when speaking to me, Mr. Mason!

Or you will find yourself held in contempt, disbarred, and watching me wipe my hind parts with your investigator's license. Now... recess runs till three.

I assume you'll be ready to proceed, Mr. Barnes?

Most assuredly, Your Honor. I plan to call my final witness and rest my case.

Judge Wright: Good.

( Door opens )

( Car horn honks )

Drake: Gonna miss the bus if we don't hustle.

Just trying to get you there is all.

You tell your aunt, I'm paying the phone bill, so any amount of calls is all right.

I don't want her worryin', or worryin' you.

Cabbie: Afternoon, ma'am.

This is some bad business.

No. No, no. It ain't bad business.

I just need to help this lady out is all.

I need you and this little one out of reach...

( Sighs )

...while I fix it right.

♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

Here you go.

( Indistinct chatter )

( Elevator dings )

( Groans )

( Sighs )

There you are!

I was about to storm the men's room when the bailiff ratted you out.

Not now.

Yes, now.

Wait till you see what I got you.

Thirty-Six Del Pio Drive.

They're not putting Ennis on the stand.

And they gave me 15 minutes to prepare for this f*cking jail matron.

I found J.H.

Woodland Acres. It's a church subsidiary.

A real estate development out in the sticks.

Jim Hicks set it up, and Herman Baggerly is named as chairman.



Then I went across Spring Street to the County Assessor's Office and started pulling titles and deeds.

It's a place called Girard, incorporated in 1927, and they only sold 11 plots, and guess who owns one for next to nothing?

You stole a title?

You stole a body.

Look at the signature.

Big "J," skinny "H."

Thirty-Six Del Pio Drive. Twenty acres for a dollar?

It's a hell of a deal for a former accountant.

I could kiss you, Della Street.

Please don't.

Bailiff: Mr. Mason?


Bailiff: We're heading back, counselor.

Mason: Thank you.

♪ ( Suspenseful music playing ) ♪

Pete: That old Polack spits all over me, tells me to come to see you.

I'm surprised he didn't take a poke at you.

Those old bastards got a real burr in their saddle about that whole Ludlow mess.

Well, fortunately, he could barely spit.

No Sarecki. No Nowak.

Who'd you say the other one was?

Ennis. Worked as a Pinkerton.

Betty: Ennis. With an E?


Very close to "pen1s."

Never thought about it like that.

Pinkertons, thugs, miners, that's one thing.

It's a fair enough fight.

But when the army came in shooting, mm-mm.

Sweet Jesus wept... sh1t.

No Ennis, either.

You sure? He's got to be there.

That's where you look.

And you just saw me f*cking look.

Most likely we paid the thugs in cash and the Pinkies as a group.

How about the fella who was doling out the dollars?

Any chance he's still around?

From back then?


Dog-fuck if I know.

Hope you don't mind me saying, but you got a colorful way with words.

Betty: You're not a goddamn Papist, are you?

Here we go.

Accounting, 1914.

Furthest thing from it. Episcopalian.

Hmm, I don't like them much either.

Dead. Don't know.

Don't know. Dead.

That say "Seidel"?

"Eric Q. Seidel"?


He became vice president. Top row, second from the left.

♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

Betty... can I buy you a drink?

Bailiff: Do you swear that the testimony you shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

I do.

Please state your name and occupation for the record.

My name is Barbara Fry, and I am the matron at the City Jail.

And were you responsible for the supervision of the defendant, Emily Dodson, on or about January 5th?

Yes, I was.

Did anything of note happen on that date?

She had a visit from Sister Alice McKeegan.

And were you present for the entirety of that visit?

Barbara Fry: I was.

Please tell the jury what you heard.

Uh, objection! Uh, conversation between Emily and her spiritual advisor is privileged.

Sit down, Mr. Mason. That privilege is broken if a third party is present.

Barnes: You may answer the question.

Barbara: Emily said that if she had not been with George, Charlie'd still be alive.


Then she said, "I killed my baby."

No! That's not...

Control your client, Mr. Mason!

That is... That is not what I said!

Jesus, she's twisting it.

Do... Do something.

Barbara: Then the Sister asked her if she had pressed a pillow over her baby's mouth and stitched his eyes open.

And the defendant's response?


The defendant nodded and said, "Yes."

That is a lie!

Sit down, Mrs. Dodson, or I'll have you removed!

Stop lying! She's lying!

She's lying!

Mason: I know.

Your Honor, given this overheard confession, I ask, no, demand, that I be allowed to argue in summation that the defendant Emily Dodson not only conspired to kidnap, but in fact, murdered her child!

( Gallery clamoring )

I didn't do it! I didn't do it!

Judge Wright: Order!

I didn't do it!

Judge Wright: Order!

The Prosecution rests.

Judge Wright: Order!

( Gavel pounding )

( All shouting )

Judge Wright: Order!

Reporter 1: Hey, there they are!

Man 1: Murderer!

( Crowd clamoring )

Reporter 2: Mr. Mason, is there any comment on that?

The woman perjured herself.

They don't have a case, so they lie.

That's how low the DA goes.

( Inaudible )

You want a story? Ask him why he didn't call the first detective on the scene.

Take her home.

( Indistinct clamor )

( Reporters shouting )

( Breathing heavily )

Man 2: Repent or die, whore!

I can't believe that woman lied.

After what she let happen to you.

Take a runner!

It's okay. It's okay.

None of them matters, Della.

Don't give up hope. Okay?

It's our turn next.

No. Mr. Barnes is gonna drop the charges.

Once Sister Alice brings Charlie back, he'll be alive.

It can't be murder if he's alive.

( Woman yelling )

( Reporters clamoring )

How do you think that went, E.B.?

( Imitates E.B. ) Well, I have a few observations, boy-o.

( Knocks on door )

Hey, Gene!

Holcomb: Hey, Ellie.

Is, uh, your better half around?

Back in the garage with his one true love.

Do you want to come in for coffee?

No, thanks. Uh, not today.

It's... work.

( Children chattering indistinctly )

Where the f*ck have you been?

I didn't think I was needed. Wasn't asked to testify.

f*cking Barnes ices me out, for what, I don't know.

Holcomb: You know what.

That bullshit with McGuire?

Like you haven't done the same thing.

Barnes knows you're lying.

Ennis: Of course I'm lying.

What am I supposed to say to the DA?

That I'm getting soused at the Elks club when Charlie turns up?

Well, makes more sense than what you told him or me.

Ennis: Huge case drops in my lap, I'm gonna grab it, yeah? I got mouths to feed.

Case like this could move us both up the ladder.

Holcomb: Bullshit!

You jumped Royce so we could run the crime scene.

No, Gene.

You ran the scene.

I was your second.

You told me what to do.

I followed your lead.

And forget about Mason. He can't prove a thing.

If Barnes wasn't such a f*cking chickenshit...

Nice looking car, Joe. ( Grunts )

You love this car? Huh? It's important to you? Huh?

( Glass crackles )

What about Ellie? The kids?

Huh? Or me? Your goddamn partner!

( Metal thuds )

Just how dirty are you, Joe?

I need to know. Right f*cking now.

You brought me into this racket.

You tied me in with the Lucky Lagoon, the whores at Jin's, the kickbacks.

That ain't the same thing.

Sarecki, Nowak, Gannon.

Did you kill 'em all, Joe?

( Panting ) Did you stitch that baby up?

I got hired to do a thing.

That thing went a little off.

( Sighs )

Who else can finger you for this?

Really wanna know?

Holcomb: No.

I want 'em dead.

Mason: ( Imitating E.B. ) See, a good lawyer, an actual lawyer, never would have promised to get the client off, to find the killer.

Shouldn't prosecute from the defense table.

You can't prosecute from the defense table.

And yet here we are, driving to God knows where for God knows whatever reason, when a real lawyer, an actual lawyer, would have done what?

Would have stuffed a towel under the door and turned on the f*cking gas?

How the f*ck is that working out for you, E.B.?

They got Brandy Alexanders and cigar girls in good lawyer purgatory?

'Cause guess what?

You should be here, doing your f*cking job, you f*cking coward!

( Brakes squeal )

( Banging )

( Sighs )

♪ ( Dramatic music playing ) ♪

( Birds chirping )

♪ ( Suspenseful music playing ) ♪

( Knocks on door )

Jim Hicks: Hello.

Mason: Uh, hi.

Um, I'm sorry to bother you. I'm looking for Jim Hicks?

You're that Dodson girl's lawyer?

Seen your picture in the newspaper.

Yeah, I... I've been waiting for you to find me.

♪ ( Theme music playing ) ♪

♪ ( Music concludes ) ♪

♪ ( Slow music plays ) ♪

Woman: ( Whispers ) Alice. Alice.

( Screams ) Alice!

Something on your mind, daughter?

Just wondering what the Lord has in store.

Mr. Hicks, was George Gannon stealing from the church?

The church was stealing from the church.

Wanna look at what I found?


Perry Mason: I've got to talk to Emily.

She won't hear a word you say.

Come this Sunday, Mr. Mason, everyone in this city will beg me to forgive them.

What kind of man are you, Mr. Mason?

I am fighting for a woman's life!

♪ ( Music concludes ) ♪