05x07 - Awl In

Good morning.

I made us breakfast.

Got English muffin, eggs, and the main event, bacon.

Do you we know each other?

Oh, ha, ha, ha, you're so funny.

You know, I can still cook real bacon, I just can't eat it, right?

What's wrong?

Well, you tell me.

I'm trying to do something nice, and you're being weird.


I don't remember this.

Can't remember.

Did you do this to me?

Who are you?

Kurt, it's me. It's Jane.

I think that you've been zipped...

Who the hell are you?

Kurt, no.

( Gunshot )

( Gasping )

What's wrong?

Is it another dream?

Yeah. I'd sleep a lot better if Madeline Burke weren't stockpiling ZIP right now.

The thought of losing anyone else, losing you...


I'm not going anywhere. None of us are.

Maybe I should.


What if I turn myself in? I...

Maybe I could get her to leave the rest of you alone.

Follow the thread, to everything that's gone wrong in our lives, and it leads back to me coming out of that bag in Times Square.

So, if I took the fall, then it'd make...

Then she would keep doing exactly what she's doing.

You can't negotiate with a psychopath.

The only way to stop Madeline Burke is by stopping her.

And sooner or later, she will do something we can hang her on.

So, we just have to stay the course.


( Sighs )

( Clanking )

All this clinking metal is driving me crazy, and he won't stop or help!

Hey, I am helping, all right?

Think of how many things we can print for Archie once we get this thing fully functional.

He's still mad Archie Bunker never caught on as a nickname.

I'm not mad about that, okay?

I am mad that Ice Cream gave us a 3-D printer and we still have a 1950s-era kitchen.

Okay, I got something.

I know where Madeline has been having the ZIP manufactured.

So, the research paper from our mystery friend has an ISBN in the citations with only nine digits instead of the usual 10 or 13.

It is a federal ID number.

Let me guess. A shell company.

Oh, better yet, a shell company paying a single salary to a scientist in a private lab in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

How much ZIP are we talking about?

Based on the number of pressurized canisters they bought to store it, enough to reduce an entire population to helpless, mindless drones.

I'll go get Jane and Weller.

We'll head out to destroy it.

Actually, I think I've come up with a less risky way to take ZIP off the table, and we wouldn't have to leave the comforts of our bunker.

I've been playing with the Bumpkey Virus.

The virus Madeline used to frame us?


You modified it to be used remotely.

The only downside is it's considerably less powerful.

That doesn't seem like a downside.


I can use Rich's virus to overload the facility's climate control, see if I can get the temperature high enough, to destroy the ZIP.

Let's do it.

Thank you. No, no, it is an honor to be even be considered.

( Laughing ) Yeah, quite.

I assume we'll be in touch in the vetting process?

Delightful. Yes, yes, okay.

Good-bye, Miss Walker.


As in the President's Chief of Staff?

I'm at the top of a short list of VP candidates.

Well, while you've been out wining and dining the DC elite, your rogue agents just destroyed the ZIP you promised me with the modified Bumpkey Virus.

It messed with the heating in a lab and sparked a fire.

Those rogue agents are your responsibility.

If there is a problem, that's at your end.

Our deal was that I get chemical weapons in exchange...

When you deliver me Weller and his team.

Now, the last I checked, I don't have them.

The only thing stopping me from setting off a dirty bomb in Manhattan is you holding your end of the agreement.

Are you threatening me?

I'm telling you to step up.

Weller and his team just took out my ZIP.


Do you think I didn't have the foresight, to have backup hidden?


I'll collect them myself.

Some in Hungary.

Some in Libya.


It's impossible to get anything out of Libya.

Oh, have a little faith.

I have someone I trust implicitly that can get it out.

Now, may I get back to my day, or do you have something else you'd like to discuss?

As a matter of fact, there is.

I just found someone I think you might want to talk to.

Ivy's organizing an extraction team.

For ZIP.

I thought you just destroyed it all.

So did I, but she's texting that she needs to transport pressurized climate-controlled canisters.

So, who's she talking to? Madeline?

No, I've been monitoring Ivy and Madeline's Beaconer messages for anything actionable. She's texting someone else.

Whoever she's talking to, they're going to Hungary and Libya.

So, this wasn't their only stash.

We took out their manufacturers but not all of their supply.

So, we take out these stashes using the Bumpkey Virus.

We can't let Madeline or the Dabbur Zann get their hands on it.

Ivy's messages don't have exact coordinates.

One of 'em just says "acquire Hungarian passports" and "the ZIP in Libya isn't on the grid."

I can't hack into gas-powered generators.

So, if we can't destroy the ZIP, we use it.

That's a bit of a turn.

Although, you know what, I wouldn't mind erasing a particularly weird week I had in Djibouti with their Olympic table tennis team...

No, we use it to get to Madeline.

She's not gonna stop until she gets what she wants.

She'll just keep making more.

Right, okay.

If we can get to her supply, we can fit it with trackers, and then we can follow it.

We let her think that she's got the ZIP, and catch her transporting it before she can use it in an attack.

And hopefully, we can all go home.

As promised.

Allison Knight, mother of Kurt Weller's child.

Madeline: Well done.

You think she knows where his team is?

We're about to find out.

♪ ♪

Madeline is storing the ZIP in two locations.

I'm narrowing down where it is in Hungary, but Ivy is sending in teams to a medical camp outside Tripoli.

And Libya is travel restricted, so obviously, getting in there is gonna be next to impossible.

No, it isn't.

I have a dark web contact who's very good at getting less than legal things into Libya.

What's his name? Soft Serve? Milkshake?


Oh, bravo.

His name is Dan, okay?

Dan is fantastic.

Dan will get us into Libya, no problem.

That's Dan.

After that, I...

I trained in Tripoli my first month with the CIA.

All right, so you and Rich, you can handle Libya.

Jane and I, we can go to Hungary.

All right, road trip!

All right, so this is the tracker.

It goes into the intake valve on the canister.

It looks just like the real nut, except it emits a GPS location, straight to my servers.

Jane: I don't like letting them move it.

We can't risk Madeline or the Dabbur Zann using it as a weapon.

Yeah, but it's worth it if it means taking Madeline down for good.

I have a good compromise.

There's a process called denaturing.

We can make the ZIP inert and let Madeline take the useless batches with the trackers installed.

Right, like taking the booze out of your parents' alcohol bottles and replacing with water.

Big Willie P., you've been holding out on us.

I have been appropriately hesitant.

Madeline's ZIP is a new formula.

The OG formula had to be injected.

We don't know how this new one works.

If it's meant to be weaponized, just touching it could be powerful enough to have an effect.

Okay, so tampering with containers with ZIP is not recommended.

Yeah, another reason we should just destroy it.

But this is how we can stop her and the Dabbur Zann.

I mean, we're taking the fight to Madeline's front door.

I say it's worth the risk.

All right, let's have a crash course in Denaturing ZIP 101.

I'll 3-D print models of the canisters, and we'll get to work.

Madeline: Where was she hiding?

Ivy: Connecticut.

Her old partner was reluctant to give up her known aliases, but, eventually he came around to my way of thinking.

I don't believe you.

If it were that simple, I would have found her months ago.

What aren't you telling me?

Must be hard being away from your daughter.

What'd you do to her?

If my daughter doesn't come out of that hospital...

I got intel that she took her kid to a hospital a while back.

Intel you failed to share with me, why?

Look, I found her, didn't I?

My methods are my own.

And the daughter?

No trace.

Knight must have left her behind with someone.


Still, could prove useful.

She could lead us right to them.

I wouldn't underestimate her.

Yeah, and don't underestimate me.

Don't you have a plane to catch?

Good morning, Allison.

May I call you Allison?

Can I get you anything?


Snack from the vending machine?

Your friends at the marshal's office have regaled me with some very impressive stories about you...

Why am I here?

You went on the run shortly after Kurt Weller and his former FBI team did.

That didn't look good.

Are you sure you don't want an attorney?

Weller and his team were accused of terrorism.

I feared for my and my daughter's safety.

It's not against the law to protect yourself from a perceived threat.

You partnered with Weller, and his people on multiple locations.

To take down criminals.

If I had thought they were criminals, I would have arrested them myself.

But once you found out, why run?

Why not just turn state's evidence?

You of all people should trust WITSEC.

You've met Patterson, right?

She can find anyone.

I know what it's like to feel trapped in a situation.

My husband wasn't a good man, either.

I don't feel trapped.

I am trapped.

Then help me.

Allison, I think you and I want the same thing.

This is a very volatile situation.

I am just here to ensure everyone's safety, including yours...

And your daughter's.

The valve isn't catching.

Hey, hey. Relax.

( Sighs )

All right?

Hey, just gotta concentrate.

I'm trying.

How did Rich and Zapata get this in one try?

Mm... beginner's luck.

All they had time for was one try, before they had to rendezvous with Dan to go to Libya.

And even with all that pressure, they still got it right.

Hey, Patterson's still narrowing down a location in Hungary.

Ivy's team, they haven't even moved out yet.

We got time, okay?

We can do this.

We have to do this.


If Madeline and the Dabbur Zann are gonna stage an attack using ZIP, they could erase the lives of millions.

They'd be helpless, and pliable, and then Madeline could force them to be completely reliant on the government.

On her.

We can't let that happen.

We won't.

Let's try this again.

Suddenly, I have a hankering for a very stiff alcoholic beverage.

Yeah, because it's illegal here, and you're physically incapable of following laws.

I love following laws. Motion, gravity...

Isn't that the kind of case we're looking for?

Oh, that's gotta be the ZIP.

They're already moving it.

That's Gregory Burke.

Wait, Gregory Burke, like, as in Madeline Burke's son, the doctor?

Do you think he's working with her?

That, or she's using him without him knowing.

The Global Doctor Co-op would make a pretty good cover, if you're trying to smuggle something.

Well, meatheads one and two don't exactly look like the doctor type.

I'm guessing they're part of Ivy's Dabbur Zann team.

This the last of your cargo?

Great, we'll get the rest of our vaccines loaded, then we can take off.

That's the last of it.

Zapata: Patterson, we've got a problem.

They're already on the move and loading the ZIP onto the plane.

Patterson: Yeah, I can see it on satellite.

Okay, well then, let's go back.

No. We're not giving up.

Who said anything about giving up?

This is just your standard live-to-fight-another-day type situation... wait, whoa.

Once I track down the Hungary location, Jane and Weller have another shot at this.

I can get on the plane and set the tracker.

We might not be able to denature the ZIP, but...

We can... We can still follow it.

How do you propose getting two people onto a plane without anyone noticing?

Not two, just one.

Keep a lookout.

Patterson: Tasha, I agree with Rich. The chances of you getting on and off without anyone... She's already gone, isn't she?

Yes, yes, she is.

♪ ♪

Rich: Tasha, heads up, you got Dabbur Zann incoming.

( Door opens and closes )

( Ding )

Woman: All set for takeoff. Please fasten your seatbelts.

Oh, well, this is very not good.

What? What's not good?

Oh, the plane's taking off and Tasha's still on board.

Rich has gone radio-silent, but he's on his way back.

And Tasha?

Ugh, I...

Currently over the Mediterranean Sea, headed for Jordan.

But we can't talk to her.

Until she lands, we can't get her on comms.

You guys should head out.

Have you got a location?

I tracked the IMEI number of the phone Ivy messaged.

It belongs to a scientist, that is renting space at a pharmaceutical storage facility in Budapest.

That is where the ZIP is.

You ready for this?

I better be.

Let's move.

I want to help you, Allison.

But unless you help me find Weller and his team, you leave me no choice but to arrest you.

What's the charge?

Forged IDs.

Aiding and abetting terrorists.

I'm not helping them.

You are still willing to sacrifice your freedom for them?

Tell me where they are and you can go free.

That's my offer.

I don't know where they are.

And you can't keep me here indefinitely.

I can, and I will, without trial, for the sake of national security if you do not cooperate.

You will not see daylight again, let alone your daughter, so where are they?

I... don't... know.

You are standing on a precipice here.

Do you understand that?

You have to decide right here, right now, whose side you're on.

Take a long, hard look.

Bethany's already gonna grow up without a father.

Do you really want her to grow up without a mother as well?

( Door closes )


Angela Calderon. ( Chuckles )

It's good to have another doctor on board.

I was worried I wouldn't have anybody to talk to.

( Chuckles ) Greg Burke.

I, uh...

Didn't realize someone else was joining us.


You look really familiar. Have we met before?


( Sighs )

I'm sorry. I'm not great with faces.

I was in Syria until recently.

Were you in Aleppo at all?

I passed through there on my way to Cairo.

See, that...

That must be it.


( Chuckles )

They really keep us busy, don't they?


I'm just glad we're able to get these MMR vaccines to the refugee camps in Jordan.

You know, there's been a shortage.

Yeah... Yeah.

I was just back here checking on them.

Everything shifts during takeoff.

( Chuckles ) You know?

No, those aren't the vaccines.

Caught me.

I know those aren't the vaccines.

Tell you the truth, I really don't like flying.

But don't tell anyone, okay?

I have a reputation to protect.


Your secret's safe with me.

♪ ♪

Jane: Okay, we're looking for heavily insulated containers, that can protect against extreme temperatures.

Something big enough to hold six canisters.

I think I found 'em.

( Air hissing )

Hey, Jane...

Just breathe.

We'll take this one canister at a time.



Let's get to work.

My mother went to med school but she never practiced.

I guess I just wanted to pick up where she left off, to help people, and the Global Doctors Co-op seemed like the best way to do that.

Sounds pretty noble.


I just got sick of hospital politics.

( Laughing )


Don't feel like you have to stay here on my account.

I don't think I met you in Aleppo.

( Clicking tongue )

It's gonna drive me nuts.

Maybe we met at a function?

My mother organizes a lot of...

Oh, my God.


Listen to me. I don't wanna hurt you, I just wanna talk. Give me two minutes to explain what's going on. It involves your mother. You're not gonna like what I'm about to tell you. But just hear me out. Okay?

Hey. Welcome back.

Yeah. Any word on Zapata? What's the latest? What's happening? I don't like being out of the loop. I'm more of an in-the-loop guy. Otherwise, I start to get FOMO and I start to spin out, and that's why I can't stop talking right now, you know?

Okay. ( Breathes deeply )

It... it's been radio silent, but I have been tracking the plane. It should be landing in Jordan soon.

Jordan, okay.

I will get to work on trying to get her a safe way home.

Weller: Patterson, trackers are set.

Okay, tracker's in place, Case L216.

Are you getting a reading?

Uh, yeah, loud and clear. Nice work.

All right. Four more to go.

Kurt, don't move.

What just happened?

We might have a problem.

No... No, no, no, no.

Jane, it's okay.

It hasn't soaked through yet, all right?

So, the ZIP hasn't touched me.


Okay, let's...

Let's get your jacket off, make sure it doesn't soak into your skin.


( Panting )

I'm so sorry. I thought...

I thought I found the...

It's okay.

You did everything right.

That seal should have held, so that valve must be faulty.


I'm okay. All right?

Let's finish this.


Let me get this straight.

You expect me to believe, that my mother...

Framed you all, and is currently working with an international terror organization?

I know it's a lot to take in, but I'm telling the truth.

She is the Director of Federal Law Enforcement.

She's in charge of national security.

Why would she be working with terrorists?

To do the kind of illegal, immoral things she can't make the FBI do, like hunt down me and my team, kill the people who get in their way.

And now...

She has you, working with the Dabbur Zann, too.

Who do you think is guarding this cargo?

Her security consultants.

( Scoffs )

They're here to protect me and get this medicine where it needs to go.

She's using you as a drug mule.

No, it's not like that.

This medication is approved everywhere but the U.S., all right?

She just needed a way around the red tape.

And yeah, it's not strictly legal, but it's for the greater good.

This is Zeta Interacting Protein.

So you've heard of ZIP.

So you know why it's been banned.

This is not about getting around some bureaucratic tape.

This is a drug that destroys people's memories, and your mother intends to use it.

She wouldn't do that.

She has her troubles, but she's not a bad person.

Then open it up.

See for yourself.

I don't need to.

She's my mother.

I trust her.

That is the thing.

I don't think you do, Greg.

I think there's a part of you that knows I'm telling the truth.

Bethany looks just like you.

Although she does have Kurt's eyes.

These are such formative years in a child's life.

It must be very hard to be apart.

My answer's not gonna change.

Besides, even if I wanted to help you, I don't know where they are.

She's had a birthday recently, hasn't she?

What would she be now, about four?

My eldest is a doctor, you know.

Travels the globe helping people in need.

I'm so proud. ( Chuckles )

But you know, I'm the mother, I worry.

It's a dangerous world out there.

Is she safe?

( Whispering ) She's safe.

Are you sure?

I could bring her to you.

I could give you both protective details.

I have sacrificed everything to keep my daughter out of this, and you have dragged me into the open.

I am a target now.

( Chuckles )

( Scoffs ) Right, that was the point, wasn't it?

You don't care you're putting a bull's-eye on my back.

You just wanna dangle us in front of Weller like bait.

You can't protect everyone, Allison.

Sometimes you have to choose.

So, who do you love more?

Your daughter?

Or her father?

Is that a real question?

You think I still love him?

Kurt Weller, ruined my life.

He abandoned us.

He put our lives in danger, he made us fugitives.

You think I don't want this to be over?

All I care about in this world is my daughter.

I would do anything to protect her.

( Pounding desk ) But I don't know anything.

I... I can't give you intel, I can't give you locations.

So just tell me what you want!

Just, just, just tell me what you want, and I'll do it.

It's gonna be okay.

Just listen to me very closely.


( Sighs )

There you go.

You did it.

( Sighs )

Okay, Patterson.

All the ZIP's been denatured, trackers set, so we're gonna go dark and head back to the bunker.

( Bay door opening )

Find the ZIP, now.

Man: Over here. Found the crates.

( Device buzzing )

She's sweeping for bugs.

Tracker's in the top left crate.

Weller: Patterson, turn off the trackers.

I can turn off the bug remotely, but it'll kill my connection.

The only way to turn it back on is to reset it by hand.

Just do it now.

( Device buzzing and beeping )


All clear.

We'll take the freight elevator to the truck.

( Phone chimes )

Good news?

Allison Knight's decided to cooperate.

Did she just say that...


I think they've got Allie.

I spent months with your mother, undercover working for the CIA.

I watched her kill the entire board of HCI Global, including Blake Crawford.

They died in a plane crash.

No, she poisoned them.

She proposed a toast, and they drank, and they died.

During my time with her, she murdered a lawyer in cold blood, and had an MI6 agent killed.

And now she's about to do something much worse.

Do you have proof of any of this?

Not enough.

Not yet.

( Scoffs ) This is insane.

Which is why we need to stop her.

If we can get enough solid evidence against her.

I don't believe you.

My mother is not a saint, but she would never kill anyone.

What about your father?

What about him?

You really think he died of a heart attack just in time for Madeline to take over HCI Global?

No. She loved him.

She smiled when she told me about killing him.

Poisoning his morning coffee, watching the light leave his eyes.

She reveled in it.

That is who your mother is.

They're on the move.

We can't follow the denatured ZIP to the coordinates where Madeline and Ivy plan to use it, unless you get that tracker back online.

We're working on it.

Patterson, what message did Ivy just get?

She said something about Allie.

Yeah, I know, we heard.

We're working on it.

Okay, we need to get this tracker reactivated.

All right, we're cutting off the power to the freight elevator, that should slow them down.

I should be able to get to the cases, turn the tracker back on... get out before they notice.

Uh, Patterson, you might wanna see this.


Allison: We can't keep living like this.


I am tired of running,

That message...

of living in fear.

It's not good.

Your actions have destroyed our family. Please... please, Kurt. Think of Bethany. Think about our daughter growing up without her father. Do the right thing. Turn yourself in.

So you're telling me my mother killed my father, and now you want me to help you.

I'm telling you the truth.

And I'm asking you to act as your conscience dictates.

When your mother admitted what she did, I should have had her arrested immediately.

My biggest regret is letting the CIA talk me out of it.


I just need ten minutes with these cases.

If I am wrong...

What is the worst that could happen?

But if I'm right...

You will always regret letting this ZIP off the plane.

( Ding )

Passengers and crew, return to your seats. We are making our descent to Zaatari now.

We're too late.

Are you gonna tell anyone I'm here?

Haven't decided yet.

I'm going after her now.

No, Kurt, wait.

Think this through.

What? No!

I'll do a deal with Madeline, all right?

I'll trade Ivy for Allie.

No, Madeline will not make that deal.

You said it yourself, you cannot negotiate with a psychopath.

They've already got Allie.

What if they've got Bethany, too?

They are trying to manipulate you and play on your emotions.

So, if Madeline had Bethany, she would have been in the broadcast with Allie, but she wasn't.

And that means she must be somewhere safe.

You don't know that for sure.

Do you remember what you told me?

That we need to stay on course and that we need to stop her?

Let's get that tracker back on and get out of here.


Greg: Hey.

Hold on a sec.

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help.

You got it from here?

You can come out now.

Thank you.

This doesn't mean I believe you.

I just don't want anyone ending up dead.

Me neither.

This number goes to an untraceable voice mailbox.

If you start to see things differently, give it a call, I will find a way to contact you.

You seem like a really good guy.

Like a good son.

But your mother's a very bad person, and you deserve better than to be used by her.

( Button clicking )

It's out of service.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Looks like we're taking the stairs.

Stay here.

( Crash )

( Weller grunting )

( Grumbling indistinctly )

Let's get the last of it.

Patterson, please tell me you got a fix on that tracker.

Patterson: Yes, I got it.

Tracker is on and on the move.


Uh, she's safe, she's on her way back home.

Well done, Allison.

I am proud of you. I know that wasn't easy.

I did what you wanted. Can I go now?

Yes, yes, of course.

Now, as you know, it is not safe out there until Weller listens to you and turns himself in.

As such, I am placing you under protective custody.

No, that wasn't the agreement.

I need to get back and see my daughter.

Well, let's go get her.


You see, I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to you under my watch.

Now, my security consultants will escort you to your new safe house.

You were never gonna let me go, were you?

Your daughter's welcome to visit you at any time.

You know, I learned something being a mother, chasing down fugitives.

And what is that?

It takes balance.

You focus too much on one thing, you lose sight of what it costs to achieve.

Success requires sacrifice.

Does it?

How much is enough?

I wonder if you really know how much you're willing to give up.




What are you doing in New York?

Oh, come, come, come. Oh, my!

How was everything in Jordan? Were they okay?

Refugee camps, yeah?

I'm taking a late flight back tomorrow.

I just wanted to thank you in person.

I know those vaccines weren't cheap, but they'll help a lot of people.

Well, that's what matters.


So how's the new job?

Actually, I may be trading up.

I received a call today that I'm being considered for the next Vice Presidency of the United States.

That is incredible.

I... When did that start?

Well, actually, it's been in the works for a while now.

But, yeah.


Uhh... ( Chuckles )

Dad would be proud.

Y-Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, it's a pity he's not here to share it with us, yeah.


Oh, actually, while we're on the subject, I was wondering if I could get a copy of his autopsy.

I need to update my family medical history, and just wanted to be...

It was a myocardial infarction.

You were there when the doctors told us.

They don't do autopsies on simple heart attacks.

Right, guess I'm just a little curious why we never paid for one.

It... it's not like the money was an issue.

I figured you'd wanna know everything you could about...

He died.

He died. No record was gonna bring him back.

Anyway, enough about the past.

Today is...

About celebrating. And I...

And I have this bottle of Armand de Brignac.

And now I get to share it with you.

What a surprise.


To new beginnings.

Aren't you gonna taste it?

I'm not thirsty.

But maybe we could get a late dinner?

Sure, yeah.

Great, great.


Give me a minute.

I should make a call to my organizer, let her know my change in itinerary.

( Phone dialing )

It's me.

I think you might be right about my mom.

She's lying to me, she's not right.

Um... I'm gonna do some digging.

I'll let you know if I find anything that can help.

I'll be in touch.

I think these will make pretty good shot glasses.

Hey, there she is!

All right.

Great job out there today.


"Ze" penguin for Zapata?

We couldn't destroy the ZIP and I didn't get to place a tracker.

Bad job.

Okay, so we, did not quite accomplish that particular part of the mission.

That particular part of the mission was the mission.

We failed.

Madeline and the Dabbur Zann have live ZIP and we have no idea where.

Not to mention the fact that Madeline has Allie now.

I am monitoring Ivy and Madeline's communications.

Sooner or later, they're gonna say something we can use to stop them, and thanks to you, we now have an ally on the inside.

We don't have an ally on the inside.

We have an ally in a viper's nest.

Tasha, that's a win.

I just told someone that their mother is a murderer.

Then I told him she's been using him.

And now I am doing the exact same thing.

Whoa, okay, it's not the exact same thing, and this is not your fault, okay?

Mommy dearest dragged her son into this when she put him on that plane.


You're giving him a chance to get on the right side of things.

This is a good thing.

Then why don't I feel good about it?

( Panting )


W... what is this? What... what are you doing?

It's bad luck not to drink when someone toasts.

Why did you come see me this evening?

I... I told you, to thank you for...

For helping me out with...

And why are you suddenly asking about your father?

Why now? Why tonight?

'Cause you betrayed me.


You've betrayed your mother. No!

Greg on tape: It's me. I think you might be right about my mom. She's lying to me, she's not right. Um... I'm gonna do some digging.


I'll let you know, if I find anything that can help.


I'll be in touch.

I can explain.

This is not...

Do you think I'm stupid?

I am the Director of Federal Law Enforcement.

I have the entire NSA at my disposal.

I have access to private computers.

I am monitoring digital communication, including all outgoing cell phone calls from the New York City office of the FBI.


All I asked was for you to believe in me.

Was that asking too much?

You've got too much of your father in you.

I don't know what you think you know.

But I cannot risk you damaging all that I've been trying to build.

I have come too far.

( Sobbing ) Mom, please...

No, no, no, no, no.

It'll be okay.

( Shushing )

Sweetheart, sweetheart, shh.

You know I love you.

You know I love you.

And you'll always be my little boy.

( Glass syringe clinks )

( Gasping )

Who are you?

( Whimpers )

( Shushing )

You put him someplace safe where no one can find him.

You make it nice.

I don't wanna know where.

Jane: You've gotta stop torturing yourself.

I know that Allie can handle herself.

The longer Madeline has her, the longer she's away from Bethany, the harder that's gonna be.

Here... So, see that?

When Allie and I worked together, we used all the usual FBI signs... hold, move in.

But we had our own signals, our own code.

And that...

That motion there...

That was code for the mission is a go.

I think Allie is telling us to stay the course.

This is so much bigger than all of us, and everyone wants us to stop Madeline.

And we will.

( Knocking )

Come in.

The ZIP's been secured, and is en route to the location.


We've also gotten the shipment from Libya, so...

We can proceed. Everything will go according to plan.

I heard otherwise.

Nothing that couldn't be handled.

That's one way of putting it.

Success requires sacrifice.

I did some more digging into Allison Knight and found something I think you might find interesting.

( Scoffs ) Well, well, well, well...

( Clicks tongue )

This certainly does change everything.

( Phone buzzing )

Yeah, I saw it too.

No, nothing stops.

You see her hand, that signal she made?

She's trying to tell us the mission's still a go.

It's time to send the team another message.

I hope you're ready.

We're in the end game now.