04x30 - Raven About Bunk'd

♪ ♪

I'm in, people! I'm in.

Nothing ever seems to keep you out.

No, Ms. B, I got into Camp Champion.

It's one of the most exclusive sports programs in the country.

I get to go for a whole week.

Oh! ( Squeals ) Good job.

Nia, I got in. I got in.

You got in? Yeah.

You got in! She got in! She got in!

Both: We know! We know!

I don't think I've ever heard of Camp Champion. Where is it, Tess?

It's in Maine. Oh, no, honey. It's on Main.

No, it's in Maine.

Okay, Tess, listen. You're going to a very exclusive camp...

Honey, I don't want them to judge you, okay.

The proper usage is, "It's on Main."

It's on Main! Yeah. But...

Chels, I think what she means is that the camp is actually in the state of Maine.


Oh, yeah. Well, yeah...

If you wanna get technical.

Well, the camp's on my dad's route, so we're gonna go together in his truck.

It's gonna be the best summer ever.

Wow. Riding cross country in the cabin of a big rig, Tess.

I'm a little jealous.

But are you really? I'm being supportive. Don't hate.

( Theme song playing )

Oh, Rae, it's so nice of you to have this going away dinner for Tess.

I had no idea we had so much food in the fridge.

We could feed a tribe.

Yeah, a tribe called Tess.

Please, I see right through you.

You're just as sad about Tess leaving as the rest of us.

You've been crying about it for the last hour.

( Scoffs ) That was the onions.

There are no onions in mac and cheese.

Yes, there is. That's the way she likes it.

Hey, Tess. What's wrong?

The trip is off.

What! What? What? Why?

Well, my dad can't drive me to Camp Champion, and I can't pay for another ride, so...

I have to turn them down.

Oh, Tess, no way.

I bet if Booker and I put together our summer money, there'd be enough to get you there.

Whoa. Whoa. ( Chuckles nervously ) Whoa, Nia.

I mean, of course, I-I wanna help my girl out, but you gotta warn me and Levi before you go volunteering our cash.

Hey. Don't look at me.

If they don't take pocket lint, I can't help you.

Tess, you just won an all-expenses paid trip to Maine in a luxury Scut. ( Gasps )

You mean it, Ms. B? Yeah, I do.

So, mom, can we make this a family trip?

One where you don't pick up any fares with us in the car?

Tess, you just won a some-expenses paid trip to Maine!


♪ Yeah, we own the summer ♪
♪ Oh ♪

I love this song!

( Overlapping voices )

♪ Backyard waterslide... ♪

Booker: Here we go.

( All singing ) ♪ Like a rollercoaster ♪
♪ Hands up to the sky like we ain't getting older ♪
♪ Even though life can change all the rules ♪
♪ We said from the start that we'd play it cool ♪
♪ So let's live it up like we always knew ♪
♪ How to ♪

( All shouting )

Here we go!

♪ If you're happy and you know it stay awake ♪
♪ If you're happy and you know it stay awake ♪

I'm awake, but I'm not happy.

Chels, are we almost there?

No, lemme check.

( Short circuiting )

What? Oh, no!

Rae, this GPS has been recalculating since we crossed the last state line.

Okay, okay. I'm not worried. I'm not worried.

'Cause we're supposed to be on this road for about 100 miles, and country roads are always filled with signs. ( Sighs )

Look, there's one right now! What does it say?

Rae, that wasn't a sign. That's just...

Bird stuff. Hit the wipers, Rae.

( Sighs )

( Wipers squeaking )

That's nasty.

Oh, look, there's a sign right there. Chels, look, what does it say?

It says camp. It says camp! ( Laughs )

Pulling over. Pulling over.


Yes, I knew it. I knew it. We didn't need GPS.

All I needed was some windshield viper fluid and mama instincts.

Isn't that right, Chels?


( Snoring )


One 20 hour ride and they're out like a...


Who in the bell cow is in our bus spot?


Mom, wake up. There's someone outside staring at us. What?

Which, by the way, is the beginning to every horror movie ever.

Rise and shine, sleepyheads.

I am Lou. Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka.

Camp Kiki-what?

Kikiwaka. Eventually it just rolls right off the tongue.

I need to roll on up outta here. So, where's Camp Champion?

( In sophisticated voice ) Yes, Madam, if you could just direct us back to Maine Street.

I don't know where Main Street is, but Camp Champion is across the lake.

Oh, great. I'll just swim from here.

Don't wanna be late for basketball camp.

Whoa. I would not do that.

I have seen things in that lake that I cannot unsee.

( Inhales deeply )

Check out the fresh air.

And listen. No sirens, no honking horns.

No bug repellent.

Apparently, mosquito season starts early here.

( Mosquito buzzing )

Well, I should probably get going.

And just to be honest with you total strangers, our camp enrollment is way down, so we're having an open house to get some new campers.

I am swamped.

Swamped, huh?

Just across the lake from my best friend.

So, could you use some help around here?

Does a hedgehog eat slugs in the woods?

I will truly never care about that answer.

You will, unless you want to go to Chicago, and be cooped up in our apartment all day with me and my nature documentaries.

On second thoughts...

I'm Booker, this is Nia, and we are your new camp counselors.

Well, I could sure use the extra help.

That is, if it's okay with your parents.

I don't know...

Well, what do you say, Levi?

Mom, this view is amazing!

And it smells like that air freshener you use over the holidays.

( Mosquito buzzing )

That's pine.

This kid could use some camp.

Maybe just a week.

And I'll be right across the lake, Ms. B.

So, you guys have beds, and lifeguards, cellphones?

We got all those things.

Okay, then! Let's do this! We love you guys!

Don't call us, we'll call you!

( Both screaming )

( Tires screeching )

So, where do we put our towels?

We hang them up and use the sun's natural warmth to dry them.

This is same sun you said would heat the shower water because, uh...

It's not telling the truth.

Plus, all the towels are the same color.

How will we know which one is ours?

We all learn each other's stains eventually.

Yeah, you know what, I'm good. I'm just gonna keep mine.

Hey, I'm Noah. The Grizzly Camping Counselor.

Hey, Booker, and that makes you Levi.

That's me. You guys can take the bunk beds.

You cool with that, big guy?

Big guy?

I'm gonna like it here.

When Lou talked to you about helping out, did she tell you how we decide the counselor pecking order?

I mean, she might have, but...

I'm still not used to that accent.

Hmm. Understood.

Legend has it, the counselor who can catch the biggest snipe will be made camp leader.

What's a snipe?

It's a cross between a racoon, a possum and a dog.

But it doesn't know any tricks and it won't fetch.

And it lives in the Forbidden Forest.

So I've heard.

Finn, jar. ( Sighs )

Nevermind. I'll put the money in for you.

Okay, no more talk about the Forbidden Forest.

( Sighs )

No one's allowed to go into the...

( Humming )

Even though that's where the good snipes live.

I've heard. I never caught one.

That's why I'm not camp leader.

That's one of the reasons.

Okay, well, what does camp leader get?

Better bunks, thicker blankets hotter water.

There's a menu with options.

Those are my favorite options.

All right, I'm in. Okay, I'll see you out there.

The hunt's from noon to two.

Levi, their snipe hunt might start at noon, but ours starts right now. Let's go, bro.

No, thanks. I've been looking at the brochure and knot tying starts in half an hour.

And I will "knot" be missing that.

Just a little camp humor.

So, don't try to "rope" me in. ( Laughs )

See? I did it again.

( Clears throat ) Why don't you take that kid?

Hey, kid, you wanna go with me to the Forbidden Forest?

You had me at Forbidden.

We're just gonna need to find the key to this thing first.

Ooh... Go for it, big guy.

Oh, yeah! Yes!

It's just us.

Yeah, it's just us, Rae. We're free!

Oh, man, two kid-free single ladies...

...on the open road!

Chels, on the open road. The world is our oyster.

( Gasps ) Speaking of oysters, we're in Maine, we should get some.

( Gasps ) Oh, shucks.

We sure should. ( Laughs )

No! Lobster. 'Cause we're, you know, fancy.

We're fancy. ( Both laughing )

And we don't have to pay for the kids.

( Gasps ) We're gonna treat ourselves, Chels.

We should have thought of camp years ago.

You'd think being outside with all this nature and fresh air, the food would be a little...


Ugh. I wonder if the food's any different at Camp Champion.

Yeah, when are you going over there?

Well, they said they'd pick me up when they're ready.

Meantime, I'll just lie low.

Look, look! The new girls from Chicago.

Come join us.

They goes my lie low plan.


You guys look like you have the Kikiwaka food blues, huh, Chi-town?

Is my distaste that obvious?

Here we call it mound-of-brown frown.

By the way, I'm Destiny and this is Gwen and Ava.

I'm Nia. I'm Tess.

And I get it, guys.

I'm from the city too, and this food is pretty basic.

If you're one of the lucky ones, your taste buds go numb.

Well, we are out here in the woods, right?

So, we could actually pick some fruit, or, wild thought here, something green.

Foraging? Now you're speaking my language.

Wait, is Chicago in the woods?

It is not.

Well, doesn't matter where you're from, foraging sounds like a great idea.

We're surrounded by organic food.

Unprocessed, straight from Mother Earth.

Maybe we should go get it.

Foraging? Yeah, I've always wanted to try that.

But you don't wanna pick something that's poisonous.

Eh. You gotta work up your tolerance.

Gwen spent a lot of time off the grid.

She was, how do I put this...

Raised by wolves. I was not raised by wolves!

They did do some babysitting though.

Well, it sounds like you know your berries from your greens.

If you come with us, I'm sure we'll get something good and safe.

Love to... Can't.

It's my week to open the kitchen, and we're swamped with the open house coming up.

Don't worry, Nia.

I know my way around the woods, too.

She doesn't know her way around the woods.

All right, between the four of us, I'm sure we can gather some good stuff.

Hmm, I guess Camp Champion is picking me up.

Enjoy my mound of brown.

Okay, between the three of us I'm sure we can find something good.


Here, snipey, snipey, snipey, snipe.

( Rustling )

Got ya!

All right. ( Sighs in relief )

Uh, Booker, that's just a rock.

I thought we were looking for snipes.

Have you been looking for rocks this whole time?

Because that's different.

No, Finn, but we've looked everywhere.

Okay? I've climbed trees, hid in bushes, and nothing.

( Soft squealing )

What was that? It ran through there.

Come on, Finn, think about it.

What's so forbidden about this forest?

No one has come out to say.

Foraging isn't easy.

Nobody said it would be.

You said it would be.

It was when I did it with my grandma.

There were all sorts of fruits and vegetables and we had one of those carts with wheels.

You weren't foraging, you were grocery shopping.

Oh. That explains the coupons.

Okay, so far I found something that looks like a yam, and something that smells like a lime. ( Sniffs )

Good. I found a couple of chili peppers and a rock with hair.

Destiny, what did you find?

Just these pretty dandelions.

Too bad we're looking for food, not flowers.

Well, I mean, actually, I think those are edible.

So, good job.

Like I said, easy.

It's so nice that we're out here in the woods, bonding.

You know, most girls just wanna talk about boys, and do each other's hair.

Wait. We are going to do that later, right?

Yeah, totally.

What do you think the kids are doing right now?

Eating food somebody else cooked.

( Laughs ) Yeah, dirtying laundry someone else has to clean.

( Both laughing )

They're probably saying, "Hey, Mom. Hey, Mom. Hey, Mom."

And no one is there to hear 'em.

"Hey, Mom! Hey, Mom!"

Yeah, that's actually kinda sad.

Talking about my babies wanting me makes me want my babies.

Yeah, but seeing that lobster sign is really making me want a lobster roll.

I can roll with that.

Can you stop, drop and roll?

Oh, Chels, Chels. Now, you need to slow your roll.

Both: We bad! ( Both laughing )

All right. Gimme the forest loot.

I think we did pretty well.



No, not edible.

Not edible.

Oh, really poison.

Whoever got that should wash their hands.

( Gasps ) And whatever you do, don't touch your face.

( Screaming )

So, is anything we brought healthy, or are we lucky to have escaped with our lives.

Hmm. Somewhere in the middle.

But I'll put this all in a soup pot and it'll all work out.

Yeah. Got it.

Hey, where's Booker?

He's out wandering in the woods, looking for snipes.

Snipe's aren't a real thing.

It's an old camp prank.

Wait, what? What?

Is everything okay?

No. Someone convinced my brother to go off into the woods and find a snipe, and I'm a little worried because he can barely find matching socks.

Noah, did you tell these kids a lie bigger than a hedgehog's appetite for slugs?

What lie?

That snipes are real.

Wait. Snipes aren't real?

Ava, you sold me $200 worth of snipe hunting gear.

( Laughing ) I did do that.

Great! Now Booker's lost and alone.

He's not alone. He took that weird kid.

Both: Finn?

Okay, people. We are going on high alert!

This is a Code Red. This is not a drill.

You people know what that means!

I'm sorry, Lou. I know you didn't mean for this to happen.

No. I'm sorry I don't know what a Code Red is.

Y'all need to read the manual!

( Both moaning )

Call me crazy, but...

I can taste the difference between Atlantic lobster and Pacific lobster.

Yeah, we must both be crazy.

Pacific lobster is much sweeter.

Yeah, this one needs more butter for taste.

So does mine.

Hey, did you know that Booker and Nia have never had seafood straight out of the ocean?

What! Yeah.

I think the same's true for Levi.


Miss the kids, Chels?

I do.

Yeah. Yeah.

This one still needs more butter. Yeah, here.

Here you go.

( Whooshing )

Booker: Mama, help!

Rae! Rae!

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry!

Chels! Chels! Booker is in danger.

Brookers in danger? What about my commemorative Uncle Bob's seafood shack sweatshirt?

No, Chels, I had a vision.

We have to go back!

The kids need us. What?

You ready? Yes.

( Tires screeching )

Here's the soup I made from your foraging loot.

Oh, I can't eat right now.

It's probably for the best.

It's tough on your stomach.

Oh. But it makes you super strong.

Anyway, more for me, I guess.

Okay, we got a lost newbie, people.

And a Finn.

Could he really be lost?

Like, gone forever? He's my twin.

Aw, twins?

Don't you worry your pretty little half, we know these woods like the back of our hands.

( Softly ) Get him back before my open house.

So, you're gonna find him?

We are gonna do our best.

Okay, I gathered all the wilderness supplies I could.

I's ready to find Booker the old fashion way.

What's this?

A compass.

For knowing which direction's north.

You don't need a magic clock for that.

All you need is the sun.

Wow! Okay.

I wanna start my search in five minutes. Any other tips?

Oh, moss. It only grows on the north side of trees.

And in a pinch, nature's toilet paper.

Nature's toilet paper? We're not looking for a bathroom.

What we need is aerial reconnaissance.

I love it!

Let's take this search 21st century.

All right, what's the plan?

We'll build a drone with a small camera and a speaker.

So, when we spot him, we can tell him how to get back.

That's a great idea!

Where are we gonna get a the drone parts?

There's a storage locker near Lou's cabin that has some communications equipment.

But it's locked, we'll never get in there.

Maybe we can make our own key.

Or maybe you could just rip the door off?

Oh, yeah, that'll work too.

Let's go before my power soup wears off.

Lou, what if they can't find Booker?

Noah, Ava and Destiny know all the places to look.

Booker will be fine, as long as he didn't go in The Forbidden Forest.


That sounds scary, but at least he's with Finn. So, that's somebody.

No, honey. He'd been better off alone.

Where are my babies? Where are my babies?

Have you seen my babies? Tess? Nia?

Nia? ( Yelps ) Not Nia! Mom.

Mom! Thank goodness you're here.

Hey, honey... Oh!

You're back! Hey, you probably remember me from your car window.

Now, listen, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a teensy bit worried, but like my grandpa always said, if I lie, I'd turned into a cantaloupe.

Which we all know is the worst of the fruit family...

Gotta spit it out, woman! Gotta spit it out!

Mom, Booker's missing.

What? He went into the Forbidden Forest with Finn.

Finn. Finn. What is a Finn? Is it dangerous? It can be.

But like my grandpa always said...

I'm sorry, is now a bad time to ask where my son is?

His name is Levi. Levi?


Levi? Have you seen Levi?

That one I am pretty sure I saw.

Are you sure you're pretty sure... ( Mutters squeakily )

Camp Kiki-what? It should be called Camp Can't-Keep-a-Camper.

Quiet. We're on its tail.

I just saw something. Throw the sack.

( Screams )

Tess? Booker?

What you doing alone in the woods?

Technically, she's not alone.

We're all here together.

A team of us came looking for a doodle ganger.

I saw something fly this way and now I'm lost.

Um, what's a doodle ganger?

It's an animal that's part seal, part racoon.

And it has wings, but it can't fly.

And it's like a dog, mixed with a possum. And it's like a dog...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

That Tess and I have been pranked.

Oh. I was thinking the Forbidden Forest needed a lot more dragons.

But your thing's also a big bummer.

So they purposely ditched me?

Trick shots I'm down with.

Getting tricked, not cool.

I can't believe they tried to pull one over on me.

Do they know who I am?

We did just meet today.

Let's get outta here.

( Screams )

Yo, Booker, you okay?

I'm fine, but there's something down here.

( Hissing )

And according to those natural documentaries Nia makes me watch, I think it's a Copperhead.

Oh! Do you know how much copper is going for these days?

Grab it, Booker!

Where did you find this kid?

Booker, don't move. If that snake bites you, you're toast.

Now I see why they call it the Forbidden Forest.

( Hissing )

You guys, the snake's flicking his tongue at me.

Now he's licking his lips.

Do snakes have lips? ( Crying )

Booker, try not to look delicious!

Be cool, bruh.

We're gonna find a way to get you out of there.

Oh, thank goodness, you guy are all okay.

Where's my baby? Where's my baby?

Booker: Mama, help! ( Gasps )

That was my vision!

Don't worry. I'm gonna gather some vines and branches and build a makeshift ladder...

Momma's coming!

Or plan B, Momma leaps into the pit.

( Booker screaming )

Man, I can't even tell you how many pits Raven's tossed me out of.

Momma strength still flowing! I'm climbing out!

( Struggling ) Oh! Momma strength fading!

( Both clamoring )

Help me! ( Gasps )

( Gasping )

Matteo: ( From drone ) We found you! Oh, wait, looks like you've already been found.

Levi: Hey, mom, I'm in a drone.

Don't worry, honey. We'll get you out too!

Matteo: Well, at least we can lead you all back to camp. Follow us!

Yeah, we can just go back the way we came.

Mornin' campers, and guests who have promised not to press charges.

First, a reminder to stay out of the Forbidden Forest.

It's the most dangerous place in Moose Rump, since the Museum Of Oily Rags burned down.

Lou, you shouldn't call it "forbidden."

Kids will actually want to go there.

If you want them to stay away, you should call it "The Forest of Homework and Chores."

Or, you know, you could build a fence.

Good notes.

As you all know, today is our big open house.

Huh, I've never opened a house.

Opened plenty of possums, though.

An open house is where we show off the camp to a bunch of people, and hope they sign up to come next summer.

Our enrollment for next year is way down.

Not to scare you guys, but if we don't get enough new campers, we might... ( In ominous tone ) .. lose the camp!

( Everyone gasps, concerned muttering )

Yeah, I shouldn't have done the voice.

Don't worry, we'd really only lose the camp if someone tries to buy it out from under us.

Yeah, about that...

A few of the Camp Champion counselors were talking about how their camp was gonna buy this place and turn it into a garbage dump.

Once they cleaned it up first.

( Gasps ) Those jerks!

They've been calling our camp trash for years, and now I know it wasn't just an insult, but actually a clever bit of foreshadowing.

Lou, are we really going to lose the camp?

Not if everyone pitches in to make this the best darn open house ever.

We could sure use your help.

I know you guys were planning on going home today, but...

This is our home.

Mom, maybe we should stay a little longer?

If you need a drone, I'm in.

I spent most of my time here in a snake pit, so I'm pretty much down for anything.

Come on, Rae, what do you say?

All right, we'd be happy to help.

Thank you, thank you!

With your help, I know we can make this the biggest success ever.

Everyone check this clipboard for your open house job assignments.

Clean up duty?

( Ecstatic ) Yes! Ava, we got the best job!

We are very different people.

I put fliers up all over.

Fingers crossed we get some of those rich kids from Moose Snout.

Is every town around here named after a moose part?

Yes. And anyone who lives above the neck is rolling in it.

( Gasps ) It says here you have a celebrity guest!

What kind of celebrity would want to come...

I mean, get to come here?

Oh... You'll see.


Chels, did you see that walk off? I did!

I like that walk off. What!

Thank you. I don't actually have anywhere to be.

I was just trying to build suspense.

It worked. It worked!

So, Tess, glad you're back, but I thought you were supposed to be at Camp Champion.

They sent me on a hunt for something that doesn't exist, and now they're trying to steal somebody else's camp.

I'm not wearing that logo.

Someone should teach them a lesson.

Oh, it should be us!

We should prank them back.

I'm not really a prankster.

Well, lucky for you, I am.

And we city girls got to stick together.

It's about time Camp Champion learned that their attitude stinks.

And by that, I mean we're gonna build a stink bomb!

Okay. Um, how do we make a stink bomb?

Oh, I know a guy.

So you come to me on the day of my camp's open house, and you ask me to build you a stink bomb?

I'm totally in!

Is he petting a sock?

Listen, you're going to see a lot of things here.

Hey, I'm really sorry that you guys might lose your camp.

We won't.

Because you and I are going to nail this arts and crafts showcase.

I was thinking we could make art based on stuff that we're both passionate about.

Great idea.

I love science.


Well, I'm really into issues like recycling and climate change.

Me too.

I've been working all summer on cleaning trash out of the lake.

In fact, the boat house is full of it now.

I'm actually kinda worried it may have...


What if we used it for the show?

We could turn it into art and spread our message about saving the environment.

I love that idea!

Are we winning the open house? I think we are.

Is this the best collab since Greta Thunberg met Malala?


Except they probably talked about themselves a little less.

Yeah. But still, up top!

So, what are we Grizzly Bears supposed to do for this open house thing?

Uh, it's just Grizzlies.

Read the welcome packet.

Lou's counting on us for entertainment that'll get people excited about camp.

Don't worry, Matteo and I are on it.

Yeah. We built that cool drone. It's obvious we work great together.

Like Pierre and Marie Curie.

We practically finish each other's...

Both: Historical references!

Not where I thought that was going.

I was thinking maybe we can do something with music?

Yeah. Great idea, Booker. Music gets people excited about things.

The question we have to ask is, what's the most fun thing about big events?

Winning stuff.


That's why people enjoy the sports despite them being the worst.

Yes! How about a raffle?

Yes. But in a hurricane booth, where someone can grab the winning ticket.

Yes! And this is where the music comes in!

( Vocalizing )

♪ Music, lights and romance break it down ♪
♪ Got ya heart, got ya heart ♪

( Vocalizing )

Excuse us. Nerds brainstorming.

So, what are we going to raffle off?

I was thinking something along the lines of...

Both: A free summer at camp!

How do they keep doing that?

Are they psychic or something?

What? Of course not!

No psychics here.

What a weird, emphatic way to answer a rhetorical question.

This is going to be great.

People will be lining up to enroll at camp when they see the celebrity we got.

Who is this celebrity?

I mean, I know it's not Michael B. Jordan because he's filming a movie in New York on the corner of 56th and Broadway, and he's currently on his lunch break.

How do you know that?

Because I am a true fan.

And I have a Michael B. Cam app on my phone. Check it out.

Oh, no, he's eating a chili dog.

That never never goes well for him. Oh, no!

So, who is the celebrity?

Oh... ( Chuckles ) It's my sweet Dairy Air.

Wow, I really love her confidence.

Meet our celebrity...

Dairy Air!

( Squealing )

Your celebrity's a pig, named Diary Air?

And you're not hearing it?

I found her living on a farm with some cows, and the smell there would gag a maggot.

So I said, "I'm getting you out of this dairy... Air."

Yeah, people will totally get that. ( Fake laughs )

( Mouthing )

I loan her out to petting zoos, birthday parties, Hog-toberfest...

She's become a pretty big deal in the greater Moose-tropolitan area.

Where are we?

You're gonna be a huge draw and save our camp, aren't you, girl?

( Squealing, grunting )

She's got a weird look on her face.

And she's breathing kinda funny.

Oh. Oh, and so is Michael.

Oh, no, sweetie, you cannot handle extra jalapenos.

Michael B. Delicate.

I think something's seriously wrong with her.

I need to get her to a vet, but the bus is in the shop.

That's okay. We'll take Raven's car.

Huh, Raven's car?

Y'all must be talking about a different Raven.

Please, Raven? Dairy needs your help.

Okay. Yeah, sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

My car already smells like teenager and lobster rolls.

Might as well pile on some pig.

( Nasally ) Is the stink bomb ready yet?

( Nasally ) Almost.

We've got some rotten eggs to carry the smell, some vinegar to really tickle the nose hairs, and now it's time to add my secret ingredient.

So, please, look away.

Fine, I'll tell you.

It's cinnamon.

( Nasally ) Okay, I see what you bring to the picnic table.

Thank you. That's why they don't invite me anymore.

A stink bomb like this has only ever been possible in theory...

Until now.

Books will be written about me, that I'll never read!

That's all great, but how will we get it to Camp Champion without them catching us?

We need someone who's good at sneaking through the woods.


I know a girl.

So you come to me, on the day of my camp's open house...

Guys, Dairy is making some strange noises. ( Dairy squealing )

It sounds like the time I swallowed that tortilla chip sideways.

Remember? It was like... ( Gagging )

I can't believe you talked me into letting that thing in my car.

Um, Dairy is not a thing. She's a celebrity who has over 800 followers online.

Which is the entire population of Moose Rump.

Plus a couple hundred weirdos.

Guys! I think I know what's wrong with the pig.

She's about to be anywhere from two to seven pigs!

What? Look! Look!

Dairy's pregnant?

Uh-oh! They're comin' fast, and they're comin' slimy.

Raven, get us to a vet!

Chelsea, hold on to my sweet Dairy Air!

How do you not hear that?

And that is how you turn trash into trash that makes people think.

I'm so proud of us.

We are true garbage people.

That did not come out like I hoped.

I adore this piece you made.

What is this piece you made?

It's an abstract commentary on mankind's environmental impact on Mother Earth.

Either that, or a dog.

Ooh, is this your self-portrait?

Nia! That's just a pile of trash.

Kidding! It's totally me.

We're friends. We joke.

This is going to be so great.

Seriously? It's not enough that people litter, now they have to pile them up in fancy designs?

Wow. This...

Kind of looks like mankind's environmental impact on Mother Earth.

Oh, well, bye-bye!

Okay, guys, looks like the coast is clear.

So, where is it?

Gwen said it was somewhere around...


This is amazing!

I can't believe she found a mine shaft that leads all the way to Camp Champion.

So, where are we gonna set the stink bomb off?

You were just there. Where do you think the best place is?

I'd toss it into the locker rooms.

No windows. No vents.

No mercy.

Wait. We can't set it off inside.

The stink could linger all summer.

And nobody deserves to have their whole summer ruined.

Yeah, except for Camp Champion.

Oh, no.

This is my fault.

I never should've made a stink so powerful.

I was so worried about whether I could, I didn't stop to think if I should.

But this would make us just as rotten as the eggs in that...

Oh, come on!

Where did you guys get all this stuff?

Well, for one, we disassembled a broken vending machine.

Also we tinkered with Chef Jeff's car.

It still has four wheel drive.

It just doesn't have four wheels.

Or drive.

Well, how can we help?

Booker and I don't have anything to do.

Yeah, we want to be involved.

After all, we're Grizzly Bears, too.

Again. It's just "Grizzlies."

Dude. Let... It... Go!

Sorry, guys, but this is nerd territory.

Yeah, don't worry. We got it.

Oh. I guess we're not really needed then.

Maybe we should start our own thing.

Yeah, it looks like this isn't a Grizzly Bear project after all.

It's okay when I do it!

( Dairy air squealing )

This little piggy went wee-wee-wee all over this sweatshirt.

Is that my new sweatshirt?

Rae, you're not back here, you don't know!

We had to make some hard choices!

Okay, okay, fine. Can someone at least hand me my purse, please?



Okay, that's it, I'm taking over!

( Tires screech )

( Screaming )

Okay, I'm done taking over!

( Squealing, splashes )

( Gasping )

Eww! It got in my mouth!

( Spitting ) It got in my mouth!

Okay, I think Dairy is finally empty.

So we don't need the vet anymore.

Let's head back and save my camp.

If Dairy doesn't show, we can kiss those new enrollments goodbye.

Done and done. I'm flipping a U!

( All screaming )

Ah! And they said it couldn't be done.

Who did?

Well, no one.

Shall we?

Oh, no. It's too big!

It can't be. You know, we're too smart for that.

The door must be too small.


It is not our fault.

If we couldn't have seen this coming, no one could've.

Hey, guys, your thingy isn't gonna fit through the door.

What are we going to do?

Lou's relying on our entertainment for the open house and now we can't even get it out of the house.

You guys, it's okay.

No, it's not.

We should have just done what you wanted to do in the first place.

Yeah. I'm sorry.

We know we kinda shut you both out.

Like Marie and Pierre when they discovered radium, we were so focused on the results, we didn't realize someone might be getting burned.

Amazing metaphor, Matteo.

I stole it from a documentary.

I'm a fraud!

Look, you guys can just join our project instead.

Really? Yeah.

I mean, we're all Grizzlies, right?

And Grizzlies stick together.

( Whimpers )

I'm sorry, it's just...

He gets us.

I think it's this way.

Stop! We can't ruin Camp Champion's entire summer.

If they buy Kikiwaka, then summers are ruined for everyone.


Yeah, buddy. It's happening and you can't stop it.

Look! Giant mole in a hat!

Hey! I created this, I have to be the one to destroy it.

( Thuds )

What have you done?

It burns!

That's the cinnamon.

( Gas hissing )

It's time to start the open house but Lou's not here.

Or our celebrity pig.

Huh, "celebrity pig."

This is my life.

Where is Dairy Air?

Kyle came to see a pig and Kyle gets what Kyle wants!

Right, Mommy?

We've got to get started. This is about to get ugly.

Parents! Future campers!

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka!

Arts and Crafts are a big part of our summers, so please join us for an art exhibit that presents a very hard truth.

Our world is a raging dumpster fire.

...of creative energy.

Come on, everybody.

Right in the mess hall. Come on.

Where's the art?

You told Kyle there would be art and Kyle doesn't like fibbers.

Mommy, juice me!

There was art.

Okay? We promise.

Gwen! Do you know what happened to all the artwork in here?

I didn't see any artwork.

Just weirdly arranged trash.

And something that looked like a dog.

Aw, you got it.

All right, folks. Change of plans.

Back outside.

Kyle is not impressed.

Nia does not wanna hear it.

All right, everyone, uh, we had a little setback, but it's okay.

We're just gonna jump right into the raffle!

Due to technical difficulties, the raffle is canceled.

No pig, no art, and no raffle.

This is really going to hurt enrollments.

We're gonna lose the camp!

We still have a good crowd.

I know we can turn this around.


The stink is coming!

The cinnamon's the worst part!

( Hissing )

Uh, there's a weird green cloud out there.

( Coughing )

And it kinda smells like Finn laid another Finn.

Sweet Shakespeare on a Sunday.

We have to do something.

People are going to start leaving the open house.

What kind of place is this?

If it's not snake pits or evil forests, it's a body-odor tornado.

Wait, this may sound a little crazy, but is there any way we can use your windy phone booth to help with this?

Wait... He's right.

We can put it by the door, turn off the blower and crank up the intake.

It should suck the cloud right in.

The open house could be saved!

Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking.

And definitely not hiding in it to save ourselves.


One... Two... Three!

( Whirring )

It's working!

You guys did it!

Kyle hates this place!

And when Kyle is unhappy, the world weeps.

But look, guys, nobody is signing up for camp next summer.

Okay, guys, it's time.

Let's share our project and save Kikiwaka.

Everyone, listen up.

Okay. Uh...

We get that things today haven't gone as planned, but that's what we love about this camp.

Every day's an adventure.

I can safely say I haven't been bored once.

Terrified, yes.

Bored, never.

Kikiwaka is the best place on Earth.

It's where all my friends are.


And new.

He means me.

I'm the new!

It's the only place we'd ever want to spend the summer.

And we know if you give it a chance, you'll have the summer of your life here, too.

( We Own The Summer playing )

( Cheering )

Girl: Okay...

♪ Dance party on the wifi ♪
♪ Got that perfect playlist ♪
♪ Count down till we go live ♪
♪ Dressed up like we're famous ♪
♪ Don't matter now If we're hangin' home ♪
♪ 'Cause we're making memories over the phone ♪
♪ Although we're apart we're not alone ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Staying up all night talk, text till whenever ♪
♪ We're gonna be all right, 'cause we own the summer ♪
♪ Making the best of times, look back and remember ♪
♪ What a ride, yeah what a ride ♪
♪ 'Cause we own the summer ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Yeah, we own the summer ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Yeah, we own the summer ♪

( All cheering )

I am so proud of you guys!

Me too. You guys pulled this off even without my famous Dairy Air.

Okay, now I am hearing it.

All: Bye.

Miss you. Stay in touch.

( Both grunting ) Rawr!

Well, my work here is done. You're a real Grizzly now.

So don't be surprised if you see sunsets differently, or songs make you cry that didn't used to.

I think I'm leaving at the right time.

Thank you guys so much for all of your help with open house.

I just crunched the numbers and we got enough sign-ups for camp next year.

( All cheering )

Guys, this has been really great.

I can't believe we have to get in the car right now.

Just wait until you see the backseat.


And, Lou, thanks for having us.

And, hey, if any of you are ever in Chicago, come on by and visit.

( Whooshing )

( Indistinct chatter )

( All gasping )

Stink Bomb! Take cover!

No, not again!

The cinnamon burns!

( All screaming and clamoring )

( Both screaming )

Take it back, Momma! Take it back! Take it back!

I am taking you back, sweetheart.

He's homesick. Don't worry about him. Come on.