01x11 - Shining Knight

Excuse me, good sir?

I'm looking for a gallant white steed, with fire in its eyes and victory in its heart.

I've lost mine.

( Horse whinnies )

I told you to keep your weird ass away from my horses!

Go on now! Get!

Can you help me find him?


No, you crazy old freak!

Now, go on. Get outta here before I call the cops!

The wounds received in battle bestow honor... they do not take it away.

( Whooshing )

I saw his lance.

It made me remember.


Why can I not remember?

I saw...

Starman's squire.

Stripesy can help me.

( Horn honking )

( Honking loudly )

♪ Falling asleep at the wheel again baby ♪
♪ You're drifting over the line (the line) yeah ♪
♪ Your hands are tight but you're losing grip quickly ♪
♪ Fix me, can you read the signs? ♪
♪ Thumbing your way to Vegas, dirty ♪
♪ And dreaming of the other side ♪
♪ Save your tears and laughter ♪
♪ Because it doesn't matter what you find ♪
♪ It ain't pretty ♪
♪ After the show ♪
♪ It ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you ♪
♪ With no place to go ♪
♪ If you think you need it ♪
♪ Here's the place to feed it ♪

( Bell tolling )

♪ But it ain't pretty ♪
♪ Save your tears and laughter ♪
♪ Because this is the ride ♪
♪ And this is the show ♪
♪ It ain't pretty ♪

Man: Good morning.

♪ After the show ♪
♪ It ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you ♪
♪ With no place to go ♪
♪ So if you think you want it ♪
♪ Just come in and get it ♪
♪ It ain't pretty ♪

Barbara: Brainwave murdered his own son last night.

I mean, there has to be someone we can call.

The police.

They could own the police, Barbara.

How about the government?

We don't know who's listening in.

We make the wrong move now, we could get someone killed, or lead the ISA straight here.

Okay, so what do we do? What about Brainwave?

Henry said his dad lost his memory.

But I don't know anymore.

Just take Courtney and leave. Like you wanted to.

Pack up what you need and go.

Knowing these guys killed a boy?

And then Jordan's planning to hurt people and we leave without warning anyone?

And what about you, Pat, and Mike?

Take Mike.

I'm not gonna let you stay here alone.

Then until you decide to leave, you both need to go about your day as if everything were normal, because if Jordan senses that we suspect anything, you'll be in more danger than you already are.

( Doorbell rings )

It's not even 7:00.

Mike: Yo, you down here?

Hey, Mike. I thought you were asleep.

Paper route.

Your idea, not mine.

Anyway, uh, there's someone upstairs looking for you, Court.

Oh, my God.

Hey, Barbara.

I got your email.

Hi. Pat Dugan.



You are...

I'm Sam Kurtis.

Courtney's father.


Oh, right, of course. Sam.

Well, uh, nice to meet ya.

You too.


Look at you. You...

You've really grown up.

You're not my father.

I know it's been a while.

I got your mom's email.

What are you doing here?

You once told me you couldn't wait to get out of Blue Valley.

Look, I figured if you had to come back here, then it must've been serious.

Look, I'm sorry for showing up like this out of the blue.

I replied, I never heard back. I...

I was worried.

Is everything all right?

That's not my dad.


I'm so sorry that this is happening like this right now.

It's not. It can't be.

It is.

Sam: Hey, Courtney.

Where did you get that?

Well, I used to have two.

But then I gave that one to you.

A long time ago.

I don't believe you.


I don't wanna talk to you right now, Mom.

I just want to make sure you're all right.

I'm not.

I wanna talk to Pat.

( Sighs ) Oh, God.

He's not my dad, Pat.

He can't be.

The staff works for me.

That proves that I'm Starman's daughter, doesn't it?


Because if I'm not, then... what have I been doing this whole time?

The staff.

Putting on a costume.

I got Henry killed.

And Joey.

Courtney, you didn't kill anyone.

All right? Listen...

( Knocking at door )

Hey, what the hell's going on?

Court, is that guy really your old man?

Mike, we're talking privately here, okay?

And are you and Barbara breaking up?

Is that why he's here?

Mike, not now. Please!

Mike: Why won't you tell me anything?

What did I do wrong?

Mike, hey.

You didn't do anything wrong, okay?

Don't worry.

Everything's gonna be fine, okay?


Sure it is.

Barbara: Good boy.

When you didn't show up for Christmas Eve, I called you, I emailed you dozens of times.

I never got a reply back.

I looked for you for over a year for Courtney's sake.

And I... I finally just gave up.

Sam (sighs): I know.

It's been a decade, Sam.

Why are you really here?

( Exhales deeply )

Okay, Barbara, the truth is...

I've been thinking about reaching out to you for months now.

I'm here to get to know my daughter before it's too late.

If it's not already too late.

I wanna talk to him.

You have school.

So I go in a little late.

Court, you know why you have to go.

You brought him here, at least let me talk to him.

We'll just go for a quick walk.

That's it.


( Groaning loudly )

( Ears ringing )

( Gasps )

( Turns off water )

I will find my mind.

( Horse neighing )

I will find my steed.

He can help me.


Sam: What do you think of Blue Valley?

Big change from L.A., huh?

Where have you been?

I don't have a good excuse, if that's what you're looking for.

I'm not looking for an excuse.

I just wanna know the truth.

That's fair.

And if you didn't resent me, I'd think there was something wrong with you.

You know, I wasn't always with you, but I always kept a picture of you with me.

There wasn't a day that went by I didn't look at that picture.

My mother gave me these lockets and I gave one to you when you were four.

Christmas. That was the last time I saw you.

We sang Christmas carols together.

"Frosty" was your favorite.

We made a snowman out of Styrofoam.

I... remember that.

Sam: Well, that's a bad picture.

Courtney, I have no right to have come here... to ask you to hear me out.

To say "I'm sorry" about the things that I've done or haven't done.

It's never gonna be enough.

I just want you to know that... I'd give anything if I could go back in time and do things differently.

( Sniffles )

I... I just needed to say that.

Well, you did.


Can I just buy you a quick breakfast?

And then I'll take you home, okay?

Just 30 minutes, so I can explain.

That's it.


Thirty minutes.

Beth: Hey, Mr. Dugan. Cool car.


Look, I need to talk to both of you, okay?

Uh, where's Yolanda?

She wanted to go to church before school.

To pray for Henry.

Rick: I'm getting closer on this, Pat.

I've read every dumb chemistry book in school and...


That's great and I'm sorry to interrupt you.

I don't mean to...

Where's Courtney?

Her father's here.

Starman's here?


Well, then, he can help.

Except her father's not Starman, all right?

Justin: Stripesy.

Oh, that's our janitor.

Beth: Hey.

Why the hell's he carrying a sword?

Pat: I don't know.


I... I need your help.

Dragon King.

Whoa, hang on a second.

Just take it easy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Bad guy. Bad guy!

Hold on.

Stay back! It's okay.

You will die, you monster!

No, wait.

Pat: I know him.

Justin, is that you?

Rick: You know this freak?

Pat: Yeah.

He's no bad guy.

Take it easy. All right?

Justin, it's me.

Beth: Careful, Mr. Dugan.

Rick: Let me take him.

All right? It's your old friend, Pat Dugan.

Stripesy. Okay?


Okay? It's all right.

I need your help.

I'm not well.

It's all right.

They destroyed everything that I was.

Beth: Who is he?

One of the strongest, bravest men I've ever known.


It's okay.

We're gonna take care of you, okay?

Good morning, Jordan.


I'm so sorry.

For what?

My memory has returned, thanks to Dr. Ito.

I remember who Stargirl is.

Her name's Courtney Whitmore.

Her stepfather is Pat Dugan.

You might remember him, or not, as Starman's lackey.


I'm going to go kill them.


Why not?

You're hesitating because of her mother?

I don't want you in my head, Henry.

Her daughter's death would devastate her.

I killed my own wife and son for your dream of a new America, Jordan, and you're hesitating over a woman that works for you?


I could erase this woman's memory of her daughter and husband, if that's what you want.

I don't want you inside her head either, Henry.

You know nobody's ever really the same afterwards.

I'm about to be in the heads of millions.

Reprogramming them all for the better, including Barbara.

Project New America will be even more than you ever imagined.

When my son died, I felt my powers grow, as if I'd absorbed his into mine.

It won't be six states I reprogram, it will be half of the country.

Everything you've ever wanted, everything your wife ever wanted, is about to come to pass.

We can't let anything get in the way.

Make up your mind soon, old friend.

Otherwise, I'll make it up for you.

( Door closes )

( Pop song playing )

I, um, traveled a lot, looking for work, chasing leads and business opportunities that never panned out.

Or I screwed them up.

It's kind of my thing, if you haven't noticed.

( Chuckles )

I know, by now, I'm like a stranger to you.

But I would like to fix that.

I don't wanna push it, but I was hoping, I don't know, sometime you could come visit me in California.

We'd spend some time together, you know, get to know one another.

That's all I want.




I mean, yeah, we'll figure it out.

You two ready to order?

Um... I'll have a... waffle with strawberry jam, please.

I'll do the same.

He's the Shining Knight?

The leader of the Seven Soldiers of Victory?

There's eight of you in the picture.

I know that, Beth.

So there was this whole other team?

I'll explain it to you later.

( Softly ) Justin, look at that.

See that?

I know you remember who I am.

Do you remember who you are?

I'm trying so hard to.

Rick: Pat.

Are you sure about this?

He almost killed you with that sword.


Yeah. Right.

That's Excalibur.

Pat: Yeah, Justin.

Remember where you got the sword, okay?

Tell me the story, okay?

It's a great story.

I wanna hear it again.

I was... but a lowly, yet loyal page, cleaning the horses' stables.

Yet King Arthur himself bestowed to me his sword.

Upon his deathbed, he told me, "Heroes... can come from anywhere".

Beth: Wait. Are you, like, from the past?

From the time of knights and dragons.

Pat, do you seriously believe that?

Yeah, I actually do.

Here, take that.

Now, you always told such great stories, Justin.

Better than any book I ever read.

Tell me the story of how you got here, to Blue Valley.


I was following the dragon.

Yes. That was it.

Just you?

All of you soldiers were scattered and gone.

But the dragon still needed slaying.

I fell...

I was captured.

They stole my identity from me.

They'll do it to us all! That's what they want.

Whoa. Hey, hey.

They will.


Calm, steady, steady.

( Groans )

Calm down.

Where am I?

You're safe.



No, none of us are safe.

My glory days might be behind me, but you have built a fine suit of armor!

Courtney should be back by now.

She's on her way.

She texted you?


Why didn't she text me?

Did she say anything else?

Just that she's safe.

So this old friend of yours is...

He said he was brainwashed?

I don't know exactly.

But they did something to him.

The kids, they... they ran into these people down in the tunnels that looked and moved like zombies.

I think I know what they could be planning, and I mean, it sounds insane, but a mass brainwashing of some kind.

I don't know what's going on, but your friend needs some help.

I'm gonna make up the guest bed so that he can get some rest.

Thank you.

Wanna sit for a sec?


Thanks for coming out here today.

Yeah, of course.

I'm excited for you to come visit.

Sooner than later, hopefully.

Courtney: Hm.

You know... I didn't know it when your grandmother gave me these, but... these lockets, the pair?

They are special.

I always wear mine.


Yeah, I was hoping you had yours.

So these lockets, they, um, they were made by... a fancy designer back in the day.

And old-time jeweler to the stars.

Like Marilyn Monroe-type people.

Actually, they're really valuable.

And I was thinking that if I sold them, then I could put a deposit down on my own place.

And once I get that settled, that'll be where you come visit.

Yeah, and I could...

I could buy you a bracelet or some, some really pretty earrings.

We can go shopping together in L.A.

We'll go to The Grove.

And then when I'm settled in, then you'd come visit.

Yeah, my place now, it's like a shoe-box.

It's barely big enough for me by myself.

Um... Yeah.

You can have it.


Ah, that's great.

I'll be back, Courtney.

And, uh... you know, when I am, I really... I want to hear all about you.


Sure thing, Sam.

See ya, kid.

He's gone, huh?

Look... if you need to yell at someone, if you need to let it out, I can take it, okay?

Whatever you need, Court, I'm here.

All right?

( Sobbing )

Hey, Sam.

Hold up, will you?

I gotta ask you, uh...

So what in the hell are you thinking?

I'm just heading home, man.

Sorry to be a bother.

Right, it's just...

You know, what you did to her...

I care about that kid.

And she loves that locket, you know?

She wears it every day.

She has since you gave it to her.

All right, listen.

I'll make it up to her, somehow.


Don't ever come back here.

( Snickers ) All right.

Wasn't planning on it, tough guy.


Hey, tell Barbara I said bye.

She still looks good.

Not as good as when I had her.

You're lucky I'm busy.

Barbara: I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have reached out to him. I...

I know who he is, I...

It's okay.

I needed to know.

I put all of us in so much danger, because I believed in some fairy tale.


All I want in the world is just to take you and run and just keep you safe.

But there are families in Blue Valley that need us right now, that need protecting.

( Voice breaks ) So what do I do?

If I let you stay and fight, you...

You might die. ( Sniffles )

I don't think it matters, Mom.

It's not meant for me anymore.

I need to get to school.

Uh, I... I'm ready to leave Blue Valley whenever you want.

Stephen. Unlock Barbara Whitmore's computer for me.

Sharpe: But...

Just do it.

Her history's been deleted.

Restore it for me.

( Sighs )

Boy: Twenty minutes. Don't be late!

( Students chattering indistinctly )

I'm not Stargirl.

Beth: Yes, you are.


I'm not, Beth.

My dad wasn't...

He isn't Starman.

He was just some jerk.

Well, my dad isn't Wildcat, but I am now.

This is different, Yolanda.


Beth: Yeah, how?

I never met Dr. Mid-Nite, but I'm the new one.

Because the staff won't work for me anymore, okay?

Well, why not?

Because it knows I'm not Starman's daughter.

Rick: Courtney, that staff is stupid then.

No, it... It's not. I used it when I wasn't meant to, and now I know for sure.

It was my fault Henry died, and it was my fault Joey Zarick was killed.

I can't have anyone else get hurt because I thought I was...

Because I thought I was someone I'm not.


Mrs. Patterson: I know this day is very hard for everyone.

Henry King's death left us with so many questions.

I know we all want answers.

But today, we're here to come together... and remember the life of a truly remarkable young man.

To begin, I'd like to introduce the man who knew him best.

Henry's father, Dr. King.

Dr. King: Thank you, Mrs. Patterson.

And thank you all for coming.

I can feel the love in this room for Henry.


And I can assure you, he loved you all, too.

As a doctor, I've seen tragedy.


Sometimes things happen for no reason.

No one is to blame.

Brainwave: Except you.

Come after us, please.

All we can do now is honor this loss by moving forward and living better lives.

Thank you.

Pat: Court? What is it?

Come on, please!


Brainwave remembers who I am.

Okay, we gotta get outta here.

Come on!

It doesn't want me anymore.

It knows I'm not Starman's daughter.

And it doesn't want me.

Court, that's just not true.

Yes, it is!

The staff chose me because it thought I was someone else.

The staff didn't choose you because of who your father is or isn't.

It knows all of my mistakes.


It knows my dad isn't Starman.

I don't know a lot about the staff, it's always known more than I did about almost everything.

But it always knew that your dad wasn't Starman, Court.

It chose you because it believed in you.

It's just waiting for you to believe in yourself again, that's all.

"Heroes can come from anywhere".

I'm gonna give you some time, okay?

To think about that.

I'll just be outside the door.

( Footsteps retreating )

What's going on?

It's not working.

I need you with me.

Both of you.

( Exhales )

( Wind whistling )

Justin: Aye.

Our queen has risen.

( Cosmic staff warbling )

( Footsteps approaching )

I'm glad you made the right decision.

We'll take care of them.

Stargirl, her sidekick...

And her mother.


The boy, too.


We can't leave a legacy running around.

Of course.

( Beeping )

Man: Greg, move your head!

Baby: Mad Ghost.