01x07 - Shiv Part One

( "Takin' Care Of Business" playing )

Good morning. ( chuckles )

( knife scrapes )

♪ You get up every morning ♪
♪ From your Alarm clock's warning ♪
♪ Take the 8:15 into the city ♪
♪ There's a whistle up above ♪
♪ And people pushin' People shovin' ♪
♪ And the girls Who try to look pretty ♪
♪ And if your train's on time ♪
♪ You can get to work by nine ♪
♪ And start your slaving job To get your pay ♪
♪ If you ever get annoyed ♪

Dr. Mid-Nite, singing along: ♪ Look at me ♪
♪ I'm self-employed ♪
♪ I love to work at nothing All day ♪

both singing: ♪ And I'll be Takin' care of business ♪
♪ Every day ♪
♪ Takin' care of business ♪
♪ Every way ♪
♪ I'll be taking care... ♪

( knocking at door )

James: Beth, are you okay?

Honey? Did you make us lunch?

Yeah, we didn't see it in there.

I got busy.

Hope you have a great day!

Hey! Fetch!




I'll take care of it, and training begins after school.

Hey, buddy.

Training for what?

Oh, you're making Courtney get a job, too?

She can actually have mine.

Miss Hawkins, she likes her paper on the front porch swing.

And look out for the cat.

It's adorable, but it's a hell beast.

Courtney: No job for me, young one.

Pat's just helping me...

Learn to drive.

With her homework.

Well, what I mean is, it's...

It's more like a driver's ed class, you know?

( chuckles ) Well, less of a class, and more of a "hands-on" experience, right?

Because the only way to really learn how to drive is to just... do it.

Actually, you're not right.

'Cause you're not just going to jump behind the wheel of an automobile without learning a few fundamental rules.

That's a good way to get yourself and everyone you love killed.

Geez, Dad.

Pat: Yeah.

Learning to drive is serious business, Mike.

It's, uh...

Please tell me you're not teaching Mike how to drive.

Mike? No.

Nope, just Courtney. If she doesn't kill everyone.

Wait. What?

It's fine, Mom.

We're probably just going to study a bunch of boring old manuals and never even leave the Pit Stop.

That's exactly what we're going to do.

No driving yet, just going over the basic rules of the road.


And, you know...

You probably have a better idea how to do it.

Pat, listen.


I appreciate you showing interest in wanting to teach Courtney how to drive and I know cars are your thing, but I really wish you would've talked to me about this.

I'm sorry.

I should have told you.

I should tell you everything.

( Barbara sighs )

Barbara: Like what?

Like, you look beautiful today.

Man, are they lucky down at American Dream!

( Barbara chuckles )

Pat: I'm lucky, too.

Okay! Let's go, we're going to be late.

( kisses ) Aw.

I'll check in with you later.

Barbara: All right.

Pat: Come on, Mike, you can finish it on the road.


Let's go, guys. Come on.

Mike: Finished.

( door closes )


( chuckles ) Hi.


What are you doing here?

I thought that these would brighten the room.

And I'm worried about you.

Henry: I feel like I can wake him up.

Like I can will it to happen.

I know it sounds crazy.

It does.

You poor thing.

Listen... let me help.

Help how?

Help you plan Homecoming, of course.

Look, I could find you a suit.

Make the dinner reservations.

Book the town car, which is really important because I want the interior to match my corsage--

Cindy, you think I care about some dumb dance?

Look at my dad.

You're right. You're right.

You're right. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I brought it up. I shouldn't have.

I just, um... I thought you might want to have some fun.

Remember fun, Henry?


I know. I'm sorry.

I just... I can't leave him.

I understand.

Okay? I'd be the same way if it was my dad.

I'm so sorry.

You want to stay with me a while?

Sure. ( chuckles )

( sighs softly ) Oh, my God.

( bell rings )

( on speakers ) Good morning students, Principal Bowin here.

I hope you're as excited about Grease as I am.

One of my personal favorites.

Now, I expect every student to post no comments about...

Watch where you're going. Losers.

( Courtney sighs )

Why is Cindy Burman so mean?

She's always been like that.

Beth: No, I remember in elementary school she was a lot nicer.

Then her mom died and her dad got remarried.

Twice, actually.

And overnight, she became the scariest kid in the fourth grade.

Her mom died?

Rick: That's no excuse.

She's just a horrible person.

( bell rings )

Beth: So, six more hours, then JSA time!


Great! Say it louder!

Meet here after?

I can't wait.

( gasps ) Oh.

Oh! Hey. Sorry. Barbara.

A wonderful opportunity just presented itself.

A sewing machine factory in Oakville that's been closed for the better part of a decade just went up for sale.

And I was hoping you could help me secure it.


The city council needs to approve the buyer, and being from Blue Valley, you're a great advocate for what The American Dream can do for a town in need.

Of course, you'll need to make it work with your family's schedule.

But we'd leave today, come back tomorrow.

Yes. Wow.

Uh, let me check with Pat.

Great. Let me know.



Thank you... for thinking of me for this.

Of course.

You've done such a great job here.

You and your family should be proud.

( chuckles )

( on speakers ) Good afternoon, students. This is Principal Bowin again...

I wanted to remind everyone of the pre-game pep rally set for promptly at five PM.

Guess what?

Surprise me.

Travis asked me to Homecoming.


Well, that means we can double date.

Me and Travis, you and Henry--

What makes you think I'm even going to the dance, Jenny?

It's ground zero for losers.

( chuckles ) Like Travis and you, apparently.

Why are you such a bitch?

What did you just say?

I'm saying I'm glad you're not going to the dance.

Because I need a break from you.

( scoffs ) Well, it's mutual.

Cindy sighing: Idiot.

These shoes are worth more than your life.

There is no book so bad that it has not something good in it.


Worthless freak.

Here you go.

Thank you, m'lady.


( echoing ) Henry.

Hey, not so loud.

We have to go to the dance.

I told you, I'm not up for it.

I'm not even playing in the game tonight.

You're taking me.

If you want to go to that dance so bad, go with someone else.

I wish I could.

( bell rings )

Okay, class. Let's partner up for the cloud experiment.

Remember to put your safety glasses on.

We are dealing with some serious chemicals here.

Alrighty, everyone, find a partner now. Quickly.

( sighs )

Hey. Want to be partners?

With you? No.

I don't see anyone else knocking down your door.

Face it, this is happening.

Fine. Get the beakers.

I'll get the sodium chloride and the hydrogen peroxide.


Less standing, more moving.

So, everyone...

Turn your papers over.

You have 45 minutes. You know how many seconds that is?


( distorted ) Extra credit. Anyone?

Mr. King.

( distortion stops )

Mr. King.

Are you all right?

Yeah, yeah.

( distortion resumes )

student 1: I hate tests.

student 2: I should have studied.

Jenny: I'm glad I studied.

student 3 sighs: This pencil's broken.

student 4: To the power of 3. So x is 17.

Jenny: Seventeen.

student 5: Seventeen.

student 3: Equals 64, so y is 23.

student 6: Use the diagram to match the values of x.

( voices overlapping )

student 7: We're doing triangles now.

What are you staring at?

You haven't looked at the directions once.

Yeah. This is child's play.

I literally did this as a child.

You played with dangerous chemicals as a kid?

That's kind of... unusual.

Yep, not when your dad's a chemist and leaves the cupboards unlocked.

On purpose.

We did science experiments for fun.

Oh. ( chuckles )

That sounds kind of cool.

What did your dad do?

I don't really know. My stepdad's a mechanic.

My real dad died when I was younger, but I hear he was this really great guy.

Hmm. Sad he died.

Oh, don't forget the sodium chloride.


All right.

( chuckles )


( laughs )

Cindy, Courtney.

Great work, you two.

Nice job. ( chuckles )

( bell rings )

So, are you going to the dance?

( clears throat )

I hadn't planned on it.

Yeah, I figured.

Me either. It's going to be so lame.

Hey, if you want we can, um, hang.

Saturday night.

Oh, uh...


( sighs )

Cool. Then I'll text you.

'Cause you have my number.



( car door closes )

Bobbie: You're home!

How wonderful.

How was your day, honey?

None of your business.

( plate breaks )

Of course, it's not, but I do hope it was nice.

Do you?

Do you really hope that I had a good day?

Because if I were you, I'd be praying I was hit by a car.

My day was awful... if you must know.

I think I might retire to my room a bit early.



No, no, no. I want an after-school snack, Mom.

How about some cheese... and wine?

Oh! ( chuckles ) You know I can't serve you wine, you silly goose.


So, you're disobeying me again.

No, I'm not disobeying you.

Your father has given me very strict instructions on alcohol and curfew and...

Yeah, I'm going to tell him how awful you've been to me.

You're in so much trouble.

Please, Cindy. Honey.

I'll get the wine.

How about a nice Pinot Noir?

I keep a bottle in my room.

Just put it in mine.

You know your father doesn't like it when you visit unannounced.

Yeah, well, if I ask him, he'll just say he's busy, like always.

You're not allowed down there.

( metallic banging )

( banging continues )

( growling )

( growling )

Stop growling at me. Creep.

( metallic banging )

( growling )

Pat: Hey, guys, welcome to the Pit Stop.

We're training here?

We need to do it somewhere private.

The Injustice Society is looking for us.

Courtney's right. We've got to lay low until we're trained and ready.

Do we suit up, or--

Not yet, Rick.

I've been working all day on something special for you guys.

We need to go over two crucial categories.

One, what you guys can do, and two, what the bad guys can do.

We know what we can do. I can hit things hard.

Yolanda can climb up walls and kill toasters.

Beth can talk. About everything.

Happy to!

And Courtney has a glow stick that blows things up.

But you still don't know how to work together as a team.

Teamwork is what made the original Justice Society of America so special.

But it took time for them to become great.

And still, with all that skill and talent, they weren't able to survive.

So I just want you kids to understand the dangers, too.

So, let me present the Injustice Society of America.

Yolanda: Wow!

Beth: It's great!

Pat: Let's go.

( chuckles softly ) I trust you, Pat.

Crusher: So, our man comes out the door, I hit him with three baseballs in quick succession, and he goes down.

man: Thanks for the play-by-play, but who are they?

They can't just come from nowhere.

They have to come from somewhere.

I'm telling you, I think they were all just kids.

They were kids.

Except maybe that big robot.

Then we should bring our children into this.

They could help us find them.


We agreed to keep our sons and daughters in the dark.

My boy Isaac is much too sensitive for this kind of life.

You coddle him. That's your problem, not his.

How can you not be worried?

This new JSA could already know who we are.

No, if they knew our true identity, then they'd come for us already.

Keep looking for them while I'm gone.

I have facial recognition programs working overtime.

We'll find this Stargirl and her friends, whoever they are.

"Stargirl"? ( gasps )

Pat: Their leader's called Icicle.

He's the one responsible for Joey Zarick's death.

And my dad's.

But his days are numbered.

The staff and I went after him before, and that's when I barely knew how to use it.

But you still have a lot to learn.

So, let's get started.

This is Sportsmaster.

If there's a better fighter in the world, I've never met them.

He first appeared on the scene a few decades ago, battling against Wildcat and Green Lantern--

If we wanted a history lesson, we'd ask Beth and her goggles.

Pat: Sportsmaster's partner is called Tigress.

She's as sadistic as they come, and she uses a crossbow that's lethal--

Courtney: We know.

We saw it last week.

Okay. Let's talk about some of our, uh, more eccentric opponents.

Like the Gambler.

Don't let his rotund form and southern-fried charm fool you.

He's one of the most cunning and nefarious criminal masterminds in the world.

The Fiddler. Male. Caucasian.

Except he's no longer a white dude, she's Principal Bowin.

We don't know that.

Yeah, we do.

Court, you agreed to let me do the training.

Well, can we speed this up?

Who knows how many people are being hurt because we're not out there right this second.

If you're not trained to work as a team, you'll be the ones getting hurt.

You have no idea the threat that Solomon Grundy presents if they still control him.

My point is, rushing to confront them again is too risky.

There are always going to be risks.

( Cosmic Staff hums )

( chuckles, sighs )

I'm ready, don't you think?

Darn it, Court, this exercise wasn't just for you.

You could've saved one of those for me to practice on.

Me too. I'm a newbie at all this.

That was lame.

Pat: All right, well, let's just call it for today.

( bucket rattles )

We'll pick it up again tomorrow, all right?

You'll do it tomorrow.

This was supposed to be for the team.

I'm really sorry.

( Cosmic Staff hums )

Dr. Ito: Why did you come down here?

Is there a problem with your stepmother again?

Cindy scoffs: She's not my stepmom.

She's a glorified babysitter.

I can't take it anymore.

Dr. Ito: Can't take what, exactly?

Being a teenager.

Dr. Ito: You are a teenager.

( drone gurgles )

Cindy: I want to be part of the ISA.

Right now.

Dr. Ito: It takes two weeks to condition them.

Two weeks of work wasted, and for what?

It's like you've learned nothing from your mother's death.

I was young, okay? That was a mistake.

Dr. Ito: Get rid of this.

I gave you powers to protect you.

Not enhance your tantrums.

Get away from there.

Don't touch that.

Put it down.

( grunts )

I said, stop.

( pants )

You know, I could be helping you for real instead of wasting my time in high school.

I'm the one that runs that place, not Principal Bowin.

Those kids will do anything I say.

Dr. Ito: Your only concern should be for one of those kids.

Yeah, Henry? He used to be fun, but now that his Dad's in a coma all he does is mope around.

Just pull the plug already.

Dr. Ito: If Brainwave doesn't wake up, we need Henry's telepathic abilities for my machine.

Cindy: He doesn't have any, Dad.

Can I dump him? Please?

No. You must keep watch.

Yeah, but whenever he's not at school, he's sitting at that dumb hospital.

( slams table )

I've asked you for one simple thing.

He doesn't have his dad's powers, okay?

He doesn't even know who his dad is.

None of them do.

That's for the best.

It's boring!

And if they knew who their parents were, at least I'd have someone to talk to.

I'm all alone up there.

Dr. Ito: If you're unhappy, buy some clothes.

Or throw another party.

I don't care which.

Who's Stargirl?

I heard the grownups talking.

The Justice Society's in Blue Valley.

That's not your business.

I want a seat at that table.

And I want it now.

You're not ready.

Not ready?

( scoffs ) I'm not a novice anymore, Pat.

This isn't only about you.

It's about your friends that you put in the line of fire.

It's about learning to be a team to save this town from whatever the Injustice Society have planned.

How about you send me on a mission while they train?

A mission?

I can prove that I'm right about Principal Bowin being part of them.

Dr. Ito: There are more important things at stake than your selfish needs.

But Dad, I--

Go home, Cynthia.

And don't take this out on your stepmother again.

I don't have time to prepare another.

You are my greatest experiment, dear child.

You're awful.

Barbara: So, you're sure you can handle them?

Pat: They're not babies, Barbara.

We've got it all under control, Barbara.

Dad's going to take us to the homecoming game tonight.

He is?


That sounds like fun!

It's gonna be great.

I'm sorry I'm going to miss it.

This has gotten me through many boring cross country road trips with my dad.

Circus peanuts. Gobstoppers.

Pop Rocks, when you need a little extra boost.

Oh, Mike, you're so thoughtful!

Thank you.

Thank you, sweetheart.

Aw, come on, group hug. Group hug.

Oh, I'm going to miss you guys so much!

Okay, we gotta go.

Your papers, miss.

Good luck.


Good luck.

All right.


Everything all right?


What's going on?

The Homecoming dance is tomorrow.

There's this girl I wanna go with.

I just don't know how to ask her.

When you really like someone, it's never easy.

Like when I first asked your mother out.

You had trouble asking Mom out?

Well, I had competition.

There was another man pursuing her.

So what'd you do?

I killed him.

( laughs )

( chuckles )

I first saw your mother in Trafalgar Square in London.

Every day we would eat lunch in the same park.

She would sketch and I'd watch her.

When I finally got the courage to speak with her, she showed me page after page of the most amazing drawings she had made of me.

Cameron: So, she liked you too?


She was just waiting for me to approach her.

You know, maybe this girl of yours, she's also just waiting for you to ask her.




You were put on this Earth to find love.

Don't let anything stop you from trying.

What about you, Dad?

Mom would want you to be happy.

I am happy.

( sighs )

( band playing )

( whistling )

Come on, Dogs!

Gotta get into it. Right?


announcer over loudspeakers: Ladies and gentlemen, get to your feet.

Your Blue Valley Prairie Dogs are set to kick off!

Back to receive, number 15, Greg Hayes for the Civic City Atoms!

Oh! Okay, I'm starved. I'm going to grab a hot dog.

You two want anything?

No, thanks.

Nachos, popcorn, a giant foam finger, a funnel cake--

Okay, yeah, Mike, I'll go take out a quick loan and then go to the concession stand.

Coke and a hot dog.

( cheering )

What are you looking at?


According to you.

Leave her alone, Court.

Who are you two talking about?

both: No one.

( whistle blows )

Well, at least you had the same answer this time.

announcer: Up the middle for a 15-yard gain by number 22, Jacob Garrison.

He's my dad, you know.

Not yours.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about you and him.

Hanging out all the time, teaching you how to learn to drive and cook and be annoying.

Do you see me with Barbara 24/7 because I don't have a mother?

No, you don't.


'Cause I deal with it.

Pat and I have been through a lot.

More than you know.


Cameron: Courtney.


I was hoping you'd be here.

Do you mind if I sit down?

Please, yeah. ( chuckles )


( crowd cheering )

Do you want to go to the Homecoming dance with me?


Yes! I... I would.

I... I mean, I do.

But I already made plans.

Oh. Okay.

Not to go to the dance.

To hang out with Cindy Burman.

Cameron: Cindy Burman.



But I... I'd really love to go to the dance.

So, I can go talk to Cindy.

She and I can hang out some other time.


So, yes!


( chuckles )

( players shouting )

announcer: Touchdown!

( cheering )

announcer: That was another beautiful play by Blue Valley All-Star, Artemis Crock!


( chanting )

( chanting ) Go, Dogs!

( whooping )

My God, you're bad.

Hey, Cindy!



Cindy: Hi.

I could really use you on this team.

It's a disaster.

Um, I was wondering if we could maybe hang out another night besides tomorrow?


Cameron asked me to the dance. ( chuckles )

Are you serious? The art freak?

Um, maybe we could do it another--

Forget it. Forever.

( whistle blows )

But I'd really like--

No, no. Your loss. Not mine.

Ugh, I hate it up here.

Popcorn. Hot Dogs. Funnel Cake.

You know, I don't see anything on that menu that's on your plan, big guy, except maybe the water.

Let's hit the gym this week, Pat.

Principal Bowin: I know everything's ready.

I've been trying to wake Dr. King up.

Yes. I'll try again.

Thank you.

Where's Courtney?

Don't know, don't care.

( Cosmic Staff hums )

You're the only one I can always count on.

Come on, let's go get her.

( Cosmic Staff hums )

( grunts )

Come on.

( Cosmic Staff hums )

( door lock clicks )


Where is my father?

( yells ) Where is he?

( sighs in exasperation )

I want a seat at the table, now!

( keypad buzzes )

( keypad buzzes )

( yells ) Dad!

( gasps )

He's never there when I need him.

( alarm beeping )


What the heck?

( screams )

( grunts )

Stargirl, I presume?

( gasps )

You know, you really shouldn't be taking Courtney to these games if she's not even going to watch them.

Okay, I'll be back in a minute. Hold that.

( both grunting )

( yells )

( yells in pain )

Oh, no.

Oh, no!

( laughs )

( grunts )

( groans )

( grunting )

( grunts )

I so needed this today.

( gasps )

( man grunts )

( gasping )

Until death it is all life.

( Cosmic Staff hums )

Where is she?

( grunts )

( panting )

Pat: Courtney!



Oh! Oh, God.


Pat, softly: Courtney.

Courtney. Courtney.

( gasps )

Oh, no.