s05e06 - Mr Jones

There are some things we need to discuss.

Our friend Jimmy McCavern has asked for control of the racecourses north of Wincanton. I said yes.

In return for what?

No return.


I'm glad I didn't shoot you.

It would have been a kindness.

Now get out.

Thomas: This is a cheque guarantee. Signed by Mosley... on behalf of a man called Jimmy McCavern.

The consequence of good intentions.

My good intentions.

Push the button.

Unlock the door and come home to me.

( Engine starts )

I've a job for you.

( He laughs )

I'll come for you... after midnight on Wednesday.

Barney Thomason... is going to kill Oswald Mosley.

While he's on stage.

While I'm stood next to him.

And then I will take over as leader of the party.

It's going to be a busy few weeks, brother.

( Whiskey flows )

( Glass tinkles )

( He grunts, sniffs )

( He sniffs )

You prefer Irish to Scotch?

Yes, Mr Churchill.

Irish over Scotch.

Cigarettes over Havana cigars.

And your mother was probably born in a tent.

Grandmother in a tent.

My mother on a narrow boat.

And always happy to give smart answers to men born better than you.

A man needs to prove he is better than me rather than show me his birth certificate.

You see, I don't have one, so they mean very little to me.

You speak beautifully in the House...

Thank you... and believe not a word of what you are saying.

Conviction introduces emotion, which is the enemy of oratory.

You read Greek literature.

I have trouble sleeping.

Is there a reason for your visit, Mr Churchill?

You are forming an alliance with a fascist.

So I made some enquiries amongst the worst people in Whitehall, and I found out that you are not forming an alliance with him at all.

You are spying on him.



The honest answer is... I'm no longer sure.

Do you dig your own garden, Mr Shelby?

I have a gardener.

In fact, I have three gardeners.

Three generations of men with no ambition... who are happier than I will ever be.

Well, if you ask them, they will tell you that there are certain species of weed that no matter how much you tug at them, poison them, they continue to grow back.

In the end, the only solution is to plough up the top soil, create a field of mud and blow up and burn the exposed tap roots.

That's what you and I did in France.

But when I hear that man Mosley speak, I see the green shoots of another war growing up around his feet.

And you see exactly the same thing I do.

That's why you oppose him.


Your mystery solved.

What is your strategy?

I won't burden you with it.

You're going to break the law.

( He sighs )

I need to sleep.

You said you don't sleep.

I said I have trouble sleeping.

As do I.

As do I.

Mr Shelby, I have no doubt that there was once a time in Flanders when you were under the ground and I was above it, both working to the same end.

We are in the same exact situation here, in Westminster.

Do what you have to do, Mr Shelby.

And if you need anything, call me.

There are some times, some nights... when I don't see the point of carrying on with any of it.


That old dance routine.

I put out a cigar, and an hour later I want another.

Sometimes, the bridge between hours is a fragile as that.

But use it anyway.

A tent.

Then a boat.

Then a house.

Now a mansion.

That's something. Isn't it?

Yeah, that is something.

By the way... was it you who killed that Ulsterman intelligence officer?

I forget his name.

Major Campbell.

Yes, Campbell.


It was my aunt.

I really must come up to Birmingham some day and spend an evening with your family.

They sound interesting.


We'd like that.

I got to Harold French, refereeing Liverpool. He just wants cash.

Tom the tatter, reffing Sheffield Wednesday, wants cash and a beating for a bloke who's screwing his wife.

The clap doctor said go easy on the whiskey, yeah?


You don't knock?

No, Finn.

I don't knock.


Hello, Billy.

How are you, mate?

Good, Mr Shelby.

Yeah, you look good.

That's a nice suit.

Thank you, Mr Shelby.

He earned that suit.

We made more on the matches than we did on the races last Saturday.

He's a good man.

Yeah, I know that. Mm.

You're coming up in the world, I like it.

How's the missus, hmm?

The old trouble and strife, as the cockneys like to call it.

She moved out.

Oh, that's a shame.

Mind if I join you, eh?

Mind if I join the party? Look at this, having some fun. Hmm?

You're a good man, Billy.

You're a good man, eh?

You could sing like a bird in a cage.

And what did we do, eh?

We opened that cage, and the real man flies out, reveals himself.

The truth is young, Billy boy...


Here, look.

What have we got here? Oh, look.

Look at that, Billy boy, eh?

Then there's some snow there, look.

Oh, there's more. Look, snowflakes, Billy.

Now, I know you like that, hmm? Well, I do too.

So, I'll tell you what, why don't we have a little line together.

Eh? Why don't we do a little bit of snow together?

Oh, spilt it all down you an' all.

It's the eyes. Sorry, mate.

Hey, what can I do? I'm messy, aren't I, Billy?

I do apologise.

And you.


Look at you.

Sitting here with your mate, eh? Your best mate.

Well, while you're sitting here, talking about our business, drinking whiskey, smoking and sniffing...


And working.

You remember, you tell this man about our family business... and it's his life you're risking. Cos people talk, Finn.

We... we only ever talk about football and women, Mr Shelby.

( Glass clanks to ground )

Football and women, we only ever...

We only ever talk about football and women.

Oh, do you?




Come on.

Family meeting, let's go.

( Door opens )

You're not eating right. You're not eating right.

You're not getting the natural things in you, boy, that's what it is, always.

You bearing up, Arthur?

Bearing up for what?

Bearing up to being free, Pol.

Another glass, eh?

Another glass of so what.

Are you all right, Charlie?

Mad b*st*rd Barney kicked me in the shin when I woke him up.

Where is the mad b*st*rd?

He's tied to a lamp post outside with three Lee boys, sh1tting themselves.

Have a drink.

First of all, an apology from Lizzie, she can't be here.

Charles has a violin concert.

Also, a welcome to Mr Aberama Gold.

He and Polly are to be married in three weeks, with my blessing.

From now on, Aberama will be welcome at our meetings.

First item of business, a bereavement.

Colonel Ben Younger, who may perhaps have become a member of this family, was taken from us, four days ago, by dark forces.

We've made some investigations, and we think we know who planted the bomb.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with Ada and the baby inside of her, who may one day sit at these meetings, but hopefully under happier circumstances.

Let's drink to happier circumstances.


To Ada.

All: To Ada.

To Ada.

Item number two.

An announcement, regarding Michael.

Before you go on, Tommy, there's something I'd like to say to the whole family directly, regarding finances and the future of this company.

According to your own estimations, this new venture of the delivery and shipment of opium will bring into the company around £2 million per year.

Therefore, due to the amounts involved, I think this company should be restructured.

Michael, I think this can wait till outside the family meeting.

Restructured in what way?

Because of the amounts of money involved, shipment and dispatch will become the primary source of income to the company.

It's simple mathematics.

And with the help of my wife, I will organise an expansion into America, where the narcotics business is just beginning to grow.

See, I have very good contacts in Detroit, New York, Boston, who I've already spoken to about this.

And Gina has family who are very experienced in this kind of business.

According to the conversations I've had with them, with a regular supply of pure opium from China, within a short space of time, the American narcotics business will bring in 20 million per annum.

Enough money for you to all enjoy an easing of the burden you all now feel.

See, I know that the scars and the wounds, they're on the inside, not on the outside.

And as a member of the new generation, I'm able to take that great burden off your weary shoulders.

A new decade is coming.

There'll be new opportunities in new territories.

More money than we've ever had before.

Tommy, you can still do the good work that deep down you want to do.

Mum, you can get married and live in that big house.

Arthur, you can be the man that Linda wants you to be.

f*ck Linda.


You've proved yourself.

You're part of the new generation.

You could come to New York, with me.

Here is my proposal.

A full restructuring of the company.

I will be managing director... and you can be nonexecutive chairman, but under an assumed name, to protect your reputation.

I've found the name of a dead man.

You will be registered as Mr Jones.

You will each receive a percentage of the profits as an annuity, and you will no longer have to engage in any of the associated activities.

Take a look at the future, Tommy.

At least read it with an open mind.

It's cold in here, Michael.

( Laughter )

Tommy, the Americans want to deal with me.

Item number three.

Gina: Tell him the truth.

Go on.

He can take it.

Tell me the truth, Michael.

The Americans don't want to deal with an old-fashioned, backstreet razor gang.

Those days are done.

Tommy. He's bitten through the f*cking rope.

They've got him cornered, but they need help.

Go and get him!

f*ck the Americans.

I'm doing this for you, Tommy.

It's time.

And you know it.

Tommy, Mum's leaving, John's dead, Arthur needs help, Ada's man was killed in your own back yard because you f*cked up.

Go on, Tom. Go on, cut me.

Like the good old days.

Or... see this for what it is.

A natural succession... that someday must happen.

I gave you an opportunity, Michael, you've betrayed me.

Don't be here when I get back.


You can tell your family...

Let me guess.

Don't f*ck with the Peaky Blinders.



( Door closes )

...guess we're going to be forced to take the second option.

They're not f*cking voices!

Whoa! Whoa! Calm down.

Put the gun down.

They're not f*cking voices!



Put down the gun. At ease.


At ease, soldier. At ease. Look at me. You're on our side.

You're at home. You're at home.

Yeah? Yeah.

Here. Take this, Barney. Jeremiah.


Take him to Charlie's yard before he falls over.

The devil will now be an angel. Isiah, Curly, you go with him.

Come, brother. Let me give you the good news.

Jesus loves you.

So, where the f*ck is he?

Thomas: All right, boys. A subsidiary meeting of the generation that actually do the work.

Arthur: Right. Let's have the good stuff.

None of that sh1t ponces drink.

Here we go, look.

All right, so item number three.

An introduction.

Except now you've already met the man I was going to introduce.

In France, he was a comrade.

What the f*ck is he now, Tom?

He's a man we can use, Johnny.

For what? Put him in a ring with a bear and take bets on the outcome.

I tell you, I wouldn't put much money on the f*cking bear.

Aberama, that man is a trained Royal Marine sniper.

Furthermore, he has a criminal profile which will make his actions explicable to the police.

What actions?

A killing.

Aberama: And since when did you worry about the police?

Barney Thomason... is going to kill an MP.

Possibly the future prime minister of Great Britain.

What the f*ck, Tom?

After the killing, there will be an investigation by Special Branch and intelligence forces.

There will be a lot of powerful people as angry as f*cking hornets.

We need there to be no connection to us.

Barney Thomason is registered as criminally insane.

He broke out. He's an old soldier.

He has known grievances.

No-one will question that the assassination was carried out by a single gunman acting alone.

And you'd sacrifice an old comrade?

If they catch him, they won't hang him on grounds of insanity, just send him back to where I found him.

He'll have had a very eventful holiday that he'll probably believe never really happened.

And where will this killing take place?

There you go.

He'll be on stage.

With lots... of witnesses.

During the rally, there will be an anti-fascist demonstration.

Amidst the confusion, a shot will be fired.

And we're organising this demonstration?


And where will you be, Tom?

I'll be down on one knee, cradling his head... while the life drains from him.

Then I'll make a speech... saying how the cause he died for must continue... continue safe in my hands.

Holy f*ck.

Tommy... does your ambition have no limits?

Jimmy McCavern will be running security at this event.

He'll probably be in the wings.

You can take his life in whichever manner you choose.

What do you want us to do, Tom?

You and Arthur and a couple of the Lee boys, you'll be in charge of getting Barney into position.

He'll be up in the lighting gantry.

We'll need chains and a twitch, Tom.

No. I will medicate him.

So he's going to be cross-eyed when he takes the shot?

In France, he never missed... no matter what they gave him.

He'll have had plenty of target practise.

Before he takes the shot, Arthur here will give him some cocaine to sharpen him up.

So just...

You're going to be up on the stage while this criminally insane gunman filled with cocaine takes aim at a man just a yard away from you?

Welcome to the family, Aberama.

What about me, Thomas? The man with the broken f*cking leg.

After the killing, every copper in Birmingham will be sent to Bingley Hall.

Use that opportunity to get that boat full of opium up to Stourbridge locks.

There, you'll be met by some Chinese gentlemen.

They will have two suitcases full of cash.


Every man in this room will receive 30,000 in cash, in recognition of extra services.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Tom!

( He laughs )

Anyone who want to leave, leave now.

Anyone who is tired of this old-fashioned, backstreet f*cking razor gang can leave.

Anyone who's tired can f*cking stop.


Charlie, go to the yard and light a fire.

Johnny, bring the van around.

What's the fire for, Tom?

There is an item number four.

( Laughter )

It's time.

( Door opens )

( Humming )

Jeez, Mr Shelby.

If I'd have known, I'd have come in early and served ye drinks, huh?

Here, Micky.

Sit down there.

Sure, I'll have a drink, will I?

Here you go, have a drink.

A few days ago, I went to London, Micky... to collect some cargo.

I was met by the Titanic boys.

They knew I was coming.

Yeah. When, where, what time.

They even knew... the cargo I was picking up.


Four days ago, Micky... a soldier was killed outside my office... by a bomb.

Yeah, erm, the papers said that was IRA.

No, it wasn't the IRA, Micky.

No. It weren't the IRA, Micky.

I spoke to the girls who work at the Digbeth telephone exchange.

They're friends of mine.

I asked them what calls were made around the time of the explosion.

They told me that... 30 minutes before the explosion a call was made to a man in Sparkhill who has connections to the Ulster Volunteer Force.

He now offers his services for cash.

( Arthur taps glass )

Paddy Rose.

Yeah, me and my brother, we spoke to Paddy.

At length.

He told us it was him that planted the bomb.

Yeah, we spoke to him.

We killed him, Micky.

Paddy Rose is dead.

We weighted him down, we sunk him, to the bottom of the Grand Union Canal.

The girls at the exchange gave me the number of the man that called, Micky, before the explosion.

That was your number.

Micky, it was you who called him.

You tipped him off.

You were told to call him if a black man of a certain description ever came to Small Heath.

We know you've... you've been giving the Titanic boys information as well.

We know that.


You've been working behind the bar, hmm?

Seeing what goes on, listening, taking notes, and selling your stories to the highest bidder. Hmm?


Come on.

( He whimpers )

Come on, man.

( He sobs )

Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus.

I'm sorry, Mr Shelby.

Don't look at Tommy.

The ceiling would be cheaper, brother.


Look at that, Arthur.


Shaking like the hand of a normal man.

What about item five, Tom?


There is an item five, right, Tommy?

Sobbing: I'm f*cking sinking here, man.

I'm f*cking sinking, Tom.

You... you... you said there's an item five. Say it, Tommy.

Item five could start now, Tommy.

It could start this year, a new decade.


Michael could be right, we could go, Tommy.

We could go.

We could f*cking leave this place. We could leave it to the kids.

Michael's... He might be right.

He might be f*cking right.

Arthur! There is no item number five!

Go and check that Polly is still on our side.

I have to go to Margate.

All right, Tom.

All right, brother!

Oh, God. Jesus Christ.

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( Rock music plays )

You out there, Tommy?

Yeah. I'm here.

I was just having some oil rubbed into the bits that really hurt, mate.

What do you think of that view, eh?

It's Margate. What can you do?

( Record scratches/music stops )

I'll tell you something, Tommy, right?

I sit all day every day in that chair, on that balcony, contemplating the fact, right, that life is so much easier to deal with when you are dead!

Hello, Alfie.

Yeah. Did you... did you look through the binoculars?

Yeah. I watch ships. No two are the same.


That is how God sees us both, in his eyes.

God, eh?

Yeah, sort of. I mean, you know.

Someone who's responsible for all this f*cking mess.

Now, how soon did you know that I was not dead?

You wrote me a letter, Alfie.

Did I?

Yeah, you asked about your dog.

They gave me a lot of drugs at first.

Hmm. Yeah, all right.

I was lying out there, and the tide had come in, and it woke me up.

I remember looking around and thinking, you know...

"f*ck. If this is hell...

"..it looks a lot like Margate."

Maybe that's just what hell looks like, eh?

No, no. Not according to this holy book right here, yeah?

It gives a very, very vivid description.

You and I are both f*cked, mate.

Do you read the papers, Alfie?

No, don't be silly.

( Gun cocks )

But you've heard.

What, fascism, yeah?

Three, two, one, bang.



Good Lord, your f*cking condition has got worse, mate.

( Thomas coughs )

Mine, on the other hand, I've been living the dream.

Sometimes, I will shoot at the side of a ship.

And sometimes I'll sit here, I may shoot at the old seagull.

Alfie... I'm going to shoot Oswald Mosley.

Right, well... I hope you do a better job on him than the one you done on me, yeah?

I mean, what... what were you thinking? Was your mind somewhere else, Tommy?

Yes, it was actually.

Yeah, all right.

( Ship horn bellows )

Oh, look.

A ship.

Why do you want to shoot him?

I need to organise a riot, Alfie.


And I hear you still have some... standing in the Jewish community.

Let me be clear, right?

Since my resurrection, I am considered to be a God, all right?

In the Holy Land, someone has made an image of me out of rock embedded in the sand, so I'm told, and I am planning to make a pilgrimage to stand in my own shadow.

Are you going to shoot him because this man is evil?

I need men who can fight.

Mosley uses men from Glasgow.

So if the men causing the trouble are Jewish it will be... explicable.

Since when did you need explanations, Tommy?

Since I entered politics.

Oh, that's right, yeah.

Oh, yeah. And how has that been for you, Tom?

Gangs, wars, truces...

Nothing I didn't already know.

( Alfie snores )

So you think if you kill him, you... you will kill the message, yeah?

I will kill the man, then I will kill the message.

How much you paying?

I thought you might do it for the cause, Alfie.

f*ck off.

Each man will get £20.

You'll get £5,000.

You know, as a god, Tommy, right, I am now able to just rise above those kinds of insults, mate.


How is my dog?

Your dog is fine.

In that case, ten should be enough. Where do you want the men?


No. No.

20 will not be enough for my lads to step inside that f*cking sh1t hole.

It will have to be 25 at least.

25 it is. You can take your dog back, then, eh?

No, it's better for him to think that I am still dead.

As it is also with the police.


So you're still at it, eh, Tommy?


You ain't got no Margate to go to.

( He clicks tongue )


And I have no interest in shooting seagulls.

Oh, you have in shooting cabinet ministers?


And their paid informants. Mm.

I was on a lot of drugs at first, right, due to the pain, you know, on account of it...

Well, you know, being shot in the face by... some c**t.

I won't bore you with the details, it'dchill ya.

Nonetheless, I had a recurring dream.

I saw you in a field, right?

With a big black horse.

And you said goodbye, and then... bang.

All right, then. Well, what now?

( He sighs )

I will continue... till I find a man that I can't defeat.


Arthur asked whose side I was on.

( Thunder cracks and rolls )

There will be a war... and one of you will die.

But which one, I cannot tell.


He's going to do it anyway.


You should know, if Aberama takes his side, I will kill him.

What about me?

I'll do what I have to do, Pol.

Kill... and kill...

It's the only way to make people listen.

Soon you'll have a stage to stand on.

Millions of people will listen to you.

And you will run the country like you run this family.

It appears to be what people want.

But not me.

Not any more.

My resignation.

( Door opens, closes )

( He sighs )

( Phone rings )

( Phone rings )

( Line rings )

( Phone rings )

( Line rings )

If it's Barney you're worried about, he's sleeping.

But I can't sleep because my f*cking leg is cracked.

( Thunder rumbles )

Tell me how my mother went, Charlie.

( Charlie clears throat )

You know.

She drowned.

I know it wasn't by accident.

( He sighs )

Tell me the truth, Charlie.

The truth, Tommy, yeah?

The f*cking truth.

f*ck's sake.

She just stepped into the canal.

Your dad was no use.

It was me trying to stop her, for three days.

In the end, she did it anyway.

Did she say why?

Nothing that made sense.

Tell me the things that didn't make sense.

She said it were the Gypsies made the nails for Jesus's cross.

That's why we're cursed and restless.

Yeah, go on.

You have to move around or the guilt catches up with you.

I said, "Well, why not go on the road for a bit?"

She went to Worcester.

She came back with a white pony.

That one she gave to you.

You used to ride it round, remember?

She seemed happy for a bit, watching you ride it.

And then she was gone.

None of it made any sense.

Afterwards, whenever I looked at that white pony, I saw her.

You see, I was in love with her, Tom.

No-one knew but me.

Broke my f*cking heart to pull her from the cut.

You know, your grandfather, he went the same way.


Sometimes, these things run in the family.

f*ck family, Tom.

You just have to get on with it.

You're a Gypsy.

You have to move around, or it all catches up with you.

You didn't need all them tablets, you just needed another f*cking war, eh?

Perish Judah.

All: Perish Judah.

Shalom, my friends. Shalom.

Shalom. Shalom.

In you come, eh?

Show these fascist bastards no mercy, brothers.

The Jew and the Gypsy united.

( Chuckles )

Look, I have got to go, yeah? I have to go.

Go where?

They're shooting a fascist tonight.

You're going to do what?


Mosley's in town.


Look, go into town, get some drink and some girl and listen to the radio.

We will not stand by and let this scum have free rein in our city!

Fascism must not be allowed to voice its creed of hatred.

( Shouting )

( Police whistle blows )

Out the f*cking way!

We have a right to protest!

Get back!

Anybody heckles you, beat the f*ck out of them.

( Britannic salute plays )

We have a right to protest!

We got another one. Let's go. Get, get!

Calm yourself down.

It's not against the law to protest.

Thomas: Out of the way. Out of the way.

Let her go.

I don't need the help of a fascist.

Yes, you do.

At Steelhouse Lane, they will do whatever they want to you.

Let her go.

I'm Tommy Shelby, and I'm ordering you to let her f*cking go. Go on.

f*ck you.

Jessie, you can do more damage from the inside.

Do you understand?

You can do more damage from the inside.

Come on.

Come on.

Out of the way. Out of the way.

Shut up!

( Trumpets sound )

Here, look.

There, look.

( He sniffs )

I'll join yer.

Going to play, eh?

Now, you know what you're doing, don't you?

Yeah. Tommy checks his pocket watch, I count ten, then I blow the other bloke's head off.



There, that's for after.

Thank you. Thank you.

See you later, Arthur.

Oh, soldier...

Soldier, you do that, you run like f*ck.

Don't stop.

Run like f*ck.


Run like f*ck.

In here.

Here, for your face.

At least I have only one face.

What did you mean, "damage from the inside"?

I have a strategy.

You always have a strategy.

But it's dangerous, and it cannot be shared without sharing the danger.

You think I'm afraid?

No, but it's only going to put you in more danger.

Jessie, before the speeches start, just go home.

There's going to be lots of arrests.

You have a mark against your name.


What's going to happen?

I'm going to do a good thing.

Whenever I do a good thing, innocent people get hurt.

So go home.

After this evening, we can meet, discuss strategy.

That beast out there, he's just a beast.

It's like a horse.

It's the rider that decides what direction it takes.

And who will be the rider?

Just go home.

Mosley: Full?

To the f*cking brim.


So far, a few communists.

Bullers helped our boys clear them away.

Well, a few hecklers are a good thing.

We can illustrate how we deal with opposition.

There's a rumour of a gang of Jews were coming up from Digbeth.

No sign of them yet.

Well, let them come.

Welcome them appropriately.

There are a few Peaky boys around.

They are your allies. There'll be no rifts between us.

Keep your powder dry.

Mr McCavern?

Perish Judah.

( He chuckles )

No joke, Mr McCavern.

Perish Judah.

( Land of hope and glory plays )

( Applause )

You turn the radio on and turn up the volume.

I want to listen the news.

On Radio: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Oswald Mosley.

( Applause )

Crowd: Perish Judah!

Perish Judah! Perish Judah! Perish Judah! Perish Judah!

Perish Judah! Perish Judah!

Perish Judah! Perish Judah! Perish Judah!

Perish Judah! Perish Judah! Perish Judah! Perish Judah!

Perish Judah! Perish Judah!

Perish Judah! Perish Judah! Perish Judah! Perish Judah!

Perish Judah! Perish Judah!

Perish Judah!

( Microphone screeches )

Welcome, men and women of Birmingham.

Thank you for coming here on this cold, dark night, in spite of the obstruction and provocation of our enemies.

Our enemies deal in bricks and stones and bottles.

We deal in reasoned principle, argument and fact.

( Applause )

Among those enemies, we can number Mr Winston Churchill, who last night condemned me in the House as a threat to democracy.

( Booing )

Them's that gone are the lucky ones. Them's that gone are the lucky ones.

But then Mr Churchill has never been a friend of the common people.

Faced with the alternative of saying goodbye to the gold standard, and therefore to his own employment, he characteristically selected the latter, but of course... not all attending tonight will be convinced of our cause.

Some will have come here tonight to find out for themselves what we stand for.

Whenever you're ready, Tom.

So here are our guiding principles.

Every citizen shall serve the state.

Not the banks, not factions... not the Jews!

Crowd: Perish Judah! Perish Judah! Perish Judah! Perish Judah!

The barriers of class will be abolished and a greater Britain will be born of the national socialist and fascist creed.

( Wild applause )

It is useless to hide from ourselves the fact that ever since 1918, when our heroes returned from France, our empire has shown all the signs of disintegration, and our people are threatened by gathering disaster.

Get out of my way!

Out of the way!

Go. Go.

( Steady breathing )

( Stopwatch ticks )









Two apple crumble...

( Muffled screams )

( Indistinct speech )

I think it's about time we got off the stage, old man, until this thing is sorted.

The coppers are here, Arthur. You gotta get away from the body.

( Steady breathing )

What the f*ck are you doing here?

What happened?

I don't know what happened.

I don't know what f*cking happened. It doesn't make any f*cking sense.

( Door opens )

Wait. f*ck, it's us.

Aberama's dead, he's gone.

He's gone, and they came for me, too.

What the f*ck is she doing here?

Arthur, they got to Barney.

They knew everything. They knew f*cking everything.

Who? Who knew, Tom?

Johnny, get this woman out of here.

I want to know.

Yeah. Get her out of here. Get her out!

It doesn't make sense.

Doesn't make f*cking sense.

Who? Who? Who?

The Chinese, the Italians... the Branch, Intelligence, McCavern, Mosley...

Mosley knew nothing!

He knew nothing!

( Glass shatters )


Jesus f*cking Christ.

You're f*cking frightening me, Tom.

It doesn't make sense.


Who? Who?


Who? You know, Tom, you must know.

You're f*cking scaring me. What are you doing?

Talk to me.

Maybe I've found him, Arthur, the man I can't defeat.


I don't know. I don't f*cking know.

Doesn't make sense.


Let's go inside.

We'll work it out... have a drink.

I need to walk.

( Steady breathing )

( Breathing continues )

The work's all done, Tommy.

It's all done.

We can walk away from all of this.

It's so easy. It's so soft.

Such a small change.

( He screams )