08x07 - Battle Lines

You ever thought about gear?

It's too hard to bring in.

Not LSD.

( Bang! )


( Pants )

You say you went on a bender with your friends and missed curfew.

You didn't see me, and you know nothin' about any of this.

I just saw Marie in the visitors' centre.

She's got this creep to do something to Ruby, and now he's here, reporting back to her.

Where's Ruby?

I don't know.

Please, don't do it! No! No!

( Splutters )

Where is she?

I don't know.

Allie, don't, please!

Oh... Ah!

Ruby's OK. Marie's been telling the truth.

( Softly ): Head of Rendition.

We can take you offshore and basically do whatever we want with you.

We have the power to hold you indefinitely.

( Heavy footsteps echo )

( "Wentworth" theme )

( Door slams, echoes )

( Brooding music )

( Women chatter in distance )

( Lock bleeps, buzzes, gate opens )

What's going on?


( Uneasy music )

( Gate slams )

( Crow caws in distance )

Beautiful day, isn't it?

Jump scare.

You'll have to try a little harder.

You're being extradited to the States.

I just heard from the Attorney General's Office.

The US are initiating proceedings against you.

Enjoy the view.

( Exhales softly )

Where you're going, there won't be much natural light.

( Breathes shakily )

( Lock bleeps, buzzes )

( Women chatter nearby )

( Breathes heavily )

I want to call my dad.

Not happening.

( Women exclaim )

There she is!

Get up.

Not until I can make a phone call.

On your feet now.

Don't push me, Bryant!

Or what?

You'll get the pepper spray?

( Women exclaim, yell )

Go on. Do it.

Give me something to take to my lawyer.

Grab her.

( Yelling continues )

I'm only requesting a phone call.

I wanna talk to my father.

Shut the f*ck up.

My circumstances have changed, and I demand a review of my privileges!


Let her go!

( Door bangs open )

This is a violation of my rights.

I want a meeting with my lawyer and the phone call!

Hey, what's going on?

Ask Judy Assange.

( Pants ): The US wants to extradite me.



What does that mean?

It means throwing me in a hellhole in the States.

I gotta talk to my dad or I'm f*cked.

Can you get a phone?

Lou's got a burner, yeah.

Mm. No, good luck gettin' that.


We are gonna sort something out, OK?

Yeah. Yeah.

Woman over PA: Attention, all staff. The lights are going to go out in 10 minutes.

How are we gonna sort it?

( Brooding music )

( Breathes heavily )

( Door creaks )

( Steps creak )

We could try Reb.

Uh, if you want a phone, what about the call centre?

Yeah, where's my red carpet, ya bitches?

( Shrieks ) Come here!

( Ruby laughs )

( Groans ): Ohhhh!

Oh, I missed you.

Ruby, hey.

( Chuckles ): Hey.

What the hell happened?

Oh, I just got on the piss with some mates, ( Chuckles ) missed my curfew.

( Wheezes ): Sweet!

I know, right?

Are you f*cking kidding me?


I'm sorry for causing you any grief, Allie. I...

( Door slams )

What's her problem?

( Inhales deeply, sighs ): Oh, well, mate.

( Sniffles, breathes heavily )

( Brooding music )

( Soft crying continues )

( Exhales sharply )

Hey. I'm really sorry.

You're sorry?

Don't be mad at me.

( Screams )

( Pants ): Oh! f*ck...

I thought you were dead.

I thought Marie had you killed.

I was this close to cutting her throat!

( Softly ): Jesus.

And why?

Because you got on the f*cking piss?!

( Breathes heavily )

Get out.

( Sombre music )

The timeframe for the extradition is yet to be confirmed.

Uh, having spoken to Mr Jackson, I'd like to remind you all that Bryant's privileges remain fully suspended.

That means no visitors... apart from her lawyer... and no phone calls. Any questions?

Good. Dr Miller, you have an update on Joan Ferguson?

Yes. I've been assessing Ferguson over the past week.

I maintain that she's suffering from a severe dissociative fugue state.

Yeah. Amnesia?


But apart from that, she's mentally sound?

Well, uh, generally, yes.

Then I see no good reason why she can't be returned to General.

( Shocked, incredulous muttering )

No way.

Ann, you can't be serious.


The last time Ferguson was out there, the women hanged her from a basketball ring.

You heard Greg. There's no justification to keep her inside.

Greg: No, that doesn't mean that she's ready to go back to General...

And I will not have Psych turned into a pseudo protection unit.

Ann, she's too fragile.

( Scoffs incredulously ) We'll be exposing her to hostility that she doesn't even comprehend.

We don't have the budget for special treatment for prisoners like...

Ferguson is not going into General.

End of discussion.

Shall we continue this elsewhere, Mr Jackson?

If you release her, you will have a death on your hands.

Not if everyone does their job properly.

I have compromised enough over this.

( Sighs )

Ferguson is a psychopath.

Miller has no idea what he...

For God's sake, she has amnesia.

Oh, so that's it?

Our experience counts for absolutely nothing?

Of course it does...

Yeah, but that decision's been made?

( Scoffs softly )

All right.

I quit.

Oh, Will.

No. Ferguson shouldn't even be in Wentworth.

If you won't listen to reason, I can't work with you.

( Scoffs softly )

Maybe that's for the best.

If he walks, you will lose half the senior staff by the end of the week.

Vera, you're exaggerating.

Ann, listen to me.

The staff have a history with him, and they will follow him.

Including you?

( Softly ): Yes.

( Loud chatter, ringing tone )

( Phone ): The number you have dialled is switched off or unavailable.

( Elevator dings, doors rumble )

Miss Bennett?

I really have to speak to my dad.

I cannot help you this time, Bryant.

No, please... I'm begging you.

I'm sorry. The answer is no.

( Elevator dings )

Promising news, hey?


( Sighs )

D'you know, I can almost forgive Greg being tricked by her, but you of all people...

He's a shrink.

He knows what he's talkin' about.

( Sighs )

Oh, Jesus, Jake.

( Unsettling music )

( Lock beeps, buzzes, door opens in distance )

( Lock clunks )

Is this pretence really worth getting torn apart?

Because I guarantee the women will not be sucked in, and I'm not gonna save you this time.

Admit you're a psychopath.

( Whispers ): We can keep you in here.

A... are you saying...

Ha... have they attacked me before?

( Chuckles shakily )

Oh, cut the crap. No one's looking.

( Sighs )

( Softly ): You might...

( Breathes shakily )

... have convinced Dr Miller, but don't think for a second that I am buying your act.

( Whispers ): I'm sorry, I... I...

I don't... I... I...


I'm not...


( Exhales heavily )


Have it your way.

( Exhales shakily )

I hope for your sake, the women make it quick.

( Door opens, lock bleeps )

( Lock buzzes, door closes )



Oh, yeah.

Someone's popular.

Oh, you sound surprised, Mr Stewart. ( Chuckles )

Thank you.


Jake: Comms, the mail's here.

So these are soaked with LSD?

Hey, be careful. Don't hold 'em for too long.


( Reb, Lou chuckle )

I'll cut 'em into tabs, if you like.

I'll give you 30%, no more.

40. 20 for me; 20 for Reb.

( Chuckles incredulously ) Thanks, Marie.

Hey, babe.


Check this out.

( Cell phone beeps )

We only got 10 grand to go.

( Laughs ): Oh!

Slice an' dice, baby.

What the f*ck do you want?

How much to borrow your phone?

Oh, I'm sorry, honey. I don't have one.

I'll pay double.

You know, I would absolutely love to give you one; it's just that I don't have one.

( Sniggers )

( Scoffs )


Thank you.

( Laughs ): Shut up.

( Chuckles )

Man over PA: Work details are to commence in five minutes.

All prisoners are to report to their work stations.

Woman: Just wanted to ask about...

Woman: Can I just have a few moments of your time?

... your current internet provider.

Woman: Can you hear me now?

Is that good for you?

Would that be good?

What about now? Are you with me?

Oh, good.

I just wanted to ask...

How long have you been with this provider?

What made you choose this provider?

( Lock bleeps, clicks )

How much do you make per month?

Make it quick.

( Tense music )

( Overlapping conversation continues )


What's going on?

They've blocked international calls.

( Rapid typing )

Hello? This is Susan calling, from Maynard Market Research.

Am I speaking with...


Man on phone: You sure are.

How are you today, Susan?


Yeah, good.



I'm conducting some exciting research on chocolate, and I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes to answer some questions.

Oh, absolutely.

I could talk about chocolate all day.

Yeah, me too.

But when the doctor told me I was lactose intolerant, it was the worst day of my life.

Yeah. I don't even think I could live without choccy, hey?

I've had to find my pleasures elsewhere.

Oh, yeah.

Like where?

( Chuckles ): Oh...

Well, I'm not sure we know each other well enough yet, Susan.

( Chuckles )

( Chuckles ): Yes.

( Softly ): f*ck.

( Rapid typing )

( Lock bleeps, clicks )

Take your break.


Why aren't you working?

Nah, I got cramps.

Get back to work.

Crap. Um, is it OK...

Miss Miles...

Can I call you back?

.. my headset's playing up.

Sit down, Novak.

( Ringing tone )

I can't work if my headset's not working.

Well, I... I dunno. It's broken.

Come on, come on, come on.

Ohh, I've gotta go to the dunny... like, really, really badly, eh. It's comin' out.

It's comin' out!


Man on phone: Hello?

Dad. Dad, it's me, Judy.

Come on, Miss Miles. She's not hurting anyone.



Come on!

I mean it, Jenkins.

Dad, Dad, don't hang up...

She just needs two minutes to talk to her dad.

Come on, she's just...

( Groans )

( Women yell )

What the f*ck?!

Mr Bryant: I've got people with me.

I'm in a meeting.

Dad, don't hang up!

Dad, they want to extradite me!

Judy, now's not the time.

( Line clicks, Boomer sobs softly )

Get up.

You need to do something.

( Sighs ): A supervising officer has been dismissed.

You sacked the wrong one.

You know Bryant has no phone access.

That doesn't mean that you can hit people with a baton!

OK, Miss Miles has been given an official warning.

( Scoffs ): Oh, f*ck.

You might be thankful for tougher security.

( Sighs heavily )

Ferguson is moving into General.

( Shell-shocked music )

I'm really sorry, Allie.

But I'll make sure we have eyes on her at all times.

You moved me out of the laundry so she'd go interstate.

Apparently, Ferguson is suffering from severe memory loss, if that's any consolation.

How could you let this happen?

I know this must feel like a betrayal, but it is out of my hands.

( Sighs )

Which is why I've resigned.

( Sombre music )

( Sighs heavily )

( Gasps )

( Sobs )

( Sniffles )

Who's taking over from you? Linda and her baton?

I'm not sure.

You're a f*cking coward!

Must be really nice being able to just walk away.

What happens if I stand down, leave the women to Lou Kelly, to The Freak?

You're lucky you've got choices, Mr Jackson.

( Oppressive music )

( Sighs ): Oh, this is so sh1t.

I know.

I was so close. Just 10 seconds more would... ( Sighs )

I can't believe we missed friggin' lunch.

I can't believe you got f*ckin' hit.

I'm gonna help you make a formal complaint.

If we do nothing, then we're saying her cruelty's OK.

( Sighs ): Oh well.

Tough titties, eh?

Hey. You deserve better than this, Boomer.

( Chuckles shakily )

Yeah, you do.

You might not think so, but we do.



What happened with Mr J?

The Freak is coming to General.


Whoa, wait. I thought she was being transferred.

( Pants )

So did I.


sh1t. ( Chuckles weakly )

It's gonna be OK.


I'm not gonna let her hurt anyone.


Yeah, we know.

( Steam hisses, machines whirr )

Woman: Yeah, giz two?

There you go.


Think of it as day release for your mind.

You get all that freedom without finding out your piece-o'-shit boyfriend f*cked your best mate.

She don't even try to hide it, eh?

( Uneasy music )

Lou just slipped Linda a note.

So she is laggin''.

What the f*ck is wrong with her?

Why go to the trouble of leaving notes when she could just talk to her somewhere in private?

Why would Lou Kelly do anything?

( Scoffs )

( Uneasy music )

Thanks for the info on Bryant.

Under no circumstances can she use a phone.


You got any history with Joan Ferguson?


I mean, I know that she's the pinup for crazy.

No. I got, um... I got transferred straight after she became Governor.

She's being released back into General.

I want you to protect her.

No. I mean... Lookin' after Winter's one thing. Ferguson...

I don't want her anywhere near Reb.

Well, she won't be any trouble.

She's got amnesia.

Are you sh1tting me?

( Chuckles ): Oh my God.

f*ck me.

( Clears throat )

So I got a deal?


It's totally up to you.

I suppose it gets down to how much Reb wants that top surgery.

( Raucous laughter echoes, grows louder )

( Laughter continues, Reb chuckles )

Oh, protocols! Protocols...

( Softly ): Jesus.

( Women laugh, chatter )


How'd you go?



Just a bit more babysitting.


( Laughter continues )

( Women strain )

( Chuckles ): Oh God.

Trippin' off their tits.

( Uneasy music )

( Unsettling music )

( Lock bleeps, buzzes )

( Laughter continues, whispering )

It's The Freak.

It's The Freak.

What the f*ck, man?! It's The Freak!

It's OK.

( Laughter continues )



String 'er up!

f*cking freak!

( Women yell abuse )

Women ( chant ): Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak, Freak, Freak, Freak, Freak, Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak!

Settle down!

Freak! Freak! Freak!

Settle down!

Or you're off to the slot!

Freak! Freak!

( Chanting subsides, women laugh raucously )

It's OK, Kath. Just keep moving, yeah?

( Women exclaim )

Gidday, Joan.

I'm Lou.

( Outraged yelling )

The f*ck is she doing?

( Yelling continues )


Shut up!

( Silence falls )

( Laughter resumes )

( Unsettling music )

Now, you're in me and Reb's unit.

Come on.


( Yelling resumes )

All right. All right. Back up. Back it up.

Back up!

( Breathes shakily )

( In distance ): Freak!

( In distance ): All right, that's enough! Settle down.

Right piece o' sh1t!

( Yelling continues in distance )

( Yelling subsides )

I... i... is there something you want?

Yeah, for you not to be here, but I don't really have a say in that.

It's my job to protect you from those fuckers.

And, ( Chuckles ) well, I'm actually quite good at whatever I put my hand to, so lucky you.

However, ( Softly ) if you try any of your psycho sh1t, Joanie, I will throw you to the pack.

And if you so much as look at Reb the wrong way, ( Whispers ) I will pull your throat out myself.

Are we clear?


Ye... yes.


( Whimpers )

Gosh, you smell good. Is that moisturiser?

( Breathes shakily )

You shouldn't have it.

Boomer: Fingers and The Freak.

f*ck me.

What a nightmare.

( Scoffs )

Maybe they'll kill each other.

( Chortles )

Are you OK, Allie?

Yeah. 'Course.

Hey, Goldilocks. Oi.

You know you're gonna have to get on top of this, eh?

'Cos Lou, she's, like... she's dealin', and she's not even trying to hide it, and now it looks like The Freak's under her wing, so...

So I kill her?


Lou as well.

If I wanna stay Top Dog, that's what I've gotta do, right?

Guys, my lawyer's going to petition the ombudsman to let me call my dad.

Oh, that's good.


Well, I mean, I don't like his chances.

He's got about as much authority as a Teletubby.

See you guys later.

She OK?

Yeah, yeah. She's just got a lot of sh1t to deal with.

So, I've been thinking.

There might be something else we can do to get me phone access.

Like what?

We drop a note for Linda in the laundry, pretending to be Lou, telling her to meet in the kitchen.

Then we jump her. Leverage her to let me call my dad.

( Scoffs )


By threatening to expose her little arrangement.

Yeah, Lou would get bashed, but not Smiles.

Yeah. Why would she care?


Well, I don't think she'll want to give up her valuable snitch.


Come on. We'll put a pillowcase or something over her head.

( Chortles ): No!

Yeah. I'll do all the talking, and so long as you guys stay quiet, she'll never recognise you.

What do you say?

( Sighs heavily )

I guess I owe you one.

( Quiet knocking )

Ann: Have you got a minute?

I've completely underestimated how respected you are by your colleagues, and as General Manager, that's a pretty shameful admission.

I've already made up my mind, Ann.

And I respect that.

And I'm not asking you to stay.

Not yet, anyway.

So why are you here?


She thinks the world of you.

And, God love her, she's pretty fond of me too, so...

I think that you and I should try and get to know each other a bit better.

Yeah, I think it's a bit late for that.

Oh, come on.

Just... quiet drinks somewhere, ( Sighs ) away from the stresses of this place.

See if we can find some common ground.

( Unsettling music )

They call me The Freak.

( Tank pump hums softly )

The hatred, it's... it's, um... it's visceral.

Do you know why they're reacting like that?


Do you want to know why?

( Inhales shakily )

I need some... ( Sighs ) parameters.


Like that tank?

( Inhales sharply )


I want to know what Joan Ferguson did.

I want to remember.

If indeed she is... is who I am.

Let me ask you...

Is the act of remembering important to you?

Wh... what do you mean?

I could tell you right now of the crimes that she committed.

True, but then I wouldn't understand why.

Will you help me?

To remember?

Yes, of course.

( Unsettling music swells )

( Door opens )

Are you going to have a drink with Ann?

Did you put her up to it?

What is the harm?

If you feel the same way afterwards, you can quit, and we will all go with you.

You've got the power now, Will.

You can negotiate on your terms.

Do not waste the opportunity.

( Inhales )

( Melancholic music plays )

♪ I don't sleep at night ♪

I don't need any more friends.

I need a General Manager who trusts me to do my job and lets me get on with it.


No more micromanaging.

♪ Let me decide... ♪

What else?

I wanna be part of the decision-making, not just left to deal with the consequences.

What do you suggest?

I wanna go to the fortnightly board meetings.

I won't implement policies that I haven't had a say in.

Fine. But you're gonna regret that one.

Those meetings are excruciating.

So's been handed a done deal.

♪ I scare myself sometimes ♪

Thank you.

( Inhales )

♪ These corners ♪
♪ of my mind ♪

OK. What else?

Novak returns to the laundry.

( Sighs )

Moving her chipped away some of her power.

If she's not Top Dog, it makes our job that much harder.

Well, the last thing I wanna do is cause instability, so...

♪ Forgive me, my God ♪

... I hear you. Let's address it.



And I want a pay rise.

( Snorts )

( Laughs )

You did that deliberately.

Here, have an olive.


( Chuckles ): D'you want those? That's nice.

( In distance ): Freak!


( Lights clang )

You right piece of sh1t!

( Muffled ): Die, Ferguson!

Ya freak!

We're waitin' for ya.

( Taunting voices overlap, echo )

Ya freak!

f*ckin' freak!

( Distant taunting continues )

f*ckin' freak!

Give it a week or so.

They'll move on to someone else.

Don't let the bedbugs bite!

I'm Marie.


My name is K...

( Singsong ): Ferguson!

Yeah, just you wait, bitch!

( Cackles )

f*cking parasite!

Do we... have history?

( Woman howls like a dog )


You're a f*cking bitch!

Do you know what I've done?

Not specifically.

But you know it's... not good.

( Singsong ): Fergie!

We're waitin' for ya!

You really don't remember, do you?

They think they can help me recover my memory.

( Singsong ): Ya freak!

Is that what you want?

Freak! Freak!

Women ( chant ): Freak!


Freak! Freak! Freak!

Sure. ( Chuckles softly )

I mean, people take drugs to get to the state you're in.

To forget the past.

( Chanting continues )

( Chanting fades )

I mean, sometimes I wish I could forget.

( Sighs )

Joan, if... any time that you want...

Would you mind calling me Kath?



( Woman howls like a dog )

Ya f*ckin' dick!


( Brooding music )

( Woman howls in distance )


Can't sleep.

Yeah, me too.

( In distance ): Ferguson!

Can I tell you somethin'?

Yeah, 'course.

( Inhales, sighs )

I talked to this guy today.

Well, before I got bashed.



( Chuckles )

Name's Gavin.


( Sniggers ) Don't...

Oh, you big sexy bitch!

( Wheezes )

( Both laugh )

I got his number.

Might even, like, call him again.

Well, hey.

That's deadly, sis.



( Chuckles softly )

( Train rumbles by, crickets chirp )

Will: Whew.

Ah! There's my lift.

Can I, uh...

Ca... can I drop you off somewhere?

No, I'm good. I'm... I'm the other way.


I'm glad we did this, Will.

Yeah. Yeah, me too.



( Uneasy music )

( Softly ): Oh God.

Night, Ann.

( Engine starts )

( Oppressive music )

Uh, morning, Ann.

Hey, I just got a call from the ombudsman.

Bryant's request to call her father's been approved.

I'll arrange it.

Good morning.


Glad to see you're still here.

Hanging in there.

So I take it last night didn't go that badly?


( Steam press hisses, clunks )

( Women chatter )

( Telephone rings )

Linda: Hello. Laundry.

( Door closes )

( Tense music )

( Laughs, speaks indistinctly )



I, uh... I nicked one o' these.

Oh my God.




Your request to call your father has been approved.

I'll collect you after lunch.


Teletubby lawyer came through.

Ruby: That's deadly.

Yeah, that's awesome.

Oh, wait. So... we don't need Smiles?

Not any more.

( Oppressive music )

( Indistinct conversations, ringing tone )

( Line clicks )

H... h... hello.

Hi. Gavin?

Um, this is Susan, f... from M... Maynard Market Research.

Gavin on phone: Oh, Susan! How lovely to hear from you.

I was hoping you'd call back.

Yeah. Yeah, I just... I... I... I just had some follow-up questions.

But... Sure, but...

I'd just like to know a bit more about you.

( Mouths )

Like who's behind that sexy voice.

( Stifles laughter, coughs )

( Inhales sharply ) Yep. Yeah.

( Stammers ) Sure. Um, well, I'm... I'm 25 years old.


I... I... I...

( Scribbling continues )

I do a bit o' modellin'.


Mostly swimwe... wear.

( Chuckles )

( Mouths )

Um, s... so, are y... It's really important to me to, um, keep active.


Stay in shape.


Yeah. Oh, and I'm a awesome cook too.


I... I... I like to... lick the bowl.


You know, like... like Nigella.

( Chuckles ): Cool.

( Both wheeze )


Gavin: Hello, Nigella.


( Knocks on desk )

Why aren't you on a call?


Back to it, Jenkins.


Gavin: What was that?


Oh, just s... s... stupid Jenkins just, um, you know, just slackin' off. ( Chuckles )

So, tell me, Susan... what do you look like?

What do I look like?


( Indistinct, overlapping conversations )

Well, I've got blonde hair.

Blue eyes. I'm not too tall.

Just normal.

But be... be... better than normal.

You know?



You sound like my dream woman.

Oh, thanks.

( Knock on door )

Thank you, Miss Miles.

Take a seat.

This will be a supervised call to the number provided... of no more than five minutes.

It will be monitored and recorded.

( Ringing tone )

( Inhales shakily, exhales )

It's late there. ( Chuckles shortly )

( Line rings )

Mr Bryant: Hello?

Dad, it's me.


They want to extradite me, Dad.

To the States.

I can't help, you know.

I won't be fighting the extradition.

Why not?

You know why not.

I'm sorry.


They're gonna throw me in a f*cking hole for the rest of my life.

I get how embarrassing this is for you, Dad, but I didn't do it, and the quickest way to make it go away is to get...

I have to go.

You know what they're gonna do to me, Dad. You have to help me!

You have to help me.

Please, Dad.

I'm sorry, Judy, but I can't make an exception.

I'm your f*cking daughter.

You had so many opportunities, Judy.

I did everything I could to steer you in the right direction.

( Scoffs )

Steer me? ( Laughs )

What a f*cking joke. I never saw you.

( Sombre music )


Dad, I'm... I'm sorry.

I just... I really need your help.



( Receiver clicks, disconnect tone beeps )

( Sniffles )

( Beeping continues )

( Sobs softly )

( Click! beeping stops )

( Chair creaks, receiver clatters )

How could he be like that?

( Beep! )

Send Miss Miles in.

( Softly ): You must be such a disappointment.

( Door opens )

Miles: Let's go, Bryant.

( Unsettling music )

( Music intensifies )

( Inhales, exhales sharply )

( Chatter echoes through corridors )

I'm gonna call him back tomorrow.

Reckon he's got a big cock.

You could tell from his voice?


That's skills.


( Softly ): Hey.

She OK?


Hey, how'd you go with your dad?

There was no phone call.

Miles was taking the piss.


Bloody moll.

( Unsettling music )

You still got that spit bag?

( Oppressive music )

( Machines whirr softly )

Maybe she's not comin', eh?

Of course she is.

She left the back door unlocked.

( Sighs ) Maybe she knows it's us.

Well, stop bloody talking, then.

I need to wee.

( Door clangs )

( Whispers ): Shut up.

( Door opens )

( Screams )

( Grunts )

( Gasps, yelps )

( Heavy clang )

( Grunts )



( Groans )

That's not Linda.


( Groans weakly )

( Screams )

Boomer: Oh, f*ck!

Oh my God.

No. No, f*ck! f*ck, f*ck! f*ck!

Is she dead?

Oh my God!

I knew it, you bitch.

( Unsettling music )

You are such a disappointment.

( Yells )

( Gasps ) No!

( Echoes ): Judy, stop it!

( Echoes ): Judy! No!

( Yells, pants )

( Pants, sobs )

( Music drowns out audio )

What the f*ck was that?

I don't know. I lost it.

Oh, you lost it?

Do you even know how much sh1t you have put us in?

I'm not the bad guy here.

( Scoffs ) You flogged the f*ck out of her!

She's the enemy, not me.

( Gasps )

She's in bed with that NSO prick. She's behind my extradition.

Why the f*ck did you do that?!

She introduced spit bags and restraints, OK? She's...

No! Hey, we did not sign up for this!

We have to go and tell Allie.

We can't!

No, we have to!

( All breathe heavily )

You're a f*ckin' idiot, Judy.


( Water runs, women laugh, chatter )

Allie, don't.

( Chatter subsides )

Leave us.

What the f*ck are you playing at?


I am not playing. I don't... I... I can't remember.


Listen, I'm very sorry for whatever I've done to you.

You know what you've done!

I don't. I... Please, you have to believe...

You know what you've done!

( Breathes shakily )

You stabbed Bea to death!

You gutted her!

( Whispers ): No.


What about me, huh?

Do you remember hot-shotting me right here?

You remember trying to kill me?

And what about Iman?

You remember snapping her neck, you f*cking psychopath?

Please stop...

And what about Juicy, huh?


Do you remember cutting her f*cking tongue out...

No more!

... you f*cking freak?!

No more, no more, no more, no more!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

( Inhales raggedly, screams )

( Wails )

( Running footsteps recede, door opens )

( Breathes heavily )

( Unsettling music )

( Sniffles )

( Chatter echoes in distance )

Woman: Freak!

Woman: Get in f*cking line!

Woman: Dirty bitch!


( Inhales sharply )

( Sighs )

( Sighs ): Um...

So... so, there's a... a thing that we... we done.

I just lost it at Ferguson. ( Breathes shakily )


Woman: You're a f*cking bitch!

( Sniffles )

( Door closes )

( Whispers ): What happened?


I don't know that I... trust myself any more.

What do you mean?

You were there, with Marie.

I was gonna kill her.

Yeah, but you...

You were trying to save Ruby.


It was more than that.

Boomer... ( Sobs, sniffles )

I'm scared of who I'm becoming.

( Sombre music )


( Breathes shakily )

( Exhales sharply )

( Chatter echoes in distance )

( Softly ): f*ck. f*ck.


Did you tell Allie?

Uh, no, I didn't tell her.


Rubes, she's really f*cked up at the moment.

All right? She don't need the stress.

They still haven't found her.

Well, th... they will in the morning.

She could be dead by then.

OK, what d'you wanna do? Lag?

I don't f*ckin' know!


Judy's right.

We can't say nothin'.

You'll f*ck up your parole.

So nothin'. OK? Nothin'.

( Exhales heavily )

( Brooding music )

Woman over PA: Attention, Compound. Attention, Compound.

Count will commence in 10 minutes.

( Tense music )

( Chatter echoes in distance )

♪ Corners are cages ♪
♪ The silence wages war ♪

( Siren wails )

♪ Blood is running cold ♪
♪ My blood is running cold ♪
♪ My blood... ♪


Is there any sign of who did this?


♪ My blood is running cold ♪

( Siren continues )

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Ooh ♪
♪ My blood is running cold ♪
♪ My blood is running cold ♪
♪ Ah-ah ♪
♪ My blood is running cold ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ My blood is running cold ♪
♪ Ah-ah ♪
♪ My blood is running cold ♪
♪ Ooh, ooh ♪
♪ My blood is running cold. ♪

( "Wentworth" theme )