06x09 - The Loft

Previously, on Good Witch...

So what brings you to Chicago?


Cassie! So, how are things?

Maybe we can talk about it if you have time for tea?

I always have time to talk about your life.

A mission where?

I don't know.

I feel like I'm being called.

I know you need to do this.

And I want to do it with you.

Grant Collins, chief hospital administrator.

Sam Radford, chief of staff.

Dr. Jacobson is our new orthopedic surgeon.

Surgeons are my department.

I don't need your approval on new hires.

♪ ♪

Tulips, nice.

I'm impressed!

I know things.

So do I.

Care to elaborate?

Our Chicago trip is off.

Well, breaking that news was easy.

I'm sorry. Dr. Jacobson's doing the first hip replacement with our new robotic system tomorrow.

Still have doubts about him?

Enough to give up two days in a palatial Chicago loft with my gorgeous wife.

Your gorgeous wife forgives you.

It's too late to cancel.

Know anyone who wants to go to Chicago?

I may know a few people.

It's there if they want it.

I know what I want.

To finish planting your tulips?

I thought you knew me better than that.

May I help you?


But I think I can help you.

Is that right?

Is this your shop?

Who's asking?

I am. Donna Magutticiano.

Abigail Pershing.

Well, Abigail Pershing, you've got a nice little space here.

But you think it could be a lot nicer.

So you agree.

Hm! If you're gonna try and sell me on a remodel, don't waste your time.

Meeting new people is never a waste of time, and you should meet my business partner, Joy.

Let us show you the possibilities.

Joy is your business partner?

Yeah, you know her?

We're family.

So are we.

Funny, she's never mentioned you.

We've been there for each other since high school.

When we finish up this job we're on, we'll be leaving together.

Does Joy know that?

I know if you're interested to see what we can do to this place, it's now or never.

I talked to the mission's pastor this morning.

There's a mission's pastor?

It's a big job.

So is going on a mission.


What did he say?

He asked if there's anywhere in particular I wanna serve.

And is there?

I think I'll end up wherever I'm supposed to.

So your church is on a mission to find you a mission.


Hopefully it's mission impossible to find one.

Uh-oh. There's that wrinkle.

( Chuckling )

( Sighing ) I just realized I'm really doing this.

You know what I just realized?


All the lives you're gonna change.

Yeah, including yours.

Your support means everything.

It's just the kind of woman I am.

Think you're gonna go soon?

Pastor Mike said it would be at least a few weeks.

Hey... you got your own wrinkle there.

You okay?

I just realized you're really doing this.

( Sighing )

I've got primed walls and no wallpaper.

That's not gonna help me, so...

Just call me if anything changes.

Sounds like you need this.

What I need is for you to be on time.

So that's a no to the coffee?

Maybe it's a no to this whole situation.

'Cause I was ten minutes late.

You're forty minutes late, and I just remembered what it's like working with you.

You love working with me.

I used to.

You'll come around.

I gotta go track down some wallpaper.

You're only on page 52?

What page are you on?

I finished.

Well, some of us devour a book and some of us savor it.

You better savor it a little less. Book club is tomorrow.

By tomorrow I'll know it so well I could write the sequel.

Who would want a sequel to that overrated drivel?

I liked it.

Both valid opinions, but we're gonna save any others until book club.

Thank you. You'll make a fine moderator of our new endeavor.

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I need to find a quiet place to discover what Hortense is hiding from Harold.

Ooh! Are you guys talking about The Secrets We Know?

Trying not to talk about it.

Hopefully ever.

Oh, I guess I know what you think of the book.

Do you wanna know what I think about your business partner?

She can be an acquired taste, but you don't really know her.

I know she tried to sell me on a remodel.


And I don't love her style.

I'm guessing you came in to order lunch.

I did. Now is probably a good time. I will take a turkey on wheat and a cheeseburger for Donna. You guys want anything?

Yeah, a Tinsdale and toast.

I'll buy.



You know, the first day we met, I was standing right here waiting to do rounds with you.


You were nervous.

I was a wreck.

I've come a long way since then, though.

So I've heard.

We've also come a long way from those paper charts, huh?

Gotta embrace technology.

Preaching to the choir.

You've carved out quite a name for yourself.

And now he'll do the same for Hillcrest. Looking forward to observing your surgery.

How about you, Sam?

Seeing me put that Denton XR to work is a thing of beauty.

I'll have them save you a seat.

I've got two surgeries, but I'll poke my head in.


We'll be okay without you.

Hopefully better than okay.

( Saw buzzing )

Oh! Where's my Charles Holland wallpaper?

We've been trying to figure that out all morning.

And who might "we" be?

Oh, this is... my business partner and your new carpenter.

Donna Magutticiano.

Mayor Martha Tinsdale.

And bare walls mean we're now officially behind schedule.

I could make up some excuse, but you're right.

What she means is...

What I mean is we can throw up some knockoff wallpaper and stick to the schedule, or you can let us track down the real deal and keep you happy.

My, where did you find this spitfire?

We kind of found each other.

What'll it be, Madam Mayor?

The real deal, of course.

( Tongue clicking )

( Tongue clicking )

( Knocking )

Got a delivery for Cassie Nightingale.


Actually, I think it's from Chicago. Sign here, please.

Thank you.

My best friend went on a mission to Central America.

What did he say about it?

Said it changed his life.

I admire what you're doing, but need to know how long you'll be.

Can I get back to you?

Get back to me when?

I mean, I wish I knew.

Would make this a lot easier.

If it helps, I'll be happy to find a temporary replacement.

If you can't give me a time frame, might be permanent.

You're firing me?

You're firing you.

And from what I've seen and heard, your leaving would be a big loss to the hospital.

♪ ♪

Glad you came home.

Doing okay?

Yeah, she wouldn't have it any other way.

When's the service?

Not her style.

Olympia sent this.

Well, she made arrangements for it to be sent.

I'm sure there's an interesting story behind it.

There is an interesting story behind everything she did.

And she had a way of looking at the world that was inspiring.

That sounds like somebody else I know.

Yeah, she got me through a lot.

She always will.

You know what I could really use right now?


Chocolate chip pancakes.

My specialty.

Ooh, these look great!

Joy made those.



I once used cookies she made to prop up a coffee table.

She's learning.

Pass the salt.

You mean the butter?

She means the salt.

She's done this sweet-salty thing since volleyball camp.

At least I don't put hot sauce on my pizza.

Your loss.

Why aren't you dressed for work?

It'll take me two minutes.

It never takes you two minutes.

( Chuckling )

That was not my fault.

Hm. You sure you two worked everything out?

Pretty much. I forgive her.

Just because you forgive, doesn't mean you forget.

( Phone chiming )

Oh, man! So, this little shop in Chicago has all the Charles Holland wallpaper we need.

Oh, that's good news.

They only ship once a week, and if we're to finish on time, we need it yesterday.

Or you can be in Chicago in two hours.

That's two hours in a car with Donna.

Sometimes a long drive goes a long way.

We have to finish priming, but we could go in the morning.

Go where?

Hey, I was just on my way to see how things are going.

He's putting on a clinic.

Glad to hear it.

Are you?

You know what the difference is between you and me?

I put the patients on this hospital ahead of everything else.

Careful, Dr. Radford. You're awfully close to the line.

( Beeping )

Excuse me.

But apparently I'm needed in Dr. Jacobson's surgery.

One café mocha on the house.

Should be, it took you long enough. And not enough mocha.

Sorry, I'll make you another one.

No, I'm sorry. It's not the mocha. The drink is fine.

But you're not.

No, I'm not.

Believe me, I get it. Or I'm about to.

When does Adam leave?

He's waiting to find out.

Welcome to being on edge.

How's Donovan taking things?

Wish I could ask him.

You aren't talking at all?

When we do, it causes problems.

Not what we signed up for.

At least we're signed up together.

We are literally a blessing and a curse.

( Laughing )

I gotta go back to the shop.

Thank you.

Okay, see you tonight.



Martha, what can I get you?

You know, I'm torn.

I'm feeling a little sprinkle of sweet, and a little pinch of salt.

Can't go wrong with salted caramel anything.

If it isn't my new carpenter.

How about a piece of our salted caramel pie?


And a café au lait, s'il vous plaît.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't you be painting my parlor?

I'm just grabbing coffee.

Considering our little wallpaper snafu put us behind, will the parlor be done by tomorrow as scheduled?

It'll be done by today.

Chalk up another one to the Merriwick magic.

I'd chalk this one up to Magutticiano magic.

While I'm sure you have your gifts, your business partner is a member of quite an enchanted family.

What's enchanted about them?

Well, for one thing, they welcomed our beloved Joy with open arms. It's like she's been here forever.

Yeah, I can see she's made herself at home.

Which is why meeting you was quite the surprise.

How long have you been business partners?

Enough to know I shouldn't send her in to get coffee.

Can I help you as the service the service here is slow.

And I was bending her ear. But I was happy to find out you'd be done with the parlor by today!

You promised her we would be done?

I told her, I didn't promise.

What else didn't you promise?

( Chuckling )

( Clearing throat )

What's going on?

The XR stopped calibrating. I can't finish the surgery.

You've got a patient relying on you! You can't just stop.

I haven't done a hip replacement without a robot assist since my residency.

He is right. We need to reschedule.

I'll scrub in.

You're gonna take over?

No, I'll talk you through it.

You sure about this?

I need you to be sure about this.

♪ ♪

Oh! Page 54!

Wow, two pages in one day!

That's gotta be a record.

I do have a city to run.

I run three businesses and I had time to finish.

Well, Miss Oodles of Time, can you tell me how it ends?

You're never gonna believe this. Hortense actually admits to Harold... No, wait! Cease and desist!

I don't wanna know.

Then you might wanna leave, 'cause we're about to discuss this book from soup to nuts.

Leave? But this book club was my brainchild!

Oh, nobody has to leave.

So you agree that we shouldn't discuss the ending.

I agree the point of book club is to discuss the entire book.

I thought the whole point was to drink wine and eat dessert.

Sorry I'm late.

Just wanted to say hi.

I'll let you guys do your thing. Ooh, crudités!

Help yourself.


What are you doing?

Helping myself.

Yeah, I can see that.

Everybody can.

Am I embarrassing you in front of your family?

Yeah. You are.

Guess I'll take these to go, then.

( Sighing )

Your friend's a piece of work.

Myfriend, so I can say that. You can't.

Wait, where are you going? Book club just started!

More like just ended! I didn't even finish the book.

Neither did Martha.

Ha, ha, ha! That was so funny, I forgot to laugh.

Yeah, it seems we have all forgotten how to laugh.

But, lucky for us, I know a way to fix that.

( Big band music )

We should argue more often.

This was a fabulous idea.

Not my first rodeo.

Lucky for us.

I believe we make our own luck.

I believe luck is what we make of it.

And how you share it.

I'd like to share this suitcase with that bellhop.

Can I help you with your bags?

Thank you!

I'll take that as a yes.

I'll get us checked in.

That couch is calling my name.

It's calling mine louder.

What do you think? Could this place use a remodel?

Not as much as your shop.

Can we just not argue, this trip?

Both: Probably not.

Maybe just get the wallpaper and drive home?

Calling Middleton home now?

It's a figure of speech.

I'll check out the gift shop.

( Chuckling )

You've got to be kidding me.

Care to share?

I just got a Bird call.

Chef Byron Bird?

You know him?

Master of the modern egg!

He is hosting an exclusive one egg only pop-up restaurant in Chicago.



Do you know how long I've waited to experience this?

Send him a Bird call, tell him we'll be there with feathers on.

I wish it was that easy. It says the first ten people to bring an egg to this spot get tickets.

What are we waiting for? Let's get the cluck out of here.


Why am I the last to know?

Okay, I didn't plan on quitting.

It just kinda went that way.

Did Grant force you out?

No, he forced me to make a list.

"Pro: Helping those in need. Cons: No Stephanie. Pro: Making a difference. Con: Missing Stephanie."

You sensing a theme?

I'm sensing second thoughts.

Yeah, I'm up to fourth and fifth thoughts.

It's not easy, leaving everything behind.

Add that to the con list.

Next to not having you to talk to.

See, reason enough to stay.

What do I do?

Hm! The same thing Cassie told me to do when I got the job offer last year.

"Follow your heart".

This is amazing!

I could totally make myself at home here.

Good, 'cause it's gonna be our home for the next two days.

You're all set, ladies.

Let me know if you need anything while you're here.

Thank you so much.

Thank you!

These are intriguing.


That's one word for 'em.

Artifact, actual word.

You've been on archaeological digs. Any idea what this is?

I think it's... intriguing.

( Chuckling )

I call my room!

Why do you get first choice?

Cassie should have first choice.

I choose that we all have a glass of wine.

A choice I can get behind.

Me too.

Just gotta put my bag away first... if it was my bag.

What do you mean?

Well, this doesn't belong to me.

Guess I'm going down to the lobby.

We'll save you a glass.



Okay, well, looks like this is the spot.

I'd say things are looking sunny side up. Now, to whom do we give the egg?

Oh... to whom is right.

Perhaps the friendly neighborhood gendarmerie can be of service. Yoo-hoo!

Excuse me!

I realize this question may seem odd, but would you happen to know anything about this egg drop?

Egg drop soup? Try the Golden Palace Restaurant.

No, we're not looking for soup, we're looking for tickets.

Unless you're planning on jaywalking, I can't help you.

Perhaps we just weren't meant to sample Chef Byron's exquisite cuisine.

You didn't mention Chef Byron.

We're looking for his egg-stravangant pop-up restaurant.

You and every other Bird brain in the city.

Well, that's just rude.

What his fans call themselves.

And one of them just beat you to the last two tickets.

Are you sure you don't have any more?

I'm sure I have one more, but that'd be for me.



We should make a toast.

We should wait for Joy.

I meant when she gets back.

Sure that's what you meant.

Joy was right about you.

What'd she say?

That you're an acquired taste.

That's funny.

What is?

She said the same about you.

She's back.

Anybody got an extra toothbrush?

'Cause there's no telling if they're gonna find my bag.

I'm sure I've got some stuff you can borrow.

Like the time I borrowed your Spice Girls T-shirt and never heard the end of it?

You got guacamole over Scary.

You can borrow something of mine.

Or I could just go shopping and not worry about getting guacamole on anybody's clothes.

You're awfully quiet.

Just thinking.

About what? Just asking.

There's, um... there's something I need to do.

Everything okay?

It will be.

Nice move.

I'm no conference player of the year, but I can hold my own.

You're being modest.

Something I need to work on.

That, and your jump shot.

I'm wearing a suit.

You're just full of excuses, aren't you?

I have no excuse for how I acted.

I think inexperience is a pretty good one.

I see you're gonna make me take my jacket off.

Let's see what you've got.

Dr. Jacobson really appreciates what you did for him. So do I.

Yeah. I appreciate you saying that.

But I'm still not letting you off the hook.

Guess this racehorse ain't retiring anytime soon.

I'm counting on it.

Your ball.

( Laughing )

Hey, what are we doing today? The works?

Sounds perfect. You wouldn't happen to have any curry powder?

You're in luck. I've got one other customer just like you.

Actually, I'm more like her.

Can you make it three?

Somebody's hungry.

There you go.

There you go. Thank you.


We were worried about you.

Take your dogs and follow me.

( Big band music )


Marguerite, oh!

( Sighing )

This is Joy and Abigail.


Thank you for waiting for us.

We'd never do it without you.

Aw... feels like she's still here.

She is. Come, everyone, let's gather.

Wow, she was clearly loved.

Olympia would say it's more important to love all.

Sounds like a great mentor.

I'm glad we're here with you.

So am I.

I think all of our lives have been touched in some way by Olympia, but you knew her better than anyone.

I know she'd love for you to say a few words.

Well, the first day I met Olympia, she told me something that I've never forgotten: that there's nothing a good cup of tea can't fix.

( Laughing )

She was a teacher, a mentor, a friend, and a great customer.

She spent more time in here than I did!

And always at this table.

Which is why we're dedicating it today... to Olympia Connelly Fowler.

( Applause )

Olympia was a Connelly?


Well, what will it be, lovely ladies?

Two downtown dogs, the works.

You got it.

You want anything? Joking.

Well, I'm glad you still have your sense of humor, because this was not the meal I planned on eating.

Wait, are you blaming me that we didn't get tickets?

Well, Magellan, you're leading this expedition, and we did make two wrong turns.

That was the GPS' fault, not mine.

I beg to differ. I call that user's error.


And I would call that Chef Byron.

You should see what that guy does with an egg.

I would certainly like to. Go on, go ask him for two tickets.

Just like that?

Tell him you're a Bird brain!

Total Bird brain, but I'm sure he hears that all the time.

Fine, I'll ask him then.

Okay, well, be nice.

Why wouldn't I be?

Be complimentary.

That goes without saying!

Be upset.

And we lost him.

Along with any chance of getting into that pop-up.

There you are.

One for you and one for you.



And that's how you knew the crescent moon was the traveler's symbol.

Olympia was guiding me.

And you were guiding me.

Oh, man, I forgot I was supposed to meet Donna and pick up the wallpaper.

She can't do it if you aren't there to hold her hand?

Okay, you really need to let this go.

Excuse me, I need to make a call.

You know why you're upset with Donna, right?

Yes, she's pushy, she's rude...

And you think she's trying to take Joy away.

I know she's trying to take Joy away.

And that bothers you.

Doesn't it bother you?

It would bother me if Joy had a job opportunity she wanted and we didn't support her.

Oh, my, this is lovely!

We could've been relaxing here all day if you hadn't taken me on that wild Bird chase.

Yes Martha you're right, it's all my fault.

What's your fault?

Apparently, everything.

Not everything.

Making me drag wallpaper across town by myself was Joy's fault.

Really, you're blaming Joy?

You don't have to defend me.

Let's all sit.

Someone gave me this as a gift.

They gave you a rock?

You could look at it that way.

But that same someone taught me to look at it this way.

( Whimsical music )

Ooh, that's stunning!

Just like all of you.

We each have a beauty inside.

It's important we take the time to recognize it.

I want each of you to write your name at the top of a page.

Okay? And then we're gonna pass around the journals and each write one line about the beauty we see in that person.

Should be interesting.

You'd be surprised.

Still working on that list?

I have a new list.

"Cargo pants, gloves, laptop..." You decided to go.

I got the call. I leave next week.

That was fast. Does Stephanie know?

Not yet.

When are you gonna tell her?

When she gets back. I'd rather do it in person.

Hm. You know, Chicago's just a couple of hours away.

You suggesting we take a little ride?

I'll drive.

"Stephanie proves that being strong and sweet aren't mutually exclusive."

"Martha is fearless and fights for what she believes in."

"Abigail is protective of the people she loves."

"Joy is an oak tree."

Wait, what? Who wrote "Joy is an oak tree"?

It's supposed to be anonymous.

Clearly, you wrote it.

I didn't write it. I'm just saying.

Well, an oak tree is a symbol of strength and wisdom.

Fine, I guess it makes sense.

Let's keep reading.

Donna, you're up.

"Donna is the friend that stays by your side when no one else will."

Cassie, you're up.

"Cassie radiates kindness and warmth."

That means a lot. Thank you.

Thank you. This is just what we needed.

These Roma tomatoes are gorgeous.

So is this buffalo mozzarella.

You know, I have a very important question to ask you.

Clearly important enough to stop chopping.

It is.

I'm listening.

Okay, but this could very well make or break our friendship.

Are you sure you wanna ask it?

I am. Do you say "brushetta" or "brusketta"?

Oh, that is an important question. "Brusketta".

Our friendship's safe.

( Laughing )

And this bruschetta is going to be amazing.

Would you mind getting the door?

Did someone knock?

( Knocking at door )

( Chuckling )

Who is it?

Room service.

Oh! Hey! What are you doing here?

Come in, come in!

Hey, did you order two handsome guys from room service?

I ordered cheesecake, but this is so much better.

Oh, I don't know, cheesecake sounds pretty good.

Should we be insulted?



I smell "brushetta".


You got your mission.

I did.

Where are you going?

South America.

Wow! That's... It's far.

Ha! Yeah.

So you drove all this way to spend every minute you could with me?

( Chuckling )

Actually, I drove all this way for a deep dish pizza.


( Laughing )

Come on.

Ooh, that looks good.

It is good.

Been an interesting trip.

It has.

I just came down to check on my bag.

You got a nice family.


It's been good getting to know them.

So, I'm, uh...

I'm an oak tree, huh?

How do you know I wrote that?

'Cause we've been passing notes since the 10th grade.

And I never dot my I's.

We spent a lot of time under that oak tree, making plans.

We made it happen.

We did.

But we still haven't built a house in every state.

And two in Hawaii.

That's right, you wanted the extra time there to spend on the beach.

Yeah, who wouldn't?

Has anyone turned in a bag like this?

Oh, that's mine!

Tell me that you have mine.

I left it with him.

I got it right here.

Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, there you are. There you are. Whew.

Really means a lot to you.

I've had it since the first day of culinary school. I can't cook without it.

Wait, you're that chef!

Byron Bird.


Master of the modern egg.

Thank you so much.


( Laughing and chatting )

You two are missing out.

Yeah, this bruschetta is... what's Italian for "delicious"?


That means you're beautiful.

I've been called worse.

( Chuckling )

Please, join us.

Why don't you join us?

As Chef Byron Bird's personal guests.

( Martha gasping )


Tickets to his pop-up?

Not for the Ice Capades!

( Squealing )

All: Cheers!

Oh, this is gonna be amazing!

It's gonna be an egg, right?

From what Stephanie's told me, a gastronomic feast.

Well, I, for one, can't wait.

Waiting makes the palate grow fonder.

Looks like your palate is going to thank you.

Welcome. You've found your way into my world.

Now allow me to reintroduce the egg. This dish, this feast, this... artistic endeavor is a sumptuous union of water and earth.

Oh, my!

Now, if you will...

Reveal your meal.

( Gasping )

Eat responsibly.

( Laughing )

I don't know if I can finish all this.

( Laughing )

Didn't you read that for book club?

I did, but I didn't really like it.

Thought I'd give it a second chance.

I'm a big believer in second chances.

How do you feel about apologies? 'Cause I owe you one.

Forget about it. I know I can be a little pushy.

Actually, you can be a lot pushy.

( Chuckling )

Well, part of my charm.

I know I'm getting used to it.

( Laughing )

What's so funny?

That dinner was pretty funny.

"A sumptuous union of water and earth".

( Laughing )

I don't know about you guys, but I'm still pretty hungry.

How about a sumptuous union of sausage and peppers?

Oh, I'm in.

I'm dialing.

This is gonna hit the spot.

That quail egg didn't quite live up to the hype.


Now that is bellissimo.

Wow. I'm beginning to think you really did come for the deep dish pizza.

Remember the first time we had pizza together?

Yeah. Why didn't you just tell me you didn't like anchovies?

I was wooing you.

Wooing me?

What, a chaplain can't woo?

( Laughing )

I can't believe you're leaving in a week.

I'm trying not to think about it.

But all you can do is think about it.

You too, huh?

It's the topic du jour.

It'll be weird not seeing you every day.

I have an idea.


A selfie?

365 selfies.

Does that mean you're gonna be gone for a year?

Not necessarily.

Just thought you meant you want to see me more than once a day.

Oh! Well...

One problem.

Not the same as the real thing?

No, you just take a really bad selfie. Look at this thing.

( Laughing )

That carrot foam was surprisingly filling.

You want a hot dog, don't you?


Hey, if it isn't Mrs. Curry Powder!

Is this Mr. Curry Powder?

Actually her maiden name.

I like this guy.

Yeah, me too.

Here you go. Two with the works, on the house.

Thanks, Gerry.


Remember the last time we came to Chicago?

I met Olympia.

Yeah. She really liked you.

I'm a likable guy.

I'm glad you're here.

Me too. So how was today?

It was the kind of day Olympia would've loved.

How was your day?

It was the kind of day you would've loved.

♪ Our love is here to stay ♪