LEGO DC: Shazam - Magic & Monsters (2020)

( laughs maniacally )

( yelps )

( police sirens wailing )

( tires screeching )

Come on, come on, they're gaining on us.

I'll lose 'em.

( laughs ) Yeah, that's right.

Look out!


( brakes screech )

( both grunt )

Oh, gee. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.


( both grunting )

( Shazam laughing )

Stop. ( giggling ) That tickles.

( both grunting )

( camera shutter clicks )

Oh, wow!

Still getting used to that strength thing.

Everybody okay?

both: Huh?

Good. Now hand me those weapons.

Where are my manners?

Please hand me those weapons.

( sirens wailing in distance )

Can't believe I forgot the "please."


Okay, I hope you learned your lesson.

( sirens approaching )

Crime doesn't pay.


Who is that guy? A new superhero?

Yeah, a super polite hero.

Penguin: Come on. ( chuckles )

Are you ready to do this deal?

As long as you don't get cold flippers like last time, Penguin.

Hah, cold flippers. ( mumbles )

( snaps fingers )

man: Ahem!

What? Who was that?

man: Up here.

( gasps )

I didn't wanna be rude and interrupt but, well, then I did because, you know, criminal activity.

Get him, boys.

( men grunt )

( exclaims )

I've had enough of being tickled today, thank you.

Now, how about everyone comes along quietly?

Hah, not likely, Red.

Lasers don't hurt me, so you think that chains will?

Come on, guys, I was trying not to prejudge you.

( camera shutter clicks )

So... quietly then?

woman: Mitzi. Mitzi girl.

( camera shutter clicks )

Is there a problem, miss?

Mitzi, she's stuck in the tree.

Don't worry, I'll get her.

Come on, little kitten.

( Mitzi barks )


Ho-ho! Look at you.

( barks )

Wow, how did you get up here?

Oh. ( grunts playfully )

Come here. Here you go.

Try to keep her on a leash from now on.

( barks )

Not only is it practical, it's the law.

So long.

( Mitzi barking )

Wow, that's the nicest superhero ever.

( barks )

Okay, no one around, so...


( thunderclap )

Best day ever!

Well, well, well, little boy Batson has finally returned.

Oh, hey, Terrance, Corey, Brian.

How are you guys today?

Great. In fact, better than great.

I don't know where you went off to today, but you missed out on a nice couple from Metropolis looking for a well-behaved little boy.

And since you were gone, they picked me.

( yelps )

I'm really happy for you, Terrance.

Oh, I bet you are, Billy, you're always selfless and that's why you'll always end up alone.

( all laughing )

Later, little Billy.

Better luck next time.

Come on, guys.

Did I say "best"?

I meant worst day ever.

Perry: Take a look at these. "Lightning guy stops robbery." "Big cheese foils Falcone." "Hero saves dog in tree."

He saved a dog from a tree?

I mean, even Superman doesn't do that.

I'm sure Superman would save a dog from a tree if he ever saw one.

Maybe if we were paying attention instead of talking, we'd know, wouldn't we, Kent?

Sorry, Mr. White.

I don't want sorry, I want answers.

Who is he? Where is he from?

What's his name? I mean, look at that profile.

His chin looks like it was made of marble.

That's it. We'll call him "Captain Marble."

Already taken, Chief.

Is it? It doesn't matter. Point is, what does he want?

Why is he so polite?

This is the story of the century.

And I want a Daily Planet exclusive yesterday.

Well, what are you all standing around for?

Go, go!

man: I'm sorry. Excuse me.

( all speaking indistinctly )

woman: No, it's okay...

man 2: This is...

Clark: Yeesh.


Yeah, I was just about to go out and get you that interview, Mr. White.

Ah, don't worry about that, son, superheroes have never been your strong suit.

Well, I don't know about that.

I have another assignment for you.

Something important, something meaningful, something that only you can do.

I won't let you down, Mr. White. What is it?

I need 1,000 words about the Metropolis Farmer's Market by tomorrow.

They have this amazing fertilizer exhibit and if there's one person that knows how to write about manure, it's you, Kent.

Sure thing, Mr. White.

( door slams )

( Clark sighs )

Like, is this radish organic?

Absolutely, grew it myself.

( scoffs ) Well, how can I be sure, dude?

Well, uh...

( crunches ) So good.


Told you.

( roars )

( both whimpering )

woman: Dang juicer.

( straining ) I can't seem to get this down.

( juicer thuds )

Oh. Thanks, stranger.

( low growling )

( gasps )

( screaming )

Gather all the food for the master, he must be appeased.

( people screaming )

Master will be pleased. ( laughs )

I mean, I was a farmer.

So, of course I guess I should report on the farmer's market.

And, by golly, I'm gonna give Mr. White the best article on perennial produce he's ever seen.

man: Help! Monsters!

Someone's in trouble.

( all screaming )

Looks like Clark Kent isn't the only one with an assignment today.

Huh? Grr.

Don't you know?

Stealing is never part of a healthy diet.

( Oom grunting )

( monsters snarling )

Puny Kryptonian.

Well, then.

All right, what do you have?

Sister Eye!


( stammers ) Oh, well, how about...

Cousin Eye?

( alarm wailing )

Bruce: Trouble alert.

Uh, excuse me. Did... Did... I didn't hear what you said.

Did you say something?

I gotta go.

Uh, Mr. Wayne, I didn't...

I didn't even get to tell you about Grandpa Eye.

( sighs )

( engine revs )

( snarling )

( blowing )

( yelping )

( grunting )

( Superman yelping )

( screaming )

( grunting )


The Flash: Need a hand?

That'd be super.

Take care of these guys, I've got a train to catch.

Oh, come on, you have to do better than that.

By the authority of the Green Lantern Corps, I command you to surrender.

Bah! The mighty Oom doesn't answer to your puny Lantern Corps.

( grunts )

( gasps )

( snarling )


Oh, no, the bridge is out.

( panicked chatter )

man: Hey, look, it's Superman.

woman: Save us, Superman.

Superman: Oh!

( grunting )

( metal squealing )


Next stop, Metropolis Central.

( all cheering )

woman: Yes, Superman.

( snarling )

( groans ) Just because you're evil doesn't mean your breath should be.

Go brush your teeth. ( grunts )

The Flash: You're the Dummy, right?

Yeesh, way to set the bar low.

( both whimpering )

( gasps )

Ha-hah! Too slow, Dummy.

Shazam: I got this.


( yelps )

( cat yowls )

Uh, like, thanks, man.

How did you...

Speed of Mercury, isn't it cool?

Oh, hey, one sec.

No, wait, who are you?

( grunts )

Okay, yeah, that's good.

I'm sure this thing has a weight limit, so...

Shazam: I've got it.

Strength of Hercules.

I could do this all day, but who has the time?

Pardon me.


I think you misplaced these.

Well, that takes care of that.

Hi. I'm...

( both grunt )

By the arm hairs of Atlas, are you okay?

You know Atlas? That's so cool.

I've got the stamina of Atlas, isn't that rad?

I barely even felt getting hit.

But I bet he will.

( both grunt )

( groaning )

( grunts )


Don't mention it.

( shrieks )

Shazam: There's only room for one bat person around here.


Don't you think?

( blubbering )

( screaming )

The master must be satisfied.

But not today.


( grunts )

( explosion )

( rumbling )

( water splashing )

We have to go after them.

( beeping )

Batman: Later.

Right now, we have to stop that building from collapsing.

( both whimpering )

I don't know if sunbathing on the roof was such a great idea.

both: Whoa!

All right, everybody, now shake your body. ( snapping fingers )

( panting )

Loosen those limbs.

( rumbling )

( laughing ) This is fun.

( grunting )

Come on, you can do it. It should feel like you're climbing up the side of a mountain. Yeah!

( both yelping )

( grunts ) Your turn, Flash.

( both screaming )

I'm on it.

( straining )

You're safe here, ma'am.

Gotta run.


( gasps, grunts )

I'm here to offer some support.

woman on TV: And jump, two, three.

( Shazam grunting )

Two, three, four.

( clicking )

And one.

Wow, what a workout.

( gasps ) What in the blue blazes?

( Shazam grunting )

I think you can let go now.

Oh. Uh, heh, right.

Oh, my gosh, I can't believe it, Flash, you just ran up those bricks like "zoom."

And Wonder Woman with the lasso, you were all... ( grunts )

And Superman, with the heat vision, you secured the base with a "pssh."

Batman swung in and caught that guy while Green Lantern was putting the wall back together. ( gasps )

You guys are incredible!

It is such an amazing pleasure to meet you.

You have been my hero since I was just a kid.

Oop, sorry.

Since you were a kid?

By my observations, you're approximately the same age as Superman.

Same age? Oh, no, uh... ( chuckles ) I just meant that watching you makes me feel like a kid.


Anyway, what a thrill to meet you guys, I hope I didn't get in the way.

Not at all. In fact, we're grateful.


Oh, uh, sorry.

I'm Shazam.

Uh... Shaz-what now?

Well, Shaz-bot.


Excuse me.

Shazam, it was pretty courageous of you to leap into danger like that.

I know, that's one of my powers too.

Courage of Achilles.

I used it just the other day to eat some anchovies.

( shudders )

How can we be sure you're one of the good guys?

Totally understandable.

But even if I wasn't, a great philosopher once said, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

So, really what do you have to lose?

Yep, I know quotes.

Wisdom of Solomon.

Sweet, am I right?

Why does he keep mentioning Solomon, Atlas and the others?

Well, I...

His powers obviously derive from each of the ancient heroes he's described, that makes up the name "Shazam."

S for the wisdom of Solomon.

H for the strength of Hercules.

A for the stamina of Atlas.

Another A for the courage of Achilles.

And M for the speed of Mercury.

That means that Z must stand for...

The power of Zeus.

Still haven't figure out what that is myself.

Well, whoever you are, we really appreciate your help.

My pleasure. I mean, helping the Justice League, so awesome!

You should tag along.

Come to the Hall of Justice, see where the magic happens.

I don't think...


The Hall of Justice?

Like, the Hall of Justice?

( laughs ) Oh, man, I... I...

( sighs ) Be cool.

This is the greatest thing that's ever happened to you but just... be cool.

I mean, I guess so.

I don't have anything going on, so, uh, yeah, whatever.

Jeepers: It's not our fault.

Jeepers is right.

We would've had your food but the Justice League showed up and ruined everything.

man: Enough!

( thuds )

I'm tired of excuses.

What I need is food.

And if you can't get it, then I, Mr. Mind, will find others who can.

( laughs evilly )

male voice: Yes. So powerful, so hungry. So hungry.

Mr. Mind: Yes, food, I need more food.

( burps )

Excuse me. Sivana, how goes our small experiment?

It's done.

This magically infused chemical should do what you wanted.

Now, can you stop mind-controlling me and let me go?

Mr. Mind: Hmm, nope.

Now jump like a kangaroo.

( grunting )

Mind control is the best.

( laughs )

male voice: Eat. Eat. Hunger.

Mr. Mind: Food. Bring me more food.

I must have more before the Justice League arrives.

The Justice League?

Here? But how?

Mr. Mind: Call it intuition.

( beeping )

And over here, we have our trouble alert system.

If there's a problem anywhere in the world, we'll know about it.

This is incredible!

( gasps ) I... I think I might cry.

( shudders )

Hall of Justice branded tissue?

Can I keep this?

( blows nose )

Highly unsanitary.

Totally going in my scrapbook.

You guys, I really can't thank you enough for the tour.

You all mean so much to me.

The Justice League has always been a beacon of hope.

In the darkest of times, I've always said, "What would the Justice League do?"

I mean...

It depends on your roster, that Plastic Man is kind of different, but, uh, that doesn't matter.

You guys have helped me a lot.

I might need one of those hankies, Batman.

( sniffles )

Shazam: Well, I better get going.

I hope we do some superhero-ing stuff together soon.

No, wait.

I call a Justice League meeting.

Is a meeting necessary?

We should be out finding these monsters.

I have their location via the Bat-Tracer, and...

You know the rules, Batman.

If one of us calls a meeting...

( groans )

Then we all must attend.

Should I go or...

No, stay right there.

Krypto will keep you company.

It's an ultrasonic whistle.

One sec.

( barking )

( laughs ) A super-dog.

( panting )

Ah, hi, Krypto. Aren't you cute?

Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

I think we should let him join.

( Shazam laughing )

The League? But we just met him.

Not everyone is as reluctant to join the League as you were, Batman.

I like him. And not just because he has a lightning bolt on his chest, though that doesn't hurt.

Green Lantern: I'm with Flash, there's something so innocent about him.

Shazam: You can't catch me.

You can't catch me. ( laughing )

( barking )

Or juvenile.

I saw we take a vote.

All in favor, raise your hand.

( groans )

Superman: Shazam, we have an offer for you.

An offer?

We'd like to invite you to become a member of... the Justice League.

What? Is this for real?

I... I... This isn't some hidden camera show, is it?

There are 24 cameras in this room, none of which you could find even with Superman's abilities.

No, this isn't a prank.

The reality is you fit all of our Justice League criteria.

You have superpowers.

The Flash: Check.

Green Lantern: Fight for good.

The Flash: Double check.

Superman: And not a kid.

( gulps )


So, Shazam, what do you say?

I... will be the best Leaguer ever!

I promise, seriously, you'll never regret this.

Shazam, the Justice League is more than a well-tuned crime fighting unit.

It's a family.

A... family?

And families are built on trust.

Shazam, we think that you could be a great addition to the team.

But in order for us to fully trust you, we need to know who you really are.

Not the superhero.

But, you.

My, uh... Oh, no.

Don't worry, we'll go first.

Well, except for Batman, he kind of gets an exception because he's so grumpy.

( groans ) I'm not grumpy.

Shazam: Yeah, I don't know you.

No idea.

I mean, that's not even really a disguise.

Well, sure it is.

The star draws your view from my face.

Not really.

Clark Kent?

Oh, wow! You did that amazing exposé on building without instructions.

That was fantastic.

Oh, thanks, I worked really hard on that piece.

Batman: Ahem.

Oh, right.

So, are you ready to be part of the family?



I can't.

I'm sorry, I... I really am.

I have to go.

( Krypto whines )

Batman: Just as I surmised, Shazam has something to hide, and this proves he is not to be trusted.

But you hide everything.

Bat exemption.

No, but I...

Bat exemption.

Now, come on.

We have monsters to catch.

Huh? Oh!

Hmm. Mm.

( sighs )

I can't believe I didn't just join the Justice League.

But if they knew that I was just a kid...

man: Whoa, is that guy flying? Oh, man!

Nice cape.

I've never seen a superhero. Wow.

( horn tooting )

Look, Mommy, Superman got a new costume.

Bye, Red Superman.

( Wizard grunting )

( Wizard sighing )

Stay still.

How did you even get in here, you pesky beast?

Oh, hello, Billy.

How was your day?

( grunts )

Oh, you know.

It doesn't take a wizard to know something's bothering you.

But I'm a wizard, so maybe it does.

( chuckles )

Billy, you can tell me anything.

( sighs ) I had this great day, you know?

Fighting bad guys, meeting my heroes, but then...

But then the Justice League wanted me to join their team.

( electricity crackles )

That sounds wonderful.

It was, except, in order to join, they said they needed to trust me.

Which means I would have to reveal my secret identity.

And you were afraid they would reject you when they found out you weren't an adult?


I know that, in your heart, all you've ever wanted was a family, Billy.

Somewhere to belong.

I've tried to give you that place, but my time is running out.

Soon, you'll need to find your own way.

And you'll discover that being in a family doesn't come without its own risks.

Shazam: Risks?

Like what?

Trust, my son, trust to share a part of yourself with others.

And hope that those you share it with will accept it.

You're talking about you sharing the power of Zeus with me, right?

The first guy you chose to be the Wizard's champion?

Well, I wouldn't say first.

There was another.

His name was Teth Adam.

Teth Adam: Shazam! ( echoing )

Wizard: But he would become Mighty Adam. He started out as the hero I hoped he would be.

But I was blind not to see his growing ambition.

Soon, he was corrupted by his power and turned to evil.

He tried to enslave the world, but after a long and trying battle, I defeated him.

( thunderclap )

Teth Adam, echoing: No!

And thus, he became Black Adam.

What did you do?

I locked him away where he can never harm anyone again.

The point is, Billy, that even I, the wise and powerful Wizard, risked something and continue to risk by giving that power to you.

My true champion.

Aw, shucks.

( rustling )

What is it?

The League?

I sense a trap. Go.

And remember, Billy, nothing creates trust like helping those in need.

Wisdom of Solomon?

No, common sense.

Now go.

There you are.

Now just hold still.

( grunts, groans )

I hate moths.

( sawing )

Fan out.

No sign of anything out of the ordinary.

Strange. The Bat Radar indicates the tracer should be right... where that box is.

Oh, I got it.

No, it's a trap.

( alarm blares )

Mr. Mind: Right as always, Batman.

( snarling )

( growls )

( Crocodile Man laughing )

The Monster Society welcomes you.

Is that a talking worm? I mean, come on, we fight worms now?

Mr. Mind: I'm no mere worm, Flash.

I'm the powerful Mr. Mind, the greatest villain in the galaxy.

Wanted in over three quadrants of the universe for my evil evilness.

And now I can add defeating the Justice League to my accomplishments.

Sivana, if you please?

( gas hissing )

all: Huh?

( all coughing )

Mr. Mind: Though my powers of mental persuasion are strong, I know they could never tame the superheroic minds of the Justice League.

Well, maybe the Flash.

Thanks... a lot. ( continues coughing )

You'll never... ( coughs ) get away with this.

Mr. Mind: I already have.

The adult mind is hard to manipulate, but the mind of a child...

Sivana, fans.

( whirring )

all: Huh?

Green Lantern: What?

( Mr. Mind laughing )

Mr. Mind: It worked!

Of course it worked.

Dr. Sivana is no slouch.

I'm a kid?

Well, I'll be butter-churned in July.

But I don't wanna be a kid.

What are you talking about? I don't feel any different.

Turn us back, Sivana, this instant.

Mr. Mind: Sivana can do nothing and neither can you.

( high-pitched pinging )

( all groaning )

( all sigh )

( all giggling )

Mr. Mind: Ah, so easy.

I have all of you now.

Wait! I don't see Batman.

He's gone!

( Mr. Mind grunts )

Go, my monsters.

Find the Batman and bring him to me.

And now, Junior Justice League, are you ready to do my bidding?

Well, as Pa used to say, "Does a cow moo when you pull its udder?"


Mr. Mind: I'll assume that's a yes, so welcome to the Monster Society of Evil!

( laughing evilly )

( laughing maniacally )

( footsteps running )

( panting )

Jeepers: There.

There is the false Bat.

Get him for the master.

( all growling )

( Batman grunts )

( grunts, groaning )

( beeping )


( groaning )

( panting )


( chuckles ) Got you.

Come out, Batsy. There is no place to go.


Ha! Got you, got you.

Now you're stuck in Bat Glue.

( grunting )

No place to go, Batman?

Or should I say "Batboy"?

( monsters growling )

( grunts )

Are you okay, kid?

I saw those bad guys and thought you might need some help.


I mean, I appreciate the amount of work you put into your cosplay, but superhero-ing is kind of dangerous.


How about I drop you off to your mom?

Maybe she'll take you out for a milkshake or something. Those always cheer me up.

( Shazam grunts )

I am Batman.


Mr. Mind transformed us into children in order to control our young impressionable minds.

But because I'm awesome, I was able to get away before his powers affected me.

Wow, you really are Batman.


I guess that's a no on super-hearing.

Okay, okay. Digesting.

Well, listen, Batman, how about you stay here while I take care of...

No. Mr. Mind controls the monsters and the preadolescent Justice League.

There's a chance he can get you, too.

I don't want you jumping in there and causing more trouble.

But I can help.


I don't work with people I can't trust.

And after your quick exit at the Hall of Justice, I can't trust you.

( electronic beeping )

What are you gonna do, then?

It doesn't matter what I'm going to do.

I'm Batman...

( tires screeching )

...and everything I do is incredible.

( squealing softly ) The Batmobile.

My diary is never gonna believe this.

Well, okay. Good luck, Batman.

I know there's no obstacle you can't overcome.

( grunting )

I have complete faith in you.

Batman: Come on.

Shazam: You're a real hero.

Change of plan.

Do you really wanna help?


( grunts ) In my youthful state, I'm unable to reach the pedals.

So, you'll need to drive.


You can drive a stick, can't you?

( chuckles nervously )

( engine revs, brakes screech )

Batman: Okay, no...

Stop. Wait, no. Not that way.

( brakes screech, engine sputters )

( horn honks )

I thought you said you'd done this.

( grunting ) Of course I have. I'm an adult.

Just a little rusty. Oh!

( brakes screech )

Rusty? And why are you in third gear?

( tires screeching )

Okay, let's just stay off the freeway.

Hello! Welcome!

Have a great day.

Well, what do we have here?

It's not even Halloween but, my, you look wonderful.

What brings you in today?

The master needs food like a pig needs a pile of mud.

Ooh, isn't that nice? ( gasps )

( whimpers )

Brick O's! My favorite!

( whooshing )

Looks like I have the last one.

I'll take that. Thanks.


( sobbing )

It looks like it's ripe...

Huh? ( gasps )

...for the picking.

( people screaming )

Look what I found. Guess who's going to be master's favorite now?

As my ma used to say, "You can't win a pig kissing contest without getting a little dirty."

( scoffs ) That doesn't even make sense.

Does, too.

Does not.

Does, too.

Does not, infinity plus one!

( grunts )

( Superman yelling )

( crashing )

Superman: Ow!

I'm telling the master.

Have a nice day.

Mr. Mind slurping: Mmm.

Ugh. Gross.

Oh, good. Mmm, you're back. Just place the food anywhere.

Mmm, I'll get to it eventually. ( slurping )

I know it's me saying this but shouldn't you, I don't know, slow down?

male voice: Eat more faster.

Mr. Mind: Slow down? No.

If anything, I need to... ( munching ) speed up.

Mmm. ( retches )

Peas? What are peas doing here?

What's the rule?

all: No peas, please.

Mr. Mind: Exactly. Anything else is fine.

Broccoli, arugula, whatever, just no peas.

Sheesh. Now go!

Give me more. I must have more!

( munching ) Oh!

( slurping )

( smacking )

( engine revving and brakes screeching )

Whoa. Wow!

This place is amazing!

I thought the Rock of Eternity was cool, but this place...

( whistles )

Rock of Eternity?

Nexus of magic in another dimension.

Uh, it's a long story.

What are you doing?

My Bat Computer is the most sophisticated computer on the planet.

High-def with over a billion mega-brixels, state of the art.

It also streams Brickflix.

And it has the ability to find anyone at anytime in the world.

Pretty cool, huh?

Way cool.


( horn honks )

They're stealing food from everywhere. We have to stop them!

I have to stop them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You don't trust me. But, I mean, come on.

I helped you with the monsters, the Batmobile... sort of.

I know it's hard to believe, but I don't trust people very easily.

No, that's not hard to believe at all. You live in a cave.

In our line of work, we have to be careful.

I mean, what if you were a bad guy?

I've already revealed too much to you.

You're lucky I don't take you out right now.

I could, you know? 'Cause I'm Batman.

And Batman is totally the best hero.

O... kay?

Point is, it pays to keep people at a distance.

So you...

Never get hurt.

( sighs ) Hemingway once said, "The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them."

Fine. Shazam!

( gasps )

Billy Batson.


I don't understand. How did you...

It all started when I helped you during that Two-Face situation.

( both grunting )

Oh, no. Which one? Which one?

Wizard: The red wire, Billy.

Billy: I don't know who the voice belonged to. I just knew it saved our lives.

( powering down )

( sighs in relief )

After that, I went about my usual routine.

Well, Billy, that's the last of the money you got from recycling.

Hope this sandwich is worth it 'cause I'm starving.

man: Spare some food.

( stomach growling )

( sighs )

Have a great day.

You're a nice boy, Billy Batson.

Hey, how do you know my name?

( wind whistling )

Billy: That wasn't the only weird thing that happened to me over the next couple of days.

Excuse me, ma'am, let me give you a hand.

( high-pitched ) You're a nice boy, Billy Batson.

( yelps )

Billy: I just kept running into the strangest people.

Hey, mister, you dropped this.


You're a nice boy.

Here. For your trouble.

Free subway token? Thanks, mister.

( gasps )

Billy: Little did I know that small token would lead me on an incredible journey.

Wizard: Billy Batson, you have been found... worthy.

That voice.

( train horn blowing )

Wizard: Climb aboard for the adventure of a lifetime.

Billy: What is this place?

"The seven deadly enemies of man."

Whoa, what a scary bunch.

( gasps )

Wizard: Billy Batson!

I've been expecting you.

You? That old man I gave the food to.

That woman I helped to cross the street.

And that guy I returned his money to.

They were all you.


I did that to test you, Billy.

Test me? Test me for what?

To see if you're worthy of great power.

And you are, Billy.

Never have I seen a heart so pure.

The world is a dangerous place.

It needs heroes. Heroes like you.

All you need to do is say my name.

Your name?


Sha... zam?

( chuckles ) No, no, no. You can't just say it timidly.

Otherwise, how would you ever introduce yourself to people?

( chuckling ) That'd be ridiculous.

Say it with meaning, with purpose.


Billy: After getting the power of Shazam, I went to work, helping the city as best I could. It was awesome. Not just because I had these incredible powers but, you know, because I was a grownup.

Sorry, kid. Maybe next time.


( electricity crackles )


One, please.

( Shazam whooping )

Billy: But even with all that power, it didn't really matter. I just wanted to belong. To not be alone.

You wouldn't understand. You're the Batman.

You've got friends, a family.

But being a kid, an orphan, ( sighs ) it's the worst.

I totally understand if you don't want to work with me, now that you know.

Uh... I'm sorry.

I know this is supposed to be, like, an important moment, but I don't really recognize you.

Maybe in your adult form?

I'm Bruce Wayne.

( gasps ) Bruce Wayne?

Like, the Bruce Wayne?

Billionaire Bruce Wayne?

The Bruce Wayne with all those super expensive sports cars?

The Bruce Wayne with the private jet that has its own arcade in it?

Holy moly! What's that like?

It's okay. I mean, I only have, like, 500 games onboard. No big whoop.


Listen, Billy, when I was a kid about your age, I lost my parents, too.

So I know what it is to be alone.

I took that fear and loneliness and decided to do something good with it.

Just like you're doing.

Be proud of who you are, Billy. Kids can be heroes too.

My three former Robins are a testament to that.

What you did? That's brave.

Showing me really who you are?

That's trust.

I don't know what the others would say, but you're all right with me.

Now, back to business.

We have to figure out why the Justice League is gathering all that food, and how to stop that telepathic tyrant, Mr. Mind.

( stomach grumbling )

Speaking of food, I'm starving.

Ooh, me too.

Hey, wanna see something cool?

Alfred, can I get two glasses of milk and cookies?

And not the oatmeal kind.

Maybe... Ooh, something with chocolate chips in it?

As you wish, Master Damian.

Uh, Damian? I'm... Oh, oh, yes.

Faster, old man.

Old man...

You have your own butler?

Not bad, right?

He'll make me whatever I want.

Unless I make him mad, which happens more than... ( gasps )

Wait a minute. That's it!

Mr. Mind said that in order to control us, he had to make sure our minds were young and impressionable.

But that also means he has limits.

And if I'm right, which I always am, the more active the brains of our friends are, the more difficult they are to control.

So we have to make them angry or stressed.

And that will break his hold on them.


Once the hold is broken, we toss one of these disrupters onto them, and presto!

No more mind control.

Got it.

And, Shazam?

Good luck.

The most powerful ring in the galaxy, and here I am trolling the ocean for stinky fish?


Say, that ring is pretty cool.

Oh, hey. Yeah. It can make anything I can think of.



Even... I don't know, a boat?


Wow. What about a whale?

Like I told you, anything.

Not bad.

So you can make anything? A jet?

Two jets?

( grunts )

What about a dog piloting a jet while drinking a shake and wearing sunglasses while wearing a large hat?

And barking out the ABCs.

( grunts ) Yeah. All right.

( dog barking )

Oh, also a knight in shining armor with a sword, riding a bicycle, handcuffed to a T-Rex, standing behind a pony...

Slow down.

Shazam: ...on top of an armored car.

Oh, and can you get a sports car in there, too?

( grunting ) Anything... else?

Shazam: Just this.

( crackling )

( groaning )

One down.

( cow mooing )

Mmm, prime rib.

Mr. Mind is totes gonna love this.

Ah, Wonder Woman, I see you're still flying that invisible clunker.

Clunker? Why, you...

My mom gave me this jet!

It can run circles around your rodent mobile!

( chuckling ) No. No, it can't.

Can, too.


Can, too.


Can, too!

Prove it, then.

First one to the end of the canyon wins.

You're on!

( cow mooing )

( engine accelerating )

( cow mooing loudly )

( engine roaring )

( mooing loudly )

Looks like there's room for only one of us, hotshot.

Ha! That did it.


No way!

I totally would have won if I'd had a more aerodynamic cow.

Batman: You never did like to lose.

Argh! Just wait till I get my hands on you.

Now, now, Wonder Woman, no one likes a sore loser.

( crackling )

( groaning )

Two down.

( cow's moo echoing )

The Flash: Whoo-hoo! Pardon me.

Flash coming through.

Wow. That's quite a pile of food you have there.

Yeah, so?

Well, I mean, uh, how are you gonna get it all to your master?

I'll just run it over to him, duh.

Oh, just, uh, one by one, then?



I just thought because you're so fast, you could do something a bit, I don't know, flashier?

Hey, I can be flashy.

Oh, I'm sure you can.

Superman said he could do it faster, but, I mean, you know, what does he know, right?

Superman said that?

Ooh. After all the times I beat him in a race...

Whatevs. I'll show him.

You better step back.

Oh. Sure.

Ha-ha! See? Nothing to it.

Shazam: Hmm.

Is that the best you can do?

( straining ) No.

( grunts ) Watch this.

( grunting )

( yelling )

( panting )

Where am I?

( crackling )

( groaning )

( groaning )

Mmm, nice.

Master's gonna love this Kent Farm's corn.

male voice: Superman, save me.

Oh, hi, Clark.

Well, I'll be a tadpole on a lily pad.

What are you doing here?

I've come to help you.

Help me? I'm Superman.

You're the one that's gonna need help.

( corn popping )

Somebody needs a nap.

Superman: You know I have X-ray vision, right?

( Batman exclaims )

Who's the hide-and-seek champ now?

( grunts ) More like chump.

( grunts )

( gasps )

( grunts )

A Boy Scout like you is no real threat to an awesome superhero like Batman.

I hear a lot of gums flappin'... but not a lot of wind.

You may have muscles, Clarky, but when it comes to strategy or planning, you...

You're just lucky I'm pulling my punches.

( sarcastically ) Ooh, I'm shaking in my Bat Boots.

You're not even wearing any boots.

( crashing )

( horse neighs )

( cow mooing )

( goat bleating )

Superman: Ah!

( Batman grunting )

You got any more insults now, dingbat?

Just one.

I liked you better when you wore your underwear... on the outside.

Huh? ( grunting )

( crackling )

( screaming )

Oh, boy.

( loud thud )

I'm glad to see everyone back to normal.

Well, relatively.

( grunts )

Can we, like, get this over with so I go back to being an adult?

Being a kid is the worst.

Huh. I haven't really noticed a difference at all.

That's because you've always been a kid.

But I'm dying. The mood swings, the hunger pains.

How can you even trust kids at all?

All these hormones, no life experience.

I feel like I'm going to cry at any given moment.

Hey, being a kid isn't that bad.

Kids, back to business.

What we know, Mr. Mind has been hoarding a massive amount of food here at this warehouse.

The League will take myself and Shazam as pretend prisoners in order to get into the base.

Once we are in his inner sanctum, we'll use these mental dampeners to protect us from Mr. Mind's control, and stop this Monster Society of Evil once and for all.

( saw whirring )

That door does open, you know.

No food?

Why did you come back empty-handed?

We brought something better than food, Jeepers.

We brought prisoners.

( all gasp )

That's right. Batman is here.

You better take me to Mr. Mind right now.

( scoffs ) Please. We don't take orders from you.

No one can see the master right now.

Children, leave the prisoners and continue gathering food.

Uh, Batman, what's plan B?

Well, what are you waiting for?


Uh, sorry. At this age, I wasn't all that good at thinking ahead.

( grunting )

Creatures, get them!

( all growling )

Jig's up. Attack, now!

The Flash: Excuse me.

( whimpering )

For a doll, why'd you have to be such a... you know, Dummy?

( grunting )

Let go, imposter!

Imposter? I called this name first.

( Jeepers cackling )

( Jeepers screaming )

( both grunt )

Kryptonian, I've defeated your kind before.

You're no match for Oom.

( growling )

( Superman grunting )

( yelps )

This would be beneath adult Superman.

Me? Not so much.

( screaming )

Come on, it's not funny.

I didn't want to leave the swamp, you know?

But he didn't care. ( choking up )

No one understands me.

( sobbing )

( Wonder Woman sighs )

( Dr. Sivana whimpers )

It's over, Sivana.

( shudders, sighs )

I hope so.

I'm tired of being mind-controlled. We all are.

All I want to do is go home and work on my own plans for world domination.

Great! I mean, good.

Not good. ( stammers ) It's...

It's good that you wanna stop, but not... ( sighs )

Where is Mr. Mind?

He's there.

The Flash: What do you think we'll find in there?

Whatever it is, we'll face it together.

Wonder Woman: By Hades' heatstroke, what is that?

The Flash: It appears to be some sort of chry-sal-lis.

Batman: Everyone knows it's pronounced chrysalis.

Can we just call it a cocoon?

Well, whatever we're calling it, what's it for?

For Mr. Mind.

( rumbling )

Uh, guys, I think we need to get out of here.



( all yelp )

( metal creaks )

( all groaning )

( screeching )

We're gonna need some serious moth balls.

We can do this, team. Let's get him.

( whooshing )

Mr. Mind: Fools!

You have served your purpose.

You gathered the sustenance I needed to complete my transformation.

Now nothing on Earth can stop me from ruling over you small-minded mortals.

Nothing on Earth?

That's it.

Follow me!

Mr. Mind: You won't get away from me that easily, Junior League.

Whatever it is you're hoping to do, Shazam, do it fast.

( train horn toots )

male voice: Follow them. Follow them.

( grunting )

He's coming!

( all gasp )

Hold on!

( horn toots )

( all grunting )

( all yelping )

( whimpering )

Oh, this ride better end quick.

Is this supposed to slow down?

Uh, yeah?

( Mr. Mind screaming )

( all groaning )

The Wizard who gave me my powers lives here.

He'll know what to do. Come on.

male voice: Do you see the power of eternity?

Mr. Mind: Yes. The power, I must have it.

( snoring )

( snorts )

( continues snoring )

Wizard. Wizard!

( grunts ) What? Huh?

Oh, Billy!

It's good to see you.



I said...

"Silly." Silly Shazam.

So good of you to come.

And you brought some young friends to trick or treat at the Rock of Eternity.

( chuckling ) Lovely costumes.

The star on that tiara really draws your eyes away from your face.

Told you guys.

I think I have some candy corn in the back.

Shazam: Wizard...

Mm, but that was 100 years ago.

Uh, Wizard?

Does candy corn go bad?

Ugh. No. Wizard, this is the Justice League.

They've been transformed by a malevolent worm that just transformed into a giant moth who is floating around outside waiting to destroy us!

A giant moth? ( grunts )

I... hate... moths.

( chirring )

( gasps )

( rumbling )

Mr. Mind: This building, it tastes...

It tastes like eternity.

( laughs wickedly )

male voice: Yes. More. More!

The power, it's intoxicating!

( laughs wickedly )

( all gasping )

What is happening?

Wizard: That giant moth is feeding off the Rock of Eternity.

This place is the nexus of limitless magical power!

If he eats much more, he may be unstoppable.

Not to mention...

Oh, no!

Shazam: What is it?

Wizard: Hurry! The more the rock is destroyed, the more it weakens the defenses of the building.

( thudding )

Shazam, if what is inside this prison is released, an unspeakable terror will be unleashed upon us all.

You must use the power of Zeus, and together, you can defeat this evil.

The power of Zeus?

But I don't know what that is!

You must completely trust them.

You have to be willing to let them see you as you really are.

Yes. Yes, that's great.

But can you just be more specific...

( laughs ) Free! Free!

By Poseidon's pits, who is that?

I am Black Adam.

Earth's mightiest mortal.

Holy moly.

Mr. Mind: The power of eternity, it is mine!

( all grunt and gasp )


My unwitting pawn.

Mr. Mind: You? The voice.

The voice inside my head.

But how?

Centuries of isolation strengthens the mind.

I just needed to harness my powers, and use the Rock of Eternity as an antenna to find a weak-minded being that would be open to suggestion.

Mr. Mind: Weak mind?

( scoffs ) I'm Mr. Mind.

And now, I'm all-powerful.

( laughing )

Let me show you power, worm!

( grunts )

( screeching )


( grunts )

( Mr. Mind groaning )

Mr. Mind: Oh, dear.

Oh, no. ( whimpers )

Oh, this doesn't look good at all. Huh?


His costume, he looks just like you.

Who is he?

The Wizard's first champion.

Evidently, he went crazy and took over the world.

We're in trouble.

Mr. Mind straining: Oh, must go faster.

Must go... Oh!

( chuckles nervously )


Perhaps we could come to some sort of arrang...

( screaming )

( screaming fades )

Heh. ( grunts )

( all yell and grunt )


It is time we finish this.

If you want the Wizard, you'll have to get through me!

You'll have to get through all of us.

( laughing )

Sorry, kids, you need to be this high to fight me.

Aw, man!

He's joking, Flash.

Oh! I knew that.

What I'm not joking about is your doom!

( Superman screaming )

( gasps )

( Wonder Woman screaming )

( gasps )

( Green Lantern screaming )

Batman: Hyah!

Whoa! Hey, let go of me. I'm Batman.

Hey, hands off!

Yeah. Hey, not the cape. This is silly.

( The Flash whimpers )

( screaming )

Batman: Whoa!

Leave my friends alone!


So, the Wizard found a new errand boy.

Come. Come show me what you have.

( both grunting )

Black Adam laughs: You amateur, you're making this too easy.

Black Adam grunts: Ha-ha.


( Shazam grunting )

You're not capable of wielding the power that that suit represents.

You're nothing but a boy.

( groaning )

( chuckles )

Say good night forever.

Wizard: Stop!

This is between us, Adam.

Leave the boy alone.

( scoffs )


Shazam yelps: Whoa!

( both grunting )

( groaning )

Got him.

Thanks, Wonder Woman.

All right, League, it's time to stop this madman once and for all.

But how? He's more powerful than we are, especially as kids.

We have to try.

We can't leave the Wizard to face him alone.

Agreed! Come on, guys!

( all grunt )

It's some kind of energy field.

( grunting )

( both grunting )


Wizard: Billy, you mustn't interfere. I will hold Black Adam off as long as I can. I've created a portal back to Earth. Go! Now!

I'm not leaving you.

Wizard: Never mind about me. Black Adam is too dangerous for you and the others to face right now.

But what about you?

Wizard: You must go now. If I don't stop him, you will be the last line of defense. Remember, the power of Zeus.

( Wizard grunts )


( grunts, pants )

Your time is finally up, Wizard.

( grunts )


( all screaming )

I'm coming for you, Shazam!

Oh, no.

The Flash: No, no, no, no.

I'm coming for all of you!

( Shazam crying )

Let's go home.

( sniffles )

I've got a plan.

When I was first turned into a child, I found our vehicles were ineffective because of our height.

In fact, Shazam had to drive the Batmobile.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You got to drive the Batmobile?

Superman: Oh, sweet!

The Flash: Are you kidding me?

Yeah, it's definitely stick shift.

( clears throat ) For our vehicles to be effective, they need to be our size.

It's time to build something new.

( crashing )

Superman: Well, butter my bricks and call me a biscuit!

These look amazing!

( alarm wailing )

( The Flash gasps )

The trouble alert.

Lois Lane reporting live from the League of Nations building in Metropolis, where a man has appeared floating down through the air.

He is hovering toward the main assembly now.

Maybe there's a new hero in town.

( people screaming )

No. Not a hero.

Definitely not a hero.

( screams )

Black Adam is here.

And I thought I was fast. Sheesh.

What now?

Now we do what we were born to do.

We save the day.

( upbeat music playing )

( all cheering )

Nothing on Earth can stop this party. Whoo!

( all gasping )

( indistinct murmuring )

man: Bad feeling about this.

woman: Maybe he's here to install the disco light.

Excuse me. You can't just barge in here and ruin our party...

( screams )

( crashes )

Party over.

People of...

( mic feedback whines )

( all groaning )


People of Earth, I, Black Adam, am your rightful ruler.

You will obey me without question.

Those who don't will be crushed beneath my...

( rapid beeping )



Who dares?

The Justice League, that's who!

( snarling )

Execute plan Playtime.

Black Adam: Foolish children.

Your games won't stop me.

You must think you're pretty slick.

( liquid bubbling )

( groaning )

( whooshing )


( straining )

Need help getting cleaned up?

How about this spin cycle?

( yelling )

Superman: Tag! You're it.

( Black Adam groaning )

( Superman yelps )

Shazam: Batter up!

( Black Adam screaming )

( screaming )

( grunting )

All right, Flash, let's wrap this up.

( grunting )

What kind of games are these, children?

The kind you'll lose.

Now, Princess!

( grunts )

( grunting )

( groaning )

Huh. Enough!

Batman: Not quite.

Every game should end with a little fireworks.

Did we do it?

We must have.

He is flatter than a flapjack on the griddle.

( grunting )

( Superman screaming )

( The Flash yelps )

( gasps )

( grunts )

( growling )

Hah! ( grunts )

( Wonder Woman yelping )

( grunts )

( grunts )

( laughing )

Kneel before me.

Kneel before the great Black Adam.

( grunts ) What?

Say, leave the kid alone!

You are a horrible human being.

Pick on somebody your own size.

Get out of here!

Stop it!

woman: Leave us alone!

I am Black Adam.

all: We know.

I am all-powerful!

all: We know.

We'd never bow to the likes of you.

( all booing )

woman: Coward!

( grunting )

What now? We need, like, three more Shazams to even put a dent in that guy.

Three more?



Wizard: Remember, the power of Zeus.

The power of Zeus!

Guys, I know what I have to do.

But, to do it, I have to show you who I really am.

Remember, Shazam, the only way to trust someone is to trust them.

This might tickle.


( straining )

( yelling )

( all screaming )

This is amazing!

We're adults again.

I feel...

More powerful than a locomotive.

Way more powerful.

Billy: Hi.

I'm Billy Batson.

You're a...

Green Lantern: Kid.

Now you know why I didn't want to tell you.

I didn't want you to think less of me.

Billy, being a hero isn't about your age or having flashy superpowers.

Part of being a hero is trying to make the world a better place, no matter what age you are.

Yeah. That and an awesome costume.

By the way, why didn't my costume change?

You've already got a lightning bolt.

Billy, you're going to make one incredible member of the Justice League.

Black Adam: Ha-ha! Sentimental fools!

Even by using the power of Zeus, you will not defeat me.

I am Black Adam!

As my ma used to say, "There's nothing worse than a rooster that hollers before sunrise."

( screaming )

( grunting )

( screaming )

( screaming )

man: Well, Terrance, your mother and I are both school teachers, so I hope you like studying every day.

Oh, and we almost never eat at those fun fast-food burger places.

Your father makes wonderful salads.

And, we have a rule.

No more than 20 minutes of TV a day.

( snarling )

( woman screaming )

( all screaming )

( grunting )

( Black Adam grunts )

You're safe here, folks. And remember, there's no better insurance than a safe driver.


Billy! You have to help me.

Hey, Terrance, what's up?

My new family...

I have to do homework, eat my vegetables.

There's even a time limit on how much I can watch TV. ( chokes up )

Maybe we should get out of the city right now.

Let's go to your mom's.

Terrance can help her clean up the basement and organize her coin collection.

You're gonna love it, buddy.


I'm really happy for you, Terrance!

The Flash: Whoo-hoo! Pardon me.

( grunting )

( blows landing rapidly )

( groaning )

( panting )

Batman: Hyah!

( screaming )

( groans )

Shazam! ( echoing )

( all groaning )

( gasping )

We're back!

Oh, man, if I had to hear one more of Superman's farm sayings, I might have quit the League.

Oh, that's for sure.

You can say that again.


It was awful.

Batman: Yes, I couldn't agree more.

They're not that bad.

( grunts )

What did you do?



The powers are mine!




Shazam! ( echoing )

( dog barks in distance )

( alarm sounds )

Looks like I might've hijacked your magic.

Sorry, not sorry.

( siren wailing )

I'll get you, Shazam.

Once I have my powers back, you will be destr-


Well, Shazam, you did it.

No, we did it.

But how did you know the lightning would take away his powers?

Or change us back to adults?

Well, let's just say...

I had a hunch.


So, now that we beat the bad guy and everything is back to normal, how should we celebrate?

I know just the thing.

Remember how I told you that Bat Computer could find anyone anywhere?

After you revealed your identity to me, I had it search for any living relatives you might have.

You have two.

Your uncle and...


My sister.


( both giggling )

I'm Mary.

And this is our Uncle Dudley.

Hello, Billy.

That's what I'd call a happy ending.

( chokes up ) I'm okay.

All I have to do is find that Salvaxion warlord, and I'll be knee-deep in targman moolah from now until next week.

( laughing )

( screaming )

( grunting )

Mr. Mind: What is this?

Let go!

( straining )

Well, what do we have here?

What's your name, little fella?

Mr. Mind: Mind, Mr. Mind.

The greatest villain in the galaxy.

Wanted in over three quadrants of the universe for my evil evilness.

"Wanted," eh?

( straining )

( whistling )

This day just keeps getting better.

Mr. Mind: Huh?

Oh, my.

( thunder crashing )