04x00 - Promo Special

Are we ready? Are we ready?

( Speaking Spanish ) Ay, ay.

( Speaking Spanish )

( Upbeat music playing )

Zumba. Zumba.

Excuse me?

Hey, guys.

( Gasps )

( Purring )

I think it's my hot Cuban blood. Oh.


( Screams )

Oh, my Japanese toilet.

( All scream )

Gloria: One Day at a Time is the reimagining of the original One Day at a Time that premiered in 1975.

I came on after they had decided to make a Latinx version of the show.

( Speaking Spanish )

Give the people what they want.

Woo. ( Laughing )

Mike: Norman Lear didn't say, "Take this classic show and try to, like, breathe life into it in a... in a way where we're, like, only doing the old show".

They were allowing us creative freedom to take the premise and make a new show.

( Speaking Spanish )

One Day at a Time is about a family through the lens of this amazing, badass single woman who keeps it all together while juggling a lot.

( Screams )

Gloria: She lives with her mother, Lydia, and her children, Elena and Alex.

Come on, no phones at dinner.

( Phone beeps )

( Laughs )

Mike: Penelope Alvarez, a single mom, who's also a veteran, she's a nurse who recently became a nurse practitioner. She has two teenagers that she's raising. A daughter, Elena, who's gay, came out during the first season, who has a lot of opinions.

I researched the history of quinceaneras and found out they're totally misogynistic.

Mike: Elena is a person whose ideals get ahead of her experience a lot of the time.

( Sighs )

Mike: Alex is her son, a popular kid, who's...

Very handsome.

... very handsome.

He's such a handsome young man.

God, he's gorgeous. Isn't he beautiful?

Yes. Yes, he is.

I really like your shirt.

It's a great color on you.

( Laughs )

Gloria: Penelope's mother, Lydia, is a Cuban immigrant, very proud of being Cuban, but also loves America. Just became a citizen and is very proud of it. She is beautiful, larger than life, and loves being a woman.

Ah! Do I look too perfect?

I don't want to outshine the bride.

( Laughs )

Just kidding. Yes, I do.

Mike: And they have a landlord, Schneider.

Wait, is this, like, a serious thing?

Mike: Schneider owns the building.

He comes from a lot of privilege and he adores the Alvarez family so much that they... he drives them out of their minds.

I'm almost there, just one more.

( Power shuts off )

Hey, guys, question, did the power go off for a couple seconds?

( Screams )

Penelope: Hey, stop it.

Gloria: Dr. Berkowitz is Penelope's employer and sort of a surrogate father to her since her father passed away many years ago.

You are superwoman.

Hear you roar.

You go, girl.

Gloria: And he is a very lonely man, and over the course of the few seasons, he sort of becomes a member of the family as well and becomes Lydia's best friend.


You've really captured my essence.

Gloria: There's love.

There's laughter.

There's drama.

And, it's a show that hopefully feels like a hug.

I can't do better than that.

( Laughs )

That's what the show is, but the show is so much more than that.

What the show is is a universal story about family and love.

I think everything comes back to that.

And through that, we talk about everything.

Abuelita won't even talk to me about becoming a citizen.

This is not a joke.

We live in very anti-immigrant times.

You know they're deporting Cubans now, too?

What? That doesn't make sense.

They should be importing us.

We talk about immigration.

We talk about politics.

We talk about gun control.

We talk about depression, and anxiety, and mental illness.

We talk about LGBTQ.

We talk about colorism.

You and your brother are of different... shades.

Papito is a beautiful caramel, and you are Wonder Bread.

The comedy of the show comes from real circumstances and some of the biggest laughs come after you've gone through something that was incredibly dramatic or something very emotional.

You need to go back on your meds, Pen.

I don't wanna be on a drug for the rest of my life.

I shouldn't have to need it.

Well, I shouldn't have to need these either, but I do to see.

It's not the same thing.

Oh, no?


Wanna go for a drive?

One Day at a Time definitely kind of rides the line of comedy and drama.

We tackle real issues, but we deal with it with levity and with some comedy.

The only safe way to explore social issues is with comedy, 'cause otherwise, you're just preaching.

Syd, may I place my hand on your shoulder?


May I place my hand on your waist?


Oh, boy.

I can feel the heat.

There's humor in everything.

It's life.

We have to make some sort of lightness about tragedy.

You can still be funny and still break people's hearts.

And we did it with every damned episode.

We did.

I'm sorry, Elena.

I don't wanna make anybody feel the way those dumbasses made you feel.

It's okay, Alex.

I know you're a good guy.

I freaking wanna kill those guys.

Lydia: No, no, no. I don't want you to bloody your beautiful hands.

I will do it.

Phill: That really comes from Norman Lear.

Norman has said many times, and when he comes on the set, he'll say, "You know, laughter extends your life, so let's do some of that today".

( Upbeat music playing )

Norman: Oh, we have to do it all over again.

I didn't have powder on my...

Holy sh1t.

You still recognize me?

Pamela: Iconic, brilliant, masterful, the man.

He has such a legacy because not only is he brilliant and willing to tackle things that other people aren't, but he's so present and so involved, and so invested, and so respectful.

I watched All In the Family.

I loved Good Times.

I watched One Day at a Time.

I watched The Jeffersons.

I've seen every episode of all of those shows.

Norman Lear has an amazing library of shows.

And so I went to Norman, I said, "What do you think about doing a Latinx version of One Day at a Time?"

I said I thought it was a good idea and we were off and running.

I love the show.

Originally it was about a divorced mother and two daughters.

Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertinelli, Mackenzie Phillips, they were great.

Mackenzie: The original One Day at a Time ran from 1976 to 1984.

And I was 15 when Norman Lear hired me to play Julie Cooper.

I was very much aware that I was in the presence of greatness with the writers, and the producers, and Norman.

And there was a lot of stuff that we were addressing that was way before its time.

It was the New York Times who actually quoted that Norman Lear changed the face of American Television.

And his shows hit a mark that maybe he never even expected.

Mackenzie: It's really powerful to see what's happening on the new One Day at a Time with the representation and the diversity.

There was a need for a Latinx family on the air.

So, there was a hole that could be filled and I don't like to think of it as a remake.

I like to think of One Day at a Time as a reimagining of what the iconic show was.

Norman: This family, which, as a culture is new to me, totally absorbs me, takes me in. And it isn't like I'm not watching another mother, another father, another brother, another... like, I don't know.

But the culture is different, the texture is different.

They're human beings, but they come out of a different oven.

Okay, the rice and the frijoles are in the pickle jar.

And the lechon is in the butter tub.


And the cookies are in the cookie tin but they're not the same cookies that came with the tin.

Give credit to the show, I think we all listen to each other.

And all of our opinions are valued equally and that is really important when trying to tell an authentic story.

I love the idea that we were actually going to show, especially in a Norman Lear play, a real Hispanic family because I knew he would respect the importance of making that very specific.

Wait, these measurements don't make sense.

A whisper of paprika?

Enough butter to make a man fall off a horse?

Oh, yes, it is written in code. ( Laughs )

The key will be delivered upon my death.

I love you ***.

We love you, too.




Mackenzie: The Alvarez family is your family.

The Alvarez family is my family.

And that's why it's so comfortable to watch them.

They're trying to do everything right.

And sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

But they love each other and they support each other.

I think Penelope is the mom everybody wishes they had.

Private? ( Scoffs )

There's no privacy here.

This house is a dictatorship.

I need to know where you are, who you're with, and what you're thinking.

Yeah. Great.

Penelope's very optimistic.

She's incredibly compassionate.

She sees the world as this great place with a lot of opportunities.

But also she also knows that she needs to prepare her children to go out into this world.

Mami, I am trying to teach Alex the value of a dollar.

You need to pay for those or send them back.

I thought you wanted to get a summer job.

Eh, what's the point?

I get some money, I spend some money.

I mean, what are we doing here?

Alex, those shoes stay in your closet until you figure out a way to pay Abuelita back.

Okay, fine.


Your debt is forgiven.

Stop pampering him.

She loves her mother, but she also is driven crazy by her mother.

And her mother's up in her business as only a Latina mom can be.

( Laughs )

Max, you deserve someone with beauty, and brains, and shares the same passions you have to help people, like a nurse.

Remind me, honey, what is it you do every day?

Price one-way flights back to Cuba.

When we disagree, we are so hilarious.

We get very Latina.

And the arms and the hands start going, the eyes flash.

And it's so much fun.

Because we understand those scenes.

Like, we're almost, like, playing it out.

It's like our therapy. ( Laughs )

It's like we've lived these scenes with our mothers, you know?

You threw away tu mami's most cherished cositas.

Oh, I'm about to drop a match in mi mami's most cherished cositas.

And I'm about to take a baseball bat to your precious car.

Try me, vieja.


Mckenzie: Lydia is a firecracker.

She keeps everybody on their toes and when she opens the... those curtains, you never know what you're gonna get.

That curtain becomes so exceptional especially when she eavesdrops, and she's terrible.

Abuelita, can't a girl have a moment of privacy?

I live behind a curtain.

When are you going to understand this?

Isabella: Elena Alvarez has so much hope.

She's so excited for life.

She's so excited for what can happen.

But she's also very stubborn.

She is fiercely protective of the people she loves and of the ideas that she believes in.

And she's...

She just thinks she's God's gift to intelligentsia.

Saving the world takes time.

( Laughs )

She's quirky and she's funny, and she's a real teenager 'cause even though she's all of that, she's also really awkward and, doesn't totally know how to navigate the world yet.

And, like, especially once you throw in women...

Never mind.

Uh, I thought... sorry.

Sorry. Oh, no, no. Gay.

Me, gay.



She's terrible at this.

You know how sometimes there's somebody in life that everything just goes, like, right for them?

They're just never bothered by anything?

So, that is the character of Alex.

But he's also, like, he loves his family.

He loves his sister.

Here, sit down.

Just take a deep breath.

Think about something calming, like that Supreme Court lady you like, Darth Vader Ginsberg.

I define Alex as a charming, uh, kid who carries a lot of his image or what he looks like.

School dances are barbaric events designed to make less popular kids feel bad.

They're for total narcissists.

Okay. Eyes on me.

Stephen: I go to Alex for advice.

He knows more about women than I do.

Thai food at home or duck l'orange at a candlelit bistro?

Look, Doc, my grandma likes you.

You just need to be a little more chill.

Not too available.

Be busy sometimes.

Leslie, can I make you a plate for dinner?

I wish I could but I'm busy.

You are? Doing what?

I don't know.

Justina: He's in love with her. I love it.

I love seeing those two together.

I love the back and forth.

I love the cat and mouse.

I love the way he absolutely slobbers over her.

We should share a kiss.

I'm going to eat this even though I'm highly allergic.

Stephen: Leslie Berkowitz is a man who has all the answers but never had the right questions.

But I have the wisdom to know that the love that Penelope and her family have is something I wanna be a part of.

Well, who wouldn't wanna be part of this family?

Everybody who watches this show wants to be part of this family.

Penelope: Mami, I'll see you later.

I'm on my way to therapy.

Okay, sweetie. But make sure to call if you're gonna be late for dinner.

Brent: Schneider is the face of white privilege, who's been given everything, everything but love from his family.

Schneider has a lot of cool stuff.

But, you know, there's stuff and then there's family.

Hey, let's push dinner a smidge, okay?

Ooh, rice again?

Can we not? I'm doing a little Paleo thing right now.

Also, I borrowed your nail clippers.

See you in 20.

Phill: That family is a melting pot because of the different ideas that are coming together, and that's what America needs to be.

That's what you hope America will be, is not only the difference of ideas, but listening and taking those ideas to heart.

Mami, I am glad that you find comfort in church.

I just find it in different places.

Tu entiendo.

I also play Nintendo.

Todd: Hopefully, there are a lot of people who their way in to the show is through Schneider, they identify with Schneider.

And if you identify with Schneider, you're hopefully learning a lot from this family 'cause Schneider's learning a ton from them.

Do you have any idea what this Commie mierda did?

Grew an awesome beard and modeled for T-shirts?

Lydia: Oh. Don't look at me.

No. Maybe, darn it.


I cannot believe you were smoking pot.

I wasn't smoking. I was vaping.

Well, in that case, all good.



( Speaking Spanish )

It's not like I'm some honey trap.

Every no is a yes in disguise.

Oh, my God.

I think I'm ready for more if you're ready.

I'm definitely ready to do more than fumble with your bra whenever your mom isn't checking on us.

What is this?

That's not my yoga mat.

( Groans )


Are you drunk?

What? No.

My son has to find you passed out in a laundry room?

I'm not giving up on you.

None of us are.

Don't quit before the miracle happens.

I'm taking you to Cuba.

Penelope Alvarez.


( All cheering )

Alex: That's my mom.

Man: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

How's Miami?

Lydia: I don't know.

What? What do you mean you don't know?

I'm in Cuba.

Gloria: Here is the great news.

We're doing a fourth season and we just couldn't be more excited.

This is the joy of us being able to come back together and continuing to tell the stories of this family.

One Day at a Time is family.


Family, love.



And laughs.

One Day at a Time is real.

It's not always perfect.

It's so much about real life.

It's about family and it's about heart.

Speaks to my heart.

Speaks to my soul.

One Day at a Time is my home.

One Day at a Time is wonderful.

( Screams )

Dear, Ms. Alvarez...

( Both screaming )

.. we are pleased to inform you...

( Both screaming )

Hey, Pop TV fans.

I've got great news for everybody.

One Day at a Time is moving over to Pop.

I can't wait till you guys finally get to meet our Alvarez family.

If you wanna laugh till your abs hurt, but also maybe have a really good cry, you should check out One Day at a Time.

I promise you, you see it once, you're gonna wanna see it forever.

Pop TV. Watch the show.

Pop, One Day at a Time.

One Day at a Time. Pop TV.

Watch the show. Come on.

Don't sleep on this.

That's what the kids are saying, right?

I don't even know what that means.

But don't sleep on this opportunity.

Watch, enjoy, laugh, cry.

It's all there for you.

I hope you join us on Pop TV.

Don't miss it.

It's a hell of a show.

Tune in.

( Upbeat music playing )