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About OurBoard

What's in a name?

The name "OurBoard" was from the days of Internet forums, and in particular, 3rd party hosted forums. The principle is simple: the forum is created by it's contributors.

Back in those days, .com signified a commercial website and .org was deliberately chosen, even though .com was available, because it represents a not-for-profit Organization. That intention was as true then as it is today. We are not here to make money; we are here to provide a service and get some enjoyment from it.

About Transcripts

transcript noun Written or printed version of material originally presented in another medium.

The important part to stress is these are created after the fact. They are not scripts written before the show is aired, for the actors to follow. Someone actually has to type this from what they hear and perhaps see. These simply cannot be "instant", even though some seem to expect this.

Our transcripts began as a service to our Members. These were days of dial-up modems, before YouTube, before NetFlix as the transfer speeds required were just not available. There were no catch-up services either. Fans and enthusiasts took to converting their favorite shows to text, so they could be revisited. Often these were shared with other fans. These transcripts were perhaps more "complete" and by that, I mean both audio and video transcribed.

Our transcripts have changed form over the years. They have been both public and private as well as stored in various locations over the Internet. Some have been reworked and all have been reordered and retitled, so they are easier located. We also found that their use changed too. No longer were they used as an alternative and instead people were using them for research and education. Research could be as simple as "who said what?" or people perhaps trying to find the correct episode by recalling a part of the dialog. We have educational establishments that use our site. We have budding screenwriters and fanfic authors that come to study.

Fans use the dialog not only to clarify what was said but they also often find hidden or alternative meanings. These then serve to spur more fan interation elsewhere. We enable them to easily quote snippets and refer back.

We have a high number of people trying to learn the English language or improve their depth of knowledge of it. What better a way for these people to learn than watching their favorite shows over and over again, while reading the dialog and making notes in the margin?

Because of all this, you will find our transcripts take many forms. We begin with trying to get you the dialog just as fast and accurately as possible. We do not like only partially making this available. If we have time and inclination, we will begin to put the dialog in order by breaking it into scenes and allocating character names to their spoken words. We also get submissions by email or otherwise from generous people wanting to share. We no longer seek to trancribe the video as this is not what the majority are after. Beware though, a transcript could be verbatim or it could be a transcriber's interpretation of what was said. Most of the time, these will mean the same but the wording differ.

So, please, if you wish to assist editing, offer a correction, submit more or better transcripts we want to hear from you.

About Adverts

We seriously do not want to have to resort to placing adverts on our pages and there is a donation system. We are not seeking to profit from our visitors but instead simply try to cover the bills, and we are a little behind to be perfectly honest. We may introduce advertisements if our costs are not covered. This would only take the cost of a cup of coffee or two from our regular visitors per year.


You are also free to contact us as we will consider direct placement of any entirely relevant advertisements.


The purpose will always remain focussed on entertainment and primarily TV series and movies.


The content on this page will be subject to change as this site evolves.